Build Your Own Apple Productivity System - The 2019 Edition | Carl Pullein | Skillshare

Build Your Own Apple Productivity System - The 2019 Edition

Carl Pullein, I help people to create successful lives.

Build Your Own Apple Productivity System - The 2019 Edition

Carl Pullein, I help people to create successful lives.

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30 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Introduction to the 2019 Edition

    • 2. CAPS Who Am I

    • 3. Why Use Apple's Tools

    • 4. What a good system does

    • 5. The Apple Tools

    • 6. COD Overview

    • 7. Calendar The basics

    • 8. Setting up your calendars

    • 9. Subscribing to holidays

    • 10. Entering data into your calendar

    • 11. Calendar summary

    • 12. Apple Notes Overview

    • 13. Basics of Notes

    • 14. Notes Setting up folders

    • 15. Searching in Notes

    • 16. Notes on IOS

    • 17. Siri and Notes

    • 18. Adding stuff to Notes

    • 19. Notes Summary

    • 20. Reminders Basics

    • 21. Setting up Reminders

    • 22. Reminders on iPhone

    • 23. Introduction to iCloud

    • 24. ICloud Drive

    • 25. Files on iOS

    • 26. The Weekly Review

    • 27. CAPS The Golden 10

    • 28. Review

    • 29. Bonus class

    • 30. Final Thank you

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About This Class

Everything you need to know to get you Apple system working for you.

If you are in the Apple ecosystem, you have access to a number of fantastic productivity apps, that work seamlessly together and can help turn you into a productivity genius.

 If you are worried about the long-term future of third-party productivity apps or are not prepared to pay subscriptions every month, then using the built-in apps that come free with all Apple devices could be the best way for you to build a robust and safe productivity system.

How do you turn Apple’s productivity apps into a fantastic productivity system?

In this updated course for 2019 (iOS13 and Mac OS Catalina), I show you how you can use the NEW Reminders, Notes and Calendar to build your very own productivity system so you get your work done on time, are at the right place when you need to be and carry all the documents and files you need in your Apple device. And with built-in Siri support as well as the new Shortcuts you have the resources and tools to become a productivity ninja!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carl Pullein

I help people to create successful lives.


I was educated in the United Kingdom, graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Bachelors degree in law. 

After finishing my legal studies I spent a brief time working in a law firm before moving to Korea to teach English to adults in 2002. 

During my time in Korea, I have developed and implemented BCM Language Institute's revolutionary business English Programme, First Class Business.  I have also designed and written numerous courses specifically for the Korean business professional as well as authoring the book "Story Presentation" which was published in Korea in 2011.

