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Build a character for your life

teacher avatar Mateja Opačić & Andreja Opačić

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Before We Start

    • 3. Why should I build my character for real life?

    • 4. Aspects of character building

    • 5. Project and tools

    • 6. Skills

    • 7. How To Build The Skill

    • 8. Appearance

    • 9. Career

    • 10. Health

    • 11. Contribution to environment

    • 12. Project Instructions

    • 13. Bonus Cheat sheet

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About This Class

Are you a gamer? Or just occasional player. Did you easily conquer enemies in the game but have problem to score in real life? Then this is the program constructed for you!

Hi my name is Mateja Opačić and I worried for my son. How will he create success in his life? He is extremely successful in the games but real life could be the problem. I know that succeeding in real life is easier than in some games. And to explain that to him I created this course. Even more I ask him to be the host for this course and to read all those rules and explanations for you. Also he created an example of the project in the project area. I hope that you will do the same.

I think that this course can help, not only to my son, but to all gamers everywhere.

I hope that you will experience a lot of fun doing the project I prepared for you.

Let’s blur the boundary between games and real life!!!

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is under a opus each and I'll be your host for build a character for your life. This free classes a part of the life helping Siri's be yourself created by my father, Not there all besiege. There are a lot of character based games, the famous one being world for cracked. In those games, beginners tend to skim past the character creation process in order to play the game as soon as possible. They usually use pre generated characters with default characteristics. More experience players and all the characteristics of their hero will define their style of play. Because of that, they spend some time choosing some of the prettified options for their character. Experts, on the other hand, spent a few hours, sometimes even a day's worth of time picking proper, characterised exported character. You know that the characteristics of the character will we find their game play and sanitize. It could be crucial for winning the game. In these types of games, developers tried to reflect the rules from life in their game. Character based games are especially known for that. Could we take that the other way around? Could we create our personal character. Could we tweak ourselves? What the characters in those games could we take all those good concepts from games and bring them to real life? Here are a few questions for you. Do you know how you make decisions? Do you know what you will wear each day? Do you know which proposal you will accept and vitriol? Decline all those questions played a part of your character. Reason why you have some decisions. Are hardware with your identity? Yes, I'm talking about your character. Most people are unaware of their identity, and even worse, they let ads, media, politicians and others to influence their identity without even knowing what is happening. If we know our identity, if we know our characteristics, our personality, we will be able to defend and improve good characteristics and change those which absorb further enhancements in the game of life. This class will help you to define and improve yourself in a funny and entertaining way similar to character building and video games 2. Before We Start: before we start this character building process, I would like to tell you a story. I have been playing a lot of games for a long period of time, and my parents are pretty used to it there. I didn't check when I was in the computer. They didn't check with your games I played or how many hours I spent doing so when they well, I was tweaking my character for a new game. My father said behind and watched what I was doing for some time. And then if he asked me, What are you doing? Why don't you play the game? Why are you spending so much time tweaking your hero? Then I explained to him that my success in the game greatly dependent on what it shows here . In the beginning, there's so many possibilities, so much characteristics that looks like real life. He know, Noticed, got up and let the room. That was the moment when the idea for this course came to existence. Did you notice that some very famous and rich people on Lee have a few dress combinations? One of them, for instance, was Steve Jobs. Do you know why it reflected his character. He defined how he should look on stage and on other situations. And then he bought those clothes and were only that until the end of his life. People around the world admired him and still do for that. Doesn't that look like designing your character for a video game? At the beginning of the video game, you decide how your character will look like what he or she will wear was ill here. Well, he or she had colors, etcetera. In real life, it is not a simple, but it is equally important, and a lot of players spent many hours streaking visual appearance of his for her character . But they missed many other important characteristics. Does that sound like real life? We spend so much time and money building our visual identity, but sometimes we didn't define the other part of identity. We can find more similarities between games and real life, but I think you got the idea. Games could have different things and can happen on different planets, different species. But in order to be attractive for the human player, games have to have a human psychology. In the course of the game, the gaming companies, knowing this spent billions upon billions of dollars mimicking human behavior in their gains. Of course, they do that in order to make very games, and now we can use all that hard or knowledge and exploit it for self improvement. 