Build a Reddit Clone with jQuery and Firebase

Stephen Mayeux, ESL Teacher Turned Software Developer

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13 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Meet Your Instructor

    • 2. Course Introduction: Build a Reddit Clone!

    • 3. Where to Find Help

    • 4. Getting Started with HTML Boilerplate

    • 5. Creating Reusable Components with jQuery

    • 6. What Is Firebase?

    • 7. Create a Firebase App

    • 8. Initialize Firebase in Our Project

    • 9. Fetch and Render Data from Firebase

    • 10. Post Content to Our Database

    • 11. Make Our Reddit Clone Realtime

    • 12. Upvoting and Downvoting User Content

    • 13. Conclusion and Your Project!


Project Description

After you get the functioning application running on your computer and have gained knowledge of jQuery and the Firebase Cloud platform, you will be able to add more features to make your application even more powerful.

Some recommend ideas for expansion include giving users the ability to:

  • Add categories to posts
  • Sort and filter posts by popularity
  • Share posts with friends on Twitter
  • Allow only one vote per person
  • Implement Firebase Authentication

The purpose of the class project is to take what you've learned and build upon that. While there are no hard and fast requirements, students should use their creativity, implement their problem-solving skills to overcome technical challenges, and about 2-4 additional user stories to make their Reddit clone unique.

And because this course does not focus much on HTML and CSS, students should think like designers and personalize the look and feel of their apps.

Student Projects