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Building Community On Instagram: Using Engagement Groups to Explode Your Growth

teacher avatar Austin Chan, Product Designer and Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why do Engagement Groups Work?

    • 3. How to find these Groups

    • 4. Different types of Groups

    • 5. Best Practices to Keep in Mind

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

Start Building Valuable Connections Through Instagram!

Prepare to experience Instagram like never before, with engagement groups that you find belonging in and prove to be beneficial to your life!

With growing multiple accounts on Instagram, Austin is very well versed in the system and features of Instagram. His experience proves to be evident in his course on finding and utilizing engagement groups with Instagram. Throughout the course, he teaches in-depth explanations and techniques to employ and make the most of Instagram’s engagement groups. Prepare to find like-minded people from all around the world who share the same interests and goals as you, and undoubtedly support your own personal development.

Some fundamental lessons include:

  • The Effectiveness of Engagement Groups
  • The Different Types of Engagement Groups
  • Best Practices To Follow
  • How To Find Groups For You

No matter your interests, goals, or experience, there’s quite literally an engagement group out there for you. With modern advances in social media, you can easily be connected with others even across the world! With all these limitless possibilities, the only limitation is in taking the first step.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Austin Chan

Product Designer and Content Creator



Hey! I'm Austin.

I'm a Product Designer & Podcaster trying to solve problems that I have and sharing them online. Learning new things is what I love doing, and sharing the things I have learned is an amazing plus side to it. I've been on the internet my entire life, it's crazy to see how much it is online nowadays.

I've dabbled into a lot of projects and failed at most of them. I would love to teach you what I've learned on the way and to avoid the mistakes that I have made along the way. I want you to take what you've learned to become a better person.

I've been teaching for 6+ years. I have always loved creating things and that is shown through the things I have done on the internet. Blogs, Podcasts, Courses, anything, you name it. I have tried it, a... See full profile