3. Why should I build my character for real life?: I shouldn't build my character for real life. There are so many different books about self improvement. Also, Moan is self help books. All these books have one thing in common, and that is to help you discover a finder's well. You could try such books on. They are usually pretty good, but you can reach a similar result by designing your identity, like designing your character in a video. The main idea here is to describe your identity in a similar way as you would build a character in a video. The main problem stated in many of these books is that people don't know their self people , usually trying to copy others from their environment, such as parents, friends or some famous people on TV. What we want to say is that that isn't your life. It's someone else's. Even if you copy some characteristics that is only a part of their life, they are famous not because of that small part. Let's give an example. Wearing a black polo and jeans will not make you the same person as Steve jobs. Even worse, that might not even be congruent with your personal charisma. The other problem for Many of us is working on one part on too few parts of our life. Physical appearance, business, health or relationship. But not on life is a whole thing. There is only a small percentage of people taking care of all life aspirants, and they're considered the happy few. They see their life as a blessed, inspired and wonderful life. Let's summarize greats Define your personal characteristics. Looking out at yourself from a player's perspective, this associate yourself from a real struggle. Put yourself in a point of objective overview upon your life. From that perspective defined. Create how you should look, behave, feel etcetera. If your character a real advantage superpower, if you will, that will help your character of your life conquered the world, but at the same time be realistic and give to your character only those characteristics which are obvious that you can handle. That means that you should choose the best characteristics for your character, but not to put too much burden on him or her, but enough to have a chance to win. Now we have a chance to build yourself in an easy and funny with and one more thing before we start people usually plan many things, but in reality only those written down have a chance to be realized. That is why we will put all our characteristics on paper. We're documents in your computer phone tablet asset. 4. Aspects of character building: life has many layers. It's not only about business or good looks or health or relationships, etcetera. What has many aspects, and it is not the same set of aspects for everyone. One person has a different set of life aspects from other. For example, when the university teachers have science is a big part of their life, and he or she will be fine and details what that scientists he or she wants to be, how he or she will behave. It's a scientist what they will do with scientists, etcetera. Others will skip this aspect of life. Because of that, we will cover on Lee a few common life aspects and show you how to build your life character. But you could implement the same principles on any life aspect that is important to you. In this short course, we will cover only the foaming gas sects appearance career Health relationship would have loved one and contribution to environment. Of course, each of us has their favorite aspect of life, and after you finish this project for this class, I assume that you will go through this ponds. It's one more for your life character, but with all the aspects of life which are important to you. Let's say a few things about each of the life aspects we chose for this project. One a periods. The first thing everyone tweaks and video games, his appearance, the visual representation of the hero. Let's do the same for our like character. Number two is skills. The most important characteristic of your character is his or her skill set. This part usually defines your style of plate and capabilities for off your character. This will be a fine how your character can overcome different situations in the game. Never free this career. Many people think that they're not successful. They see their career as something that is imposed to them. They see their career is a job they need to do because they graduate in some school or because they somehow ended up in that particular company. If you have a chance to find a career toe Taylor, the career for you. I bet you will have a better chance to win in the game of life. In this segment, we will define the career most suited for you, and we will add a few characteristics and behaviors that will help you to reach great prosperity in this area. Number four is health, as we know will be doing games. Have health bars, and if you lose all your health, the game is over. In the real life, it's the same. If you are are healthy enough, you will not be able to do anything you will not be able to feel. Fulfill your role in most feels. You will need this category for sure. Number five This relationship with a loved one and one online survey More than half of the participants choose this area area of life as the most important one. This aspect, the leftist, too many layers, and it could be