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Build your Vocabulary in Spanish Workshop - Clothes & Accesories

teacher avatar Florencia, Spanish teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Clothes & Accesories

    • 2. Vocabulario Ropa parte I

    • 3. Vocabulario Ropa parte II

    • 4. Adivina los objetos

    • 5. Materiales Ropa

    • 6. Verbos Ropa

    • 7. Quiz Ropa

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About This Class

Build your Vocabulary Workshop: Clothes and Accesories 

Who is this workshop for? 

This vocabulary workshop is for students from the elemnetary to the advanced levels. 

It's for students that want to learn new words in context and practice. 

What you will learn: 

  • Vocabulary connected to clothes and accesories in Spanish. 
  • Verbs connected to clothes, like: to wash, to choose, to do the ironing, etc. 
  • Different types of materials. 

Build your Vocabulary workshop is divided into parts, so first you will learn new words and after that you will immediately practice them! 

To finish, you will do a general quizz with words in context and real sentences! 

Benefits of doing this workshop: 

  • Studying at your own pace. 
  • Learning vocabulary in an organized and clear way. 
  • Pausing the video lesson to read the words or write them down. 
  • Getting practice from a teacher. 
  • The advantage to always go back to the video lessons to read or practice again! 

If you enjoyed doing this workshop, please share your feedback! It would be highly appreciated! :) 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Spanish teacher


Hello, I'm Florencia. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a passionate language teacher, I teach English and Spanish. 

I have more than 10 years teaching experience. I worked in Primary and Secondary schools in my country and in language schools in Dublin, Ireland where I lived for two years. I teach teenagers and adults online from different countries. 

I love languages! I'm currently learning Italian online as well. I also love travelling, I've lived in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and in Asia! 

Hope to see you soon :) 


