Build a Smart Phone Scavenger Hunt, Using GPS, QR Codes, and More. A Shared Pokemon Go like Game. | Christopher Bailey | Skillshare

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Build a Smart Phone Scavenger Hunt, Using GPS, QR Codes, and More. A Shared Pokemon Go like Game.

teacher avatar Christopher Bailey, Creative Explorer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. 01 Intro Video

    • 2. 02 Location Scouting

    • 3. 03 Creating Account

    • 4. 04 Setting up the Hunt

    • 5. 05 Content Find a Spot

    • 6. 06 Content Scan Code

    • 7. 07 Content Quizzes

    • 8. 08 Content Missions

    • 9. 09 Publish and Results

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About This Class


Build a digital scavenger hunt that you can share with your friends and family.   Participants will use a smartphone (iOS or Android) to accomplish tasks like these:

  • Find geo-locations (GPS)
  • Find hidden QR codes
  • Accomplish photo challenges
  • Answer quiz questions

This scavenger hunt could be used for a

  • Family Reunion
  • A Tour for Out of Town Friends
  • Local Knowledge Throwdown
  • Pub Crawl
  • Historical Tour

Individuals or teams can participate.  All results and photos are gathered on a central website, and points are given for completing specific tasks.  At the end participants receive an email with their results and all photos taken on the hunt.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Christopher Bailey

Creative Explorer


I'm a creative explorer and trainer. Always searching for new things to learn and teach. I enjoy photography, video making, grilling, and playing music.

I have had many careers as an audio engineer, touring musician, teacher, event photographer, database designer, software specialist and more. I have created several short films and joined many local competitions. My personal music project is named Tripnet, and I was the guitarist in Beats the Hell Out of Me, and Chet.

I live in Hawaii with my wife and two dogs. I hope to share my years of experience teaching and training here on Skillshare!