different for different people. We will only scratch the service here, but I hope that you will get the idea on how to fulfill this area once you start to finding your character and number six is contribution to the environment. If you want to win the game of life, this life field is important and you will see why. But let's start from beginning 5. Project and tools: project and tools. There are a few ways to define or create your character for your life. The first minute in this course we will use the simplest one. Paper and pencil were using a document. The second method is if you like, and if you have some drawing skills, you can draw all characteristics during a hero and then draw magic book with all the spells , characteristics and behaviors off your hero or drunk characteristics and behaviors off your hero as tools around him or her withdrawing skills. You can represent their characteristics in a way you like or as you already saw in some video game. The third net method is mind map. My favorite method. If you know and practice mind mapping, you can create your hero at the center of the monument, draw it or just please a picture of yourself. Each branch in the minds Matt is a different life aspect, and then each characteristic and behavior draw as a sub branch from that bridge. If you like, you could organize, organize similar things under the same sub wretch. The fourth method is choose one of your favorite games and try to correlate characteristics from the game with Charlie. A real life, this math that has many drawbacks. If you're a professional gamer, this will be the easiest way to start, and the fifth message is any way you like. Just remember, you need to have somehow recorded the important characteristics and behaviors real life character for each aspect of light that matter. See, as we mentioned before on this course, we will be writing a document. Each life aspect will represent as one chapter tiger for each chapter will be a life aspect . We want to define in that chapter, and the definition of your character will be a list of characteristics and behaviors. Each characteristic and behavior has two or three flavors. One is the current characteristic or behavior, and the other one is the potential characteristic and behavior. That second flavor is something that your hero should reach during the game. For example, in the health part, your fuel can walk a range of five kilometers current characteristic, but in the future you plan to advance your here to have a possibility to walk 15 commenters potential characteristic for each potential characteristic. You should have a behavior on how you will build a characteristic to the higher level. That means that under each title we'll have a list of current characteristics and behaviors and then the list of improved characteristics and behaviors with a plan on how to reach that goal. We'll write the plan as a sub desk or sub list on their improves the characteristics, for example, range of 15 kilometers walking distance, walked twice a week at police the same distance as your current walking distance and try to increase that range from time to time as you gain condition. 6. Skills: skills. If you have ever played some character building based video game, then you know why skills are important for the game. Skills would find the whole game. It will define your game style, your way of dealing with obstacles in the game s set. In the end, how much you will love the game. Brickell depends on the skills you choose and developed during the game for our Lifecare toe. Let's keep the same style as we see in video games. That means right all of your current skills and put them on. Put some level as additional information for that skill. For example, with book presentation at Low seven blamed guitar at Level three Dancing as not available. Programming level nine. Communication Little eight Cooking level one, etcetera. Here you will not list all existing skills just those you have and those you need or would like to have additionally to level. You could put some description on what that level means for this particular skill. For example, on presentation, we put very good but have place for improvement as a little seven. Play me guitar basic level, and I want to improve more in that area. Dancing that's available. I don't have the skill, but they plan toe warning the future programming enough for mature. It needs maybe some small improvements. I could do communication. I'm satisfied with my current level communication skill, but it's awesome books in that area. And maybe I could drastically improve my communication scale. I think it is worth trying and cooking. I don't know almost anything about cooking, but I would like to know more. As you can see from previous examples level is not some absolute measurement of your skill , but how much that's killed for fills your needs in that area. That means if you have some skill at Level 10 you're satisfied for this, and they want to improve it further. If a skill has the level markets not available or one that means you really want to have that. From this point of view, it looks like level one means you should develop that skill, but it is not that simple. What you will develop in the next period depends on many other perimeters, and we need some additional marks on what skills we will build in the next period. Let's explain this with an example for instance, you have level one cooking and you really want to learn and master that. But you are currently in the process of learning programming and your satis way with your current well, but you want to finish what you have started before you jump on cooking. As a result, in