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Build a Squarespace website step by step (template included)

teacher avatar Cristina Gavrila, freelancer | web designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

36 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Class trailer

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Why Squarespace?

    • 4. Setting up a Squarespace account

    • 5. Choosing a template

    • 6. Introduction to panels & menus

    • 7. Creating a website structure

    • 8. Customizing the navigation bar

    • 9. Home page - hero section

    • 10. Working with fonts

    • 11. Customizing the buttons

    • 12. Working with the spacer

    • 13. Home page - Services section

    • 14. Home page - about me section

    • 15. Home page- why me section

    • 16. Home page - blog section

    • 17. Home page - testimonials section

    • 18. Home page - freebie section

    • 19. Home page - start working with me section

    • 20. Home page - footer

    • 21. About page - hero section

    • 22. About page - my story section

    • 23. About page - problem to solve section

    • 24. About page - experience section

    • 25. About page - case study section

    • 26. Services page -hero section

    • 27. Services page - services section

    • 28. Services page - services reinforcement section

    • 29. Services page - the FAQ section

    • 30. Case Study page

    • 31. Contact page

    • 32. Customizing your blog

    • 33. SEO for your website

    • 34. Publishing your website

    • 35. Recap

    • 36. Thanks

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About This Class

In this 1.5h class, you will create your own Squarespace website. Not only that you’ll walk away with 5 pages but you’ll also learn how to make a website that converts. I will teach by creating a website from scratch and I will walk you through the entire process and decision making so that you’ll also learn the basics of typography, color, layout, call to action and many more. You can follow along and create your website or use the template I’ll provide so that you can add your own content.

Your project will be to create your Squarespace website, it can be one page or several.

This class is for any entrepreneur in need of a website that sells. No prior knowledge is required as I will start with the basics and also Squarespace is one of the most user-friendly platforms out there.

Link to the template

Your project will be to create your Squarespace website, it can be one page or several.


You will need a free trial on the Squarespace platform


Links to make your life easier:


Photoshop trial account

Royalty free stock images

Free icons:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cristina Gavrila

freelancer | web designer


Hello, I'm Cristina. On a daily basis I wear multiple hats: online educator, web designer, customer support agent, coding enthusiast and many more. What I love the most is to teach, show and explain, to see how others gain new skills due to my trainings. 

Like many millennials I like to travel, cook and gain experiences of all sorts. I speak 4 languages Romanian, English, French, Spanish and (teach) Portuguese! 

