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Build a Wifi IOT Robot using NodeMCU

Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

Build a Wifi IOT Robot using NodeMCU

Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

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14 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. 34 intro wifi robot

    • 2. 2 types

    • 3. 3 installing arduino ide

    • 4. 04 adding esp8266 board manager

    • 5. 05 connecting to pc

    • 6. 06 arduino ide

    • 7. 07 proj 1 hello world

    • 8. 08 understanding how nodemcu works

    • 9. 35 assembling chassis

    • 10. 37 understanding motor driver

    • 11. 37 updated code

    • 12. 38 assembling the components

    • 13. 39 testing the robot

    • 14. 40 improved code

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About This Class

Learn about Internet of Things (IOT) and Robotics using the low-cost NodeMCU.  This course consists of step-by-step clear video tutorials which shows close-up point-of-view videos of what the instructor is doing and  which are easy to follow along. No need for any in depth technical knowledge. This course focuses on hands-on practicals right away. 

You will build a mobile phone controlled robotic car using NodeMCU. The robot you build can be directly connected to using any Android or iOS device with a web browser. There is no need for a separate Wifi Access Point. There is also no need to build a separate app for your mobile phone.

IOT is the hot thing today with more and more devices getting connected to each other. This course gives you an introduction to the Internet of Things and is tailored for the beginner who has little knowledge about IOT and want to get started. What better way to launch into the world of IOT and Robotics than to build one yourself! See you inside!

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Paul Chin

Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator


I am a semi-retired college lecturer with more than 20 years experience in teaching computing and information technology. My interests range from coding to graphics design, apps, games development, music, health, spirituality and well-being. I enjoy teaching face-to-face and online and also love educating and inspiring others to succeed and live the life of their dreams.