the next period, you will continue to build your programming skills and postpone learning to cook. We will use a small, integral method well marked with a star. What we will focus in the next period will have three stars for skills, and we will organize them as we like. We did mark three skills for improvements, or we can put all three stars on the same skill if this something extremely important for us in that period. In life bursting example, we put a single start in front of presentation, and we put two stars in front of programs. If you have the list like doing here, you will keep focusing on your programming skill and additionally, work on your presentation. Skill reviewing before we continue with our character building, let's explain how we will use this tool for gaining benefits for ourselves. You will listen to all their lessons and finish your project and even go through the bar process one more time and do it all in more detail. But guard the building is not a one time effort. It is something that we should regularly review at least once per year if we want to benefit from it. With this character building method, we will gradually improve ourselves. And to keep this path, we need toe overview from time to time. This is a tool you'll need to use regularly in order to gain something from it. How often will you review your character at least once per year, But then you will have very slow improvement rate. You'll forget many of those characteristics, he wrote. Once former things much bear, you will read all your life characteristics and update anything that has changed in the previous month. Reading something month by month will integrate those ideas on off what you are an imposed proper Decatur and actions. And that's just by meeting what you want to be and how you want to accomplish that. Also, old actions will be written down that you want to perform in order to improve yourself. I don't want to do if years look like take your document is easier. If you haven't done in a digital form and re detector at the reading chapter, go through it again and change what is necessary. His example. We will use the list from the skill part. You finished with your programming skill learning process changed a little for that skill inching description. See if you improve some other skill and change the level of description. If so, I think if there are any new skills you could emerge into your life. If so, add them to the list. If you notice that you have fallen back in some skill change level of description, redistribute stars according to your plans for falling month. And that is all. Pay attention on those two new informations I gave you in this example. Think about the new skills you can emerge in your life. Don't put any skills you heard from media friends. Just those you really need or would like to have. The second thing is about checking the level of your current skills. Some of that may be degraded because you focus too much on another skill and neglect that this one If you do your character review each month, none of your skills or characteristics will degrade without your knowledge. Then you won't have a chance to do something about it to rent an ambulance. Some steps in correcting it. And now this review process is the key element off gaining benefits from this tool. Please put a re occurring calendar appointment for this and to its regular Larry. 7. How To Build The Skill: how to build a skill in the real life skills or something that we gathered through the course of our life. Some of them are very important to us and some. Then we learn for entertainment purposes only many skills we try to learn, but we give up. Some skills were developed to the expert level. Some skills weight barely half. We have a set of skills, each of them on a different level. And we could add more skills for time and develop each of them to a different level. We all know that skills are very useful and we all want to have more skills of our sleeves . So then what is stopping us? Well, to elevate each scale toe a useful level, we need many hours of practice and hard work. We can't invest so many hours on every skill we liked. Instead, we need a plan. What set of skills will be the most important to us and then learn build of skills. If you are a teacher, the presentation skill is the most important for you and you need to master it. If you're a programmer, the presentation skills is something that will be nice. to have, but it's not critical for you. Programmers can choose to learn some basic presentation skills, but do you just need to master that skill? How much time do you need to invest in developing a skill well to master a skill to bring a skill to the highest level, you need 10,000 hours of constant improvement of ink and learning. You can research more about that than thousands. Our theory on the Net, but for a basic level, you need only 24 hours. Those 24 hours should be distributed in the following way. On your first day of building a skill, you should spend about 6 to 8 hours and learning the basic technique that period. You should try what you have learned as well. You need to understand the basics and to extract what you consider is the core of the skill for you. It would be nice if you have someone to help you in this area, someone with expert knowledge about the skill. On the next day, you should spend around four hours practicing what you have learned and fill in the gaps from the previous day. A teacher trainer would be helpful during the next month. Practice what you have learned and add a little more every two or three days on those things. The teacher or trainer could help you to correct things that