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1. 01 Intro Video: What if you could create an augmented reality game for your friends to play teams or individuals of the battle for points finding hidden locations and codes, answering tricky questions, misleading photo challenges and even more? I am Chris Bailey going to be showing you how I walk you through setting up a free account , determining GPS locations, creating QR codes, quiz questions much more. So what do you need? You need access to a Web browser, either on a computer or tablet. Since you're watching this, you have that doesn't require any kind of special coding skills. You just need some time to plan and create your hunt. But will the participants need well, they need a smartphone, something modern from last 3 to 4 years. An iPhone or android device camera, GPS data connection. They could play Pokemon. Go with it. They're all set. The app they will use is free. At the end. All the results will be shared along with any photos that take from the different challenges. For the class project, you're gonna create a short scavenger hunt 4 to 5 locations that need to be found, 45 Q R codes that you're gonna hide, and you'll need to come up with a couple quiz questions. Along with that, you might set up a couple challenges. When you're done, you'll be able to share this project with your friends, so let's get started. 2. 02 Location Scouting: So for this video, we're gonna talk about location scouting. This is a process we're going to need to answer several questions about your scavenger hunt . First question. Where do you want people to start? If people are coming from a distance? Or maybe they're gathering to do the hunt together, you need a location for them to meet up and potentially park a car. You need to think about the total length in the amount of time it will take to complete your hunt. This is information that participants will be able to look at before they start your hunt. That would give them an idea of like how much time they need to set aside to be able to complete this. In a later video titled Find a Spot, I show you how to use a GPS location app that you can download for free to store locations as you're out scouting. What are interesting places that you want people to find? Are they landmarks? Are they local stores or businesses? What would be fun for people to find as they go through this? Maybe you want to tell a story by all the different locations that you're taking people through. Also think about how people are going across busy intersections as they go from one location to another. Again, they're going to be looking at their phone with an arrow pointing in the direction that they need to head to. So think about their safety a little bit. As you determine those locations. One of the steps is going to be hiding Q R codes that you're gonna fix two different objects. So you need to find good hiding spots, places that won't be obvious. Also places that are unobjectionable, something there where there's already stickers or signs on there in the video on QR codes, I'll show you how to print them out. And before you go do your location Scout, you may want to have them already printed and ready to go. You don't have to take a second trip back out to your locations and just to fix the Moyer out there, so part of your hunt can include quiz questions. You can come up with questions about the locations people are going to, so maybe it's a statue. You might ask about information that's printed on there about the history of the location that you're taking people to anything that's in that environment that can look around. You want to come up with something that's interesting and fun. Your participants will have a smart phone in their hand so you can actually provide website for people to go to. Maybe you're creating history tour. And lastly, let's think about missions. Missions could be posing for a particular picture. It could be doing a group video could be having them sing a song. Audio photos, video Many ways. You want your players to interact with their environment. Let's move on the next video about creating an account. 3. 03 Creating Account: take it to the website that we're gonna use for creating your scavenger hunt. Its service called action Bound action bound dot com, it will automatically take you to the English version of the site gives you a little bit of description about the types of things that you can create with it. It shows a little bit about how you will create your action bound scavenger hunt inside the browser, and then you played in the APP seal download on android or IOS app. There. This actually gives you links. For that. There's a video kind of giving a demonstration of what that can do and some other descriptions. We're gonna create a private account, which is free to create a scavenger hunt. But if you are working for a school or educational institution, there's educational licences available. If you're in a professional organization so you have a conference or you're going to do a team building event. What have you You need to place an inquiry with them, and they offer special pricing for setting things like that up for our purposes, since we're going to be mostly focusing on a private one will hit start now and from there , it will have you create your account with use name, email, address, password and repeating your password. You do need to let them know that this is for private use. Otherwise you need to place an inquiry with them. You would just be creating a 14 day trial account for your business or educational set up after that, and you've read the terms of private statement there. 4. 