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Build an Awesome LinkedIn Profile in 2018!

Aaron Connolly

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12 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Profile Picture & Cover Photo

    • 3. Awesome Headlines

    • 4. Profile Summary

    • 5. Experiences

    • 6. How to get Endorsements & Skills

    • 7. How to get Recommendations

    • 8. Showcasing your Courses & Achievements

    • 9. The importance of Connections

    • 10. Finding Content that works

    • 11. Writing Articles within LinkedIn

    • 12. Posting Content on LinkedIn


About This Class

LinkedIn profile writing & optimization to generate leads or get hired! Includes bonus section on Linkedin content.

Now updated with the 2018 LinkedIn Platform!

What you will learn about in this LinkedIn Course:

Section 1 - Building your Profile:

Learn how to build an amazing professional LinkedIn profile that will get you more leads or get hired!

  • The Perfect Profile Picture & Cover Photo 

  • Headlines & Public Profile URLs

  • The Perfect Profile Summary

  • Showcasing your Previous Experiences

  • How to get Endorsements & Skills

  • How to get Recommendations

  • Showcasing your Courses & Achievements

  • The importance of Connections

Section 2 - BONUS - Finding, Writing & Posting Content

  • Finding Content that works

  • Writing Articles within LinkedIn

  • Posting Content on LinkedIn

Who am I?

Over 1000 Students on my LinkedIn Course!  I have a passion for technology and the latest trends in Marketing, Software and Business strategies. I try to combine my knowledge in technology with my love for business and entrepreneurship.

Even a beginner can use these techniques!


