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Build your Vocabulary Workshop - The House

teacher avatar Florencia, Spanish teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Workshop La Casa

    • 2. Vocabulario La Casa parte I

    • 3. Vocabulario La Casa parte II

    • 4. Adivina los Objetos La Casa

    • 5. Adivina los Objetos de la Habitación

    • 6. Adivina el incorrecto La Casa

    • 7. Verbos La Casa

    • 8. Quiz La Casa parte I

    • 9. Quiz La Casa parte II

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About This Class

Join Build your Vocabulary Workshop - The House and start increasing your vocabulary in Spanish! 

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is ideal for students that want to learn words in a meaningful way and improve their lexicon in Spanish. 

It's for students that have from an elementary to intermediate level in Spanish. 

What you will learn in this workshop: 

  • Parts of the house 
  • Objects in the house 
  • Verbs connected to the house 

The workshop is divided into parts, after every set of new words you will immediately practise them!

If you enjoyed doing this workshop, please rate and review

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Spanish teacher


Hello, I'm Florencia. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a passionate language teacher, I teach English and Spanish. 

I have more than 10 years teaching experience. I worked in Primary and Secondary schools in my country and in language schools in Dublin, Ireland where I lived for two years. I teach teenagers and adults online from different countries. 

I love languages! I'm currently learning Italian online as well. I also love travelling, I've lived in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and in Asia! 

Hope to see you soon :) 


