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Build a Premium Membership Website with WordPress

Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

Build a Premium Membership Website with WordPress

Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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31 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course

    • 2. Connect with Me

    • 3. Siteground Special Offer

    • 4. Installing our Plugins

    • 5. Creating the Member Role

    • 6. Setting up Registration Details

    • 7. Hiding the Admin Bar

    • 8. Creating the Registration Login and Edit Profile Pages

    • 9. Managing the Registration Form Fields

    • 10. Adding the Email Confirmation Field

    • 11. Creating Dummy Content

    • 12. Content Restriction

    • 13. Choosing our Theme

    • 14. Theme Setup

    • 15. Creating our Custom Menu

    • 16. Adding the Logout Link

    • 17. Modifying the Content Restriction Message

    • 18. Testing out the Membership Site

    • 19. Premium Membership Site Preview

    • 20. Paid Member Plugin Settings

    • 21. Creating the Subscription Plans

    • 22. Creating the Thank You Page

    • 23. Editing Messages and Payment System

    • 24. How to Create PayPal Sandbox Accounts

    • 25. Testing Payments

    • 26. Fixing Bugs

    • 27. Restricting Paid Content

    • 28. Membership Pro Plugin Update

    • 29. Pro Addons Part 1

    • 30. Pro Addons Part 2

    • 31. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

This is a class designed for WordPress users who are interested in learning how to build a premium membership site. 

The membership site we shall be building is called 'The Thinker' and its a blog containing both free and premium content about Psychology.

We will be making use of a very powerful plugin known as the paid member subscriptions plugin along with a few others to build our membership site.

To build our membership site, we shall do the following:

  • Create the 'member' role for your membership subscribers
  • Create the registration, login and logout pages
  • Customize the main menu to show certain pages based on whether or not the user is logged in or logged out.
  • Restrict content so its only visible to logged in members
  • Create subscription plans
  • Create sandbox accounts in PayPal to test out payments
  • Accept payments via PayPal and Stripe
  • and so much more

With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to build your very own membership site and charge subscribers for your premium content.

