Build an online subscription using Facebook pages & start making monthly income. | Steph Villegas | Skillshare

Build an online subscription using Facebook pages & start making monthly income.

Steph Villegas, Entrepreneur.

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10 Videos (42m)
    • Introduction & Welcome

    • Module 1: Intro & Set Goals

    • Module 2: Take Time To Plan Your Subscription

    • Module 2: Branding

    • Module 3: Technology Part 1

    • Module 3: Technology Part 2

    • Module 3: Technology Part 3

    • Module 3: Technology Part 4

    • Module 4: Launch, Feedback & Repeat

    • Make it Happen


About This Class

Are you an influencer in your community?
Is your community constantly asking you more questions and you don’t have the time or resources to serve them all?
Do you have a tribe and don’t know how to monetize it?
Would you like to create another source of income?

Well an online Facebook subscription is something you need.


Learn how to build your online subscription using Facebook pages, 2 app plugins, your creativity and start making monthly income. Save yourself time and don’t spend hundreds of dollars installing a membership site to your website with little traffic.

This course will show you a quick and effective way to launch your online subscription using your Facebook Fan Page. You can even get your subscription up and running in a day.

What you need to get started?

  • An active Facebook page and/or group. (Start to make it active)
  • 22Social app plugin - Monthly Fee or refer 3 and it’s free.

What You'll Get

By the time you're done with this class, you'll have created an online subscription, your Facebook group and a platform for your content and audience. While having a membership site attached to your website can be desired, the technology, time and money can stand in your way. This is an effective way to connect with you audience, love them, ability to up-sell to courses or other products, establish trust and make some income.

Course Structure:

Module 1 - Introduction & Set goals

Module 2 - Take Time To Plan it

Module 3 - Technology (Don’t Freak Out)

Module 4 - Launch, Feedback & Repeat





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Steph Villegas


Steph Villegas is a barre instructor, entrepreneur and marketing lover, located in San Diego, California.

Known for her genuine, kind spirit and quirky style, Steph enjoys making her students smile, loves to laugh out loud, teach & create results.

Steph brings brightness, inspiration to everything she does and keeps everything accessibility for all her students.

When out of stretchy pants, she enjoys working on her meditation & yoga supply company Sittin' Pretty Still, ...

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