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Building Email Lists with Landing Pages

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

Building Email Lists with Landing Pages

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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9 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. EL1 Course Welcome & Overview

    • 2. EL2 How to Entice People to Submit their Email

    • 3. EL3 Building A Landing Page (Part 1)

    • 4. EL4 Building A Landing Page (Part 2)

    • 5. EL5 Building a Landing Page (Part 3)

    • 6. EL6 Driving Traffic (Part 1)

    • 7. EL7 Driving Traffic (Part 2)

    • 8. EL8 Driving Traffic Recap

    • 9. EL9 Course Wrap Up & Project

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About This Class

Email lists are the core of any Business. If you're not capturing emails for your Business, then you're missing out on a lot of potential marketing and relationship building opportunities with your customers.

Creating a landing page is a great way to start capturing emails.

Then, with that email list you can stay in front of potential customers and build a relationship, keep them updated with your latest offers, and continually re-market them future products and services.

This Course will show you how to build a landing page that captures emails. It will also show you how to drive traffic to that landing page to convert more people. Ultimately, that will allow you to grow a larger list.

Everything you need to know about setting up an email funnel is in this course.

Enroll today and start building your email list!

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. EL1 Course Welcome & Overview: Welcome to the course, guys. I'm your host, Brian. And today we're gonna talk about building a landing page and capturing an email list. Now, there are many benefits to doing both of these. Obviously, ultimately, we're gonna talk about them here in a second. But this goes for any business around printer out there that wants to acquire more potential customers and obviously reach ah, higher base of people to get their products and services out there. So there are many different ways to voting Landing page. You know, a couple of services that come to mind are lead pages or, you know, click funnels or on balance or instapage. But you can use any of these or any website builder doesn't matter. It's all gonna be the same. Now there's a difference between building a website, which we're gonna talk about later and building a natural landing page to capture e mails now fundamentally, for this force, we're gonna be using wicks. But everything that I teach you in this course can be adopted and adapted to another website builder or landing page builder. It's all the same. It's all gonna help you out. I'm gonna help you build that page and generate that email. So, like I just touched on, you can use a website builder and set it up. Justice Atlantic age. Now there's a difference between a website and a landing page, and the difference is that essentially, a website has many different pages in many different functionalities. You'll see examples of websites here in a second where, you know it's basically a company wide Web site that you generated traffic to and is the hub and business card for your business. Landing page, however, is simply just set up for one purpose, one purpose only. There's only one thing that somebody can do when they go to that landing page, and that is, submit their email to your list. Now, with the difference of the website versus the landing page, it might be a little bit easier if I just show you both of them. So specifically, this is what a website will look like. You'll see here that there are many pages going on. There's a bunch of different functionalities of this site, and there are many different options for the customer or potential person that lands on this page to click or go through, however, with a landing page. This is what you're looking at. You'll notice here that there's literally only one place for this to go for the customer to go when they land here and there's no other options. They either submit their email or they leave. It's literally that simple, so you're not giving them any other options when they hit this page. So obviously this course specifically is setting up a landing page and not the website. And the reason that you're gonna do that is to generate emails and build your list. Now there are many benefits to building the landing page, and, you know, beginning to build out your email list. You can build a customer base around your business. You can also foster relationship with those customers and continue to foster that relationship by putting content in front of them on a regular basis. Then, obviously, ultimately, you probably want to push your products or your services to those customers and then re market more products and services back to them in the future. And if you're not taking the time to build an email list than essentially, what you're saying is, I'm OK with my customers leaving my business heading, walking right out my front door and into another potential business and into their sales funnel and not mine. But with all that being said, we're just gonna jump right into the course here in a second and start getting you to bone your landing page so that you could ultimately capture this e mails that we know are so vital. Specifically, this course will cover. How do you entice people to give you their email, how to actually set up the landing page and what it should look like, how to increase conversions on your landing page and finally, how to send more traffic there so that you could ultimately capture more emails. So I'll see you in the next lecture and literally jumped right in to have it in toys people to give you their email. 