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Build a Professional Website with Wordpress (within 30 minutes!)

Ann Khor

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6 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Roadmap of the Course

    • 2. FREE Domain and Register for Web Hosting !

    • 3. Create a Homepage

    • 4. Improving on Your Website

    • 5. Wrapping Up Your Website

    • 6. Conclusion


About This Class

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In this course you will learn how to build a professional looking website from scratch - ideal for the absolute beginner! This course will help anyone who wants to build a website for their business, hobby, interest, or blog. 

Build a Great Looking Website for your Business. No need to hire a Web Developer.

  • Find out how to purchase a domain name
  • Learn how to set up web hosting
  • Learn the basics of creating a website using WordPress

Vastly improve your skills at creating Websites

Over the past 20 years the internet has revolutionised how we communicate. Meaning that we can share our hobbies and interests with others, or if you own a business, advertise you business online - the first place most will look at for more information. 

This course therefore will show you how to build a professional looking website that you will be proud for customers, friends, and family to view.

Why Choose This Course?

This course is great as it takes someone who is an absolute beginner and helps them to build a great looking website. Although you could just sit back and go through all of the lectures, the course is designed for you to put your own personal spin on what you are learning so that you can build the website you want - personalised to your tastes and requirements.

The course is split into 3 easy to understand sections – (1) Getting everything ready - domains and hosting (2) Build your website using Wordpress and set up email (3) Conclusion and what next.

By the time you have finished this course you will be amazed just how much you have learnt and how far you have come in such a short period of time. And if that isn't enough you will learn where you can go next by exploring different WordPress themes. 

What you’ll learn

  • Build their own professional looking website - easily
  • Purchase a domain name
  • Set up Web Hosting
  • Have something to show off to their friends and family

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Have access to a computer and the internet
  • The desire to build a website for your business, hobby, or blog
  • This is a beginners course - no previous knowledge is required
  • Have fun!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build their own website
  • Anyone with no previous knowledge of building a website
  • Anyone who has a spare hour



