Build an iOS App From Scratch - Swift 3

Richard Oberlander, Professional App Developer and Teacher

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2 Videos (2h 25m)
    • Course Intro

    • Build an iOS App From Scratch Swift 3 Core Data, MapView, TableView, JSON and more!


About This Class

Apple's Swift is billed by the tech giant as a programming language that "lets everyone build amazing apps." Now, that may be true, but don't expect to dive into Swift coding today and write the next Candy Crush tomorrow. As with any language, spoken or coded, learning it takes both time and effort.

Help is at hand, though, with both free and commercial resources available online covering the language in depth. Whatever your ability, you'll find plenty here to advance your skills.

Before you get started, Swift 3.0.2 is available to download now here, and you can get it along with Xcode 8.2 and start learning the new language straight away.

You should be careful to check which version of Swift and Xcode your training materials are using, because there may be some variations. We have a guide to all the features new to Swift 3, so you have an idea what to expect if you've already used an earlier version of the language.






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Richard Oberlander

Professional App Developer and Teacher

Swift 3 on iOS, a little Java here and there and C# for Xamarin. I'll show you how to use them all!

When you learn from me you learn in an holistic manner. You learn concepts that are applicable to ALL mobile systems.

My aim is to get you qualified mighty fast, with very little hair tearing from frustration!

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