2. EL2 How to Entice People to Submit their Email: Alright, guys. So here we are on my computer. And now we're gonna touch on how to actually build the landing page through Wicks. Now, before you into this, obviously, here I am on the Wicks home page, and I'm about to create a site which is essentially where you should be now. Like I said, you could take this and tailor to any of the website builders or any of the landing page. You know, site builders. Essentially, the reason I'm using Wicks specifically is a It's one of the cheapest and B. It's one of the easiest to use for beginners. In my opinion, I love it. I use it literally for 90 95% of my sites. Honestly, on my main homepage for my website is through Wicks. Now, I suggest this to you because it's a lot cheaper than you know, setting up a landing page through, you know, lead pages or cliff forms that they're gonna charge you a lot more than if you just set up a website builder to be a landing page like I'm going to show you. So it's a lot of value in this because you can save money while building out that list. So we're gonna get into it with weeks here in a second, and I'm just gonna pick one of them. So I'm gonna pick business. It doesn't really matter what you're gonna pick here, because, like I said, we're gonna delete that on and then the second we're talking about how to actually entice people to submit their emails to you in a second. But I suggest going with just the Whigs editor and then, you know, you pick any one of these, I just choose. The 1st 1 was easiest most of the time now, Like I said, none of that really really matters were touched on what to do here in a second. Once this loads, but obviously it's creating. So here you'll see that this is literally just the basis of what your landing page is gonna look like. Now. This also typically, if depending on which one you choose in are chosen. Sorry has multiple pages. So if I drag this down to see the home and subscribe, Paige are both pages on your site. You don't want that for a landing page, So we're gonna go here and click the down Arrow manage pages, and this is a little bit fast. You can always just replay. It's not a big deal, you know, walking through the entire process of setting up the landing page. Then we're gonna talk about how to entice people to submit their emails. And then we're going into the next lecture and in death, set up tutorial on how to actually do that. So I'm really every other page for this because remember, it's a landing page. Besides my home page. Drag this over here, Out of your way. And so essentially everything below this war's been touched on this in a second. Everything below this line right here, when you're all the way up at the top of your page, is what you don't care about. So everything below stay tuned, we're just gonna delete. So that means this era delete it this Delete it. This deleted this delete it best deleted this. Delete it, and that's pretty much everything. So you'll see here that my site is pretty much empty. All we care about for the landing page is this prattle Delete this to as well is literally this landing page. And then now that we basically have this set up. I'm gonna touch on how to, you know, entice people to submit their emails and what you can do to do that. So if you just set up a page and say, give me your emails or subscribe to my newsletter, what do you think the percentage of people that are actually do that are if you haven't built up an audience, if you haven't given them value initially a first. You know, maybe you have a YouTube channel, maybe a business. And, you know, you send people to this page, you know, to submit their email, they're not gonna be enticed most of the time to submit that. So then what you need, dio is you need to provide them something of value on this initial landing page so that their enticed to submit their email in exchange to receive that thing of value. So depending on what your business is and there could be a number of different businesses that this is Taylor to this goes across industries. Me specifically I, you know, push. I push a lot of content online, have a YouTube channel. I have, you know, courses online obviously. So I give away my free drop shipping course on my landing page. Maybe you have. Maybe you're a writer. Maybe you could give away free e book. It's very, very easy to do. And we're gonna touch on that in the next lecture. But just kind of take a minute, adapt your mind and kind of think about what can I give away free that is pertaining to my business That is related to my business so that I can make sure that I have something of value to give to the people that land on this page so that their enticed to collect. So excuse me so that their enticed to submit their email in exchange for that. So, like I said, I give away my free drop. Sherman course you can give away a free e book. You can give away free course you can give away, you know, a free, uh, you know, uh, step by step guide, whatever it is, You know, maybe you're a plumber. You give a step by step guide to ensure that your pipes don't, you know, break or that you're not building up. So whatever, is that literally just popped into my mind. Take a few