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1. Class trailer: Hi. My name is Cristina Squarespace weapon in this 1.5 hour glass, you're going to build a five page website using squares. You're busy running your own business. You don't have time to learn it from a to Z. All you want is a beautiful website that brings inclines all that's affordable price. You want to do it yourself but don't want to come from myself. That's great news because of this massive. Convince your own website or follow along by building all the template, but I'm giving to you also. I committed the BDS to give you even more tips and tricks on how to make a website work, which includes the photography collar, the science behind city, a white space and how to use it and many more your squarespace, but also how to build a website designer. This class is really for anyone was contemplating the idea of building the website themselves, but are looking Teoh many wives, time spent learning. And so let's get this thing side 2. Class Project: By the end of the class, you will be able to create a five page squarespace website. You can create your own or follow along with the temple. In the class description, you will find the ZIP file with all the photo files to get you started. If you don't have photo shop, you can easily get free trial from the adobe creative cloud. The link isn't a description. Many websites fail mainly due to lack of resources or because the building process is overly complicated. I want to be in here to the finish line. So I back this class with awesome resource is I got all the unnecessary explanations to make sure you can focus on the important aspect of the platform. You can use the template, toe, adroll text and images or create something new from scratch. Either way, I would love to see your websites, and I will make sure to give you feedback on your work. 3. Why Squarespace?: When I started writing for this class, I didn't realize that there were so many reasons why I love squarespace. So here you have it. The seven reasons why squarespace is my absolute favorite platform for building websites. One. It's an intuitive drag and drop platform to you have enough flexibility to create your dream websites. Yet not everything is allowed, so you can't make huge design mistakes. Three. You don't need custom code yet you can make use of it. Four. No need for planning's or updates. It's all in the back and they'll do it for you. No need to even think about five pretty solid as you in place. Six. It's really affordable. $16 per month or 26 depending you want the option with EQ overs of custom cold, several good customer support. 4. Setting up a Squarespace account: In order to create an account, we need to go to Squarespace that car and click create a site which I'm going to do right now. Before I even type in my name or email address, they asked me to pick a template. At this point, I can preview or start with the template. I'm choosing bright now I need to create an account I office. They have another SQUARESPACE account, but I wanted to create a new one to show the entire process. Let's click Start and we're ready to work on our website. 5. Choosing a template: Squarespace comes with a variety of clean and modern templates. Just crawled out the gallery and browse to 93 templates. Wow, that's a lot to choose from. I'm just messing with you. There are 21 templates called Temple Families, which have different functionalities and based on those squarespace created variations, which are visually week. This is because there are so many totally different designs one can create, based on only one template, that they really wanted to showcase the power of the platform to base my template on Brian because it's one of the most complex templates out there. It's better to have more functionalities than you actually use. Rather than deciding later on, you'd want to relax and don't have it. 6. Introduction to panels & menus: Squarespace is a super complex platform that can help you and your business go for in the old. When you open your website, you will see access to a bunch of e commerce options, which we're not going to explore in this class. Then you will have pages and design where the magic happens. Marketing to connect your social accounts. Analytics. The chip websites that settings for your website settings to keep things simple will focus on pages and design parents from pages. You can add stuff to your website, such as new pages, sections, images, tax except for a resign you control. It's a parents with phone scholars facing etcetera. Let's, for example, change the front and Carla advertising. I'll choose roasted, narrow and make the size smaller. No, I changed the colors. Direct. You notice how all the titles of this type are now his father and in red. It's that easy 7. Creating a website structure: I've learned that it's best lay down your website structure in order to know beforehand. Exactly. Water going to build and how much work you still have to do until the project is complete. The first step is to do it all the more content. A bit counterintuitive, you'd say. Not really. Let's see what happens when I tried to edit them. A content I can't think this in development. I first need to transform the demo element into actual content, and that's every step of the way. So I'm just going to delete everything. After all, I'm not interested in the content or layout. I chose the template for different finality. Open a note pad and write down the structure of your website if you don't have one already . My website has five pages, and each one has different sections. You can pose this video to work on the structure. Let's go ahead and create the five pages. You'll be able to rearrange them, too. She got the navigation manner. See how the order is change now for the actual content from my pages and choosing index pages because I want to have better control off the settings for those elements. Imagine index pages is individual section or block within a page that is completely independent. Each index page can have a different layout, background color, parallax, etcetera. 