Sounds good? Enroll and let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Course: Well, hello and welcome to this course. Build a membership side with what press? My name is Alex, and I'm going to be your instructor now. This course is designed for what? Chris users or business owners who would like to learn how to create a membership site so that they can charge subscribers for premium package. So they said I'm gonna build in. This class is called the Finca, and basically it blawg continue articles on philosophy. So the whole idea here is that there will be articles like the are Just do it as an example . This article will be free for anyone to read. However, we will also have articles like art. Why wait? War now in here, It says you must be logged in to view this content. So I will show you how you can create both free articles that anyone can access and then premium articles that Onley your subscribers will be able to read. And speaking of subscribers, if anyone came in here right now and click on the Register link, they would have to choose between two different kinds of membership packages. So we have the basic membership and then we have the premium membership. So I will show you how you can create eight different kinds of substitution packages for your members and then also how you can implement payment systems. Just pay pelant stripe so that you're able to actually accept payment from your subscribers . Also, you have to do all of this so we'll be making use of a plug in known as the membership and contents description. Plug in to build out our membership site. It's completely free and then in part two, off this course. If you're still interested in using the premium vision off this plug in, I will show you how you can use the added features that comes with the proven vision for enhanced the functionality or for your membership site. So if you're looking to build your membership site, this is the perfect course for you. My name is Alex. Once again, I am an experienced are walkers developer and an instructor as well intentional line for many years now, and I have the necessary qualifications and experience to teach you this course. Now, some basic requirements to take this course are you should already know the basics of what press so ideally you should know what a what press theme is you should know. What about plugging is how to install a plug in just the basics. And also you should already have a war press website, maybe even a domain. But the idea here is that you should already know the basics of what press are before you can take this course. So if all this sounds good to you and you're ready to build your membership site just involved and let's begin 2. Connect with Me: thank you once again for enrolling in the course, and I wanted to use this opportunity to official introduce myself to you. Now, if you're watching this video and you notice that the bagman is different, I look a bit different from the rest of the course. Do not be alarmed. This is because this particular video is very, very new. It's a lot newer than the rest of the videos they're gonna watch in this course. So that's why things look different. But I wanted to make this video to introduce myself officially to you and also provide you with several were upset that you could learn more about me or get in contact with me. So I do have a YouTube channel. It's called the Web Monkey, and there it is right there. So if you're interested in learning more about what press and letting extra tips and things like that, I do have a channel for that. You can subscribe. Hit the bell so that you notify whenever I upload new tutorials. I applaud Eli's once every week. Try to so if interested, I do have YouTube channel for you. I am also on Facebook. I do have a page on Facebook about Bunky on line again, just like YouTube by post tips and things like that. So if you're interested, you could like the page on Facebook and follow me right there. I also I'm also on LinkedIn. So if you're each connecting with me on a professional level, I'm on LinkedIn. Alexander only that's me. Simply send me a message saying that you're a student of mine and then police tell me the course you enrolled in, but also the platform you're in accordance Whether you're involved in my course on your enemy on skill chair or non profit platform. Do let me know I'll be more than happy to accept your invitation to connect. And speaking of my own personal platform, it's called Bad Monkey Academy calm. I do have similar courses in there, but you would find also on skill share or you to me. The only difference is that on Lemack Academy, you're not only my student but also my customer. So students here to get a bit more for special treatment from May, plus the courses you'll find inherited to have more content than what you would find on you , Timmy or on sculpture, so it's entirely up to you. But if interested, be sure to check out my own personal platform. I also have a blawg monkey. Orlando. Come where again? I write articles and articles on topics like What process? Your security plug ins, themes, things like that. So if you're interested, be sure to check out the Blawg. I also do have a newsletter to get here. All you need to do is to simply click on Animal of the blogged articles, and then at the bottom you will find you can subscribe to my newsletter. I send out newsletters for more tin, my new courses providing with tips and things like that. So if you're interested, be sure to check it out. And then finally, I do have my own personal upside. Alexander only dot com. So if you're interested in any more about me, how I became a course create or things like that website is there for you. So that's it. Thank you so much again. All of this is entirely up to you. You don't have to do it. But if you're interested, these are the websites where you could follow me or get in contact with me so that I think if watching now, let's get on with the actual course itself. 3. Siteground Special Offer: Well, hello and welcome to this very special video. If you're watching this video, that means that you are a pain student of mine. Evil on the monkey academy platform. Are you Timmy on skill share? Wherever this video is exclusive to students like you. Now, if you've never heard of site ground In my humble opinion, they are the best web hosting company in the world Now. I've been working inside ground for many years now. I'm in. I mean, by working. I mean, I've been hosting with them, and I'm also and I feel it for them as well. Now I've been able to get them to provide you with a very special deal. If you're interested, side ground will provide you with one free month off hosting. This will give you the opportunity to check out the platform, check out their hosting services and build as many upsets as you want without paying a single dime. Now I'm gonna provide you with a very special link. When you click on that link, it will take you to this page and you can see it right there. It's a special offer for the monkey students. That's the logo off my share of my brand. So this is special for you. One month free hosting. You don't have to pay a single dime. All you have to do is just simply click on the sign up. Now, button. Okay. And then this will take it to a very special Pedro. You add your email, your password filling your information and then in here can see hosting price is zero. You don't even have to provide your credit card details. Nothing. Now, period. Here is one month now. The data center in here is quite important. Make sure you choose the date is, and that's closest to your physical location. So, for example, if your summer in Asia like, let's say, India, you want to go with Singapore, even you. Up you go with either European or UK in South America, North America, you want to go with the United States. So that's very important. Because when you choose a Dennison that's closest to your physical location, your websites would load faster. Now, if you decide to go along with this and sign up for the free one month with side ground, I have made a very special video for you on video. This video will introduce you to the backhand off site ground. I will show you exactly how you can create websites and stole what prayers creates sub domains at SSL. Things like that. Everything that you need to get comfortable working with the back end offside ground Provided you with all the details. Now why side ground? Like I said, I have been hosted with them for many, many years now and I've never had off course to cancel and go elsewhere. I can stick my interpretation on these guys. These gays are amazing even votes a very extensive article of my blawg. Why said God is the best reporting company in the world and it's very, very extensive. I included are facts and figures from polls on Facebook, different kinds of information and I basically let it out here. Why side ground is the best, So don't take my word for it. Read my article. You can even go online. Deal research side ground always pops up whenever people talk about the best Web hosting companies in the world. So, once again, this is a very special exclusive deal for you. You can check out Saigon for free for one whole month. I'm gonna provide you with this very special link you will send up. And then I'm also gonna provide you with the link to the Vineyard video Exclusive to you. There are introduce you to the backhand. Just about everything that you need to get comfortable are walking with site gun. So that's it. If you have any questions about this, of course, be sure to let me know. Thank you for watching. And of course, be sure to check out the free video on video. And, of course, get your one month free hosting with side ground. 4. Installing our Plugins: all right, Is it? Before we begin to build our membership site, I would like you to install three fundamental plug ins. We're gonna be walking with 30 entirety off this course on. The very first plug in here would be the members plug in by Justin. Ted lock. Very, very cool. Plug in. We're going to do lots of things with this. Plug in. The next one is going to be the now manuals plugging by Kathy Dahlin. And this is actually a very popular plug in its A plug in that will allow us to control the menu. Items will be displayed it dependent on whether or not a user is logged in, whether not to use as a member and so on. A very important plug in. And last but not least, we're going to also installed the user registration and user profile profile. Build a plug in by the cosmos Labs. This is a plug I'm going to use to create profiles for our members. So please go ahead and download all these three plug ins. Install and activate them, and I will see you next class 5. Creating the Member Role: Welcome back. Now, if you've installed the profitable the plug in, you may have seen this message saying allow users to have paid a council propelled build up . Find out how. Don't worry about this. We will work with this later. I'm just gonna go ahead and dismissed. This message now we're gonna do now will be to create the role for our members. Know that by default you do have five rolls and war press. You have the admin role offer contributor, Eddie Tool and subscriber. So we're gonna do is we're gonna create a special role, and we're gonna name that will members, right? So other than that, we're gonna click on add Nool, and I'm going to enter the whole name off. Member, Remember, and make sure that under the capabilities you have read checked on, I want to make sure that uses can out users with the will of member can read posts and pages. So make sure this is checked and make sure nothing else is checked. Let's go ahead now and add the role and voila. Life come back. No two roles. You can see that we now have member as ah one was one of our rules. However, the default rule is still set A subscriber. So let's change this. I'm going to come down here to set Ines. Let's go to general. And then if I may, on a membership, I'm gonna ensure that anyone can register. And then I'm going to change the new user. The photo from subscriber to member. Voila. Like so That's it. We have successfully created Member Rover solitude, the default role. And also we've ensured that anyone can send it to become a member on us. I thank you, Fortune. I will see you next class. 