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Building Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads

Kayla Kurin, Social Media Strategist

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5 Videos (24m)
    • Facebook Audiences Lesson 1

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    • Facebook Audiences Lesson 4

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About This Class

Hi! Welcome to building custom audiences for Facebook ads! This course is for business owners who want to extend their reach on Facebook by creating Facebook ads. This course will help students:


  • Understand what custom audiences are
  • Understand the benefits of specific targeting through custom audiences
  • Explore different ways to target clients and customers
  • Learn how to create three kinds of custom audiences


Course Outline:


Lesson 1: A brief overview of audiences for Facebook ads including the different types of audiences


Lesson 2: Creating an audience from your mailing list


Lesson 3: Creating an audience from website visits and how to create and install the FB pixel


Lesson 4: Creating a saved audience


Lesson 5: Specific targeting in saved audiences





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Kayla Kurin

Social Media Strategist


I am a social media strategist and content marketer. I want to help you grow your business through social media!

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