Build a Passive Income Part 1: Create a new Earnings Stream | Adam Reed | Skillshare

Build a Passive Income Part 1: Create a new Earnings Stream

Adam Reed, e-Commerce and Digital Asset Entrepreneur

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4 Videos (31m)
    • Part 1: Introduction

    • Part 2: A Look at HubPages

    • Part 3: The HubPages Elevator Pitch

    • Part 4: Class Project! Publishing your first Hub


About This Class

Learn how to build your very own passive income stream from scratch today using the online site, HubPages. HubPages is a community of writers just like you and me, that allows you to publish articles - or 'Hubs' as they're called - and you earn money from the views and ads the site displays on your Hubs.

You can write as many or as few Hubs as you like, but please, just start. You'll begin earning money immediately, and once you've published your Hub, you don't have to do anything else at all!

I began writing on HubPages in December 2015 and haven't really written much at all. But I have earned nearly $100 in complete passive income!

In this course you'll learn the basics of HubPages, what it is and how it works. You'll get an exclusive look inside the Hubber's statistics page - along with an insight in to how many views I get per day, week, month and overall. And of course, you'll be able to see my earnings too.

You'll learn about how to earn money using HubPages - through Ads, Referrals AND Amazon Affiliate links pasted in to your Hubs in key places. After this, you'll be given a walkthrough of creating a Hub, and then a summary and review of how to make the perfect article.

As a bonus, I also show you how to maximize your views and earnings by linking to other relevant Hubs from your articles, as well as using Amazon product links to sell things and earn a commission per sale.

Get started today and remember to get involved in the class project - it's an easy one!

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easy to understand and you can start making money right away!





Adam Reed

e-Commerce and Digital Asset Entrepreneur

A 22 year old graduate and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in online enterprise. Adam was quick to launch his first online business at the age of 15 and has developed various online ventures over the past 6 years.

Most notably, Adam has demonstrated his ability to grow a business's turnover from £0 to £8,000 in under 60 days.

Through starting and running online enterprises, Adam has developed a wide range of skills and expe...

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