Build your shopify eCommerce Store step by step (0 coding) | Rihab Seb | Skillshare

Build your shopify eCommerce Store step by step (0 coding)

Rihab Seb, Digital Markter

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32 Lessons (4h 34m)
    • 1. Lecture 1 why to use shopify to build your eCommerce store

    • 2. Lecture 2 The AWESOME tricks that might help you boost your eCommerce store conversion!

    • 3. Lecture 3 It is time to start working with shopify! Don’t worry you have a 14 FREE trial

    • 4. Lecture 4 Let me take you to a shopify quick Tour!

    • 5. Importance of Facebook ads for eCommerce stores

    • 6. Lecture 5 Set up your payment and shipping options

    • 7. Lecture 6 How to manually add your products!

    • 8. Lecture 7 How to add variants to your products

    • 9. Lecture 8 How to manage your inventories!

    • 10. Lecture 9 Setting up your domain name and get a free professional email address FOR FREE

    • 11. Lecture 10 Build your awesome eCommerce store in few steps!

    • 12. Lecture 11 Three elements to be added to your product page for a higher conversion rate

    • 13. Lecture 12 The Perfect Solution for your biggest nightmare “Abandoned cart Problem!”

    • 14. Lecture 13 Get your seat belts ready you are going to meet the exist intent popup!

    • 15. Lecture 14 One more awesome trick to make your checkout page ROCK!

    • 16. Lecture 15 Tune your settings your checkout and your preferences

    • 17. Importance of Facebook ads for your eCommerce store

    • 18. eCommerce Store Review #1

    • 19. eCommerce Store Review #2

    • 20. eCommerce Store Review #3

    • 21. eCommerce Store Review #4

    • 22. eCommerce Store Review #5

    • 23. Email Marketing Introduction

    • 24. Email Marketing How to collect emails

    • 25. Email Marketing How the system works

    • 26. Email Marketing How to write emails

    • 27. Email Marketing Finishing up

    • 28. Collect your custoemrs emails using privy

    • 29. Meet Klaviyo Your email marketing app 1

    • 30. Meet Klaviyo Your email marketing app 2

    • 31. Bonus: How to design attractive photos for you ads

    • 32. Bonus: Design your photo with photopea

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About This Class

Shopify is currently the most famous ecommerce platform and it is without any doubt the perfect solution to easily build your online store, without any coding.

The ecommerce marketing continues to grow year after year! Building an online store offering and selling goods or services is a very trendy business nowadays.

And the road to creating a successful online store can be difficult if you do not have the perfect tools to do it! Without previous experience in web designing and development, many people worry that they will not be able to start their own store without paying for a professional or struggling with lots of complicated procedures and steps!

But do not worry! If you’re thinking of creating your own online store and don’t know how to do it then this course is the perfect solution for you.

In this course, I will show you step by step how to build your online store using shopify, the best and easiest ecommerce platform ever.

In this course, you will get familiar with the shopify dashboard, and I will teach you step by step how to build your own store. You will learn how to pick your store theme, how to modify it, how to create your own brand, how to design your pages especially your home page, how to add products and optimize them and how to tune your store elements and settings.

Gradually, I will show you the core elements that I use to increase the conversion rate and how to add them to you store. Together we will see how to create urgency on your shopify store and on your checkout page by adding count downers, “number of items left”, social proof popups and many others elements. In addition, I will show you how to connect with your leaving customers or your previous customers via an email marketing system.

By the end of this course, you will be able to build a highly persuasive shopify store that will help you move your business to the next level.

Act quickly and let us start building your first shopify store now!