Today, I run my own communications company, Fandcorp English Solutions, specialising in international communication through presenting and writing... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the 2019 Edition: hello and welcome to the 2000 and 19 addition off my Create your own Apple productivity system. On this year, we've had a massive update to the reminders up. I'm really that's what this year's course is all about. It's centered around the remainders up, and it's all based on building your very own code system using only apples productivity tools. Now, for those of you who are not fully aware of what the cod system is, cod stands for collect, which means you're collecting everything from your events, your tasks and your ideas into one place or into your notes or you reminders app. It also means O is for organizing so organized everything that you collected into his project into your calendar or whether it's into your notes app on. Of course, the D stands for do doing do the work because if you're not doing the work, you're not being productive. So that's what this course is all about. It's about using Apple's built in tools from the remainders. App notes up calendar. I clued include iCloud hand files on bringing it all together into one system. So this course is ideal for those of you who are in tow. The full apple ecosystem. Whether you got a Mac book Oh, you've got on iPhone and iPad. It's really going to help you to become better organized and more productive. So let's get on with the course and start off on. Let me introduce who I really am. 2. CAPS Who Am I: Before we get started with this course, I should introduce myself. My name is Carl Pauline on. I've been heavily involved in productivity and time management for well over 25 years now. I've also been an apple user since 1997 so that's 21 years on. And I can assure you that I have learned everything you need to know about building a productivity system, only using Apple's ecosystem. Now, to be fair, these days, I do use third party applications for various things to do with my productivity system. But in the past on indeed, today, because I do still play around with it. I have been using Apple's own productivity system on. So what I wanted to do with this course is I wanted to give you the skills and the know how that I've learned over the last. I think it's about 30 30 years off productivity, on also the coaching that I've done too many, many people around the world on. I really hope that you're going to get a lot out of this course, so that's who I am. My name is Cow Andi. Feel free to contact me at any time or the details and contacted me are in the learning center. So please feel free to get in touch. And I will respond to you as quickly as I can. Okay, let's get started with this course. 3. Why Use Apple's Tools: So why use the Apple productivity tools? Well, the thing is, there are thousands, if not millions off productivity, absent tools out there available on the market, and each one has its strength, and each one has its weaknesses. But quite often, you really only need a very simple set up on Apple on Microsoft and Google do now providers with a very simple set up. Now, if we need more complicated applications, we can go to our various APP stores on buy very expensive productivity tools. But you don't need to Apple this year, particularly with the revamped reminders up, has given us a set of tools that come built in to the devices that they sell on. That doesn't matter whether using an iPhone and iPod on a Mac or Mac book or even one of the very, very expensive Mac Pro computers. They all come built in with a calendar. Her reminders to do list up a notes up a couch story service on. That's really all you need, and that's it on. Apple has provided us with all of those on one of the best things about using a specific ecosystem like the apple ecosystem. It works seamlessly. So when you bring Siri into the equation and you get used to using Siri Wow, things really do start taking off for you because there's very little resistance toe actually capturing stuff. You can get stuff into your system, but really, all you then need to do is built that system, and that's what this course is all about. This course is designed to help you to build your very own apple ecosystem, using just the tools that Apple provides for us. So let's continue with this course. I will look into the next lesson. 4. What a good system does: Okay, So what does a good productivity system need? Well, basically, what it needs is a place to collect all your stuff. That includes your commitments, your tasks, your ideas, but place for all that to be collected. He also needs to have a good retrieval system. What I mean by retrieval system is that once you've got all this stuff into your system and you processed it where it should go, it needs to be easily found again. Because you don't want to get all the stuff into the system on, then really struggled to find what it is that you put in there or just completely forget about it. So it needs to be retrievable, easily retrievable on. More importantly, I think this is one of the issues that so many people miss is it needs to get out of the way when you're doing the work, because at the end of the day, to become more productive means that you need to be focused in on doing the work that really matters on. That's what a good productivity system does for you. It filters up, it bubbles up. If you like this stuff, that is truly important. so that you can get on with that and really, massively improve your productivity. And that's what this course is going to show you what to do. So what I'm gonna be doing in this course is I'm going to start off with taking through the basics of called How to Build that System. And then we're going to look at the four individual APS in detail so that you can build the system for you now before we do get into that. One thing I really want to stress is that it's vitally important that you build a system that works for you, not just copy my system. My system works for me. It's a system that's evolved over 20 years, and it all started off with basically the Franklin planner probably a little bit before that. For those of you who remember, it actually started out with filer fax, but that's probably giving away my age. But since 2009 when I went all in digital, so essentially 10 years ago when I went all in digital, my system has evolved over those years, and it works for me. But that doesn't necessarily mean that my details system will work for you. The beauty of khat, though, is it's actually a framework. It's about making sure you've got the best collection tools, and I really do believe with the power of Siri. You do have the best collection tools. It also means that you're organizing things in a way that's meaningful for you, not necessarily meaningful for me. And, of course, the rest of the time you are doing the work that matters. And that's where the to do list on the calendar all comes into the system. So hopefully going to enjoy this course, we're gonna move into giving you an outline of card on how it all works on. Then we're going to move into the actual individual ups. Thanks very much. Let's get on with the course. 5. The Apple Tools: okay, So before we dive deep into what Apple has to offer in terms of a productivity system, when I want to do is to have a look at the the applications that we will be using in order to build our own productivity system. So essentially, what we have Apple has three main productivity. APS First is reminders, which has been significantly updated this year. We have a notes up on. We have a counter now. In addition to that, we also this is all brought together using the iCloud or as a pro cozy iCloud. So everything is synchronized to all your apple devices, whether it's reminders notes on your calendar through Apple's iCloud system. Now, since last year, we also have an additional feature, which is called files Now. Files can be a little bit confusing, but essentially files is on all your IOS devices, so that could be your phone. Or it could be your iPod. Now, files is not actually on your computer, whether it's a desktop or whether it's a laptop. Instead, what you have is an eye cowed drive on your computer, but it works essentially the same way as your files does on your IOS devices ascended. Those are what we are going to be working with in this course. We've got reminders. We've got notes. We got Kander. And in order to get hold of our files and folders and documents, we have the files up and everything all comes together through this now also, if you are one of those people who have to work whose company does not allow you to use your own independent APs on your computer at work, we can also use what's called iCloud dot com. And that's the website is iCloud dot com. You log in and you have your apple mail. If you're using that, you have access to all your contacts. We've got your calendar, your photos of their iCloud drive, of course, notes, reminders. And, of course, we got pages numbers. Keynote news publisher. That's actually something that I'm using for my podcast. You might not have that in your eye club. And, of course, these days we have find iPhone on everything comes together. Everything works through this system, so all your amps are available through the Web application. I crowd on the Web. It works with safari, and it works with chrome. I'm not sure it works with all the others, but I'm pretty sure you Probably If you're you Firefox users or you are an operator user, I think you'll also find that it works brilliantly on there, too. So there you go. That's just the overview off what applications were going to be using in this course to build your very own productivity system. 6. COD Overview: right before we get into how to use your tools. Your apple tools to in your productivity system when I want to do now, is to go through or briefly go through the whole productivity system philosophy. Now the philosophy is what I call collect, organized or do or for short cod. And then he's all detailed in my book, Your Digital Life 2.0, which you can buy from my website or from Amazon or from iCloud iBook store. But essentially what cod really means is collect organized on do on. What we're doing is we're collecting everything that has your attention, so if it's a task, it would go into your remainders application. If it's a note or an idea or something, you just like to remember that would go into your notes up. And, of course, if it's an event or an appointment, that would go on to your calendar. Now, once you've collected all this stuff into your various in boxes, then you need to organize that stuff. You need to organize the stuff so that is in its rightful place at the end, off every day on also, when you're organizing, you need to be thinking very carefully about how you would search for that particular piece of information in a year's time or longer, because the whole point of being out to organize your stuff is that you will be able to find your stuff very quickly when you need it. And finally, of course, is the doing. And this is where you need to be, spending about 90% off your day, doing the work that matters now. If you're collecting everything and you get super faster collecting and you're organizing things appropriately, then you will find that you are very easily able to spend 90% of your day doing the work that matters now when I like to do at this point to show you the flow chart. If you like the flow chart