Build Your Own Business Website with Squarespace! | Kelsey Kreiling | Skillshare

Build Your Own Business Website with Squarespace!

Kelsey Kreiling, Chicago-based Squarespace builder!

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9 Videos (42m)
    • Setting up your account

    • Creating your site's structure

    • Adding Text & Photos

    • Editing and Formatting Pages

    • All About Photos!

    • All About Photos! (Continued)

    • Styling your Site with Design

    • Styling your site with Design (Continued)

    • Final details & Integrations


About This Class

"Quick and to the point. This class gives you a good idea of what to expect if you decide to go with squarespace. I'm happy I checked it out."
- Davey D

Squarespace is a SUPER powerful tool, but can be daunting if you've never used it before. In this course, I'll teach you to build a basic, but gorgeous, Squarespace site. Our video walkthroughs together will include a tour of the tools available to you, steps to sucessful page building, social media integration and best practices!

By the time you finish this class, you'll have built a modern, polished looking website for yourself, your business or any other topic you might be interested in. 

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Clear and easy to follow.
Great Course! Didn't really know how to use Squarespace, but with this course, Kelsey got right to the point and it was very helpful!
This is the best website design place to go.





Kelsey Kreiling

Chicago-based Squarespace builder!

Hi! I'm Kelsey Kreiling- partner at Presence Agency, where we produce events like food festivals, tech meet ups, retreats, conferences and other cool things. We also have a project called Week of the Website, where we help young business get their first websites in just 5 days.

When I'm not building beautiful websites for good people, I'm often traveling to fun places, near and far.

I teach a great class for people who want to build their first site or learn the basics of Squa...

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