Build your first iOS App in Swift - iOS Development Fundamentals | Zeph Cohen | Skillshare

Build your first iOS App in Swift - iOS Development Fundamentals

Zeph Cohen, iOS Engineer

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21 Lessons (3h 28m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Getting Setup

    • 3. All About View Controllers

    • 4. Segues and Navigation Controllers

    • 5. Understanding Table View Controllers

    • 6. Implementing the TODO List

    • 7. Connecting The Detail View Controller

    • 8. 7. Subclassing UITableViewCell

    • 9. Introducing Auto Layout

    • 10. Pulling in Task Table View Cell

    • 11. Building the Task Creator View Controller

    • 12. Task Creator View Controller User Interface

    • 13. Configuring the IBOutlets and IBActions for the Task Creator View Controller

    • 14. Introducing the UIPickerView

    • 15. Constructing the UIDatePicker

    • 16. Improving the User Experience

    • 17. Creating the TODO Task

    • 18. Introduction to Protocols and Delegation

    • 19. Creating Our Own Delegate

    • 20. Styling the Detail View Controller

    • 21. Adding the Polishing Touches


About This Class


Welcome to iOS fundamentals course where we will explore a high level overview of all the building blocks you will need to build great iOS applications. 

This class covers a broad overview of iOS related topics in bite sized videos that you can follow along with. This class assumes you have some exposure to programming and are able to get setup and follow along. To succeed in this class it is best to follow along with each video. You would be best served by coding along with the video and making sure that your project outputs the same or similar results as mine as you go through each video in the series. 

The class project will require that you exercise many of the topics covered in the videos to build your own application. You can refer to the class videos if you get stuck or forget how to do something a particular way. If you code along the way throughout each video you can refer to that as a reference for the class project. 

Specific topics covered in this course are: 

  • Subclassing UIViewControllers
  • Understanding different kinds of segues and application navigation 
  • Learning about UINavigationControllers and UITableViewControllers 
  • AutoLayout 
  • Subclassing UITableViewCells 
  • The basics of protocols and delegation 
  • Learning about the UIPickerView 
  • Capturing user input with UITextFields 
  • Passing data between view controllers 
  • Creating UI elements programmatically 
  • Learning the basic concepts of caring about the user interface and user experience. 

Technologies Used in this Tutorial:

  • Swift 4
  • Xcode 9
  • macOS Operating System






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Zeph Cohen

iOS Engineer


My name is Zeph and I am a mobile app developer here to teach you how you can make your own mobile apps! 

I have years of industry experience working in desktop and mobile software development and I want to take the skills and knowledge I've gained and share that with you. 

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel Code Pro where I upload videos cover certain programming topics / tutorials. My full length courses I will be uploading here which will go ...

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