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1. Workshop La Casa: on a side floor and welcome to my workshop. Build your vocabulary. The house. These workshop is divided into different parts. In the first part, you're gonna learn the parts of the house, the objects in each part of the house, and I will give you a quiz so you can reign floors all the new words that you have learned . After that you're gonna learn verse, some verse connected to the house, and we will do another quiz in order to practice those first. After that, you're gonna have a General Cui's. I will give you sentences that are incomplete, and you will have to choose a word to complete age sentence. So first. So before we start, remember to listen and repeat the words. I will say the words each time I've tried to repeat after me. You can always pause if you want to read the word again or repeat or if you want to write it down. I highly recommend that you download the pdf that I made, especially for these works up. You will find it in the section off projects on Resource is, it's a pdf that you have to download and you will find a list with all the words from this workshop on their translation. In English, you'll have all the words on D Day vocabulary and the verbs and also a section to write your own notes. I highly and strongly recommend that you do the exercises. Sometimes you will have a part of the house, and then you will have to write different objects or to mention different objects. So if you think you need more time, please post a video so you can go through your notes or go through the vocabulary. On Tuesday, word for that object I will give you around eight on 20 seconds for the for the exercises where you have to complete with warm with more words. You don't have to write the words in your copybook, but if you want to, please go ahead. The idea here is that you think of the word and you say the word, but if you want to write it, please do it. Feel free to do it, and if you want to pause the video, please don't forget to pause before I say the answer. You can always go back to the vocabulary and listen to the words and read them again on Repeat them again so you can use them in your next punish conversation. So I hope you enjoy the course. I really enjoy making it, so let's begin. 2. Vocabulario La Casa parte I: Oh God! Don't say Oh God! Let's see the parts off the house, the rooms in the house Last artists they like Asa. I will start from the left to the right. They scare the other data. I'm going to say the words ones boy Rasi last palabras Una vez Repeat after me repeated This plays the mean by Lavera Oh no Maravene Abbey ASEAN buy new A studio Dossena Call me Lord Cuarto They Llevado is Kalidas God Okay Salon. So if you want to pause the video here to say the words again or to write them down, take a few minutes Remember that the word Abbott asean in this word the age later acted. It's never pronounced. We don't say habitat soon we say Abbott, let's see the next words I'm gonna start from the left Blood does very less estan diarrhea estan diarrhea. So when we have a few shelves, we se estan diarrhea is not one shelf estan diarrhea is when we have let's say, three different shelves or four or more East lab cocoon. The plural will be a harness God be needed. God has the singular would be huh Extent door Come banner There are two words for these, and you can either say extractor or campana, and you can also say they're in there. L extractor a pagar el extractor turn out enough. But in their l extractor pagar el extractor you composite video here if you want to write down the words. So here we have three words. Gandhi men does a standing. So here we have only one shelf. So we say it's standing. Oh, yes or oh, yes, pronunciation can be either yes or no. Yes, one would be ona always. Yeah, those or just the next one. He's going to read the one at the top, Liu says. And here we say, But in their Lou's friend there last looses a pagar lose a pagar last looses turn onto enough or NASA's or no may sad that so start Dorda bang, Get this being duda on all of these, they are more or less then Cassina. Well, bliss the Cassina Bank. It does, and May Sada or no Easler. Let's see the next set off words. So in in venue in the bathroom. UniStar reading from the top on the left, our river in less care than azulejos So as John or to a goon Espejo lovable Gabi Nated e no voto ban Hiedeh Can easa or Kanye? So here you compulsive video to say the words again or to write them down. So here we have El Salon Tenemos el salon I'm gonna read the words and try to repeat after me repeated this place to me But it did. Gordon nous Ventana Lombardia I'm one bonus I'll modern. It's in the singular modern al modernise brutal so far Manda Mesa, they coffee team in an team and am on here We also say, but in their or incident there Lati mania or a Bagger Letty mania So here you can stop. 3. Vocabulario La Casa parte II: so more words here we have whether those wow, those are like paintings. They could be photographs. They could be paintings. They could be everything that it's framed. We call them Quadros. Poor trades. They live easy on our landing. Our land is in the singular. We can also say parlance days when the lador and to fair and to think being Dona being towed eyes the painting in itself Whether it is when we have a painting when we have a framed painting, being duda is just a painting without the frame. So here we have a bedroom. I'm gonna start with the words at the top Areva and then you repeat after me. Repeat it displays that mean out of my radio how to marry you is always where we put the clothes. It could