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Build Your Vocabulary in Spanish Workshop - The City

teacher avatar Florencia, Spanish teacher

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. La Ciudad

    • 2. Vocabulario La Ciudad parte I

    • 3. Vocabulario La Ciudad parte II

    • 4. Adivina los lugares

    • 5. Verbos y quiz

    • 6. Quiz parte I

    • 7. Quiz parte II

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About This Class

Join my workshop to increase your Vocabulary in Spanish! 

Who is Build your Vocabulary Workshop for? 

This workshop is for Elementary to Advanced Spanish students that wnt to improve theier vocabulary on the topic: the city. 

What will you learn? 

  • In the first part, you will learn vocabulary connencted to the city
  • Then, there is a quiz to practice the words. 
  • The second part is a video lesson about verbs, with a quiz to practice them. 
  • In the end, you will find a 30-question multiple choice with the vocabulary.

Start improving your vocabulary now! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Spanish teacher


Hello, I'm Florencia. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a passionate language teacher, I teach English and Spanish. 

I have more than 10 years teaching experience. I worked in Primary and Secondary schools in my country and in language schools in Dublin, Ireland where I lived for two years. I teach teenagers and adults online from different countries. 

I love languages! I'm currently learning Italian online as well. I also love travelling, I've lived in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and in Asia! 

Hope to see you soon :) 