8. Customizing the navigation bar: to customize the navigation bar. We need to go to design style editor here. I can change the color background to read if I want to. Let's do that. I can change the bedding. That's the distance the elements will have from the border. Bigger betting, bigger menu. I can sec that I can stack the Manu elements for resulted a vertical or play around with the spacing like So Now our goal is to have the name of our business to the left and the actual Manu to the very right. We also want to change the color of the tight. Now, let's added, um, menu items we need to change the funds to approximately over. Also, it looks like I forgot to change the front of the title. Let me go back and fix it. You notice that the navigation bar in the original temple doesn't have any color in the bag . It is directly on the curettage. That's what we're everything now for the title. We need to add it it from top left to bottom left and the menu from Top writes the bottom right. We need to change the cardinals from wife so great one last thing that I forgot to make sure when you're a certain page of the website that also highlighted in the menu for this to happen, let's change the style from spotlight too active and change the color of the overlay to orange. To add your own business name or logo to the navigation bar. Go to design a logo in sight. 9. Home page - hero section: in this video, we're going to add the first elements of our website to be more exact. Everything that's above the fold. Ah, catchy headline about us or our business, the elevator pitch of what we do and why we do it in a call to action a bottle which in this case would be linked with services page. We'll start by adding the background image, which will be clean enough so that text toe the left is reliable to edit. We go tappings media and upload an image from my computer. You will see me move the circle on the image towards the girl. That's how Squarespace knows was the most important part of the image. So when they crop the image for mobile there No, I want to keep that in folks. I want to pause this for a bit and talk about the importance of good images on a Web site. Most of the visitors will see poor quality images under website would think that if you don't afford to fix this, you either don't have a budget to hire a photographer or simply you don't care and they'll go to the next one. It is true that's choosing to have your images taken by a photographer is the best way to go, as it will show you and your business. But when that's not possible, we can still at great quality images license free from the Internet. One such library is on splash dot com on the images from the template come from there. And as I mentioned, there is no hassle with the license. This is why I include them in the ZIP file, too. Let's add the text as a good practice. I store my text in note, but one note that file for each page. Let me copy paste the first line you can see now that you can make it bold, italic, hyperlink it, align it, toe the left right or center it and, most importantly, give it the side normal, having one to accept her. Now let's as the main title you see the tear drop that Syrian sir point. You can add new elements using it in this case, another text element. Since this is one of the main headline, I will market as headline one. Then at the rest of the text, the description of what I do, what my services are and click safe. Did you notice how nicely the background picture adjusted itself with the copy? All that's left is to add the button again. We go toe adit insert point and search for bottle in the list with all the possible elements that can be added to a page. I like the text, learn more, but I wanted the line to the left and we're done in the next videos. We're going to talk all about styling texts, choosing phones, scholars and customizing bottles. 10. Working with fonts: to start any content of the website and in this case, the facts we need to go to design style editor. The next step is to creek on the element I want to change, so only the styling options of that element will show up. I select the text on top, yet both paragraphs are highlighted. That's because both shared the style normal and that's the style or going to customize. Now I will change the phone approximately over, um, setting the way through basically how bold they needed to be. I'll settle for 300 which is average 304 100 are regular. 200 is light or thin and 600 to 900. This boat, the size 18 pixels is okay, so I will leave it like that. Also the line heart. The tax will be black. Let me say that the next will added the title I was selected so that only options from for having one will appear. I will change the phoned again to approximate know why I will keep the rest of the settings . All I want now is to change the color to black. Keep in mind that this changes affect all future paragraphs from the website. With the remark normal and having one isn't that cool. So is it also to learn about typography for the Web? Don't forget adala the PdF with tips and tricks. 11. Customizing the buttons: customizing the bottoms is really easy with Squarespace to start that we think about that. I go to design style editor and click on the bottom. I can play with shapes from solid to round two pill, but my bottom is solid. So I leave it like that. I'll change the phone to postmen over and the color to orange. 12. Working with the spacer: to finalize this section, we need to move the entire content a bit more to the left in order to improve readability and also have a clear view of the business owner. This is probably the most underrated tool squarespace has to offer. Yet you need a lot of patients to master it with spacer, you can add space to your design in all the creative ways possible. Basically, you need to add it from the incident point and drop it wherever you need it. What I'm trying to do is move all the texts and the bottom to the left. This is the unedited video. So you can understand that placing the spacer where you want is not a super his task. It happens to the best of us. I managed to send the text to the left, but not button. So in the end, I deleted the bottom and created once again as they had a space in place. And we're done with the first section. We only added content to the 1st 1 of our home page, but we already covered 1/3 of all the knowledge needed 13. Home page - Services section: Now we're going to build the services section. Let's start by adding the title of the section and a few words that are perspective. Clients will want to read about the services we have to offer. Heading one is red, So let me change that Back to black I need to send to the Texas what? And now we're reading the first image from the Insertion Point Click Image and add your image from the computer. If you go to design, you'll see six different options for showing the image. You could overlap it with some text, make a poster with attacks on top, then add the text next to the image. What we need is a simple in line average. I'll select don't display captions. Next I add the decks. I'll add the title first, but this time I want to be heading to, and I did a description of the services to normal. Now I want to create two columns. Put the image and the text side by side, and I will do that simply by dropping the elements to the right. Let's at the second image insert point image, upload from computer, don't display captions, then on the left and add the text the title in heading to the rest of the text s storm. If compared the template in our website you will notice that the images on the template have some space in between. And that's what we're going to add right now. Next, I will hyperlink the read more part and normally this would goto the services page. But for this exercise, I would link it to go over that car. - Since the color of the links has nothing to do with a template, I'll go to design style editor and change the color toe orange. 