Build a Winning Team - The Fundamentals | Lynn Scott | Skillshare

Build a Winning Team - The Fundamentals

Lynn Scott

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9 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • Definition of a Team

    • Team Common Purpose - your big WHY

    • Skills, Knowledge and Behaviour

    • Creative Ways to Develop your Team

    • Start with SMART goals

    • SMART Behaviour!

    • WOW Goals - Make the Impossible Possible

    • Celebrate Success - Always!


About This Class

This class outlines the Five Fundamentals you MUST have in place to build or grow a winning, successful team – the building blocks, if you like!

Whether you’re a first time leader or a seasoned ‘old-hand’; whether you’re taking over a new team or want to improve the performance of your current team, this class acts as the perfect checklist to ensure you’re focusing on the right things – first things first.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Definition of a Team – you need to be able to say ‘yes’ to everything in this definition if you’re a team – and particularly if you want to be a winning team
  • Get crystal clear on your team’s common purpose . This is your big WHY. Once you’re clear and focused on this  it’s much easier to do the important things and get rid of timewasting distractions.
  • Get the right skills, knowledge and behaviour in your team – so that your team can perform at their best.  Plus some cost-effective and creative ways to develop your team.
  • Agree SMART goals, behavioural goals (these can often feel really tricky to write and measure) and WOW goals for you and the team. If your team doesn’t have a WOW goal  You’re missing an opportunity to make the impossible possible!
  • Celebrating success in the team is key to team morale – find out why!

In addition to the videos you’ll find two checklists.

The project will help you see whether the fundamentals are in place in your team – and what to do about them if they’re not!





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