Build Your Website with Shopify & Adobe Portfolio (And No Coding!) staff pick badge

Mimi Chao, story + illustration |

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14 Lessons (1h 53m)
    • 1. Class Trailer: Build Your Website!

    • 2. What We'll Learn

    • 3. Your Class Project

    • 4. Shopify Overview

    • 5. Shopify Setup: Picking A Theme

    • 6. Shopify Planning: Making a Site Plan

    • 7. Shopify Design: Product Pages

    • 8. Shopify Design: Other Pages

    • 9. Shopify Design: Theme Settings

    • 10. Shopify Design: Homepage

    • 11. Shopify Design: Paid Template Comparison

    • 12. Shopify Finalize: Settings

    • 13. Bonus Class: Adobe Portfolio

    • 14. Final Thoughts & Thank You!

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About This Class

Learn how to build your own beautiful website without any coding knowledge! This class is great for creatives and small business owners wanting to build their own site. 

Class Launch Giveaway: Be sure to check out my first post in the Class Discussions section to learn more about the $180 Class Prize! Now through June 30, 2020.

Why This Class? 

I usually make illustration and digital painting class, so why make a website building class now? I wanted to make something that would be helpful and actionable to creatives and small businesses during this time. I love making my own websites and wanted to show how others can do it too!

What You'll Learn

In this class I show you how to build your own beautiful website without any coding knowledge. It focuses on Shopify, which is the platform I used to build

We’ll go over how Shopify works, including:

  • Platform Walkthrough
  • Picking A Theme
  • Planning Your Site
  • Setting Up:
    • Product Pages
    • Digital Product Pages
    • Collections
    • Subpages
    • Blogs & Blog Posts
    • Navigation
    • Homepage
  • Adjusting Your Theme Settings
  • Comparison: Free Templates vs. Paid Templates
  • Finalize Settings

I also have a shorter bonus walkthrough of Adobe Portfolio, which is what I used to make my portfolio site :)


Themes Used

Happy learning! -M