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1. Introduction: has going, My name's Austin, and this is going to be the engagement group for Instagram course. Now this course is specifically going to be exactly how you can learn how to build your own engagement group and ultimately find your own engagement group. Now, right now, you may be wondering what the heck oss and what is an engagement group? And for this specific video, I do want to give as much value as possible. So even if you decide not to take this course, you would have left with something new. So engagement groups are aren't actually that quite new? They've been going along for quite a long time. So engagement route groups itself are essentially pages or group chats where you have people or pages that are in a similar niche towards you. And what happens is, for example, for me. Let's say I would do photography. I would find a group of individuals, let's say around for 10 to 15 other pages who are in the photography niche as well. And what would happen is every single time I would post a photo on Instagram, I would tell the group, Hey, I posted please like and comment. And just like that, in the niche of the group, 10 to 15 individuals will go to my page, liked, like the Post that I have a comment and probably give me a follow ous Well, so every single time that they post something as well, I would do the same. So, really, it's just this collaborative group for pages to be able to have a specific niche together and also to be able to grow together through comments, likes and also shares of the post itself. Now, that's exactly what engagement groups are. You could probably find your own in grade engagement groups. All you need to do is to be able to search some for some online. But for this course specifically in this course, you are going to learn the following. We're first going to start off with this video, which is what engagement groups are about. We're then going to go on to Why do these engagement groups work? Next? We're gonna go on to how to specifically find these groups. After that, we'll talk about the different types of engagement groups, and lastly, we are going to talk about basket best practices when it comes to engagement groups, so this course is for anyone who may not see the traction that they want For Instagram. Let's say they may not be getting enough likes or comments or followers. This right here is a very good way to be able to get targeted accounts onto your page to not only follow like and comment on every single post you have. So on average, you can expect, depending on how big the group is to be able to increase your follower account and also engagement ratio by close to 10 to 20% each and every single post. So if you're interested in the details of creating, learning and maintaining an engagement group out highly recommend taking this course below , I hope that I'll see you all in the course, and this is all about engagement groups. 2. Why do Engagement Groups Work?: So in this lesson, we're gonna be talking about why do engagement groups work? So there's been a lot of saying that Instagram hides its algorithm they don't really share , and they have secrets towards what Post do Well, what post don't do well and really starting to grow with your own page. What you can do is very secretive of what Instagram doesn't really tell you. And a lot of things that I'm telling you right now has been shown through research from third parties and also just my own observations, like testing those observations from there. So here's what I mean. Instagram algorithm itself really does test within 60 minutes of posting a specific post. For example, let's say a photo or a video within 60 minutes. What would happen is you would then have a 60 minute timeframe of metrics that instagram will pretty much base your post on. For example, it really is more of an average than a set amount of likes comments or anything is really a specific set of ratio between how many likes you get, how many likes and comments you get and how many followers that you have. For example, if you have a higher ratio, for example. For me, I would have, let's say, 1000 followers. If I can get let's say, a 30% engagement rates so 300 likes and or comments, then that's overall a pretty good ratio. Ah, lot of Instagram accounts right now have around 10 10 or less percent engagement ratio. So for the 1000 follower account, it would be roughly ah, 100 likes or less. Now, when it comes to engagement groups, what is happening exactly is during the time that you post your specific post, you're going to send essentially, however many people you have in your engagement group to woods your post, and you allow yourself within that one hour time frame to be able to get more engagement. More likes more comments and probably even shares if that's the engagement group that you tend tohave. So if I were to sum up everything in just two key points of why engagement groups work so well, I know that I had a very long ramble off how engagement groups works and how Instagram likes post. But if I were to bring it down to two main factors of why engagement groups. Work is because of time and engagement ratio first off time. Usually Instagram bases it off of a 60 minute period, four year posts who either do extremely well or not do so well at all. Now you based off the second fact, which is engagement ratio. If within those 1st 60 minutes you are able to do extremely well, you have, let's say, a 70% engagement ratio with the followers that INSTAGRAM shows your photo or post to. Then, of course, you're going to do really well. Engagement groups helps you with both of those, right? When you post what happens is you got all of your followers within your engagement group. However many people you then send them to your post and this act. This actually engages both time and engagement ratio because first off, you are getting people within your followings list to like and share on your content, and it has to be done within the 1st 60 minutes. So overall, both of these attributes are met within the 1st 60 minutes. So that's why I truly believe that engagement engagement groups are so effective 3. How to find these Groups: in this lesson, we're going to be talking about how you confined engagement groups. Now there are three main ways of finding engagement groups, and they are 1st 1 finding them yourself by being able to look for a niche content that is related to your page. Number two is creating them yourself, and number three is joining an affiliate. One just a disclaimer that joining affiliate program engagement groups actually probably do cost money, so be wary of that. And really, it does cost money to be able to enjoy the higher ranks of engagement groups. So the first way to be able to find engagement groups would be to find them yourself. Very simple. Through a Google search account, will you be able to search on Google engagement groups? Instagram? And by doing this, you will be that then lead to lots of YouTube videos. Also, being able to lead to Facebook groups is while telegram groups and just a whole plethora of engagement groups that you will be able to