6. Setting up Registration Details: Okay. Okay. The next item on a list would be to set up the registration details for our potential members. So let's do this. I'm gonna come down to the poor fellow build Ah, tool, and I'm gonna click on settings. All right, so any under general sentence, we do have a list of options. So by default, the plug ins on CSS will be loaded, which is what we want. Now you have the option of choosing yes for the email confirmation. What happens here is when a user signs up wherever than them being automatically but just there to become a member, they will have to go to the E mail and then click on a link just to confirm that indeed, they want to become members off our site. So I'm gonna stick with no, just to make things smoother. But of course, if you're building like a real professional membership side for a client or for yourself, then by all means you feel your fruits, you go ahead and choose. Yes. All right. Next rolls a little activated. We don't need this. And over there we have the allow users to look, and with you have the option of choosing. Just use a name or just email or both. For the sake of flexibility, we're going to go with using them an email now. Minimum password length. This is important. Personally, I like to ensure that my members of my subscribers use strong passwords about I'm gonna go ahead and choose six as the minimum password length. So if any new potential member trusty quit on account and the password length is less than six, we will not accept such a password because in most likely who That password will be weak now, the minimum password strength as well. This is also important. I'm gonna go with medium, so your password must at least be off medium strength before you could be accepted into our club. So that's what I'm gonna go ahead and save my changes. And there you have it. We have set up the decision details for potential members. Think of fortune. I will see the next class 7. Hiding the Admin Bar: all right. The next thing we're gonna quickly do would be to manage the admin bar. So let's click on that member right here and over here I'm gonna go ahead and hide the visibility of the admin bar for our members. So let's go ahead and hit Hide right here. And you know this because you want to make your site look as professional as possible. You don't want new subscribers and new members sanding, sanding in the logging in. And then they see the admin by the black admin bought at the top is just not professional. At its best, many members don't see the bar at all. So this goes right now on Lee uses with the rules of the ad me and that it'll author contributor subscriber would have access to the admin bar whenever they log in. But since on this particular membership site, Onley add means and members will have the ability to look in. We don't need to come in here begin to hide. The admin bar, for many tools, offers contributors subscribers. We don't need to do that because, and this website Onley, admissions and members are the walls so admits will always have access to the black bar, the black admin bar. While members will not have access to the Edmund Ball, let's go ahead. Seven changes and they go, I will see you in the next class. 8. Creating the Registration Login and Edit Profile Pages: all right. The next we're gonna do would be to create three different types of pages on our site. We're gonna create the logon page that would allow users or members to look in will have the registration page where users can sign up to become a member. And then, finally, we will also have the edit Profile page where users are members can edit their profile, such as changing the pictures, the name, things like that Now under the propel builder. If you go to basic information, check this out. You have the option off simply clicking on this blue button that will create this three separate pages or, if you want, you could do this manually by creating the pages for the log and registration on edit profile and then paste in this short codes inside the content area off those pitches, as you can see. But I'm very lazy. I really don't like doing things manually, so I'm just gonna go ahead and click eight form pages And don't judge me. I am lazy. Yes, admits don't touch me that way Now have are three pitches automatically it profile logon register And if you clicked on edit for example, you will see over here that we do have the shot code right there for edit profile, and you can do the same full registration. And, Logan, you will see short codes and science of them. 9. Managing the Registration Form Fields: Now that we've quitted the decision page, if you go ahead to you view the page, you're another that we have the form right here with the fuels that the users will have to fill in before they can become a member. Now, by default only the user name email, password and repeat password fields are sets to compulsory and Comptel by the red. Ah, Starik sign. If it is, this form is still kind of bloated. I mean, you have feels like nickname Web side about yourself. We don't need these kinds of fields on the registration form, so it's best if we go ahead to modify the fuels that will be included in our solution form . And to do this, let's go to the back end, come down here to pull fellow builder click on farm fields. And now from here I am simply gonna go ahead and delete all the fields I don't need starting with nickname. I don't need that Celeste Lit nickname. Don't you go contact information. Let's leave that one as well. Bye bye. We don't need you. Ah website. We don't need your website. Bye bye. Thank you about yourself. Well, this isn't Facebook. So let's go. Biographical info. And no, we don't need the one as well. So All right, so that you go, we now have a name. His name? First name last name, displaying them publicly as Oh, sorry, We don't need this one either. By by that, you go much better. But now we have name is the name first name, last name, email, password and then repeat password. Much, much better. All right, so let's go ahead now and go to our page is once again let's go to the register page and let's view the page and see what this looks like now. All right, Much, much better. This is a lot simpler for users to feel. And if for some reason unit to make sure that uses filled in the first name and last name, you can do this as well. I simply come down here to the back and go back to your thought form fields. And then where you have the first name and the lesson, you can simply click on edit, for example, and then from edits, you can ensure that the field is required. So that's how you can and show that any kind of feel that you've added is required for users to feeling before they can be accepted. Alright. So that you haven't thinking fortune. I will see you in a next class. 10. Adding the Email Confirmation Field: now that we've modified the fields on our decision form, I would like to spend some time to add an additional filled where users will have to confirm the email that they have written in the very first email filled. This isn't compulsory. I wouldn't even say it's necessary. But it's good to have, because sometimes users can make mistakes, wealth happening, the email address. They put them largest there. They put a password, and then they add themselves as a user, and then they never receive the email confirming their acceptance into the website. So it's always best to have an additional E more confirmation filled with ideas. I would have to type in the email again just to ensure that there were no mistakes. So to do this, let's go back to the back end and I'm gonna come down to prefer build. I go to adults. Let's go to add ons. All Kate Now from him gonna school old way down here. There you have the email confirmation filled. Gonna go ahead and download it, and I'm going to school down here again. Where you gonna click on, get email, cough mission and feel perfect little to add on Click on the link here again. All right, so there you have it. I'm gonna go ahead now and go back to my back, and I'm gonna come down here to plug ins, click on add new click on upload. And then I am simply going to go ahead and drag this all the way in here to choose file install. I'm gonna go ahead and activates the plug in and voila. All right, so now to add the field, let's go back to propel Builder go to form Fields. And what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna go ahead and click on the select An option field, and you should see the email conformation. Let's go ahead and choose that one. And then for the field title, I'm just gonna say email con for May Shun. And you could decide to type in a description for you. Use us to understand what this field is, But I mean, almost everyone would understand what the email confirmation feel is meant for, So there's really no need to type in anything there. So by default, it said to required, and that's what we want. Let's go ahead and add the field right now. That's position the field email confirmation. I'm gonna drag this just beneath the very first email field. And there you go. Now, another field you could decide to add, if you want to, would be the capture. You could decide to other one if you wanted to improve security. But for the purposes of this course, I'm not going to go ahead and do that. Let's go ahead and ah, save this will save automatically. So let's go back to pages, and it's ensure that the field is showing. Let's view which the page and voila. There you go. Email and email. Confirmation fills all set to go. Awesome, awesome, Awesome. And also you can see that the password. The field is set to six characters, minimum length, and then the pass. It must have a minimum strength off medium. Remember, we made this set up back when we were discussing about doing decision details. So there you have it. Think of fortune. I will see you in the next class 11. Creating Dummy Content: art. Welcome back. Now we're gonna do is we're gonna create some dummy contents for our website. So the whole idea behind his membership site is that you're gonna have free contents which locked out uses or no members can have access to. But and it will also be content that's restricted specifically for members who are locked in. So you can see Right now I have created nine different topics. What is philosophy? What Roman Empire fell. What we Ridge war, the path Corden friend, the whole and so on. So all these are meant to be posts related to philosophy, knowledge, critical thinking. That's and tell you what his membership site is all about. So let's go ahead and take a look at the front end so you can see what I've done. You can see I do have the titles with the featured image. There you go. I also have the accept and started into each single post Ugo. And so I have also taken the Liberty Teoh change the published dates for each one of this article so that they are different so that the sidles also looks a little bit more professional. I know all this is dummy content, but it's kind of natural. Is have that professional torch where all the posts are not published on the exact same day . So your assignment, it would be to go ahead and create your own posts. They don't have to be philosophy related. It could be posts on traveling on football, basketball, movies, entertainment, politics, whatever your interest is. And you don't have to go and start quitting post about philosophy like like I did. I just choose philosophy because, well, I like philosophy. So that's it. Now you can always use the limits. Some genital site here, too, generates your content. And for the images, feel free to jump over two picks. Obey and search for images that you can use for free. And, ah, there you go. So that's gonna be our Simon. Please go ahead and create, Let's say, nine posts. Italy's get about nine polls with different titles with different images, and I will catch in the next class 12. Content Restriction: not of credit our dummy content. It's time to separate the free articles from our premium content. Right now, as it is, anyone can common here and we'd any article. It doesn't matter whether they're locked in with the members, but it had means animal can come in here and we'd anything. And we don't want that to happen. So in order to and show that on Lee, the people condoms will be available to members only. We'll have to enable something called content of restriction not to do this. Let's jump down to a back end over here, go to propel builder, go to settings and then in here you will see content restriction. Let's go ahead now and enable the continent restriction. Click. Yes, and there are two kinds of restrictions. You can have a restriction with a message saying, Oh, sorry. You don't to be a member before you can. With this fantastic article, all you can simply redirect the user to another page where you can explain why they restricted. And, of course, if you choose, your identity will have to add the Uriel in here. But we're going to go with the message instead. Now in here, you can modify the kind of Mrs Dull, but this played by default. It stays. You must be looked into view this content, which is a message for locked out users. I'm not gonna I'm gonna come in here and modified is and say you must be logged in and be a member to view this contents. I can modify that. And then you also have a message full locked in users. This is an institution where you have different kinds of roles on your membership science. But then you have set in post that are only accessible by setting kinds of roles. So, an example in here, you would say something like this kinda is restricted for Onley add means and Eddie tools or something like that. All right, So this is where you would make use of such a future. And finally, you have the ability to restrict post preview, which we'll talk about very soon. I'm just gonna go ahead now and save my changes. Now, let's go back to five. Fox, and, uh, let's see if anything has changed at all. And if I scroll down here, Well, nothing has changed because, well, anyone can still read any articles. So what we have to do is now go to the Post that they want to make premium and restrict them. So let's go with why we wage war. That sounds like that sounds like a very, very important topic. So it's got to posts. Let's go to why we wage wool. Why? Why now If I school all the way down here, This is where you can set the restriction for this particular post. So by default we have the settings default, which is OK, but I'm gonna go with message. I left you a message. Now this. Play this content for who? Let's go with looked and users we can go with Member and also admin. Remember that on my particular sites, every logged in user is either an admin or a member. So this is really matter now. You can also enable custom messages for this particular post if you want to. But let's go ahead now and update this and let's see if there is any change. Let's go back to Firefox. Let's refresh this page. So we're looking for why we wage war. Let's cool down why we wage well Let's click on it. Let's cool down and take a look at that. It says You must be looked into view this content. You can see that light now. There isn't why this is said to you must be logged in. To view this content and not you must be logged in and be a member is because we chose to go with a with a message if I come back in here and I switched from message is what I'm talking about. Investors from message to settings Default. Let's update this. And now let's go back to Firefox. Let's do it 100 fresh and take a look at it Now it stays cool town. Now it says you must be logged in and be a member to view this content. So this is the major difference between shoes in to go with this sentence default or just go with a custom message. Now, you could also choose to go with a with about Acosta message for this post. I'm sorry by taking his books right here you can see want to message for like, little Jesus. You can see want to read more about this very interesting topic you need to become Remember , But now let's do that. Let's update. And now let's take a look at how this is gonna look like Let's go back to find Fox. Let's do 100 for for first of Page and there you go. Want to read more about this very interesting topic? You need to become a member. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. However, before we go, here's a thin, though, if we're going to attract non members to become members by restricting the content, we need to give them a bit of a preview as to why this particular content is worth reading . Why this particular post is worth becoming a member, so it's always pays to show. Maybe like the 1st 50 words of the 1st 60 was maybe the 1st 2 paragraphs or the post or something like that. So to do that, we can go back to our profile builder. Click on contact restriction now all the way down here, but you have the street IPOs preview. You can go with show the 1st 2040 60 I'm gonna go with the 1st 60 words. You could also show the content before the more tag as well that also works. So let's go ahead and choose 60 words. Safe changes. Now, let's try this and see if there is any change coming here. Do it hard with fresh. And there you go. Now anyone can read the very 1st 60 was off this super fantastic post and another that will not entice them to become a member. So this is exactly how you can restrict content for only your premier members. So you're Simon. Here in this particular video will be to go ahead and with streaks. Five posts out of the names will make for free, while five will be on Lee for members. Thank you, Fortune. I will see you the next class. 13. Choosing our Theme: so far so good with installed different plug ins with created content with enable content restriction with grated remember role. But now it's time to change the default theme from 2018 to the Thinker light theme by an aerial design. And this is the thing I found by accident. Really? I wasn't really searching for themes on this particular day, but I somehow stumbled across these theme and I just like the way it is. It's very simple. Plus, the default are formed family used on this site. I think it kind of goes with the entire our concept of this website, which is all about philosophy. So I'm just gonna go ahead and use this themes. I'm gonna go ahead now to the back end and I'm gonna come down here to parents, go to themes and I am going to search for the thinker light. Think light. Let's go. All right. It was gonna go ahead and install this theme because I will like it. Let's activate the theme and one really good thing about this particular famous the fact that it has a pro version, which means that in all likelihood, these free vision of the theme will continue to be maintained. Usually, whenever you walk with three things, there is a possibility. There's a risk that whoever designed the thimble, whoever developed the theme might stop walking on that theme. So maybe a year from now, the thing might become obsolete. The good news over this particular one is dead. It is the free vision off April theme. So in Notre Trachsel's for the full version, there's developable. Continue to maintain the fruit vision off this particular themes up. We have activated it, and now let's go ahead and check this out and see what it looks like. And, ah, there you go. It looks way better now. And I love this fund. I love this front family. It just goes really, really well with the entire philosophy theme of this medical website. I really, really like it. So I've got some good space in between the posts, my eyes, images. I like this. I like this a lot to go ahead and install and activate the theme gym and ex glass available Now make some changes to the theme and all upset in general. Thank you for watching 14. Theme Setup: Now that we've installed a new theme, let's go ahead and begin to make some changes. Stud enough with the settings. Let's come down here to promote links and I'm going to switch from the plane down to post Name will stick with this for now. Let's go ahead. Save changes. Let's go down to reading and I consider this Post said to the home page. That's fine. Ah, blood pages will show. Let's go with five posts at the most five boasts save changes. All right, let's come down to your parents. Go to customize because demise and from him gonna click on site identity. Let's choose a logo and I do have logo over here with a typewriter. I'm gonna go ahead and select it, and I'm going to attempt to crop this image so that Everton shows. Let's see if this will work. Sometimes you might have some issues crop in an image that you upload if it's too small. So in this kind of sedition right now, you can see it say's. There's been a broke up in your image. Fine, just go ahead and skip crop in and you'll still be fine. You can see it's still displays the image. That's fine Now the site title. I'm going to go ahead and changes to The Thinker. Okay, and infinite tagline I put down have, ah, philosophy, philosophy. Got knowledge and power. All right, so philosophy, knowledge and power. Let's go ahead and publish this and let's take a look. Let's see what this looks like. Let's go back to the finger that you go to the thank your philosophy. Intelligent power. Pretty awesome. Let's go over to you the widgets area and make some slight changes. Widgets, Eyes. What do we have here? We have surgeries and post wasn't comments. We have archives categories. I'm going to remove mental. For now. We don't need Meta archives will keep archives for now. We'll keep categories with recent comments. Let's go ahead. Every moved on as well. This might change. Of course, as we progress in this particular course. Let's go back and see what we have fresh and, um OK, well, not too bad at all. I kind of like the way everything looks like right now let's click on the link here and see . Okay. Not bad at all. All right, so there you have it. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please go ahead now and customize the think theme at your logo. Chance a tagline, your side description. And you can also modify. We just have a bit displayed in your side, but fortunately, see the next class. 15. Creating our Custom Menu: all right, so let's move on to customizing the main many that we have for a website. And right now, as you can see, we do have the home at it. Profile Logan and images stop pages. And this is kind of odd, because we are already locked in. So ideally, we shouldn't be seen the log in over two Stallings anymore because these would be for people who are looked out. Now. Remember Elian in this particular section were installed this book in cold, the now of minerals plugging by Kathy Dollar, and now we are going to make use off it. So let's jump over here to the back end. Let's jump down to appearance. Let's go to menus. All right, so first things first, I'm gonna go ahead and create a new menu. And let's just cold is the main menu. Create the menu and let's do this. I'm gonna go ahead now on add log in it, pulled file and then register. Let's add this. I'm gonna say this to my primary menu. Now, take a look at this. If I expand the button right here, you can see that we can actually control who should see this particular link. So right now, by default, it said to everyone. But we should set it on Lee to lock out users right to consider that users for look in and let's see edit profile should be on Lee for logged in users. Now, if I choose logged in users now, you can see we can even restrict the menu item based on a particular role. So in this case, I'm just gonna go with add mean and member. Okay, And then last but not least, registers should be full. Looked out users as well. Let's go ahead, save menu and let's take a look and see what we have. Okay, awesome. So edit profile. Right now I can see Onley shows because we are looked in. Let's look out and see it is going to change was go back to think, Let's go and awesome. So right now you can see it's working very well. They looked out so that we consider look in and register. Okay, Thank you so much for watching the video and, uh, also in the next class 16. Adding the Logout Link: one lost the immunity for the men. Many would be to add a look out link. And this is under that very easy to forget, because we are locked in and we can see the admin barbeque and come in here and look out. But keep in mind that we've chosen to hide these admin bar from members. So remember, logs into the site right now, all they would see would be edit profile that was sitting posts, but they would not be able to look out. So we should create a custom lookout link on our main menu. And to do this, let's go back to the main menu appearance menus, and for me, I'm gonna go ahead now and click on custom links. And for the link texts, it will be long out all right. Now for the text itself, I am going to use this particular piece of code. Let's copy this right here. And then I'm going to paste that in here. However, I'm gonna change example toe calm to my own, Uriel. So let's copy that and let's go ahead and pace that over here. So this is exactly how you can create a simple log out linking on main menu, you'll foster. Add your domain in this case minus https. The think at the US Capitol Come and then you go. You'll have four slash WP dash, log, end or PHP. The question market in action equals to look out. So this is the text you can used to create your look out link. Let's go ahead and add that. And then let's customize this one as well. Make sure that it would only display for looked in users. And of course, we can show that to the admin. And members are right. Awesome. Let's go ahead and save the menu. Now let's jump over here to our home page. Awesome. We have le gout linguistics. A log out and see if it works. Click on log outs. Quick, look out again And there you go. We looked out. So that's how to create a custom lookout link on the main menu. I will see the next class 17. Modifying the Content Restriction Message: at this point with mall is created a functional membership site and we need to test it out . However, I wanna show you something before we do the test and take a look at this article. The power off cordon. All right, now I'm locked out. Says again, See? And this article is only meant for locked in users, and we can clearly see the message right here. It says you must be logged in and remember to view this content. The problem here, though, is the fact that there are no navigational links. Ideally, when someone sees you must be locked in locked and should be some form of ah hyperlink so that the person can easily click on that sex and will take them to the looking page and also be a member. This should be a happening so that when they click on the link, it will take them to the registration page. So let's go ahead and modify this message. It should be more functional. So let's do this. We're gonna go ahead and look in. Now. That's come down here. Go to the logon page. All right, let's go to the back end. Come down here to profile builder, go to content restriction. And here we go message for looked out users. You must be looked in and be a member. Let's go ahead and modify. Looked in. I'm gonna come in here and let's click on the gear button right here for the link options. Now we're looking for Look in. That's what we're looking for. Let's add the link right there and then It's also doing for be a member, be a member at a link, Click on the get bought in. Let's go to register, Add the link and let's go ahead and save this page. Saver changes. Okay, let's go back to the front and let's. But first this. All right, let's look out now. Yes, we want to look out. Let's go back to the Thinker. Let's just this out. I'm gonna come in here. Let's do a heart refresh. Make sure that we're not cash in any content right here, and you can see right now it says you must be locked in, which is a link and be a member is also a link. So if I click on looked in, it takes restricted logon page. Let's go back, click on Be a Member and it's exposed to the registration page directly. So this is a much better way off displaying our message, restricted members or non members from you in the contents. That's it. Thank you for watching German Next that's available. Now test out the full functionality off our membership site. 18. Testing out the Membership Site: Okay, It is time to test out a membership site. So I'm going to try and pretend to be a nun member, and I will try to become a member and see how easy it is. I'm on the site and Ah, let's do this. I'm gonna come here to the power of code in like, this article looks very interesting, but it stays. Oh, you must be looked in and be a member to view this content. Okay, I will be a member was clicking there. Registration page, user name. All right, I'm gonna go with Jones. My email. I have Dick Jones 843 at yahoo dot com. Let's go with Dick Jones. Once again, Jones 843 at Ah, yeah? Who? Come password. Wow. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and type in my password. I'm going to repeat the password once again. Okay. It's strong. Good. Good, good. Like this. Send credentials via email. Yes. All right. Let's take the books. Let's register and ah, no, I'm not going to say this, but it SEZs the account. Jones has been successfully created. Oh, some Okay, Let's see if I can look in now. Let's change the user name of email gonna go with Jones 843 at yahoo dot Calm. Gonna type in my new password right now. Let's see if I can look in without an issues school down. Let's look in and, ah, you're going to look in as Jones. Okay, Now, let's go to the front page. Let's refresh this. Okay? So I'm looked in. That's awesome. Let's come down here. Oh, look at that. I can read the full article off the pad off code in. Awesome. Awesome. Actually, the very first this page, I keep having cash and issues, so OK, fine. I'm logged in again. Beautiful article. Now, that's great. Let's go to edit full file. That's what we have here. And it pull file. Okay, You can have my first name. It can change my email. Okay. Not bad. The tension between my password as well. Okay, Not bad at all. All right, I'm gonna go ahead and look outs. Yes, I didn't wanna lug out. Okay, Let's go back to the thinker and find. But so it appears that it's easy for anyone to come in here register, become a member, and then read the articles I'm gonna jump now to my Yahoo mail and see if I got the credentials by email. All right, I'm in Yahoo right here. And as you can see, I did get the message. What press? The thinker. Your new account information can clicking here. And you can say, you can see it stays. Okay. Your user name is Jones. And Ah, that's about it. So this isn't very professional. And, Ah, if you're actually building a really life membership site, you want to customize this a little bit more? You wanna add like it? Welcome message. Saying something like Thank you. So much for becoming a member off the Thinker. I hope you have a good time. Blah, blah, blah, blah get, you know, stuff like that. Unfortunately, by default, you cannot do this with the profile buildup. Plug in. Now, if you really wanted to build this memberships that make it professional, maybe a building flight clients, then you really have no choice but to invest in the profile buildup for version. It's ah, a little bit expensive. You do have the pro vision at $149. But what is those is it allows you to have access to the email customizer feature. This is the feature that will allow you to customize the message is that your new members will get whenever the register and you also have enough things like a phone and use a list in our costume with Directors were also that you can redirect a user or a new member whenever they deserve. At the very first time there is a cheaper version, which is the hobbyists, but you're not gonna have access to the email customized. Unfortunately. So, unfortunately, sometimes you just have to spend money and, ah, and spend money That's just basically 80 days, only so much you can do with free plug ins out here. On what press there is a plug in called the SB Welcome email, Eddie told. That can do exactly this. Unfortunately, I tested it with the full fare, build a plug in, and it didn't work. It really did not work at all. So it's a shame because this particular plucking, even though it's not been updated for three years now, actually still works with many of the kinds of plug ins that I have to do with memberships and stuff like about for profit builder. It doesn't work. So if you actually really building a real membership side, then I will strongly recommend that you simply invested money and go for the pro vision off this particular plugging with the perfect buildup looking. And if you're building the website for clients, you can simply charge them. Just add the fee for this plug into whatever you judging their men. You should be fine. So that's pretty much it for this first part of building a membership site we're going to do next is we're gonna build out a advanced step membership site where users will actually have to pay in adults. You have access to Puma contents. Also, you dance like a fortune I'll see in the next last 19. Premium Membership Site Preview: All right. Welcome to what is technically the second part of this section of our building out a membership site. In the previous section. We created our membership side and it's walks fine. The only problem is that we haven't introduced a payment system, but one a situation where members will actually have to pay money, another to become bona fide members. I'm gonna make use of this book in cold. The membership and content restriction paid members subscriptions plug in. This is a plug in that allows to create different types of membership levels with different kinds of pricing. And it will all also allow us to control what content is available to wards are kinds of members. Now, there is obviously a pro version of this plug in that will give us additional features like school down here like recurring payments for people standard. You will have access to people pulling people express trip, gateway country dripping and so on Invoices. However, the free visual display gain kicks ass. I mean, we can do some serious ah Futural creation with the free vision of this plug in. So I'm really excited to introduce you to this new plug in and taking our membership level to the next level. So German next class will begin to expand on our currently existing membership site. Also, you then. 20. Paid Member Plugin Settings: As you can see, I have gone ahead to install and activate the paid member subscriptions Blufgan. And it's at this point where we have to make a critical decision, which is to decide which off provide, build out or the pavements, officials begin will have to stop using. And the reason is because both of this plug ins provide very similar features. Is an example. If I had to get to my registration page, you can see that we have the content restriction and then down here we also have the proof able that content restriction. We have constant missions like It's too much all right, the Bible that offers conduct restriction. But so does the paid member subscriptions Plug in as well. And when you're working with WordPress, it's never really a good idea to have mawr than unplugging offering you the same kind off services. Just not great. So this kind of situation you have to compare the pros and cons of using either plug in the advantage of a builder has over the paid member subscription plug in is the fact that but its form fields you can customize the cancel feels that you want your users to feel whenever they're registering. As an example, you know, be added, the email confirmation filled. We also were able to add the strength past what filled the minimum. A number of letters. The password should should have things like that. With the payment of substations. Plug in. It does have its own registration page with a different short code. You can see this is its own short code for the fights on registration page. It's only decision Page doesn't offer those kinds of fuels you cannot add additional fields to the default are formed, the hope displayed on the registration page. So that's one disadvantage. The payment of subscriptions plugging has over profile Builder, another defenders. To provide buildup, Logan has, is the admin ball citizens, where this blood and you can restrict the black at member from showing for members ball with the pain number secretions. We cannot do that. However, There is a plug in that we can install that will perform the same future. So this isn't technically an advantage now. On the flip side, the major advantages the pain most of shrimp Logan has is the fact that, well, we can accept payments with this plug in we can actually charge must to pay money before they are able to view are setting kinds of content. We can create solution plans, but not that, but not just that. We can also modify the kinds of messages that new registrations will get. If you come down here to e mails on that the pavements obsession stab. You can see right now that we can configure all the general e mail options. We can configure it from name from email began modifying the message that new members will get even down here. You can modify the email that members who cancel their subjection will get and even members whose subsidence has expired. You can do all these things. We d paid members subscriptions plugging, but they provide Build a plug in. You can't unless you go for the provisional, but you would have to pay money. Another major advantage, the P Universal Shrimp Ligand has, is the fact that with its subscription plans, you can actually create new rules. Only that being said, we actually do not need the members plugging anymore because the major reason why we install this plug was to create a Newell called member, which new registrants will be assigned to, but because the paid members of sampling it can actually do that, we no longer need this plug in either. But keep in mind, keep in mind that the members plug in offers, Ah, lot more features than just creating new rules. As an example, if I come down here to users, click on roles, click on contributor. Let's edits the country, Bootle. You can actually modify the power's off each one of the sources. An example. I can come down here to appearance and say OK, our country. But I want to contribute us to be able to edit themes and continent permission. So don't think that remember, spoken only create new rules. You can actually modify the powers that each one of these rules would actually have with the plug in. But for the purposes of this course, we don't need that functionalities. As a result, at the end of the day, big enough to uninstall the members Blufgan, they're going to have to install the profile builder as well as to provide building email, confirmation filled plug ins. So let's do this. Just deactivate them apply and ah It's kind of sad saying bye bye to using this plug ins, but it's for the best. It's it's for the best one rule. About what? First is that the three a plug ins you have running, the better. It's less headache, less security risks, and you have less chances of one PLO gain conflicting with another. So as of now, we only have to plug ins running the paid male assumptions plug in and in have Minerals plug in now because we have deactivated the prophet buildup plug in. A lot of the pages were created with this plug in will have to edit them by going, have to create new pages and also edit the currently existent pages. If I come down here to pay the mirror substations and click on basic information, you can see these are the five pages of this plug in offers register account, become a password, Logan and subscriptions. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna create two new pages subscriptions and recover password using the shot golds. And then I'm gonna modify the existing edit profile. Logan and we just have pages by changing the short codes that we have in them already. As you can see, I have created the recover passwords and subscription plans. Pages have also more to find the three other pages by changing the short codes that was in them. So that being said, we're going to do one final thing, which is to come down to our parents. Click on menus. Amagansett. Modifying this. Let's add the assumption plans and Rick of a passive pages. Let's add him to a menu drag. Look out down here, okay? Subscription plans. Who should have access to this now? Ideally, everyone should have access to this option plants so that no members can view the page. Look at the available options in there and an evil logged in users. Users who may might want to upgrade. They're sort of jump on, or maybe even languid. Their subject plans should be able to view this particular page. However, with the benefit of a hand side, I've come to realize that these succession plans will not display for logged out users. I don't know why this is the case, but it's something that just is. I've tried contacting the Dev's for the plug ins, but the answers have gotten have not really been satisfactory. So, unfortunately, subject plants Page will not be available for locked out users. If you wanted to create a page displaying your subscription plans specifically to locked out users, you can create a new page engine just typing it, saying things like, Okay, this is the first subscription plan. With this plan, you will have access to these blah, blah, blah. And then you can add a link that will link the user to the decision, paid Reddick and then peak the plan that the one that's one way to play around this particular bog. But anyway, it's OK. Let's just live this as it is now for you. Cover past what it should be available only to locked out users if you're logged and then you don't need to be able to recover your password because you already locked in. All right, let's go ahead and save on menu and let's see what this looks like. Let's go to the phone page. Let's do Ah, hard refresh. All right, so we have it. It profiles substitution plans. Log out. Okay, let's try look it out here and let's see what is gonna look like for it looked out. User. Okay, recover passwords, Social plans. We just have looked in the back of a password. It's there. Okay, if I click on substation plans, you can see it say's Only registered users can see this information. So maybe in fact, we should remove this from the from the menu for locked out users. But you click on register and the school old way down here, you can see that we no longer have access to the previous feels like the email confirmation feels transfer the cater. But that's because we are now using a new are short code to this play this particular page . So that says, we've done quite a lot of work in this particular video. We've installed three plug ins. If I did a new poll again, we've created new pages, modified existent pages, and we've also modified our existing Manu Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact me. I will see you in the next class 21. Creating the Subscription Plans: the next time I'm gonna do here will be to create subscription plans for our new potential member. So let's jump ahead to paid members subscriptions. Click on subscription plans. Click on, add new. So we're gonna do Here is we're gonna Kuwait to plants are gonna create the basic A membership basic membership. That's gonna be the name of this one. And if a description gives you access to some off Ah, premium content. Okay, let's copy this because I'm going to need this text later. All right? So for the duration is gonna be every 30 days, There's gonna be monthly, and the Fiji is going to be 1999. Status is gonna be active. Now, over here, you can see that the plug in allows us to create a new usable from this subscription plants . Let's do this. Let's go ahead and save a subscription and voila. Look at that. Now, what I'm gonna do next would be to create a new plan. Your membership. This one is going to be the premium membership from the membership. Let's go ahead and paste that sex from previously gives you access to all That's gonna be the key difference here gives you access to all of our content. This is gonna be for 30 days yet again. Price here is going to be 1999. Wow. Again, we're gonna create unusable from this plan. Save subscription and voila. Now we have the premium membership plans. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome Selves. In fact, for your own particular site, maybe there is a particular kind of customization you're walking on. You can come down here to appearance, go back to menus, and as an example on those supplication plans, you could decide to say, Okay, only for logged in users. And then from here, you can now decide which off this particular membership plans should have access to this particular ah link. It's something that you can do on your own if you wanted to. Okay, so that is it. Thank you for watching. We have created two new member's subscription plans. I will see you in a next class 22. Creating the Thank You Page: one extra feature would get with the paid member subscriptions. Plug in is the fact that we have the ability to redirect users to a certain page once they have signed up. So become not here to sit ins over here. You can see that we can first of all, automatically log them in after a successful registration. And then we can actually also redirect them to a success page or a thank you page once they have, ah, successfully registered. So what I'm gonna do here Is this a large? I'm done here. Two pages. Let's add a new page, and that is gonna name the page. Thank you. Thank you very much. You're far too kind. Thank you. All right, let's grab some text in here. So if you're building this side like, really, he would say things like, Oh, thank you so much for becoming a member and you together. You know, we promise you all the very best continent of the world blah blah, you know. All right. So the templates let's make this a full with said the featured image. And I have this image, I go online. If I do, let's go ahead and said that as the featured image, All right, so the display this full looked and uses basic membership payment membership. It doesn't matter. Let's go ahead and publish the page. Let's not go back to the page Number. Subscriptions come down here to set sins, and we're going to redirect our users to thank you. So this is the page that they are going to be redirected to once they have successful locked in now automatically log in lust. Shoes? Yes, as well. Let's go ahead, save our settings. And ah, there you go. So from this point on, whenever a new user has signed up, there will be automatically It looked in and it will also be be redirected to the thank you page. I will see the next class. 23. Editing Messages and Payment System: The next thing we have to do here would be to jump down to payments. And as you can see, right now, we can configure all the payments that we're going to accept. And I'll just stick with the U. S. Dollar currency position before Nice. Now, there is something there called the test mode, which is very, very useful. Before you decide to begin to actually receive real money from your potential members, you can test to see if the payment system actually works really well. So we're gonna do this study from the very next lecture is going to go ahead and tick this box for now because we're gonna be testing out payments the gateways as people standard. That's fine. Default payment. Gateway is papal standard. I believe that the payment of subscriptions premium version plug. It will provide you with additional payment gateways like with stripe and some other ones. Alright, Now, for now, the papal email address, we're gonna live this blank. We'll have to create a test email to use, and that's a little add later. But for now, let's just save a sentence. And before we wrap this up was dumped on here to emails. Now, here's the thing. Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and leave this as it is. I'm not gonna change anything, but I just want you to remember that you can decide to customize the messages that your members will get in certain kinds of scenarios. And these are definable tax you can use. You can display the member's name and also the name off this subscription as well. So you can modify these messages anyway who want to, But not just that. He also have access to the administrator emails as well, so as it as an admin. If you want to receive intensification when they're very anyone fills out, the form becomes a member. You can simply take the box right here. And then, of course, you can also add additional emails off other members off other adamant that you want to be notified. And of course, you can also modify the emails that you will get in setting kinds of scenarios where remember has cancelled the subscription on members. Ah, substitutes option has expired and so on and so forth. Right? So that's it. We haven't really don't anything much. Hear them. Just save my citizens. And, ah, well, that's That's the German over next video where we will now begin to walk on testing payments on our membership side. 24. How to Create PayPal Sandbox Accounts: already. So we've created are two subscription plans. Basic and put a membership. But before we can begin to accept payment from our members, we need to ensure that the payment gateway, which is PayPal, is actually working perfectly. So please make sure that in your paid members subscriptions tab when you click on the sit ins, make sure that on the payments the first now the test mode box is checked. All right, make sure this is checked, and then, once again, we only have access to PayPal. With the free vision of this plug in, the pro version offers you additional payment gateways like stripe as an example. So anyway, to test out Dependent System, please go to developer the paypal dot com, or you can even go to sandbox dot paypal dot com. Either way, you need to have an account with PayPal. If you don't have an account with PayPal unit to Kuwait one. It's very, very easy. Just gonna pay portal calm and you click. Read an account, and it's it's pretty easy to sign up. Unfortunately, I also know that there was a possibility that you might be a student living in a country where people is not allowed. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do about that on dimes. Sorry about that, Tim. And I apologize. But maybe if you're able to get yourself a VPN and you me can configure to another country and then you able to use people I don't know. But I do apologize for the inconvenience if you cannot access PayPal, but if you can access PayPal, that's awesome. Let me show you how to create a sandbox. Accounts. Sandbox account is basically a test account. You can use the sun books account to make fake payments and also receive fake payments as well. Some over here on the development of people Don't calm. Any concedes? Sandbox in here accounts First interest. I'm gonna go ahead and log in to my PayPal account because I do have a people account. So lemon log in. That's my email address, by the way. So if you want to send me some money, you can do that. I'm just getting all right over here. You're gonna see create sandbox account. All right. Now you can choose the country that you want to create his account from. It really doesn't matter cause I'm concerned some was going to stick with the United States , which is the default. Now you can create both a personal and a business account. We're gonna create both of them. So let's first create the personal account. What I'm gonna do here is because I already have a son Books account, which is test buyer at thinking of calm. I'm gonna make this test buyout one at thinker, though. Come. So the email address can be completely fake. It doesn't have to be. Ah, legitimate intelligence. You can add anything in here. So what it passed with, I'm gonna add my very, very super strong password. Let's cool down here. All right, So payment methods my PayPal balance. I'm going to give myself some cash. Let's go. Is $100 trillion now that's too much. Let's go with $1000 over 1000 years dollars. It's bunk verified. Absolutely. It is bank find payment card, credit cards. We don't really need any of this sort of stick with Visa. I'm gonna go ahead now and click on create account. We have just created a fake account. All right. You can see right now it's processing. You can see all the other text test accounts of created. Let's go ahead now and creates another account. This one will be for the merchant because we will also be receiving money. I'm gonna click on business. And here I'm gonna change test buyer to test seller warn at Think of a comb. I'm going to go ahead and change my password. School down here. PayPal balance. Ah, like 110,000 again. Bank. Very Frederick County as credit cards. It doesn't matter. Let's just go ahead and create the account. Come on. Okay. Now is against see the test. Bio one has been completed. And over here to the right, you can also duplicate the account. If you want a two for one of is not the other. This is gonna take a few more seconds for the business account to complete. So let me go ahead and with fresh maybe hopefully it will. All right. So that you said that. You know you have it, It's it's completely literal. Takes about 10 seconds for the accounts to be activated. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm gonna grab these email. Address test seller at thing dot com. I'm gonna grab this. Copy this for now. And I'm gonna come down here on the settings for the payment of subscriptions and then down here, where you have the papal in villages. I'm gonna go ahead and add that in religious in here. Make sure it's the address for the seller accounting merchant account of the business account, not the buyer account. Let's go ahead now and save settings and ah, there you have it. Were successfully created our test accounts. So jumping over next video available. Now test out this payment system and see if it's actually working. 25. Testing Payments: show me the money. Okay, let's do this. Let's test out accounts. And as you can see, I have looked out from the finger. So I'm gonna pretend I am a new member Who wants to pay, right? Let's go to register, click on register. And how come I'm gonna come down here to use the name and my name is Faneuil's. That's right, Venice. That's my email address. I'm going to school down here. My password. Gonna go ahead and type in the is extremely powerful gauntlet of a password. All right, let's test it said Okay, so we have basic membership, which is 999 premium membership, which is 1999. Well, I am Thantos. I'm gonna go with the premium membership. Let's click Register. So what's happened right now is you can see that we're being redirected to the sandbox. Dont pay power the home right there. You can see it's not people toe compote, sandbox. Don't PayPal talk home? And it's because we've said the test mode own. That's why this is happening. So from here right now, I'm gonna go ahead now and signing with the email address which we used, which is tested by our one. Come on. Heart test by a one. Just buy one. I think of calm. Let's go ahead and log in right now. So this is basically what will happen. The potential member will click register. Then they will be redirected to PayPal where they can go ahead and make the payments. You can see right now it says, uh, make the payment in 1999. Yes. I have read and agree to your policy. Let's go ahead and go and continue. So let's see what will happen. It'll see That will see pay now. Yes. I'm gonna go ahead. Go ahead and pay. Let's see. Let's see. Yeah, You paid 1999. Awesome. It's gone. Let's now return to the match ins and let's was gonna happen and take a look at that. We got redirected to the thank you page and ah! Oh, wait a minute. It say's This content is restricted for your membership level. Are you serious? Wow. All right, we're gonna have to make sure that this is fixed. I don't know why this is ensuring for us. We need to you. I'll make sure this shows to everyone who's now it members who will have to fix this. And then we will also have to ensure that the black bar here it doesn't show up is also the two things that I need to fix. But the good news here is that at least dependent went through. And we, as the member got