be big, small Pulitzer grand pickin you but it's always out of Mario. Be so in the house. You have be so swell. Oh, it's in general. Ok, be so it's the floor of your house. Be so I'll form. But Mesa, they lose Budo. So here you have two words. You can say Mesa, they lose Budo Or sometimes you can also say, missy, that they lose Missy dancing. It means significa little table. So miss up they lose Budo Mamacita, they lose down there. Okay, so pause the video if you want to repeat the words again. So here we have a few things that you can find in the kitchen Cassina or commenter Dining room. So I'm gonna start on the left to the right. Bava, that's s this is in the plural. You can also say una nasa And here we also referred toothy liquids. We can say you, Natasa the Cafe Natasa that day the next one Ease vote Asia they video vote Asia they video So Bottega is in the bottle on video means glass. But you can say about Asia, the plastic Oh botella vidrio It depends. And here it can also change. According Teoh, What's inside? So we can say about Asia? They are one boat Asia. They we know both days a who or Suma? The next one is Vaso. So now we're gonna have a look at the right part. The word in blue at the top are river, its goal Vahi Asia or Tahitian. I would say the he's a on it means all the glasses, the plates, the Ford, the spoon. So all that is vaquita. We have got bus or you can say Copa. And here you can also say Copa. They ve no in the movies. Well, indi vid well, they need order. Then it Doris Cootie, you or Cotija? They have two different pronunciations. Always remember that for the double L, you confined to different associations. Good Chadha. So these three the Nador Cotija who terra are hubiera toes only these three the ones that we use to cut or Teoh take the foot to our mouth Hubiera toes. Okay, so you can stop the video here to read the words again or to right the words down. Okay. When I start again on the left at the top Been like scared of that Areva seizure or C? Yeah, excretory. Um baby Leah taken Babe Leo taken. So this is a word that means when you have a library at home or the public library. So both are Biblioteca. You can say tango Maviglio Tecca in Cassa tango who never even take a grand a tango who never even take up a Kenya The next word he's island Mother I'll more than remember. We don't pronounce the hate at t know several Luzia Ill. Mother Mesa Grillo's. Okay, so here you composite video. Or continue with the next words Lava, Vahi, Jas Lava, Vahi, Jas. So here we can split the word. So remember that what I told you, the one that it's the spoon before the plates. The cups That's Vahi za on level means lover. So this is the lover behaviors. The next one is lover bro. Pass the world robot means clothes, and there were lover means to wash, so leva drop us here. We can also say they're in there. A love of ahi GIs or lover. Roper's a Pagar 11 Europa's Vasi are a lava heaters Old Baseer, Aleve, Aruba's. The next object is Puerta Puerto down and to open the door, we used beat up border thing big aboard them. So, for example, let's say you are traveling on by the door breaks that part of the door breaks. You can say serum Bill l pickup order thing, or you can also say a beak apart. They know full Siona. The next word is Porta retract bordering RATTO, and this is only for photos. Satya Thin rev East us so released us here It's in the plural, But you can also say revista with the world revista you can say Leo Brae Vista's may go stat layer privy Stas Come, bro. Previous does. Okay, let's see the next words. So here we have a kitten, the animal's or Neco Sina on the word cooker is Cassina. It's the same word is la misma palabra Cassina Negro. Unless Naveda elevated, um, that are two different words. You can either say Naveda or l A data. Okay, on these are all the words of the vocabulary. I highly recommend that you go back to the words you read them again. You can find them on the pdf that you can download here or write the words that are new for you on. Read them again. We're going to do an exercise after the's video 4. Adivina los Objetos La Casa: So in these parts you have to guess the objects. Aravena loss, mojitos. I'm gonna show you an object, and then I'm gonna give you a few seconds And you have to guess the word. You have to get the name. So let's start. Guess Come on. The Simoes below In Espanol, take a few seconds. The answer. Ease Larrys Poster ISS I am one, uh will be in severe la Proxima Palabra. Let's see the next word. Guess this is a place where we put the clothes Don Imus la ropa take a few seconds. Larry's Place that is Adam Ideo my bn Are you guessing these words? Let's see the next one. Barbosa Vera la proxima palabra Get ISS here We need a plural word. Larrys placed the ISS Vallas Obama's aware LeBrock Seema Guess CNN's who knows, say windows. But leaving Hillary's poster is Kama Proxima. He s Dennis who knows? Say Windows. Hillary's poised that IHS Bubba movie in Obama's aware Leopard Noxeema by Lavenda. Come on, they see most carpet in Espanol. Hillary's placed that IHS al from brown. Come on the Simoes shelf in Espanol. Hillary's boys that IHS a standing and then we have libidos. The main world was standing my baby in bubbles Aware liberal Seema Palabra Come on, They see most mirror and espanol l a response that is s. But who? Obama's aware Proxima labrum Guess Dennis, Who knows? Say Windows. Hillary's placed that is Kotecha Obama is a very low Proxima Palabra case. You can find these in the bathroom where this Incontrera esto in l van you Alevis placed the ISS the way John or so I Don c and a Palavela Boy, this in Condra is the