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Build your Travelling Joomla website from scratch

teacher avatar Murad Gulaliyev, Learn how to create something awesome

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

34 Lessons (2h 36m)
    • 1. 3 different ways to build website

    • 2. 2. Installing local server XAMPP

    • 3. 3. Intalling Joomla into XAMPP

    • 4. 4. Installing Openserver and Joomla

    • 5. 5. Introducing with joomla and its main parts

    • 6. 6.Installing second language

    • 7. 7. Creating categories

    • 8. 8. increasing editor functionality.

    • 9. 9. Media manager

    • 10. 10. Creating articles

    • 11. 11. Global configuration

    • 12. 12. Modifying articles

    • 13. 13. Installing template

    • 14. 14. creating multilingual menu

    • 15. 15. Setting language switching module

    • 16. 16. Creating menu items from categories

    • 17. 17. Creating single article menu item

    • 18. 18. Menu module

    • 19. 19. Working with search module and plugins

    • 20. 20. Setting module for popular posts

    • 21. 21. RSS feed module setting and fixing module position

    • 22. 22. Tags management and module

    • 23. 23. Adding facebook comments

    • 24. 24. Adding disqus cmments

    • 25. 25. Creating FAQ section

    • 26. 26

    • 27. 26. Adding cutom module

    • 28. 28. Creating photo gallery

    • 29. 29. fixing module position with css

    • 30. 31. Fixing small problems

    • 31. 32. Backuping website

    • 32. 33. Preparing web hosting for website.

    • 33. 34. Restoring website at web hosting.

    • 34. 35. Last configuration

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About This Class

Have you ever want to create your own website but don't know how to do that? Maybe you are thinking you need to spend a lot of many? 

I have good news for you. You can do it Just in few hours. 

In this course, you'll learn how to build your own website from scratch without spending a cent on design studio or freelancers.

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to set up local server
  • How to install Joomla CMS
  • How to create and modify articles
  • How to modify CMS to get a view that you wish.
  • How to install and configure template
  • How to work with Joomla plugins and modules
  • How to upload your website to Web hosting
  • How to prepare website for online users
  • and much more