redirected to the thank you page. So at least that works, right? I'm gonna go ahead and look out. Yes, I would like to log out, if you don't mind. Uh, what's going on? Hot. I'm click back here. Okay, We have looked out. I'm just doing hard Refresh. Okay, cool. What I'm gonna do now is I'm going to look in as thinker. All right, Let's look in right. Let's go jump down here to the back end now for your son. Books, accounts. I'm gonna go ahead and try to log in again. Let's go back to send books of people toe calm. Yes, agree. Come on. Come on, command. All right, let's do this. Send sand books. The people that come let's do this. Enter. Do, do, do Do do Diu. Let's go. Let's kill. Don't waste my time, please. I am very cold in this video, and my student wants to see stuff. So come on, let's go. Let's go. All right, cool. Let me just look out from here because we're still looked in as the, uh, tests buyer. So I'm gonna go ahead now and log in again. All right, Let's Jim says bio to test Sylar. One it Think about com. Let's go ahead now and at my password. Let's look in and let's see if we received the money. That's cool down here. And Yep. There you go. Look at that. We have $19. That was added. Remember that We first of all added $100,000 to account when we quitted his account, and you can see that $19 has been added. This is the payment from the test buyer, which we did previously. Now, the one thing that you might notice about this is that it didn't actually register. We don't see any record from the test buyout one at Think of the calm Eva, click on payments received as an example. We're going to see that here either. Now, from here, if I come down to payments Okay, payments. Now over here you can see it Say is completed. Payment has been received. Its completed. This is section I. D. Pfanner spare membership. OK, so it was just as perfectly fine here in the back hand ball with PayPal. Sometimes it might register. Sometimes it might not register. When you are in the sandbox environment, if you're actually on will pay, pal. Bolcom, I guarantee you that any payments made to your membership site, you will see it. In your are people account you will seat. But sometimes with a sandbox testing mode, you might have a few issues like this. So the most important thing here is that the money actually registered in your overall account, so you can see we have the $19 that was added. So as long as you can see an increase in your money, then you know that the payment system is actually walking when you are testing in the sandbox environment. So that's basically how to test out the payment gateway with PayPal. If you have any questions about this, please let me know. I know that we've don't quite a lot here, and it can be a little bit confusing at times. But I'm hoping that you've learned one of two things. I think of a watch in and I will see in the next class. 26. Fixing Bugs: away Rieti. So in the previous video, we successfully received a payment from the mad Titan Fanis for 1999. Unfortunately, we had to bugs. One was the fact that the thank you page was restricted from Faneuil's, despite the fact that he's a Puma member. And second is the fact that Faneuil's also have access to the black admin ball, which we don't want. So there's the two things that will have to fix. Let's it off with the thank you page. Now if I don't I need to thank you. Here is why the page was not displayed to finally take a look here, it says display for logged in users, basic membership and premium membership. There are two ways. How you can interpret this one would be well, as long as the member or the user's satisfies one off this criteria, then show the contents of this page. Another waiting to put this would be Onley show this page if the user has satisfied all these three criteria and unfortunately or well, fortunately or unfortunately how, however you want interpret it. That is how this plugging is actually configured to work. So you see, right now as it is, this page would only show to a user who is locked in, has the busy membership and also has the premium membership. That's how this actually works. So in other for this place to show successfully to any new member will have to uncheck basic membership and uncheck premium membership. So there is only one criteria for these are to satisfy, which is be locked in, and as long as they locked in they will see this message. So this is why the paid Rosenschein to thunders in the people's videos because we mistakenly said it so that funds will have to be a basic member it remember, and also a locked in user all at the same time. So 12 where that kind of conflict just simply check logged in users only, and you should be good to go. So let's go ahead and update this. We shouldn't have any more problems with that. Next is going to be the black admin. But now to disable this, we can make use of it plugging by Scott Kingsley clock. Wow, I love this. I love this name. His name is called Kingsley Clock. The name of the plug in is the admin bar is a blur. It's the plug in and, ah, it's Vogel maintained when we could go. So I have already installed and I have activated the plug in. So if I jump down here to plug ins, you can see that it's right here. I mean, by these a block now to get us to walk, jump down here to settings, Click on admin Barq's Ebola down here. And from here you can see that we can disable for everyone if you wanted to. What I'm simply gonna do here is by default. The admin has been check listed for all the white list, so we really don't need to do anything in here. You wanted to add additional roles. You can simply, ah, President Control Button and and simply click and choose whatever dish novels you would like to have. The admin Bar Shore four. So I'm just click on subscriber again. Make sure it's only the admin. Let's go ahead now and save the changes. All right, let's jump down here to the front end. All right, Cool. So the black M imbecile shows for our since the admin, Let's go ahead and log out Unless you're looking as thin nose, Mr Famous then us. I am me. Come down here. Look in and voila! So there you go. As you can see right now, families no longer has access to the black admin bar. He can still edit its pull file. He can view subscription plans and he can look out as well. So that you have to think is much fortune. The video, and then we'll see the next last. 27. Restricting Paid Content: one thing we need to do now would be to separate the real period content from the our basic membership content. So, as an example, let's say we wanted to restrict the why we wage war Post to Onley premium members or you can do is to click on it it and then down here. Simply check this for premium membership, right? So let's check. Look the new users and then, ah, premium membership, Right? So Onley users who are locked in and also a Pima member. We'll have access to this content. So if you have the basic membership, it's not going to work. On the flip side. If you wanted to make this available to both basic members and people members, then all you really need to do would just be to check this and live this as it is looking users. So once they are locked in, they will have access to this particular content in a situation where you only want to basic members to have access to content. Then all you do here is check basic membership, and then members with the permanent mission will not have access to that content anymore. So that's basically how you'd control this particular restriction. Keep in mind that you can also enable your custom messages seeking say things like Well, sorry. This particular content is all of only available for premium members. Stuff like that, you can customize the kind of message that you want to provide for logged out users and then for are locked in non members or, in this case, messages for locked in, not the white full members. If I complete that way, you can simply say Sorry. This content is only for members with the premium package. Click here to upgrade your plan. And then you can link that click here to the Substitution Packages page, where they can then upgrade the membership. So it's fairly easy. There isn't too much to war yourself about over here. If you build in this kind of upset for real, you already have all the ingredients and tools necessary to restrict content based on the user's membership plan on the membership package, so that you have it think fortune that we'll see in the next class 28. Membership Pro Plugin Update: All right. So there's been a major updates to the paid members subscriptions plug in. They have added some new features. And I want to use this opportunity to show you how these new features can benefit you as a paid Miller subscriptions plugging user. So if you go over to Cosmos, labs took home and then in here, you go under the paid members subscription stab, and you click on documentation. In here, you would see the full tutorials on how you can make use off the plug in. And I'm particularly interested in the short codes sections there click on short codes in here. You can see how to modify all the short calls have been working with and take a look at this. They now have a shot code for the log out page. Remember, in the past, we had to create a custom link for the log out for people to be to log out. But now I have actually gone ahead to create a lug out page. I'm just show you this is look at page right here. If I click on edit, this is the short court right here You can use to simply allow users to log out whenever they are. Don't on your site. So you have the purchasing now to create a lookout page. There is also another short code for the payments history. This is interesting because this will add a front end table with the members are payment history. Now, let's do this. I'm gonna show you how this actually works. But before then, you can decide to create a separate page. You can see I could have one here called payment history so you can see right here. I do have a short code. However, you can also decide to pace the same short code in the edit profile page. Let me just show you. You can see I did it here as well. I have the account shut gold. And then I also have the payment. History are short, called inside the same page, so you don't necessarily have to create a single page for every kind of short code. All right, let's quickly do this. I'm gonna look out now, all right? And I'm going to log in as Faneuil's who is actually one off users. Let's look at sandals. Let's come back here, OK? I'm just refresh the page. Okay, so now remember, we used Thanasis as a user who paid for the people membership. So if I click on payment history right here, you can see that Vandals can see the heaps paid $19.9 on 30th of September. And this is just complete. That's under the payments history page. But then also, if you if it goes to the edit profile page in here, he can see his subscription. He's email first. Name everything in there and then at the bottom, you can see he also has access to He's our payments history section as well. So there's on a major improvement that they've added with the new updates. Limb. Just quickly. Look out, okay? And let me try Logan in now, as the ad mean I could look, look in Let's change thunders to thinker. Okay, let's do this thinker. Look and all right, cool. Let's jump back in here now. Even school old way down here. Let's go to let's say the logon page is an example. You can actually modify the different ways how the short codes work, as as an example with the log inform, you know, we have a shortcut, which is PMS Logan right there. But then we have listings called para meters. All right, I'm just cool down here. So you have permitted parameters are like additional information you can add to the short code to modify the way it will work. So as an example, you can actually redirect. Use us to a specific page, ones they look in. All you would have to do is after the PMS Logan text. Just add register on the schoolyard well, and then add the U. R L in between the double coats and then you have a question pocket and that's it. Once a user logs and they will be redirected UML that you put in here. However, please keep in mind that the readers will not work if it's pointed to an outside Europe. Also, the redirect your almost be a page inside off the membership website. Other really cool ways of modifying your short code would include changing the default message that users can see whenever the trade to log anal log out. There's an example right here. We do have an example where you can modify the messages plates to the locked in user who wants to look out so it stays to modify the text on the link Texas plated, logged in user. You will need to use the text and the link text parameters. So here we have examples. I'm just gonna go ahead and grab this anti example. This was grabbed this copy and I'm gonna pays this right here now to paste your short closer you've copied is always best to switch to the text that it all. So you don't take in any pretty find formats. So speech to text every tool and then simply paste a short code. It's been at this way. All right, so let's try this out. Now let's update the page. Now let's view the page. And now you can see it's a Z thinker toe lug out. Collect the following link so we can modify the kinds of messages that users will see just before they actually look out So you can come back in here. You can modify this even for that, we can say to leave this website, please click the foreign link. Let's update that. All right, let's view the page. And here you go to leave this website. Please click the full in links. So that's just another way how you can modify the shot, cause that you have. So I'm really gonna encourage you to spend some time going through this documentation. You can modify the should cause for account. Ah, it's an example. Right Year for the parameters for your PMS account. Short code. You have the Logan. Yeah, well, you have the show edit profile parameters. Well, they were just so many ways. Hey, can modifying the shot calls that you have. So if you're really building out Ah, Riel membership website. I would encourage you to spend some time going through the documentation for this plug in. It is very, very extensive. And I could spend the next three hours just walking you through every single modification that you can make to the short codes. But I really don't have that kind of time to make this course way too long. So I'm gonna encourage you once again to spend some time going through the short codes and the parameters that you can use once again. We have an example right here for the payments history. But you can add the number per page permits habitual setting them off. Payments are displayed inside the payment history table. Just just in the example of a perimeter you can modify with the argument. Here is a short code and so that's it. I hope I've been able to inform you off the letters changes to this fantastic a plug and thank you for watching, and I will see the next class. 