Build a Raspberry Pi Digital Assistant (Google Home Clone) | Lee Assam | Skillshare

Build a Raspberry Pi Digital Assistant (Google Home Clone)

Lee Assam, University Instructor, Software Developer

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Hardware Components that will be needed

    • 2. Installing Etcher to Flash our SD Card

    • 3. Preparing our SD Card

    • 4. Connecting our Components

    • 5. Software Configuration

    • 6. Doing the Audio and Microphone Check

    • 7. Setup in the Google Cloud Console

    • 8. Connecting our Push Button Switch

    • 9. Try it Out! Ask Anything!


About This Class


In this class, you will learn to leverage the power of the Raspberry Pi and the Google Assistant API to build your very own Digital Assistant. The project will operate as a Google Home Clone.

You can ask it anything and can take the project further by using the built-in voice recognition technology to use your Raspberry Pi to control external sensors and peripherals!

The possibilities are endless and this is a lot of fun to build with fairly inexpensive components. It also illustrates the power of your Raspberry Pi.

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