1. Roadmap of the Course: Hello, everyone. My name is en and welcome to my course. Today I'll be teaching you guys how to build Amazing professional website with work pressed in, hopefully under 30 minutes. So here's a court the course outline on what you will be getting later on in this course. Now I'll be teaching you how to create a website from scratched from registering for a Web posting and creating a domain name for free to getting your settings set up to building a Web page. So don't worry. I'll show you step by step on how you can create a really professional website. Now you don't need any prior Web design experience. No, you need any coding experience in this course, so you may just pours the course any time it's s and when it's required according to your own pace and hopefully just sit back, relax and enjoy the course 2. FREE Domain and Register for Web Hosting !: Hi, guys. So in this video, I'm just going to show you how to create or register for domain name. Ah, sorry. Sorry. Register for a web hosting and then also create a free domain name with these two platforms that I will be recommending to you. So the 1st 1 is blue host. The 2nd 1 would be hosting Er okay. These two platforms are equally good, reliable. They are also they have 24 7 sites support. They also have a If you register with them, they provide free domain names yet and also they have a 30 day money back guarantee in the event if you decide that you do not want the services anymore. Okay. So in my opinion, these two platforms are the ones that I would recommend for you to get started with because they are they. Both of them have also really low really, really low introductory price as well. It is especially good for those of you who are just new business owners. Oh, on people who those of you who don't want to spend too much on starting out on the business on the new business. I understand that some of you are just starting out. You may not have that much money. Just just spend on the hosting on hosting platforms. So, yes, I've just thes two other ones that I would recommend that you go for which has lower price , especially on hosting ER, where it's priced at 99 only 99 cents a month. Okay, I know there are also plenty off auto or free Platt hosting platforms out there, but I've tried that myself, and I wouldn't really recommend going for a free for free services. It's free. Yes, it gives you a feeling how you can actually work on the site. But there are a lot of restrictions to it as well on this free websites like, for example, they do not have, um, updated PHP. And hence there were things that they would just obstacles along the way when you're trying to build your website. So I would definitely recommend going for a paid hosting Web posting eso today. Oh, yes, and for blue hose. It's also, um, price at the very low introductory price at 3 95 a month as well. Okay, so it's confident, really low in around in the market So today I'm just going to show you how you can register for it. And I'm also I was added the links off these two hosting Web platforms on the description off this course below. So you can go ahead and click on those links, and then they will lead you to the official website and can go ahead and register for it. Okay, So get started. Let's I will show you on the blue host. Their process is essentially the same. So I'll just show you in the blue goes how to create one. So you have to do it's just create a website. Click on that. Here you are. And we have this website at this page and it's area to click on start my website. Okay, so then you have to click on learn more. So click on the 3 95 points and then you would take you to this page. We get to set up your domain for free. Okay, So if you don't have a domain yet, you can actually create one over here on, then click on. You can also choose whichever one you want over here, it can go for dot info dot CO that block the attack on Mount Me, and it's better to go for the most common one, which is dot com. OK, but if you already have a domain name, you can also enter your existing domain name in this column over here and click on next. But for the worse off this tutorial, I will not create one. I will just click on, create my dominate there. So if you cannot decide on a dominant for now, you can also click on this. It took on created later and finally you will be directed to this page where you have to feeling all necessary details. Okay, so just fill in all the details that's required for overhearing the account information section. And then if you scroll down to the package information, you will see that you can truce if you drop, even click on the drop down. But, um, you can choose your account plan so you have three options over here. Um, so the the shorter or the longer the count longer your plan, it's the last of the monthly rate will be. So I would definitely recommend that you go for the 36 months priced at 3 95 per month. Okay, because we want to get the lowest price possible. Okay, then if you scroll down to the package extras these are optional. You can just choose thes package if you want to, but if you don't want, you can unpick them and then just go all the way down to information payment information through the credit card details and then click on agreed to the terms in surveys and then some finally just submit. And then once you have submitted and once you have paid on verified with Blue Host, you will be emailed or rules will email you your log in credentials. So all you have to do is just grab your log in credentials and signed in to see panel. So see, panel is the control panel. Okay, so once you sign in to see panel, then you'll be directed to ah, page where I will be in the next video. I will be showing you how to install the necessary things like would press and stuff, and then and that you will go on to build the Web site. But I would give you another tip on that is a little tip on how you can get to 65 months. Really, When you come onto this page, there will be this pop up offer that pops up on the screen. On this page. It will offer you for to 65 a month at 36 months price. So, yes, this is one of your first times coming into Blue Host visiting Blue Host. And then when you come onto this page, usually they will pop