Build your professional video recording studio under 300 USD | Michał Towalski | Skillshare

Build your professional video recording studio under 300 USD

Michał Towalski, Traveller & Coach, CEO at

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12 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Course elements overview

    • Sound recording

    • Recording equipment

    • Lighting

    • Video editing software

    • Background / Chroma key

    • Clothes and make-up

    • Tutorial 1: Free images

    • Tutorial 2: Logitech camera software

    • Tutorial 3: Obtaining music & sounds

    • Tutorial 4: Removing background from images

    • Tutorial 5: Screen capturing software


About This Class

Idea for this course was born when I found out that most of the video courses that are published online are just static pictures with bulletpoints and maybe some background music. There were only few videos that were really high quality and really catched my attention for more than couple of minutes.

Then I asked myself why? Why people are not making professional video courses like the ones prepared by real experts on Lynda or Coursera? Why they are satisfied only with like voice track and slides. There is so much more that can be done to get students engagement. And then I started to ask even further … Is it because people think that production costs to much money? Or maybe is it to much effort? Maybe it's because lacking of proper skills? I asked this question to my friends and fellow instructors and they said all of mentioned above.

That's why I want to teach you how to overcome problems connected with lack of skill while acting in front of came & easy tricks how to montage your films without to much effort.

I want you to learn how to make really good quality movies with you as the main character and you as your unique selling point skyrocketting your students engagement - this is what this course is all about.

Imagine how much more interesting and engaging videos you can prepare if your can act in them in professional way!





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Michał Towalski

Traveller & Coach, CEO at

A man of many interests still searching for golden business opportunities around the world.

For the last six years I've been working for international corporations like British American Tobacco and Beiersdorf - mainly on big brand marketing and trade marketing projects.

Althought it gave me huge amount of knowledge coming to my thirtes I've realized that my true destiny is being an entrepreneur and trainer.

Since 2009 I also run my own company operating in coaching and co...

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