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1. 34 intro wifi robot: Hello and welcome to a new section. This is ah, section way. We are going to start a new project which is called WiFi Robot Robot Control. Using your mobile phone in this project, we are going to build a robot car with no emcee. You and you are going to be able to diary connect the robot using your mobile phone. Similar toe Bluetooth. You can also use your mobile phone to control it by moving it forwards and backwards. Turn left or turn right. And now let us take a look. Heavy architecture. This architectural, which you see here is the most common way for creating such a system. Uh, however, in this architecture, you will need to have a WiFi access point and the local area network and then you know em. See you robot on the life here with Connie to the local WiFi says fine and get an I P address. And then similarly, he our mobile phone or your laptop computer which wants to control the robot, also needs to clinic to the your local WiFi access point and get high p addresses. Don't even all the, um, devices have connected to the local WiFi drew your WiFi says point, when you Daniel Chrome browser will be able to connect. Do we are not seeing a robot. However, in our project, we are not going to do it this way. We are going to do a simple away and probably a better way In our project. We're not going to use a local area. Ah, access point. Looking in every access point, he used it. We are going to die. Really connect your mobile phone and your PC Connect directly to your Nancy robot. So you're not EMC you robot who act both, as I says point and also a server. So whenever any any browser from your mobile phone or your left up connects to the name, see you. They would then be sent the red fish that is ah, from the server. And so the weapons you have buttons for your cooking on Do it control the names here about so the set up is similar to what you have in Bluetooth, but the blue to limitation is that it is only shot distance, typically 10 meters. If you would use this method, then maybe typically a longer than 10 meters, maybe even have 200 meters in distance because of why, If I has much longer range then compared to Bluetooth. And then now let's take a look at ah, the components. Which you might need. Yeah, we need in this project. So let's take a look at this. So, um, before that, let me assure you some videos, uh, pictures. So this is what your full looks like Many connects to a robot. Uh, this is actually the browser on the phone. You can I'm using Ah, and right here. But he also works for Ah IOS the rice. Like, I bet. Oh, iPhone because all you need is the browser. So many connects you to the new M C. You robot. No, I'm sure about with saying that I would be We should Looks like this very have buttons to control it. Ah, you have the forward. But then he had a bad word about then the left and right buttons and also the stop button. So let me show you examples one sexual bought. Can I create it? Sorry. On obstacle on that CD. Uh, this is the one. As you can see in this example, I use circular robot chases to build a robot. But you do not have to use this particular chases. You can use the rectangle or square one, or even created your career own Jaycee's in our project. How be using scratches is rectangle chases. We shall we show you in a while in a short while? So this is basically what you can do using this system. So I've also got the, uh, components C. I wish I was going to you later. This is you're not. And see you. This is her bed three Power Bank and brought him here. You can use your involving, and then you also have a night where by treat that policy moto. Okay, the next video sure is the robot connection. So it is what it looks like. And I tested on my left is the mobile phone. If the, um in the face, he's interface that you get when you connect to your whole body. And as you can see even a on the press on the buttons, I'm able to stop be moving forward. Stop being okay. Um I can also a movie. Tony did it right in eternity. The life to stop it and so on. So this is what? And so one example off already died. WiFi control. Okay, so next. But I'm really sure you he's the Bhatia that, um here that you would need So this is I'm for the party of the views you have the Kester No. Two views These the chases through the backing protection which you need to peel off. You want to view, you need to peel off now the backing in backing peace He is the moto no d c moto if the gears and be in the one. And I was sure you were to buy this in the favela and also an option of switch with a this optionally going to have to put this if you don't want you can use treatment reeling by only need to have used to of the beans, the sender and any of the site Penis specialize Bring it and you know, never see you. And this is your moto uh, controller l two night and and you need these to control Yamoto and then some connections Cruz and that's both. And that's so it is the basic parts. And then, um, this is a example off the Casey's I'll be using in my just today but you can use any attitude sees you as you like. When you finish building is my looks like the chase is so this out of you and you see, the moto is building So you need to assemble in do something that she looks like this and then the you can buy these from bangle or here with your banquet Don't calm and then you can just search for you know, two WD many smart robotics car and you should get for example, you set here. So I decided, Here is this he said it comes like this because, uh, quite quite tube. Here's how. Here's what you get in the most But then again you don't have to use this. You can use any does he want And then the other thing is the do 98 n moto controller Stepper motor drive about for Dina and it's also very cheap Busoni around less than 10 years. So it is that a passenger and then the are forcing is I'm connecting. Why is this? Well so that is what obviously you need for this project. So I'll just you. In the next lesson, you really start building our project. How? Robotic car. See you then. Thank you for watching. 2. 