Build simple, static websites for free using Amazon Web Services S3

Chris Duke, Technologist, Teacher, Entrepreneur

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Course Intro and Overview

    • 2. Skillshare S3 Session1 AWS Overview

    • 3. Session 2: Open an AWS Account

    • 4. Session 3: Configure S3 Storage

    • 5. Session 4: Configure the Web Server

    • 6. Skillshare S3 Session5 CreateHTML

    • 7. Skillshare S3 Session6 DNS

    • 8. Session 7: Wrap up and summary


About This Class


Hosting a simple website doesn't have to be hard or expensive.  In this class, we'll cover:

- A brief overview of cloud computing and Amazon's unique micro, 'pay as you go' pricing.

- How to create an AWS account and use the 'Free Tier' for one full year.

- A hands on example where you'll setup a simple, static website using the Simple Storage Service (S3), and share it with the world, for free.

- How to create and edit basic HTML files using free software and upload them to your web site.

- BONUS: Have a domain?  Learn how to create a sub-domain and point it to your new S3 website to make it easy for others to find.