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1. Clothes & Accesories : Allah. Saif Lord, welcome to my workshop. Build your vocabulary clothes. So here you're gonna learn loads of words connected to clothes and accessories. So these workshop is organized into different parts. In the first part, you're gonna learn notes of words connected to clothes and accessories on. Then you will do a quiz in order to ring force. Then you words. After that, you're gonna learn about materials on different objects and then you will do a quiz. You are gonna learn about verbs connected to clothes like do the irony wash etcetera and then you will do another Cui's After that. The last part is the General Cui's I will give you different sentences that are incomplete on you will have to choose between two words to complete The sentence is so. I will give you some time for you to choose that. Remember, you can always pause if you need more time. So before we get started, let's see what you have to do. So first you have to listen and repeat the words. I will read all the words So I highly recommend that you repeat after me. But if you want, you can also pause the video on and read the words if you want to write them down. If you want to repeat them again, you can always go back and listen to them again. If you don't want to write them down, I highly recommend that you download the pdf that it's in their projects on Resource section on its pdf that I may, especially for these workshop and you'll find a list with all the words that I have used on their translated translated into English. So I highly recommend that you don't love these, so you have a good hands. If you can print it even better than you will always have it there with you for your next punish class or when you have a conversation with your teacher, do the exercises after each, after each explanation or after each set of words, I will give you an exercise. So please do the exercise on and pulse if you need more time. So if you think you haven't thought of the answer Paulse video and then take some more time and come up with the answer and then I will give you the I will show you the answer for that sentence. So please, please, please do the exercises because they will help you to remember all the words. The last one is Go back to these Cavalleri. Andi, use it. That's the most important thing in your next punish conversation. Tried to use these words. So I hope you like this workshop and see you in the next video. 2. Vocabulario Ropa parte I: ropa access Oreos. Let's begin some breasts. Some breasts must get out. Must get up. Being selfless, being sellers Bean cell iss singular being sailors Blue Goro! Goro, Daph Us. Let this the Ennis. Those Palabras. You have two different words. You can either say Goofus or lend this bull. Fund them both. Fonda, Morty, land. Sweat there, Sweat dead. We say these words with this punish intonation and pronunciation. So we don't say sweater. We say sweat There, dummy. Some come Isa got a data boils. So I those palabras the pending the land Raheel When is a cartel data or bullets? So Faulder, Bosie a them I Those palabras The Bender Declaration in Espana for him Blow iss fell down in Argentina. Put a Templo s pose era Marias there. Craven maybe? Yes, then bread Milius means socks Mill? Yes. Taco Alto Backo Alto High heels. Sandal? Yes, but I ask you the Stevo they know via the seeder There, Novia, I did the animals distinct? Those people's the tracking different types of suits. No, I don't know. A smoking a smoking for that. But I ask you mourn you, Sam. Potatoes. Jacket them. But the bonus sacral bracket whom Sacco court about that seeing showdown seeing showdown significant belt must palabras shorts in espanol. This Imo's a short oh man Bolognese, Doritos. But the loans Gordo's sabot de jas better move us most school osa most school osa in Middle is a lot can be said Can No tiene among us. It's the top we call it most cooler son band alone facing that Kato's bundle on the scene with a scene All Vac kedo's those palabras in algunos blueberries tambien decent scenes. In some places, they say scenes. It's an English word that we took it on. We pronounce it with a Spanish accent. Maybe in Mombasa. Well, otras palabras, the Speedo quarto based Edo is the dress vestigial court. Oh, or we can say vast Edo Larible. Monday s boil CDO boy Now Corel Onus both us 3. Vocabulario Ropa parte II: go room. Goran Gora is usually a camp. On the rest is Goro. Rest always. Goro, Goro the plaza. Goro the ASEAN Gordana. But I waas balls. So one this bull Fonda. But I waas iss cm but it must kulina police say that a needles goes ad ray Low bikini. Well, hold best Changle It thus short opened alone quarto the war zone Miser all my damn the pendulum Brucia's they lan Tel Casco made? Yes. Tommy said that bundle onis court owes only for May their bomb Beddoe firefighter only form in their Bombay dough must get up. Amble Osama's la palabra ambo para loony former del Doctor La palabra is amble Gotta being you all brassiere Bombard town Collison CEO but our own business Boom Batta Batta Mu Harris Esto s ropa in your