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Build Your Own Custom Effect in After Effect

HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

Build Your Own Custom Effect in After Effect

HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What are Custom or Pseoude Effects

    • 3. How to Add Controllers and Texts

    • 4. Building our Custom Effects

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About This Class


Have you tried or think  to create your custom Effect in Adobe After Effect ? 

In fact Built in Effect and Third-party effect are creating by a very hard and time taking  development process with After Effect SDK in Visual Studio and its so hard to create plugin individuality for After Effect by using SDK.

On other hand we have Expression controllers effect that allows us to create our Custom Controllers for layers like presets but the problem with these process is that they are not looking like a Normal effect and they are well organized and we can built custom UI for them so what is the solution ?

Another types of Effects in After Effect called Presets Effect or Pseudo Effects that have Different controllers , Groups and Custom Text that looks like a Effect Plugin and control different properties of layers , In this class i am going to teach how to create these types of Custom effects using Flex Effector Script in After Effect .

Lets Get Started :)

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: from elegant motion with a brand new class for you guys in this class, I'm going to teach you how to create your own cast. A mythic in after effects. That sounds very cool. So how different? Noticed that classes and tutorials about creating your cast, um, effects or so horrific are very less on Internet. You can find a lot of material about this topic. Greening Castle. You confined tutorials about creating castle freezes and these other simple staff bad in this class. I'm going to show you how to be your past, um, effect how to create groups for your controllers out to put together of different controllers. Kallick controllers out at your own text, for example, created by me, created by Daz on creating by other. And we will build this castle mythic by using an script called Flex efecto inside of after . So that is gonna be a very cool plan. So open your after fake and let's get started 2. What are Custom or Pseoude Effects: before going in depth of soda effects and cast. Um, if it's let's talk about how to create these effects and what are these effects? Okay, before going in dipped off, CASS. Terrific, Belding. Inside of half. Terrific. Let's talk about what are these effects on DA Why we need this kind of effect and why we have to make them why we have to build him inside of five. Perfect. How can we build? We will talk about and later on. So at the first, these air called cast, um effects or pre certificates we can also see on the technical term for these kind of effects are so terrific on sort effects or those kind of cast, um, ethics that are built by collecting different controllers inside of after effect. Different expression controllers like color control or, like layer control, Andes um, kinds of controller that you can find it in effect and presets. Hair expression controllers there, controllers that you can apply for layers that control your expression amount your your different properties off your layers on and regularly, and in normal mode, we can apply these kind of controllers without any distraction on our layers and we can connect different parliaments is and we can build Nice Reagan and nice presets and effects inside of Pacific. But but the problem with creating normal control loses that they are not in one group, and they're not so organized. You're not looking like a cast. Terrific but sore effect. Resolve this problem sorted. Fix our look like a regular effect, and you have layer control or all of these controllers. But in a very at different ways, and your grouped with each other or economic text you can you can customize your own a slider, control name and different parameters that looks like a custom effect, and it helps people the that control a very complex project. Glory complex expression inside of author of it an easy way. So if you don't get what I mean, I'm going to show you now. So if I'm in here in animation presets, if I add a priest in here, for example, these presets are from my lettuce. Ah, motion. Graphic elements back on video gave that you can check it out on video hate dot and net. There is, ah, cool projects from me that you can download it and use it for your emotion. Graphic project Here is the presets. For example, if I add a presets off, maybe Bruce tree and double click and you see that winning collect at this presets. Thes controls are appearing here on what they are mean. Dear. Controllers for different parameters are off objects and leers inside of five. Perfect. I I have correct him while I create the speeches. For example, if I go in here, you see a very nice Brooke burst in here. We have color burst collar. We can change the color of the shape, weaken change the position and different controllers for different parts. You see a scale we have lying. Very cool. Yah! You can control the amount off a start and end of this line with these controllers and you're now for you guys. It's look very complex, but in actual way, these are not complex. These are very simple. You're just creating and parenting different parliament parameters off your layers with the sliders. So now we have a very good controller that we can create this kind of control of shown you that Ah, and hand expression cover. For example, if I drag the slider controlling him in my layer. It just just, ah, named slider controller. I can, um, press enter to change the name. It's like this and press enter change name, for example, may be controlled. Irritation off this L A r irritation, and now it's not working because it's not parented that it's not a drived. Ah, any of the council from this layer Riyadh on And what I'm going to do in here just press are and the properties of this layer. Now you see that it's controlling. I'm just all collect irritation and parent this to this slider. So when I parent this, and if I just, uh, exits from the expression mode now you see that theoretician has changed. It means that we can control the rotation of this layer by this slider. Now you see that it's working very fine, and it's very good on its very good, very flexible, bad. But the problem is that when you see these efforts are in separate moat, you're not in one group. They're not organized or not There. There is no texting hair, and they're not looking like a castle effect. You're looking