14. Home page - about me section: This is the section we're going to recreate. It has, as usual, it tighter and an image that makes use of the Kalash style. This section is quite simple. On invitation for the client to learn more about us, let me quickly add insights. Now I'm adding the image selecting Kulash. Here I can add a title, a subtitle and the bottom, which is exactly what I will do. - Then I will need to style the image and the text. We go to designer style editor and click on the image. Let me show you what you can have it. You can modify the percentage of the image and the text. Both overlap the image with and of course, the phones. I'll change it approximately over. Also, I will change the background color of the textbooks to great. I'll need to also change the font color from white suit black. The very last thing on my list is to change the color of the hyperlink packs 15. Home page- why me section: Now we're going to recreate another section. This is it. Notice it has a different background color, and the images have a style we didn't use until now. It's called Post. Let's jump right in the background. Color is actually a simple picture, acting as a background limit off course you could custom called it easily, but I don't know what package you're going to choose in the long term, and that feature might not be available to you. This is why I prefer to add an image. Let me quickly add the title. Now we can add the first image from the answer point Al. Choose image and uploaded from my computer. You can find these images and some icons in the zip right. However, if you want your own icons and images, this is where for the shop will be handy for you. The icons come from flat thick. On that come. It's a platform where you can customize any Aiken size and color directly. You'll just need for the shop to place the icon on a white background. I will add the title and subpart. Then we'll repeat the process for the second image answer, point image choose from computer click on design and to choose poster. Oops, I didn't change the style and it appear in line. No worries. I can change that. If I click edit quickly, I will add the title. Insulted. No, only Do I have third damage. Well, it's time for my favorite part. Not really the element alignment in squarespace. We need to create three columns in the layout from Design Style editor. We need to get rid of that ugly great overlay. But before that, let's work a bit on the text. We're done with the tax less change, the capacity to none hit save, and then that's it with a section. 16. Home page - blog section: in this section, we are going to bring the latest four block posts into the home page. Well, we didn't build the blood yet, but for the sake of the exercise, I will build quickly some random posts from a blob on your and you could do the same or at the section at the very end when you do have a legit blow going on. What's good about index pages is that you can skip any section that you don't need or don't want. Without further ado, let me out of the background, image the title and insert a summary carousel. That's the feature we're exploring in this section. - It lets me know that there isn't any information I can pull toe display. My next step is to create the block. I'll tell the plus next two pages and choose Block. Let me read. Rearrange that. So it appears after contact in the navigation menu. Let's open it and add our first post. I will just add the title tumble image and some description just enough to showcase on the home page with a more in depth on block posts in a separate video. So don't worry. - Back on the home page. I can added the summary. Now I have the content I wanted to read. The feed is populated with blood posts automatically from layout. I can add their appearance. Let me change feature to lay this article's I will change the ratio of the displayed images . The text below should be small. In order to not draw too much attention from this play, I can hide the title and date. That's it. You now have your latest blocos featured on your home base. 17. Home page - testimonials section: in this video, we're recreating the testimonial section. I already served to the type. Now I will add the first image and from design I will choose poster. I will add attacks on the image, but this time around I would just paste it in the subtitle. I'll go ahead and add the next one, following the same steps in Sir Point Image from computers, said its status poster. And then at the Texas A subject. - Now that we have all three testimonials, we need to put them in place by dragging and dropping them in three columns. Been if each testimonials, I will insert small images of satisfied lights. This time I would make use of the captions to display their name and profession, and that's it. You got yourself a nice, too similiar section. 18. Home page - freebie section: this action is totally optional, but I feel that any omen business offers nowadays three books, checklists and any type of freely so you don't want to fall behind in this game of list building. I will start by adding an organ to break ground to the section. Then I will add an image as in line and click. Don't show captions. I will add a culture action as a title in heading One, and I will drag and drop the textbooks to the right. It's time to introduce another element. The four. I would only need a simple one. So I'm going to delete all the fields that are unnecessary in this world. I will show you how to edit an existing field and also how to add a new. These are all the options you can choose from. I'm I think checks Books field. As you can see a storage, you can access the leads in different ways. By default, you will receive a knee email every time you get late. You can also send them into an Excel file in Google Drive or integrator form with Mel chip or zapping from advanced, I would change the cold toe action of the, But you can also change its alignment and set the post click message, a small trick for you. Whenever you use the name field in Squarespace, you're adding automatically to fields to be more precise. One for the first name. Another one food last night. For situations where the first name is enough, I suggested to simply use a text field and call it mate. You can easily rearrange the field, sue like So. Lastly, I'll go to style editor and change the forms bottom. Now you have a Phoebe and a 400 page, and you're ready to start your email campaigns. 