29. Pro Addons Part 1: before we run up this course, I wanted to spend some time to introduce you to the premium add ons that you can buy to extend the functionality of the paid members subscriptions plugging. Now, this obviously is. If you actually are really building a membership sites either for yourself or for a client of yours you might really want to invest. And some off the premium Adams that you can get with these particular plugging these Adams will really extend and making membership membership side really, really powerful. Now I reached out to developers and I can enough to provide me with samples off all the appearance Adams and is the folder to see can see I've had access to all of their Purim Adams I want I want to do for the next two videos would be to show you what you can do with some off this premium Adams. And the very 1st 1 here is going to be the stripe. Add on. This is the very first adenoidal recommend that you get. All right, here it is stripe. Now the beauty about stripe is the fact that it is an additional payment gateway and it's not great, if you will. I only or PayPal for your users to pay you because PayPal isn't accepted in some countries and you really want to provide as many payment gateways as possible. And after people, I think strap is the next big thing after PayPal. So with stripe add on, you'll also have access to additional features like the recording payment were users can opt in to We knew the membership automatically. You can charge a Sanofi and you can even offer a free trial. We have the strip, Adam. So this is a very powerful Adam that you can add now what I want to show you here is how it actually works. You can see I have activated the ad on right here, paid member subscriptions, stripping and get way. So from here, if I go to my sit ins, good to payments in here right now, you can see f checked stripe, and you cannot see that we have the renewal option right now where customers can opt in for automatic renewal. You can either just used to always say we knew them automatically or just never renew automatically. I think our customer opposition for automatic renewal is the best. Now, if you go to your subscription plans and just ended anyone off them in here right now, you can see that you now have the ability to add a Sanofi, and you can even add a free trial. And then you can choose whether for the specifics of subscription, the user can opt in automatically or you'll never renew them automatically. It all depends. So this is how you can make full use or the stripe payment gateway. So let's go ahead and save the subscription. Let's see how this looks like on the front end. I'm going to go away to Firefox. Let me re first to buy just a page. Uh, keep I think it's fully refreshed. Okay, All right. So let in school down right now, it's can see. Right now we have the additional text saying Okay, this comes with a 10 day for retrial and a phone and an incentive fee. And right here you can now see the box where the user can choose to renew the solution automatically just by taking out books and ah, that's it. So that's the benefit off. Edin destroyed payment Gateway, the other add on that you can go for here would be the recording payments for PayPal. Stand at when you activate this adult. It will simply allow users to also be able to opt in automatically renew the membership automatically if they paid via PayPal as it is right now, users can only pay once with PayPal. They can choose to opt in automatically for renewal from a bishop renewal. If they're paying to paper ball with these, add on, you can actually choose to allow users to opt in automatically for a membership if they paid through PayPal now another for this to work, you're going to need Let me just do this real quick. Just go ahead and activate. Ah, plug in really, really quick and I'll show you what you need. Let's cool down here, Okay? Activate now. In fact, for both stripe and the papal to actually walk properly, you're gonna have to come down here to your settings and then you'll go to payments. And then down here, you're gonna have to get for PayPal. You'll have to get you a p a user name, the past world signature and same thing with our stripe as Well, it's not enough to just have those add ons installed and active. You actually in to provide some keys in a ref, Identify the function now gets in your PayPal a P. I used them, and so far that is extremely easy sentiment stripe all you really have to do. Just google it and you'll find tons of documentation on how you can get to A P S and M. It's very straightforward. Here is the one for the papal AP is the name, password and signature information. So basically, you left Logan's your people business account. You're gonna need it. People Business account. Click on my account up blob. It's very, very straight for that. I really do want to spend time walking you through. It is just make this cost way too long. So these are the two adults I'm going to talk about in this video. Ah, gym in the very next class where oh, before I go, you also have I'm so user of the papal pool and PayPal express as well. This was a way to accept a long time or Bitcoin payments through PayPal. Pro and our people expresses an additional payment. Get where you can go for as well if you wanted to. But that's it for this video. Jimmy. The next one day I will show you additional Adams that you can go for with the Pew Museum. Ah, membership Pull, plug in plan. 30. Pro Addons Part 2: the next Pradhan honor to introduce you to would be the pay what you want add on and it's exactly as it sounds. It allows your users to pay you how much they feel. Ah, your membership is worth so once you install and you activate the plug in, If you go to any of your subscription plans, you will now see the option off. Pay what you want And if you check this box, it will over allied whatever price you have added in here, and then you can choose to charge a minimum price or a maximum price. And then you can also add a label just saying, Hey, how much would you like to pay for your membership or something like that? So you can have that option available with the R P. What you want add on the next wonderful Adeniken walk with would be the email reminders Adam. And with this one, you can send emails to use us depending on either something that's about to happen or something that, as whole lady happened. So it's an example. You have defensor guys in here. You can send emails after a member has signed up before this option expires after suffering expires before section of renews automatically and so on and so forth. So once you're install and activate this particular ad on if you come over here to your settings, go to emails. You now have ah whole bunch of available tags made available just because off this, add on and you will also see email reminders in here if you click in there. This is where you cannot begin to Kuwait. Different kinds of emails. So, for example, I can click on add new. And now in here you can send a reminder either to members or admissions. And Dan, look at that. You can trigger when you want to send this email. Is it gonna be one hour or even one day? One big one month and then you have the triggers right here after remember has signed up before. So option expires before the subsuming is automatically assets last log in so you can craft email subject right here. You can add a continent and also use all this tags just to least spice up the tens of emails you send to users. You can choose the cancel subscription you want to send this particular kind of email too. And it really is a fantastic, fantastic Adam. You could walk with the final Adan I won't talk about would be the invoices, Adam, which allows you to provide invoices to your members whenever they pay for any kind off subscription. So if you install and you activate the plug in, you will see the invoices stab under your settings. And then in here you can feel out the invoice details. You can add the name of your membership, sign to the address you can add personalize notes, and then you, of course, you also have access to settings. But he could add Thean voice title changed the format. You can choose to also reset the invoice counter. You can change the next invoice number. You can absolutely set yearly stuff like that. You can save your settings. Now, as an admin, you can actually download the invoices. All you'll have to do is to go to your payments area and then under each user, you will see the option to download the invoice right days. You just click on download invoice and yeah, this would be the inverse that you can see now from the subscribers end, Let's do this. I'm actually going to close this. Let's go ahead and look out all right? And I'm gonna log in now as Dick Jones, this different user. Let's look again. Jones. Okay, lets go back. Inhale. It's fresh. This is a different membership site. As you can see, this is membership that US competed. Combat is very similar to the Thinker totals. Kapita dot com. This was basically the sites I used as a sample before building out the think at atos capita dot com. There isn't why I am choosing to use this site and not the thinker that was committed all comers, because for the invoice, add on to walk. It has to be. It's only it's all the work on payments that be made after you've installed and activated this plug in. So you've been accepting payments in the past, and then you decide to now install this particular ad on you will not be able to get invoices for previous payments made. All right, But so with the membership that escapade dot com site, I was able to make a new payment just before I are after installed the Adam. So from the perspective of Jones of my goal over here to my payments history page the first page right here, he can now have access to the invoice where he cannot downloaded. So this is from the perspective off. Ah, the user. All right, so that's it's a few examples of the Adams that you can walk with when you decide to go pro with the paid members. Subscriptions plug in. So down over here you have access to either the pro version, which is one for wandering for $9 or you have access to the hobbyist vision, which is $69 you can see what you're going to get with the hobbyist. So the hope is you're going to get the pay what you want, our email reminders discount codes. And so when you get all these basic Adams, But then obviously, with the provision, you're gonna get the ones for the recording payments with people, standard stripe invoice, and so on. So really, if you're building out this site for real, I believe the provision is really ah, it's it's a war. The investment. I think you're gonna make your money back very very quickly. And to really extend the functionality of your site, you really have to pay. It's just something out to people. You can get everything for free. So all that coming to you, they're gonna build out the notion site for really all the command. You go with the pro vision off this plug in and get access to all the premium Adams. So that's it. If you have any questions about this Adams, please let me know think is much fortunate video and I will see in the next class. 31. Course Conclusion: Well, that's it. You've officially come to the end off this course here on skill share, and I really hope that found it informative, educational, and that you also injured yourself a while taking this course now just to remind you, you can ask a question. If there's anything that you found maybe a bit confusing, simply go down to the committee section and you can post a comment, ask a question, or just simply thank me for creating this course So you can also follow me here on skill share. I do applaud tutorials on what press and cybersecurity on a weekly basis. So I would recommend that you follow me. You're gonna keep track off the new classes that I upload here on skill ship. You can also send me a request on LinkedIn. If you are into that stuff in, just make sure to indicate that you are a student of mine from school share, and I'll be more than happy to accept your invitation to connect on a lengthen. So once again, my name is Alex, and it's been a palatial teaching you discourse. Phil Fritz, you brush through the rest of my courses hair on skill share. And I hope you will enroll in a few more off them. Thank you so much once again and good luck that we showed the very best in whatever it is that you decide to do. And I'll see you next time. But by