off the court system, essentially is your inbox, which is what we're doing is the collection. Now your inbox can be collecting for your notes on your calendar on your task processing, if you like, is organizing on. That's when you go through what you've collected throughout the day and you organize that into your notes or you organize it into your calendar on do then any test that you've got, you need to decide whether it's a routine, a project task, an area focus task or it's related to your goals On. What's happening then is the port routines projects. Areas of focus and goals are feeding in to your daily tasks, which is where you're doing the doing. And as you can see, the biggest part off this or the biggest circle, if you like, is the daily task. These are the things that you have to do every day. That's gonna take you further forward on your projects, your goals on your areas. Off focus. It's just those four things routines of things that just have to be done on. There's no they don't take your life further forward, but they just have to be done things like Take the garbage out, take the dog for a walk, go to the weekly shopping things like that. They're not actually taking your life further forward, but they do need to be done just to maintain your life at the position it is right now. Your projects, your areas of focus on your goals are the things that are driving you forward towards achieving the things that you really want to achieve in your life, and that's where you want to be, spending at least 90% off your day doing the work that matters. They were looking listen a little bit more detail. So what we want to be doing is collect everything into your inbox. Is your to do's into your remainders your notes into your notes on Obviously events would go into your calendar for organizing process. Everything from your inbox is two DUIs get organized into their projects notes into their folders. Now all this can be done by simply dragging and dropping within these apple ecosystem on throughout this course, I will show you how to do that on off course the rest of the time you spend doing. And like I said in the introduction, this is really all about trying to spend at least 90% of your day doing the work that matters. And that is the key part off the card system that you are doing the work that matters. Okay, let's move on into the next lesson 7. Calendar The basics: Okay, so here we have our apple calendar. And as you can see, it just looks like a typical calendar that we can use and enter events into know quite easily. So essentially, we've got a Dave. You hear about the top on, we can actually look, you could have this open on a screen on your laptop. Or indeed, on your iPad or iPhone on. You can also have a week view, which is my personal preference. We can have a month views. This will tell us all the details that we have all the events that we have coming up over the next month. And, of course, if you want, you can actually see a year view on to see what you have coming up over the course of the whole year on. If you want to hear you go downtown going to 2020 2021 the same, By the way, if we go into the month view just by scrolling down, I can go into future month. So I have set for some reason I have all these things coming up here. Now they're all moving. Fortunately, I did clear this out before I started recording, but some of the legacy ones from previous ones have come up in there. But anyway, so that's where we can go. I can also go into the week view. So we're looking at January 2021 at the moment now, By the way, here's a quick tip. You If you ever need to get back tour today, all you have to do is go to this section, appear on the top, right and hit today on that will now take you back to today's day wish. In this case, he's Monday the 21st. Now, at this moment in time, I do not have any particular events set up just to continue this. I can actually set up the time now, as most of you probably already know, I live in South Korea. But I can actually add in other times here, if I wish So, for example, I come originally from the United Kingdom. So let's say in a city called Leads on is gonna look for that United Kingdom I'm gonna add okay, so I can actually change the time zone if I wish. So at the moment in my hometown, it is 5:33 a.m. On. If I want to switch back to my where I am now, I can just tap that. It'll take me back to South Korea time so there's a really cool tree, particularly if you're working with a colleague who will say works in a different country to you and the time zone is different, then you can switch the time quite easily. Of course, we have a plus button here on this means I can actually quickly add an event, and I'll go into that in a little bit more details when we come into adding data on, I can actually show or not show my calendars, which again in the next class in the next game, the next lesson. I will show you how to set up that now, by the way down here, and this is something a lot of people don't know, you can actually show three months just by dragging it up. I can drag this up. I can now show three months, or I can drag it down and just show one month or two months or I don't think I can actually get rid of the old, do we know, so I can choose how many I want that I can drag it up. And we could probably have four. If I can just see wing no so maximum maybe. No, I can show four. But then we're getting down to where we having to scroll here. So it's up to you. How Maney want to show three is probably a good one to show Andi you can or you could. Yes, you can drag that out a little bit more to show a bit more detail. So there's just the basic overview off the calendar. Personally, I find the week view is the best view because it gives me a good overview off what I've got going on this week. But it's entirely up to you, which view you want to do, and it's always a good idea to use this on its own screen, as I've done here. So if I drop that down, I can go into my normal screen view. But I like to have my calendar open in a full screen view, and there's another view and show you when we get to the remainders up, she'll come to in a future class so There you go. That's just the basic overview off the apple calendar. In the next lesson, I'm gonna show you how to set up calendars into your calendar. 8. Setting up your calendars: Okay, so now what we're gonna do in this lesson is we're gonna look at setting up calendars now. What do I mean by setting up counters? Isn't this a calendar? Well, that's true. This is a calendar. But what we often find is we have a number of different areas in our lives. So just to keep this on a very, very basic level, we have our work life. So our work commitments, we have our personal life. So our personal commitments on another candle that I like to have, which is called the TBC, which is to be confirmed. These are the events that I might be doing, but I do need to come firm. So the question is, how do you actually create a calendar? Well, it's great. A new calendar. What we do is we're going to file on. We have a number of options so I can create new event, which would be a like go out, meet up with my friend for lunch, a new calendar, which is what we're concerned about in this lesson on a new Candace subscription, which is what I'll come to in a moment. But first up, we want to create a new calendar. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on that great new Kanda. By the way, there's a keyboard shortcut for this. There is. I think it's control. Command Onda knew would create a new calendar. I'm going to do it the easy way from the file menu up here. Found my news. I'm gonna create new calendar on dure. Si comes down here, so I'm gonna call this demo now what I like to dupes that didn't work. By the way, if this ever happens, all you have to do is hit, control, click and you can get information. And now I can change the name of this contest. So I'm going to call this demo on. I'm going to assign it a color. Now it's already account signed orange, which is pretty good, but I say I want to change the color to green thing. I give that a green color on. That's now set on. I'm going to hit. Okay, so what? You'll see here? I now have my demo. Kanda on its in green on. I'm gonna drag that. I'm just gonna hold down the the the quick bar and just drugged up on that will move now to my demo. So essentially what I've done here is I've got my work, my personal and my demo and TBC Now here I've got work But it's not capitalized again I'm gonna hit control on gonna click Get info I'm gonna capitalize that because I like to see these are like my headings Now again something will work Do I really want it to be purple? Not gonna make work read So I'm gonna drag Find the red room I'm gonna make it red and have changed the color So now I have for cut calendars here I have another one here called u K holidays, which I will come to in the next lesson which is about subscribing to your national holidays But for now, these are the four main accounts. Now, the thing is, I have this set up in iCloud this because this is the apple productivity system. Now the thing is, it may be that you have a a Google calendar or you might have outlook calendar. Either of which of those you can subscribe toe on drug. Bring them into your condoms. That's a little bit more involved. Now come to that toward the end of this section on calendars. So there we have you set up for basic calendars, and they're all in here. So we've got work. We've got personal, we've got a demo, and we've got to be confirmed. Now, you can create any counters that you wish you can create a family calendar. Now, this is quite an interesting one. So let's say I am going to create a new calendar, So I'm gonna create new calendar. I'm gonna call this family. So if you have, like your husband, your wife, your partner and you got your kids hopes that hasn't worked as they wanted. It is control. Click get info. This is how we do that. We're gonna call this family on. I'm going to make that one orange. So look for orange that we're going click on orange that's now made orange on. I'm going to click that now. The thing is, I want to share this count. Then you'll see that I've got a click on there, so share with will come up so I can click on that on in this instance, I can actually type in my wife. So it's type in. It's gonna find it. Ah, it hasn't found my count, my wife. But what I can do in here is I can actually, um I can actually say that it was Steve Doctor, if I wish. But what I can do is I can type this alga to myself. I can also add here, um, like with my wife? If I just I didn't her email address. I can send that in there so I can set this up with anybody I like. And I can share that sometimes. Share that with myself just to make this easy. I can also make this a public condo, which means that I will get a share a bowl link that I can share. But that's only read only What I'm looking forward from sharing my family is I want to share this with other people. So I'm going to share this with myself in May with my business account here So you can see that there. So you can share this with all you need Is your family members iCloud email address and that's it done. So what you'll see is when you click done, that's going to come up on done on again. If I go into here, I can get share calendar soaking tap on there, and I can now add more people if I wish or it's already sharing. So there we go. So there you go. That's basically how you can set up your counters. And what you'll see, by the way, is that because the family, um, family count that he shared is actually showing these little bars here. We show that the counter ease shared. So there we go. That's set up. That's how you set up your calendars. In the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to subscribe to your national holidays. 