04 Setting up the Hunt: The next step after creating your account is to start to create your scavenger hunt for step in that is to click on, create a new Bound as we create, are bound. It's gonna ask us several questions. First is to give our mount a title. I'm gonna call mine explore Kyla. I'm creating a tour of the town that I live in. Then we can create a you Earl. I'm going to just use the same name without a space as we continue to edit, are bound. We can pick it to be a multi player bound or a single player bound, and I'll explain that more as we go along. Along with that, if you have a much longer bound than the one that were creating for this project, you can have stages that people go through. It'll stay is fixed with us only having a single stage. So that's fine for right now. Solicit, Create bound. This takes us back to the place where we're gonna create all the content for our pound. But for now, let's focus on a couple of buttons on the left. Over here. The first button with the letter A on it is where weaken set to publish are bound also allows us to set up a test mode where we can go out and try out the different stages will practice this as we create our content to make sure that's working correctly. To see here on the right is the QR code that is used to stay. Start the bound for your players, and along with that, there's a button worry download instruction sheet. As a PdF. It includes the QR code and also includes instructions on how to download the APP for all your participants. You can see that the Web pages to start we set up a minute ago. Content is we're going to focus on all the other videos. We're gonna create all the content that builds up our scavenger hunt and then the left over here. Here's our settings. We can create an image, so when people land on the home page or open up the app, they'll actually see this welcoming image Jewel. Add that in just a moment. What type of description of our bounds you can set a category for your bound. Is it set for your friends? Just have fun. Is it exploring a city is at an event that you're holding. Is it Ah, sightseeing thing? Also from our location, Scout will have determined our starting point and the length of our bound approximately how many kilometers it is and length and approximately what kind of duration is going to take to complete. These are things again. When people look at the bound from the website and they're searching through it, they can get an idea of what type of bound it is, how long it is and how long it's gonna take them to complete it. Let's go ahead and change the image here, and we'll talk a little about managing images throughout Action bound on Press Select. It'll take me over here to, ah, police reckon upload images, press select file. I can actually then go to my browser here, and I've created a logo just as a J peg. It needs to be a very specific set of dimensions or some multiple of those dimensions to make it fit properly. But I did 7 40 by 3 50 like they instructed, I added some text to my graphic and another program, and from there it will show up in here. It'll tell me a little bit about it when I press upload that will add it to my little library of photos and then wants to know the license that it's set up for. Is it something that you've downloaded on the Internet, say, from Flicker or some other place where there's a copyright on it? Is that person offering it up as a Creative Commons license? If so, then it'll ask you to give a link to the original image where it could be found. If you owned the copyrights, you can. Just like you took the photograph to sit copyright, and then it will put you in as the right holder. And then you can put a girl if you have a link to the original photo also. But that's all just sort of, just to make sure that you are on the up and up as faras handling your photos from there when I hit save and then we'll allow me to pick the image I want. You could see it did this earlier, so I kind of repeating myself or select here. It will then pop up in our image now that we've set some of the initial settings, we're gonna move on to adding content, and then I'll start with entering in GPS locations in finding spots. 5. 05 Content Find a Spot: we created are bound, and now we're ready to add some content to it. So I'm gonna switch from the aid to the little feather here for creating content side There . You see this little plus button? Well, that drop down and show us all the different types of content that we can add. We're gonna focus for this video on finding a spot, So I'm gonna press that from their three sections. The mission briefing is we're giving them instructions about what they're going to be trying to find. You conjugate them hints if you want. It's a rich text environment, so you can in bed videos or music or sound files or photo. You also have a coordinate. This is we're gonna actually set what? Coordinate that it's set to and I'll show you how I've collected my coordinates. So we're going to go find an app for locating GPS coordinates from the Apple App store. You could also do this on the play store. This will be a tour of that so we can open up the APP store and from there I just typed in GPS coordinates and the word Freedy and the one that I found is called GPS Tour, which I've already kind of downloaded from GPS tours. Tapped on it, and it'll show location if you go to little I in the right corner and actually will offer what type of tracking quality you want. My suggestion is for this purpose said it to best use a little bit more battery power, but we're just gonna use it to pinpoint these locations. Initially, that works and meters. You might leave it on that and from their own spurs back, and it'll show my location. You can take a screenshot if you're using an iPhone. Hold down the sleep wake button as you immediately press the home button, take a screenshot and actually saves it in a special album for you. So I've gone ahead, and I've done that with my starting location. So from coordinate, I just type in and one note you do need to put a comma inside there if you don't have the comma there, or you were to add the N for north or IV for east not valid and warn you about that, so make sure that you do have, and that there is a comma separating two with none of the letters, we're gonna