up. They will have this pop up offer on your screen, and then you can just click on the click on the link, and then they will be directed to to to the a kom plan for to 65 months in the event. If you do not see the pop up offer coming onto your screen, I would recommend that you contact Blue Host first before you chased your plan. So I believe that Contact Blue Hose just mentioned that you know that there was this offer going, going around that to 65 just wondering if you are able to be able to get the offer off from them and believe that they would be, well, more than willing more than happy to offer that to you. 3. Create a Homepage: So now that your family over the interface that's actually get on with the important information. So the first thing really is thes updates and the reason why I want to do this First, I want you to get a really good habit of doing a bit of housekeeping. So some of the software updates that come quite often it's important when you log into your account every now and then to see if there are any of it. So it's best to be using the latest version of the software. So the anti spam one, which came with present cells. It's simply a case of just ticking the boxes or selecting all that there's more than one and update the plug in. It only takes a few seconds, usually get some sort of notification to say it started there, and that's also complete there as well. So that's done already. It's not an easy thing there for the media. I want at some new images so I can add those easier later on. So it's got a folder here with some window cleaning majors to it, including a logo so I can highlight those and dragon drop what I suggest for new is off course for your own website that you've got some images already. If you haven't, then by all means take some. Just so they're already there. Um uploaded. All ready for you when you want to use them. So I uploaded those. Hopefully they will load. Okay. So back to our media library. Yes, they're all there already. So that's absolutely fine. Remember the previous lecture I mentioned about themes? Now a theme, really is what your website really look like. So the anything about what press is, there are thousands and thousands off themes and layouts and then basically, you just add in your information and your pictures, and it creates a really great looking website. So as you can see here, we've got three teams here called 2017 to 17,016. These are the actual WordPress theme that death designed themselves. So the latest one is 2017. You'll see it's already active. That's because that's what's the latest one. At the moment, it was already created a website using that thing. And if you ever want to see what your website looks like, if you go to this bit here. I'll say visit sites, open a window even if I have done absolutely nothing apart from when we created our WordPress account. If you remember, we put in the site title just pristine pains. This is actually our life website on the Internet, so it's already created something else. Reasonably nice little image slider such bends Information as you can see there so you can leave this tap open if you want to and just refresh it just to see watch website looks like . But if you want to in this course, we're going to just focus on this theme here. I believe this one. Okay, but of course, if you want at new themes, there are literally thousands and thousands of team to go through. So on the feature here, it just shows 15 we can show latest that's got 5000. So again, just remember when you look true and there's not necessarily your watch, your website will be about so here. You know, it's fine. Japanese doesn't mean that your website would look like that, but you're actually out. So the big image here the menu is the logo at the top and things like that, the images down the sides. So it's just really the actress softly out. You're looking at here, all these themes and you'll see there are thousands and thousands off them. But the actual information is what you import here on WordPress. So by all means, have a look through all those and select one that you want to use. And these are all free. These things cost no money at all. Within would press if you actually go to the website. If you go onto the Internet itself, there are thousands and thousands of themes, and so some of them are paid for. However, if you pay for them, you do get a lot more with them as well. But we get a bit more support from some off these help forums, and I might do things a bit more specific that you want Reddit and solve a few more generic ones like we have here now. That being said, I'm going to stick to the actual would pristine that they'll do it for 2017 and one of the seniors quite a nice what a nice ones there as well. So when you actually go back to the life website. What? What do with what do with this window cleaner? What do they want to see on this website? We want the home page that we have here. No doubt we want a contact us page so people can find his phone number, his email address, perhaps have a nice little contact form on there. They can send them a message through the website itself, perhaps, And about us Page. Perhaps the prices page of testimonials Page. It's all we need to do within would press. So let's actually go and do it. So what I'm talking about there is pages if you're two pages up here with actually, we've already called the sample page. In fact, we don't want that so we can just feel it that one, if you like, and actually create a new page by going toe at new. And then this will be our home page so you can put the tax and things in there. But at the moment, I don't really want to, so just want to get actually upset up itself. That featured image we saw is where we've said it here at a moment. I'm not too fussed about that at a moment, and the last thing you want to do is press the publish buttons. So where, whenever you would make changes anyway, on this page, make sure you always go and publish it afterwards. If you go back to our page now, Refresh hasn't actually changed anything, which is because we haven't actually linked it toe our home page. So remember this this playing static pages that we started off with? We haven't actually connected those up yet, so that's not a