minutes, take, you know, a couple of seconds and really think about what you can give away for free. And then I'll see in the next lecture, and we'll touch on how to actually build the landing page of what it should look like. 3. EL3 Building A Landing Page (Part 1): Alright, guys. So now the fun begins. We're gonna actually set up the landing page and captured the email. So we're on Wix here. Like I said, that's going be slightly different, depending on what landing page or site builder using. But it's essentially the same. We're gonna believe this right here, because we don't care about this. And like we touched on before, everything. The landing page funnels this the traffic that hits that page into the email, submit offer and what you're giving away for free. So it's important to keep in mind that you don't care about anything literally on any other page or anything below this line right here. And what us marketers call this line is the fold. So anything below the fold is irrelevant. So you won't drag your delete this too, and we're gonna drag this bottom line right here all the way up. If it wants to drag its trend, delete it. There we go. And let's trip. Whoa, freaking out on me. Here we go. It's slightly coming up because you don't want there to be any any other option for them on this page. As close as you can get to just this one page right here where there's an email submit, the better, because there's no other option for them. They're either going to submit their email or they're gonna leave, and that's exactly what you want. So anything above the fold is where we care about when people hit this page. If we preview it, this is what it's gonna look like. Anything above here is what we care about. So we have to delete this stuff, too. And that's a great thing about what's to is You can just hit that preview button and see what your page actually looks like to customers that are potentially coming. So we're gonna believe this. We're also gonna believe the home because, like I said, it's just a landing page there, just landing on the home. So now we preview it will notice that anything above this is what we care about. Now you can scroll down a little bit, but typically you're just gonna people. We're gonna hit this and either submit or not. So enough of me rambling about that because I beat that home. Let's add a light box or submit. So add to the page and you're gonna come down here to contact contact, so contact. Now you can use any one of these contact forms and basically what that is them submitting an email to you so that you can receive their email and they can receive whatever you're giving them away for free. It's an even exchange an email for that e book or an email for that course. That's what you're doing. I like this one personally, right here, This green one. Let's get subscribers. But you might like any number of them. And you can obviously pick that out. There we go. Now you're gonna want to change this. So it's important to keep in mind that you don't want to say join our mailing list. You want to talk about what you're giving away for free? You also don't want to say hit. Subscribe? Now you want to entice him to click, It's all about the copy. So you're gonna double click on this and we're gonna edit this this so it looks a little bit better. We're gonna manage the form, and this is obviously my personal email. So depending on what your email is, yours might be, we use one of my other ones BG Media Innovation at Yahoo. Just a random one there. But essentially what you're gonna want to do is they're gonna want to submit your email here so that every single person that that, uh, you know, subscribes your email, you get a notification that they're on their no in votes of collect. I actually want the email address that goes in their standard. You can't take that away. You don't want to add any more barriers to entry for them to submit their email than are necessary. So don't add name don't and phone number. And then, obviously you can't take the stuff Title out if you want to, and just keep it simple. That's exactly what I do. So you'll notice right here. The only thing that they need to Smith is their email. They don't need to smith their name or their number or their address or anything like that . On top of that, you also notice that I took this subtitle out just a little bit less to confuse them. Simple is better submit their email were not period. Then essentially, what you're gonna do is you're gonna want to change the button text as you see right here. So I'm gonna change the button text from Subscribe now and for this specific example, we'll just act like I'm giving away my drop shipping course again for free. So what I'm gonna say is, you know, get get course or I'm out. Receive There we go. And they'll notice that by the psychology behind this is after they hit this received button, they don't think, Oh, I'm giving neither email they think I'm receiving. Of course, it's a different perspective. You're talking about what you're giving them and not what you're getting out of it, what they are. So then now we just need to change the join our mailing list. So the title taxes join our mailing list. I would like to say, you know, something along the lines off get like through free drop shipping course, and then maybe we're gonna center that had this subtitle so they'll know by, you know, Frieda option course here, you might want to get or, you know, something like that. Get free, drop in course, and then essentially, what they'll see when