continue on two settings. There's two main settings that you have. You can actually show a directional arrow, leading people to the location and feel like a little compass saying You need to head this direction and how many meters away it is. The other mode that is available is called show map and showing a map will show the location and a little blue dot where you are and another dot showing where they need to get to. I like using show map for the beginning locations like the place that people need to start . But I don't like to use it when people are inside the hunt itself, unless there's like a really far distance, and you think the person might get completely lost trying to get to it. Usually, if you're going from point to point, I think it may be more useful to do it. A show directional arrow. If this is checked, they will not be able to skip past this, finding a spot. If it's unchecked, then players can skip it. But back under the mission area that we're looking at before they will forfeit the points even if they were to go back and find it later, they're gonna forfeit the points that would have been available there. So if they're having a hard time getting to a particular location, it's a choice that you can kind of set. I would probably for our first example here, go ahead and leave. It said that they can't skip it. They have to find the spot and that therefore, they would get the points to be able to move on. All right, we're ready. Toe, test this out. So we're gonna complete the mission briefing and add a photograph. My starting point is in a parking lot near a bakery. So I'm gonna put a picture at the beginning of this kind of, um, a cursor at the front and click on the image. Once you've uploaded to your whole library, you'll be able to select or re select photos that are in there and again, I'm gonna set the copyright and so forth. So from images, see that have added this picture of pie and add that little copyright like I did from the earlier image. Click on Select. And it puts in a little tag here how it's inserted began under mission, you can set the amount of points. It's 100 points to find this location. I've got my coordinate and my settings are Show a directional arrow. I am ready to hit Save back on the main page here, you'll see. Ah, location has been put on a map here. I'm gonna show you what it looks like when somebody is actually trying to look at the location by doing a test right now going to go to a and turn on test. And then I can scan this code that's appeared on the screen with my phone to do your testing, your need, the action bound app that have already installed on my phone. But again, you can go to the APP store or the Google Play store. So when I open AP, Storm's gonna select action bound and you'll see it there. I'm gonna go ahead and just hit open. Since I've already installed it, it's free. And from there now I can actually go in and scan the code that I have for testing's gonna press can code and then I can hit, start and asked me, Create a team. Let's go here. You can see right now in the location that it has. I'm inside. So it says my position is not very accurate. But as I turned my phone left and right, it shows Ah, the direction to the target. And again, you can kind of see my location there. So it's looking great. Okay, So we're gonna go back into action bound here on the website and said it instead of to an air Omo, We're gonna have it. Show it on a map instead. So I've clicked on settings and gone to mode and change to show map. I'm gonna go back to my mean settings here. And then I'm gonna go ahead and press test again and I'll scan it with my phone and show you that next in a press scan code and shoot my computer screen again. There again, it shows me my welcome page. Start bound teams finds compressed. Let's go. So this time, instead, I'm going to scroll up by holding down on the picture and push it up. It'll show a map, and on the map, I can use two fingers to pinch and zoom in. It will show where I'm located, with a little blue dot and location pin indicating where we need to start at so a little different. And it would show GPS location as you get closer and closer and closer. And it's Google maps that actually will actually give you a street view. Okay, so we've finished find a spot with its mission briefing the coordinates and the settings as faras directional arrow or using a map. Now we're gonna move on to scanning codes with our Q R codes. 6. 06 Content Scan Code: the next area we're gonna focus on is working with the QR code. So scroll forward. Go to the blue plus button, add more content and on the right choose scan code. There you have the same style mission briefing. You can put hints here. Can you put photographs? Whatever you want to use to kind of lead people forward into it. The next setting is for the code itself, and it generates the codes automatically. Or if you have a code that you've already generated earlier, you can scan that in and use that code we're gonna use generate QR code in this case on the right under settings can again make it so that people are allowed to skip this. If they're unable to find it, they can't move forward with the rest of it until they have scanned. This gets in that whole forfeiture of points. If they do skip it, they cannot come back and get the points that were available from under the mission settings, along with the mission briefing you of your points down in the bottom. I have a suggestion that may helps to create a bunch of these codes in advance when you're out scouting your location, Marty, have a good idea where you want to lay out your scavenger hunt with codes and hand. You go ahead and hide these. You don't have to actually make a second trip down to your location. We're going to do in this case is create several codes in a row, and then we can kind of modify the order that they need to be found in under mission. Gonna leave this blank for now, under code. I'm gonna keep it. Has generated code and then settings. I'm going to say that they cannot skip step. So had ad. Oh, and does require me to put a briefing in here. So I'm gonna put short briefing, put a number one dash and then fill it in from there. This will be my first code. I'm gonna generate several in a row here. All right, so now you'll see have codes. 