problem, either. So what we'll do first before we go into all that hassle will just create all the pages, first of all. So again, another at New Page title is about us, or about so that can be published and at not a page called Contact, and we'll just leave it there for the time being. So were created. Those pages novel our website again. If you're about to the actual page and refresh it, we shouldn't see any different. That's absolutely fine, because we're going to go now to this, customize your side buttons. So if you're at a dashboard and customize aside, we have this menu on the left hand side here, which wouldn't change a lot of things around. So it stays for the active teams to 10 70. The site identity, its pristine pain and, it say's You're just another would press website. Want to change up to something like window cleaning specialists? So to do that, you can eat her highlight there, like I have, like, actually pressed the edit button as well. So let's type it window cleaning specialist to make sure it needs to be published so you can click, publish and publish. Now you go back to our pages. You see that in now, Say's when the cleaning specialists that part has changed. I forgot a business local. Of course, you can add that logo there. Go to the media, the site ISS suggested to 50 by 250 pixels, which is square, which you may not have a square image, so you just don't have ever been a playable without to see how it looks and where puts that one in. But we'll leave that for the time being. If you wanted to change some of the color theme so we can see it sort off white there, you can go to that you can have a custom colors light that along. You can change your head. Attacks color as well. You can make a lot of changes. Words being a team, having a media again on this top page. Here, you can have a video playing if you wanted to, which might take a few seconds to loading. Or you can have an image for these images. Here. Let's go back once more is where I want the menus so we can have some menus built in here. So what we have, we have a top menu and also the social links menu. Don't think the social man. I don't think the Social Links menu is shown at a moment. That's fine. So the top menu it doesn't actually show at the moment because we haven't actually created the menu. You can see it, Say's. Your team can display menus in two locations, so one like a top menu under the hit in here I should expect and see on most websites and again the social links this one on the bottom of the page, too. So what we want to do is we need to create the new menu for the top menu, and we actually need to call it a name. So I make I'm a minus. Well, call it a top menu to make things easier. Of course. Actually, I want to add the items here to the top menu. And items that are gonna add are actually the pages themselves that we've created. So on the home page, I think next we probably want the about page and also the contact page where there as well , If you wanted to reorder them, you can click that thing and reorder those and drag and drop and things like that. See, if I press publish now, I'm going to go back to the life site. Press refresh. Okay, so hopefully we now see these pages here. So again, it's still showing that blocked page. And I haven't changed a whole pitch yet, but we'll click home. We go to the home page, click about it, goes to the about page, we click contact and goes back to the contact page. So how do you feel about that? I think so far then that's actually quite a cool thing. We've actually created a website with nice little titles, tree pages and it's really taken us just a few minutes to do so. So let's go back and we'll come back to manually their own. The widgets are what you see in the site menus. So in the case off this block picture, we've got the search. Recent post archives, recent comments categories. That's all the ones here changed those and delete them if you wanted to, and then the future menu again. We have got nothing in there at the moment. So like I said, the moment is displaying this page is you want it to be a block. Still, if you want to keep your website as a block, by all means, keep this page. If you wanted to use that newly created home page, which has nothing at the moment, then click. You're on the left hand side aesthetic page, so it allows us to select the home page, which is home itself and again press published. So I'll go to the Life site and refresh you'll see now the whole pitch itself is this page and fill in the details. And yes, it's all nice and easy now. Very good. That gives us a nicely out so far. So if you come out off your now hit back to our home pages and start actually filling in some information So another change here is the front page cause with changed the front beach settings. So if you go to the edit the page, I'm going to put here something like, Welcome to Christine. Panes dot co dot UK. Please have a look around our website. Obviously. Well, obviously, this sounds almost like a place for the text view, but please be a bit more inventive of what you want to write in here. But I'm gonna show you how to actually do that. So click update. So if you go back to the home page now life site and press you see there now I want to set the feature image. What is Page? So I think this perhaps this last one here looks quite nice for some rain drops. So select featured image and you see it displayed there again Click update. And again, it could go back to our home pitch now and refresh. You can see here we have this huge, better, often in age, so we'll do the same thing for all the majors for all the pages. Now let's go back to all the pages for about Click at it. We are local window cleaners. We are friendly window cleaners. Ah, again, I was putting out really like a place would attack. Now click a big this time on this different featured image. Eso I have this one here again. Then press update. Go back to the life site and refresh. So we have our home page. We have this big A made sure that stays home on the about page. We have this image here on our contact page. We haven't done yet, but half way so let's go back to our interface here. Back to page. Is all pages under contact again? I will put someplace where the attacks here laters over here. So it gets all nicely sorted out. Who's Peters will appear here shortly. It just helps us to recognize that we've actually got some in there. But we can always come back and change that later on update that one set the feature image . This time we've used this one here. I think we'll use the one on the side of the building. Set the future image again. Press update. So I returned to my life site. Refresh our page. We have this wonderful image now, and a contact sales page will appear here shortly. So yes are all up done wants that I created a site title tag line. We've created three new pages home about tools and contractors were filled in with fill in some place for the text some later and put some nice images in there as well. So I think now we've got a basic outline for a website, and then the next lecture will start apportioning that off to join me there again. So I'll see you in the next video. 