they see this is you know, I'm gonna get the freeze your option. Course. All I need to do is Smith my email, and I'll receive it. Then obviously, you get the email. Like I stopped talking about four, and they receive the drop shipping course. Now, if you want to add a thank you message, I usually do that. Obviously want changes from fast from subscribing or something like thank you for. Or maybe just like Thanks. Literally. Think of this all this randomly on top of my head. So maybe, like, Thanks. I move this out of the way. Um, your course should be in your inbox shortly. Thank you. So we'll just change this to the text is your core should be in your inbox shortly. And thank you. That's the thank you message. I always just suggest doing that because even if you hit, receive or you change your body to receive and you have a copy here, if then you're thank you. Messages was their email says thank you for subscribing. You don't need to tell them to subscribe. You don't need to tell them if they just described. They basically know that they subscribe to your newsletter letter in exchange for what you're giving them away for free. Don't remind them it's just not necessary. And they'll be more susceptible to, you know, not opening your emails in the future. Always talk about. We're gonna give them not what you're gonna get out of it. So then we're gonna change the layout. I like it Vertical. You can change it. A horse on, Obviously play around any of the layouts of the designs. I'm put the header alignment in the middle so that it looks better that way. And that's basically it. So you can obviously change the colors here If you want Teoh. It's pretty self explanatory. If you go to the buttons that colors, you can play around with it for the sake of just keeping it simple and touching on the important stuff here for you. Because anybody can touch around with and play with the colors. It's really, really easy. It's the same on any website builder or landing page builder. But this specifically is all you really want to talk about. So you'll notice here that we finally have the box set up. I'm gonna drag this down a little bit, 4. EL4 Building A Landing Page (Part 2): Now, what you're gonna want to do is have a headline or two and maybe a paragraph enticing them and telling them what you're gonna give them so that you don't just want to have the light box there because somebody lands on this page and, like, this is sketchy, you know, like the sketchy form submit. I'm not going to submit my email. So then what you want to do is you want to tell them, you know, with some copy You wanna add a title, maybe and say, like, still stuck making money online with a question mark. I know you can't see that. Let me change the color here. Uh, maybe doesn't want to change the color something like this and obviously take a little bit of time. I'm just showing you for, for purposes of demonstrating in this course for you. I'm walking through it. What I might dio I don't like that question mark either, but we'll leave it for the time being. Then I'm gonna obviously put it in the middle here with the linemen. So it looks a little bit better. Remember, always keep it above the fold. So the first thing that they're gonna hit. When, What? See, when they hit this page is still stop making money online, and they're either going to say, That's obviously for me. Now, if you're a plumber, your title might be different. You know, it might be like, Are you sick? Always talked to what they a problem that you can saw for them or something like that. Speak to their emotions because people buying based on logical. Sorry, I said, There are people you know buy based on emotion, and they use the logic and reason to justify those purchases. So you want touch on what problem you can solve that's going to speak to their emotions. A lot of people in my niche, in the making money online H and e commerce and marketing struggle making money online. And I know that because I've been one of those people in the past, this well and so what I'm playing on here is basically them struggling, and I know that, and that's gonna hit an emotional tick for them. And basically, what they're saying is by submitting their email are seeing is by submitting their email that you received my free drop shipping course which is then going to secure the problem of being stuck making money online. So that's pretty much the basis of that. Like I said, if you're a plumber, you might want to say, You know, are you tired of, you know, paying for leaky faucets or something like that? Or, uh, that's not former. Maybe it is worried. Are you tired of your septic system backing up or something like that? If you are a coach, maybe it's, you know, Are you tired of of, you know, seeing your son knock at the or seeing your kid, knocking the playing time he deserves. That's gonna hit an emotional chord with a parent or somebody that's gonna pay for your service on something along those lines. And then, obviously, whenever you give a waste free here might be like, you know, a couple of videos on YouTube. You know that you sent into just for submitting your email and it's gonna demonstrate you know how to train properly or, you know, make sure that you're in peak condition for common competition time. Something like that. That's why there's a random examples. But like I said, this would go across niches and across platforms. So now we're gonna We have the title. We have the box. Now we're just gonna add a little bit more copy. So some, you know, good