123 and four. When I'm going to do is download the code as an image, and as I click on it, it actually will open it up in the browser again. My browsers really large right now, so I can right click on that and save it is an image. So I'm gonna save it. Evinger class, make a little folder for it. Code one. So don't get mixed up and to the same for co two. So the trick that I'm going to show you could be done inside Apple's pages Word processor program. Or you could do it inside Microsoft Word if you like. I found that the size of a business card is about perfect for creating these codes and be able to put him out there in the wild. I'm not gonna actually create stickers. Anything elaborate like that. I'm just gonna put him out on paper about the size of a business card and then to fix them to the surfaces with a little bit of clear packing tape. So inside of pages, I'm gonna go in under stationary. There is a set for business cards, and as I opened it up, I'm just gonna erase everything that's in there. Use the command key and select everything and hit delete. From there, I'm gonna go load in my new QR codes or here's code one is gonna drag and drop it right on top of here and make it small enough to fit on my card right about the middle of it. The only text I'm gonna put on here is I want to remember which one's which. So I'm going to go ahead and, uh, put a number one to the side of this. I know which code is which. So from there, connection doesn't duplicate that. I'm gonna hold option and drag that over. Teoh duplicate it changes to, and same thing here is gonna hold, option and drag us down. And for this dynamic guides really handy as you're dragging things around a kind of show. You were the line A stuff up. So here's code to when I drag it in, grab the corner to resize it. Perfect. So now if I put these out, it will actually print the little guides for me to cut it. I can go on to fix them. So what? You've saved it inside of pages. Another good idea. In case you need to print it at the office or print somewhere else, there's good printer is You may want to save it out as a pdf inside of pages, you can go to file an export to pdf. One suggestion is make sure that the image quality that you have here is set Teoh Very high quality. Best quality, since you do need to have good lines for being able to be scanned. So you're leaving on best and then hit next. That point is gonna give it that same name. QR codes. PdF. And then, as I opened up that pdf, it should be nice. High quality. Pdf When you got to fix them again, you can do this during your location. Scouting. Bring along some packing tape. We'll help them last in the wild a little bit longer, and along with that, you want to make sure that it's in an unobjectionable place that just get removed. So I put them at the bottom of signs, the bottom of light poles that put them on trash cans, places where people won't notice them. Normally again, kind of hiding them vet and also won't just get removed, as I showed in the other video. If there's somewhere there's a lot of stickers already, then you are pretty safe there. Now that we've generated our codes, you can go back into the content menu here and look at them. 1234 We can change the order. The steps are in right now. I just want to do a little bit of testing. So to do that, I'm going to switch back to the letter. A From there, I can then turn on test, and I'm gonna switch to my smartphone and I'll show us testing, scanning some of the codes that we just created. So then we're going to scan the code for the test bit and no set. Let's go. I'm gonna skip finding this location. Are you ready to scan our first code code number one? If I come over a good number two, it'll say wrong code. That's good. Tried again. All right. We found code number one. Got 100 points that's ready for code number to scan code and got points for that. So our codes are working. They printed that well, and this gives you an idea of what it would be like when they're out wild. But for these points now, we're ready for our next video coming up with those questions 7. 07 Content Quizzes: Our next step is to develop quiz questions to ask the players as they're going through the hunt. This is the place where you can really start to see a spread of points. Everybody who finds a spot will automatically get full points, and also, if they scan a code that get full points with quizzes, you can delineate the amount of points. If somebody answers a question wrong initially, or is only within a range of the answer, I'm going to provide three examples that I've created already to show you. What are some of the options that are available. There's many options. You congenital rate inside of this says you scroll down past my first finding a spot in scanning a code. You'll see my first quiz question. Let's go into the little edit button here, the pencil. Once you get inside there it says the sculpture in front of his name, Kyla Beach Day, And then the image that I've already inserted. What is the sculptor's name? I set points to 100 points under the answer tab. I've said to be multiple choice, and then I put four names in the correct answer. Is this one if they were to search for the name, which is not printed on the statue anywhere, they'd have to go to the Internet. And in that search it might come up that they might find this person's name. And that's the person who actually sponsored it. This is the actual sculptor under settings have created a hint saying that the same sculptor create another public work, which was called What's Next? Which is downtown in Honolulu, on Bishop Street. So they'll see this when the answer it incorrectly initially, so