9. Subscribing to holidays: Okay, So what we're gonna do in this lesson is I'm gonna show you how you can subscribe to your national holiday calendar. Now, you can do a Google search on this, and that's exactly what I've done here. If I just go back, I just did a Google search with Aikau. Holiday calendar subscription on I came up with you. Very things that you can actually use. Calendar labs is the one that seems to come up the most common. But again, that's entirely up to You can search through this. You can find out which ones you want. Eso here. I've got one here, which is, and I can type in here Korean holidays or Korea holidays on type in there, and it will give me some kind of search box. Now, these seems to be the adverse, but I'm really interested in down here 2000 no South Korea holidays. So I'm gonna click on that, and there's gonna give me a number off options. So it's giving me a whole list of them here. Um, Andi, I can do quite a few things from here. I'm just looking going holiday long weekends. That's actually not giving me what? I wanted to go back to look for candle ABS 2000 and they should be here. Andi, subscribe. Okay, let's do this. Candle observance subscribed to this once I click on this one. And now I have a number of options, so I can actually come here. Gonna download this. I went down. Allow. So that should give me a download link, which it has done on. I'm going to go to my just clear out of that and I'm gonna find my downloads folder, which is disappeared head. Let's just do command new. That should show me where my downloads are and then there on that, and that's there. So what we've got is this I see s file on. That's exactly what I want. When I double click on that, that's going to come and do I want to add this new event. Now I I'm gonna create It. Gives me an option here, TBC. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a new calendar. I'm gonna click, OK, and that's gonna import that into a new calendar. South Korea holiday. So I'm gonna click on that boom. It's not allowing me to do in that new South Korea holidays wanted there. This canticle, there's new pre selected destination car. South Korea. Hard days. Okay, so now that's now been added. So what we've got you see an iCloud On other, it's been added as an iCloud account. South Korea holidays. Thes of clothes are the same throughout the year. So I just go to my today. I don't have any holidays. I'm going to go to the month because I know that we have Hunger Day and we have the National Foundation Day. So I've already got the set up in my condo. That's why it's showing twice on again with these with these calendars when I can distance even got anything in November. I don't have any holidays in November. Basically, I've got Christmas Day, which is the saving in England as well, cause I got the UK Holiday one here. So what I can do is I can click control click on here, and I can change the color of that so I might just give that blue on. You'll see that that has now changed to blue. So I've got all these various one. So you confined your countries, hold it. Now, you can also find your favorite sports team calendars. You can find all sorts of things in there that may you may wish to use. So these are really useful toe have because it's always worth knowing where your current has come from. So if I just go back here, what you're looking for is this kind of the I. C. S file or you would need to do is double click on that. And that would give you the national whole day or your favorite sports team. Or it could be your university. If you're a university student or college, your kids schools may have them. So find these wherever you want to do, and you will find these really, really useful. So there you go. That's how to subscribe to national holiday counters. But also you can use that to subscribe toe any kind of holiday you wish. Okay, now let's move on into the really interesting part, which is entering data into your calendar 10. Entering data into your calendar: right. So what we're going to do is we're gonna start entering data into our counter now. The first thing we need to understand is the difference between an all day event on a timed event. Now that could be obvious for most people on all day event, essentially is something that's going to occur all day. Now, for example, if you were flying to a vacation to a holiday time vacation to a holiday, if you're going on holiday in your heading towards another country, then you might be in the air like a Nike. My case, because I come from the UK when usually I'm flying off to the UK That's a 10 hour flight, so I might actually have in here. I can double tap their creates a new event, I can say flight toe, um, flight flight to Paris, for example. Andi, I can as a personal let's say so that into my personal. So that's essentially what you would do and hit return. So I've now given that an all day event. So it's showing up flight to Paris. Now. There is something that I did notice in here so you can actually change a number of things in here. So when you do is 22nd of October, it's starting. Here ends, let's say on the 23rd. So that's gonna add an extra day. So I just click out of that. Now you'll see that my flight to Paris is showing across these two days. Now, this is something that I've noticed possibly came in the last version off Mac OS. But essentially, that's where it comes on. So flight to Paris and that all goes over that they put up on that on DWI can also now add in here now, do I want an alert? The answer is no, I don't I know I'm flying so I could just tap on there. No, I can also add Invitee so I can actually invite to my wife, for example. Again, I could just add my wife's email address in their on that would send an invitation to her calendar for it to do so. That's some of the things that you can add in there. Anderson also add notes. A u R l and any attachments. So, for example, if I have a PdF file of my itinerary, I can add the a tin eri into their I can also add notes. I know, like the address off the hotel. I might be staying out. There's all sorts of things you can add in. So that's one thing that you can add. Now let's move into here. Let's just say that every morning at six. AM I want to do my power our or date morning routines and type in here. Morning. Routine time. Andi, I'm gonna do that at home. So I'm just gonna add in home on Eagle, Give me a load of options here that I could do. I'm just gonna leave it at that home. So I'm just leaving that home. And what I'm going to do is I'm gonna at this as a as a as a repeating tests. I'm gonna repeat that every day. Now it last me. When do I want to end this? Repeat so I can actually say, Well, I want to end this repeat on the 31st off December. So I just tap along tap on there so it's gonna end on the 31st of December. It's in Korean time on travel time, known alert. Do I want to add an alert for this? No, not really. This is just something going. Do I wake up at 5 45 I will start my morning routine at this particular time. Now what I can do is if I want to just clean this up and put morning routine. It just looks that much cleaner. And it's job done. There we go on. By the way, if I remove the Candace that you can see that it all comes up. So I have created a repeating task and I can repeat this now every single day. Now what happens? Let's go back to today. What happens if actually what I want to do is I don't want this to repeat every day. I want to customize this, So I wanted to repeat every day. Um so daily ellipse, we're gonna bubble so custom every day. I want this to repeat custom every one day every two days, for example, I could change that. So what's gonna happen is is this is now every two days so that quite a few options that I have here, So repeating on going to go into here custom on Let me see what I could do weekly I'm was gonna do when I go into weekly. What I can do is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on a good change that I can say cause I'm changing a repeating events and I say yes and we'll change that. I see what happened now I don't have this coming up on a Saturday and Sunday. I just have it on Monday to Friday. Stay. I don't want to wake up early on a Saturday to Sunday. Now moving on to another one. It is. Let's bring my Candace back on. What I can do now is, let's just say I know every Monday morning at 9 30 I have a regular T meeting. So team meeting, Andi said. The office. So just office on this is only for until 10 a.m. So while they're do, it just changed that by going to death, it returned. So it's a 30 it happens every every Monday morning. So we click on the time here on repeats, lingers hit every week, and that's going to come up every week. Done jobs done on. There we go. So as you can see now, every Monday morning I have this team meeting, and so it's really quite easy to add data in here. Another way to add data is just to simply say, Oh, right on tonight, I'm having dinner with my, uh, my coworkers. So dinner with Fred, Um, I am so lacking in that's done, Andi, that's just gonna say I left. That's gonna be let's just say, Oh, that's really gonna be a couple of hours. So I'm gonna take it from 6 30 to 8 30 so you can just drag out the actual event like that on again. If you got a family event, By the way, all I have to tap on there, I just say, um, say my so, uh, Jenny's ah, sports, um, awards just at that in there. And that's done. And that's coming up on my calendar to so you can actually just quickly and easily add events just like that into your condo. So that's essentially all we have to know about adding data or getting data into your counter 11. Calendar summary: Okay, so there we have how to set up your calendar to create a great productivity system. Now, as I mentioned in the beginning off this course, this course is not about how to use the individual APS in great detail. There are a ton of resources out there already online on YouTube that will show you in greater detail and probably much better than I can. How to use these individual APS on become a power user off them. What I'm more concerned about what I really want to teach you in this course is how to create a productivity system using just Apple's built in APS. Because you can do it on it is fundamentally, it will just work very, very well once you've got the key points in place on. That's what we're going to do in this course, so that I've covered the basics of setting up the calendars in Apple's calendar. I've also shown you now how to subscribe to your countries. National holidays on have also shown you how you can share a candor with another user so that you can share it with your family and you can share it with your friends have also given you some details on how you can add a little bit of information to each event if you wish, and you can actually use that to link, which I will show you in a later lesson linking that back to a document or linking that back to a note that you may have in your notes application. Okay, so now we've done the calendar. Let's next note. Move on now into the notes so we can show you how to set up notes so that it's easy to capture your ideas when you have them. And it's also really easy to organize your notes into different folders and different aspects. So let's get on into that lesson now on, I'll start showing you how to set up your notes. 