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Murad Gulaliyev

Learn how to create something awesome


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1. 3 different ways to build website: I Everyone welcome to course how to build motile angle Juma website My name is Mark from Grandma that come in this video I'm gonna talk about different way How to build your website which Simmons doing to use what's cinemas advantageous and disadvantageous off different ways Too great a website Here you can see three different way to build a website every way has its advantageous and dissident days The first way to build your website is called your website yourself If you know what development languages like pH B item or another ones, you can easily do it yourself Advantageous off this way is you will able to realize any features and functions on your website That will be good practice for you that the only level up your knowledge and skills the seven teachers off this way is you will spend a little time and energy to get a working whipsawed all box. This second way is you can hard freelancer or web studio to create your website Well advantageous off this way is you don't need to learn any reputable languages. You don't need to think 100 realized features website You are just hired him people and telling them what you want. Seven vintages off this way is you will need to spend a lot of money on freelancer, especially if you want something special. You will don't know how your website working on to fix some small thing. You like the hire someone to do that. As a result, you'll spend a lot of money. The survey to build the website is use. Dame is to build your website advantages off this way. You don't need to know Web development languages. You don't need to spend money because most off popular CMS is our free. You can always add additional functions to your website with special flag. It's incompetents most of the components free, but if you want to specials, you can chase any plug in that you want and install it on your CMS. Most of the freeze a mess developing by interest vests, and you can't get Direk Super asem US free. Everyone can don't love. That's why sometimes you can meet with security problem, especially with most popular, Simmons is like work Chris. So what's the same myth? This is the content management system, although user managed their website without any additional knowledge. Most of the popular seems like Jumla or where Race and others are free. You can easily install and start creating your Web site. Just in a few hour. You can get full of functional website. This was because you'll learn how to grade your website. It's Emma's Jibla Journal of their powerful and easy to use Emma's. With it, you can release any type off website from boat online store this side of building powerful future. You cancel additional competence, plug ins and models that will follow you bring your website on ideas to life. So if you're interesting to build your website just in a few hours without any big knowledge than enrolled to this video, Kurds and you're able to finish your website just in a one hour 2. 2. Installing local server XAMPP: Okay, guys, let's begin. Been level website on first thing we need to do install local server because first, we will build a website on our local computer on After everything well done, we will transfer were posting winey. We need to install local server because our computer works on Windows or my quest become Install website into our computer Dia Klay On. To do that, we will use special software toe emulate posted a lot of software's to emulate local servers, but we will use one of the most popular that calls except pp. Well, you can hear the software it in stolen windows on Linux on my quest, and it's totally free on. That's why we will use Sofaer veritable. Let's download this so care choose which one do you want? Don't look. I'm personally on my PC. That's while don't lot for Windows chaos after Don't let's stall. Open it up off the MPP. Andi, continue. Let's put everything by default. Next on this is a folder you can change folder toe any name and place next on chicken. We don't want to learn about the poor. Be on clicking next again next. Now installations going on We need to wait until you finish. Here's the windows asking us to give access toe local server. You can see a much is to be server Alexis. Okay, it's finished. Do you want to start control panel now? Let's check it on. Click finish after installation. Let's go to the folder As we installing default, you can find folder on the local. Just see on example here, Here you can find all the files off the server Right now. We don't need to use any off this folders. If you will need to something, we will go. Come back, Onda. Let's start. You can six and be stark rating until it will start. As we start of a process on Let's same time open. It's MPP control. Well, you can see that's right. Right now on Lee, a bunch of my school working equal will need files. Ill America of Tom card. We can start them, but for Jim, a website We don't need this. Want these type off models? We don't need any complication here except way need to great new data base for our new website. To do that, go to my school. You can see here we have stopped at me configuration and looks Can we need to go toe? I mean, when you will click on it, you will see that peach reminded mean open pitchman mired Mean controlling my school date basis. You can see here, have default databases. Don't delete this a place and you have some control panel right now. We don't need to do it here. Anything exempt. That's great. New data base database. Pretty easy Injury. There's no any tables right now on. We won't create any tables here. Jim Lovell crates for us. Just waiting. Teoh, remember, Name of the late Based on when we will install Jumla, we will need to enter this name. You can see we stall a local server. It's a pretty easy to do as we installed local sir. Let's go to brother at Enter here. Local horse forward slash If you'll see this page that time, it means that our local several works normal. You can see we go to local host bash part on Let's go back into MPP folder on from here. If you will go into HD dogs, you will see he will have dashboard Now. That's great in your folder. Let's call it okay. On the into this folder way will install our jumble, a website, and next you will see how we can install it. 3. 3. Intalling Joomla into XAMPP: Okay, guys, let's in. Stella with German website on to do that, I'll show it to ways to stall Juma as in a previous video buen install our local server on here. We will stall our Jim a website. Let's review the first version of the house. How can install Jim Lane to our local server? Andi, that's ah stalling model to install Jim Lane Owen, local server. We need to go to gym. Ladakh are on the don't look, but right now we need to download Jumla 3.6 after we're opening our our kids that we don't work right now on going into locals disc seed example p And from there we are going toe h two dogs on Let's great here some folder for our website on. We will call it Jim left side After going inside on extract all the files off John Lie inside that folder went numb to the fish after we are going into our browser on writing you local holes forward slash We reject us into installation off the gym LA on here. We need to add some information. Well, we're adding our website name off course after you can change toe Any name that you wish right now we're just opening entering something. Let's enter, I guess. Enter your user name. Im enter. I mean, but never enter user name. I mean, name yours. Website can be hacked. That's why I'm using here just for fun, but never used this name you. That's inter Password on click Next. Okay, now you can see we have a diet papers. Conflagration on. Do you have the base type? My scraggly. But sometimes you can get error or you can't install with this that time you can change it to my Skrill on That's Inter host name who's name is always local host. User name if you didn't have user names. So the date based unit enter here. Route Password. We didn't have any password on the database name. As you remember. Last video. We crate database with the name Jumla. Okay on. Let's click next. Well, he you can see finalization window and we can install known nothing or we can install some sample data, but we don't stole sample data because all the data we will great ourselves on below. We can see some information off our jumper website. You can see here up installation check. Let's go up on click Install. Well, this is the first way. After installation, you will get one button to delete installation folder. As in you can see here we have installation folder. It's by default, often installation. We wouldn't need this holder, and that's why click the button to dilly this folder from here. If you wouldn't that next time when you will try toe accidental upside, you will again rejected to installation. That's why I always often relation Delayed is folder. Well, this is the first way. Sometimes when you're stalling on the MPP, you can get some errors or your installation never will finish on. That's why I recommend you use another very easy way to don't load and installed Julia. And that's an additional application. For example, P on exemplary backside. If you click on Advanced, you will see additional application, and that's where it is. A way to install the Jumla. Let's go and download over Julia Don't loan last version. No thanks on your don't let ideology after that. Open it. They were getting here some small Nowhere can choose language. Okay, now we're cooking Next. That's a folder If we change folder, we can. We need to show that holder. But right now it's Accord on the hero creating admin password. Let's create Enter a password here next year is the name of the With Jim Lehrer website Turvey of Mine, first from a website and click next Dave on a male support. Right now, we don't need any complication. That's why working next large Jelena clothed with a bit let me I'm checking next and then clicking next on waiting until this application will install a little Web server. Let's click Finished Open our Jim Miller website. Okay, As you can see, it's installed on it. Available under local holes. Forward slash junior Now we installed a gym, a website. On the next video, we will begin a great our website. 4. 4. Installing Openserver and Joomla: Welcome again, guys. We will install another local server that calls open server because sometimes there's a lot of problems. That example be on a personal law Open server Because it has a very huge features. It's easy to use. Don't load up in server visit to open server that route forwards like download. This is a Russian website which it toe this your URL on from here. You'll see it like something like this. Enter here this court choose version if you didn't use it for window image magic among good db you can still to make premium and basic Right now we'd only basic rations. That's why click to basic version on. Don't look on Dhere, they say, to donate them. But right now we wouldn't donate anything. That's why clicking. No, thank you. No thank you. At downloading after downloading way are showing the way. See? Let's put like this. Okay, Andi. Waiting until installation. Installation finished on. If you go toe local disk, see an officer. You will see here. Folders on files. Let's do this. Let's open domains Folder on quick here. New folder colored Juma Que onda. Also Let's open Gemma, our chief on on extract old files into this folder After extracting, Let's go back off server on open, open server. Okay, here. After opening, we need to choose language. Let's choose English on. You will see that we need Teoh. Install Microsoft Visual C plus Plast to use this software, and let's look OK to install it. Wait until installation often. Collision. We need to restart a computer. Now open some off the versions. I use me no eggs. 64. That's my open in it. You will see that on the bottom side, we get sound flag, my red flag. It means that it stopped right now. If it will click on right click on that on run server, wait until it will get green. Okay, it's green. Now, if you will right click on the flag, you'll see a menu on. Right now, we need to create some database for us ever on to know that we are going to advance it on my spill manger. Well, right now there's more indecision on that's why we need to create some decision by clicking new Here. You can see congressional the position, but we don't need to touch any complication. That's why we are double cooking on it. On here. You will see window way. We can create our database to create new database. We need to right click on the unnamed on a great new from here David's Let's give name to our data base. Joe Ondas. You can see it's ultimately set here yet. If a general see Okay, that's a week. Okay, Now you can see we have here June on. Right now there's no any table As we create database, let's go to Brother on Enter here. Jumla his name. Name off the folder that we create in domains folders. On inside of that, we have some Jemal installation files. Okay, Installation opened on. We need to enter a name of a Web side that's under lock description. We can. And but right now we don't need to enter anything here because it's not required. All the information that we are entering here can be change it after installation. Finished that center, uh, email on name and let's enter password on clicking Next on here we can see again Davis Cup creation. As I said before, you can by default to my squarely if you will have some problems with the installation. You can change the mice trail on local holes as usual. Local host, user name. We didn't create it using name. That's why we will use route we didn't put any password on. That's why we're not under anything here on a date. His name did his name Waas June table prefix putting by default. Okay, Cooking next He we can't say any simple date but as we will create a little data, I'll sell. We will put, you know on Quicken installed. Congratulations, Jim Lays installed on. Next thing we need to do is the remove installation folder Right now. If you want, we can install additional language because we can do it later. That's why Removing Solution folder on visit website Now Our works are ready. As you can say, there's no any a material on dribble. Create our material. All cells 5. 5. Introducing with joomla and its main parts: Congratulations guys really install a website and now way will Introducing with the website . As you can see right now it's empty. We have only side name here we have in the main menu and looking form all the thing that we are doing We are doing an ATM empanel To get access to the admin panel we need to enter into a euro. Administrator gave you can see form. Let's enter our user name on a passport. Here we are on the top side, you can see main menu that everything we are doing here we are doing in this millions on the bottom. We have notification. Okay? Always here you can see some models, German models, about models. We will talk later. Admin panel secret. Place that unit to protect from anyone. Because if someone will get access to displace, your website will have. If you're build your business, If someone packed you, you lose your business. Okay? What we build build. I will build some book on the Jumla on blogged about channeling camp creates any type website. Jumla bite Right now we will build block. If this is the first introduction with you can believable computers Jim Leatherface. Very easy to understand. If you're afraid from this interface after small time, you'll get familiar. Let's let's talk about main part off the German website as a gym lights. Same s it mean a content management system? Main part off the continental system is the components compliment show mean part off the material off the website. Become work on the front side or back side. There has some companies working on the backside, for example, some security components or some additional competent that we don't see on the Web site. But if you have some material on the front side, or if you are saying list of materials shown by competence, as I say, components main parked off the website on the 2nd 1 is the models. By itself. It's not creating any material. Models take some material from components or we are injuring some material show on a website or it can be formed. For example, one of our new website we have some form you're looking for on this is a model on Main. My Eun, this is awesome. Model on you can see here breath comes on. Britt comes also model Well, we use model to show something on our website. Next thing is the plug ins by default. Plug ins work at background on doing some works that we don't see use it. Can't see that exit. Some additional Blufgan that we are using show something like form like it online shop. But most of the plug ins work back around on the fourth thing. That's a template. Right now you can see that we are using some default and played. It's a simple template that we have a bank around. We have books. It main part in the template located all the styles older views off our website on. That's why it's also important things off the Jumla. If you don't stand all of them deeply, don't worry. On the end off the scores, Ueland stand fully 6. 