copy is gonna entice them, obviously to click further. And you're also gonna want to think about adding a picture here, too. So, you know, you might even put this on the side, maybe, and play around with that and add a picture right here, actually, on my site Minds on the right side with picture. Here it's on the middle and it converts hair five highly. Well, so let's just go to Google randomly and will type in, uh, you know, drop shipping and we'll grab a picture from here on drop shipping. So this is a decent on. Just for the sake of doing this will save it. Ask shop shipping, and I'm having way too much fun. Teacher teaching this course, uh, we're gonna go to images. My image up loads because that's how you're gonna upload images. If you have any questions of these of this, obviously you can feel free to reach out on. Do you know, ask the way I love to help you out with this, but it's pretty self explanatory. Just click around. So the way I have the image, obviously they go to add everything's through adhere. So if you're adding tax, if you're adding up a ah, you know Ah ah submit for your e mails all this through the ad. But here, So add images my image upwards, upload an image. We're gonna go to downloads and search for drop shipping boom, submit. It's gonna upload to my website and hopefully not take a minute there would go done. And then I'm gonna simply added to the page. I'm gonna drag it down a little bit and, you know, obviously you play around with it. But like I said, make sure everything's above the fold. So if we preview this clearly, this is relevant because you don't want them to scroll down to submit their email. So everything needs to be above this right here. So we're gonna go back to the editor. We're gonna drag this up a little bit more or drag this up a little bit more. You might even drag this up further, maybe drag this out to There we go. That's perfect. And if we do it like this, starting to play around with it for a second. I want to give you a good example. So you kind of see how this looks. All right, let's change just a white so you can see what I'm typing, and then we'll get moving. So now I'm gonna add a little bit. Ad copy. So what I said here up there was still stuff making money online. I'm gonna spill speak to their emotions. 5. EL5 Building a Landing Page (Part 3): a great great book on this randomly. If you're looking for good copy to entice, you know whether that's in your emails, which obviously you're generating email list for your emails. If that's in, you know your landing page to entice them to submit their email. Ah, great great book on this is called Five Hours Late. L all right now, It took me a minute to actually find that. But I did come up with a book right here. So it's advertising headlines that make you rich By David David Garfinkle I don't want to put you that name. Sorry. I think it's David Garfinkle advertising headlines that make you rich. Now that can really help you write your ad. Copy your email copy and all the writing that's going to entice people to want to. Basically not necessarily just by but, you know, perform the actions that you want. Reform. It's all about, you know, speaking specifically to their emotions and enticing them. You know, rather than giving them information, you always want to keep them, you know, off the on the hook, essentially kind of like you're fishing for them. So that's a great book. I recommend that you check that out one more time. It's advertising headlines that make you rich that out. Great. It's gonna help you write better. You know, obviously, landing page copy and copy for your emails. Once you get your email list building, that's really gonna help you out. So, like I said, still stuck making money online with a question mark. Then right here. We're looking for some more copy to entice them. So maybe it's look in there. Have you struggled? Have you tried everything to And we just keep it simple. Less is obviously more so tried. Tried everything to try to everything to make money online and strike this out a little bit more. We just take this our fast. I'll give you the example why this is good. So trying to make money online This is wrong. Let's unless it's in the middle. All right, So now that's not I wrote just a little bit of copy to entice them to submit their email. Now, basically, the psychology behind this. And like I said, check out the book. If you need, you know, tips on writing copy or anything like that, it's really, really gonna help you out. But so it says Still, state still stuck making money on mine. People are gonna hit this land page, and they're either gonna think. And I stopped making money online. And my demographic, obviously, are people that are stuck on, you know, um, they're either gonna think, yes, that's me or yes or no. That's not me. And then they're gonna qualify themselves to submit their email on their own, just based on the and copy in Atlantic Page. Then it goes a little bit further with a picture. Obviously, because the pictures speak 1000 words, it helps a lot with some or ad copy. It said it says tried everything to make money online. That's still struggling with a question mark, even mawr qualifying. Then it says you're not alone, so it makes people feel like they're not. There's nothing wrong with them for struggling. They just there just a barrier entry that they don't know about. There's just one little piece of information that I can provide them. If they smith their email, you know, that's gonna help them out. So then