underwear. Ropa interiority got me, son. Be Jammeh's Because Emma's iss una commis eta comesa bundle Fleiss bundle Fleiss a small day The Illini other order the lenient order Love these level brew border kind of data or visit datum in Argentina The sea most busier data below Notaro spices, you know? Trust me. He onus descend Arteta These Friess then by Jaso these press significa costume eso significa clown. Hey, Luca, we'd pay Luca marquee jacket, make up bandana. Bandana like a visa. Oh, bandana, Kouadio bandana for your head or your neck being tapped v in town. Autos. I did this bendy in this. That is my lab in us. Dependent the latter. Hell, although piles Oddo's I did this bendy in this below toe both us they ju be in. 4. Adivina los objetos: a Davina Lows off meadows. You have to guess the objects. A Davina loss of Cato's. No matter. Oh, no. Get iss Cuomo, they seem, owes underwear in espanol Larrys questa iss Drogba In the reorder Corbyn you brassiere! Bombard Bama's Day. Palavela, get ISS Larrys placed that IHS Goro See in the Abu Hato. See you Monday. Oh Hato! Gone are the Simoes costume in Espanol. Hillary is poised that IHS these press again They okay dome? You know the Simoes headbands in Espanol Larrys placed that IHS Vincente, Come on. They see most suit in a panel Larrys Questa is the nephew Komada see most nail polish and espanol Larrys placed that IHS a small day c nd o kato Guess band off less proxima Okay, though a key I varias cause us no matter. Oh, no que iss No matter. Those iss the new middle dressed commonly Seamus is that courses in Espanol Larrys? Questa But a numeral owner is COMESA No matter those Sacco numero tres Kharbata Obama Somewhere else Yesterday Brocato Come on, they seem owes makeup in Hispaniola, No matter does no matter trays iss No matter what the dough Dennis owners say wellness by their boss car last Palabras Larrys Questa iss No matter. Oh no Mackey jacket No matter Those beans Ellis numeral trays Lapis labial numero quatro Some brass case is them Kato I Those Polaris elements place that IHS Arteta job easier Tatum CNN There hito case glamorous boys That is be not so commonly see most what in Espanol Hillary's Place that IHS Grillo's siendo Kato come on the sea Most well in espanol Dull as you on him Osama's l Tajan l A pleasure We use thes tao will when we go to the beach, for example or when we have a shower cnd over Kato kiss in Espanol they seem owes Gammy son case is the head Oh hilarious place That is only for men then Bombay Dough Siendo Hato Come on They see most cap in Espanol is Goro Agora Hilarious Place that IHS go around. Come on They see most we in Espanol Hillary's place that is a Lucas commonly see most flip flops and a panel 11 points that IHS oh hooked us Obama Severin is siente Brocato. I guess Hillary's placed that IHS daylan tally siendo hato, I guess Elaborates poised that IHS vest Edo then Novia 5. Materiales Ropa: materialise. I will go on. Say them. But owned said psuedo Cueto Synthetic. Um Lana Lino Order Bladder blast Pickle will be in order. Davis Aravena El material. You have to guess the material. Aravena in material guess Alevis poster. Iss lino cnta material, I guess. Hilarious. Poised that. IHS, I go down. CNN The material kiss Hilarious poster. IHS said that case este material Hillary's blister iss Lanner case is the material hilarious place that is Cueto, our order. Davis, live in our material. E o Hato, you have to guess the material on the object case. Estelle, come on. They seem. Owes a woolen cap in a spaniel. Larrys poster is Goro They? Lana one, though. Medicine enamels material in Espanol The Simoes. They, Goro, they lander Goro their plastic. Oh, CME bread. Osama's liberal position. They we always use the proposition. Then Goro Day. Lana Goro. They say that Goro Day, Cueto C and a mojito. Guinness unusual. They blood cnd Brocado. Get this hilarious. Prester iss. Both us the rubia, their plastic. Oh, see in there. Okay. Get ISS Larrys placed at IHS seeing to Ron they Quetta, CNN they hato case either Kim material iss Larrys place That is Boo Fonda. They say them proximo Nobuhito que iss it again that there really is Larrys. Questa iss goes out there bone saying proxima Okay, though que iss either k material iss Larrys place That is Comey said that they are goes on proxima. Okay, though que iss the Ennis Who knows Larrys? Questa is jacket that they wayto proxima mojito kiss Larrys poster is full said as their plastic. Oh, Proxima Haytham case either Kim material is Larrys place that IHS got about that as they say them Proxima obligado The owners say windows Tina Larrys poised that is ban alone they Lino get iss hilarious Place that IHS junk Let us they plastic Oh go more they Seamus golden earrings in a spaniel. Hilarious, boys that IHS Oddo's Why did this all bendy? And this they order case is the Kato Hideki material is alevis place that IHS one thing This they Lana case is the Feto either k material iss Larrys, questa iss sap Atos, They Cueto proxima Okay, though case either K material is Larrys poised that IHS comesa there Lino case is the cato either gay material is Larrys poster is