Build a Fantasy Character with Shape Language | Brian Shepard | Skillshare

Build a Fantasy Character with Shape Language

Brian Shepard, 2D Game Artist and Illustrator.

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10 Videos (50m)
    • Introduction

    • Your Assignment

    • First Impressions

    • Body Shape and Silhouettes

    • Minor Features

    • Non Humans

    • Advanced Shaping - Objects

    • Surrogate Features

    • Style Components

    • Design Your Hero

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Project Description

Create a Fantasy Hero with Basic Shapes

Your assignment will be to design the hero of a fantasy setting of your choosing. The project can be broken up into 3 major deliverables that you'll upload to the project gallery.

  • You'll upload a JPEG or PNG of a primary shape and 3 defining traits that you will apply to your character. The first trait will be a shape that will dominate the character's appearance. Choose either a circle, square, or a triangle to work from. The second trait will be an occupation for your character. You don't necessarily have to choose a 9-to-5 job for them; in this case, it's more like a role they play in their setting. It could be a regular career or a weird one (wizard), or it could just be an animal, inanimate object, or fantastic creature (ghost, dragon, robot, etc.). The last two traits are up to you! I'd recommend choosing simple, one or two-word terms to apply to your character.


  • Upload brainstorming ideas, sketches, and inspiration for the character. Ideas can be photos, drawings, or thumbnails of other artists' work and characters.




  • Upload your final character design! This image should be a JPEG or PNG file that displays two images -- your character, as well as a silhouette version of them that's a solid, blacked out shape. Once you've drawn your character, upload the final drawing to the project gallery, as well as a silhouette version. Don't use colors for this assignment, as we want to focus on shapes for now. Most importantly, have fun!


Your Project