19. Home page - start working with me section: The purpose of this really simple section is to remind the users about that won't call to action you really want them to pursue. They wanted to book a free consultation or see her portfolio. Whatever it is, it's your chance to build a small section that will appear on all pages. 20. Home page - footer: this video will be a big longer than usual as it's packed with new features and information . So please stay with me. Squarespace is an intuitive platform, and it won't be too difficult to implement the next states with the bit of patients. No taste that the footer is structure in three columns. Also, you will see the food are being organized in another three horizontal sections top, middle and bottom, and we're going to edit information in each of the first things first from bottom food or I click edit and I would leave that power by squarespace in the top footer I click Edit, and I will add the text for the first column. Next, add another text element, the site man. - Then I will add the line because there is this body believe squarespace times to March 2 text boxes together, and I don't want that's why at the line as a temporary separation are at the services column and minimize between keywords. I hit backspace, the entering shift pressed together as opposed to just enter. - I would drag and drop the sides weapons services, text boxes to the right, creating columns in the layer. Next, I would like to subscribe Tex and drag it to the right underneath. I will create a small form that only has the email field, so I will relieve the rest. Let's create more room between the columns. Next, I will show you how to hyperlink words for middle blocks. We're going to the legal social icons and also the text block, because basically we don't need them. A media footer. We're going to add them again, a social things element under the text in the first column. Then I will relieve the original social legs from Desire style editor. I can click on the foot or area and see my options. I would change the background color note that I had my social platforms connected by the time of this recording. But chances are you will see a red rectangle, letting you know you need to connect them. This is done from settings connected. The Count's 21. About page - hero section: Let's have a look at the about page we're going to build. It has a simple above the fold image with the name of the page in my story section, a section where you can write what exact problem will solve your top three achievements and some Saudi cases I would have started with a section above the fold. The challenge here is to send the about more to the left and I'll add the space to help me . I don't know why the navigation here has a background, but I will fix that. Next. I want to disable the Parallax on my website to better understand this. Let's have a look at the homepage. See how this girl's had. Looks like it's cut out doing scrolling. Maybe on your website is going to look really nice, but I want to disable its for now from this website. That's from design style editor. This will affect all my braids 22. About page - my story section: have a look at the section we're going to create. But first, let's add all the sections that are going to be under this index page. We have my story problem solving my experience, case studies and let's make a copy of Work with me section. - I know that I have all the sections in place. Let's get back to the 1st 1 of this page. My sword I went to had an added the title. Now let me add the image in line with no captions. I would instead of the text is with Mark. The title is heading to and read more as hyperlink. Next, I'll drag and drop the textbooks to the right. 23. About page - problem to solve section: This is a section really easy to implement. I will add the baby on the image and create a text box where the paragraph is marked as having one. I will add a couple of space is to the left and right. Center the text and we're done. 24. About page - experience section: in this section we're going toe. Add three images side by side, using the posters time. In my case, I chose to give an example of the highlights of one's career, but you can choose to write down three reasons why you do what you do. Whatever works Bastard from the user point, Choose image, upload one from computer, then set it has posted. - Once you have all the three bridges, you can create the three columns and you're done. 25. About page - case study section: in this section, we are going to showcase our most important work. Since it's a section and not the last four started cases, we're not going to use the summary feature. We are going to simply had four images in line. From this point, I will add the image, and this time I will make use of the captures to write the title of the study case. - Let me add the other images to then arrange them in carbs. - Now let me show you something which you can fix easily. There's a big gap between the ending of one section and the beginning of another one. I will go to design style editor and decrease the section pairing to further emphasize that I will also create enough the collusion by adding a background image . - When you have your pages for each study case, don't forget to come back here and link the Texan the captions to the corresponding pitch 26. Services page -hero section: for the hero section of the services page, I would use a duplicate from the about me page. This is because I already have some spacers in place, and I want to keep these keywords about services. Contact cetera in the same place. On the copy. I will replace the image and the key word, and we're ready to go next . I would create the structure of this page by adding all the necessary sections. 27. Services page - services section: the service is Action is a serious of six poster images in the ZIP file, you will find the Aikens used, but you could also I jeroen from static on that Once I have the 1st 3 images, I would align them into columns and I proceed with the last three. 28. Services page - services reinforcement section: this section is about the unique value proposition. How I will offer my services. Let the client know that they're in good hands. Since I already have a secretary just like this one, I will make a copy and do the necessary changes. 