you didn't notice. The most important thing in this process is not to skip a day. You need to practice each day put least 30 days in a row. If you calculate the time you needed those 30 days, it is no more than often our per date. If you can pull authorities of skill learning because of traveling for some other obligation, we prevents you from practicing. Then it's better not to start immediately. True, the time when you can do at least those 30 days less than that will not create a useful skill off any love. 30 days will build your skill to the first level of usefulness. The explain procedure will provide you a long lasting effects of that skill. For only 30 days of practice. We already explained that we don't need all skills from the highest level. For most skills, this will be enough, but for some of them this will be only the beginning. In the end, will you spend 30 days or 10,000 hours on the skill is your decision, but you should write your plan for that skill. Dedicate the necessary time and effort. 8. Appearance: appearance. This category covers everything that you can do for first impression. Obvious things such as color of the eyes and here. Height, weight, etcetera. Great blue eyes were heard. 84 centimeters height, tight hips, short hair, etcetera. Your style is important as well. For example, would you wear sneakers and T shirts or fancy shoes and a suit? Which hole would be dumb into your wardrobe? For example, wear fancy shoes, blue jeans and this great shirt. We're a T shirt, jeans and shoes, but the shark has to have only one color. Dominant color and wardrobe is like Boop sneakers were only when playing a sport for concerts were black or red Converse all Star sneakers and turned up jeans and teachers with events emblem. But this category could and should cover your behavior as well. But only those which is important for a first impression. For example, smiling when you're introduced to someone but not too much. Never swear is that of heavy swear words. Use only debt. Keep looking straight while walking. It's that try to go through all common life situations. Job Interview. A regular day on the job, going out, going on a rock concert going in the theater, wandering around the house, etcetera, and think how your hero will look like and how he or she will behave in those situations right down for each of these situations, your current characteristics and behaviors, and in the second segment, future characteristics and the hairs. While you're doing this, please think about yourself as the hero in a video game. Current characteristics is what you have at the beginning of the game. Imagine you're perfect appearance and if something can be fulfilled right away, put in Kurt correct heuristics and what you can't have now put in Advanced Hero Section, for example, you conserve smiling right away. But you need to have a plan of your hero place to find skink. Your project on this tractor visual appearance should have the phone Subtitles. General Characteristics Here You will write things that are common for all situations and for long periods of time. For example, your height, weight color of the ice hairstyle. If you're male, women usually change their hairstyle depending on the situation. Dominant color, etcetera. General behaviour. Here you will put your usual behavior for example, peaceful, friendly, determined etcetera. But you should write this description on what that means for you. Let's give an example peaceful, not reacting immediately, no matter what others may say. Always keep in mind that everyone does what they think is right. Every opinion you get from others process information and do not allow your emotions to reactive it. It's situation has two subtitles there. Oh, for example, in theater, look in theater behavior on job. Look on job behavior at home. Look at whom behavior? That's it. And that is all. Go on, Lee, through those situations which are common for you for each situation to find your style for that occasion and how you will behave there Writing Subtitles advanced here this subtitle right, All characteristics and behaviors you think you should develop in the future? Very discreet. Here, Joe's only a few points of improvement and write a plan on how you will improve this aspect of your life. We will rewrite to this at least once per year, and then we can put characteristics we developed in that year the standard characteristics and add a new point of improvement For the next year. Each aspect of your life should have points of improvement, but be patient and put on Lee a few points of improvement for each one aspect. You will add the next once you conquer during one or two points of improvement for like aspect per year is perfect was given. Example. Have 80 kilograms, create diet plan, do more exercise that weighs three times per week, measure weights every morning and track progress in the reviewing process. You go through all characteristics and check if something should be changed. But the focus is on this advanced hero said here you will change the current plan if you want to ask why we doctor an advancement. 