Build a Fully Wearable Iron Man Armor | Nikko Mendoza | Skillshare

Build a Fully Wearable Iron Man Armor

Nikko Mendoza

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16 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Playing with Pepakura

    • Printing the Pattern

    • Scaling for a Pefect Fit

    • Cutting the Cardstock (supplemental)

    • Cutting the Cardstock

    • Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces and Tracing onto Foam

    • Setting Up the Pieces for Less Seams

    • Assembly

    • Cutting the Foam

    • Sanding the Seams

    • Shaping the Pieces and Adding Detail lines

    • Filling in the Pin Holes 1

    • Filling in the Pin Holes 2

    • Painting

    • Priming

    • Spraying with Plastidip


About This Class

Have you seen any of the Marvel movies? Have you ever wished you could be in the Iron Man Armor? Well, you can look and feel as if you were the one and only Tony Stark in his Mark46 Suit with this tutorial! You'll learn how to build your own fully customized, fully wearable Iron Man armor. And it's easier than you think! Remember in grade school where you traced things on to paper and cut them out? Well, it's as easy as that! Anyone can do it! No special skills or training required! Literally anyone who knows how to cut and glue can build their own Iron Man Armor. This is a great activity you can do with your family and friends. You'l be the hit at your next costume party this coming Halloween! Here's what you'll get: -Full video tutorials for forging your own Iron Man armor. I'll guide you step by step how to make it from scratch -Full materials list so you'll know exactly what to get when you go buy your materials. No multiple trips to the store.  -Free downloadable software. I'll give you the software needed to build your suit! It's absolutely free!  -All the files needed for your armor. You'll be getting the movie variant as well as the concept art variant of the Iron Man Mark46 armor! Everything you need to forge your own armor is here! You have the necessary skills needed to do it! Just cut and glue. THAT'S IT! Seriously. That's it! And this entire thing is fully customized to fit ONLY YOU!!! Now, say it with me, "I AM the Iron Man"





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