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Build Your Resume Website For FREE

teacher avatar Eric Frick, Destin Learning

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. Sign up for your free Wix account

    • 3. Build your resume online

    • 4. Summary

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About This Class

A resume website is a great way to showcase your skills and talent. In this class I will show you how to quickly build a professional online resume for FREE.  I will show you how to sign up for a free web account with WIX and then step by step instructions on how to post your resume. In today's competitive environment an online resume might be just the thing to help you get that next great job or consulting contract. See how easy it is to make a really professional resume web site!  

Meet Your Teacher

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Eric Frick

Destin Learning


I have been involved in software development and IT operations for 30 years. I have worked as a Software Developer, Software Development Manager, Software Architect and as an Operations Manager. In addition for the last five years have taught evening classes in various IT related subjects at a local university. I am developing a series of online classes that can provide practical information to students on various IT related topics. I have started an on-online education site Destin Learning and work as a full-time content author for Linux Academy teaching certification classes for the Google Cloud Platform.

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1. Class Overview: Hello. My name is Eric for Aiken. Welcome to my class. Build your resume website for free in this class. I'll show you how to quickly build a professional website for your resume that will showcase your talents and experience in today's competitive world. A well done resume site can really give you a competitive advantage with a website. You don't need to email attachments to perspective. Employers. You could just send them a link to your website and they can look at all. The relevant details have included some screenshots for my resume website at built using wicks, which is what will be covering in this class. One of the great things about a website is you could include much more detail on your career and projects any resume. Experts want you to limit the number of pages on your resume, but on a website you can include much more detail, so employers can really see all the details of your work experience. It's also a great place to include samples of your work, including photos, videos and links to more information about your past projects. This class will show you how to sign up for a free account with Wix, create your resume template and customize it to your site and publish it to the Internet also includes some tips to make the process easier. In less than an hour, you can have a great looking resume site that's ready to help you find your next great job . So thank you so much and I'll see you in class. 2. Sign up for your free Wix account: okay, in this lesson, I'll share. You have to sign up for your free weeks account and how to get started with your resume website. So let's go ahead and get started. For the first step, navigate in your browser toe wits dot com, and once the window comes up, you'll see a sign in button in the upper right, but in the middle of the screen. You'll see a start now, but he'll select that so that you can sign up for a free account. Once the next window comes up, you'll see some sign in credentials for an email and password in the log in button. But underneath the log in button, you'll see next to the new wicks of links that says, Sign up. Click the sign up button so you can begin to enter in the credentials for your new account on this screen, you'll need to enter in your email address and password for your new account, and you'll need to re enter both of these to verify these. Once you've completed that, click the sign up button and you'll go on to the next step. After you've created your account, Wicks will ask you what type of website you'd like to create their a number of pre built templates in the system. They're divided by a number of different areas, such as business designer, blawg online store, select other. And then on the next screen, you can search for the desired template for your resume site. On the next window, you'll have a chance to search for your desired template. So type in resume and click the return and a number of different resume templates will come up that the system has their templates for photographers, four riders and different types of professions. Select the one that best suits your needs. Do this by clicking on the picture of that template, and then on the next screen you can begin to edit that template. This is really the last step in your account. Sign up. You've already created a cramp, an account and selected a template. Now you're in the editor section with the pre built templates. In the next lesson, I'll show you how to customise this template and enter in your information for your website . That's really it for this lesson. Thank you so much and I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. Build your resume online: Okay, Now that we've I signed up for our free account, now is the time to go ahead and create our template. So in this case, even in the last lesson, we showed how its tail and disliked the template will go through that again and click the resume in C V section and select the resume template that you want to start with. So this one is kind of better suited for me. So I'll go ahead and click this and click on the edit button, and it takes just a few minutes for weeks to go through and populate the template. So once that's done that it will show you what the template looks like. And you're loaded into the Wicks editor, which is very simple to use. It's a really drag and drop kind of paradigm. In the upper left hand corner, you can click on which page you'd like to get to, so this template is you can see has four pages to it. There's a home page, a CV page, a page for projects and also a contact page so you can navigate by just clicking on the menu item, and it will take you to that particular page. Each of the pages is then populated with text elements for the different portions on