1. Intro: my guys. Welcome to Molly Course. Thank you very much. Sure, rolling. And I hope I can provide you with lots and lots of great and material of valuable information and so you can go the other and build on Awesome linked in profile. And my name is Iran Conley on This is my business partner, Dylan Healy, and we born on animation business. I am here in Ireland. On together, we have been able to generate lots lots of clients using Lincoln on our professional and linked in profiles. So I'm gonna go through what you're gonna learn in this course. So we're gonna go through the perfect profile picture and how to design the cover photo, make it look really professional and creating headlines at standoff on your public profile . You around? We're gonna go through the entire profile summary on Will you go through what you need to include in this? What you saw? Do what you shouldn't do. I'm going to read, show you techniques as well. That will make it stand out. And what's going to talk about some social proof as well? So things like connections, endorsements and recommendations I'm gonna show you have to get those things. And also in your profile in the show, you have added experience and media inside those different types of experiences, and we're going to talk about courses on the cheap. It's as well which will really make your growth, are standing. Finally, I'm gonna talk a recommendation. So I'm gonna tell you how to get them and some techniques that we've used in the past. You know, really make your linked in profile and stand out there from the rest and you'll be able to compete with anyone for jobs. Are you happy with? And Kenny question the second half off the course is gonna be on finding content pointing articles on posting content. So how to use this course? So I recommend that you take notes as you go along, and you take a break in between each lecture and you try on, you know, digest everything, Guzman said. Build while you learn, so I don't recommend you watch in the entire course and then building your profiles. We have the each lecture in in order so that you could build your profile war. You go through the course for me. We have a Q and a section where you can post any question on I'll be back to you within 24 hours. Also may be great if you could even honest review at the end. Of course. So thus on, like find out how I'm do on how we can improve for future courses. I'll see you in the next lecture Goodbye. 2. Profile Picture & Cover Photo: welcome to the first lecture of this course on Linked in on Very, Very Happy to hobbies here. And this first lecture is going to be about building a professional profile picture Uncover , Father used linked it. So I'm the CEO of this company. Animation. Explainers Start, Come and this is one of our employees Cheryl, who works with us here in the office. As you can see here, Cheryl's profile picture is extremely professional looking. She has that white background, and behind her on she's smiling as well. When you great years profile picture, it's really important. Thought you could glow your smile just like Cheryl does here and also and try to use award background as well. And make sure the US, you know, the picture has been taken in an upright position, and you can see here on LinkedIn every square photograph. It's gonna be cropped out into a circle, so just make sure that you're a close distance away from the camera on and you're smaller link then, because it levi really shows positive feelings towards anyone who's trying to employ you or and if you're you have your own company for you're trying to generate your first few leads . It does help if and your customers know that you know you're happy person and and you're happy to do business with them as well. So that's an important point. So just make sure that you're smiling and in the photograph and the second Paris So basically, Teoh do that. You just click and on this at a profile button here, and then click this button here, just pencil looking thing and then you'll be able to blow the file from your computer. And that would be your powerful picture You can crop is yourself forces. The main points, really on the proper picture is that is a really important and purse of your profile is to , you know, be smiling. I have a white background is we have to really showcase herself on kind of dress professionally as well, if you can. You know, depending on whatever industry you're in, you should be dressed and relevant to the industry and essentially so and the second part of this lecture on basically gonna show you how to design a cool cover photo like this one and that actually a professional employers are really, really gonna like that on, you know are complete is well have and professional cover photos here. So and basically, what you're gonna do is we're gonna go to a website here. It's called Com Vodacom. And so what? All you have to do basically is register and the county. You can do a true Facebook if you like, and so you don't have to go through the US and alongside a process, you know, it's quite quickly to sign up, and it's completely freezer. So basically, when you log in and you get to this home page here, the first thing you want to do is click on this more born here. So when you don't do the more button and you're going to scroll them 12 you see, I think they like don't even isn't defined here. But this is where it is here. So this is a control that thrilling do. And if you just click on linked in whether could be taken here. So firstly, you be greeted with a completely white page. But as you can see here, these air Campbell A Oh, it's on the left hand side. So convert offers you some free templates with breaking news and for your own business or for your own personal profiles, and that you can use for your cover photo that all really look professional. So and say, for example, um, you are kind of a positive person and you know, you're a bit of a problem solver, and you could use maybe one of these type off your photos with a quote about this. You know, we create innovative solutions and on you can customize this text if you want to be. Didn't want to say we create innovative solutions, you can say on by a problem over. You know, these are things that really stand out on the photograph as well is completely the correct size really dinners up and it's completely free. And if you like, and even search for images so and say, for example, you want to the pencil for some reason, and things could get you down to your own imagination would say for yourself, but you want to pencil inside your photograph, maybe over remove this text over like this. Such pretty cool a protest movies. Quotation marks click. Maybe we'll pick Depends a little bit smaller and control of the works as well, by the way. So you can actually and go back if you make a mistake. You know something like this and over problems over and have a pencil. You can completely customize it, whatever you want, so and give your own separate template. Here, your lady extend you for elements you can need. Search icon shapes, lines. And you can change the text if you want and tragedy and and you can put in different back around corners if you want to. Just start from a plain black background and you want to enter text. Or you can upload your images inside here. So it is an A pretty cool websites for creating your own and personal designs. And on yes, So what basically say, for example, you're happy with and a cover photo You just took the best download here, so I'm gonna download it as a jpg. What? And it was a whole Thais preparing your design, and that might take a couple of seconds. So, as you can see, it says, don't access years on any room, so I get kinda mobile up. I didn't see it actually downloaded here, give yourself a little Dr. There, that's the one. And so then all I have to do then is combatively did and click on Edit my profile, and then they get us. And then you can change the photo if you like. And this is my most recent team. I don't know, so plain innovative solutions. So there you go. And there you can know this whatever way you like, and it seems to get Booth Main parts in any way. And, you know, it's a really, really good way to make your problems standard as well. I am. Actually what we did is we concluded our website name in here, which would maybe create more traffic to your website too. So it's something to think about anything and thank you will see in the next election. 3. Awesome Headlines: welcome to this second lecture and which is going to show you how to build a professional headline on profile your l on Lincoln. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go back to our employees, Cheryl, and this is her and profiling victim. So the last lecture we showed you have to build and a really professional cover photo using qamba un also and the importance of having a professional looking profile picture. So this action is about and this line here essentially on also this eurail, um, as well, which you could be changed in here. But anyway, first, we will talk about the headline. So Cheryl is our marketing executive on the name of our company is called Animation Explainers. Cheryl's been working with us for over a year and 1/2. New and a machi does is she and messages people, um, on networks with professionals on LinkedIn and Detroit and generate leads for our business . So that's kind of the role of the marketing marketing executive, But for you, it's going to depend orderly on you know what exactly you do at your business. So and there's a lot of different ways people use the headline. So the 1st 1 is they use is as the role. So in this case, Cheryl's roll this marketing executive at automation explainers also. And you could put your scales on this line if you like. And they, for example, you're a perfect professional in S e O or and digital American ing or and any of those other fields, you know, Or maybe your hotelier and your waiter, whatever. Whatever role you have, um, you can put it in here. Or you could just put in the skit skills. It's up. So the examples I'm going to give you are going to make a little bit more sense toe what? I mean. And so the first option here is the role isn't to show new the second option and I'm going to show you is the skills. So if I just find someone who puts their skills and inside here, I'm going to just show you an example I found earlier. So this is, um, one guy here, Found and Coho Quinn. So what he does is it looks very effective, as you can see, So he puts in his role as well a skills thus and he wants it, you know, advertise to people are linked in So he's got digital American and consultant and a gentle is a professional and branding s CEO a paperclip Google AdWords certified search engine marketing user experience were oppressed on blogger. So, you know, he puts everything into the headline and magically, it looks really, really professional. And so this is another approach you could take. You know, some people don't like to give a lot away and bossed some people, like in their headlines, they want, you know, people to get into their experience and find more information about them. But if you like, if you want to put all your skills into the headline it's also a very effective way of doing this and the last way And really that you can use your headline for is for your objective. So just sorry. Have a bit of a cough today and the last ways richer objective. So if you look miss looking for a guy that I found earlier on as well and his name's Derek royally so he actually put in his objective as this headline. So he says, helping recruitment agency source top talent on indeed. And so that's the company he's he's working for. Indeed, a calm. It's a very popular job and searching website, so you could put your objectives and say, for example, you are a waiter. You would say I provide a fantastic customer experience, etcetera and Or And if you're skilled in digital American, you'd say all you generate needs for hundreds of clients. For example, you put that in here, and it's a really, really effective way of getting people to click on to your your profile. There's actually agency here in the people also viewed section. This is their headline. So you know, we'll hear what click on is really going to depend on two things. It's going to depend on her professional, that profile picture looks and also and what they put in their headlines after. If I'm interested in what they do, so you know and say, for example, I'm trying to target managing directors I have to hear, Um, so yeah, that's kind of what I'm trying to just show from interested in hotels and restaurants. Don't click on this guy and Cyril Makary So you know it is. It's a really, really important section of your profile. It really makes your profile stand out. So it's up to you whether you want to put your role in there. So say, for example, marketing exactly whatever company, if you want to put your scales in there and such as s CEO Web design, etcetera and or lost if you want to put your objective like Derrick is don't here. Um, you could also do thus as well. And so I'm just gonna go ahead and show you have to do have to change your headlong so it's pretty simple and you want to go to your profile. So this is Cheryl's problem here who were using does at the example for this course. So if I click added here and using the pencil symbol, this is the headline here, and you just type in whatever you wanted here. So we said, marketing executive Automation explained. So say, for example, we want to put Cheryl Scales in here. What type of s e. O? What I'd like to deal with. You know, it's quite looks work professionally. You see separators, you'll find them on your keyboard just a straight line at two. Separate your skills. CEO I've designed there, for example, she's a Web developer, and HTML is this point on. You could list your program programming language up there and then, um, safe down here that will update your profile. We don't do that for shares is powerful because obviously she's not a Web developer, but it really depends on your case and what you would've put it there. So that's the headlines. And as I mentioned, it's a really important part to just make sure that you know you need to put in what you want and people to see and before the clicking your profile. What's the reason that people should click on your profile is because they're gonna be looking for your role. Is it because they're looking for a certain set of skills, or is it because they're going to look be looking for someone? But it's specific objective. So the last thing I want to talk about is just the u. R L. So the your L is essentially the bar. I don't know if you could see it here. It is just this Web address off the top. It's basically the location that people will find you on the Internet So And if you want to find Cheryl's profile without having to go into LinkedIn and type in Cheryl McCabe, you have to literally type this into into your search bar mixer or click Enter. But as you can see here, Sherels, you're Alice. Quite complicated. It's got lots of numbers and letters here, and in my experience, I think it's better if you keep your linked in your relic on a shorter. And if you can't keep fish like removed, the hyphens and numbers like as much of them as possible. You know, a lot of people would like to put their LinkedIn under CV, so looks kinda nicer and more professional. You're a little bit shorter and etcetera, so I'm gonna show you how to add to that here. So we're gonna click on other pro for public profile and you were out. So this will take you to this page here, so essentially what you want to do is gonna click this little pencil, but in here on this Web addresses here. But if quality can't change thus, but you can change what after this slash year after the alleged to change it so say for example, I just want to type in Cheryl McCabe. So Okay, so that your l is not available. So you might need to tried a few times. And I try to do is but a little hyphen between Yeah, So that's done there. Now should as you can see, we'll go back to linked in click on Charles Page there. How much better is that? The voice. You know, Cheryl Dash my cape, and it's going to really, you know, make her profile sound. It's the little things to be on the scotus that will make your profile look a lot better. And so that's it. So far, we've covert the profile picture header. Um, profile. Picture of the profile header. Ah, Sherels A position. So her header here and also her you were out of the top as well. So thanks very much, guys. I'll see you in the next lecture. 4. Profile Summary: guys, welcome to this turd video in this section. And so in this lecture, I'm going to talk to you about the profile summary. So what we're gonna do is we're going to click again into Cheryl's profile. So so far as I've said, we talked about the profile picture and the background header here, her profile header. So she's marketing executive right on a mixed explainers, and it's gonna be dissection here that we're going to talk about today, which is the profile of summary. So the profile summaries, really the section where you really want to sell yourself. So you know, you really need to make a decision at this stage whether you know you're looking to generate leads or you want to sell yourself for a job. And I know Cheryl is a marketing executive, so you know she's more looking to generate leads and for our business rather than, you know, look for another job because she's already employed. But if you are not employed, yes, this is the real section where you really want to sell yourself, so it's really, really cool, and I'm going to show you some cool ways to make this look really good on everyone. Some important points when designing your profile summary. But the main thing I want to say is, you know, try and make it a little bit original if you got um, you know, a lot of people are very serious when the writing these profits summaries, especially people who were and in a corporate environment, you know, the list to the are where they're from, their skills, etcetera, where they've worked their projects. You know, it's employers sometimes, like if you can spice things up about his customers, you know, they like to find some and interesting information about you. And so anything you know, original phone. It's after that you can think off and to put into your profile summary. You know, we could really beneficial. And it could be something that you talked about to your customers. Or if you're looking for a job in an interview. So and this is Cheryl's summary here. And so as you can see, she's experienced on experience, profession at marketing professional, who loves surfing. So that is the phone thing that Cheryl's put into her profile summary. Um, you know, it's it's interesting every couple of weeks Cheryl go surfing down the west side off the west coast of Ardent, where we're from and on. She has a great time doing