finally, with the last line right here, it basically entices them to submit the email with actually one of the headlines out straight from, you know, out of this book. It says millions now make money with drop shipping that never thought that they could. So now, basically what I'm saying with this entire landing page is, you know, speaking to their emotions, telling them if they're stuff online, if there's stuff making money online, millions of people now actually make money with drop during, which is a true statement that never thought that they could before. I'm not saying that I helped those millions of people, but basically they're identifying with the problem. They're identifying with the fact that they could potentially be one of these people, and they just need to submit their email to get the free course to find out. Boom, don't now let's preview to see how it looks. Okay, so it's a little bit, so it's still a little bit below the folds. We need to fix this because you'll see here. This is the fold. If we delete this cause, that's obviously that it's still a little bit below the fold, so I don't necessarily like how that looks. It's it's perfect, but we need to kind of, you know, make make. Just entice it a little bit better because you come wanted to make it look, remember, this is the landing page that people are gonna land on and you want it to convert Well, so I don't really actually like the way that this looks. I'm gonna shrink this down, and we're gonna move this to the middle, dragging up a little bit through this over. Let's try that a little bit better. And remember, this won't be here, obviously. So you'll be able to kind of, you know, this It will be a little bit higher, so it'll probably be like right there. And obviously, you'll see the top of the still stop making our money making money online. You want this to be kind of, you know, in the middle bottom of your page. You don't want to be too high, but you definitely don't want it to be all the way at the bottom. You wanted to kind of be like, closer to the middle, like right about here on the page, so that people obviously see this first. You want them to read the copy, but you ultimately want them to click and submit their email here so that they can receive the course. You cannot get their email, so that's basically building a landing page 101 You're definitely gonna need some copy. You're definitely getting a picture or two. Ideally, if you can fit it all like this, you know, in the middle, that might look a little bit better, but it depends on your copy. It depends on your picture. Depends on a lot of different things. Obviously, this would be might be a little bit smaller. And then, you know, it might be like this. Just play around with it, get it to look good. Ultimately, what you're gonna want to do is simply capture the email with the picture, the copy, the title and finally, the box that submits the email. And like we talked about before, you just add that and go all the way down here to contact and pick a contact box. Then you're gonna switch it around, you know, So it looks great, like we talked about and ultimately just publish your page. And that's basically in a nutshell. How to build a landing page and how it should look 6. EL6 Driving Traffic (Part 1): Alright, guys. So now we just touched on how to build the landing page. And how did increase conversions in a couple of different videos? That kind of took you through the entire process and kind of related that from business to business. Now this is relevant across businesses across knishes. But you could set up the best landing page with the most converting copy you know, the most, the best, the most optimal pictures and the best, you know, capture process imaginable. However, if you don't have traffic, there's not gonna be any people there. There's not getting e mails for you to potentially capture. So that begs the question. How do you get the traffic? How do we acquire the traffic and send the traffic to that landing page so that we get more people viewing that landing page? Because more people viewing that landing page plus the higher you know, converting landing page. Obviously, as I block my face from the camera eso more people visiting that page, obviously combined with a page that converts well and has good copy and has a good set of landing page like I just touched on, equals more potential customers more potential emails and ultimately, more people in your sales funnel. So all that goes great. Now, how do we get the traffic there now? Obviously know about all the main sources of traffic the ad platforms that we all know. If so, you have Facebook ads. Your thing at you have Google AdWords and you have YouTube ads. However, most people in my experience, especially if they just set up their landing page, aren't gonna wanna throw it on the money or throwing arm and a leg essentially to throw money at ads and, you know, send traffic that they're unsure of, essentially to their landing page. So I'm gonna give you a couple of innovative strategies, obviously, could go the at the at root and I do that myself. And it worked phenomenally. But if you're just getting into it, you might want to think about some more innovative ways to generate traffic to your landing page. We're going on a couple of them here in a second, so there's a bunch of different ways that you could do this, get really creative with it. Obviously, some of the best specific examples that I can come up with that literally just popped into my mind are you