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1. La Ciudad: honor. So, Florida, welcome to the workshop. Build your vocabulary the CD. So these workshop is divided into different parts. In the first part, we're gonna learn a lot of words connected to the city, and then you will do a Cui's. After that, you're gonna learn first connected to the city. And again you will dio another quiz to reinforce all the new words. And then you verbs. After that, you will do a General Cui's. I will give you sentences that are incomplete on you will have to choose between two words in order to complete the scent. Izzie's So in order to reinforce all the words that you have learned and in order to practice the new vocabulary. But before we get started, let's read this together. So remember, listen and repeat the words. You can pause a video if you want to read, or if you want to repeat again or if you want to listen or if you want to write the words in your own note. No notebook or a copybook. I highly recommend that you don't know the pdf that I made, especially for these workshop. You will find it in the section off projects And resource is it's a pdf that has a list with all the words on their translated into English on you. Also, you have a space for your notes. Do the exercise. If you think that you need more time, post a video on Go through your notes Think of the word that I'm asking. But please do the exercise and take your time. There is no rush. I usually give you between five and eight seconds or sometimes 10 seconds. But if you think that you need more time two supposed to medio and take your time threes No rush. The idea is that you practice all the words that you are learning. The most important one is used. All these words You can go back, Teoh these vocabulary. You can listen to them again, but please try to use them in your next Spanish conversation. I see you in the next video 2. Vocabulario La Ciudad parte I: over Jalisco. The window scientists. Let's begin Alcantar idiom. I can't carry them. They had the dome. They add room boost. Son, Bull son is that Soon they met through It's the issue on the Metro Cafe Diarrhea cafeteria Adebola lists when they when day bangle the blessing. Banco the Plaster Sesto. They've Suydam, Sesto there sue them, far less fired or less so. These word federalists is in the plural form, but you can say Fadell, which is in the singular form, the same as Advil lists. That's in the plural. But you can say arable. And that's in the singular form. Another thing in the first word I can body yet I said, Alcantara, Yeah, but you can also say Alcantara Risha. These are two different pronunciations. Either Alcantara area or Alcantara. Asia esta see on the Metro can also be Estrosi on the train. Esta seal, Delta Blues id a Puerto. I don't sweat it. Peace that they're barely sacking be stopped there, at least after. At the least, sake means landing. So that's the runway off the airplane. When the play when the airplane lands, it's on the peace that they are terrorists. Puerto Batta cool Baruchel, Rio Rio! Contented Notice Kontinen Doris, Those air the containers apart a minutos apart a minutos But other they'll lose but other They'll those they close Vagelos Gordon. They love a data Gordon. They'll averella Cynda para basic letters. Send a but a visit. Letters. When? There. When? Day Lago Laval Sanyal is the Transito Sanyal is the transito that I fecal that I fecal here You can say I mutual graphical There is a lot of traffic I moocher trafico or you can say I poco graphical Outdoor Bista Outdoor beast them Cavenagh. There they are. Cavenagh there! Bare head. Iglesia Iglesia! Miss Geeta, Miss, Get them. See now Hold'em. See now, Gaga. Got there that value? Got value Article, article A stat One a stat. One more new mental. More new mental mood idea. Mood at GM. 3. Vocabulario La Ciudad parte II: the end of their rope The end of the rope. So the end means shop or store. Keogh School, Keogh School Parlamento Parlamento The end that their electoral domestic owes. So this is a long word Electra domestic owes You can divide it into electoral domestic owes . So Tienda, they electro may stickers These Kotecha these Kotecha office Xena decor, rail office, Sena there Korea Sometimes people say Korea. So if they want to say I go to the post ofi's they would say boy Alec Aurelio. So here I grouped all their shops that end in EEA. So the 1st 1 is Hey, Lou Correa, they located here based Galleria Base Galleria. Stop a diarrhea CEPA, diarrhea, Florida area floor area in Florida area you have the window shop on we say Vidiri era V the era Jose area Jose area. Where do lady m? Very Dhuluiya, Super at America Go supermen paddle. Got any Sadiyah? Got any Sadiyah papel area? But a lady? Yeah. Leavened area leavened area priced out. And then a lot of area. A lot of India Leave the area. Leave it 80 year pharmacia. Okay, so the difference between popular area Calabria is that in the liberal area, you can only buy books. Babil area. You can buy markers, glue copy books. So here we have a map off a town on. I'm gonna mention a few things that are here. For example, L'park game La Liza or Laplata. These are different pronunciations, lest Aseel will tren l seen it. A little sale l salmon stereo Lapan a area Lappi. Sina El Cola. Here. The last one is Biblioteca Biblioteca. So this is a library. Be video taken. Barrio, This is a neighborhood, so I'm gonna mention a few things that you can find in Barrio. So the 1st 1 is? Vusi knows the sea nose is neighbors. If you want to refer to a female labour, you will say Vezina months Sana be Let there be Sener. So these are two different words to refer to a swimming pool. You can either say billet that or you can say Messina V s well trained ves They'll bren a star You about a kid? Esta es una me in though. Est asean amando. These comes from the vor esta sonar to park. So the place is esta tsunami Indo Rotunda brought on. So these these and sent through the lassila in Central Della Citta. So here we can find every face Ius edifixio our buildings in general offi ce nest five billion the street light say my photo se ma Fudoh. Out of those they are done in the pluralities would be paired Bonus blast Paciello Rasca Cielo esquina Send up tonally send the pair Tonal. These word be atonal comes from Patan. So to say, street that are two words You can either say cosy or you can say Sal asada Pronunciation may vary. You can