2 types: Hello and welcome back in front of me. I have to know em. See you. Development. Bart's on my left is the, uh, America No and see you. And on my right is the lowly Russian tree and you can see that the lowly is bigger than the America. These are the comparisons size at time of recording the letters Russian for Leni's bush in tree and you should get bush entry. Loneliness fell. I will be using the limitation tree for the cost. The Fantasia low lean over America is that loneliness lower in cost. Apart from that, it also has this edition of being up V V. Some senses need to have be not off five O's and you can tap it from here. Did he fought for Be not for the default ages 3.3, which is over here and here and here. So, do you get the lowly Russian tree for these costs? Well, that I saw this lead you here and I'll see you in the next one. Thank you for watching 3. 3 installing arduino ide: we'll come back. The next thing we want to do is install Are you know I d e So open your browser and search for down are do you know I d e And in the result, click on the one we seize Have you know soft Bay? This is the main website for our Do you know I d And click on the darling link to down your windows. If you are starting on in those rich, you have no administrator privilege. Then you need to download the second laying here. But if you are starting on your own computer, then you can click on the 1st 1 and then here. So, like the quiet, but just on the and it should begin Once the once the fire has completed download, you can bring on into in star the different options acceptable. Yes, click on the next button. And this is to your folder where they will be installing too again. No need to change anything. Basically he star and then discreet only start again again Install installed again And now it has finished installing. Now you can start and er you know I d nice urging for e Ah. Could he stop? Take on. Just allow the firewall for these at hello. It says. And this is what you will see when you first start in hell. I do. You know, I d So that is all for these lessons. I will see you in the next one. 4. 04 adding esp8266 board manager: Hello and welcome back in today's lesson, we are going to configure the RD No i d configuration file to a how do you know? Idea No. 10. See you but manager, in order to do that open your are you know I d e program. And then click on file reference this and then under here additional bonds manager. You are else copy this being here I would provide this link in the download Resource is and basic in here. So what is spaced it? Yes, please. Okay, e no, you can nothing You easily on news and then go to bots both manager and then in these such few You should that gsp 8266 He make sure you're on Internet E s B A 266 and then you will see a result Here he s p a to C six by S B eight to C six Community Crete Monee stall and you can see he's downloading a boss Stagnation at the both of you. Once it has finished installing, you should be able to see the status here change to in start. So now you can close the died on books and then you can go to tools. And in a world he bought session. You should be able to see this additional new boss down here. And the one that we want ease this morning. You know em. See you one tsp charge him on you. So we'll be doing that in the next lesson. So I was talk here for now and see you in the next lesson. 5. 05 connecting to pc: Hello. And welcome back into this lesson. We are going to learn how to connect. You know em. See you toe the PC. You will need to have a USB cable. She looks like this one. End of it will be a normal regular USB connector and yet a nge movie. Oh, Michael. USB connector, which is typically used to connect to your direct phone. Thank you. Might not see you instead. Michael U s beef, Uh, like the into your hands. You okay? You will see that the ship off these okay is, uh, shooting such a way that you can only fit in a certain that I should say the angle so you can win Angry like this ST if you put it upside down, it won't fit because the ship is like a D, as you can see. So he has to go in the correct. So lining up through this, okay, and gently push. Now, it wasn't going all the way, even in going about half, citing more, and that should be good enough. All right. So that's how you sit. You micro USB into your empty you and the other end the other energy will go into your easy . So Oh, when I insert this into the PC, you hear a distinctive sound to indicate that U S V device has been connected and this is what you sound like. That's the sound off the USB connected connection. And so our emcee you is now connected toe the PC. It's so that's how good, he said. You ask me eso clinic today into the computer and no thanks you. If you wanted to remove the connection, just cool the connection. We connect it out directly and there will be to this connection. So you do not have to bring on any. But then to reject the no mtu just already pull up. So that is how we connect. And it's gonna I would not see you toe the PC. That's all for this video. I will continue in the next one. Thank you for watching 6. 06 arduino ide: Hello and welcome back. Do this lecture. I'm going to introduce you to the hard we know I d e so open your are you know, I d And this is what you will see. When you first started up, there will be a default project with the name sketch in front and some a random, uh, name at the back. And this is a default name for every new project let along. When we create our first project, we can give our own name on the top you have. You may Nouba, and you have the file the folly spare. You can open existing project or create new projects and the bottom If you screw down, you will see examples and under examples you have some off their 1,000,000,000 D for examples that come 50 rd No, i d. And then over here you also are able to save the project as the different funding or in the is neither using already existing Funny next year the addict And this is the editor where you can change the settings off your thanks. And there you have sketch sketches and then given for your Arduino put programs. Never have does and under tools. You see, the a few important does especially serum monitor We should be looking at in the next few lessons. And it's also Syria Prata. And then he has he bought. So now you will see that it defies How do you know? In January you you know. But we need to change it to our body to our No, I m see you. And then here you see point is greater and then below that you get voting for which is not available because we have not blocked in our body. So now go ahead and