4. Improving on Your Website: Well, welcome back. So in the previous lecture, we actually got websites kind of built. We've actually also got the sort of the framework in place, and they just set up a few images in there, too. And now it's really the time to actually have an honest look at the website and see what needs to be done now. So if we get right to the home page, if you got a pen and paper, you might also want to write some of these things down as we go along and build your website. Okay, so first of all, the front image there and well, hopefully nothing to do with it. There's nothing to do with window cleaning. Oh, in this case, we need a new header image. So we haven't done that yet. If you remember early on in the last lecture, that's an option to put in a business logo. But we didn't do that on. I'm just wondering whether that's really a good idea or not. So you can also please try that and see if that works on your own page. Also, you'll notice when you scroll down. You have this huge imager which almost takes up the whole screen so the user might not even realize that they have to keep scrolling down to get to the information under the home peach here. So I'm just wondering what else we can do with those images on this slightest somewhere. And, of course, on the contact page with just put this temporary thing in here where we've made a place, what attacks? But I think a nice natural contact form look really good there as well. So that's a good starting point for this lecture. Okay, so first of all, well, let's go back to home to go back to our dashboard on customize our site. We can change things on the site identity. We can set a local here, so let's try and do that. So I have a logo for pristine pains here. If I saw like that, you can see they wanted a square off 250 by 250 but I believe it can stretch out and we'll see how that works on the page. But it actually looks okay, doesn't it? So it's got in there, and after that, it does not look too bad at all. So That's the first thing done on our list. So hit a media is where we change from page immature, which I think is very important. And eso it's called the suggestion there and at new Image. So these images were uploaded here will choose a new one. I'm going to go, I think, or this one, I think, almost like that. So again, select and crop it. I think that's OK, and we'll see how that actually works here because it is going to think you with our logo so it doesn't look too bad relieved that as it is for the time being and see how that goes there. So that's one of the things done to in the home page settings. Now in the theme options. It allows you to put all the all the pages onto one page, have a huge slider on a home page, start separate lings for that. What about in contact pages? So, in fact, if you do that, I can say we want to have a home here, don't we? I think I actually want repeat the home part or changed at two about, and change is changed to contact on religious published its now and have a look to see if that's actually done anything for us, So refresh the page. So we have our new Maine image here we now have been our business logo, and if we keep scrolling down, you see it comes down in sections now, which I think it's quite a nice little future on this template we can use on. Of course, I've seen an about page. We'll just have that one pick Dare, which I think it's quite clever. So he's actually created a bit more easy to navigate for the viewer off the websites. But he's also left it as quite sort of graphical and really nice, which I think it's a good future there as well. If we go back to our customizer, I'm happy with that. I'm not so keen on that water droplet image now, actually for the home page, at least so to go back to pages, all pages or home, then click there at it if you remember how to set the future image down here in the bottom right hand corner. So I want to remove that image and change. I think so. If you use this one here for, Ah, home page. That still gives us three left to use. So I'm going to go for this one here because it's quite clear Image, that one. Okay, we'll set that as the future image. Of course, if you get the hang of it now, you know, the next thing to do is click on the update, but there and that will update that. Okay, so go back to all pages again. This time will change about page. So off already used that image now. So we need to change that image to so set the feature image. So I think I've got this one and this one left half way. So why not go for this one here? So that is the featured image again. Okay. And I will do the same to help Khan attack page there as well. I'm not sure. Actually, we have an image for a contact page. What we do? Yes. So we'll set a new image for that screen. Anyone on here? So So I'm gonna put I'm gonna put on that first, actually see that one work. So have a look at that. I pulled that one in an update to go back to our life site. Now press refreshed. So we've got a new image there. We've got some text and it looks really nice. Uh, and and it's a squeaky page and then to the contact pitch. So I think that's a nice looking website. Actually, I left this little scroll and really makes a lot of sense. Of course, the website. When you pull up when you pull up more tax in here, obviously this whole white band will be a lot wider. So there are