find now keep in mind. These itself will not be very high quality because they are free, and once you join, it may not be highly regulated and it may not have the highest quality pages. What I mean by that is it may only have some pages that have 12 followers. Some may have 100. Some may have a lot more, but don't really bet on having very high quality pages rather probably lower quality pages and lower follower accounts. Because this is free now. I did say that the 3rd 1 joining on Affiliate one is much better, but more about that. After what this itself, you can also go and find a group of individuals or pages on instagram itself. All you need to do is utilize the D M function, and all you need to do is first off engage with someone's content. For example, you find someone who may who you may think might have an engagement group. Make sure you actually build a connection with them, build a relationship with, um, because if for me as someone who runs a page, if someone were to straight up, go to me and ask Hey, can I draw on your engagement group without liking any of my posts following me or even starting a conversation? Then, of course I'm not going to want them in my engagement group because they ultimately take more than they give. So what I would say is if you find someone with a page who either says they haven't engagement group or you think that they do without highly recommend is ensuring that you like their post whenever they pose, make sure you follow them and start a conversation with Um, and even if you aren't able to start the conversation, maybe don't reply. You will then be able to maybe still go and find their followings list and find more people who have the same niche as you because at the first time, you won't be able to contact a 100,000 follower account. When you only have, let's say, 5000 followers, you want to be able to play in your own league, and eventually you'll be able to build higher and higher. And once you have the reputation of having 100,000 followers or somewhere close to it, as long as you can provide the same value, you could then are able to move up. The league's towards 100,000 than 150 than 205 100 as long as you meet the same requirements towards either giving value or also the same follower account than you will be able to find accounts to have same engagement groups with now. The second thing I would say is you can create your own engagement groups as well. This one, however, is a lot easier to facilitate. And really, it's a lot easier to create in general, because here you are. You're doing most of the work. What you would do is, let's say you, as an account, have 5000 followers now 5000 followers in the photography niche. All you would do is go search on INSTAGRAM photography pages or search up specific hashtags that you would normally use. Now. You would then find accounts that are similar in content with you, so the same niche and also within the same follower account range. I would say around 5 to 10,000 followers you condone, ask them or send them a d. M. Where you say, Hey, I'm starting an engagement group and I would love for you to be in it were approximately the same follower account, and really, if they're not really doing any work and they get some benefit out of it than most likely mawr. Most often than not, they're going to be willing to join your engagement group now. This is ultimately how I started my own engagement group. All I needed to do was send a ton of messages. For me, Mind was personal branding. So all I did was send out messages to other personal brands where I was like, Hey, so I'm starting Engagement group with follower accounts around 5000 to 10,000. Would you be interested in joining? And most of the times they said yes, because they're not doing any work. So really make it as easy as possible for others to join your group. And if they say no, then don't haggle them for it. There's gonna be There's millions of pages on Instagram, so just find the ones that are relevant to you, and also you ensure that they can provide value for you as well. Now the 3rd 1 is to join an affiliated or paid engagement group. Now one of them is very prominent. It I'm probably going to link it down below, or I'll just tell you it's the Wolf Engagement Group now I wouldn't recommend if you're just starting out. If you have, like five followers, it's not recommended that you go and start joining these engagement groups because all you're gonna have is having accounts that are set to be able to like your content, who don't actually who may not actually like your content. They just do it because it's part of the rounds. Well, I would highly recommend that unless you're actually struggling to grow, then you start paying for these engagement groups because these air highly facilitated. These have very strict rules that you need to do something like three every week or something like that, and you need to pay to get in now for me. I tried it once. It just wasn't for me. So I stuck with the 1st 2 methods, finding them myself and creating them. So really, unless you're super serious about Instagram and you really either have hit a plateau or you can't find a way to grow, then what? I really recommend finding the paid affiliate groups, but really make sure that you're finding one that is very, very established for me, that the one that I know that it's very establishes. Probably the wolf engagement groups, those air very established. Those probably have. I would go thousands of members today, and really, they're They're an established group, so that's why it costs money. And also they're very strict on their rules. So make sure you read up on them and ensure that this is something that you truly want to do before paying the money. Because it's kind of like a subscription based model. It's probably once you pay once every month. So, yeah, make sure that you insured it that you do your research before really jumping into it. So just to recap, the three ways of building or finding engagement groups for yourself is first off finding pages or searching on Google for specific pages for yourself. The next one is creating the pages yourself by reaching out to others, and the 3rd 1 is paying your way into getting into an engagement group 4. Different types of Groups: in this lesson, we're gonna be talking about the different types of engagement groups that there are now for this specific lesson. We're gonna be talking about the four different variations or categories that there are with engagement groups. Now you really want to be able to pick each and every single one carefully. Some groups can apply to all four of them. Some of them can't. So really make sure that you do your research with the engagement groups that you plan on joining because some are better than others. And really make sure that you try not to join the ones that aren't that good. So the first thing that I want to clarify and this is essentially the first type of category the 1st 1 is the different type of platform. What I mean by that is Instagram engagement groups range pretty much from a very long, different kinds of social platforms, for example, that the most common one is probably