6.Installing second language: Okay, guys, let's begin Billable website Wait'll build travel website Travel block on a Jumla. We will build it in two languages. Hours. I will be moved. Language. Let's see another channel website. How their build desk doctor on. Let's check one of them here. We can see topside on US logo search bar another at your my drive that we don't need that on top so we can see menu. As I say, we will build our website in two languages. For first, let's add language to our website on. Too bad you're going to a stranger panel. In contrast, off work, purse or another Samos, we don't need to install additional plugging toe. Add second language everything building in Jumla on we can easily download and so language to install new language. Let's go to extension topside on from here. Languages on you can see we have a one installed language. English. Right now it's default, but what? We can install a second language. Just clicking. Install language. Let's check another in language. Let's take Let's install Spanish. Okay, lets we are clicking on insult, our language installed. Let's go to extensions on languages. Okay, we have to language, but we will put English default in the same time. We can sit different language for front side on the back side. Right now, you can see he will have sight front side language. Default equals. Check it on. Switch to administrator. You can see it's also English, but we can set it Spanish for backside if you wish, of course, but we will not do anything here because English is okay. Now we can great move language content for our website Howie to happen, we must Great. Two different articles on one of them will be in English, another in Spanish in sittings off article. We will set default language for that article. That's not all, because as we install our language here second language mere. But if you will check content language, we will see that there's Onley. English on it will try, Toe said Article two second language. We can't do that because there's no a second language as a content language. That's why we need to create content language on Let's Click New on at year Spanish and native. Let's sit again. Spanish language tack language tag will be s small and then dash on e s week one on your URL It will be E s as a Spanish and then image We are selecting. He s Yes. You can see that it's a flag starts Publish it on the access public Middle way. Don't need to set any serious side name in Spanish If you want a toe and you're here Site name in Spanish. You can said, But right now, we don't need to set that language after all. Configuration. Let's click. Save and close. Okay, Now you can see we have two languages. Now we are ready to create our content. 7. 7. Creating categories: welcome down on the region on in its me that we will create categories because every article must be located in one category on. Then we will show that operating a particular menu item on to create category we're going to content on from here categories you can see we have only one could agree on that calls and categorize it. Let's click on New and Great our category. Let's enter here. Let's call it hotels English on that mean with discoverable before English, he we can add some description. This is a description. You can write it more if you need. On the on the right side, we can see some seconds here, and the 1st 1 is a parent. We can set parent category for this category, and we join it right now. Publish its let's publish it access and we can set access to this category, right? That's public. It mean that everybody can get access to this category. If people said Greg Astir on Lee, Riggs user would get access to this country. Very mean they can't see any material forms category until they will not registered. As I say, Jumla is a very powerful summers next one is language on. If it will check it, we will see English on a Spanish as this could School for English were sitting English. If you lose this category for both languages, you can sit all as we create a different continent for our upside in different languages. We are sitting language here. You can see the pact. We will not sit in tax here. Let's go to top on. Let's see, he will have options under Global out. We won't tell that image image for this category. Let's applaud image for our category juice file. You hear a bachelor and start upload as its upload. Let's select on insert. You can see he would have link on. If you wanna watch it, we consider our cursor on the eye on. We will see image all text enter from the closed toe. This image. This is a good for CEO. A show in search engines. What's they made? Let's add something about hotels. Game on. Let's select the publishing you can see if it will save. This option will select automatically created by Super User after all, troll you how you can change this name. That description on Medicaid, But this is a very important for CEO here. It's not so important, but description is important that so let's copy this one. But you can write different texts for this field after that center name on permission. We will not touch this section. Police station for advanced User If you want to give some access to a deed or toe, add some articles in its category and do it. But right now we're working alone on this website on we don't need, Teoh said. Any permission here? Probably. You'll never use any permission settings. That's why I don't like this one as we sit ever seeing last click safe. Okay, now you can see we saved. And if we'll switch the publishing, you'll see great datemodified date all options. Set it here. Now we need to create second category that recalls hotels in Spanish. Little we can close this one on create new category. All we can click save as copy and that cuts Girl will save as a copy. Let's, uh, Spanish. Let's leave this one on a list. Also, dilating started changed too, and publish it. Let's click. Publish it from language. We're choosing Spanish entering here something in Spanish as I don't know in Spanish. That's why we will set it like this. And same thing we are doing or all categories. As you can see, use global image, something in Spanish publishing same. And here we are also entering something in Spanish on after all settings, you are clicking safe and close. Well, you can see we create two categories. OK, as we create one category huddles. We need to create another as we categories, but I will not go that. Do it yourself, create your categories at image description. 8. 8. increasing editor functionality.: Hey guys, I hope you create categories like I showed before in prosciutto on here. You can see we create some of them. That's not all you can create any count off the category sub categories. For example. For country, you can create category with the name off the country. And after creating categories, we need to create art schools. But before to go that I want to show you some problem. Part off creation. Let's go to articles, Create new. And here you can see we have ah two bars. Text editor here. We can't see some of the tools that we probably need to able take first of them we have in the phone changer. We have in the size of the phone on many other tools by default in general has three times off. Editors. If people close this article on go to system global configuration on the first top, if you will go down, you will see you have defaulted on right now. This a teeny GMC that wanted for years now. Hey, we have another two editor. This is a known it mean editor. We haven't any tools. We can't change anything. That right there Also, we have a court mirror. Then we will need to enter all the text by HD Mail. If you when I troll size off the text unit, enter old apartment off the HTML. That's why we will use teeny and see a that that's a powerful tool. But for Djamel has many type of the editor that you can don't know free or paid all the features off this year, it's enough for us. There's a small part of tools and being it increase of the tools and really changed complication toe. Get Mawr tools on the toolbar. And to do that, we're going to go extension on plug ins. He we can enter name or in the search tools you can see here. Let's click on it. He would have select type entering a detail. You can see you as you can see here you have three type of editor and that's plug ins off that deters. Let's go own teeny. Here you can see settings off the team. We don't need anything here except one additional feature. You can see functionality on right that's advanced on. We can change its simple to get less tools on the toolbar, but now we need to change it. Extended, save and close. Let's go back to the content article. Let's click New Now you can see we have many other tools that we can use. Now we have We can change phone, family fun size for Marty Here have another tools that we will use while we create off articles. 9. 9. Media manager: we are continuing below website blasting before two great article. That's a create folders. And to do that, we need to go content on Major. You're on main page. You can see on the left side, Major. Ah, here you can see all the folders, all the files that located the Image folder emits folder Default folder for Jim Lad, where all the images will be placing when you'll applaud your image for Arts Co. Or any other company in old image will cut you on the old images that will applaud any competent in article. Replace it in images folder Right now, in image smolder, we can see several folders on some files. As in the previous videos, we upload the files for our categories. That's not good decision, because if you will applaud all them in just one category off the few time you'll get their computer, we destructor are folders on images and before creating article, win it a great some folder for article go and on the topside, create new folder on Let's call it block great polar Inside of this block folder, we will place another folders to upload images off the arts killed inside that folders. That's why that's great. New folder on Let's call it. You can given name off article or give numbers or any other names that you wish. L enter Great travel, clicking, create folder. And as you can see, we get warning. Impossible create for with special characters or spaces. That's why I'm going. Click New folder on Entering Where to Travel with Dashes. Why with that? Because search engines can read can separate words by, If you will put underscore Searching Jim. We'll see these three words as a one on create folder. Now you can see we create second folder inside off book holder. Let's go inside on upload our Mitch. I will applaud Main image off the article, but we can applaud image in article also, but I want to upload here after I will show you how you can upload in art school. Let's applaud on Let's choose image I can choose. All of them are on the one right now I need on the one. That's why I just want open. Then I'm starting applaud, as in a folder. If your image name contained additional characters or space just removed all of them on then upload. Okay on. If I will click, it will open. And I can see what image is on if I want. Delayed it. I can do it from here. They told KVUE. Show me and like this, If I have a few images, my controllable them and delete and do anything else Day, Let's change. You feel more features, more freedom. You can start additional competent that you're all your Minniti or files manure images and to anything that you wish. 10. 10. Creating articles: Finally, we are here and may already two. Great our article. And to do that we need to go content on article At new article, you can see the same things, like in a category creation, but you have some additional sittings. We will reveal later. That's called article where Toe travel. We don't need Teoh. Enter here. Aaliyah's because it's after generate from the name. If you have some character of symbols, ace in your name this others create on instead off some symbols, it will put dash. Okay, it's up degenerate. That's why we are ending anything here on in the content. I'll put lot of absorb that fish text on this simple text. Let's go and copy paced here. As you can see, it's, Ah, small text on. I want to make it a little bit bigger. I want to make it size two. Maybe till point my ideas. Okay, all right side, as in the categories, we have some fittings that we need to set of categories on. Let's put it in a trip because article name is the where to travel, and in this article you'll give some additional tapes, streaks about travel and how to do okay and the accessibility, public and languages, The English. And let's add some additional tax on. Let's enter travel keeps. Right now. We don't need to spend more time on that as we enter here. Everything here, let's go. Images on links. Let's how you can see images on the right side. We have links. We want to use links right now, but we will use images. Oh, here you can see inter image on full article image. This image injure image will shown in the list off the articles on the main page or on another page. But in the full article, image will show inside article. If you don't want to put some images, you just not a blow them not selecting image to show in the article or in the list. As in a previous video, we're about some image into our folder. Let's go and silicates. Okay, we're going to a blawg on phone here. Travel and he will have image were selected. As you can see here you are getting link off the image insert always said all text for image on caption. If you will put caption that picks will show on the image. We don't need to set it right now on. Let's set a full text image. Okay, on. We are copying on pasting here. Options. Okay, As you can see here have options. We can show title or hard it or we can show another options. But as you can see, he would have option used Global 81. All the sittings should be added toe all posts minute. Change them on a glob Global settings. We will do that in another video. But if you want a day sitting, she'll be on Lee on the one particular art killed that time You can change it here. We will not touch anything here. That's why we are switching to publishing. And here you can see it starting publishing and finish publishing. If our article, for example for war me, we can sit way we can publish it on where take from website and number in the potency after the state, we can sit also Operation day. He we can sit created by right now we are super user on created by Aaliyah's We can answer any name off the user name. We wouldn't enter it under with Super Dash user here. Additional sittings unavailable because Jim Noble said he is optimistic. Meta description. We need to enter sound text here, or we can use some of the cave birds into the description. You can sit also Medicare words, but I can say that search and just not given any attention to the medical world. That's why it's not so important. Hey, you have care reference that this is the very confusing option. You don't need to use this care. Friends. Robots used global you have. You can see we can sit, but let's see. As global author weaken injured here, alter name equivalent said some additional information about content rights. Enter here. Okay, lets go on. Check your it It's green as you can see who have floor option show publishing option. Show art collections. Insert images and links front and images and links. Let's sit it like that Years global because to understand all this option greening go soul deep inside of Jumla. Do that in this video course because we are just great on our website and easy way and a fast on left thing is a permission. As I say before you give some additional permission to some off the user that will alot. You can give a low to it did this article or to do something with this article that time you can set it here. I think I will create some additional course about user groups on. As you can see, we create article and let's make it future on. Actually, why I put the future. Let's save it for now. Okay, that's after saving. Let's go front side on. Let's update on here. You can see all article on Did not good point, because it we will have more are tickled. I'm all articles will be seen on the main page. That's not good point on to tow it, that we need to go back our article and at some intro text. And to do that, we need to go and sit. I'm gonna go make it this small part as art intro on. I'm putting my mouth here on clicking. Read more on Casey Juma sitting here some matches red line. It means that after this line and we can't see until we didn't enter inside article Let's save it. Okay, lets go front side update. Now you can see that after we have a message, we have your image, some injured text on remote button. If you will click on it, you will go inside. Article you can see on ah, link piercing here categories and then we are seeing here. Name of the article. Well, as you can see, Hugh have image on the right side On a small column, we have inter text. As you can see, it's not looking good on. We have a two ways. We can sit some images, toe full all the topside, or we can go and change some options on to do that. Let go on. Switch the article on Let's switch to images and links on. From here you can see image floor. Right now it's image floor using global configuration after we will go toe that operation. But right now, if you want to change it, we can go and use it. Change it to right left or known. I'm gonna use known Okay on, Let's save it. Let's go and update. Now you can see that the right side we haven't any takes takes Go down Now we can easily read it. Another regis we will upload and still another template 11. 