9. Career: Korea. We identify ourselves. According to our career. Many people were introduced yourself but highlighting their job with their world. For example. Hi, I'm John and I'm principal in this school or high from Sandra, and I'm a nurse in this For this hospital, even a person who isn't satisfied with their job will put in their introduction sentence. Career Job do has quit impact on your character and your behavior. We spend at least eight hours of each work day on the job, almost 1/3 of our life we dedicate toward Job and Korea. If your career job is not suited for you, the Depression anxiety with someone under psychological disorder can develop from it or you just become a better person. The main problem with career is the way how we define it. We identified our current job with our career and with our identity. If our job is not satisfying, we will diminish a great part of her life. You find your character as you like, not as it is imposed. For example, maybe you're an accountant. You don't like that. Ask yourself what you will love to dio or what you would like to try in this chapter had two definitions. First, is your career as what you would like to do here? Explain in detail what you will dio and how that will bring you money for both. The other definition is your current job and what you like and appreciate their after those definitions. Try to figure out how to do mark career stuff, less job stuff you don't like as a conclusion for this chapter. Give yourself some great title, for example, exceptional. More bile developer, expert or in white into contents, specialist or cook inspired by niche. That's it. It will help you to embrace your new identity at the end of the chapter right here and you introduction in every sentence, for example. Hi, I'm John, and I'm a professor devoted to improve a life of every child I teach. Maybe this is not your current job, but that is something that you want to bring in your life. And if someone asks you how you doing that? Or were you doing that? You always can use that to create opportunity. You can say something like not working as a professor now, but I would like to go in that direction or I'm searching for a good school racking for film and dream career. Do you know? So do you know any? I hope you get the idea. If you put this is a part of your identity, it will be much easier to switch. The debt will see your opportunity. Right, Sis? We're going here in two different directions. The first is finding a way to change jobs to find one more suitable for your career. And the other way is to embrace your current job and highlight old things that are good. Both ways have a goal to make you become more satisfied with your job and career and to improve your time spent there. Career and job is not something you change every month. So this chapter of your character you will review on Lee when something has changed in this area or once per year 10. Health: health. As we already highlighted. Health is the most important area of life. Be patient in the findings with old unnecessary details. Think of all the aspects of health and think of all your organs in parts of your body. Measure all characteristics related to help in fitness. For example, measure your blood pressure, how long you can run, how long you can walk, how much weight you can lift, etcetera and in the events of they'll add what you need to improve. Same is with the other aspects of life, but only two or three improvements that you want. At that moment, you will have new things for improvement Once you finish with those two or three in the health area, it is extremely important to track all your current capabilities because our bodies can easily degrade over time. If we don't take care of Because of that, it is recommended to add behaviors. How we will keep the current level of fitness for each characteristic. We didn't put in the advanced section in the health board. We will explain one more general think. For some people, health is an integral think containing fitness, sport, recreation, medicine, food and other health related items and things. But for others, it will be different chapters and different aspects of life. However, it is you who work on your character, and you will be in charge of deciding if it should have one category or a few. What will put in each of those categories and how much detail you'll put is up to you. You'll be the one who defines that. The same misstated for other life acts aspects. For example, someone could put career and job in one aspect of life, and someone else could separate those into different aspects. That's the general rule, and how you will define your life aspect depends on your current priorities. The simplest version for help could only be a bar filled with a color for your current health level, like it's showing a picture. Or it could be a few chapters, each one with a list of current characteristics and in advance your subtitle With desirable characteristics and appropriate access steps for different periods of your life. It could be shown as a simple aspect or an aspect with many chapters and details. For example, if you are 17 years old and in good shape. Your health can be represented with a bar car colored with your current level of health. An urge, if you are the other hand, has some health issues, is very different. They find your health and more details. 11. Contribution to environment: contribution to the environment as people around you, what they want in life and one words will be repeated by men obvious. There are a lot of ways to fulfill that, but the one which will present here is contribution to society and the environment. Many surveys show that helping others brings joy and happiness into your life. How can you contribute to society and environment? That can be something very small. For example, helping your old neighbor to take out the trash or something very think, for example, dedicating your life to help Children with outfit Without a family and Third World countries, there are many ways we can contribute, and here are a few long during work. The kids help others in your street. Etcetera. Don't eat things you don't need any more. Donate stuff you never wore. Give fruit to the