on telegram. Telegram itself is a chat platform where essentially, it's very easy to set up automation with bots and really, that makes it super easy for people to host Engagement rounds, rounds so specific times for people to set out their specific posts and four times to people to like them. Comment and engage with it. So first off, there's gonna be telegram. Telegram is very, very common. So if you plan on in joining engagement groups, make sure that you download telegram because that's mainly where the's groups are held. The second platform that you can have instagram itself. There used to be this rule where you can only have 15 people in a group chat group itself, but now I think they raised it up to 48 or some something like that. So, really, it's native to the APP itself, so it's very, very easy to share post within a chat. This one is easiest for functionality. So if your to do anything with engagement pods or engagement groups, I would say Instagram is best for functionality. Next off, we have Facebook groups. This is the third type of platform that the most common engagement groups are held on. Now Facebook itself is actually probably the biggest because Facebook has the most users overall, and also when it comes to Facebook pods itself, it's very easy to find. And although it may not be as easy to use as telegram or instagram within the functionalities. It would be a lot more diverse within the accounts that you have, because there's just so many people using Facebook and also to be able to have the rules and regulations put on Facebook, for example, joining a group, the rules within a group making making sure that they're enforced. It's a lot easier on Facebook, so you can also look on Facebook to find these groups as well. It's also the easiest to find groups engagement groups on Facebook. So that was the first category that you should watch out for, which are which kind of platform are you going to be using? The 2nd 1 that we're gonna be looking at is the different kinds of engagement, because in engagement pods there are different times of engagements. For example, there is like comment, short comment, long comment and share. So these are very different in the types of engagement that they have. Within Instagram's algorithm, for example, the most common is going to be like because it's so simple to do. It's simply a double tap. Next, you have short comment. Short common is probably four words or less. So within engagement group. When someone sends out there Post and they say something like four words only, or something like that, or four words or less. All you would do is when you comment on their post, write four words or less and you're done next. You can have something like long form content or long form comments. Someone would say something like Put two sentences only or two sentences orm or now this really ensures that within Instagram's algorithm, it doesn't look at Spammy. It doesn't look like I love this picture or this is awesome. They're not very spammy and something that could be replicated by bots, so it looks more authentic. It looks more genuine. So putting long form comments like I really love this photo. This specific thing pops out to me, or I really love this portion of the photo, something that really cannot be replicated by a bought it could. But it's very difficult to, and it seems more genuine. It seems more authentic with these comments. Now that is the second category of engagement groups. Some of these groups are gonna be strictly likes. Some are gonna be strictly comments, however, most of them that I see are going to be all of them combined so someone might put a post and they'll say, like and comment or like and comment plus forwards So saying exactly what they want on the photo and how long the comments should be. This one doesn't really have a specific set amount of groups that you should join, but rather find what you need with your within your profile. And if you need more likes or if you need more comments, joined those specific groups. Now the third group that you can have is through Follower Base. This one is very common when you have very high engaged groups, because when you have a very kind of like authority group like Page, for example, having 100 K followers or more than Instagram sees it like, Hey, these big pages are liking this person's content, or this page is content. Then it must be good, so they'll start sharing it to more people. So there aren't going to be some groups that you have, for example, that have five K or up. 10-K are up 20 care up 100 Kara a millionaire up. Well, it's going to be these specific groups that they are going to be quite restrictive. But try to find or tried to build your way up to the minimum and then start working out from there. There's not much to be said within these, as long as you find the one that matches your follower count. And the last engagement group that I would say is Niche versus Broad. So this one, I would highly recommend that if you are trying to build a loyal following, go for it specifically, niche. So what I mean by this is within Instagram. It's quite basic that you should have a following niche, or at least a specific set of things that you post now. With this, you want to be able to join a niche group, for example, of something like me would be photography niche only. So all of the pages are within photography. Within that I'm able to build relationships with other creators. This is much better because you are very solely used on niche pages and niche content that is very important. You could have things like broad but broad content, but if you have something like photography niche, and you have people from bodybuilding. You have people from toys and video games commenting on your post. It doesn't seem as good and as authentic as having a strictly niche engagement group posting and commenting on your posts. So those were the different types of engagement groups. Make sure that you choose wisely within the ones that you have to really ensure that you maximise the groups within these engagement bods. 5. Best Practices to Keep in Mind: this lesson is going to be talking specifically about some things that you need to consider and some best practices before actually going and doing an engagement group. So the first thing is that engagement groups are not going to be the magic pill. Engagement groups are not going to be your ticket to having in having hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. It's not going to be the best way for you to be able to build your way all the way up to having hundreds of thousands of followers. The best content that I would say or the best principles that I would say friends to GAM is build community and build relationships, ensure that your post good content and essentially follow the rules within everything. Because if you break them, you won't have an account to begin with. This is not going to be the magic pill. It may be hot. It may be a growth hacking way to get there, but in the end of in the grand scheme of everything, as long as you followed the three key principles off instagram what I just said before, then you'll be fine. This