11. Global configuration: welcome everyone in this video. We're all the global conflagration off the articles because he will have some options and we don't need our first full. I wanna hide this button sprint a male on maybe hide of some of them. You can see here, right written by that story. Publisher heats on other options. To do that, we need to go back to the articles. Let's call this one. Saving close. Go to global conflagration off the article going to go on the rights that you can see options as we are in the article this time if people could only option it open global conservation. Off the articles on he we can see first articles below. We can see layout. It's a default rail. As you can see, he would have only one layout Onda show title. Okay, we are showing title linking title. It means you can see it's a link. If you click on it, we will go inside off the article. If you don't want Teoh, this option began. Turn it off. Let's put it on. Show intra text. Okay, let's put it position of articles in fourth that you can see it's a topside if you make it blow and safe. Okay, we can see that it's all at the bottom. Okay, let's put it on the bottom article in the title. That's Ah, this one. Details. If we don't want to, this one, we can sit. Height show category. As you can see, we can see it category on same time. It's a link if you don't want toe link on, we considered. No, But if it's linked and what, when we will click on it, we will go to that cuts Berry on. We will see all the materials inside that category. Let's go back. What additional can find your show parent if you will sit years This time we will see parent off the category with its subcategory Showalter a link outer. If people click Yes, after name will be clickable on rejected to the contact form with after details. If you will click in yes, on, we'll save it update. We will see that it's not applicable. It's not a link because we didn't create any contact form with the information off this after Right now, we don't need to do that. Created datemodified eight. We can show or hide them. Sometimes it's usable right now. We don't need these options. Created a modified it because the publisher date is okay for additional Weekend said. Modify Date Joe watering It wants some walking on our article. We considered, yes, read more show it's OK or title with Read More. What? That as you can see below, we have read more on where to travel. The our article name were to travel. Let's hide it. Show tags Okay, so I can't sprint in male hits. Okay, let's hide this wants. If you want to show heat, that's when we can show. If you don't want toe, let's hide it. Show on asteroids Riddling. It means that if we said article for only registered users a dead lingual shown. But when the click on it, we will reject it. Another page that we show us that we haven't accessed to that article. We went looking toe Get access. Well, as we are not using any restriction on our website, we will set it no position on the link above a low as we are not using this links. Its option is not available. Let's go up on debts, switch toe headed layouts this layout we don't need right now and category. You can see choose the layout that's a block, or we can show it like a list. But we not block and we are creating Block were sitting it Bork. It shops, subcategory text. And this is the options off the category. And if you will, I need a chance and we can come back and choose from here a block featured list. Well, you can see that we have some options. Leading article, intro article, columns, links First Main article That's the one they do not go on. We will see for additional articles. A bolo on that article will be in two columns in two columns on Links for Toe Okay, we don't with Religion article. That's why we are sitting 20 and columns. We want one. Now we will see for articles in one page to understand best. Let's go on the Make it one. Let's make it two. Let's save and close. Let's go articles. That's open it on. That's great. Save and close. Okay, Now we are going and publishing it lets the front side and update Okay, you can see that we have a one leading. That's the last article. As we said, Two column. You're seeing one of them on, if you will. Great. Certain article. We will see it here if you want to decide. But you'd shown on this list it can go back into options. What creature on Let's sit it. Zero. Colin, Juan. Let's save it, Okay, if you will go front side and update, you can see that nothing changed because this is a global configuration, but we can sit different configuration for each menu item. If you will go menu on, we will go main menu. We will see you have a home menu and people click on it and let's switch to lay out. And you will see that here in the menu sited different options if people said that black global competition will used. But you can see here we have a one little article three on the door articles Combs three. Let's do a little them and save it. Now it's going to a front side on update. Now you can see that we have another article and we have one column and there's no problems , and we can see all the items all the articles like this. It's okay. We make it. Let's see what additional configuration we can find on the options. Okay, we switch the blood and features on list layout. This complication won't work. If we wouldn't change this list, you can see layout. We are using block features layout. That's why this options ears primary shared is a default computation, and it's a little bit confusing options. You don't need this options. That's why I said it as default on in the next. Next one is the integration and you have, ah, feed link on. We can set it show fiddling or hide. And if you don't use the fiddling considered height on the left, think of the permission on this global permission for articles on categories. But as I say, you don't need to use these options all the conflagration based on your decision 12. 12. Modifying articles: as we already create Article Let's began It did it. Let's go inside of article and let's begin. Indeed, First of all, let's add some paragraph into the our article that's would make it look. Make it like this and at here. How toe travel on Let's select it on Make it program for head in two cars. Hitting one is article title on Let's at some images here. To do that, we are select image. Okay, now let's go into block on where to travel on. Let's upload new image here. Choose on. Let's take this this one girl and applaud on its upload on Let's put it inside article. It's a very big I'm gonna make it smaller and also I want to make it for left on. Let's click on the image you can see here. It's active image and let's select land left. You can see a text rapid around the image. Now, looking here on the image on you can see he will have link of the image image description is all text. Let's add image description. McCabe on this image is too much, and I will make it smaller. And let's add toe 100 pixels toe something because it's check it contained proportion. Let's click. OK, now you can see Teoh 200 to a little bit smaller that make it maybe 400 on. Also, let's switch to advance it at some space Vertical space. Five pixel on husbands, All space five. So click OK, OK, now you can see we add five pixels from here on. Also, we make it bigger. Okay, let's select this one. Make it Boulder on change. Phone size toe, maybe 14. Okay, we added on Let's at 2nd 1 Lattice, change it to part of tour front size 14 on making bolder. Now let's add another image. Okay, let's put it here and go up on the click on the image again, Let's go to blow travel at New Image. You so looking image on insert as before, it's getting bigger, let alone right on. Let's switch toe again. 400 pixels about hotels and let's again at some five pixels toe five pixels. Yes! Okay, now we want to add some links. Okay. I want to add some link here, for example, it's ah, leading to another website toe on under Isis on. I'm selecting this one going here, insert on a link. As you can see, he will have bling. Let's pitch the teepee dot com and that's a text. Let's add title to another website. So, like mobile, low on target. No or new indoor. That's a like new window and click. OK, As you can see, it's a link right now. After all, let's safe. Let's go on side update. Okay, now you can see it's look better than before. You can do anything with the images. Okay, lets go from images and add caption title for full article on Let's at Okay, let's save it update. OK, you can see that Best tips about traveling its image. Caption. If you want to give some links to the results of that we use in art on, we can give some links that's at link here. Fixed on target, they used global, but we can change it to open an apparent in the new window open and pop up. Let's use model. Save it again. Let's update on. If you go up, you will see that he would have link link to the website on Let's get on it. Okay, you can see that switch the crime on dot com, but you can sit here any four linked to the form. Well, as you can see, we did our article and make it look more better. 13. 13. Installing template: before going forward. We need to install the new template because there's some. Sitting will change some styles when chain. If you will finish on at the end in Stella template, it will need to go through all the seconds again. That's why we need to first install on, then complicate our template on website. You can install any template free template or you can still premium simply doesn't matter, as every temple has its own complication. In this video, I will just install and do some complication for myself. It depending your template or your template and do some congregation in this regional stall . Re complete. You can use in template. You wish. Just don't it. Don't know Pay templates from Torrance on from Where's website After you get a problem, those websites security. That's why if you want to use permit to played by if you don't want, then use free template and to still have a template. Let's go to backside on what or the extension and from here manage now it's just file. That's my installation. Let's upload and installed. Okay, template installed. Let's go to extension from here templates. And as you can see who have third exit template on Let's click on said Default and make it default. Let's go to a front side and update our website. Okay, you can see that I want to play change on the styles. Change on position change. Let's go back on. I'm gonna edit some setting off my template. I'm opening it. I will change it for myself. This template based on hillocks three foreign work on the every Jamilah club and regional Development Company used different frameworks on They have different interfaces and different congregations if you will use helps Rich Remember, it's useful for you. If not, you can pass this gay. Let's see what fitting we have here. He would have a goto top. OK, it's OK. Stick your head. Okay. Onda Frederick on We will say later. Maybe books layoff. Yes. Logo case logo featured a k lord Mean your load. I'm gonna go and upload my Lova insert. You can see the health so we can use a lot of origin. A green mobile. Ok, let's pass this one on background image. We can sit background image you. But right now I don't need but we have a copier ride. Let's enter here. Social icons show he We need to enter some your else to shoulder links. Right now, we don't need that error page. Also, we can sit over page and repeat logo. Let's save it chicken website. I'm going a little bit. Change it right now. You can see it's a prison color. I'm gonna go on. Maybe let's change to this color. Let's switch the menu. As you can see, he would have mean you on right now. This is a default template on Let's Go this way as a website in two language, we need to create public aid lists and played and sit it for a particular language. And to do that, we need to select that duplicate. And then again, now what we will do. Let's open it. Changed its name, toe, maybe English and sitting default toe English. Let's save it now, doing the same thing here on the switch into Spanish, Spanish on saving. Okay, now we instill our template on we sit. I would template toe work with two different languages in other regions. We will create menus for different languages 14. 14. creating multilingual menu: Okay, guys, we stole our template on he. In this video we will create menu, but not simple Many We will create two millions for different languages As our website on two languages, we will create one million for English on another for Spanish. Well, let's goto our Juma Andi Before creating minions, we need to go activate language filter plug in that will all of us Which between languages on to do that Let's go to extensions. Plug ins from here. Enter here. Land on You can see he would have language filter. Let's open it. Let's enable on Dhere have some additional sittings. 1st 1 is their language selection for new visitor site language. Well, we can sit that side language or brother language if someone will use Spanish brother Sweet side of the look of it open in Spanish All we can say that Default language for the language If default language English when user will open website they will always come toe English website and then they can switch to Spanish Ultimate language change. Okay, item a sensation. Ok, this one. Remove your URL language court on What does mean? I'll sure later on Ballots save and close. Now we need to kowtow menu quick, manage. He would have main menu, but we will need great to millions because in the Jumla, one mean your item must be default. But other women use will be sited toe a particular language. That's why let's click new on Create My Menu and okay, and let's cook a based here. We don't set any commission here right now on. That's why I say on new on, Let's create playing on saving close. Okay, now we have a two language, different languages. Right now, we need to create who default menu items. Okay, let's do it this way. We will not great. We will copy menu item from Main menu. Do that. We need toe it here on he we can see a bunch. Let's click on it and see some menu. First of all, that's it. Language. Let's sit in English. Onda moved to my menu. English. Let's not move. Let's copy. Let's not set any level here. Click process. Okay, if you will switch from here toe englishmen, you you will see that we have here Home menu, main menu, English on your language. You can see here is the English. Let's make it default on. Let's do the same thing with this menu and copy into Spanish. Copy and language change into Spanish process. Okay, now Armenians copied on created that switch to Spain. Look here. That's called Casa, as in Spanish. Maybe it's not correct. I don't Spanish, that's why. Sorry for that. If I made wrong. Okay, let's make it default on Save close. Let's change English may also okay, we change menu Also. Now we need to set every language menu, too. Language template on. To do that, we need to go extension and two plates from here on, Let's open English and played. Okay, let's switch toe menu. From here, you can see select menu. Let's choose English. Saving close. That's the same thing with another played menu from here Spanish. Seven. Close now it's OK. If you will look at my website, you'll see that we have your menu on our top side. We have index PHP on English as it This is a default language. We can say we don't want to see e n on the euro. We can set it. Lets put a cure. If you want to remove that you can go to language filter Blufgan on removed from that gate week. Great different Langella manual on next reading Will said some menu to change between languages. 15. 