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Build your first Progressive Web Application

Dmitri Kunin, WebDeveloper

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9 Videos (23m)
    • Intro

    • What is a Progressive Web Application

    • Prerequisites

    • Clone template files

    • PWA setup

    • Manifest.json

    • Service Worker

    • Going online

    • Installation and wrap up


About This Class

Have you ever found yourself in an awe of what iOs and Android developers can do - they can create stunning apps, that millions of people use daily, you use them daily. Most certainly you sometimes find yourself needing for an app, a currency converter, or train-table, but you can’t seem to find just the right one, some lacks design, some lacks functionality, so is the only solution - to turn to native developers and commission a new application, but then you have to spend time, money, go around all the fuss of uploading to store and stuff. Well if you are a web developer - there is a much quicker way! You can build yourself a PWA - no fuss with stores or design reviews, you can make a simple tool just for you, using only your skills and vision.

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Dmitri Kunin


Hello, my name is Dmitri, or Dima, for short, and I am a front-end engineer from Russia. I lead a small team of developers in Russian's biggest classified: Avito. My team works on Trust & Safety of the platform.

Unfortunately right now I do not have a lot of time to code, but when I do - I love building stuff for myself and my family. One of the best feelings in my life is applying my skills for the good of these around me.

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