is just a quicker way to get there, and it may be kind of cutting short, cutting some shortcuts. But really, this is not going to be a magic pill for you to go to 0 to 100,000 and there's no guarantee that you will. So really, just make sure that you use it at your own caution. The next thing is to follow the rules of the group, because if you break the rules in the group, there's a chance that you'll have consequences on Instagram as well. Let's say they say only post one every couple hours or one every specific SAT time and you break that rule. Not only will you face consequences in the group, but also face consequences on Instagram because maybe this set that rule on there so that it may seem like you have thoughts on your account if you broke the rule. So if you broke that rule and then instagram detect some suspicious content or suspicious posting activity, then there's a chance that you could get either shadow band or just overall. Your account could get taken down. So really, make sure that you stay and follow the rules of Instagram and also the engagement group that you're in as well. The next thing that you should consider is right. Thoughtful comments. When you have an engagement group for comments, make sure that you're writing legitimate comments. Not just this pick is awesome or awesome picture. I would highly recommend that you stay away from the four words or less engagement groups and rather within the ones that are long form content. Because by this you'll be able to actually write down specific information about the post. Why you like it, why it's so important. And what stands out to you by following these specific questions and also posting genuine comments, questions and critiques on specific post. You'll then not only sound more genuine to the user who you're sending it to, but also you'll get better feedback on your posts. And it's just seems a lot better on Instagram's part as well. The next thing that I would say is make sure that you build connections within your pod. You are going to be in hopefully a niche specific engagement group. And if you're within a specific group than if you start building relationships within these pages, because remember outside of these pages is a riel person. And if you start building relationships with people in your pod, not only will they be able to help, be inclined to help you more, but also you'll probably make a friend as well. And if you consent in it, create a friendship out of it, and you then connect with them with your personal accounts. Then not only will you be able to have success with the engagement group itself, but also that you would have been able to make a friend. And ultimately, Instagram is a social platform. It's all four making friends. It's all for making relationships with one another. So really ensure that you're not taking advantage of others and really giving more than you get, so that you can be sure to not only create better relationships but really ensure that your engagement groups are working for you in the long run. Now, one last thing that I would say is this is something that you should watch out for breaking it down. What I said before, about long term, I would highly recommend that if you're gonna use engagement groups, use it for the short term. If you want to get to a specific follower account or like amount. For example, 5000 followers and you're at 4700. Sure used this, but within the long run of using instagram and engagement groups, there is going to be a time where the engagement group is going to die. Instagram might catch on or it just won't work, and eventually your engagement will decline. So let's say your engagement right now is 20%. If you continuously use it for months to years, then eventually your engagement group or engagement is going to drop to 10 to 5%. Because you're solely focused on using engagement groups. You're not building better content. You're not making relationships. So I would say at Max, really? Just try to limit your use within engagement groups in the short term and within the long term, use the principles that I've talked about. Make sure you follow the rules, build good content and form relationships, and that's really all the secrets and growth hacking secrets that you'll ever need on Instagram. There's no secret towards building on instagram other than those key specific principles. So this last thing that I want to say is don't use it for the long term. Use it for short, measurable spurts to be able to maybe increase your engagement for a little while. But then back off, or else instagram will probably catch you. And all of the work you put in within months to years of building your account will all be foregone because you didn't follow the rules. And probably Instagram will probably shadow Banyu or deactivate your account in some way. So really, with everything that I said within this lesson, make sure you take all of these into consideration and make sure these are all things that you watch out for. 6. Conclusion: So this is going to conclude the course on Instagram engagement groups. Remember what I said throughout the course? I had a lot of disclaimers and I had a lot of best practices. The best two ways to grow on Instagram is first off. Build community, build relationships, and number two is to just post good content. You can follow those two key principles. You probably don't need engagement groups, but, as I said, engagement groups are if you want to hit a specific goal of a specific follower account or engagement ratio than go all in within those. But really make sure that in the long run, these may not help you because your engagement rates may actually lower and decline. Really, make sure you follow all the disclaimers. Make sure you follow in with all of the best practices that I've said before. And really, with that, I sure hope that you'll be able to go and build your own engagement groups. Now, just one thing that if you're interested in engagement groups within the motivational and also self improvement section, if you have pages like that, send me a message at Austin. 10. Chan and I am currently a probably in like 50 engagement groups within motivation and self improvement. Now, I actually don't use them anymore. I used to, but now I don't really post on Instagram anymore. So really, if you're interested in those, send me a message at my instagram handle and really ensure that your pages up to standard within something that I would put into the engagement groups as well. So I hope that you enjoyed this course. Please follow my account. So you know, when I post more instagram courses and just overall more courses in general, please also leave a review with in the course. It really helps me as I'm trying to build up a set up and build up better content for the future. And lastly, make sure that you do the class project, which should be a couple's sections over. And I'm going to leave all of the links that I've talked about within this course in down below in the project and resources sections as well. Of that, you enjoyed this course and make sure that you follow form or instagram content later in the future. Thank you all for watching