Build a Professional WordPress Website in 8 Simple Steps! No coding needed.

Melissa Taylor, ✨Web & Graphic Designer 20+ Years✨

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9 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Class Introduction & Overview

    • 2. What's a domain name & why do I need hosting?

    • 3. Register your domain name & setup your hosting

    • 4. Install a design theme & demo pages

    • 5. Customizing the theme's global design options

    • 6. Setting up your on-page design options

    • 7. Building a web page from scratch

    • 8. Installing SEO plugin and image compression plugin

    • 9. Wrap up & your class project


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to build a WordPress website for your business or your side hustle in just 8 simple steps! 

This class is geared towards true beginners who have never built a WordPress web site, but will also be valuable to intermediate skill levels as well. There is a LITTLE bit of technical info, but I’ll go over all of it with you in the class. Hand-holding thru the process is included :)

In this class you will learn:

  • How to register your domain name (your website address)
  • How to setup your hosting account (where your website files are stored)
  • How to install WordPress on your hosting server (you'll build the site using WordPress software, which will allow you to easily create and manage your site)
  • How to select and then install a theme 
  • How to download a demo site from the theme
  • How to customize the global site settings
  • How to customize your on-page design preferences
  • And finally, how to install plugins to add functionality to your site. We’ll be installing an image compression plugin and a Search Engine Optimization plugin and then walking thru how to setup and customize each of them.

In this class we'll use a very easy-to-learn page builder called 'Elementor' that lets you drag and drop different types of functionality onto each page, move them around, customize them, etc. Elementor is a very powerful but simple page builder that will let you totally customize the layout on each page of your site without any technical or coding knowledge.

For your class project, you get to design your website!
It doesn’t have to be a big site with lots of pages, it can be just one page, but it should reflect your brand or your colors or just a little bit of you! Show who you are thru your design, then upload a screenshot of your home page and a link to the site so I can see it. Cannot WAIT to see the WordPress website you have built!