12. Apple Notes Overview: Okay, so in this lesson, what I'm going to do it just run you through a quick overview off the new notes up from last year, nothing much has changed. Just a view version on that's really about it. So that's just that where we have these two new buttons at the site here, one is a list of you, and one is a grid view. So and they're going to these recently deleted notes. So if you look in here, these notes have all in the traditional way, which is described as the list view. Now, in the latest version off Mac OS and your iPad OS, you can now view in what's called Grid View, which, actually I quite like you can set this up, however way you want to do it. Now you can see how often I use this application because, oh, how often I use this demo account. These are all in my deleted notes. So it's obviously looking a little bit so that's how this all looks at the side here. I can actually remove the sidebar. I can click here. These are all the videos and scans and maps. These are all the attachments that I have at the moment. I don't have any photos or videos added to my notes. This is my I can delete notes from here. I can create a new note from Here's a tap on That on. It will give me to go back to hear one that's open. Andi, I want to make is going to hear on. I can create a new note from notes here. Sorry. Then create a new note so I could go boom on. I create a new note from there if I wish here, I can lock the note or not, its entire it to me when you lock the note. If you're using an IOS device, it's either your fingerprint or your face. I d toe open the note. Or, if you are using your computer, you die. They used the the fingerprint I or a password on from here. I can add, um, from here I should say I condone the table. I can check place and I can change the various formatting off the list Here. I can add photos. I can add people and I can share the note on golf course I concert now, which is actually getting better on better and better as time goes by on Descended. That's really all you need to know about the overview off your notes application. Now the thing is, Apple notes gradually as the years go by, is getting better and better and better. And I think it's something that you may wish to look into even if you're using applications as robust as one note or ever know, Apple notes is definitely getting there as a very, very good note taking application. So there we go. In the next lesson, I'm gonna show you how to set up your folders. 13. Basics of Notes: Okay, so here we are in the basic notes application interface on once again, like reminders we've got, I cloud over the top all iCloud notes. This will give you all the notes that you have and what I've done just to save a little bit of time is just to create some folders. So we've got inbox, which is the one that we need to do. And again, what we should be looking at is just checking that that is set up as your your default account is their new notes. Start with heading on, we can change the size of the text via here, which is wonderful. You can also create notes only on your up on your Mac, if you wish on that, just needs a enable on my Mac. So when you do that, you'll now get a section over here where you can keep your nut notes on your computer only on they're not shared across iCloud. That's entirely up to you. If you wish to do that on once we got that set up Onda, we can just check that we've got everything done. So that set up now you to create a new folder is very simple. Just click on the plus sign. You can create a new folder. Now, the thing about notes is that you are going to find that these are done in alphabetical order. I can't change the order off my notes while I can't. If I do A if I bring into Oh, dear. Um, but these he wants to embed them. You can actually embed notes and what I want to do to show you this. So, family outings, let's say on what I can do is you can see it's drum gun above the inbox so family out and I'm just gonna drag onto personal on now that goes underneath my personal. So what I usually do here is I one rename my inbox on Put 01 at the beginning on if I want my personal, I'm going to create this zero to. So again I'm gonna rename that and create this 102 Andi, I'm going to create my professional a 03 And of course, you can do this with you can put these in whatever order you do now. When you do that, what will happen is these three project folders will always leads to note folders will always stay at the top. So let's say we want to create a new note. I'm going to create a new note in my inbox on. All you have to do is click on the writing icon there on just when we start. This is a new note, and that's gonna be your title on. Then we can go. Hello, Thank you for taking this course now, As I mentioned before, I've got the text size at its maximum. If we're going to notes preferences, we can reduce that size down on. I will use it down to Let's make it that size so you can actually create this size. And then this is how you do it Now the beauty of this again, As I mentioned with the road, you can just drag these wherever you want. I can put that into my personal now. Thing is, when you do that, he's dropped into your personal. So if you wanted to put that into family outings, you would have to open up your personal if I want to drop it into professional or project support so you can drop that note wherever you want to drop it, and that's essentially all you need to know about setting up your notes application. Okay, let's move on to the next lesson. 14. Notes Setting up folders: Okay, So if you've never used apple notes before, what you will find is essentially, this is what it looks like. Although at the sign here, I've got one and six. You might not see that because it's very small on the screen, but I have got one and six at the moment. That's only because I've been I did a few notes just so I can show you this demonstration. But the first thing we need to do when we get set up is we need to create a couple of folders, click down there on folder. I'm gonna create work on going to create personal. This is usually the best place to start, because at the moment, person on again, like I did with my calendar when I want to do is I want to actually just create notes, have folders that are clean and have, um, capitalisation is just so much easier to find. So what I can do and I don't know why I've got these notes in here. They should not be. They're gonna go to my list view. There we go. They've moved away. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna go into my recently deleted Let's just go into the grid view because I actually quite like this view. I'm gonna drag this. We're now into my personal. I've had a brilliant ideas and drag that into my work. So we've now got a couple of notes in play. So this particular note here what I could do, double tap it and it will open up the note. So there's all sorts of things that I can actually do in here. I can add the title, which I've done here, which is in fact, highlight that go to my A text files here on we've got title heading subheading Body Monastery Barbara, Like all those I can go into here, which I can change this to. This is it's a moment of heading bracketing to a subheading, which makes it smaller. I'm gonna put up about two headings That's all Cool on great bullet list. You'd let basically can add anything in there You can take screenshots and drag them in. You can have photos, all sorts of things that you can add in here. But essentially, this is what we're trying to do is set up the folder. So we have the basic structure now while I'm in here. What I should point out is all iCloud notes and recently deleted. I cannot change. They're just not possible to change. But you can move these around underneath all I clothes a note. So let's say, for example, I want my work notes of the top, so just grab it and move it to the top. And you can do this on all your IOS devices to, so there's no really issue here. If you want to move thes things around, so your personal and your work on go in depth. Now what do you want to do? If you want to create a sub folder, let's create a new folder. Let's call this winter holiday to a 19 So I've created this. Now this is dropped up there, but when I want to do is I want to put this inside my personal, so I'm just gonna drag it down onto personal. And now you see that I now have a indented or child folder, and I can add as many notes inside there as I wish. So I got recently deleted, so I can just let's say excuse plans. It's just a lot of these, but let's just drag that into there so I can drag these into this particular one. And I've got two notes, so my personal one is showing up here. But I also have this indented one on again. This can be put on into any off. My my IOS devices is going to show up exactly the same way, and you can do the same things on there, No problem. So all these things are perfectly open to you. You can drag and drop and play around with these as much as you like. So they go. These are your notes and setting up the folders on your computer. Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this course, I'm showing you all this on the laptop because it's so much easier on the biggest screen. You can see it, and it's much clearer. But the way that I'm setting this up can also be done. IPad on an iPhone. You can even do this in the cloud, and I would always recommend when you're setting things up to set it up on your laptop because using, if you don't have a Mac laptop, I would suggest using iCloud. It's just so much easier when you got the biggest screen to set these things up. Okay, let's move on into the next lesson. 15. Searching in Notes: Okay, A good notes application is going to give you years off service. Now, over a period of years, you are going to pick up a lot off different notes on That means that your notes database, if you like, is going to become huge, which is not necessarily a good thing if you want to find something now, one of the things that has improved in Apple IOS 11 in story in IOS 11 and in High Sierra is Apple Notes search. They have really been doing some work, a lot of work on the search functionality. So rather than having tags which we don't have, then you can actually just search for keywords. So I'm just gonna do into the search box up here, and you can again You can do this on all your IOS devices. There's no problem there. I'm just going to search, for example, to do ist on every note that has the word to do. It is going to come up in to my notes Now one of the beauties of Easy actually separates out the attachment so you can actually see images and stuff that will come up there. So, for example, I've got here. Let's try a Range Rover Now. The range of allow this image doesn't have the title. Um, off. Um, rain drove a lot. But if the Ranger of Allow had a title if in the image title their name was range over lower than it would come up was attachment or if a PdF file like, for example, if I had done one of the car configurations on the Land Rover website, I probably could have got the configuration. And again it would come up with an attachment as a PdF. And keep in mind that you conduct images. Pdf's all sorts of things in your notes. Apple knows application. It is now a very robust um, notes taking application again. I can type in things like Evernote Now I have just typed in ever. It's probably going to give me everything I want, but that's OK now. When I want to do, though, is I want to show you a little cool trick. Let's go into this one, and I'm just going to add a note underneath this. So let's put in a tag blawg. I'm gonna put in attack. I'm just going to use the hashtag for this, um, success. Okay, so now we're gonna come out of that, uh, that I update, I'm gonna go into search here, and I'm just gonna use the tag on. No. What happens is picking up the tags that I put. So if I type blawg, I say I should have given you this with just once. They would show you so you can actually use tags if you want. And just make sure that it's in the body off your note. But again, that's really up to you. I don't find that useful. But if you really wanted to use tags, then of course, you could use tags. Okay, so there we go. That's searching in notes. 