incident. Your I do not see you plug into your computer and now you should be able to see you close in the open now. But part would be showing us Calm tree his time You're blocking you know and see you. You will be able to see the part number here and you can quickly to select the part number . So now you're directed country. So make sure you do the step every time you clock in your not m See you Because the part number might change every time you block in next year. Gonna selecting the but So it on top here, screw down there about them, and then look for the no, I m See you one, not zero. Yes. Speech. Oh, he Prigioni. And now if you try again, you will see your boss now is said to know em. See you $1.0 He has feature e and all the other information is also available to you now And the party and his country. So now we are ready to program. So remember, every time you connect, you know, and see you the first thing you do is go to tools and select the to do whatever is shown here. And secondly, make sure that you sell it in the boat. No, I m c U S. Phog. Those are the two steps you need to do every time you can. You know em. See you. So you're dead. Ah, I'll stop here for now, and I'll see you in the next lesson. Thank you for watching 7. 07 proj 1 hello world: Hello and welcome back. Today we are going to create your first project and have loaded to the no m. See you. The first thing we want to do is create a project folder. Go to your siege. I and a great you today for their Corey Know him? See you projects. From now onwards, all our projects will be located in sight. No, I m c U projects for the open Your How do you know? And then, ah, save your project by creating far. Sit. We'll see. It s and goatee on your food which you have just created, Which is this one. Okay, give it a new name. 01 Hello, Will Angling safe. Nice you if you click on tools now. If you do not CEO brought here, it means you have not block in your not empty. You sure? Go ahead and plug in your, um See you close the tools and re open again and then select the pot. She's come for again thing and tools And make sure the body is correct. No, I m c You want bio now? We should write our first hello world program so tight. Syria region nicey 00 and then cereal, spring line. Hello, world. Then we and I blow this to our Nancy. You by clicking this button. Now it is Begin toe beginning to compile the sketch sketches the name off a J every project in Ah. Do you know I d is known as a sketch. And now it's uploading s agency. He can screw to see the percentage day plea on tools ceremony toe. Okay, you did not see anything. Click on this other again and let me add one more time and give a look out for the output in the serum monitor. And they have a hello world. So hello is coming from this line. Syria that bring line. And, uh so this is the first program in not and see you. Every program has got said that function and look function seven function is where you put all the court which you are going to run only one time. And in this case, you're only going to run his two could one time. And then for he called which you want to run repeatedly, you will put it in the loop function. So if I wanted to bring a series of Hello were repeatedly our copy this line and basic in here. And reality too. No. See you by clicking this Avlon button. And now is alluding s secrecy. From down here was his finish alluding here we start printing Do the serum monitor in a very helpful Now it is printing very fast. To slow it down, we can put a delay. And they are 1000 milliseconds, which is equivalent to one second we have not again was his finish of loading. He will pretty as you can see, it brings have a work. And then things settle without here to differentiate between this spring and this print maybe over here he put three dots. Have it again and there is here the first line Hello is coming from here. Syria Print line. And then was his finish running a settle function here Entered the look and keep printing Repeatedly hummable. Hello, Available Everyone second. So congratulations here. Created your first available program 8. 08 understanding how nodemcu works: hello and welcome there into this lesson. We will try to understand how not EMC you works. As we can see in our previous project, we connected, um, see you toe the PC and use a do no i d to write a program. The program he's returned using our you know, I d. And then after finishing, we transfer the program. I blew. Ready to no name. See you. So the program is uploaded times you using the USB cable and once uploaded, the program is start in no time. See you. No, I'm see you would then execute a program. And then the first thing it does is he will follow the instruction in the program. And the first instruction is cereal. Begin 9600 Syria here refers to the USB connection between the known EMC, you and PC, and whatever is being sent from the norms. You too, pc. He's done true in the U. S. B cable. So serial begin 90. So amazed that you are setting the communication speed. He was setting it to 9600 beats per second. Nice. It will Graham us secure the second line. A second line a serial dot Bring line. Hello. So now the program, you create this helpful message, and then he was send this miss a string, do their computer, so they had lower message will travel true, the USB cable toe the PC. And once it's arrives there he will be displayed in the serial monitor. So this is a basic principle off No name. See you. Whatever program that you write in the future, you ready? Using your I do. You know, I d And then using the serial cable, you transfer the program and I've loaded to know em. See you once the program is have alluded to know him. See you. No, I'm see you. Then I secured the program. So in principle, no, N c u b hes like computer. You can imagine it to be a mini on my true computer. And then whatever program you wanted to run, you will first need to write it and your PC and I'm loaded. Do your mini computer and you execute and later on we'll see that once he's have loaded to the minicomputer and I'm see you, you can actually remove the cable, and the program will continue to execute. And then, um see, you also has a 1,000,000,000. Why? If I This is a WiFi antenna is here and using his WiFi antenna, not M v c. U is able to communicate with the Internet. So all that will be explained in future lessons. For now, all you need to know is the concept of how to have a look programs to name see you so that I'm see you in a secure program as a stand alone mini computer. So another name for lying to you is a micro controller. So a microcontroller. It's actually a mini computer. So I hope this helps you to better understand how did and issues. So with that how in this lesson today and I will see you next lesson. Thank you for working. 