separate effect for each controller and for example, if I create initially and apply a Fosler effect Army issue a radio fast bowler, you see that these effects or when one group they have central their amount and zoom. And for example, if I drank another one, maybe circle effect, you see that they are very well organized and they have in one effect and you're looking like a castle. Perfect. So that is exactly what Soto effect is far on. And I mean that you can collect all of the's controllers and put them in one effect on there looking like a cast affect these air called sore. If it's now, I want to show you their example for so if it that I've created in here I go to animation and race in the animation priest a draft bill. And if I select burst four now, if I Gleaton them these layers now you see that I have elements in hand on one a clicking here. You see that this burst element effect is looking like a castle effect. If I go to birth shape controller, you see that all of the things are set it up on in here. I have read in my name. My little name created by its usual here on that is look very professional. And when people say when people see that, they're they're just thinking that it is a plaque in like it looks like or it's something very professional. But in fact they were very simple. You're just simple controllers that has Villa organized and have a custom U N, for example about we see that all the things for about this elements and the thickness the position your same Like, um, expression control bad there, Villagran eyes there have very good looking. I hope you got what I mean. And you you a guard. What sort of picked us for and why we should build this kind of if it so in the next. Listen, I'm gonna show you an A script called Flex. If Victor, that helps you to create sort effects. In fact, we can create sort effects without the scripts by going to support filed by by, um, adding some some xml core. That's very, very hard for people who don't know how to call our for designers for rs. Most of the artist doesn't doesn't know how to call on uh, For those guys, there was an A script called Flex effect or that you can download it on reading. Behave that in the next Listen, I will take through the process. And how can you down the trail, the trial version And how can you work with the likes efecto or to create so defect like this? 3. How to Add Controllers and Texts: okay, here. I'm in my chrome browser and you can download flex effect or from in vital market. We do hate categories on just types of in search bar flex. If Victor and this item that will pop up and this tools is the only tool that you can create Terrific inside of half, perfect very easily. There is a lot of our tool from batch frame from from the other companies, but they're not working very well. Ah, compared to this item and it's very flexible, very simple to create sort effect on the price is also not too much bad. You can. Also. The good thing about it is that you can try a demon version off a design of for free. The only limitation is data when you create your certificate at, um created by, ah Flex effect or Texas appear like a watermark on your friend. But that, I think, is not a big problem for people who want to create sort of fix for you guys to just experiment how certificate is created inside. Of how how can you create sort of with flex effect or on just go, um, two on invited mark. If you have category and type. Flex it. Victor and download Try demon version far free. And it is in Ah G s ex bain. It means that it's a a buying a reform off a terrific script that once you download that, adjust to put your script on the after effects support file and Esseker folder Or you can open your wrath horrific and go to file a script and ran Iskra file and select your ah, a script. For example, if I go in here and you see that I have flicks of touring handshakes explain if the script it's not showing up, you have to change the ah performance to this and slickness Lycopene. And now this s crib. Your pal is a pure in here and in here we have, ah, icons for different controllers that we can create. Um, the first. The first thing I want to do in here is Korean. You solid And, uh, maybe not solid. We have to create, um, and the U shape in here. Ah, give it a little bit of stroke. And here you see this a scrip, you a pound that had with these icons that I'm going to explain. Ah, what they are You are already know about him Bad The icon is look a little bit is looking a little bare and familiar to most of us. And the next thing the next icon is Ah, pop up menu That and when you ah want to add a pop immunity your layer controller to control different parameters In a pop of amino, you can add it. This you have color control seem like expression control In here we have chick box controller. We have saliva controller angle controller When you want to create, um control there angle and rotations. You have pine for position and other types of properties that support, um has a pine and you're like a pint on. Do you have layers Adding different layers and you have text when you want to add it takes in your if it control like the before one that I've shown you there. My name is created created. My name is was my name was written with I've created with this takes and you have a group controller like a different group for different properties and end off the group that we will, um, take through all of them. And here we have our nickname. For example, I want to create ah controllers for at this Ah ring. Actually, this circle that has just ah, stroke I want to control their different properties. Ah, off the street, for example, I want to control the start and ending off this line. I want to control a scale calor rotation and these other staff off this rain with this custom effect control. So the first thing I want to do is write your name for example. Ah, I just ride rink, maybe element rank. Now we have our controller. And if name so at the first I need a group in him, for example. And you group lately that we have to our or maybe a text You have ah text called rain controllers controls before the group. Now I want to have at a group in here The group as containing different properties for the main control off this ring, for example, maybe we can call rang main controllers. Yeah, now Ah, for color. We need a color controller like expression controller. So I just click to add a car and in at a collar we see the color default color. Maybe in Blue Onda we have animation on Keefe Rim property, for example. It's allows to create key frames for this Ah, property or no, you can just click on or not on you can Also in here you can, um, lock down, decide him and closes item so like