that. You'd spend a few days a surfing ascendancy here to see the picture of me surfing below. She even put a photograph over surfing in Australia. There she is there she looks like she's having grateful. This is something that you know myself, business partner Dylan saw off Charles profile or we taught, you know, this looked really, really gorgeous. You know, she talked to us today about that. The interview was something you know, something difference from whether conduct condensates who were interviewed at the time. So, um yeah, her really, really enhances her her profile. So that's one thing that you could do, And, you know, the next thing you need to think about is how it's written. So and you know, if you're looking to sell yourself to a potential employer, it's kind of a good area where you can ride a little bit about yourself and maybe some of the achievements. Thus you have cotton. So as you can see here, Cheryl said, I am in certified Google AdWords Facebook marketing have completed linked in training. That is a really, really important point. It's really, really important guys that if you have any type of certification or achievements to state it inside here, and because this is probably the first place that employers are going to look and when viewing a profile, to find out a little bit more about you. And so, as I've already mentioned and Cheryl does the marketing for Also she's trying to sell and to potential customers. So what she likes to do instead of selling mostly herself, you know she has, I know, put in a little bit about herself with the experience and watches, has training in both. She's mostly trying to sell our business, so that's what the main body of her profile as summary is about. It's you know, we're animation explainers, were young, creative and offer a fresh approach to explain their video content. So basically I haven't told you about our business put and we sell explainer videos. So basically, that's what Cheryl's job is. This kind of, you know, put our ideas out there and, um, try and bring us in some customers. So she asked, You know, like interesting questions like, Do you have an innovative idea Product knock, A clever feature that you want to sharing a favorite others. So then she talks a little bit about us. But the very but the most important thing about this whole section for Cheryl for you bullies it supporting a called action. So if you're interested in an explainer video, contact me here and she leaves Karim an address here. You would say, if you're if you need, you know, Ah, a web, A Web developer. Contact me on this email If you're a Web developer and if you're looking for part time and what waiter staff and I'm experience in wagering for functions and here's my phone number and put it here down the bottom or even up the top, wherever you like him, wherever you think it will stand out, we kind of like to separate. You know, each point in each paragraphs that kind of makes it each different section standout. And the last thing I'm going to show you is basically how to, you know, make this summary standards, make it look different from the rest and make your profile really look awesome. So I'm gonna take you over to a website. It's called Guess emoji dot com. So I'm sure you're familiar with one of motors are you? Probably used them all the time when your messaging people. But these and emojis from this website can emoji dot com and you're able to copy and paste them into anything you like so you can copy and paste them into your profile header and into your summary into any of your experience below into your post, etcetera. They're really, really good at making your powerful sound international. See, we've already Cheryl is already used them that we're going to try and improve Cheryl's profile and summary a little bit more by adding more, these motives in, you know, make it look really, really awesome. And so what I'm going to do is I'm going to click on this edit profile button again. So I'm gonna actually first insert them into the headlines, um, or the header. So, uh, really cool emojis. The rockets like to use this one, and so you can search the search bar for whatever and time. Oh, gee, look for it's kind of awkward to you. Might have to just copy and paste the whole words and rockets and then just get rid Iraq. They're So if I click save. There you go. Look how much better not looks place putting it like a little rocket at the end of her, uh, headlined It looks really, really good. So we've adequately we've already made to the use off dead from the motors here. And you could see, you know, seeing my picture of me surfing below with a downward IRA to show them where the photo is. That's a ridicule tactic. In fact, I'm gonna add a few more. So just copy the pace to these. I was down to make it really stand. And I want to on this rocket again, you know, Look till here and here, Um, automation, explainers will bring your world toe life. So maybe here are put in a picture of, you know, globe very Oh, blow Show the Americas. Any type of global do. Probably these airwaves. They're copying that guys. But you know what I'm trying to do? I'm just trying to get that glow on its own and make it really stand out. Do you really do you have an innovative idea? product in that maybe you could put my phone in here. No, no word for iPhone. Maybe I got the phone. Yeah, they mobile phone, uh, you know, to kind of show off the for example, Enough, But scroll down a little bit, Bore, You know, training. Maybe I ported and the motive books here, you know, for my training. And it's all these different things you can do voice to make your content on the your profile. Standout. You know what? At the end of this trying to, you know, your profile is really, really gonna look very, very optimized. And it says here, if you're interested in expanding video, contact me here. So, you know, contact maybe a house, you know, it's an email. So maybe upon an envelope. Well, here. Ah, sometimes mail. You know, if it was, call me. You, like, put that phone there again. Or maybe some of calling someone etcetera then. So that's the emojis. So that's gonna really make your probably look a lot better. So I'm gonna have looking here. That looks Look how much better that looks now, boys. You know, just putting those Modi's in there really makes your profile, silvery standard and under really, really recommend you using these motives and on just lastly, if you want to odd so content so abjectly here with Gerald, it's quite interesting. You know, she put a picture of her surfing down here in Australia. You can put a link to maybe a file or a video on, you know, say, for example, you work in a zoo, for example, you could and, you know, put a video of you feeding the tigers or I don't know something. You know, we'll make your provost under. You just have to put the Lincoln here, or if it's a file on your computer, you click, upload and select the foil. I have an inside there, you know, you can add it and the title. And if you want a description, you know, use A. Here is a picture of me surfing on having a great time in Sydney. Heavy, expensively cook, make a complaint. Ah, and save. So there you go. That's the media section. You can add a little bit off immediate to your profile on down here. You see, here is a picture we serve a great city. So that's their profits. Some regards. As you can see, it's a really, really, really important section off your profile, and it's really, really important that you get it. You know, Linda, really nice. And you can do that. And by deciding what exactly you want in your profile summary on, you know, tidying it up for the few motors, making it stand out. Really? So I'll see you in the next lecture. Thanks. 5. Experiences: Hi, guys. Welcome to this next lecture on and your experience on linked in. So we're gonna talk a little bit about your past experience and inhale crucial that is on your profile. No, there is one flaw on Cheryl's Provo that I've discovered, and that's that Cheryl only made her linked in account. And what you started working for us so she doesn't have her previous experience here. And boss, I knew you were gonna go ahead on, and she's left a support on so experience on their If we so wish so and yes, So that's going to be showing you how to do today. So in order to change your experience of the places where you used to work or if you're not , just add a new job and etcetera, it's within this experience box here. So what you want to do is just click on this plus sign here and you want to type in the title. So say, for example, that Sheryl it used to be marketing simply maybe not employees. Um, maybe she's another American exact again for another company. Say, for example, Microsoft. You type in the company and piece of advice guys as well. And I see a lot of people on LinkedIn, and when they type in the name of their company, they just kick enter here. What you really want to do is make sure thus you click on the icon because if you don't click on the company and that means that the company logo isn't actually going to appear on the yeah, your linked in profile and that's not what you want, either. So it's more professional. Just remember to always, always, always don't just have been Microsoft and click enter or wherever usedto work or wherever you're working. Now make sure that you type in the full name of the company on there. Click on the company so that their logo piers here and they will appear in your profile also. So the