the screen. In this case, in the contact will have blocks for that. So we'll go back to the main screen and I'll go in the header and I'll just replace the Greg ST name with with my name and you noticed. Then there's a block to go ahead and edit this so it's pretty much a dragon drop, almost like a word processor type paradigm. I could highlight the text on them. Just put my name in, and then, um, I'll just go ahead and put in one line for right now and make that change in That changes made right away. So then I'll do similar exercise. If I click on the photo, I can select to change the photo, and then I can go ahead and upload a photo for my computer. It has my picture in it. So one of the things for this exercise is to go ahead and have a lot of things ready. Maybe a picture if you want to put a picture in your resume, and I recommend that you do, since it's ah HT mail or Web based thing. You want to make it as graphical as possible. So I've gone ahead and selected. This file uploaded my photo and I'll select that image and just click that I want to use that image on the page. And then the editor will replace that image and put it on the page. So there we go. There's the new image. Um, there's a bunch of text blocks for testimonials and quotes and those kinds of things, so you can either replace those with your own text, or if you don't care to have those in the template, you can delete those and put something else or just leave it blank in that particular area . So again, I'll just demonstrate how toe edit the text. You just highlight the block of text and click on the text edit button and make the changes . So, um, you can go through block block by block on the various pages and decide You know what you wanna have in your particular text, So I'll edit just a couple more of these just so you can see to feel this again, you can highlight particular blocks. You can cut and paste. When I built my complete template, I used a word version that I already had of my resume. And I copied and pasted particular things in from the experience section and dates and company names and that kind of thing just to save time. Um, here's a block that has all your kind of contact information. If you have a website, you can put that information in, um, contact phone number where you want employees potential employers to call you email address . It's all provided there in the templates, so you can just cut and paste and replace those with with your particular settings. So, um, same for the skill block. I'll just show you how to quickly add a couple of those things. And really, once you do a first couple one of these blocks, it's really the same. It's the biggest piece of work is just making sure that you have all the material filled in and again, if you already have that in a word document or a text file somewhere, you can cut and paste a lot of this information and get up and going. So once you have some things going, there's there's some more information in the footer, so the information that I changed for the name was in the header. There's also some information in the footer and those show on every page header in the footer, so I only have to make that change. Once of the change in the top for your name, he can put it on there, and if there's information you'd like to put in the footer to share amongst all the pages, you could do that as well. So when you get to a certain point, I'll click on the save button and it will save an update the website. So you want to do that periodically and it also shows you the you Earl, which I'm pointing to right here where your website will be saved. Teoh. So that's important to know. One of the limitations of the free account of Wickes is you don't have any control over that you are ill, you have to use the stock. You are l for that and then the other option after saving is publishing the website. So if you click on the publish button, it will then take the same version of the website and actually publish it out to the Internet. So I'll go ahead and do that and you can get an idea then if what the site is gonna look like actually known ideal, you'll get know exactly what the site is gonna look like. So little open that in a separate tab in the browser, you could just click through and verify that all the information is how you want it. So that that's kind of the process from from a high level is make the text at its publish and save. So now we flipped over. This is my completed resume template. So I went through and filled out all the pages of information, said The home pages is complete. I also uploaded a text version of my resume. They put it on the page. So if somebody goes a perspective, employer goes there. That can actually download a hard copy that resume. That's pretty easy to do in weeks as well. So this is my, um, resume. I'm an old guy, so I have lots of experience projects, put some sample projects that what's nice here, too, is you could put some icons of the particular systems that you've worked on logos of companies. If you've done some consulting work or logos of some of your past employers, just make it a little bit more graphically appealing. Contact information. And, um, you'll want to spend some time just making sure that you've got all the information you know properly poured it over over to the website. Um, I think it took me probably about 30 year, 45 minutes toe to really go through those four pages and put all the information. And so again, you could just check the link to make sure it's published to the right place. And the only other limitation you have, besides not controlling the name, is there's a powered by Wicks for on the free version of of the Website. So that's really it. That's how to go and publish your resume pretty quick and easy process. I recommend that you do this and give yourself an edge on looking for your next job. Thank you so much and I'll see you in the next lesson. 4. Summary: Thank you so much for attending this class for the class project. Sign up for your free account with Wix. Then create your own online resume website. Please select the best template that suits your style and profession. When you're done, post a screenshot in the link to the site so you can show it off to the class. I look forward to seeing all of your great websites. Thank you again and I'll see you again in class soon. All right?