like this. And we just call this color and for a position we need at the point controller and we just type position on. And if you have a treaty position controller pretty, you have to check on this and in hand. In this case, we don't have to eat control. We don't want to check on this on Dhere. You condone. Put the default value for disposition Control that I don't want to change that in here on for on a scale. I want to add a slider, but this to scale in here we have different different values. Here is our 100 person. It means that this slide Ercan goes up upto on a 100 person and you can change amount of presentation here, for example, may be in here. We need 200 on. We have angle controller for a rotation and like this, we can add a different values. But I don't want to add the different values. And for a start and end, I need a ah slider controller Start on. And Onda, we need office it. So we had all of them After you adding all of your items In one group you have to ah, put an end group and closing group ah item and here at the end of each group. So if you want to add another group in here for different controllers, you can add as a group at the end of this closing group and you can also change the position off your items and controllers like this, for example, I want this app or I want us down. And you can also write the name, for example. I want disposition to go had Billu off five for four and just type this and click in hand. It's goes to four and now I can change it back to five lack. So So that is it then at the end, if you want to add your takes, for example, create it by like this created by and this ever first X and the other takes a scale. Sheer students like this is to thence. Now we have our text and also we complete this one. So in here you can save your sore effect on after you saving You can open it back for for ah changing or anything else. And now you can apply this effect Looked at how easy it is toe Applaud all of them at two layer. Just select your layer on Click on. Apply now once you once you collect on, apply if I go to fit control or now we see that our custom controllers are appearing here. You see that at the first? We have the name of our effect. We have the ring controller effects in here and we have the ring main control or group that if you've created on under this group we have colors, we have rotation. We have the skills to start and end on at the end we just end this group and adding a text So all the thing is completed and now our custom freaked effect is really to parent to different parts off our shapes. So okay, in the next listen, we want to parent these parameters to this layer in shapes. And after that we were able to control different para mentors off this with these cast in effect. 4. Building our Custom Effects: okay. And this? Listen, let's ah gave functionality for our cast a mythic. Now this effect is useless. There is no controlling. There was no affecting anything else. It just useless at this time. Bad. We want to give this functionality at the first. Ah, we want to a link Calor off this a stroke shapes to this color controller. Okay, What I'm going to do in here is good to shape and go to candidate. And a lips and lips I wanted lead to fill because we don't need fell. We just We just have strokes on an mistral control or color color color controller. I'm just all click on bleat. This already had expression at lead this a default expression and choose wipe tool on Drac to this color holder. Older, right. I'm as barren and dragged in here and collect. Now you see that the colorist completely change to the color off the slider Now easily, I can just change the color I on very easily with what I'm going to. For example, in this case, I have to go to continent elapse a stroke and bunch of other things. But in here it's very useful. So her. The other thing is the irritation off this rink. So before adding tradition lets me some tries their uncle pine on forestation, I'm just going to shape and transform. And in transportation, just all clicking here. And like their produce wind, it's like this, um for a scale and just on a scale in here skill. And choose this a scale. Now you see that it's gone. Why? Because their value of this scale of slider and control or zero. Now, if I change this, you see that Very good. You can add a key frames. You can do a lot of other things like outfits. So for a position, we add a position in here. Ah, an expression for position and shoes. Position a change of position like this for a storen end. We want to have we must have another if it another effect were called turn bad. That controls and gives you this ability to control the start and ending off this shape like this. So for a star and just all collected star and choose their storen here and for end all click shoes end and for offset old click and choose offset. So now all the things are set up If I, ah, just closed these continents and group in here and change his start you see that I have to start. I have other things in here. I can control it Now you see that we can just create a very good motion graphic elements like this. It is very, very good. For example, if I ah, animated this your being here to this you see that it's already animated like this so you can do a bunch of other things you can create and star animation yukking do like this. You can scale maybe at, uh, key from in here Very nice. And and also the cool thing is that you can share this custom effect like a normal preset. For example, I want to share this this recent for our people to use. I just click on this drop down menu and choose continent effect and Trans farm on Go to animation, save animation presets save animation priests, for example Castro Perfect. And put it in desktop and safe Click OK on now if I delete this and go toe animation racing animation presets and choose cast a mythic or you can browse pieces for at a parade, or you can apply in emission presets. Bad in here. You have your recent ah, presets Just taken casting effects. You see that all of those controllers are pop up, pop up on the animation is also alive on and all the things are set up. Only thing is working like this. So I hope you guys enjoyed from this class Aim, That was a short introduction to soda codes and how to create a cast. Um, effect using flex it, Victor, A very nice s crept for creating. So if it's an aftereffect, Andi And if you enjoy from this class, let me know that on put your review Onda also don't forget to check out other piling in motion classes on a scale sheer. And there is a lot of thing going on on motion Graphic and graphic design and you ain't ux design. So my name is a true shade from polygon motion on and we will see next time