15. Setting language switching module: Okay, we're continuing to build a website, and now we will set some model switch between languages, as in the previous video ways that some languages We quit and plays with great menus. And now it's time to set the model to switch between languages. And to do that, we need to go back side before to set a model win. It'd no way we will, it said, where we want to show that we need to see where we want to set it, to see if we have two ways we can go inside our template and see position off the template . Or we can go to options on from here. We have a preview model position, as you can see by the party discipline, but we will enable it and check a position off the model. But don't forget it. Disabled. Your website can be happy because of this option. Never set it enabled. When your website online, I'm just checking, enable saving. Then I'm going to front side on updating on the your ill. I'm entering question Mark tp equal one. Now we can see positions you can see here our logo. It's a local position, but right now, I can't see petition that I want because it's not setted, that's why. Let's go back and let's disable, eat and save and close. Let's go toe default. Everything that we will changing default will be effect on the duplicate templates. Okay, let's go toe layout. Now I want to make meaning smaller and at some small calm here that I'm going. Teoh ad column on adding this one. You can see we hereby logo on the left side from side. We will have menu and the rights that you have. Small model to change our languages. Let's go toe immigration on set model here. Let's see. Let's make it top screen. We can sit some configuration here. A double layout, one a small, too cold after configuration. Let's apply now we can save on close. Okay, let's go to extension from year models. As you can see, he would have three model Right now, we don't need anything here. Let's remove trash on. Let's more looking for also because we wouldn't have any form on a website. Brand cops. Let's see. Let's only change position of it. Bread comes. You can see this a template name and it is a position Name of the position. Let Chicken show title, high title and save and close. Okay, now we need to create new model on sited toe position. Top three. We can do it by clicking on New. Every model has its own type and its own complication except some custom model that we can sit anything inside it. Reconsider some court or some picture or something like that to switch between languages. German has default model that calls language switcher on. You can see it's a here. That's open it now we need to give name. Let's give it a name. Language doesn't matter what your name you are giving it because we want Show its title. Okay, he'll have some options before changing option. Let's give its position fit on the complication of template. We said it to top three. Okay, now, if you will switch to a description, we get some description year menu assignment like a menu assignment is the very powerful tool, and right now you can see that it's on old pages. It mean that this model been show on all pages and such the no pages, but you have Onley in bomb pitch I selected. If you have big menu, you can said Menu, in which page you want to see that model beside of that we have on all pigeon exhibitors selected. You can sit that we don't want to see the model in the one home page, but in and the other page it will be shown. As as I say, it's a very powerful tool. Let's put it on all pages. Model permission. We're not touching this one. Advance it. This is a default settings. We don't need to touch anything here. If you will need. We can just set some model closer fix year toe. Give some style to this model by CSS, usually A or ALS. This partners are okay. That's why. Let's switch the model and let's click safe. Now let's go to home page on update. As you can see, we see here some tool flags and that mean we can sit between them. But you can see that we he would have some menu. This is off Converse Media. Let's go back and you can see Type me new Let's go and change toe only male in your save and cause Well as you can see we sit here. Model. Let's switch Casa. Okay, lets its that school on the switchback. That's OK, you can see we said model, but it's not on the position. Then we will sit good position for this one by a census. 16. 16. Creating menu items from categories: In this video, you will see how we will great menu items for each menu. If you will switch toe administrator, you will see that I had some additional articles into our Jim LA and add them to separate folders. Categories and else have separate languages. What I want to do here, you can see we have a home menu. I want to make some menu by categories. Topside, we will see countries, and then I want to add some another menu item that will show some information, maybe about us. We will do it in the static material. Let's switch back end on now you can see that old studies Noah articles has featured. It's because why you can see the future. You can ask why we are certainly a feature, because if he will go to menu on from here in your item, you will see that menu because home what type of me you can see articles. Future doctor calls it mean that old future articles will seen in the home the new It's not depend on what category you're using or way put it all the future that will shown on the home page. Let's begin great new menu items on to do that. Let's great new. You can see that every minute item has its own options. It depends on what company you are using. As you can see, it's article and all the information here for articles except this one helps many auction this menu option added by complaint that we installed. Okay, let truth menu item. Let's sell it. And, as you can see, he have installed competence. If you install additional comments, you will see in this list. Of course, if it has menu item, they have some component that doesn't have any more menu item. Like that company that works background or something like that. Let's click articles. And from here we are choosing. You can see category block. Let's choose it now you can see we can choose category and we've on the truth cuts Cory countries English. Of course, you can sit it any language you can see here, but right now we don't need to set it to English because this menu will show on Lee on English website. And that's why right now you don't need to reach language. Let's add it down trees. Okay, now waken sit some additional sittings for this category. But in the previous videos, we set configuration in the global conflagration. That's why we will not touch this one on. This is also we won't touch. If you want to make it something different, you can sit configuration here. Let's save it and let's go to menu item on update. If you will update, you can see that we have countries. The new item here, Let's switch to it. OK, you can see that we are inside of the category and now you can see article inside of the country Boy at the same time you're seeing name off the category here. That's not good on Let's go back menu and from menu. Let's ritual page display and you can see show page heading told us Global. Let's switch toe. No save on close. Let's go front, side and update because it's lost and now it's looks good on If you will switch the home side, you will see you are seeing home on, but let's go back on. Turns off. Can see page showing. Let's no even close. Okay, now I'm doing same thing on other categories I can do in a different way I can create new or shocking double Cade this one to make another menu item. If I will copy, it will faster than if I will create new one. That's why I'm just great copy writing name hotels on dilating countries you because we'd have to generate those name. And let's publish it on choose category hotels safe on course that lets go with front, side and check. It tells that's what kids create. Another could scores for this menu item. Okay, I Paul's on Create another menu items here. 17. 17. Creating single article menu item: in this video, you learn how you can add single logical into menu item. Women need to add singler. If wanna add some information about our company about us or you are just show information not like in a block over just in one menu item. And to do that, we need to go back into articles on Let's Create New article written New Intern, Aim Day and category will put on categorize it. Also, from here we are not using future because all the featured article was shown on the main page, but we don't want to show it mean. But we want only in one single menu item, and that's why I'm no public access public language. We can sit to language, but this is also not so important because we will show this article on Lee the one menu item Particle midnight and will be in one particle language menu. That's why not so big deal. But let's put it UK. Hey, let's put in English. I'm going in copious text for a large girl placing here changing phone size. Okay, I'm not putting here. Read more show only intra text because we don't need an injured text on I'm going up on switch into images This image intro. We don't need to sit skipping this one if you want. You can sit a full article image, but I will not set any image here, and people switch to options. Okay, Options use global. As in the previous video, we said old options that we need if you will need we will come back to this options. This is the additional plug in and reinstall bizarre template we don't need right now because maybe you will install different toe plate on. You can't see this option here publishing, but you need to add some description here on K. What's here for CEO? Okay, after that, let's save it. And let's close that we can see that there's no star shining. It mean that it's not featured on. We need to go up on for me. New chosen main menu, English. Okay, I need to create new menu item. We can't use this menu items like we use before, because it's a category we need to sit on a single article. That's why I'm clicking on year on from here. I'm choosing menu item tired article on form here. I'm choosing single, logical and after update you can see that we can select article. Let's select it. We can see here. Whole list off the article that we great on. Let's truth about us on name about us. Let's see it now. If you will switch the menu item and update the arcade, you can see that we are. We can see here about us. Let's open it. OK, now you can see we have here some whole takes on the bottom side. We have some information about a moth. The article who create in category on dates. But actually we don't need any information. Your that's why. Let's go back to a menu item on Let's switch the page display. I show Page heading No on. Switch the option from here. Let's choose what we need to show that we don't need show title. Let's switch to know and hide show into a text way Haven't Intertek. That's why we're not touching this position of the article ing for. Also, we don't need touch this because people hide old information about article. Article in for title. Let's hide show category. Hiding in category. No show parent hiding blinked apparent we done is show outer hide Show created date hiding , Modifying day, hiding on publishing date hiding. Okay, let's save and let's check what we missed. Let's update OK, but hey, we'll have live. The problem is I can cover the text. We can remove icon by option because this is added by the template because we can go inside of the file on remove it from the court instead of that. Let's doing different way. Let's go toe menu item from here Show title You can see that we hide it on. Let's go and show it safe on update. Now you can see that we are seeing about us information here. And also I can good here all the mistakes on the Miss correct thing. We will fix a dent because as you can see, he would have model that not looking good here also. Maybe I'll show you Heitor, remove this I can hear if you don't want to use it 18. 18. Menu module: Okay, guys, it's time to work with the models on first model that we will add into our website. That's menu model. As you can see, we order at some menu toe our website, but this is because and we are using special minions milk with the framework on that frame with a low us Choose me from template. Sometimes you can use template. Doesn't alot this option unit to sit model its position? It means that you will need create model on set. It's to position off the top menu. Let's imagine that we have additional categories that we want to use on the right side, although users to navigate easily. For example, we have several menu items at the top on each menu item at its sub categories that you on the show on the right side, forward side. And to do that, we will need to create new model Let's go. And first of all, let's go the extension templates and from him, let's go to options enable preview model position. Okay, now let's go toe extension from here. Let's go to models, each model of Jumla doing different things on red. Now we need to model that will show us meals to find it. We need to goto new as you can see if you have different model types on from year wing to find mineral model. Now you can see menu model options. Every model has its own option and settings, and first thing we need to do that's AH Select Menu Unity Select menu. If he will use different menu for category, you can create new menu on the menu manager. Add cut stories to the menu items, as we did in our main menu. Let's choose main menu on. We can change some options here, but I will not touch it. This run against year start Little Juan and level all as Show Semenya's Okay, let's add title of the model. We cannot different titles if you will show vital on the website point at something interesting, something correct. But if you don't want to show navigation, we can hide title and we can enter any name that we wish. Let thing we want to show item on the right side. Let's inter right Navigation que position we are showing we don't know what's the position right now on. We will check it game start publishing publishing on access toe a public ordering. Also, we can sit order. There's no any model in the position that we will use if you will sit position here on if you will have another model in that position, we can sit ordering which one? We re One show first came on Dhere. We are choosing language because we want to show Onley in English for Spanish. We will create second And from here I mean you assuming, as I say we can set way. We want to show items. Let's say we want to show this model Onley in one particular menu item to know that let's go and on Lee on the page is selected. That's un select known on from here. I'm choosing countries. It mean that I want to show on Liam particular menu item model permission. We don't need to touch anything here. And as I say, this option is okay, this advance it And right now we don't need to use any of this options. Let's go. Okay, now we need the sit position on Let's go front side on! Enter on the in the euro! Let's enter question Mark tp equal one. Okay, now we can see positions. You can see. We have left position here on right position. You. Well, I think we will put it on the right position. That's why I'm going back to model on entering here. Right. You can see that. Another template. Also, have some right positions clicking right on saving. Okay, Not safe. OK, now you can see we can't see any model here part if you will switch to countries, you can see that on the right side. We haven't Navigation, right? Navigation. Let's switch the model on. Make it on all pages. Okay, Update. OK, now you can see we have bright navigation on the right side. If we want to show an additional menu here, we can create new menu on sitting on the right side. 19. 