next thing you want to do is type in the location. So say, for example, she worked in Dublin, and that's where we were from here and ardent and aunt. You worked there for May and 2015. Um, it automatically has you down to work here at the moment, but you know she's working for us now. So whats In May 2015 going to, I will say July 2016 for example. And so it's whatever previous positions you hade and you want and just odd the experience in here now the most crucial part of the experience action is the description. And so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to show you and examples off and good experience descriptions and that you can also use. I've just duplicated that tab they're now on when they just type into, say, like, examples where people here, though right now I haven't actually research anyone. Yeah, so this would be interesting And, for example, this CEO here and this is quite a good experience. I can see straight away, and he's cost his position appear his location. He didn't do wash place suggested earlier by clicking on the core pretty name. If we had a job for DG performance optimization, and this section here would look a little bit more professional, or maybe DDG performance optimization to centre link did. That's the other possibility there, But anyway, as you can see, he's putting in his position. He's a proven CEO coach proved business Voyagers strategist um professional speaker and 21 years inside investment assets under management work for urge for nuttall issues in the world sales. Okay, this is really cool because he's putting in some financial figures, you know, these aerial cases off him, proving to potential employers or whoever costumers it sector that this guy knows what he's talking about. He's achieved loss and in his career on, you know, also, he has here what he often what he offers a TD performance and so workshops keynotes as a marketing help but advertising. So wouldn't this experience section goalies? You want to put in exactly what you currently do within this role or what you did with in that role and what were the main achievement? What did you gain from? And that experience that's really important as well. And he's doing some Fontes affair with this make acronym. You know, it's not really necessary to do anything like that. You know, it's important to really states wash. You did do in opposition on, um, washing you gained from us. That's a really, really important thing as well. And also he has a media section here down the bottom, which I'm gonna show you about. There was about um so this is so say, for example, you do your description. So I'm gonna for Sheryl's case and worked in Microsoft's H Q. In Dublin for one year. I was responsible for the following. So you type in marketing campaigns, um, on Facebook and interacting. Let's customers, um, do and email marketing, for example. Um, designing and advertisements. You know, you want to put it in exactly what? What? You did it within the position. Um um within from my time in Microsoft, I managed to achieve two employees of the month. Barges budges it. I completed Salesforce. Oops. Spelling his badge. There you go. Sorry, Salesforce. And on Facebook marketing, trading, you know, and stuff like us can really make you're and profile standoffish And within this experience description on then Lastly, if you like, you can upload a link. So say, for example, she wants link the results to one never marketing campaigns and an image or whatever, or she wants to upload a picture of her within the murder. Add the Microsoft building and she can do that as well because anything that you feel that will stand up to potential employers on will help your case. But just don't forget toe, you know, put in exactly the title and the company makes you to click on the icon and the location you worked from the to on. To make sure to talk. Teoh put in everything that you did working there on and what you managed to achieve from working there. You can also put in media as well, if you like. It's not, you know, the B end on end all bush and can help your case and as well. So that's an experience, boys. And I hope you have enjoyed this lecture and we'll see you in the next one. Thank you. 6. How to get Endorsements & Skills: nice and welcome to this next lecture on skills on endorsements. Unlinked in. So what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna go to Cheryl's profile. Um, so Cheryl's very polite, very coined on to allow us to use her profile for Just have discourse. Just try different things. Um, so thank you very much. Not Cheryl. Um, So essentially, what we've learned so far on her profile is we've talked about her professional profile picture here. Just cost her professional and background image to a profile of the header image, then just got her headline with Caroline Mobility and her really, really engaging informed profile also. And John off, You know, where she works, watches specialized in and and her hobbies and interests. So it's it's going quite well so far, guys. And we've also talked about her experience Here is well, but obviously she hasn't worked. Avoid herself despite her. Well, that sounds to work there. And you just want to put in your past experience in here and both the next thing on the tar to use about his the scales on the endorsement section. Oh, they did so essentially, What you want to do is you want to add new skills into your provost or could be anything from marketing, wrecking strategy, business development, anything at all. If you're a plumber, it'll be probably, and you can also type in scales to say, for example, Cheryl's brought us RUS development even typed out and what didn't give until the way late and scroll down towards God. But you can tell you physically been development here, um, then data analysis like, for example, and it will be out of here. You just click hot down the bottom and want to click odd. Those and skills will be brought into here. So obviously, Cheryl's remarking, Exactly So she's gonna have even American on my American Legion etcetera down here. But the main thing that I want to talk to you are the endorsement section. So you should think of endorsements as you know, a backing backing from someone. So you can say that you have all the skills sport, you know, and like I could say that I'm and professional dancer on I am Zumba. Dancing is a huge skill in mind. Bush, you know, unless people back me up and say, you know what? Yeah, I run scored a samba. Dancing will then, and it's not really using your profile. So you need to just make sure that their actual skills that you have and you know people can back you up on your skills. And if people come back, you open your skills will. Then it's a linked in scale. You can put it in that. So I kind of I see a sport and people backing you up Is this endorsement feature. So and essentially, in order to get people to endorse you and the number one way we recommend do it is to actually endorse them first. So usually when you go and you endorse someone and they'll reciprocate and do a back. And so, for example, Cheryl's got to for social media to for animation one for ASIO and like we've been dealing with this problem over the past few days. So you know she's not gonna have all the skills straightaway on there and endorsement sport and say, for example, we want and you know, for people to come back to shells and profile and endorsed her for her skills, and what we didn't do is we'd actually go to some lengths purpose I'm gonna use and one over my business partner, Dylan. I'm going to use his profile as an example. So what it literally do is that scroll down past all these experienced down to the bottom? I, like, click endorsed, endorsed endorse other endorsed a few of the scales. And so that would mean that dealer will get a notification saying that Cheryl Okay, but endorsed you for these skills. And then usually what people do is they come back again and they are endorsing for your skills. So, doctor, that works going. I'd recommend you endorsing as many people as you can. I am for their skills in order for people to come back and reciprocate because the mawr endorsements you have am on your skills and the better It's going to look in your profile and, you know, have you look much, much more professional on and a lot more employable also. And so that's this section on Endorses and scales. I hope you enjoy this enough for you in the next lecture 7. How to get Recommendations: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on LinkedIn Recommendations. So and as you can see here on Cheryl's profile, she hasn't gotten any recommendations. Yes, because it's a relatively new profile. And however I'm gonna show you basic wash recommendations are and how you can giveth, um, on how you can also get them as well. So I'm gonna go back to Dylan's profile. Harry is here. So if I scroll down and to the bottom off his profile, you'll see it featured skills and endorsements here. So he's actually kind of court a few using the same techniques that we've talked about in the previous lectures. But here's and the recommendation that I gave Dimond and I said Dylan was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is an extremely brought your money. Works Heard would fit well into an e. T. Dealing his greater conveying his ideas across to people. He also gets involved in many of the company's social activities to Dylan and I interned last summer together and on. After last summer, we decided to build this business on. I decided to give Dylan recommendation based on, and me working with dinner and and then in return if I click on my profile in return was brought into the very bottom. Didn't gave me one saying Iran is a package work Allied alongside. We spent four months working together on a project. He was commended for his analytical thinking. 