16. Notes on IOS: Okay, let's now take a look at what our notes application looks like on the iPad. So it would just click on notes on open up my notes. Now, I should point out that I am actually using my old iPod, so things are a little slow in coming in. As you can see, what I'm gonna do is click on the There we go on. Now, what you see is we have all my settings as I should set it up on the desktop on we have a although, notes iCloud So we've got a personal family outing professional so that the family outing one here. This is a new note on we've got over here. The annual business review on all the notes are in here on, Just like when we were setting this up on on the computer. You can easily just start creating adding notes to this and you can start typing. Typing new notes on it is very much like using a laptop. There we go. No, you know. So there we go. Essentially, That's how everything is set up. Now again, if you wanted to create a new folder down at the bottom left there you can see create a new folder on you can create that new toe. Knew what is Call this new folder Because I'm losing all my creative energy has gone fold Oring. No folder there. We go on. Sure enough, that's come in on and again. You can just drag these around. Actually, you need to edit this s o. Once you're into the edit function, I can now move that. No, I can't a go go a go. I forgot to mention yes, that the the notes application. You don't have another option to actually create, uh, to be able to move your files around. This is done in alphabetical order. So unfortunately, that's the way we have to live with it. But anyway, it's if you use the numbering systems of number one for your in box number two for personal , then you will be absolutely fine. So there we go. That's notes on the IOS device. Okay, let's move on to the next lesson. 17. Siri and Notes: okay, in this lesson, we're going to look at how Siri operates with notes. Now I have to be honest here and say it. Siri works a little bit differently with notes than it does to remainders. However, we can still get notes into into our notes application on Let's get Siri Toe Wake woken up and show you what I mean at a new note. What do you want to say? I've had a brilliant idea to do a new online course using Google's productivity tools. Okay, I created a note. I've had a brilliant idea to do a new online calls using Google's. Now. The thing is, what I can now do is add to that last note. So what I can do now is add to my last created note. Okay, what would you like to add? Google now has three productivity tools tusks, Google calendar, Andi Gmail. It also has Google keep full stop so that you can do is add to your last note. So this is absolutely fantastic. If you're running around the city or running around your town on your having random thoughts and ideas, and you just want to add to your note or you need to do is tell Siri to add to my last note created. Okay, that's it for using Siri with Apple notes, I should point out, by the way, that this is much easier when you can just call up. Hey, Siri, I do have to be careful because, as I say, my phone and my watch will start going crazy if it recognizes that command. It's much easier when you can do that, because you could be walking around your living room and you could be telling Siri to add notes and telling Siri to add remainders. So it's a really, really super efficient tool that you can use. Okay, let's move on into the next lesson. 18. Adding stuff to Notes: Okay, so here we are in the notes application again on what I want to do this time is I want to show you how just to drag a simple PdF file and this could be a word file. It could be a numbers. It could be anything you want. Now there's two ways of doing this. Let's go to my desktop. I have this pdf file here off a workbook that I'm designing for those of you guys who want to plan out the year. So there's just the three page sample that I put together on the design that I want for the workbook at for my time in life. Master recourse. I don't really like that. Then I'm probably going to remove that. But basically, this is the sort of design that I'm looking for to put into my 2008 workbook, which will be available probably by the beginning of November, I hope. Anyway, now there's two ways of doing this. First of all, I could actually just go to the share sheet on again. This is gonna work exactly the same way on any IOS device so you can do the same thing. They're just click on the share sheet. You've got your notes. I can just send it. You get the up pop up, you decide what to do with it. I want to add a new note. I'm going to send it to my inbox and against and as a new note, So it's just gonna go click Save on Boom! It's gone. So let's just close that out now on. Sure enough is coming here, and it's coming with the title off the workbook so I can change it. I can then removed There can just add notes to the top and go down, and I cannot notes underneath. If I want toe open this, I just double click on it and it will open up. Um, no problem at all. On I have this little button down here. Sorry, I got this button here, which you'll tell me mark up more and give me a few options of what I want to do. So they That's one way of adding the, uh, the the they go. He opens up every double tap on a opens up. Sorry, I was going a little bit confused. That didn't do that. So that's one way you can do it another way. You can do it on the same way again, as they say. The same would be in the if you were to do it on your IOS device. Now, another way, of course, is you just start a new note. You can just quite drag this into on just drag it in. And sure enough it drops in and exactly the same way. Only this way you would have to actually add the title. And again, I've just double clicked on the note there, double click off their mother s o. I could just come out of that goes back to that, and I could just again. I can start adding in the title details up here. The easiest way, though, is just to use the share sheet. But that's one way of getting documents on stuff into your notes. Ondas. They say they are really, really good ways off getting notes and stuff and documents and images. And, of course, you know about images on you can put all those into your notes. This is not a course on how to use apple notes, but I just want to show you how it can fit into your productivity system so you can grab all sorts of documents and so on. Just dump them in their your meeting notes. Everything could go into notes and you can create folders related to projects. If you wish all sorts of things. OK, that's it for this lesson. Let's move on. 19. Notes Summary: Okay, so there we have your notes application, and, as you can see, Apple notes, is very robust. Now on these enables you to actually pretty much dump anything in there. Andi, you don't need tagging because the actual search functionality in Apple notes is just fantastic. But if you do want to add tax, then you can start adding the hashtags. And you can search for the hashtags if you wish. So you could actually create a tagging system itself in Apple notes. But as you can see, Apple Notes, is really a very, very good notes application. Now certainly is one that's rivaling Evernote, something that I've been Evernote, something I've been used for eight or nine years myself. But I am becoming increasingly tempted to shift over myself to Apple notes, because I know how good Apple notes are becoming on, Like with all things apple. It is a very beautiful application to use, so that's notes. Now let's move on into remainders, which, to me, is the most complex part of this course. So hopefully you're well rested. You had a good night's sleep because we're going to go deep now we're going to go into reminders, and I'll show you how to set that up. So let's go on into reminders and I'll show you how to set it up. 20. Reminders Basics: Okay, Welcome to the new IOS Mac OS Reminders Application on This is the biggest update for 2000 and 19. Essentially, Apple have taken a very, very basic to do list and turn it into an almost I would say, almost pro to do list manager Not quite there for many people, but it's good enough for most people. So let me just take you through a quick overview in this lesson before we move on into setting things up in a little bit more detail in a moment because this is really the foundation of any productivity system, because this is going to tell you what work needs doing so essentially what we've now got when you open up the new to dio reminders that if you've never used it before, this is essentially what you're going tohave, you're gonna have one list called reminders and you gonna have these what they call smart filters you got today. View your scheduled view all onda flagged, so it's enjoy. What you have to do is you need to create your own lists and creating this is quite simple . You just need to add a list, so that's really down there. We've also now got a search box so you can actually search your reminders to, which is really quite useful. So this is really just the overview off, how to set up reminders or what reminders looks like. So it's nothing to be actually frightened off the sensor. You do not need to worry about anything here because these will take care of themselves. As you start adding tasks, Toe added task, you can either hit return. I see return doesn't work being go up into the plus version appear on add a task here is even easier on your IOS devices, which will come to a little later on your in this course. But for now, I just want to show you the basics of setting it up so that we can get everything up and running as quickly as possible. So in the next lesson, I'm gonna take us into adding lists and adding folders so that we have the basic structure off a great productivity system 21. Setting up Reminders: Okay, So once we actually move into setting things up in our minders up, the first thing I will always recommend is that you change this here. Now, if we go into preferences, wanna show you these our default list? Because it's the only list we've got. These remainders eventually come. There is nothing else, but actually, reminders is not necessarily what we want to call this. So what I want to do is change the name off this folder first. And to do that, all we have to do is click on control and then click on reminders on It will say, Rename, Let's go down to their on Going to change that to inbox. Now I'm going to capitalize that, because that's just the way I am. But you don't have to capitalize it if you don't want it, But that's just the way I want to do it. Now. One