people The seizure in La Cassina This is a type of chair that you can find in the kitchen. Alevis Boys that IHS Ben Get there Proxima by Lavera Guess Hillary's questa iss in Ladera Oh, Naveda, CNN Palavela Kiss Hillary's placed the iss en el voto Guess well, Listen Condra Esto immune Evita's young all a new salon. Hillary's Boys that is Lum Better kiss Hillary's poster is Lava Rope US movie in proxy map by Lavenda Gays Hillary's placed that IHS they need order cnd Palavela kiss Either response that is That's so Ramos aware Proxima Come on, Seamus Microwave in Espanol Hillary's poised that IHS me grow on the US But I see map by lab a damn commonly Simoes one No tenemos 10 Adore Utada Guti Joe How do we say when we have all of the's three elements or four elements? Hilarious Poster ISS cobiella toes Maxima overhead Though Hillary is poised that IHS best uh, cnd off hito this. Come on, the Simoes plug in espanol How do we say plug ins in Spanish? Hillary's place that is in two fair but up Seema Bal Abadan I guess Hillary's place that is Leva Vahi Jys kiss Hillary's placed that IHS Mesa. Guess is the head Oh, hilarious place that is. Does that door damn a G I Those biolab Address Ellen Report response that IHS Puerta pickup order today Guess hilarious. Poised that IHS Guti Joe CNN Day. Okay, Sesto illiterates poised that IHS Caesar AKI the animals those Polaris here we have two words 11 is poised. That is so far I'm one bonus We'll be in que se still commonly see most frying pan in espanol Hillary's poster iss Saturday then a key I those Calaveras here we have two words Alas, Rece placed as soon then Donna court Penis Well again we finished here. If you want to go back under this exercise again, I highly recommend study. In a few weeks, you tried days quiz again. Let's see the next exercise. 5. Adivina los Objetos de la Habitación: a de Vina lows. Mojitos. So here you have to guess the objects off the room. No matter who you know, like a Xena. You have to guess all these objects. DNS Gallery, Nada told us. Is those of potatoes the Ennis Who knows? Save Windows para Levina Last Palabras movie N e Lazarus Boys Past son And when it started from the left. Comments today in life Scarola, Navy, Ada A lot of data Brillo can easier plateau always. Yeah, go see now or no Calhoun. So if you want to pause the video here to read the words, go ahead on, I will show you the next part. Lacko. Xena. Here we have the kitchen again. La Cocina. You have to guess the following objects DNS Catalina Estos overhead. Does the Ennis who knows some windows illustrates poised as son bang, Get that laws me groaned us. Eastland estan diarrhea blender so you can pause a video here. If you want to read the words again, let's see the next part off the house. Proxima Party Della Casa, Evita's yon cuarto. These are two different words that you can use to talk about the bedroom. Avid ASEAN quarter lots of Tito's son Dennis, who knows, said windows Parallel. Nena esta Okay, you composite video here if you haven't finished, and I'm gonna show you the answers. So the 1st 1 is on the left in life. Scare them. Al from brah. Comma Cortina Here. I'm just pointing out one. So it's Cortina. If I'm talking about curtains in general, I would say Martinez, Ventana Lum Butta messa. They lose Budo, but is is done Day excretory. You be so so here. You can pass if you want to read the words and I'll show you the next part of the house broke. Seem about it. Them El Salon, The Enniskerry Meena less cientos palabras. You have to guess these words The N s owners seven does. I'm gonna show you the answers now so you can possibly video if you haven't finished. Loveless boys Best sown Kahan television A stunned a by days Lombardia. But I love t mania. I am with on on one on its because I'm pointing at one modern Al from brah. So far So you can possibility of here if you want to read all the words again 6. Adivina el incorrecto La Casa: can you hear? Toe noise director in La vida de la casa. So here you have a part of the room on different objects. You have to choose one object that doesn't belong in that room. Ko hito Noise corrector and sabotage Della casa values a common Sarah. Let's get started Abbey Datsun Why they don't cama Budo Manda in a photo There is one word that doesn't belong in the bedroom in this group. Okay, Hilarious Placed that IHS e No dodo in Nevada doesn't belong to these group of words. Let's see the next one. Banyu Espejo can easa Duta Manta lovable I own a palabra can know is corrector a nest egg? Grupo Hillary is poised at IHS Munn that manta no is corrector Iniesta Grupo Values of air LeBrock Seema, go see now. Oh yes, Could seizure Alan Mother May Sada Esler que palabra noise corrector in este Grupo Hillary's PRESTA corrector iss Adam was Rosa there? L proxima Grupo Saletan lum, but, uh, gravies tests I'll from brown The white zone photos que Palavela newest corrector in a state Grupo Hilarious placed a corrector iss the lie zone 7. Verbos La Casa: better voles. We're gonna learn a few burbs connected to the house. Variables connect Dallas LaGrassa, Dr Meade, go see nada Love are blend Todd Order they not limpy are Vanya. Say, do Charest's. Sometimes we say Bonnie Odyssey when we're going to have a shower. So, um, it depends on the person. Or you can ask, Are you gonna have a shower or debate so you can say basado charity over reality? But we generally say, Bunye said we were gonna have a shower. If you want to be more specific, you could say a boy, I do China man or boy voy a bunny out of me so you can choose. Pause the video here if you want to repeat the words or write them down or read them again . A de