90 skills. I don't brag too much, but there you go. That's exactly what I'm talking about, where you can recommend people, and then they will, usually after receiving a calling recommendation from you. Deluge. The reciprocates give you a recommendation back. However, it is one thing that you can do and say, for example, and I go to car, holds page again and say, for example, that I worked with call on the project and or Cojo was one of my customers and he was really easy to work and alongside what I could do is, I could say to call, call and listen. I hope that you have been satisfied with and the work we're doing for your company or hope you're satisfied from with and with whatever we've given you, And would it be okay if you could recommend me? I'm on my linked in for something for first certain scale, or you could I ask him to endorse you for something. We also find that if you if you ask someone in person, this is hope you're I hope you're happy with the job. Don't. And can you recommend me? They usually say, Yeah, and especially when you tell them that you're going to recommend them to. And you'll find that deal usually like he's received tree. And he's also given four, as you can see, like Antony Flynn here and received one and also gave one back on. And usually when you ask people and they'll usually reach out in the usually give you a recommendation as well. And it really helps to make your profile look complete on have give you that little pushover dealers when searching for a job or trying to seal and that deal with costumers. They know that they're working with someone who could be trusted and so that there. So there you go. Dylan has actually matching me. They're saying thanks for endorsed me for management have, like him. Just say you're welcome back. I actually didn't know he was going to do without. I swear, Bush on him. Yes, that's pretty cool. So and you know people will be will be will be show gratitude as well, when they see that you've given him a recommendation or endorsement. So and that's my and lecture on LinkedIn recommendations I hope you have enjoyed and I'll see you in the next election. 8. Showcasing your Courses & Achievements: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on Lincoln about courses and achievements. So this is a very important and parish of linked in profile and basically the layers you put in whatever certification you've achieved and within your time and working so essentially and what you want to do with you. Wanna add a profile section pick on accomplishments on inside here you have a big choice of you know what you can on your profile that will make your profile standards. So, say, for example, and your lecture. You know, you could put in your publications here, but clicking on the close button and then you can put in the title their publication and the publication day to your L to the publication in the description is well and or, for example, you have certifications. Peyton's courses. If you want to put in any projects that you've done in the past, you can add them here and languages etcetera. These are all really important things and kill things that you can put in your problem that are kind of hidden away from Lincoln and Lincoln. Don't really say you know when you're probably come on. Cheryl, put in your certifications. It's hit away, and only those who know that inside it in secret, something didn't know and thus you can put in these cool feet yourself. Say, for example, here, even here in you know me. And if you are out, of course, and like, say, for example, it's a course. Let's go to you to me dot com on. So if example you're doing this course here, this Nugent marketing course on you can literally copy this. So once you've completed the course and you can put in the course name here, the number doesn't really mean anything associated with and you put in the role. It's so stated. But on this profile, Cheryl is only one role. So American Executive on Click safe. So if we scroll down there, it was a compliment. Accomplishments one course. You two American Empire. You're not something that stand out. So if Cheryl wants employees for a job in on American position within YouTube or working with you chew No, this is what employers like to see here. And so, for example, when out something else so and projects say, for example, she worked in a project like then um for example, Facebook marketing campaigned. Ah, first 10,000 likes from the start days, for example, was in June to bullets bullet. Any random dates on it doesn't really matter would be more relevant for you. You'll know what dates you did of certain project. Where you put the project is ongoing as well. If you're still doing the project and again, you could end the role that it's associated with. If the past role, you can put it in through here and you want to put in the location of the project as well. So maybe you could save the project Orban, Google Drive or on Dropbox, and you copied the shit and sharing link and put it in here. That will attach the project on J. Linked in profile. And but it's a really important within description to say, you know and what you did in the project. And maybe they're obstacles that you run into in the project and on what you learned in the results of the project and what you learned in the end from the project. So those four things are really, really important. So say, for example, we're going to put in and, um worked on and the Facebook marketing project to gas animation. Explainers our first. But he likes to be, say, 10,000 likes on Facebook. Then you could say so you've ever owned the objective. And you could say, um, we had difficulty with achieving Likes from and people living in do UK plus Europe or based Um, Initially, however we created, we decided to create or to optimize her Facebook on to only Target D's locations. You know, this is just it's quite a crappy example both, and you wanted everyone may be a problem that, or have you spell up to mice and you want to outline the proper problem that you're running to would indeed within and working on the project. And then hell, you on how you overcame that challenge. A swell Is it from this project? Or you could say, within the 1st 3 weeks of doing this project, we received over 10,000 Facebook likes, which helped us to grow her customer base. So you can also you can also state impact dust the project hard on your involvement in the project to the business as well. From this project. I learned thus on Dr tough wherever you learned from doing the project. This here is exactly what you need to do when you're putting a project work in your linked in profile. I'm making it really, really. Standards on employers love this as well. And so I'd recommend doing this. It's really, really, really a good way off showing off your experience on, you know, beating your competition. And we're trying to find that job. Or and if customers are on your potential, customers are on your page and they see previous projects You don't for the coasters someone to hate this person actually, really good. You know, they've done a great job already for all of these customers and all these projects. So why don't we go on their website and buy from them? And it's a really, really good way off and improving your profile so it really recommend and not just inserting projects, but also inserting had the courses you've achieved and publications etcetera. So whatever thing you have achieved while working, and it's really, really ability to pull it on your linked in profile and using this profile section accomplishments and one of these and options sound here. So I hope you've enjoyed this lecture on off the you in the next 9. The importance of Connections: Hi, guys. Welcome to this lecture on LinkedIn connections. So in order to see the connections that you haven't linked in, you just click up here. My never. Uh huh. So, as you can see here, and Cheryl has over 1600 connections and click on. See all you see a full list of connections touch Cheryl house here, so basically, please, and you can think of connections as, like, a business friendship. So once you connect with someone, you're gonna be able to see all their posts on LinkedIn. Andi, we're gonna be able to directly message these people. Also, these people are going to see your posts on LinkedIn. They're gonna be You're gonna They're gonna be able to directly message you too. So it's quite it's important that you build your connections especially early, on and linking, because it's going to give you an advantage over the others when it comes to, I'm going for that job, getting more customers and because you're gonna have a lot more power. So, for example, say if you have but 10 times and connections, that means every single time you post content on LinkedIn, up to 10,000 people can see that content, whether it's an advertising for your business, whether it's just content and marketing. Um, whether it's whatever talked off marketing or content it is, and up to 10,000 people will be able to see. So that's really, really powerful. And in a subsequent course I show you how to and build up your connections