can go to sub read. It's so if obviously you don't wanna go to any subreddit you want to go to, you know, a subreddit that's that's based around your niche for your topic. So we'll go back to the plumber. Example Literally. Never used the plumber example in my entire life, however, popped in my mind when I was filming that video when I thought that I would run with it because it's a good random would like to come up with random ones because you never know who's watching and you never know who's gonna be trying to implement this stuff. Because, like I said, it goes across nations and businesses. So to go back to the plumber example, I'm sure that if you search reddit for subreddit around plumbers or, you know, improving, you know, whatever the plumbing processes you can tell. I don't know anything about coming. You know, you would find a couple of relevant subreddit. It's associate it with plumbing or anything that that entails Now what you're gonna want to do is you're going to join those sub credits, and you're gonna want to engage for a couple of days and then drop holding to your landing page. Remember, it's only it always goes back to the copy. So if you haven't check that book out, that's fine. But start reading up a little bit, trying to learn about how to write better copy. It's really, really gonna help you out. So essentially, this goes back to the copy. Or when you drop your link on the subreddit, you engage your not gonna want to tell them. Hey, guys, I have a landing page that deals with plumbing. Go check it out. It might help you. That's not gonna convert very many people. That's not gonna entice people to click. And then your landing page. Even if you send it up to convert people. Well, like we talked about, you're gonna miss out because people aren't even gonna visit it. So you want to entice them with some good copy? So you gonna want to tell them and speak to their emotions. You know? What are they going to get out of clicking this link to potentially sending for the landing page? So speak to them just like the copy says in your landing page speak to their emotions. Are you guys, you know, maybe you give a life a life example of You know, I just I just had this This customer that was, you know, had to spend 10 grand for, ah, pipe that they didn't even realize they had to. And they just bought this new house, and now they're 10 grand in the hole because they didn't realize that they had this plumbing problem. Could this be you? You know, if so, you might want to find out. You know, you might want to find out here if how you can avoid this or something like that for a specific example for me, we'll go back to the entrepreneur Nature, the making money, online niche. You know, I might try. I might engage with, you know, some bread. It's that deal with making money online or e commerce or marketing. And I might say, you know, are you guys still struggling to get you know, you look off to sales, but you do want to entice them. So you want to say something like, you know, Are you guys coming? I got sick of trying to acquire customers on Lee to find that you know the majority or customers don't stick with you or something like that. I used to have this problem, too, until I implemented this and then I'll drop the link, and that will entice more people to click. Do you understand what I'm saying? So it's all about the copy when you're dropping your links in these in these groups, whether that's the subreddit or Facebook groups, which has me in my next point, Facebook groups. 7. EL7 Driving Traffic (Part 2): so you can join Subreddit around your niche. You conjoined Facebook groups or underneath. Don't just drop your length into the Facebook groups so you can join plumbing Facebook groups. There's there's literally Facebook groups and hundreds of them on anything. If you're a sports coach, will go back to the soccer example. If you're you know, you're teaching a soccer academy that you potentially charge like you know, kid, you know young teams or something like that to go and teach them soccer or better implement skills or something like that. What you're gonna want a deal is you're going on a joint soccer groups or, you know, maybe local soccer groups to you. Something like that. And you're gonna want, want basically say, you know something along lines of speaking to those people in those groups emotions on how that they can improve their kids, you know, chances to get a college education. If they could get a scholarship, something like that, that's really gonna hit home. You know, I'm hitting here like this, my heart, this my work that's really gonna hit home for them and speak to their emotions and really kind of drive them to click, and that will send more traffic to your landing page. So join Sovereign. It's join Facebook groups that are surrounded and based in your niche or your topic, and gold dropped, you know, engage with them for a couple days, then drop a link with some good copy that's going to speak to their emotions and entice them to quick. Then let your landing page do the job to that simple. That's those are two really, really good examples of innovative strategies that you can use to send traffic to your landing page On top of that videos on YouTube YouTube video If you guys aren't going YouTube and you have a business or an entrepreneur or you're really, really, really missing out, another great example would be Instagram. So started an instagram or even a Facebook page surrounded based on that niche so you can create YouTube videos. It's 100 set free. