Build your first iOS App in Swift - iOS Development Fundamentals

Zeph Cohen, iOS Engineer

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21 Lessons (3h 28m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Getting Setup

    • 3. All About View Controllers

    • 4. Segues and Navigation Controllers

    • 5. Understanding Table View Controllers

    • 6. Implementing the TODO List

    • 7. Connecting The Detail View Controller

    • 8. 7. Subclassing UITableViewCell

    • 9. Introducing Auto Layout

    • 10. Pulling in Task Table View Cell

    • 11. Building the Task Creator View Controller

    • 12. Task Creator View Controller User Interface

    • 13. Configuring the IBOutlets and IBActions for the Task Creator View Controller

    • 14. Introducing the UIPickerView

    • 15. Constructing the UIDatePicker

    • 16. Improving the User Experience

    • 17. Creating the TODO Task

    • 18. Introduction to Protocols and Delegation

    • 19. Creating Our Own Delegate

    • 20. Styling the Detail View Controller

    • 21. Adding the Polishing Touches

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Project Description

For the final project you will build an app that lets you track reminders for upcoming future events. The input captured for creating new reminders should be: 

  • Reminder title
  • Reminder category i.e (Work, School, Travel, Fun Activities) etc. You can be creative with any category but it must something that you can select and input from a UIPickerView.
  • Reminder due date that you can select and input from a UIDatePicker

The basic requirements are as follows: 

  • The app must compile and run in a simulator.
  • Reminders must be displayed in a UITableViewController or in a UIViewController with a UITableView
  • You must create an appropriate data model class for reminders. 
  • Reminder category selection must be done with a UIPickerView
  • Reminder due date selection must be done with a UIDatePicker
  • The table view controller should display reminder titles and the category
  • There must be a detail view controller that displays the full reminder with all of the information (title, category date). 
  • Creating new reminders must be handled in a separate UIViewController that is presented modally and dismissed when a new reminder has been made. 
  • You will need to implement your own delegate for when a new reminder has been created and allow any other UIViewController in your app to become the delegate and receive any new reminders created.

You are always free to expand and add more than this to your app and be as creative as you want to be. But these above bullet points exercise various concepts we've covered in this course and should be applied to your app to solidify your understanding of the content. The structure of this project shares similarities with the example app we build throughout the video series. If you get stuck at a particular point refer back to the videos to get an idea of how to apply that concept to your project. 

If you are still stuck you can reach out for help if something just isn't making sense or working as you planned.


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