that might help them also find the person. I'll give them three attempts by third attempt. Then it'll actually just move onto the next step. 10 points will be deducted for every incorrect answer. Also, you can set it to you again. If you want to have them be able to skip or not be able to skip. I'm gonna set it here so that they could skip it. In that case, they would forfeit all the points along with the other settings that we just discussed. One fun thing that we could try also is a time limit. Time limit lets you to say they have 60 seconds to answer this question and then we deduct 10 points, say within 10 seconds will deduct 10% of the points is interesting idea. I haven't tried it yet, so help press save. That's one of my questions. Past scanning code number two. I have the next question. I'm gonna ask about a restaurant that's here in Kyla and I asked what year did Mo K's bread and breakfast open? So I'm gonna go back to edit, and I want to change a couple things. I want to add an image here. So this is just like we did with the other types of content where we can add an image you can add us. Can you can add music or sound or video. I was gonna add an image, So I'm gonna go to photos here. I've already gone ahead and added a few more as you can see. So let's go to upload. We're gonna add one more here, select file and here's the one I created and afloat. So under licence, I took the photo. No, you are on just my name that gets saved and then in her images I can select it, man safe. Then we'll see that little preview there, so it just kind of help. Stylized all the quiz questions as you're going make it look a lot more fun to go back to edit in this one. Under the answer, I chose a different type of mode. I selected a mode called Estimate Number, and the question I'm asking is, if you remember from here, what year did they open? So the correct answer is 1999. I'm going to set range from 1970 to 2012 and 10% point deduction, a deviation of two. So every two years they're off, they're gonna lose 10% of the points. It'll still be considered correct, but they'll lose some points again, depending on the range. How close they are under settings, I'm going to say, show the solution. If answered incorrectly and correct Answer must be given to continue points penalty for incorrect answer. 10. All rights. This looks good. It's safe. Let's move forward to our next question and put that past scan code number three on this one. I put an image of a treat that they have here in Hawaii called Mal Asada's. I'm gonna go into my edit for this one and simple question. Name the sugary treat. And then I put the image in, just like on the other ones under answer. This is just a very simple thing where they just have to type in the answer. In this case, they were to put Mal Asada or they're put mall Asada's. It would actually, either one of those would be considered correct, which is nice. And then I put a solution in case they were to get it wrong. And we'll just say, Wallace autos and under settings. So here I'm going to set it to two attempts and the points penalty for an incorrect answer is 10 points. Hint. In case they were to type doughnut. Explain to them it's not a doughnut. Think more Portuguese, and then I'll have him show the solution. If it is answered incorrectly, This one, I'm gonna have fun with it. I'm gonna set a time limit set a very simple time limit of 60 seconds to answer. For every 10 seconds, we gonna lose to 10% of the points. So that save. Oh, sorry. Have to type it in. So I take 10 and safe now We're gonna be ready to test this out. So we're gonna go back to a and then hit test, and we're ready to scan this and test it on our phone again. So I'm going to scan my test. Okay, here's my first question. So sculpture in front of his name, Kahlua Beach Day. What is the sculptor's name? And I could answer Edgar Degas. I was wrong. All right, So maybe try. So say, Mitch. No try. So when it could do is go out and go out on the Internet here. And my search came up with Jodi Endicott. So there is my answer. So go back in here. And she is a I had missed it twice, so I only got 80 points instead of 100 point all right school this morning. So in this one, this is the what year did okays bread and breakfast Open starts at 1970 that could go all the way, appear to 2012 or find somewhere in between. So let's say our eyes think they opened in 2000 and seven. So I had answered and I was off a few years. It was actually 1999 so 40 points were deducted only got 60 points. So this is where you can kind of see it start to delineate the different point values, all right? And the last one is named the sugary treat. And I could say, Oh, those air doughnuts. It's like no one is the wrong answers. Hint. Not a donut. Think more Portuguese, we try. Oh, those eirmalasare does, and again putting the s on it. Still considered that correct? I lost 10 points because I answered a wrong initially, Even though the answer is testing for a small asada without an s, it gave me the correct answer. Even without that is an idea of some of the different types of quiz questions you can create. And this is again where it becomes a lot more fun and challenging, and you can start to see a spread of points between the different people that are playing through your scavenger hunt. Next up, we're gonna create mission 8. 