Vina Lows Vegetables. No, Here you'll have to guess the verse. I will show you a photo, and then you have to guess the verb. Let's begin. Bama's a common Saturday. Give edible s Hillary's place that IHS blend chatter, buttocks, Imo, vegetable kiss Hillary's place that is. Go seeing Adam Buttocks, Imo vegetable Kiss Hillary's Boys. That is Lou Taddesse saying Give edible ISS hilarious boy stir ISS daughter meeting give edible is Hillary's PRESTA iss Lim Piatra Give it about a say stay Hillary spiced that IHS or they're not my baby in this is the end is the self in El Proximo for cco s l Cui's. 8. Quiz La Casa parte I: quiz time. See, I would not read a sentence on You will have two words. You'll have to complete the sentence with one word. Lay us Orosz Eunice, either. Verus Elahi Una palabra para completa Laura's You'll have to choose a word. L hear Una palabra. Let's begin. Obama's a common Saturday. Cui's No Meadow Oh no Told us Less money. Anna's memory Pardo Ona the coffee Vaso Desa No matter those last estan en el salon al modernise Reavie Stas No matter Chris the senior Like a Xena Cho Nuna they Madeira is Lola . Blanket us. CNN's Ono's signal does battle here. Una palabra caracol. You have a few seconds to choose one word for each sentence. Okay, I'm gonna show you the answers if you haven't finished. If you haven't decided the words you composite video here Larrys poised that Caroline No matter. Oh no s NASA Maybe Bado Natasa the cafe, those less released us. Madonna says mask Alino loss on one honest Chris una isla They Madeira bank It us is brutal . Onus bank it, us They My data will be in Mombasa. Where last Proximus or a stillness? The next sentence. He's numero quatro lasutina iStar in l or No? Oh, yeah. No. Meadow sing. Go boy. This already lap Ask the color A key. Adam Ideo Ventana No matter. Say's Alouni for men, they less quail at a stop n l r Mario Love of a huge is pianists. Who knows? Signal does barrel here. Okay, I'm gonna show you the answers if you haven't finished choosing post the video boy and muestra last Chris Boyce tests. But Allah no meadow weapon. So, Larsen a Is that in l or No? Oh, yeah. ISS family No, no widow single where this every lap Vandana numero say's Alouni for men is in a lot of Mario. Excellent. The Obamas aware last Proximus Palabras Numero siete day Is that like, um Brahmos in Morocco's modern Al from brah? No major auto for year lows Way Valls and laugh, Sir Ken Hosham No made on women later esta inla I'm weather novena The Ellis who knows Segundo barrel here Movie in boy Almost our last dress Cuesta's boy This ball saddle video See? No asked a CD Edo You can pause a video if you haven't chosen the words Larrys poised at Perella Numero siete is Al for Umbra Lacombe. Brahmos in Morocco's in la Sarthe in new Middle Weapon Latest INLA Naveda. Excellent day. Pacientes Bonus Numerius Marco's esta Ella Achara Duta No, Middle on say Okay, most the kidneys. Cuadrado being toda No middle. Those say any beer? No friend. A most black NL salon Team India Babba The owners say Windows panel here last palabras Correct US boy and muestra Last Breast Cuesta's Carol A new middle deace Miracles A stop in LA the term que era Mosa being told him, though say any being no print the most lap T mania in l A salon Excellent last Proximus or A C. L s and a proximal video. 9. Quiz La Casa parte II: or this young new middle. There s a with this that may own They are Cooper for board about Asia Vaso Qatar say amiably Datsun I una Camacho's lived rose it require those the Yakis Kings say me bothering a una commerce this year Lib Rose Biblioteca is standing Dennis who knows? Say windows parallel here last palabras Correct US 1,000,000 Last breast boys task soon Numero tres a vaso Vaso There one both days at IHS family No Oh no, they are one Qatar Say a standard area I ona estan diarrhea is family No estan there is mass Kulina I own istan day No matter King say me bothered 80 and own avidly tecum Excellent! They almost aware. Last Proximus Orosz Eunice Numerius essays Necesito una whoever made way Let l question Unlike that Amanda no Middle The associate there cierra la velle Banyu Ban era can easa no Middle East Soto lost any Doris Istan in l Kahan Messa The Ennis said Windows Barrel Here last last West Boys test soon Carol a new middle Theus Essays Necesito una I am Weather Nueva the sec a Sierra HLA canny Jha They'll ban you Nopal They most cerar Lavon era Sarah Ramos can easa tambien podemos asi al breed like amnesia The Kyoto lost in a Doris is done nl Kahan Excellent. The rebels aware Last Proximus Orosz, Uranus No Middle Eocene Way Tango gay lack um Isa Barnyard blend chatter Numeral ain't they ball in p r l del Valium, then l or P So when do you know me? See? Because they've been so Civitas Uranus or they not love item CNN's who knows Say windows. Burrell Here. Last palabras last wisp oyster soon? No, my dear. Seen whether tango okay, Blanche are like, um Isa? No boy, though they see Bonnier like, um Isa New Merouane they will beer lp. So the van you When do you know Mrs? Because they're in order than are so savita See illness No deal Is Amal's Lapolla brah Levar para Bartos Opara Beatles Eunice Della casa More IBM. Excellent. There is the SL final. This is the end. So you composite video here or you can go back to the other sentences. Write up notes rate your words. You can also follow me on Facebook, Florencia Spanish Teacher If you want to find more information or more vocabulary more video lessons that are free on bond. I hope you have learned loads with this workshop. If you liked it, please commended Below share. Unlike which is this? Yes, Tao?