say guide yet or cash or cosy or casada calls Cal's father, so it depends where you are. But the two words are daddy or callus Allah in the last one, very very them. 4. Adivina los lugares: okay? No. You'll have to guess their places. Aravena lows. Blueberries. So, while we show you a photo and then you have to guess the place. And then I will show you the answer. So let's begin. So what place is this one? Take a few seconds. These is the answer. Most sale next one That game. Let's see the next place Can you guests to help you a little bit. This is where you can buy a lad. ALS and the answer. Ease a lot of area. Let's see the next place. So the answer. Ease Banco. Let's have a look at the next one. Here you can find bad goal contented or is Rio the Ends? Aires Puerto This is a place where you can only buy books. Liberal young Here is where you can esta Conor to go to. Or is this una two way cooler? Can you guess the answer? Ease esta comunidad though. Let's see the next place. Can you guess it's their Sina Goba? What about this place? Super mercado. Let's have a look at the next one. Can you get the name? The answer Ease Mesquita. So here you send your clothes to be washed. It's a place Bada levar La ropa Do you remember the shop? The answer. Ease Lavon diarrhea. But I love our little over in this shop You can buy SAPA toes with this compra Sabato's Can you remember the name? The answer. Ease Sampat Diarrhea. What about this place? Here we have bustan So these These oficina, they go rail. This is a place to what movies Para media peliculas. Can you guess the name? The ends are ease. See now this is a place to buy bread but a combat fun Do you remember the name? The ends are ease Binal ADM So here it's a place where you can watch place over the US place. Do you remember the name? The ends Are these they acted alone? What about this place? Do you remember the name? The ends are ease. I had a Puerto. This is a place where you can study that are two different ways to say this word. Let's see, The answer s quella cooler here. So in these places you can buy Carney Wear this Compare car name on the name off the shop Ease Got me Saidiya. Okay, so here you wait for the train is paid us and they're in. What's the name off the place? The ends are ease Esta soon the trend. So here. What are the names for the buildings? How do we say buildings in Spanish? We say edifixio us so in these places you can have coffee with this, no matter Cafe So this place is cafe diarrhea. So here you have different things that you will have to name. So no matter who you know we set these one before. No matter of those nu metal trays. No medo Platero So what's case? No matter. Oh no. No matter Those no metal trays e numero quatro, Let's see the answers. No Madona edifixio us No matter those very that nu metal trays Cinda B atonal numero quatro cause it Oh Al Sada, Let's see the next one weather is comparable Medicamentos in a still where on the answer Ease Pharmacia. So what's the name or how do we say, How do we say neighborhood in Spanish? The ends are ease but of you. So where do we go to read books? Add on the mammals but a layer leaving us noise level area No is popular area Wallace A lumber This tell you are the answer. Ease Biblioteca. So here that are two words one for the highway. How do we say highway in Spanish? On the other one is when you pay so that our two words Can you remember the words? Let's take a few seconds on the answer Ease Cavenagh they pay a hit outdoor Bista 5. Verbos y quiz: Okay, so now we're gonna learn vegetables connected to this city. Esto es una barca boss. Seattle derecho rail guns through eating we used over record rare. When we are traveling. When we are on holidays on, we are walking around a new city. So we say record Paseana. You can do it on the weekends or any day. A spade Adam V C Data. I don't mind Domeier here it's connected. Teoh means of transport. So you can say tomar on taxi. Tamar, You know Togo's tomar el tren. He'd you, uh You al bunco ead a less Stasi on the Tren et al super mercado. But how to sit good outside grew side one day Groups are lavon either Cruz are lacosse so we it is there. So we say taxi. So we'll say Alavi in. So we say Al Tren respirator lesson near list the Transito. No, we're gonna practice these verbs. You'll have to guess the verb Aravena lacks Young. So what is she doing? You just have to say the birth on the place No is fast Siendo What is he doing? Take a few seconds. The answer is SP r m Perrin or you can say esperar ls Paseo the trend? Let's have a look at the next one. So what are they doing? What's the verb? It's only one word. Take a few seconds on the ends of ease. Busey Adam. Let's have a look at the next one. What is thes verb? The answer is the hottest. Say they'll Albion. You can also say Biharis say the avian Any light of Puerto What is she doing? This is the opposite off Bihar, Orissa in a Bristol. There, Bahar said. IHS. So we'll say our own taxi. What's the verb here? Take a few seconds. The answer is crews are for Lucinda atonal. Okay, so what's the verb here on? What is that They are building. So the ends, air ease. Construe your own edifixio. Okay. Okay. Is that ASEAN? No. What is he or she doing? Cuales available? What's the verb? So let's see the answer. Obama's a very large response. Esta Is this una all a parked car? Wallace available? E don't is that Where is she? Bama's a very lap race, boys. Cruz, our own. When then 6. Quiz parte I: Quist time. So here you will have different sentences. For each sentence, you have to choose one word to complete the blank Alicia una palabra. But a complement our Lord Asean Bama Sacraments are Premera. No matter. Oh no tangle in brother's trial. A sooner open um in brother's son Tickets seen it. They act through No meadow. Those a key I look are in este est astronomy and O s nu metal trays. Khoda, There is a star in ill me Well oh is, alas theater in medium Well oh significa flight Puerto Ida Puerto Our c t. Ennis, who knows, said windows barrel here una palabra para cada or you have a few minutes to choose a word for each sentence movie in RSC Bama Severe last breast poised as barrel a numero uno. They add room in Dallas parallel day after all. No matter does I gotta in este esta comunidad toe the re space in these parking lot ist astronomy Indo no matter dress. I'd avoid it though Movie in baba somewhere last dentist or s Uranus no matter Quattro. They