Build and Customize a Modern WordPress Front Page in One Hour | Paulina Hetman | Skillshare

Build and Customize a Modern WordPress Front Page in One Hour

Paulina Hetman, Developer & Trainer

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15 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started with WordPress

    • 3. Welcome to Your WordPress Dashboard

    • 4. Project Setup: Installing Theme and Plugins

    • 5. Say Hi to the Customization Panel

    • 6. Setting Our Front Page

    • 7. Header Section: First Steps with Gutenberg Editor

    • 8. Let’s Build the Motto Section

    • 9. Building the Portfolio Section

    • 10. Adding Interaction with Custom CSS

    • 11. The Contact Section

    • 12. Navigation: Adding Anchors

    • 13. Navigation Menu

    • 14. Sticky Navigation

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to build a modern portfolio type front page with WordPress.

You will learn how to configure WordPress properly and how to level-up and use its content editor.

I will also show you how to add some personal touch with custom css. I will explain how css works and how you and add custom css to your WordPress website.

This class is accessible to beginners. I will guide you step-by-step from a fresh WordPress installation towards the outcome.

Still, it can be interesting and challenging for more advanced WordPress users who don’t have much experience with the Gutenberg content editor. And for those who would like to go further with the customization and start working with css.

You can see the demo of what we are going to build here.

To follow up with this class, you will only need a WordPress installation. I will also guide you through the complete website setup with one of the popular web hosting services.

A few useful links:

General: Style guide and images. 
Video 5: Google fonts
Video 10: You can follow along and code the introductory example with me here
Video 14: You can find the complete custom css code here





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Paulina Hetman

Developer & Trainer

Hello, I'm Paulina.

You can also find me as PeHaa on most of the social profiles. I'm a Polish front-end and WordPress developer based in France.
Nice to meet you!

I also work a lot as a trainer. I love sharing my knowledge and experience. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my students progress.

I love playing with code, sometimes just for fun... My favorite playground is Codepen, so make sure to check out my Codepen profile for some creative examples.

If I ...

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