of the other things that you can do to me control on click on Inbox and say show information, and we get a lot of options that we can do. It doesn't look like you have a lot of options. That's true. But if you tap on this. You see this down Arrow? He If you tap on that, you now get to choose the color off your inbox. So that's gonna cut. Go make this gray. Andi, It's my inbox. Now, What I would really like to see is excuse me, some kind of in box here, but there isn't gonna change this To leave. This is is as a list of you right there are gonna click. OK, so now I have a very dull gray for my inbox. Okay, so that's great. And you've now got things set up. And if I was activating Siri, I could ask Siri to add a task direct to my remainder. Citizen. Hey, Siri remained me toe. There you go. She's come up. He's listening to me. They wanted to listen to me, but that's really all I have to do. And it would add a task into this particular box because I'm not designating a list. Okay, but that's going into a little bit more detail when we come to the Syrian remainders later . This is really just about setting up. Now, the next thing that we want to do is set up to what you want to set up three folders now to set up a folder, we have to go into file. And so they call it groups. A new group on. We're going to call this and again, I'm going to capitalize This hopes it didn't let me do that. It's going to They're just control top on that renamed group. I'm going to call this, uh, routines. Now, if you remember when you did the, um the your digital life system earlier in the course, One of the things that's filtering into your daily view, other daily routines now within your routines. What we want to do is add some list. Now, I'm gonna do this. So we're gonna do is gonna have daily and I'm not gonna capitalize these. I'm gonna add another one called Weekly on Gonna add another one called Month. Who again? When that happens, when you have to do is control Click and you can rename it like that. I will call this monthly. So essentially, what we're doing now is I'm gonna move my do it this way around, put that into that fold, you know, put weekly into there, and they're gonna put daily into them So now what we've done is we've created a routines group daily, weekly monthly. And this is where you're going to put your routines and I will show you how to do that in a moment. But right now we're just setting up the folders. Some of that one appear. I want my in box at the top. Gonna close that group. We're gonna add another group file new. This is nice, you know? So I'm gonna click onto that at another group. It's a new group on. We're going to call this group here. I'm gonna call it Gun Control Click Rename Group. I'm gonna call this work return, so there's something There's a few little quirks in the system. I noticed that you can't easily create groups just like this. I can now probably crazy new group. Yes, Aiken. Great. In your group. Now on. I'm going to call this personal Whoops. This is another quote, by the way, when you create a new group, becomes up his new group to get renamed the group. And then I'm gonna call this personal. Here we go. So we've got inbox up of the top. I've got my routine sets up. That's because that's very easy. Weekly monthly. The daily is disappears. I'm just gonna drag that back into my routines there. So it's going there. I got my work and personal down here. So SNC, when you close everything up like this, you should have three groups, routines, work and personal andan in box at the top for collecting all your stuff. Essentially, that's all you have to do right now. You don't need to do anything else. Just create these folders. Now, before we move in any further, let me just give you one more tip again. When going here on if I control control, click on Daily I can say show information. I'm gonna change these list to orange for my routines. Sewing Click OK, I can change my for weekly anger to the same thing. Control, Click share information on Click On That and change that I could change the icon, by the way, if I wished. But no, I'm not gonna do that on. Then again, control. Click on the monthly control Click share information, and we change that to orange. Color coding is really nice again. You don't have to do this, but it's an option that you may wish to take you full use off. So there you go. So you sense it. That's all you have to do for now is to set up on inbox on. Essentially, make sure when you go to the remainders, go to preferences. Make sure inboxes set as your default list. Because when you when you're asking Siri to help you to collect items, that's where you want all your tasks to start. So there we go. That's the first step. You don't need to do anything else right now or we have to do. He set that up so that you have those tasks in there. Okay, let's move on into the next lesson. 22. Reminders on iPhone: Okay, so he we have my reminders on my iPhone. Now, this is my real account, and I'm using reminders on my phone slightly differently from setting up was my main to do list manager. But what I want to do justice gently show you how this is working. So again, I got my smart filters right over the top. So today I'm using this essentially as my daily routines listing. So I've done my morning routine today. I just have my remaining four routines to do, which is spend 30 minutes cleaning up the house. I want to do that every day. I've got to complete my day one journal, do my golden 10 and drink a glass of lemon water all before I go to bed. So that's exactly what I got left today, so it's slightly set up differently, but that doesn't really matter. What I want to do is show you how to get Tustin here. So, let's say by some goats, cheese, uh, Cole, Fred about next week's, uh above over one week's meeting. Okay, so that's just going for this. So I got my two items in there. So at the end of the day when I come in and I want to process what I want to do is click on there and I get my eye buttons. I'm gonna hit the I button. Okay. What is this? Well, this is basically just an item for my shopping list. My shopping list is not to my inbox. So what I can do is I can go down to near the bottom, You see lists. If I tap that, I can add that to my shopping list, and it's done and you'll see is gone from my inbox call. Fret about next week's meeting. I'm gonna hit the i button going to go down to the list on. I can see I've got I don't actually have a ah, my work project folder here. But anyway, you've got that set up right there. That's really good. Okay, done. So this is basically how things are set up here. Now I've got my routines and set up in here, and I got my morning routines. Evening routines. I don't know where my It's just morning and evening routines. I only have two routines on. They are in there. I got four items for the morning. of four items in the evening on. I have my shopping list there. So what I can do now is I can say, Hey, Siri, remember to call Jeff when I get home. There you go. That's done is set into my in box. So if I go back to my inbox arriving So this is actually come So arriving when I get to my home, this is something I didn't mention the previous one. But now I can call Jeff. So as soon as I arrive at home, I will get an alert from Siri to tell me that I have to call Jeff. That's really cool. Another one that I can do ease. Hey, Siri, Add apples to my shopping list. Right? Okay, So now if I go back into my list, You see, I got a list here in my shopping. If I look at that, I've got some goat's cheese and now I've got apples. This is one of the best things about using reminders because it's so fast to get stuff into their now something else that I would like to show you. Song is gonna go into my mail now on. I'm gonna This is what we joined. I joined the couple in for me. So this is what came up. Earliest life. You following this course I conjoined this calendar very easily. Now, what I can also do is I can sort of highlight this here. I'm gonna highlight this Ondas good down there on you see that I can go along and it says shares a hit share, and I'm gonna add that it's not actually in my list here, so I'm just going to go into more. I'm gonna go to remind this on. I'm going to say at so that's been added to my reminders list. Let's go back to my reminders list. And now you see, I've got three items in my inbox on Got Joined, carpal leans family calendar. But more importantly, if you look at what's happened, I've now got a little male icon at the side tap that it takes me straight to that email. This is just another one of those fantastic ah reasons for using the the actual reminders because it's so ingrained and built into the apple ecosystem. It just works brilliantly. So I'm going to go now into my notes up on I've got to say I got this one here. So when I want to do, though, is I want to share this to my remind us. So I'm gonna go along here once again. I don't have to do now. It's set up there, tap on reminders on I'm just gonna add that again. I didn't need to Dem. Ask it to go anywhere because it's going to go into my in box and you see, bang is coming to my inbox. So there we go. Got for if I tap on there, you'll see somewhere she hasn't come upon here. Um, yes, it's has now. So I drop that down and you'll see that I've now got a notes icon there. They met up on the notes icon. It takes me straight into the note. So these are just some of the wonderful reasons why you can get so much benefit from using the remainders up. It is so much more powerful now than it waas in the previous versions, and I really just wanted to show you how you can get the most out of it using your iPhone Such a fantastic application on its almost joining that Rome off power users systems. So they go. That's your reminders on Oh, before we finish, I have one more thing to show you. As I mentioned, you can set up your default inbox or default note default list by going to the settings in your phone and hitting reminders on you'll see Default list, which the 3rd 1 down there. I've got my set of his inbox, but you can set it up, however way you want to set that up. So there you go. That's the full rundown off remainders on IOS device. 