9. 35 assembling chassis: Hello and welcome back into race. Listen, I'm going to show you how to assemble the chases, so starting off, let's watch this one. First, you need to remove the backing protection layer from the car body, so get a blade or knife and then try to look for the edge off the layer. The backing layer with the sharp knife or blade and you trying to peel off starting from the corner. And so you might getting a little bit off the corner our first and once you've got a large enough portion that you can great before news, let's go ahead and pull er jangly and slowly, and that's how you remove it. So, as you can see once every movie, the actual body off the she sees is transparent and, ah, you should come off easily. Okay, so I'll do the same for the other side issue. Ah, body has got two layers, one in front and one of the back. So now we're removing the one on the other side. So the same thing. Use your knife for Blake and get hold of the edge. And once you're able to get a grip, if your nails Yes. Who in beating off and here comes off easily. And now you can see the brand new shiny looking body, which is perfectly transparent. You need to build slowly so that you weren't there. It's almost off them. And finally, the last piece does it. He's done. So that is what it looks like. And now do the same thing for the shorter, smaller pieces just blue for Ph. And remove both sides and so on. So just go ahead and do it until you get all the four pieces. Oh, done. Okay, Now you have done all the four pieces. This is what it looks like we needed so otherwise. Until there Moto, as you can see, there to connectors stay, uh, for each moto and the then supposed to have wise connected to. Then So we need to remove the band that host photo. So the gear so remove the ben. And then now you can straighten the connection. Can they connect this and then you should prepare to pass on why? Air for one pair for each moto use different color. I used blue and black, and I'm using single call single core wire and the length of the wise approximately, uh, 10 centimeters. So go ahead. And so day in Okay, your flight, A heat, your place of soldering iron onto the connection first, then any applied er and so during Like And so that's how it is done. One side has been done. So you repeat the same for the Adisai. Using a different color. I will use a black foreground. So it'll be good idea to use black for ground and then blue other colors for the positive. So so there. I see Sure, like how you did for the other side. And now it's done so repeated something for the other Moto on. Be consistent. Put black black four for ground and had a color for the positive You go years a combination different, different color for Steve in this case, I used by foreground. But the other one you can use blue are rare. Oh, other colors or even whitey. Make sure he ground. The black has always use black foreground. So that's it. So do the same thing for the hatamoto Assembled it together. So now you're all your butts. First we are going to attach the moto and we need to have a small piece inside through the gap in the main body. And she was lying out of the hole in the in the gearbox and place out of peace on the other side. And then once you align it nicely, you should be able to take the long Screw a long book, hang push it all the way through, going through the gearbox and out the other end of the gearbox and you can see Go so they'll be true. That's how the moto is attached to the body applied in city at the vote and push it again all the way through the gearbox and out the other side. No one's here, done that. Ah, you can no go in a test the nuts. So no, the same thing for the other night. No Titanic. Once you attach the nuts and now do the same thing for the other Moto, it's a good idea to attach the both outside in because you need to be able to use a screwdriver. The Titanic attach the not for both sides for both moose and they heavy tightening. Now the next thing is to do the cast of you so the cast of you needs to attach the, uh extension and then the faster we will see on top of the extension, so applied extension and on user not toe tightening in place. So going up by all the other tree nuts that not And for So now you have all four. Ah, extension ah, attached to your body. Now you're ready to attach the caster wheel. So take your cast of you and according to the holes off the extensions and then uses groups your screws to tighten it to a tight in the castor view toe the extension. So do the same thing until all the full ah four screws. Ah, instead it And now you have completed your attachment for the cast of you. The last thing to do is to attach the big views for the two Moto's. So align the in your view according to the ship off the excuse Surat. So make sure the accessories, um has got a cut out, which is about Sammy trans semi rectangular in shape. So you need to align according to the real were needed a line calling today to the ship off the access Isis. Ah, right. That's it. We have completed the assembly for our, uh, chases that then. So that's all for this video are continuing the next one. Thank you. And for watching. 10. 