Build an Ebay Classified clone using Stamplay and Ionic - Intro | Michele Di Blasio | Skillshare

Build an Ebay Classified clone using Stamplay and Ionic - Intro

Michele Di Blasio, Learn from Creators on

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7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. What are we going to craft?

    • 3. Instal NodeJS and Sublime Text

    • 4. Before to go on, set up your free Stamplay account at

    • 5. Setup ionic

    • 6. Setup the category

    • 7. Setup the area and go ahead on for free


About This Class

Welcome to the introduction of Craftain exclusive tutorial on how to build an Ebay Classified clone using Stamplay and Ionic.

Craftain is the place where Creators teach how to use their products through video courses building real projects.

In this course IsaacSoftware Engineer at Stamplay will show you how to build a fully scalable application without writing any back-end code. 





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Michele Di Blasio

Learn from Creators on

Hello everyone, I'm Michele Di Blasio, one of the founders of

Craftain is the place where Creators teach how to use the products they built through video and/or written tutorials.

Thanks to Craftain, you (we call them "Crafters") can learn the latest technologies for free building real projects and partecipating to a community of people who love not only to discover new products, but also to directly use them to understand how valuable they are for personal and pr...

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