Build a Link sharing app with Legato PHP MVC Framework | Terry Osayawe | Skillshare

Build a Link sharing app with Legato PHP MVC Framework

Terry Osayawe, Web Developer & Teacher

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10 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Intro

    • Installing Legato Framework

    • Running your Project

    • Install Legato Framework with Laragon and Setup Quick Create

    • Understanding the Legato Framework directory structure

    • Creating Routes in Legato Framework

    • Creating Controllers In Legato Framework

    • Create and Pass Data to Views in Legato Framewrok

    • Setting up Database with Legato PHP Framework

    • Upgrading to 1 2


About This Class

Legato is a simple yet powerful PHP MVC framework for rapid application development that is suited for small to medium scale apps and APIs.

Legato framework is a seamless integration of powerful PHP packages from Symfony Components, illuminate, etc. with high performance.

Why learn Legato?

Legato is for PHP developers who want to build apps instead of coding common things like validation, routing, database manipulation, etc. from scratch. Legato offers a set of well-defined toolkits that take care of those things allowing you to focus on building your app.

You want a php framework with a small footprint
You want a php framework that is easy to use.
You need exceptional performance.
You want a php framework that requires nearly zero configuration.
You want a php framework that provides multiple options for template engines or using plain PHP.
You prefer simple solutions.

In this series you will learn the fundamentals of Legato PHP MVC framework after which we build a link sharing App together. 

What are the requirements?

  • PHP Fundamentals and Basic PHP OOP

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build web applications using a modern PHP MVC Framework
  • Do more projects in timely manner

What is the target audience?

  • Freelance PHP developers
  • PHP developers who want to create small to medium scale apps very fast






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Terry Osayawe

Web Developer & Teacher

I am a professional computer scientist, web programmer and developer. My fields of expertise include Information Technology, Software Development and Web Programming. In 2007, I ventured into Software Programming and Database Administration. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from University of East London, and I'm also a certified Oracle Database Professional (OCP).

I'm passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge on various platforms. In 2008, I facili...

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