were compared algunas through Thus inla Another idea. Very good lady. Yeah, no matter. Cinco Media s a Moto Paso Cornell Lose broken Say my photo Sanyal de Transito No meadow stays unless you glad I moved Just barrack Umbra Sabato's Europa the and thus video hit us CNN's who knows say Windows here correct our see Obama's aware Last dress poised us No matter Quattro Very solarium company Fruit US in Liverpool ADM No matter Cinco Same A photo . Samar photo Loose rock numero say's the end us barrack umbra potatoes Europa Require that may be the ADA over the DHS means a window shop unless you glad I moved just the end us. There are many shops movie in Mombasa where last days or less Uranus no matter stay nothing . Contra Ammo's in L. A Last DS when they bottom Nu Metal Photo You see a Domingo about a kid failure. Newman Way and in a park in the Palermo I own movie. Linda Lago. Arable List. The owners say Windows battle here lap elaborate. Obama's aware Last Breast Boys Pass but I knew associate them bottom. No single dramas and l bar When there is family, Know nothing gone dramas and laugh Wedneday Numero photo. Get a si una Fadi em park it s mask. Alino, get a seed. How about a good numeral weber and park it The Palermo I own Lago Melinda Arable lists is bluebell and then barricaded by Larry Moe I arable less more Lindows movie in Obama's last days or a c honest no matter. Yes, INLA the famous Baghdad back a Avenida AltaVista No matter own, say este CNN office Sina's only come in, They're only come in, they're significa only apart. Aumento edifixio nu metal Those same in central Dallas. You God, I own Al Funeral San Martine is that one monumental? Dennis, You know, say windows barrel here. Correct. Maybe in battle. Severin last breast poised us but Allah numero yes, but Allah Numero d s outdoor Beeston in LA outta pista the way most are paying him own say , as the edificio tiene en office itchiness, this building has offices Newman also say monumental Is that what is family? No, no modelos a little Sandra DeLacy than I own monumental movie and least owes Barrow's aware last year this Oresteia honest no matter to me, they Elavil Skuta Musica for their loss. Domingo's me barrio Mila Zino No meadow Cantor saying And why I moved us Alaska ciolos seen in. No matter, King said Necesito debar Mira Sallade Allah Forget Sarah Bill. But as I let them Significant bracelet Bromby Oh, significa broke Who had diarrhea? Hold area DNs Who knows? Say windows barrel here. Correct bubbles aware Last dress poised us barrel opcion No medal. There s a V c no, me Vusi Know there a lot of my next door neighbor Qatar's say I Moto's Rasca Ciolos CNN is singular in sse tenemos una palabra en el Bloedel I moochers brass Cassie ellos no matter. Teams say close any, um Mira salad they Allah hold area movie in Boskalis Allende's process. 7. Quiz parte II: no middle DSC Saiz the most tender without. So I'll Sally, they wanna Sally get a seated Teoh, Go out off or to leave Senior Transito rotunda. No matter. DSCC a 10 s that s me. They will Bihar me, The lotto goes AKI, Is this your enemy? Indo. But Adam, no matter. The Kyoto and Medio the last caches I poured on the city Kula Ellen one where water circulates poured on the sill Kula awa alcantara areas both sonus Least those CNN you know So those barrel here correct Bamboozle Where our sc last dress Poised us. But Alan Amido DSC Saiz Rotunda The way most tender with that'll all Sally, they wanna brought on them the S e c a s that ismea. But Adam, this is my stop No Middle The Kyoto and Medio Bela scotches I can't And then media in the middle Off the streets movie in wells I continue are called Proximus or SC Anus The ASEAN Web in and in Porto I've our coast on the Lexx Tran Kato Extract Kato getting the seed abroad Pay a hiss Continent Lorries Newman Urbane Today may encanta media last they last the end us VHS guises, No matter. Vendio no vi vel a noona, bro. The other portrays scotches. You never neither. I really gotta get a seat surrounded by man. Sana, Rotunda. CNN owners say Windows panel here. Lobster correct movie in Obama's last breast oysters. But Allah nominal DS in weather Continent Doris Embargoes con contenido Notice containers. Neumannova Fainting may encanta media Last video address the window shops then do you know vi vel a noona, Man? Sana, Block man Sana, We were Newman. Sana Brody Allah fortress causes you never need a 1,000,000 Continentals. Pola Proximus Orazio honest No matter how bandidos l a and long dress, a sooner they lost mass Famous sauce Parlamento office Xena the Korean No matter Vandy dress they spado inla they Kasam Alcan Doresia esquina numero venti Quattro in Sabah Low una misa Allah Manana in La Iglesia friend There, miss, that means significant mass Our city delis owner say Windows parent here Lobsang correct 1,000,000 barrels aware Last breast Cuesta's Bandidos Parlamento l Parlamento in laundress office seen Alec Oreo is family, Nina in a sissy Thomas lapel una palabra Moscow Alina l Parlamento numero venti dress the spado lice Kina, they Cassa venti Quattro Iglesia are una misa in like less yah Continue Emma's called Proximus or a C. Alice No medal Venti single. The famous crews are Lavon Gnida. Pour la Send a pattern on senior Transito. No matter Venti Say's LA Tina sitcom studio Entra Siegler Intracellular Single Arce Yell Siegler The SEC case Munsan A mood Adam Nu metal banging this yet vv most a noon presidencial Mutryn Kilo Barrio Basilio r a c e N N o No se condos Carol here correct borrows a very last breast wasters. La numero venti Single producer Lee Avenida for Lucinda Venti Say's Lamour Daza Tina the Chinese Will Lamo Dada Tina vainly see it they vv most a number Rio presidencial v c No required in significant neighbor Eva Rio neighborhood we and get on so no rest vendio toe end archaea lab A solely eso nellie last mask around this Paciello mesquite them venting women Una carta nl puesto bustan character significa letter No matter Train them then goto no inla on this The fiesta don't know significa appointment on this significant before Hey , Lou Correa panel ADM Maybe in 10 and you know say windows barrel here Larrys West Alumina Bendy Oto la Mesquita Asali necessary demos Una palabra and family No Brass castle. Oh, iss mask Pelino, Vanden weather Una carta nl bustan mailbox Galadima No matter trained them in la pe Leucadia we in a most Manado no sales and Proxima score sauce Tao.