29. Services page - the FAQ section: the next section is about answered. The most common questions from Flight might have about your product or service. I'll start by ending the title of this section, having one Adaline as temporary division. Since there is this bog, Slash were behavior. Squarespace has merging text boxes. Al Copy pays the content of my first column and the four other titles a questions by applying heading to add another line of separate for separation purposes and continue with the text of a second color. - Next , I move the second text box to the right. Not that I finally have both condoms in place. I can't leave the lights. This is one way of reading ethic. You content for those times when you don't have access to custom coat, however, the right way to do it. It's Agon Efecto recorded. Let me get you acquainted with the guys from Square Studio. They offer Amazing Region, especially made for squarespace, so that your website can look custom eight. You can sign up for full membership program and have access to everything they sell or buy just one plug. For example, I will search for accordion and see all the available options. It's important to know that all plug has come with lifetime support. Please note that this is an affiliate link. In this way, you have produced more free quality content like this class. In return, you can use the discount code, Christina. 10 for 10% of your purchase. 30. Case Study page: this action is all about showcasing your best work. I will start by creating the Bages structure. I will make copies of our existing two sections here a section and work with me section And then I will create the primary section where all other elements will be. Let me added the hero section with the new image and text. I will add the title of the section, then the tax and live. It is normal. I will add temporary line when I insert another textbooks to give more details on the client and service category. No days I martyrdom as having three. Let's make that column look pretty. Let me introduce you to another element video. To add videos to your website, you need to first store them on YouTube video. We steer or an emoto and grab tur. I'll add the images to I want to show you another use for really over. For this, I need to create another section. I will add some random text and make the section bigger by adding a lot of space from certain things. Advest. I have a video. This is a video bedroom. So the now I know how to read What? Since we don't need it here and now, I will relate it. The last thing I need to do is start the heading three and we're done here. 31. Contact page: Let's start working on our last page, the contact Page, which has a for the officer dressed on embedded Google map with the office location. I would start with the usual deprecating the hero and the work with me sections, and we added the hero section with a new background image and text. I will go ahead and at the title as well. I add the spacer and then add before I'm okay with all the fields. But I will change the submit message toe. Get in that for more about powerful city is check out the PdF in the class description. I will make it a big larger, so I'm adding some spacers to the left and right. - The last thing I would change the color of the bottom to be consistent. - Now let's add the map from the insert point and then we'll search for map. As soon as you added, it will ask you about your dress. I will serve forgotten gators and exam. See how it obviated instantly from design. I can play with its appearance and controls. - I will quickly add my office address and drag it to the left. Lastly, we're going to add some social links. You can't align them, change the size and start 32. Customizing your blog: In this review, I will show you how you can create your very first post. Let's say you want to create an article called Blowing on Squarespace. Like on any page Here is well, you can add pretty much the same element. From the point I will add a nice big image ready to be pinned on Pinterest. Sorry for Decide. Let me add a title once again, then a spacer and some bunch of text as normal paragraphs. - I was saved and published. Then I will have a terminal image and a short description. - If we go to the home page, you will see it in the last post this section. What out Now let's make the block prettier from settings. I'm glad an image above the fold to feel consistent with the other pages, and then they'll add the welcome toe blawg message 33. SEO for your website: There are several ways you could add descriptions and keywords into squarespace, a bustier ratio. In this video, I was sure you were exactly toe. Add them. But if you open the PdF, you'll find more resources about this from both Squarespace and other interesting leaders on each page and sad things, you can make use of the description. Another way is to make sure, although the images have nice fun names, as opposed to I m g underscore. 1234 Doc jpg Since we're here and we talk about images, a trick you could use is to add captions. Bright your tax for rescue purposes. Go back toe, don't display captions, apply changes and guess what the description is there, but it's not visible to the human eye are not. The way to boost your issue is to go to settings issue and at their your description, keywords. Except also, don't forget to index your Web site on Google. This class is about designing a website, and not about this year, but please make sure to check the pdf for more detailed information 34. Publishing your website: let me tell you a little secret from the moment you clicked on, create a website and it shows the template. Your website was public slash published, so at the moment, basically, it's a matter of choosing the right your rent or to make you can change it from, said these limits here. You'll find a bunch of options now if you pay for a full year in advance to get a free domain, and that would be my recommendation. If you want to pay month, you can still buy a domain straight from squarespace. For the sake of the secular size, I was typing something random. If you already have one, you can added, or Or you could go to places like Go there. Did that come? And by the main much cheaper I add my own domain, and I can choose to transfer it to squarespace or connected straight from the register. No matter the option you choose, the Squarespace Help center is full of step by step recommendation 35. Recap: This was a long one, but look how much we learned. You can now create your very own Squarespace website. You master pages and index pages. You can add images, videos forms to your page, and you can produce well structured content that will help your clients better understand your business. 36. Thanks: All right. That's it, guys. Now extend. Create your own classroom. Feel free to share any sample page or anything like that. Also, if you have any questions, please let me know. I'll be happy to answer all of them. Thanks for taking this glass and see you next.