19. Working with search module and plugins: and this medium. We will at search model into our website because without search model, our web side will be hard to navigate. It will have a ton of materials on our website to find it. User will need to search for the particular material and that's not good on. After a few times when user we don't find any material that he's searching for, he will leave our website. Search is the most choir thing yet you need to add to your website on in the city. Will added. Let's go to back our website on. Let's see where we want at our search. I think we will add on the right side on. We will put it on top. Right now we have a navigation but we can said any account of model to one position that be one. It also depends on the position. As you can see right side, we have a long right side and become said too much models in one position as we know this is a right position on Let's go to models on Let's create new model and let's find search model you can see here search. Let's, uh, search. Let's show position Show title on Let's Add Position. Toe Right, right. Okay, here's the situation. We can add this position to one language or to both language. If you will hide title, we can show this model on both language, as we are not sure. Entitled We don't need to set any language here on we will do it this way. You can see here we have a box labeled box, please Box text search button. People have open search out Discovery on Let's save it on. Let's see what we can see on a website. Let's go back on update. Now we can see he would have search if you will switch toe Spanish people see that it's ultimately changed. Toe boots car. It's translated because we already installed a Spanish language. Let's go back model settings on add some additional settings. Okay, here we can said books, label box, breath on books, text. Right now we don't enter here. Just I wanna show bottom. Also, we have two options that we can say its search button image on certain but in text, let's add text. Find it on. Let's save it. Okay, that's update. You can see that we get some. But here this is it because of style of formal website. But we can search like this. We can enter something here on the press. Enter on. We will get something like this. He can see he we can find categories, contacts, articles, newsfeed on tags. Well, one and other things. If you don't want to search for contacts on New Street, we can turn off this options All five options shown here because they have additional plug ins for search K. Let's go back. Let's turn off search button saving close. Now, if you will goto plug ins and from here haven't searched type search. Okay, you can see we have spiv plugging that allow a search in particular category contacts on content as we are searching all the material content Weekend on select Turn off contacts on newsfeed That's do it. Okay, on if you go front side on a date because you can see that now we can search on Lee gets curious article and tax. Let's update of a website. Okay, Now you can see our third model below right navigation search model always must be on the topside on to the that we need to go back to model manager and he you can see right navigation on Bill O. We have searched on both of them, located on one position. So what we can do? We can change its place. And to do that we need we can select here. You can see ordering that. Select on it. Okay, Now you can see it's available on. We can remove model here. Let's take search model on. Put it above off the right navigation and let's go back to a website. Onda again update. You can see that search on the topside on navigation is below. 20. 20. Setting module for popular posts: in this video, we will add additional model for most related materials on in this model Israel. See most read it articles, most popular articles in the Jumla To do that. Let's go back to our Jim, a website. That model is a default model for Jumla on. You Don't need Teoh find or install it. We are just going toe extensions from here. Models on Let's Go Toe new and you can see we have some model types like articles. Here we have most redid articles. Let's select it. OK, now you can see that he will have some complication we need to do. First of all, good stories we can show in which category we want to show it. Let's make it all categories or if we don't want to, some pretty very we can select some of the attributes that we want to show here. We have calmed how many posts we want to see on the website, as in the front page, we're showing only future. That's why let's show it on. You have a date filtering. Let's make it off like a on let's, uh, Taco Popular posts. Let's make it three. And as in all models. We have your mother assignment Model permission. Advance it as you can see advances to the same default settings like in the previous model , Factory said. Let's sit it as default. Let's switch the model on, but you can see let's added toe bright position about language. We can sit language to show in the particular language, but we can sit it too old because as we sitting language for each article that we are creating, this model will show on Lima posts that set it to particle language. It means that if you will said all we will see of this model on the English we will see Onley, English post. If you will such toe Spanish, you will see only Spanish posts. That's a good, but he'll have some problem like a popular post, but we can set it to hide to not great second model with the name in Spanish. Of course, you can create sitting years you considered to English you can create 2nd 1 for Spanish. Okay, let's update. Now you can see we can see some of the most popular as you can see here without a title, we don't know what is the materials here. That's why let's at popular posts get sited toe English safe on Let's do this thing again. Let's say as a copy and add some some title in Spanish. Let's make it publish it. Let's wish to Spanish again now seven. Course that if you will update our website, we will see popular post on. If you will switch toe Spanish, we will see in Spanish. 21. 21. RSS feed module setting and fixing module position: if you have a second website or if you have ah, France website on do you want? Show some post off your second website in your new website. You can use a recess feed displayed model here. You will learn how you can do that. That's a very easy to do. Let's go back on. Let's go to models. Aris's display model is default Jumla model and you can show in your sister it on your website and let's go and create new on From here you will find from the least feet display became on. You can see that you have feed your URL on. We need some feed your ill from another website. I'm ready to Cremin dot com And from here I'm choosing Jumla tips category. You can see here subscribe. We are process on. I'm choosing this one. You can see it. This is a narcissist link. I'm copping it. I'm going back to model on patient year. Okay. In the bellow we have some options, but we need to commit great and you can see right two left feet. It's no, we don't wanna go it. Andi feet title. I also don't want to show on the few description. I don't want to show faith image and also I don't want to show. Okay, this is a feat configuration. Inside of feed, we can see items. First of all, let's save it on the bottom one. This is on the bottom. Are us? Okay, now I'm saving. Going to website. I'm updating. I'm going to bottom on the bottom. You can see you have one ourselves on. It's a full way and that's not good. Or actually, but if I will sit here second model this week off the model, we were smaller. Okay, you can see he would have title on. Here's a description alone. It said description Evelyn's show Onley title. And that's why I'm going back to model on item description. I'm choosing. No, I'm changing. Ling Tau show Mawr items on saving here. Let's update a kid. Now we can see only three titles. We can change titles, maybe 25 If you want more on saving, that's okay. And then you can see that we are showing RCIs feeds from another Web site. We can add some title of the Web side, or that we can add something like France websites or anything else on next. What I'm gonna do, I'm going toe model on the change in position. Off the right navigation. This time it will just navigation on. I'm gonna put it on the bottom two. Okay. Saving going back front and updating now called bottom. If you will look here, you will see that there's something wrong because from topside we have a too much space and from bottom side, also on now we will fix this by says says, If you don't know what to say, says you can find CSS an inch the mill with a course on our website. Now let's go and opening the 11 panel by clicking F 12 on the keyboard and Scott scored dipping. Let's go bottom and let's see m taking this tool on cooking on finding tools like this. And you can see he you have grain on blue blue. It means it's ah main part off the section greens that patting set it by sir says click here. You can see it's ah, you have spit bottom on down the right side. We have some styles. This is a style. This is html on on the right side. You can see here, have a padding. He will have two options. Patting 100 pixels and zero pixels. 100 picks is mean. Give 100 pixels toe top on the bottom side. Off the section on zero is the left and right side. Let's make petting off top and bottom side toe, 10 pixels. Okay, now you can see it's going better. Okay, Part from bottom side. We have a mawr on. I wanna check it. Why? It's like that. I'm going deep, okay? And you can see that we have the yellow space and this also show margin. It's a margin. And it's also space on you can see here have margin bottom sporty pixels. I'm gonna make it zero pixels from here. You can see now it looks better than before. Next one I need to do I just change here to see what will happen. I need to add all this option in tow Assist file as amusing template. I need to goto my template. It's based on your complaint because some of the templates offering your custom says says on some of them can use different type of files, like less or sauce. If your template offering Custom Sisters filed. You need to go inside and at the in my situation. My template offer me at Constant sis's styles into special section. You can see it's a humor. Have customs called on If you will go button and you can see custom CS is I'm going to front side on select bottom. Now you can see espirit bottom. Let's take it on. I'm coping it. I'm going toe my to play in a can see say here, undulating background because I don't need to right now. Jin background on I'm closing as this template using its own says It's our override it on. If I will put something like this, it would not other ride Maine style. The forces override it. I need to add additional work like importante que let's go front, and from here you can see let's take this one. Also copy pasting. I paste it here on going again on copying this more back OK after company on opening and closing braces on pasting year margin bottom Onda adding zero pixels and I also am a ding important toe force over right default styles. Okay on after doing everything, I'm staving now Let's update on. Let's go to bottom side. Okay, now we can see we have a big padding. Zor margins from top and bottom side. Well, don't worry. We will add additional models here. Toe. Make this place more beautiful. 22. 22. Tags management and module: Now it's time to talk about tax tags. Very important things. Usual. Borger. If you'll use your website for blogging on that, sees a way negate between related post. Jamal has its competent on models to work with tags on industry. They will talk about how you can attacks. How can manage them. Let's go the backside on first full. Let's add some text into our content. Let's go and content on articles on the Let's add some text, Let's go and at something Here you can see a travel tips and we can add you hear from gives saving close. Let's go to 2nd 1 on at again. Here, you can see here we have a list of the previous attack. We can add another tax here. That's where toe Travel person enter on. Let's use travel chiefs travel world. Okay on that, saving close at another tax into another articles. I'm gonna pose an additional tax to the article. Okay, I add some tags into our articles. Now I'm going Teoh extension on models. Now I'm gonna add some modeled for tags. I'm gonna go rig a new on from here. I'm going to bottom on here. You can see to model that calls tax popular and tax similar believe. Can you pull of them? Or you can use some of them. Let's use tags popular. This is it. And let's add a title tags position will be Bottom three Short Title Marksman Tax. Let's make it five time period old time or the number of items. It doesn't matter. Let's sit random direction. We have extending and descending Lett's default display number of items. We can say that display beside of the attack Common item packet with the attack on show. Nor is all text that's sitting no on a salmon on model permission. At the same, you have additional sittings minimal front side. But this is a person is 100 person on. That means 200 person from default phone side that set it on the style files on. After that, let's go and save it. Now what I'm gonna do, I'm going to front side and updating. Now I'm going to bottom on. He we can see tax. Okay, let's click on the huddles on You can see you have one article that tag it with this tag. Let's click on it. Travel around the world. We can manage tax on. To do that, we need to go competence on from here. You can see here have tags. He will will see a list of the tags tax very useful for CEO if they will have some meta description medical words. And right now they are empty here. What we can do here, we can create new tax or the little of them. Maybe you don't want to use sometimes, but you want interpreted on. It's coming on the least weekend. Enter into attack on you can add some description off the tag. As I say, it's a good for CEO. If you will enter some description to the attack on, then go. You can switch to Image Onda. You can sit image, but it's not important. That's why you can just skip this one if he will switch the publishing. You can set your description inter description here and the periods here on description here to help search engines, find your website and find useful material for your users. As you can see, taxes easy to use and there's nothing to do just adding from here or from article managing from here at the description, um, making easy for users. Fund your materials 23. 23. Adding facebook comments: Welcome again, guys, As you know, blow the comments that some nothing. That's why will start until our gym a block comments on We will install several type of comments. But right now well, no Facebook comments. Country to work properly. I'll lose comment that calls all things becoming books. That's a total of three. Plug in right into search books, all Facebook comments. Pox on. You will get the link to the journal Extension directory, and you can download it from here. Let's go down. Downloaded. Now let's go back to our website. Okay, that shoes off the solution. That's go to black beans. Okay, this is it all break coming for now. What we need to do, let's say, enable common books. Okay. Phrase becoming books require abs I D on. We need to create an i d. On the developers facebook dot com Go to developers dot com. You're next in Facebook. You will see you, My abs. As you can see, I have abs. We will need to create a new app toe get its i d on. Let's go on my I d on from year. Choose at new app name. I'll give me travel on Triscuits. Cory, your entertainment. You can write your your email on a great idea. It's under capture. Okay, As you can see, our grated on you can see I d Let's go dashboard on from here. We can copy our i d. Let's go back to bludgeon on the face you after cupping i d. We need to pull back toe deliver straight into place on from here, go to settings from right side below. You will see at but for winning act some football. We need to add a website journal of the website. As we are working on the local computer, we can show little comfort your l Let's say wait'll install it in Mr Mayor and that's why I'm adding this one saving changes Okay, you can see it's safe after react. Lateral wheat is toe a preview on from here. We need to make it public Quicken on this on making it public. When we will come back to dashboard, you will see that beside off name off, up. But it's a green door. It means that our up is leave on its works Well, on as we copy up i d Let's go back to plug in on make it enable. Let's see what additional configuration has even have some feature toe. Medicate us. Someone get comment If you want, you can switch it two years on email on the subject of the male. Here we can see some of the details off common box. He can see language. A lot of pregnant nation, if you exclude some of the articles from commenting, can injure here. Article I. D. So you can exclude also categories from commenting. We can add open group options. You can sit it two years on, then paste here your Facebook I d. Let's switch toe social buttons in this plug in. We can sit also social patterns to share. If you want, you can check out some of them to show or not to show. Let's save it. Okay, let's go and check it. Well, as you can see, it's not loading right now because we are on the local server on brain. We will obey online. This comment will load ballot. That's all for Facebook comments you can see it's easy to do in the next video. Would you like another type of comments to your website 24. 