just narrow, narrow book bands over big images. But enough proper text there for you when you do your website as well. So I think the last thing we need to do in this video is just at on the contact form on this contact page here. So to do that, if you remember early, only the course we talk about plug ins, which is a software that sits in the wood press, and it works just like Google play or app store. So if you go on Teoh plug ins and at you, right, maybe just such contact phone Yeah, I'm sure you will probably come up and there it is that a top now look and you can see it was the last week, and they updated it three weeks ago. So the developers is still active, which is handy. And, of course, it's used on over one million websites. So again, that really is a good indication that this is a good contact form. So simply press install now down with a contact form and put it into our would press for us to use. And then all, of course we want to use it. I need to press the activate button and actually put it into a WordPress interface. So there you go. So as you can see, this is how I like to hear. Now on our plug in page, it's Contact Form seven and simply go to settings. They created a sample form for us. It's called Contact Form one. If you go to add it, you'll see what it's already created for. So it has created a label called name and obviously off textbooks for the user toe textbooks for the user to enter the name, one called email subject and message in a natural button called Sen, which something. It's the form to us, so just think about that for a second. I think for this particle website, that's absolutely fine, isn't it? So we got a name and email, a subject and a message so it could be an opening to give me a quote for cleanings and windows. So if you want you wanted at other things in here, you can have them from different boxes in here. Okay, for example, telephone numbers, dates and things. Just click on those and you'll have it coded for you on the top on the mail tap. Here there is where you set up where it's actually gonna get central, say's. It gets sent to the default email address we're using for WordPress. Of course, if you want to set a different email address there, you can do. And as you see from this layout here, this the information that will get sent to you. Want that send button is pressed so we'll take off the name button from the contact form and put that in the front box when you receive your email, this email for itself over there as well. So again, that's done for us. Really nothing to change on this one. You can put in default messages if you want to. So when users click, send message will say this it was an error will send that one so you can change any of this if you want to. If you want some more friendly texts and some additional, something's there. Let's be honest. We didn't really need to do that. All right, so So how do we put the form into our websites? It's actually quite easy. You'll see the short coat be up here so simply high, like the code. Copy it. And when you go back to your page and on then on the contact page, click at it and the contact page, and it will replace that lying with this one line of code. And then you understand that you want to use that contact form. So we've done that again, getting used to this quick fit. And if you go to the life site and fresh air and go to contact, hopefully they'll be this lovely. Well, there you go. Yeah, so some of the fields are required so the user can feel whatever they wanted here and click send in fact, because they're not valid email addresses. This you can see it's not well. It's not a valid email address. So we have a nice little form that we've just done in just under food. Two or three minutes. So this is really really one of the benefits off would press. So I think we live it for debt. Leave that for this lecture. For now, it's just then it's just a few more things to finish off in the next lecture. And then the website is going to be pretty much done. OK, right. So, uh, yeah, thanks for listening off. See you next video. 5. Wrapping Up Your Website: Okay, so now this is the last portion of the website. So in the previous lecture, we got that image sorted out. Nice. Got a nice contact form or logo at it. I think it all just looks just a bit better if what needs to be so just one last area to look at now if we go back to your life site, I think it looks nice when you feel in your actual information here. That was nice there as well. Nice contact form. But if you look at the bottom here, most websites called the Pooter. There's actually there's usually some information somewhere on a website, anyway, that says things like your address, email, address, your phone number, perhaps your business hours and that links to your social media, Facebook, instagram, Twitter and things like that. So let's just try and add a few off those things now just to finish off so that a website looks really nice and professional. So let's go back to our interface back to the dashboard here, back to the customize your side bottom and on the witches page here, there's actually three options built in, if you remember from earlier on. That was a search and the recent post and archives and things. But of course, we're really changed that block side over there, so it doesn't exist anymore. But there are two footers, so there's one on the left hand side and one to the right hand side. So foot the one to the left. There's nothing in there at the moment. So, perhaps would be nice to put the address there on the left hand side. So to do that, click at a widget. You can have all sorts of things here. Clan. The dates for those images, pages written comments. But to keep things nice and simple for this cause it's just a case off some text. Okay, so there's a little box up here on the left hand side. We have a title here. So again, simply typing and addresses a nice title and then the box here. We can actually create an address that's just put a little address. Ah, here. So, um, high streets. Uh, just a little. Okay, this is just a placeholder. It's actually it isn't just example of English address, so we should update automatically. So there we are. Look, it's got an address. You know this. It's based out a little bit