really, really quickly on also and the best way to message people so that you know they going to your website on messaging the Roy people to, you know, once you were likely to boy from your website. But I'm from your company as well on Teoh, you know, generate eats. So that's the next course I'm gonna be building. And so say Tuned for that. So I just wanted to show you. And here and on Sharon's profile, she has over 1600 connections. But here you only see 500 plus on Leaked in. They only show a maximum of 500 connections. So when your first building your linked in profile, it's really, really important to just, you know, connect with as many people as possible so that you get over that five Under America's advocacy, this looks really really professional because anyone who was over 500 connections and they're gonna have this 500 plus symbol here meeting that, you know, they're connected to a lot of people on, you know, they're probably going or what they do. They're probably very professional. You know what I had to that professionalism to the entire profile. So and, yeah, that's the main and part about connections. I'm just gonna show you how to on I had someone as a connection on needed. So if I click on this guy here, for example, Roddy elaborate. And if I want to connect to him, what's going collect? No. It says here, link to members are more likely to accept invitations that include a personal note. So that means that, you know, if I don't know and this person Roddy, for example, there's gonna be a smaller chance that he's going to connect with because he doesn't know who I am. However, you know, five message, probably here and say, Hey, Rati, you know, do you remember me from the US and marketing conference? Probably decided to connect. You regards Cheryl on a vital extend invitation here. Roddy will get that and he might say, Oh, yeah. Remember Cheryl? Actually, Yeah. Yeah, well connected her. That's a really, really good way to build. Look, your connections at the start. But as I say, I am in my subsequent course going to be showing you have to do thus in and a lot more detail on much, much quicker and some. That is the end of this lecture on connections on the Did I hope you've enjoyed on. I'll see you in the next lecture. 10. Finding Content that works: Hello, Roy's. I'm welcome to the start of this section, which is gonna be on content. So we're backing Cheryl's profile here. And as you can see, if you just type in Lincoln dot com or linked in the com slash feed and you see the Lincoln newsfeed. So here I can see all of Cheryl's connections and most recent content. Um, you know, you can sort by top you consort also by and have recent the content is and was posted or, you know, and how much engagement and these posts are getting. So posting content on LinkedIn is a really, really good way of American ing. And for example, because I am, Cheryl has over 1600 connections, and that means we call it a large audience there and Teoh promote and are content to, well, not just promoter content out there, but also to promote it for free as well. This is free marketing. Once you build up your connections, you are your connections will be able to see all your posts. So and we have up to 1600 people that we can post content to that we that we get to engage whatever we put up on linked in. So it's a really, really good way. And to market yourself or for your business or whatever and you want to achieve So in order , Teoh and Post and some content, you know, you're gonna have to falling. Firstly, what type of content you want to post. So I'm thinking in German to post images videos or just plain text here within this text Books. Here you're everything to include leagues is well in certain content and also in the post attics. You're able to decide if you want. The publicity is if you're a local beer Twitter to think, didn't even post to Twitter about or just your connections are lifted. So and in this lecture I'm gonna show you basically, how to find and content not just on your content content that is already being shared on Lyndon on. Do you know that most likely to do well for you when you posted up there? So I'm gonna take into a website and it's going to be called Bose Sumo duck home. So basically, what both sumo is is, um, a Web site that shows and the most recent the most popular content and being shared on social media. So, as you can see, it chose different statistics based on Facebook engagement linked in Twitter shares. Pinterest, etcetera. So say, for example, you are working in the hospitality industry, and you wanna post content out there to your following on. Linked in all you have to do is go to both sumo dot com and type in hospitality. Let's go. No, you'll be greeted with this page here. So this here shows and a list of articles on beside the list of articles you'll see and how many engagements there's been. No Facebook. How many shares of this article There's been a link? Did how many shares of this article has been on Twitter Pinterest number links on the total shares here, and I'm not too sure Evergreen scores. It says the high evergreen score indicates that the article is still being shared well after it was published. Okay, it's not to know the real thing, kind of see as well, um, you know, it's something else to look at support in our case, we're going to be Georgia, mostly off linking chairs, because that's what we're gonna be linked in his platform where we will be posting the content to so and of a little scroll danity if I can find one. Thus good interest someone who works in hospitality. Um, okay, so here's a 10 plus times. Hotels surprise everyone, but their creativity. It's that simple. And six point tree tables and chairs on linked in So it's it's already a piece of content that we know it's been shared after the London So, um, it could be a good one, so I wasn t here. Templates, times, hotels, supplies. Everybody's their creativity. So you know, this hotel is policy. It's after, so it's quite engaging is, well, agreement. Oi, comments teach photographs and you know, these air the type of articles that do well on victim. And wouldn't you know, people perform their little pieces of information to never knew before but hotels. And if you're in, if you're within the hotel industry, you're gonna find this article Cordiant interestings well, and it's more likely to be shared on you know, the more often your articles or your content and a shared on LinkedIn. That means the more times Europe on your face is going to appear here on the more times, recruiters or potential customers are gonna click on you. Find out more information about you and your following is gonna grow. You're more likely to get that job, or you're more likely to get more people to your website needs, etcetera. So this is the website that I recommend itsumo dot com and a little link and attaching this video Bush and you can do some really, really good and research here. Like, for example, you can see what's, you know, popular within the last week and or last year's five years. Now, just as you can see here, it is different and plans what you need to sign up different for these features. But I would recommend, um, paying for for this platform if you really do want to and Teoh promote a content on LinkedIn. And you know this is probably the best platform that therefore that. And but as you can see here, there's t offer free trials, etcetera as well. So if you don't have the money at the moment and you know it's still your celebrity was pilloried Radical platform, so are definitely recommend a book, Sumo for finding your content. Thanks very much. I'll see you in the next section 11. Writing Articles within LinkedIn: Hi, guys. Welcome to this second lecture in this second section on Newington. And this second video is gonna be on creating your own content on leg did on creating your own articles. And so, essentially, you know, you can look around for the best content and articles that they're linked in using the ball sumo up the little shoulder, whoever if you're if you like writing and on, you don't mind putting together, you know, and maybe 500 to 1000 words on and your thoughts or opinions on trend within your industry . Well, then, just absolutely no harm in writing your own articles, fact recommended. If it's your type of and think so in order to write your own article on, they tend its simplest licking their oId an article book, then it will take you to the linked in publishing page. So within the Lincoln Prohibition page, you're able to push a background image here and as a header of your article. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click on this image here a prepared So it started out there. So there you go. It's called Video American, and so our village type be in the top trends in video marketing. So I'm actually going to use. And our websites We've written a block and at the video marketing somewhere here before. Uh, yes. So we'll use this one here. So true reasons be to be businesses there driving creative video content surge. And what about guys? This is our website here. Animation, explainer, stock, commune commodities if you like. If you'd be interested in an animated explainer video and for your business and come on over most of its shots and bush Okay, so this here is the content I'm going to use, But you can go ahead and write your own. And inside here and course, I'm just literally gonna be taken parts. And because it is our own content Anyway, I did release. He was wrong to remember that. And you shouldn't be taking content directly from other websites. I'm only taking this content because Dr your own content and but I do recommend that you write your own on have because of the wise You get in trouble, which is know what you want. We don't want to even getting banned. Duff Ling did, and or any copyright infringements to take place. So I'm just gonna copy literally the different steps on copy and paste. So you're able to actually write in whatever you like. I'm gonna put in my tree trends here. In fact, they're not really trained there. They and it's more y use video marketing. Now, I thought looks a little bit better. And so once you have your content kind of written, we'd always kind of a voice to maybe put some pictures in here and there as well. And I'm gonna odds the pictures, the other picture, or any type of media by clicking this little box here. Then you click on Image Ivan upload from my computer. On only was this one here. There you go. What's another video marking style image? And it's always a good idea to to use, um, I've just been using taking them from Google images. So video American ing, um, she's probably better idea to use this one. So this is a website called pics of a dot com on lousy deals for free images. So you're not infringing on anyone's copy right here and you have the rights. Teoh these images and you can put them wherever you like. They're free to use for anybody. So I'd recommend on using picks of a images for your content to. So if I type in video marketing, here we go. So use this one. You have to just do the capture and click on download. So just downloading to usual saving J P g file, which is us an image. And I don't just use this. YouTube ponders where front on this and saving as a PNG. So the boat image image files on the books the ball compatible only did. So I'm just gonna put an image down beside each, um, piece of content. So I use this one next. So it's social media. And then finally, the last one and the last one, I've actually changed my mind. I'm not gonna put image here instead of I want to other video so I can add a video by this copying and paste in the link into here. So I was looking up videos earlier on. So did you disguise, um, for my article? So enter on my YouTube video for his YouTube video should be here, and I'm just going to say courtesy on his channel name. It's also a good and things to do, boys. If you are going to use other people's content to, just make sure that on you referenced them as well. And within your article. So that's, you know, they're probably not going to be an annoyed for using their YouTube video. And if anyone is in toppy, or if anyone does reach out to you for taking their content, just make sure you take it down and apologize. But in this case, and I have reference Hurricane media here, So let's stay and reach out to me and say that I'm not happy with me putting their content up, and I just presumed us. It will be okay to do so. So once you're happy, which your article you can click on this publish button appear and you know they just lost a lot of things you can do with this. You can put in slides if you want presentation links, you can put even cold. And if you want to, and if you're more technical minded and forced this here, this entry have you post on unlike did on It's pretty cure under the click publish Um, and then the last step is to put in hashtag so Hashtags will help people fall into your content. So in my case, video marketing is gonna be more made. I just like, and what else could they use? Digital media hash tag? Um, animated videos, um, explainer videos. So you know it. It's going to be dependent always on what, exactly, writing about and what industry you're in. So, basically, whenever these hashtags will help people find your content on LinkedIn, even if they're not connected with you. If someone in the search bar, for example, now types in video marketing into here, then you click click on content, for example. This content here is gonna come up because and they've used the video American ing am hashtag within their tax. That's really important. And so whatever typos content and you're publishing, just make sure that you have the red of passion types and attached to it so that the Roy people confined your content. Hopefully, they'll connected you like your content. Share your content on the your profile will become much, much more popular than generate more leads or and year you're more likely Tiu Tiu to get that job as well. Amid all that's the professionalism of your of your profile. So and that's this lecture don't and thanks very much. And I'll see you in the next. 12. Posting Content on LinkedIn: he's in this final lecture. I'm going to show you how to post content lived in. So in the previous lecture recreated our first article, and I will I click publish. And the article was put on Cheryl's, um, inside her actively here. So inside activity, it shows exactly and everything that Cheryl has been doing on LinkedIn, including, you know, what she's liked. Um what watch? He posts, etcetera. So I didn t hear these air sample pokes that Cheryl has made. So this is a day for a to moment. We're marking our free marketing e book s Oh, you can download it here and the covers dismissing things here. So I didn't see Cheryl's making great use of the mold use again and which is really important, really helps there with the click through rate of the post, Sam, as you can see here as well, she's a noise image in there and what he used can Vodacom. And to post this so decide that used very start for creating our header appear I use the same website Cambodia, calm and confined, linked in and posts a section in there where you can design your own post So all it it was I got the book Kovar on a black background with some text years and see down the Big Bull on Dr Down mode. Nick, they're, um, as you see here. So I've also written an article which has gotten more click. It is really, really good and re clicking. Who viewed this? Ah, it says most your clicks came from a second degree network. So that's really interesting, guys. Because if it's a first degree network, it means that they're connected with you. If the second degree network, it means us, they're connected to someone who is connected to what with you. So that means, guys, that the fact it was the hashtags someone who used the hush tyke, one of the hashtags they are put into the post. And they're the ones who clicked on on my article. So that's really, really interesting. It shows that, you know, my hashtags were effective, but they only poked us a few minutes ago. So and that's really, really promising. And do you have connections there growing here too? But anyway, that's got back to the point. So and I'm gonna show you how to post something Arlington. So what you want to do is just click and sorry. Just click up here where to share an article, photo video, our idea. So it says right here. Or use assembles to mention some. So, for example, and or you could say, um, automation explainers offer professional on the maid Egx explain their videos that have a fast turn around time. That's the point I've just made. Now we can say something like, What do you think both island made it videos on Do you think they could? How your business to So that's a very rich, simple post flop. If I wanted Teoh get a little bit of engagement from my followers on Taken, you know, I'm asking a question, and so just do you think they could help your business? Or what do you take of animated videos and posted? These are more likely Dio guest some more engagement rather than just trying to calls out on your your product or service. And you know, if you're actually putting out your ideas and rather than sticking your CV open on as a poster and you know, if you're genuinely show interested in the particular topic and employers are also going to find this really, really interesting on their more, including Teoh. Click on your profile too. So and that's very that's basically it, cause you know, if you want, you can add an image and to the post. So if I want to put in this image underneath, you could do thus, um or if I want to post the video conflict on this, the last thing I want to show you is ever example. I just want to attack their websites. And all I have to do is just gonna put in a website here. Just paste it in here and there are website comes up here. Animation, explain this dot com it comes up straight away, and I can also mention people. So what do you think, Dylan? Where is he? Um, there is there. So I could ask Dylan here. What does he think? You know, if I wanted, you can mention people by using that that symbol and and that will help you foreign people as well. Terry, I'm There is so you know, it's It's a really, really interesting way goes Teoh, Guess your ideas out there and getting people involved but what you do on and it's important to create some type of content strategy and for your LinkedIn. And, you know, if you're gonna post every day if you're gonna post every second day every week, etcetera. But it's really important that you're consistent in what you decided to do. Um, boss And yeah, that's the through the it guys. I want to thank you for taking this this course and keep an eye on. Boy, you'd be profile for opening on courses. And, of course, if you can leave in almost review after this lecture of how you felt that this course went would really appreciate it. Thanks very much, boys. By but