homeless. Get anything that is functional, indecent that you don't use anymore. Use your skills to help those who need it. Teach others your skills. Use your skill to help someone who needs it but doesn't have any money. And use your skill to improve your environment. Street district or city. Connect people with others, helping them to start from the beginning. If you know a person who can help another person connect them. In many cases, connecting to people together can be beneficial for both of them. And because of that, you will feel like you have accomplished give them something that will grow and something that can pass to others. Knowledge is one of these things. Teach some of something, and when he or she masters it, he or she will teach that to others, gets on something that can grow and multiply it. For example, ah, farmer could donate account to another farmer. That's, uh, other Firmer can grow that cow and have offsprings of that cow. And then he can give damage to another farmer. And so the Richard continues, Help people with new ideas. New ideas be contagious and can help many people if they resonate with that idea. Ideas and how you can contribute are listed here from the book named Giving How each of Us Can Change the World From Bill Clinton, knowing that you you're helping off many and improving your environment will rise your happiness. If you are already doing this, then you know what this is all about. If not, try for a month or two something from this list and you'll see how your happiness will rice for this project. You should just list things you are doing in this area, and if you have an idea on how you can do more listening in your advanced hero segment. 12. Project Instructions: project instructions. As you can see, each life aspect has some specifics, but the general idea is to define yourself in each area of life, define who you are and who you want to become. You will probably define yourself in more details in one area, but with Leslie, those in some other areas that is OK. Your life is different priorities. And as will change over time as priorities change in life, then your definitions off yourself will change is wet. You will gradually add details in each area and understand yourself better. Also, as you improve your life with this tool, you will expand your definitions as well. In the end, you should review and edit this each month. Your project is to create definitions in some aspects of life, as we mentioned here. Appearance skills, career health, relationship with a loved one, contribution to the environment. Is it for this project? You can skip one or two aspects if you don't want to share your personal details with others, but please create those for yourself. You can do this how you want to, but the bare minimum is to create a list of current definitions. At least three of of yourself and at least one improvement with it. Least one action step or plant goodbye and have a wonderful life. I know that this project will help you with that. 13. Bonus Cheat sheet: uh, you still here? Good, because I have a bonus free cheat sheets. Even life has chief sheets as well, and you can be punished for some cheats. But there are legal ones as well. Let's see what tricks you can add into your character without getting into trouble. I will recommend a few very useful skills, and you should add them in your magic book of skills. These skills can be mastered easily, especially if you need just a basic level of a skill. The basic level of the skill can help you to invest in many other fields. For example, if you know a skill of selling and marketing, you will easily find a job. Therefore, send it yourself. Let's start presentation skills helpful in almost every situation when you need to present your idea, your work, your accomplishments, etcetera, even if you're another professional presenter. But, say teachers coaches. It said Rob, you will boost your success in other fields if you know the skill of presentation. Next, we have time management until we can manage time, we can't manage anything else. Peter Ducker Time management should be the starting point of everything else. When you have this kill, you will have time and energy to improve yourself in other areas as well. Also, you will have time for friends and family and video games as well. Speed reading. Nowadays we're surrounded with lots of information, usually in written form. If you have the skill of speed reading, you will be an advantage. Fast typing Our work is known computers, and it is. It usually requires you to type on the keyboard well, faster you type, the faster you finish your drop mind map IQ. Very useful skill for brainstorming, organizing presentations, organizing topics for documents. You should write learning, etcetera, communication skills. Communication could be the one skill that can solve all your problems. Good communicators can persuade people to help them or to do something for them. This skill is from the category. Must have network. If you're a good communicator for a twist, decent one. The next kill for you is the skill of networking with others with influencing people with those who matter the most, and it'll be also known as neural linguistic programming. This is not a skill but a set of skills into one and last but not least, we have meditation. All things are accelerating, but our way through life could be re lift. Relieved with slowing a bit, we're in to meditate, and each day you could be with reduce stress and improved happiness and not to forget better efficiency during the day. Those stop on these few and rich yourself with as many skills that you can, that is something that you can never lose.