there as it is here. Okay, so one way around that is, if you go back to the start off that middle line, they're just press delete now rather than just present answer. If you press shift and enter, it will get rid off the get so you can do that for all parts there. We have a nice little address down here. Okay, So very good. So just click the done button, and that's in there. Now, across this side, if you want a phone number and email address, some people can contact us. So if you go back here, will put that in food. That too. I can always option open here, go down to text content and just put the number in there. So we have a nice for number, but as many things as you want here, it's up to you. And of course, the email address we created earlier on as well That can go in there this time That get works. Well, isn't it? Of course, if you just highlight the email address and then click on this chain here actually creates a link so actually registers as an emailing. So just put in the coat to that milk, too. You can click on the settings button here, so what I'll actually do is a proper email message to in for Christine pain dot co dot UK. The link tax In there you can choose open in the new tax if you want to, so you can do that and then just pressed at Link button there so I can say it's been updated as a link and actually under life site is updated there as a link to and, I think depends on a software You sometimes a phone number will automatically at their as a link so you can click done. Of course you can at another widget that if you wanted to, but you can add as many as you want it down the side here, so it's not just limited toe one, the laughing one on the right. If you put another one in the food to two, which will appear down here, you have another one down there as well and keep going. So I think I'll do just to them street how toe at the food they're in here. So the last thing I got some social media links in and to do that will go back to the menus . So if you remember early on, because you can create two menus And if you have taught many we can actually create, uh, we actually created top menu. Yeah, which is the home about. And contractors menu here because off social links menu as well. And again, if you press select, it doesn't actually exist yet. So create a new menu. We'll call this social ing's. There we go. We can at some items in here now. So at an item. And here's the custom wings up here. You can just simply create your your l. So this, for example. I'm going to put Facebook here, and it will also detect some of these things as well. Any were created correct image as we'll see in a second. So if I just type in Facebook there and that's right on Facebook and at that to the menu, hopefully down here. As you can see, it will create a link to our Facebook page with the actual little F Facebook will go down there. So just to go back again. The custom ling here. Obviously it will then be forward slashed. And then you're actually you're l for your page. I mean that patients that exists. So I'll just put facebook dot com. You can choose to open a new link if you want, so it will pick up there so at and at a new item. So again, I'll Well, I'll just at or Twitter just at the item in there. Hope you'll see the little birth with her there and also pick up ends the grand. It will create a little camera image that wanted the menu. And there's that. And if your country uses guilt and also you can at the yellow one in I'm just putting in fake clings here, Really so. But also, you should put in your fooling on your rail link. It wanted to use it off course. You don't have to use any of these if you believe in God, a Facebook page. So that's so That's how you at the Social media links. So click published. Let's have a look at our website now. Refresh the page. It's at the bottom off the page here. Now that we've got some nice things. We've got the address. We've got a contact you could put in that region in perhaps which opening hours. So Monday, 95 to stays closed Sundays, clothes and things like that. You could even put some names and names of the directors or the shop owner or whatever you want to do with that. And I've got this nice social middle links here. So if you click on the Facebook, want it should open a new tab or in this case has gone blank page because we didn't put a fooling and so I don't actually have a Facebook page for this. But of course, if they didn't have one, I'll be able to add them in there as well. So really, I think we've created from scratch about half an hour ago. We've got logos. We got titles, got some nice images in here with putting some tax details, created a nice contact form. We put in the address for number and some social media links. And to be honest, in a very short period of time, we've actually got a pretty decent looking website. So hopefully you'll be able to follow along whether you just sat there and wash this one first. And that's absolutely fine. Whether you watch along and build your own website at the same time, you know which I was easiest for you. That's absolutely fine to So of course, you can always go back and wash this as many times as you like. Okay? It will always be here, and it will never run away. And I've gone a bit boss in places I might have. So you can also still go back and watch it again. So hopefully that's all done. Now an actual side is nice and done and we'll see you in the next section. Hopefully, thank you. 6. Conclusion: So congratulations. And a big well done for completing this course. Okay, so you would now have either Ah, life website on Internet, which is great, or you're well on your way in getting one up and running. So but it away. You've done a really great job. Okay, so once your website is built and once you're ready T shirt with the world, you may submit your weapon dress to Google or other search engines so that you can get your website listed on such results much quicker than usual. Okay. But I don't wise feel free to be more adventurous to just play around with the layout and explore the various things that they have on WordPress. So you can at that personal touch to your website. All right, so thank you. Once again. Thank you. And thank you. Thank you. And hopefully I'll see you next time.