37 understanding motor driver: Welcome back into this lesson. We're going to learn how the the system works. As you recall, we need to use a component called El to 98. N. L 29 n Is the Moto driver and the sisters drawing off the red book. Scott diagram. How do we know using very body. Yeah, it's a diagram of how the components are connected to get it on the left. Here, you see the L tonight and motor driver, and he has got a few connectors on the top. Here is the connector. They connects to the moto on your left side. Um, Carmo Toby And on the bottom here, you see the connectors there can attack toe moto A which is on the right side. And then we are going assume they the here is the back and on the right is the front. So assuming your left and will be more Toby and you're right movie Moto A and the robot Garbis, move forward. Ah, in desperation to their friends. And then Bay was to be moving to the bay. And then once we're connected, Moto's nice is we need to power them up. And about Emma, we have these connector beans. Here it is enabler. Enable be he and be This is him in Hannibal, Mo Toby. And then on the right here you have any which means an able moto A So by connecting pains to, uh, any and A and e and B we can specify the power how much power toe toe give to moto and will be so that we use and right Uh oh, here, as you can see and then all right. And then we supply the speed s for for the moto So when you move forward, we and all right like Moto We did speak and I know not right, right? Moto this piece over in both off This model has got speed we and a lot right of them. Then they were speaking forwards And then over here Ah, the connector to specify the who direction off the movement of the moto So he and I and one eye into I entry and I m for So I am one refers to count one. So if you to connect this toa I and one and you send the p d one toe high I and want to be activated and any will cost. I want to a TV and the cost. Amato to speak, uh, forwards move forward. That means spinning a club ice direction. And then, if you were to Canadians, toe I and two and sent being di tutto high, he will cost out to be set too high. And this will cause the motor of the spinning opposite direction, which means to go back with similarly, if you can I be in d tree, toe high end tree. And I said it too high. He will cost the out tree to be set too high and out three set too high he because the moto this big cloud rising you move forward And then he said being d four to I and for you a TV out for And it would cost the model to spin counterclockwise and move backwards. So basically, if you want the robot to move forward if you activity uh, one by setting, do you want to high and out, uh, tree by setting being Detroit too high and the robot will move forward if you want you the robot to move backwards, issue a TV how to vicious actually d to and also activity out for which is actually de for He's been here and he will cost a moto this bean counter clockwise and he removed the robot backwards. So using the same logic, if he won the moto to turn a robot it on life then reactive it have bean one and being for everyone done right new I think bean on to and bean bean tree bean doing pin trees activity too high because the and the robot do 10 Putin Ah right even achieve it bean one and being four here because it done left So that should be the correct sequence. So based on that, we can then look and the code ever return here So here had a stock could we defined first Ah, sudden, sudden Ah symbols, right Most off always d one The one is that one right motile by way D two which is ah out to left Motor off always need three which is out three controlled by the spin the three and 11 photo by what is d for which is out for and then to power The moto sees Ra Moto G and B enable B which is this fun and to poor power The hatamoto Weise to make a robot movie should give it both moto so we can set the speed as well. So we define a speech here, create Oh, you can refine the space from 0 to 10 to tree maximum is 10 to 3 a minimum 00 means no movement at all. And then the attorney speed also can set here against rigid from 0 to 10 to three. And then over here we define the function for moving by words and moving forward, turning right and any life. So we just used a trick off. Ah, and about right, our digital right in order to control the various spins if you want them, The robot to move back was we set the the baby will mourn, mourn toe High Ram Moto high and let more time by with high. Then you move. I was and then the rest of low. And then the speech will be, of course, the defined by the end of all right. And then if he won the moto to move forward, they're resetting the symbol Moto forward, high right model for high. If you want it done right? And then we set the, uh ah, right motor forward high and let Moto back with high. They will cause it to turn right if they wanted it. Elect, we said the left motor off our high and the right motile bag with highs there because it it on left and the rest of the court is merely just to connect Toe degree of Web server and six point. So, as you can see from here, we create Ah ss i d for these Know them. See you called WiFi Moto test and pass. It is all one. And then this string guitar Very boys who stole the letter. And then over here we have the verbal speed. And then this current time, various time and time out is to control how often to abdicate the server. Then we want to provide I i p address for our access point, which is how I know him. See you and is how we do it. We declared a very bullish here. We want you whatever i p address e one e 2/2 even said it here. So this is I p and just the mosque for the I p. Remember to put commerce here and not thoughts. That's a common mistake. The booth will stop here. Should be comma and every define where several recreates over medicine and piety. And over here we define all the pins and he wanted the force output. And then we begin this hero connection. We get 10 minutes again and we create a access point so we don't need to have an intermediary out there. What if I hear we the hour? I don't see you itself. He's the WiFi says point. And then you start the access point here. Ah, the city i p. And then it is something. And then here also you specify the SS idea you wanted to have. Which is this society? What? I find more to isil wanted tests. And then, um, next recently beginning server. We've listened some positivity and waiting for connection. And then this My here's for D buggy. When we do this, we went toe put to a ceremony to check confirmed that it is working next once it is working this a little bit for connection from our mobile phone. So it is a connection he will return the reference to recline, then accidentally rechecked Ready when the ah, the road for a few milliseconds. And then you would check Really This condition And then from here you re determined that the kind sense and read it out to the ceremony. He was sent some detail Bay to be tryingto say that has been received. Ah, and there's no era And you were close the condition. Then he rechecked for the he got sent by the kind It didn't