Boo Fonda. They Lana 6. Verbos Ropa: very of us in a car This impact car to pack to impact l a heat um love are blunt Tatham Mikey Data say, oh, born ERISA MCI's jacket. So those grasses see me lattice Bonetto say this deal is saying so. Very most breath flex iwas but the most the seed born era Say own Sacco Boehner's say one days born era se una fund them own best Edo They said the hair go room all Saturday Usar una gora. Those are Lindus Assad, Some potatoes. How would I see de en in K Adelina investable to guess the verbs Media lay mackin Guess Larrys placed the ISS blend terror See in the vegetable kiss Hillary is poised that IHS in Bogata Siegen Dave Edible guess Hilarious. Placed that IHS l a Heat him CNN They're available. Kiss glamorous place iss the hair give edible iss Hilarious boys that IHS born Ettus it Mikey jacket All my keys Addison. Okay, Say stay available. Larrys place that is Levada 7. Quiz Ropa: Quiz time, Dennis Order. See Onus. Either the seller, he'd una palabra para completa Laura's You will have sentences and you have to choose one word to complete the sentence. Barcelona last primeras dress. Orazio nous We're going to read the 1st 3 sentences. And in there? No. Also e one This Boo Fonda. Lana San Dahlia's. No matter those tango, get in a car. Bada love blossom in Bagdad Do pack Pleasure beach both us The Nubia measure No middle dress para Mika Cemento wearing qasemi Ando maple say own Largo Blanco is smoking vest Edo , then obeah pls who knows? Save windows. Perelli Here. Last palabras. You have a few seconds to choose one word for each sentence. Larrys poster Paranormal Ono s Boo Fonda. They Lana No made of those Mazon Oh my g m no metal trays. Vast Edo, the Novia Largo Blanco. 1,000,000 barrels aware Last proxy Mass arrests or arrest The onus the next three sentences , no matter Quattro, they will company may own Paris Stay pantalla Seeing to down the Cueto Balsa the equator? No meadow single este. The order may soon require though the maybe some Whalen, the zarzuela great grandmother Bull Seda. But as I let them, no middle safe tango. Calabar, Lamb ropa access Oreos. Dennis, you know, single knows battle here. Correct. Hillary is poised. Carola Numero Quatro is seeing dude on the widow, but I step and alone no matter. Single but isolated forgiveness is Thomas una palabra en masse Kulina Este Brussels, Pull said, is family no numero say's tangle. Calabar lack proper movie in Baba's Cola's Proximus or rest your list numero siete a para trabajar la oficina may bongo I pulled on my Pongo last Hotez Lohse potatoes the Taco Alto . No matter auto scaling that can. He said that Goro No men and women Mi abuela made the hell ona Boo Fonda really know Boo Fonda Day. Lana. CNN's Who knows? Segall knows barrel here. Larrys Podesta, Paranormal of Seattle ISS Sap. Atos the Taco Alto Que Linda Comey said that Goran Isthmus Kulina mi abuela met the hell you Naboo Fonda Day. Lana, they heal the little they here continue. Evans called Lascaux Rossiya lists no matter obvious para la fiesta there expresses maple se una better. There fiesta these processes costume party. Many will say I put on the Speedo. Hey, Logan no matter own, say, a start of Endo. Their suits are the job, Ian. Both us Sabato's No middle. Those say ls quella Saba own Greece only for men Founder The less you know said windows. Parallel here. Correct. Larrys Wester Paranormal Yes s a Luca Luca Better They vest Edo s una palabra en masse. Kulina in Don't says no puedo They said una vested over there. Local rector is own vested over there. Lana, my own say both us They ju beom numero does say only form a grease Sava own mask. Alino only form agrees 1,000,000 Continue. Almost call a Proximus or a C anus no matter what I say. Los Ninos Savin any beer? No Iraqi pantaloons. LA rivals got or say you seven Police m bereano Goran Pantaloon Cornetto No Marroquin. Say last mean. Yes, baby. Anos are Greece in May areas a solis funland Amazon Saban significa They used to wear the re en significa They had to wear the bn Assad the n s. You know, save on those Perella here last palabras correct us No middle dress, a pantaloons, a lot of us and invierno numeral Qatar say pantaloon Cortona numero king say the pianos are follow Greece in May Areas a Solis Obama, severa Proximus orders Eunice No one out. VSE Saiz que Rico esto though. Is it yours? Better Full may sacral. No medal. Dss yet there l s consider travel a lot. Window the maxima 80 Guetta mask. Alina at window. Significant outfit. More new frack. No middle. The Kyoto there is a pattern. They loss a targeted significa tied up. Cored anus. Pneumonias. Yes or no side windows. Saravena Larrys placed a parallel No middle DSC say'S s better for May. Can we go? But a full man Cuando que ramos express our keano's Who's the performer? The sea most que rico so low parapet for me no deal is a most Rico Parra ropa We don't use the word Rico for clothes only for perfumes The sec a day frack Because we're talking about outfit of landlords. They won't at when though the hotel at our Tello's Gordon is you have to tied up your shoe laces at that. They lost chord, anus