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    • Introduction

    • The Importance Of Finding A Niche

    • Setting Up An Autoresponder

    • Autoresponder Series

    • Getting Hosting

    • Getting a Domain Name

    • Trigger Emails

    • Spam Box

    • Finding Offers To Promote!

    • Offering Free Reports To Capture Email

    • Getting Public Domain Content To Give Away

    • PLR websites

    • Outsourcing Your Giveaway's Creation

    • Lead Pages

    • Building a Squeeze Page in HTML

    • Thank you Pages

    • YouTube Videos For List Building


About This Class

Would you like to learn how to reap profitable email addresses in any given niche and make money on demand ?

Would you like to finally start making real money from the comfort of your home ?

Can you follow the easy instructions I will lay down for you in order to setup your very own cashcow business that will pay for years to come ?

If you answered « yes » to any of the questions above, congratulations. You are already on your way to financial freedom.

In the internet marketing community, gurus and successful marketers all know : the list is king.

Having a list of customers in your niche is the easiest and fastest way to make money -period.

Enroll now and let's get to it already!

Body:With the increased focus on marketing channels such as digital marketing, marketers have started to look away from email as a useful marketing tool. There is a belief that while email marketing is a powerful marketing tool, it can be misused easily, and as a result, can damage the reputation of the business and derail the whole marketing campaign. While these concerns are true, the fact that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels there is still holding true.

The advantages of email marketing are vast. First of all, there is simply no other marketing tool that allows marketers to deliver customized messages to specific audiences like email does. Emails are a very personal, and this is the reason why sending emails to people is known to make personal contact with them. Secondly, the costs of an email marketing campaign are virtually non-existent. When the costs are compared with the results an effective email marketing campaign can bring, these costs can be easily overlooked.

While email can be a very powerful marketing tool, marketers need to handle it with care. Therefore, below are some of the most effective tips for email marketing:

1. Emphasize on the Creation of Informative Content:

Sending an email which has content that the target audience does not require will not grab attention of the readers. Therefore, before sending out any email, marketers should ensure that the email has a proper subject and a central idea on which the email is based on. The key is to make all the content relevant for the audience it is meant for, otherwise, it would not be useful at all. If there is a call to action included, it should be clear, and free from any words that sound like spam. In fact, spam is one of the major reasons why the image of email marketing has been degraded in people's minds.

In addition, far from sending automated emails to people, marketers these days should adopt a more human approach. This approach should be aimed to connect with people on an even more individual level and make them feel that a real person is talking to them. The information that can be used to connect with target audiences on a more individual level can be discussions of prior correspondence, purchasing history, or additional prospect information.

2. Focus on Compatibility:

An email that cannot reach the audience in the form it was meant to will never be of much use. Therefore, marketers should focus on three basic points about email compatibility:

· With the use of different devices to access the internet, marketers have to make sure that the emails they create can be accessed on all of these devices. For example, for a Smartphone user, an email has to fit on the device's screen while at the same time show all the content it would if it were viewed from a desktop PC. And, with the growing number of Smartphone users worldwide, marketers should make emails accessible on mobile devices or else their marketing campaigns can soon turn into a disaster.

· Before sending an email, marketers should check them through the use of a spam analysis tool. This tool ensures that emails do not end up in the spam folder of an email address.

3. Segment the Target Audience:

While it might sound easy to send a single email to all the people in a business email list, it is not advisable to do so. Emails are meant to be personal, and therefore, marketers should try and take advantage of this potential. Segmentation through email works just like any other forms of segmentation. There are three basic filter that can be used to segment audiences. These are geographic, income, and behavioral. Each of these segmentation tools have been described in more detail below:

· Geographic Segmentation:

This form of segmentation refers to segmenting target audiences by their locations. Not only can this form of segmentation be used by large businesses that have diversified markets, but it can also be used by local businesses to a great extent as these businesses can cater to their local audiences much better through its application.

· Income Segmentation:

The income statistics of the target audience can be analyzed and then sent emails which are relevant to it. For example, people within the high income group can be sent emails about expensive and luxury products, whereas people with low to medium incomes can be sent emails about necessities.

· Behavioral Segmentation:

A business' target audience can be segmented by analyzing its behavior. This form of segmentation allows the business to connect with people much better.

4. Use Tracking Tools






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