decline Science editor forward . And then he will you bring this ah serum monitor to let the 40 bugging purpose. And then he will call a function moto forward Either climb brother, since the get our bag was then he will print to the ceremony that I was And you also called the function motor by Was he the climb browsers sent Stop And then he will call the function with post op Cindy here against the message received are left. Then you would tell me that he would give him I said she'll write you attend, right and then Ah, this party is just to send back your webpage to the Rosa who showed the using the vase with the buttons, right? Left coming about them. And then he was given looping. Ah, on an honor. And there were disk until the power off. So that's how the program works. So, um, in the next lesson, we are going to start to assemble our circuit, uh, visually see here and then after that Ablow to the program and connect with a mobile phone . So thank you for watching. I will see you in the next lesson. 11. 37 updated code: Hello and welcome back. I made some improvement and two years to the court. So in this lesson, I will explain to you the minute you ingest that I made first off eyes increased the speak off the enabler A and enable a b So the n b A and B B which is actually this his e n k. And this is he can be so this toe have pain special connected to the six. And this honey connected to defy the original is going to Disney five year. Uh, if you recall is to control the speed of the moto is in a is he A and B So previously he was set at the low, wispy and now increase it to 500. So, wolf Ah, 500. Now then the second thing just are many is to the commission for moving the moto the left and don't right So nothing death In order to tell life you shoe said he'll write more due back with high and send your left Moto forward high. And then the artist said it, Lou. And then to turn left, he should sent your left moto by what high? And you're right motile forward. Um so d should be high, so thank you. So then money will be able to, uh, turn left so the rest are said to low and OK, the other thing I want us to do is I spend to you about the power supply for our second. As you notice. I only have 19 volt battery. And this naval battery will supply power to the Moto. And also toe no name. See you. But how does it do that? So how does this is if you notice here there are three connectors to a vote ground and fireballs. He your Rio Naval battery. Ah, vcc nine most, uh, positive should be connected to this for in Ah, the spin can accept three rows and above, so you can go through 30 rows. So when I walk this fine and then the ground for the naval battery should be connected to the ground here. So now we have disconnected. We are able to power the moto Well, what about? No, I'm see you know and see you. If you hear notice here and there are two pins. Toe top, Ryan, Conner V and ground. So these very can input power to the not empty you. And so this reading here comes from If you would trace this wire he comes from Five oaks. He's one. So these five hours is step from this input from the battery at your nine walks here. So part of it will be hot out and used for supplying the power to your name. See you and then you don't see you ground here gmg nd ground who now connect to the common ground Which is this one here? A common ground with the battery. So that is how one Patraeus ableto power both the moto and also here notice you. So with that I for the explain, but I need to explain And I think we can stop here and I'll see you in the next. Sir, listen, Thank you for watching 12. 38 assembling the components: Hello and welcome back. Ah, Into this lesson, we are going to assemble the components off our robotic car. So as you can see here on the table Ah, the components that me ah, ready to assemble. We have here the L to 90 and motor driver. Then we have the chase is already assembled from pro business. And you have a nine volt battery you have to plan to put and I will bet three how right? Place it. He plays it on the rain site to balance to view so that you want more when he won't run cities front. And that's the back. Then there's the left and it is their right. So it is the position that we are going to place our components. The best position is the battery in front. So that, uh, he's stable. He went over. So let's begin. First we take the to rise from the moto and we put it through the plastic get front so they lose neater and we do the same thing for the other way as well. Right? Next few place tomato undocked and ah, this is ah there be certainty wise into the moto on you can see the labeling on the wire. The black will go into the last and blue go to the right in front and you do the same thing for both size the right in front and the blue. Uh, so this is how it looks like when he's properly assembled, connected to the l 2 19 with a driver. How you go ahead and, uh, do the instead all the wires, Otherwise our female to female connect this. So this is the he and a an Ebola, a neighbor Moto a pin. And then is this is in one input, one which controls he, uh, helpful one moto. Then the next will be put to beacon throws the output to Moto, and then this will be input Tree weaken controls The reins at Moto had the reference Emoto output three and it's to be input for controls the output for Moto Moto pin. And then uh huh Maupin you put in the last one will be he and be any Belmont, Toby, what will be left? Motto. Now, we, uh, already said otherwise. Next, you're going to block otherwise into our not into you. So we'll take the irritation put one pin and instead into D one So easy to remember D one connects to input one. So that's done next year take the input to which is, uh, Brown My case input to pin after moto those two d two de to under No Nancy, you and then, ah, input tree pin on the moto goes to the tree off in the end to you then the Defour pin, which is white color in my case, who attached to the four pin often I see you. So it is easy to remember the one to be input Wandy to input to the tree in poetry and the four input for they are numerically ah, in sequence Nandi sonny's, uh e n a Anibal Moto a close to the five And then the origin enable motto be was two d six . Okay. And then next thing the UN to do is to connect the you go the g on your own. I see you. He's beside the ravine V and G