24. Adding disqus cmments: welcome guys, Andi innocently will add discuss comments into our website. That's a very popular common type because most of the website plan blocks used discourse. To do that, we will use another parking because Jimbo has any component on any type of plugging at comments into your upside. That's why we use side plug ins on companies. Let's go to Jim like station Jack Terry, I'll use simple This is comments. This is also a free plug in on Let's go and don't let it like in download. Let's go over website Onda install it were installed for Jim A three. Okay, and as this is a plug in, we need to go to plug ins on search here for this. That's okay, discourse. Okay, on what we need to do, we need to enter discos. Short name. That's like a Facebook up I d. So, first we need to go to discuss dot com on great here our website Just create account and looking to your website. As you can see, I'm here. This could not come. I mean there. I need to create new website on to know that I am going from top side. You can see, It's ah, your science. I'm going to click on the new to create new website. Okay, here's a site name Accusation organization. Your sights. OK, this is me. A website website will be travel general blawg category. We can set your it's internment. Maybe on changed the language toe English came on. After that you're clicking create site game predicted another page as it started. Okay, Now we need to enter our website. You can see on the link. This is a travel Jumla block. This is the name off our website. We will use this name to add comments into our website. Let's copy this one. Travel Jim logs, switch the back. Our discuss comments. You can see it. This short name. Let's paste it here. You can see it on he We can exclude some articles and categories from comments as in the Facebook went at here I d off article or i d off category on. You have some. Another option that Mitch comments if we are using multi lingual webs time weekend match comments on the right, next saying no Labadie. We can switch it two years to show both comments in one side. Okay, Let's put it, no enable it on. Let's say Okay, let's go front side on. Enter into any article. Let's go down on Let's see. Okay, you can see that our world comments lording here. If you will switch to travel block, you can see it's all have been impaneled cast as we has been logged in into discourse. It's a primitive staying here, and we can control our comments on our website. 25. 25. Creating FAQ section: Hi guys. It's time to create something new, and in this video we will create Frankel the asking question section What we will do. First of all, we will create new menu. We will call it for two menu, and we'll locate it into bottom side. After we will create a menu item on, we'll sit inside it article with frequent asking questions with special plug in that, Malala said. In art school, any kind of question on answers. Well, let's begin First full. Let's go toe villa back on. Let's create new main menu. Let's go toe menu and manage on from here. Let's create new Let's call it full term in you on same time intern here for the meal save and close. Okay, now let's go to extension on models. Let's create a new on from here. I am searching for menu. I'm choosing it on, but you can see selected mean your foot familiar? It's a Cora give position toe. Put him for as in the previous bottom 123 We said some models on Let's call it footer, Okay, we wouldn't say language here, Rebel said language in many items on. That's why let's save on close. Okay, now what we will do. OK, we need to go and don't look. Plug in and install it. After we can create a friend and asking questions. Section I'll use regular labs. Slider Plug in. That's a free and also you can buy a probation on here. You can see some of the benefits of the probation, but right now, free futures is enough for us. That's why. Don't load it. I don't let allergic and I'm going toe extension. Manage and install applauded on installing Cates in already install it on. It's already enabled. If you want to check, you can go plug ins and search for sliding. You can see it's already install it on the neighborhood after we are going in a content on articles. Now let's create new article Gail that's given name. Bring the last questions category. Rush sitting could recognize it on the This is all okay and language. We're not changing. Okay, now, after installation on a detail, you will see new button that called sliders on. Let's click on it. You will see it like this model window, and now we can set questions here on Let's Enter question on that's in your second question . On a certain question. Sittings here. If you want, you can open by default, but right now you can see it's a star and 1st 1 will open and by default. If you don't want to do that and take it, no and show I can. We can sit. I can hear. But right now we don't need anything. And after that, that's great. Insert. You will see that we insert talk something like that on. After that, we have text you. I'm gonna put it pays to your some text Linus on Let's see after saving, let's close it. Let's go to menu on Create new many item to show it on the bottom off outside. That's great. Knew that if a to on the menu tired, let's select article on single logical que selecting Frankel asking questions on here. Arms choosing language, English. If we will create new item for Spanish, we will create in in full term in your pod. People sit language. The Spanish that will be show on lease in Spanish. Let's save it. Matty Field goal, Front side on. You will see that he would have food menu you have fucked. Let's open it. OK, you can see he would have re according that calls accordion. If people click on it, you will see. Answer to your question changed. Five this, but he will have some information that we don't need. Let's idol of them. Let's go to menu on from page title That chick No on. Let's just go to options. I'm from here that's hired category high altar created date. Modified date on publishing date. What else we have here? Get that soul. Let's say it now. Let's go front side on update. Okay, that's okay. You can see that he would have some frequently asked questions on Do you have answers to the questions? But you can see that we have here comments but way Don't wanna use your comments. Let's hide this comment on to do that. We need to go back safe and pull this one. And now let's go to a content articles on. If you will look here, you will see that I d off. This article is 10. Remember that? Let's go to extensions on plug ins from here. Let's find this goes, that's open it on. Exclude articles Let's enter here. 10. Saving on chicken. Okay, you can see that we haven't any comments here. You can add your questions and answers here. Hey, guys, I hope this helps switching next video and get mawr about how to build a gym, a website. 26. 26: We are continuing building a website and now we will talk about custom model custom models very useful to because we can sit inside it. Any material on city toe, any position we want. Let's go back to a website. I can't hear logo. You can see it here on. I want to add something like a banner here with the laying inside. Let's go to backside on Let's go toe extension and from here models. Now we need Teoh. Create new model on from released. Find the model that call custom. This is a very cool model because you can see it's a like article on. We can sit inside this place anything we want. Let's check it. Let's let's add name toe Bonner on Let's go. Our website on the Chicks positions. Okay, you can see he would have title. Let's add just to title. Okay, now we need to add content. I won't adhere at some Bonner. Let's go to image. Let's go to banners. Upload my banner. My brother, it's it would be trader uploading. Okay, let's insert that. We can see our image here. We can have the text here in the smell, but right now we are just sitting it on. We are linked to this image. Let go toe insert laying, adding going here to any website. I'm going to use this one. Okay, I will said that. Noble low on open in new window. Okay, now we can sit it toe one language or for all languages. We won't see it on on all the pages. Option prepare content. If we will use this plug in, we need to prepare contact here again. Now our But already Let's save it. Let's go inside. Okay, now here. But something wrong here You can see that's not in the middle of the our position on also close to the top side. That's why Let's go back. Let's click on it on Make it on the center. If you want a little space from top, that's press. Enter place here some space. Let's save on update. OK now. Three. OK, now let's click on it. Okay, Links also working on. Let's have something on the right side. Say we want adhere something like a question and answer like we add in the frig Alaska questions. Let's go here and save and close. Create new custom Onda. Let's go and create slider. Question one which into that's OK. Open by default on we are saving insert side questions on We want to show it. No. Right. Okay, now let's see. Let's go front side on the update. OK, you can see we adhere. We cannot. Some offers here, like a offer one. Something live is on offer to at some content here, some link here. Maybe you can see it's a cool order Check, order and search. First, is the search that safe and close order that's clicking here and change order off models searches first and then popular post Okay, state. Okay, now we can see on the right side, we have a search popular post on question and answer or some offers. 27. 26. Adding cutom module: Hey guys, let's talk a little bit about contacts. Gemma has building contacts. Component that awas. Create any count of the contacts as we are building block. And that means we will have only one contact form. But you can create it to any contact from that you wish. Let's go back off. Jumla on it will go up on cos you will see you have contacts. Let's go inside. You can see we can great contact on categories if you want toe, create contacts for different categories. If, for example, for some different departments like I T departments had departments or another department, let's go contacts as we need only one single contact. That's why Let's go and click new Well on you can see a link. A user I'm gonna go at this admin right now. It's the name Super User, but the we will change its name to coric name also, we can sit here some image of but right now we don't need that position. You can answer position off the contact. Let's say that Okay, Address on city date way don't need state right now. Country as I am from Azerbaijan, I'm writing here. You can enter anything you want. Let's injure some numbers for you. For example, let's sing. That's a number on this is also tamed in here, folks, we can enter of upside. Let's switch to addition. Information. We can adhere. Some text. Let's add some text here. We can add image or something. Addition. Information for contact. War on display. Okay, we can have a great contact for to display some of them or not display. We will come back later to this for show contact form. So copy submitted. Let's put all the configuration lightless later. If you will need, we will come back. You can admit the description for this Contact Mr K. Words on Let's not touch us because a starting publishing finish abomination we don't need . Right now on an association, you probably will see something about a decision. Let's give a name on Let's say Okay, we saved on. Let's save and close. Okay, now let's go to menu on from there for their menu. Great new menu item. Let's give a name. Contacts. Menu item. Let's switch Cruz Here. Contact on this single contact. I'm Susan Seller, Contact Regime That contact that I select save it. Let's go to front, side and update. Let's go to bottom side. You can see he will have contacts. Okay, Now we can see we are seeing Main contact year contact Person address on. Here's the email. This is a contact for addition Information. Okay, let's go back. First paid display not to show page. Other haven. Close. That will remove this one. We don't need main contact. Name on. Let's go back toe competence and contact it. Okay, lets go and display on. He can see display format right now. This is a using global. Let's say we will use plain I can. Let's save on update. You can see it's a change on now. We don't see any Accordions, but let's change it. Toe tops, maybe. Okay. Top of Okay, Okay. You can see we create contact form in user. Want toe contact resume. They can switch contacts on contact with you from this form 28. 28. Creating photo gallery: as well, creating a website about traveling. We need to please weigh well, can upload on. Show the people for about traveling on three on its video. Create some 40 gallery when Pan show old model. Great, so great we will use some special plugging that called for gallery. It's a free gallery that can use in website Let's go bottom on its don't you can see some of the versions for 3.5 point 61.5 point five on other rations. But right now we tuition that we will use for observation. That's so you want sick? That's not love. I don't London. Let's go back on stone That's was filed. Okay, we start on. We get method images. Gallery created hold for Don't also created now what we need to do Well before upload our images. Wings create disagrees. You can do in a different way. You can create one good story book older Just inside it all we can create. It's great sport, different countries on It's great. Some categories for our images. Let's go to get stories from here. Great for personal data for our category that's Parkland. Grated haven't can sit image for our cuts. Very access public, right? You can see you can sit excess right load right on the lips. Right? As we manage ourselves, we will attack any access rights. Your owner super user. They are owner. You have also over Pittsburgh folder if you will give some access to some users, upload the images. For example for registered accusers union to sit folder Here you can see even have our tar . But we can create folder inside images on they get access to the trailer. We can also sit coordination. Quincy Zoom. That's also for location type of support on. He got injured Tom description. By living into description publishing, we will not a minute description. You can admit biscuit before category. He will have some options to coming toe group laws on Google photos on Facebook albums. But right now we wouldn't use that. That's why we are just entrant title on saving on clothes. Okay, I will great. Another categories for our website. Okay, as we create our categories, we need to upload off images in this categories on to do that, let's go to images on you can see we have images menu and that's great you on. You can see that we can give name. It's not required. That's why we'll pass. He would have category left. Choose Palin. You can see we can also sit YouTube videos, your term and product. I d. Right now we need a blood. Our file name. Let's sell select file name you can see he would have upload on. Also, we have ah, multiply, Applaud. Let's go to upload. Let's go down on add files as we are floating for Thailand. That's true this one this morning on OK, select start applauding. Okay, you can see that companies create some thumbnails. He would have to choose one of the images on if it will choose image if it will given name Title on saving close. We can see that we at only one image if you wanna add mawr images. If you have ah Mawr images, we can go and multiply. Apply. Let's click on it on. You can see that we can again given name. Give access silic category. Let's good story on language. We can sit for languages for images that I think we don't need to add images on your outside. We can see images that we applaud on the 1st 1 I all day at and let's click. So, like this want these warm on saving close rating until thumbnail will generate it. Okay. Where? Three images for talent. I'm gonna go on, upload another images for another categories, But before to do that, I'm gonna go and create new folder. I'm gonna call it USA and create folder. You can see you have U s A Okay, I already inside of us a folder. I'm choosing to multiple upload on from here at files that showed this one upload. Okay, there. Applaud. If we can see here three images that show this one this one and this one. So the category USA and seven clothes on in same way I did. Another image is also creating folder oh, going inside folder Motive lap loud that files on choosing Australia images. We can see that we get a notification that filed two large. Make it smaller. You can see that he will have some limits. Much size and resolution. Legace. That's why Let's un select that image on start up loan. Okay? And they upload that should one of them on the category Australia on after saving close well or upload our images. Now we need to go toe menu and Queen Me nu item. Let's go to do it. That's menu. And for near Mamie New English. As you know, you knitted duplicate all the action that we are creating for English in Spanish. That's great new. And from here minute I'd entire block choose Focal Gallery on list of categories. Hey, we have another option. If you upload old image in one single category, you can choose list of images on you will able to select only one category and show inside that school. But as we quit, multiply categories and we chose only supports Berries. Okay, let's give a name gallery, if you will, to toe options. You can see you had some options and that we can't change on the view. Let's create. And after I will see what we need to hide but safe. Let's go the front side. Now we can see here. Have gallery. Let's open it. You can see it's rickety Gorey's that create. Let's go inside of one of the categories. You can see that we have here three images. Let's open it. Okay, that's close. Off course style is not so perfect. But if you know says this style, we cannot some additional style to the gallery. If you would add some additional style, you can goto them and you can applaud additional them. If you have all, a deep sense is filed. Okay, you can see a default for the gallery. You can open this styles on, edit them women in them. That's why let's go front side and show the gallery. This company's free, but in same time that company hasn't wide range off the features. Has integration with Facebook, Facebook images, Facebook comments. It has integration with Google Plus and Global photos on. Also, it has integration with Google Maps and YouTube that this is a very huge component for using to using a website. But we will not go deep inside his company because you are no. We applaud our just. That's so for decision 29. 