08 Content Missions: So I'm gonna go back into my action bound here and hit plus, and on the right side you'll see that I can select mission. You'll see the same kind of mission briefing, but there's no other additional tabs here. There's just a type of solution, and it could be They need to write something. They upload a picture and upload a video or upload audio. So I'm gonna go ahead and show you a couple that I've already created here to get started. Cancel this one. It's my 1st 1 figure. Back to the edit is take a picture of the local wildlife, try to include members of your team and included a picture. So there's a lot of chickens here in Kalua. There's a lot of feral chickens running around, and so I want them to try to take a picture of that. Or if they find some other kind of wildlife. I thought that might be interesting. So in this case, the solution is upload a picture pretty straightforward, so just hit save and you'll see it's in there that'll come up and any pictures that they take, or videos or audio that they create will all be shared at the end. Not only Yuhas, creator of Scavenger Hunt, will be able to see them, but the participants will get a chance to be able to download in the content that they create. Also, fun way to build on that theme of scavenger hunt and them creating things. If you need some ideas, you can go to Pinterest or other spots on Internet and just look for photos. Scavenger hunt Credit Another one here reenact a very short scene from your favorite beach movie in front of this mural. So in this case, the only thing that have changed here is upload a video of my solution. 3rd 1 I have is Sing a song about how good Moloch, Saada, Saar or instead in process with your beat boxing skills. So in this case, the solution is audio upload. It's totally up to you. What type of missions to take on up next. We'll talk about submitting and seeing the results 9. 09 Publish and Results: So I want to talk a little bit about publishing results and organizing your content. So let's start with that. So again, I'm under the feather here for content will go through these areas one by one at it. We've been in a lot. We can copy steps. If you have something that has very, very similar settings, you can just simply duplicate that step. You could move a step up and down in the flow so you can reorganize. That was partly why I had you create the codes in advance. Did you go out and take them and put him up in your locations? And with the numbers you'd be able to identify which was which, and then you can organize them depending on where you located them. If you ever need to delete any content, you'd use this button here. It will warn you just kind of nice inside of all of that I have gone in. I've added some text. This is my very first spot. It's going to show a map for the current location than target. And then I have just a little note here you are ready to begin. Find a spot in a lot here. Don't leave any valuables in the car. I have them doing a mission next, then finding a spot note about use a crosswalk. This is them trying to find their very first code, the quiz question and next code, the next question about OK, so as you can see here, in a lot of content as we go through the whole thing under the next step of settings, you'll see that I've also gone in. Not only have I added the image that we did together before, I've added description. I've added this starting point, and along with that, then the bounds length approximately an approximately amount of time it's going to take to go through. So not a whole lot. We need to adjust their again. My bound is going to be multi player, so it'll be teams of people working together. One person could take a picture of the other, or what have you. So teams of two or more you can always change it if you want and change to a single player that's told up to you. So when we go to the A here, we can then choose to go ahead and put are bound online. If it's something that you're keeping just with in your friends, you may want to hold off on putting it out there so the general public can't see it. They would have to search for it. And in reality, there's not a lot of people here in North America doing much with action bound least at the moment. So it's unlikely that people will just simply stumble across it unless you've given to them in this case for people to find it. What I suggest is on the bottom of this page, there's a download start instructions, which will, if you click, it will create a pdf for you. I'm gonna go and open that up for you and you'll see that it just gives the QR code. That they would have adds the image that you created here, the name of the bound and them launching the app and then a little hint here and they want you to stay. Do what we've been doing during a testing here of scanning codes to start so you can print this out and give it to your friends, or you can email it to them and they could do it from their screen if they wanted to. And from there we're gonna go to results. So from results, you'll see that there's a second test team that I created test team, too. And the test run of it took me four minutes and nine seconds to complete scored 670 points . And if I click on this site, go into the details about the test team, the names of the testers again, the players, they would put their actual name in here what? They raided it. And if they want their results published in this case, I would see if they found the spots. Since I didn't leave my home, I didn't I'll see the results of their missions, and if they took pictures, I'll be able to see the pictures that they created. If they created other content, I'll be able to see that. So here they found the code. They answered the quiz question found other code. The answer. That one Here is the video that they uploaded and then here under Mission, I had them sing a song or in the stead do beat boxing, so I did a little be boxing just for goofballs. Anyone? You get the idea, you can see what the results will look like. In the case of the people that are completing it, they'll get an opportunity. When they published their results to be able to see all the results and any of the missions that they completed, they'll be ableto save to their phone of the device or their computer, the photos, the videos and the audio. So it's really fun. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson. Please submit your project. You can put a link to the bound that you've created. You can also put up pictures of people completing their bound Feel free to ask me questions . Please leave me a rating. If you enjoyed this class. Thanks.