here. The being he was supply power to know into you. So we connect the G four year nice view connect the V in so the wien will connect to that. Why? You're next to the ground that is being Soviet supply. Five us off our the 90 you and the return Segi. So those two wise are the power supply for our new and see you. We'll be sharing the I'm a battery. Ah, with the LG lt night and motive ever we have the names you. Now this is the connector for the name of a tree and you connected to the in travel in. So this in being this in connector off the Mattarella can support from 3 to 30 votes and in our case, we are using nine both Petrie battery. Then the other end of it is Theo ground for your name, your battery. He will be connected together with your Graham coming from the nine. See you so they would be connected together they share the same ground. So I was strip off the end of the bean for the 90 you how curry offers. So I think a off and strip off the wire is easier to call them together. So now I'll use my automatic. Why stripper and threw coffee. And now that he here speaks three, I will quite them together. So the wrong cable is Why is brown wise coming from 90? You ground and the blood one is coming from the battery crown. So they are sharing the same ground. So that's a to stand together. So after you notice it two rounds together, you can then canetti to the ground off your motor driver. So the sun is the common ground for E moto? Yes. So that is done. Ground is done. So now we remain cc or power for your time to you. And this is Five Oaks. You're going to tap their five hours from the auto driver. So it is connector on a motor driver supplies 50 His father is also coming from a nine volt battery. So they in tennis acute off the motor driver who provide 95 us Uh, how did a connector? So we're done with a connection to the wise. So now we're going to place the components onto the chases. So we put a battery in front, has decided idea. Okay, there. So so double sided tape name, which I placed in order to hold Ah, uh, you can born in down because I'll use it to attach the battery, so they were holding battery down. We're not going to use ah permanent methods to attach because be my 12 ah, removing their component for new pro gay. So we're just going to place a compass sitting on top off the chase is Okay, So now we're placing the opponents there. Okay, This is a small chases, so it's a big crime. And that is done Just rearranging the chaos of the wise in the kidney. Now we are ready to connect the I C U to the computer supply in the U. S. B cable. Do not connect the battery. We are going toe transfer the program from our do. You know, I d. So he overtook Vita. You can download this or school from the resource Asian. So we said, like the calm in my cases country and then, um, transfer the, uh, transfer. The program companion translated the bloody to the No emcee you. And if you can see down here, it is compiling. And though it's now loading so there's all for this lesson. Ah, in the necessary, we are going to test our robot. See you then. Thank you for watching 13. 39 testing the robot: Hello and we'll come back Now We are going to test the robot. A test about three. And this money Batteries attached. He was He lights up the moto driver. Next contact. Do the WiFi the access point, which is WiFi Moto test. There is the Isis point of the robot. Once connected, open your browser and amusing iPad. Connect to the address on nine to that. Once they say don't 81 and ah, rubbish will be sent back by the robot. As you can see that forward. Okay, It should move around turning around for us. So let's step forward and he goes forward. Stop! That would stop. Forward. Stop Bag with Stop! Done right. Stop! Turn left. Stop! Yeah, He's working. So congratulations. You have successfully built this robot and completed this project in the next one. I will see you in the new project. Thank you. 14 14. 40 improved code: Hello. I have improved. Could even more so. As you can see now, this is the new co con Direct WiFi control V two stands for Washington. In order to improve the code, I have separate out the webpage, his Gmail into a separate file called the patient or fish. And then our import is a in a minute fire in a hater. Include statement here and after imported that I can serve the page by using the, uh, the function call handle. Uh, flying here. Several door handle crying and several of the handle climate handled the client based on what is being requested. And this ever of jackets created using this new include here. New life recall? Yes, B two C c swept several darkish. So we're using its me to dish. It was This is where server library to create the wraps Web server is set off manually creating it. So after we include a header, be declare vessel here using this statement the sitting in the parlor 80. And from then after then over here we specify what the vessel is going to send back based on what is being requested. So the primary currency route page. He will. He will call the function Handle room. This was sent back the page, which is this one. So this very pitch his file contains string her call Paige on and then there in, over here, you can see clearly the hasty Merkel is used to create the webpage on, you know, backslash, backslash escape characters here as in a previous school. So it's much clearer now. They forced to understand the court in the website quote so Ah, then we specify all the commissions that will be called whenever the client requests for a specific resource, Then you will climb as us for ah, if I was national, right? How big it was called the function handle, right? So the fact he had the right move the dysfunction here and this one year rude who sent the correct means to hire Lou? And at the same time, we send back the pitch so that the probation refresh yourself every time he's been caught. And then, um, the rest of same Yes, I renamed the functions instead off a moto forward model turn their life done right. I not only handle right and the left and you'll stop handle forward and handle. They would. So, as you can see now in the body of the loop is much shorter than the previous one. Because we are using library, uh, to create a patient. This library. So the rest is is saying so we didn't Ah! Ah. You can download this court from the resuscitation and they see that. Thank you for watching.