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and second largest traffic generated website in the world right now, right here. So if you're not putting videos or you know, on YouTube with a presence and your businesses and on their you're missing out on loads of traffic. Oh, and did I mention it's loads of free traffic? YouTube is going to suggest your video across platforms because they their number one goal is to keep people on YouTube. So if somebody searching for plumbing and they're already mawr inclined to watch your plumbing video, guess what you put a plumbing video. YouTube is going to suggest that for free to this person, because they want to keep them on the platform because they keep them on the platform. That can show the more ads. So basically saying what I'm basically tying us all into don't worry about any of that mumbo jumbo that I just said. If you're not using, you know, Facebook pages, because Facebook does the same thing if you're not using YouTube videos, if you're not using instagram post or instagram stories or now Instagram TV, you're missing out on the load of free traffic that you can use this innovative strategies to send more traffic to your landing page. It's free. It's simple. It's easy if you're not a cop. Capitalizing on all those traffic sources that are already free, don't bother spending your money on ads because you're obviously not willing to do what it takes. So like I said, just a recap If you wanna go the advert you can spend money on ads. Google AdWords being at Facebook asked you to bats four grade that platforms. I've used them all. They're all really, really good Top that use innovative strategies to turn it generate traffic. You can posting subreddit its post in Facebook groups started Facebook page around your niche and then you Facebook will actually, you know, just like you. 8. EL8 Driving Traffic Recap: all right. Just to recap, you can obviously spend the money on ads. If you want to go that route, you can spend money on YouTube that you can spend money on Facebook as you can go Google AdWords you can go being ends four great platforms that I've used myself. That work wonders. However, if you don't want to do that, you wanna go the more innovative strategy route. Just to recap you can post in sub threats, you could post on Facebook groups around your relevant niche. You can obviously start a Facebook page and then, you know, put videos or content on the Facebook page and Facebook, just like YouTube. And we just talked about will suggest that contact people that are more likely to see it because they're obviously Number one goal is to keep people on Facebook. So start Facebook page. You can start you, ah, YouTube channel and start making YouTube videos that will also generate traffic. And you can link you know your landing page in your bio and stuff like that, not your bio. That's instagram. While like your your landing page. In your description, you can start on instagram page. You know and then basically create instagram stories in script TV, you know, Post and you know stuff like that. Go live on Instagram. You can put instagram stories out all generating traffic to your instagram page with your landing page length in your bio. That's another great strategy dough. So take all of these innovative strategies. Capitalize on them. There's so many great ways and methods out there to generate traffic to your landing page, which will ultimately send more people there, which will give you more emails, which will obviously give you more people in your sales funnel so that you can obviously grow that email list, which was the entire purpose of this course. It's really, really gonna help you out. I really hope that that helped you. 9. EL9 Course Wrap Up & Project: All right, guys. There you have it. Thank you for taking the course. I really, really, really, really appreciate you watching this in its entirety. I hope that that helped you out, not only to build a landing page and start building an email list, which is obviously the fundamental core value of what this course is about, but who would also help you with your email? Copy. I hope it helped you with your copy. In general. I hope it helped you just get a better mind set of. You know why you might want to do this and why it's beneficial for you or your business. On top of that, I also want to implore you to go out. Do this because anybody can watch course. And I know that I've done this myself. You watch? Of course, it sounds good. You get all hyped up and motivated and Rod. And then you said you spend the next day, you know, doing something else and forget about it. It's it's in its entirety, and you don't actually take action on that. So I would implore you to take action and the project essentially that I want you to do is to go out there and create your own landing page, which is essentially tailored around your business. Based on the stuff that I taught him in this course, learn, take action, learning that that more take more action. It's that simple. So the project essentially that I want to see from you and I really, really love to see this is you set up your own landing page and obviously that will bring more customers through potential business, which will then give you more emails will then give you a bigger, broader range of people to market your products and services to. So I hope that you like this. I hope that you really, really take action. I'd love to hear from you with that being said, I'll see you guys in the next one.