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Building A Business Website to Display your Products with

Hampus Jörgensen, Entrepreneur

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17 Videos (3h 9m)
    • Introduction

    • Creating an account

    • Picking the template

    • Header, Footer, Managing the Menu

    • Intro to the tools

    • Using the tools

    • Adding things and adding your logo (Part one)

    • Adding things and adding your logo (Part two)

    • Adding text, images, animations and links

    • Grouping elements

    • Adding text

    • Adding cool effects, features, shortcuts (Part 1)

    • Adding cool effects, features, shortcuts (Part 2)

    • Adding a blog

    • Creating a private page

    • Setting up a domain name

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Welcome to the course about creating a business website as efficiently and quickly as possible! In 1 Day or less. 

---Stop wasting time and losing out on opportunities because you don't have a presentable and professional website. Do it yourself now---

Ever had issues with developing a website or it just takes too much time? Do you need one now or very soon? Or are you just want an upgrade to a better website? Want to have more control over what your website looks like and does?

Here's the fix!

The course is about helping you understand the fundamentals and advanced features of Wix so you can be able to create the websites that you need, and not have to wait months on a developer to build something for you... Odds are they will take up to 1-3 months to even develop anything but for me timing is everything and is too valuable to waste! I'm all about helping you become more productive and save time, so you can spend more of your time and money on more important tasks! 

My goal is to help you create a website quick so that you can start showing your clients/customers or viewers something ASAP. The faster you can do this, the faster you can get feedback and start improving your website or even get sales! 

Everything is digital now, so websites are the new form of business cards and resumes for what you do, so might as well have something that looks good and you have 100% control over.

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Great Class!!





Hampus Jörgensen


I am an entrepreneur and have owned multiple businesses. I currently own an app development business but my main goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve greatness within their business. I think the biggest downfall of most entrepreneurs is lack of knowledge and productivity, so I'm going to be focusing on those two to help anyone dramatically increase their success through my experiences and what I've learned from the top entrepreneurs in the world!

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