29. fixing module position with css: we are almost at the end. Onda. We need to fix sound small things on our website on. First of all on one of them is the you can see. He will have some small flags to switch between languages and it's located on the wrong place. In this video, we will fix it. We will place it here on the right side and we will do it with a sis's first before we need to go back from extension models. Let's find the language you can see here. Let's open it pocket. Let's switch toe advanced on. You can see model class subjects. OK, let's write although class that way we can manipulated with the CSS and I'm gonna enter here, entering space on after entering something like Lend, you can write anything what I will sit in blank on. Let's save it, Then I'm closing. I'm going toe extensions Template as I'm using and this employee it. I need to add all the sisters into a special place into special field, but depend on your template. You can add to file if your template alot this one or you need to enter into template. I'm gonna open my blade on from here and choosing the custom called opening these monsters custom seizes. Okay, now I'm going to front side on updating. Then I'm pressing. If 12 open the Oval Council. Okay, Now what I'm gonna do, I'm clicking on the select element. Andi selecting here. You can see that he would have deal with a class. It's been model on. Also, it has lank. It's a deadline we add the background on. We will use this Lang to get access to the tomb on the plate. This Dave. Okay, let's do this. I'm gonna go on select this one u l on decided we had a lead on That's flags. Well, I'm gonna manipulate you on what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna simulate what will happen if I will do this way. Float right? Can see. It's going toe, right. I'm gonna make it in the middle on. That's why I'm at entering padding Dash top. Okay. On injuring here. Five pixels. I'm selecting five pixels on prison up arrow toe. Make it correct. 14 pixels. I think it's enough. And it's looking good. And what we will do now we will go back to Template on. I'm intern here dot land and then you l open embraces on entering here. Same thing that I entered their flawed right. And then entering here semi colons. Teoh clothes on. Then again, entering heading dash Talk petting Top column 14 pixels. Cynical. Okay, now I'm saving on switching the front side after we're coming back on updating. Now we can see that float right Works but petting top Mutler because it has default style and in default style petting is zero on. That's what we didn't mean it to go back on. Enter here. Important this one to force it. Saving men's Which in front side. Okay, you can see it's located here on it's looking good. 30. 31. Fixing small problems: a message of We will bring some small fixes. Some style fixes on its got back over upside on. Right now, you can see that topper is the black right now on below House will have something like this . This is I can I want to change it. This headers color on this color into another color in my chin plate. I can't do it with the configuration, but I want to show you how you can fix it by sisters. But I do. I will make change color off header on this I can into color off logo. To do that, I am opening their lover. Consul, I'm selecting this header. You can see it's all right now. Oh, but let's go up. It's a container on. Then it's a hitter you can see on the right side is a style. Let's click on it. Let's simulate it on. You can see it's a particular let's pick some color. Take color from logo person. Enter now you can see our other change, but we need to fix it in the style. Let's compete. Yes, let's go back to the blade on paste here on their opening braces. I think this color in tow, adding this color inside here. But if it will say it will not work because it has before old color on do to fix it, let's at important in tow after color. Before Sam McCullough Important on Daz. We fix this one. Let's go down. Have it on. You can see it's a great color right now. Let's click on it. You can see it's Ah, some spotting and sided way have I can Let's go and all right side you can see background color. Let's go up J color from here with the picker. Okay, person, enter on going down. Okay, But you can see that this color also changes. This is because he will have a spin Main body article item post former This color added to three different places. If you want to add color toe on Lee, this icon, we will use Onley post Former Let's copy on gold back based here Open embraces. You can see the back around on color. This one the same car like on the header on. Let's compete with the important paste here. Let's move calling cause default is the only back around. After making changes Let's save it after. Let's come back on update. Okay? Weather is good, let's go down and you can see this is also good. Well, that's all. In this way, you can select any position here on change the colors to make it as you want. 31. 32. Backuping website: now our website almost ready on day. Now it's time to a blood of a website on riel with posting on before. To do that, we need the backup website. Actually, there are two way to applaud your website into your posting first bond. We can upload all the files into a website on, then model the connect to the state basis and make some complication manually. But the 2nd 1 easy way that to do it with special company first willing to back up our website and then upload it into our web posting, then restored there. Well, in this we do will the couple website on, we will back up it with the special competent that calls Cuba back up. That's the most popular on a very powerful tool. You can back up your website. It has free vision on paid vision, privation. We can easily recover website, but in the relation you can cover your website. Another cloud services. But let's don't load corporation a present. Let's go to backside off website on. Let's install that competent. Let's go and manage and install choosing file. Okay, you can see that we get error you we need to use pizza. Be 5.4 all later. I'm gonna go and change my several configuration after a starting our 10 where I'm gonna open it on again. Install. Okay, you can see that it's installed. Let's go to competence on from here. A couple book up. First, you will see let Jacob competition itself on complication. Wiser on. Let's click on it, it will automatically come great and sit some sittings in for this company waiting until finish. Right now it's finished, but probably you need toe check benchmarking on the your state also because right now we are checking it on local server. There can be little problems. That's why when we will applaud, we will check in again. Perfect, happy. Let's go to configuration. Let's see what a general thing we have here. Here. You can see purple description default. The couple file. You will not go deep into a capable backup configuration. We will see it. I'm off the I think that you need to do. Let's go down on basic computation and you can see are the directory it sound. Our Jim Miller, then administrator competent Cuba back up on backup to backup to this folder Change backup Older. I'm going up on our website. You can see our outside on. I'm going. Teoh, use it. Log level on the car. Park your name. You can see it's a site. Then host them Date and the time you will see it later. The cup type. He will have backup Tire food side pick up all just Israel files on. We will make a full size pickup on Let's go it down on You'll see here our chief engine. You will see here two different file for months. A pair Forman That's recommended on the karma. And also we can complicate configuration. But right now we don't need to any congregation. That's closet that. So I think that's so let's save and close. OK, now you can see you have some settings that we can do. We can pick up site Also result Managed backups, complication profiles. Mitterand. You can see good after money Backups filed on directors exclusion database tables explosion . If you don't want to become some of the folder that time, we can excluded from the list. OK, now it's time to back up on. Let's going on back up now. Okay? You can see he'll have profile right now we have only default backup profile, but we can create it in the profile management. You can see back update on Friday, November on time. Let's click back up now. Now we need to wait until it's a back up. All the files. OK? Now our backup complete. You can click on manage by cops. You can see here. Back up and he was profiled. Duration starters on size. Also, if you're on reports on weaken downloaded on we can you look now let's go back to the folder of Open Server on open domains on He will see that he would have filed Onda Also he would have some to a different text document inside it now about the website. Become ready on. We are ready to upload it to wear plastic. 32. 33. Preparing web hosting for website.: in this video will prepare our harbor posting for our website. There's a huge count of company that offering posting and domain services on. Do you need to find yourself a good one? First of all, unity co counterpane off your post in service. This is the concept on off my sister on first thing you need to do is to create a website way will call it demo dot dot com locates created. I'm gonna go back. If you've isom domain, you need to connect your demand to your were posting on to do that. Let's find something like domain on you. Add your domain here. If you're buying your domain on your web hosting service, it will be easy. If not unit to enter the honest name, sever into your domain to connect it. You can see it's ah, we need to enter this one into domain configuration Yet where you bought your demand and after that our domain will connect toe our hosting. Let's go back as a order connect on I create sites on. Then I need to create new eight bait. I'm gonna call it demo. I need to enter here password, as I say Everything can be different. But here's the basic thing. Yeah, You need to do comments here on safe. Okay. My database created. If I go back, go to file manager. Okay, I'm here. You can see here we are in a demo dot dot com. I will open it on. You can see it's empty right now. Now I need to upload my website in tow, folder off our web side and then restore it. 33. 34. Restoring website at web hosting.: OK, guys, Now it's time to upload Applauded website while we're posting and her story there on full restoring our website on the posting, we will lose another script that called Kickstart this Cuba This grape will awas restore our website from the GP A former on downloaded after don't wanna go to your weapons posting on Applaud Stark or upload them here and also we need to upload here Our website backup remains on This is the backup of our website on Let's applaud it. Okay, It's applauded, lads, go this one on kickstart core in the zipper model that's extracted extra virtual Okay but now we can see it has a many different file inside it. After extracting, let's go back to our domain ad for a slash kickstart, I thought PHP We will get something like that. Let's clear here and cause it now You can see he would have playing to the Aren't you on inside it? We have to artisans 1st 1 is aside from LA Way need Teoh. Only this one on you can see are two passport for GPS files and GPS files available when you will use Provisional Cuba backup Select on extraction. Metal level gone. Complication is okay without any changes. Let's go and start extracting. Okay. Now you can see extracting. Okay, Now we need to install it on. We are clicking runs Dollar. When we rejected Underpaid, you can see here. Details off the I was severed. Recommended settings, everything. You okay? You can't see it. Okay, now, let's click. Next on. Switch to another page way. We need to enter some conflagration to come. Nectar our database on. You can see connection information. They re style, my Skrill. A preferred. It's OK on the date, but zero host name its usual local host K user name. If you create user name while you created a paid you need to enter it here. If you are a password to your debate entered same year. Name off the database in my situation. That's the same as is her name on here. You can see database table name perfect. You can change it, or you can sited lighters. But it always must be like this with on the score. Here's the Everson. Okay. You don't need to change anything here. And that's why let's click and next waiting until dead with restoring on clicking next. OK, here's our last step Way need to finish. This is the site name. That's a name. Here's the site email sender. Name a k leave side girl Don't actually force SSL. We don't need to use it because we haven't any SSL certificates gay he we can add superior sittings as I say. Never use at mean as Super user logging after installation, I'll show you how you can change it. Passport. Let's set as default if you want, you can change it on clicking next. Ok, almost there. We need to come back to Paris window and clean up. OK, now with you have two choices with front end or with Rebecca and let's go friend content. Okay, our website is leave. 34. 35. Last configuration: Congratulations, guys. You are already here. And your website already online. Before we we're finished. I'm gonna show you next step that you need to do after installation. It's a here. You can see at the demo dot com dot com at your ill, you can see we have index PHP. If you want to remove that, we need to go toe our website core on from root of your fuller remove. First this start. That's more of it. Okay. And now you will see here HD access file. It's that takes to file. We need to rename it. Let's bring in Andhra. Move chicks. Doctors from backside on. Add one dot from front side and click gnocchi. Now we need to go to back toe a limb panel. Okay? And now we are going to system on global configuration. On the right side, you can see See your settings. Always make search engine friendly. Urals. Yes. And now we need to remove that by clicking. Use Well, rewriting Looking? Yes. I don't know that before renaming h taxes because you will get in a row. Let's save it. Let's go back to our website now. You can see that We haven't index speech on the euro On the As I say before you have u N On If you want to remove from main website, we can do it. But when we will switch toe Spanish yes, we'll be here. You can remove it. Let's go back to a website on Let's go to extension plug ins on find here. You can see a language filter here. Let's open it, Andi. As we sit English main we can remove your language. One You can see it removed. Girl Language court. Okay. Yes. On the saving. Now let's go back toe Ah website and you can see Yan also lost. That's closet. Okay, now let's go and change of the name. Let's go back users Andi, manage from here Let's open it. We can see name you super user. This name also can be changed it Enter here your name lugging. We need to change something different on puzzler. Also see and clothes. And if you will check on a website that's update. You can see that after is the Mongolia well our website ready now you can use it. I recommend your improve your website security by chicken, Another way we declared that you can find on Cremin dot com That video course will Allah you improve your general website? Keep your website save for 100 person after you finished that course, you'll understand how to particular website that nobody can thank you.