23. Introduction to iCloud: Okay, Now that we've had fun with remainders and notes and calendar, it's time to look at the final piece off. The puzzle is no proposal. The final piece of the system, which is iCloud, which is the one that brings it all together and makes the magic happen. So I Cloud essentially is restoring all the work you are working. All so. But before we go any further, I need to explain. I did mention in the introduction that most of these iCloud stuff or most of the Apple stuff is gonna be free. Well, unfortunately, there is a tiny little bit of cost involved on these of the iCloud prices. Now each country is going to be slightly different. So I'm going to take the United States one, because that's the one most people are familiar with. Now, for those of you who have been using the apple system for a long time, you do get five year bites off for free. But if you're using iCloud for your photos, you're losing it for documents and using it for various email and everything else. Then I am afraid that five gigabytes is not going to be enough. The Truth of the matter is, I don't really think 50 gigabytes is actually going to be enough. The area that you want to be looking at is the 200 gigabytes and the two terabytes Now I've been using. Up until recently, I've been using the 200 gigabyte version for for basically $3 a month because I've also have Dropbox now. Recently, my wife had an issue with her phone on. She'd never backed up her photos, and she's got something like 10,000 photos taken over the years on her phone on DSO. What we decided to do is we better set up iCloud photos for her. So I upgraded my iCloud account two terabytes and set it up on family sharing, which is great for those of you don't know. Family sharing, I think, allows you to have up to six people sharing your stuff. So there you go. But two terabytes should be enough basically for my wife's photos. So that's the one that came on, which is the two terabytes you can choose. But I really don't believe the five Gigabytes is definitely not going to be enough 50 gigabytes. You're really stretching it 200 gigabytes is really the minimum that you want to be looking at. Two terabytes is ideal. But this is up to you. It's your car, it's your money. So you decide which one you want. Okay, So how does all this fit together? So let's just look at how this is all working. This is why it is really pause. It is possible to create a fantastic positivity system using just the apple ecosystem. So we've gone through reminders we've gone through, knows we've gone through the calendar. Now I've got the file's icon down there on the right, but it's all basically controlled by the iCloud. The iCloud brings it all together on it's all stitched together using iCloud on This is why it just works seamlessly. Apple have done a lot of work through this on. When it first came out years a bit spotty. It wasn't very good, but I'm gonna have to be perfectly honest with you, because I was using a dot Mac way back maybe 15 years ago. I have been using Apple's cloud servicing, and I've never, ever had a problem with it from Doc Mac account through two mobile me through toe iCloud I've never had a problem with it. The only thing I would say is I did have a problem with iCloud was that it was in the early days it was very slow. But these days and certainly since IOS 11 Andi I IOS and High Sierra Wow, the speed of which I cloud is working now is incredible. It's well up there with Dropbox, which has always been very fast. So it is certainly no problem putting large files through your iCloud drive, and it does just work. So there we go. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you first how to do this, how it all works on your, uh, laptop on my MacBook pro. But I'm also going to show you how to do it on the iPad as well, because the iPad has this thing called files, which is where you have everything together and you can have a look at that. So let's get into iCloud and I'll show you how it all works. 24. ICloud Drive: Okay, let's now take a look at iCloud. Drive in a little bit more detail. I can't drive is a great online or cloud based service simply because it is treated like a normal file system on your computer. So we've got I created. Three folders here are created by 2018 Winter Holiday. I created my personal files folder I know created. My work files folder on the greater folder is simple. You just sit shift command and it creates a new folder on I'll just type in Here. New folder. Andi, That's it. Simple. Is that so? We now created four folders in my iCloud Drive on Aiken. Drag and drop stuff on here, just like any ordinary file folder on my computer now in the iCloud on the online, You can actually see that we've got iCloud drive right here. If I click on that, that's going to open up my iCloud drive, and hopefully that's come through when it comes through on That's opening now. And as you can see my winter holiday, my personal files on my work files is there. My new folder hasn't come through yet, but I'm sure it will. On that's exact, so I can access all my files on here and download those files. If I wishes, you can see I can upload new files. I cannot. The new folder so pretty much anything I want to do I can do online from the iCloud Drive now the only thing with iCloud drivers that you do need to pay for extra space. The problem is, is that you are there we go. We got the new folder has now actually been arrived in. So the problem is, is that it? Come get start getting quite expensive. But fortunately, Apple are not the most expensive out there. If we go into their price list, let's take the US dollars. Here it's for 50 gigabytes of space is just 99 cents a month, and these are monthly fees for 200 gigabytes. It's only 2 99 or $3 on for two terabytes, which is actually what I have on my main account. Eyes just $10 or 9 99 a month, which actually ripped to me, represents excellent value considering in two terabytes of space, which is actually more than the hard drive space I have on my desktop computer. So that's the system there. You can get this just getting search for iCloud storage plans and pricing. All the prices are here for you on. Do they really are not too expensive at all? So that's iCloud Drive is they say you got access to all your iCloud drive files in the iCloud on. Of course, you have it locally on your computer, and also when I show you through the Iowa system, you also have it available on your IOS devices. So it's a great way toe, actually. Keep your files safe and secure using just the apple ICO system. Okay, so that's it. On iCloud Drive is basically an iCloud store on online or clouds stories system on. The problem here is, is that I don't want to go into too much details because everybody has their own unique way off organizing their files. I would try to keep it organized in terms of personal files and work files, but obviously that is entirely up to you. Okay, let's move on to the next lesson 25. Files on iOS: Okay, so let's take a look at files now. Files you can see down here on the bottom, which is right next to my safari. So open up files. Now, this is showing me aikau drive, but because you can see down this left inside, you can see that I can also have my Google driving their my Dropbox documents. I've saved directly on my iPad and, of course, my recently deleted files. Now, this is mirroring cause I'm showing my iCloud drive ones at the moment. This is actually mirroring my documents that we set up on my computer. So I have all the folders right here. And as long as I've got an internet connection or an LTTE connection, then I will always have access to everything I have in my files on This is one of the reasons if you are going to decide to use Aikau drive as your file storage system that you really want to be able to make sure that you're organizing it in a way that you will be able to quickly find your documents. So how do we get documents into iCloud drive now? You could have received an email which will include an attachment, a pdf file, a word file of pages file Aquino filed Andi went from the actual drop down menu. When you open the file, you can save it into your iCloud drive. But to do that is really quite simple. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take you into my photos here on Let's select my favorite James Bond picture off Sean Connery with the iconic Aston Martin. As you can see, down on the bottom row there, we got copy print copy iCloud Link. Barbara, what we're looking for is this one right here, which is save toe files on. I'm gonna hit my iCloud drive on, Let's say, might want a part of my winter summer winter holiday used to go into the Swiss mountains. I'm gonna hit, went to holiday on I'm going to add on that file now will have added to my file. So let's go back into my files and we've added that into winter holiday. And sure enough, that image now has come in on it is in there, and it's just a simple as that directly from an iPad or an iPhone. You can just drop the files directly into your iCloud drive. It is really very, very simple. And of course, if people are sharing documents with you through Google Drive, you can also get access to them by clicking on here. I haven't signed into any accounts yet, so that's not going to show. In fact, it's actually automatically signing me in. So that's just always gonna ask me to sign in. So we'll go back to my iCloud drive so you got all sorts of options open to you with the the Drive or the Files folder on your IOS device. It is so useful because you can carry around with you pretty much every document you need directly from your IOS device. Okay, that's it. For this particular lesson, let's move on into the next lesson. 26. The Weekly Review: Okay, So to finish off this course what I want to do it just briefly go through how to do a weekly review using the apple applications. Now it sends a week review is when you go through everything that you have collected throughout the week, making sure that you place them in the right place. So if we go and look at this, we're going to personal and all you do I've got here, order a new apple watch, and I'm thinking, right. Yes, I need to do that. So what I could do is I could just click on the information I come, and I can say I'm gonna be I'm gonna be near the apple store on Wednesday so I can hit that and say right Wednesday, that's tomorrow. I can hit the 26 I'm going to be there in the afternoons and just can change that to 12. Andi, that's all I need to do. So now I've actually got that set up. I can go through my inbox and make sure I've got everything in there that I need doing. Go through. My family talked to go going to Hong Kong. Yes, right I can do that when I see her, I could go through health and fitness, make sure everything's set up there on the center. You just go through each each actual project that or area focus or or context that you've got set up on. Just make sure that you've got Oh yes, I did discuss with joy so I can get rid of that one. Onda also what I usually do personally, when I do my weekly review, I actually just do a quick brainstorm. Anything that I would like to get completed next week, I will start adding into my thing so I could do into my in box like Run a 10-K on Sunday on . I'm just gonna hit, and that's actually added a date as I put the date there. So 30th of September 12 o'clock, it's just automatically. I did the date for me, so that's a really good way off, saving a little bit of time. So, for example, I could oh, talk toe Jim on Monday about, uh, present station in Hong Kong, for example. On as you can see, that's actually just adding the date so I can actually at the dates just by adding things into my in box. And then once I finished that I can go Ah, yeah, I need to drag this one off to a drug that to my it's about marketing on. That's my health and fitness, and I can just drag things into their various folders. So that's how we would do a review off your remainders. Now, if we move into notes again, first thing I would checking notes is that I've got anything in my in box that needs filing . No, And again, I would just go through and have a look and see what there is in here. Now this one is a new important. Once of what I might want to do is I might want to pin that one. So if I just slide that there that's now pinned to the top, so if I had another note underneath it, every all other notes will come underneath it and just go through these various ones and make sure that I've got and I could just check my recently deleted in the oh yeah, that one. I'm going to move into my inbox on Go Say right. Yes, that's to do with my project supports on your drug lab in there. I've got that drug. Then Oregon decide. No, that's going to go into my annual business review. As you can see, that's dropped down below my pinned note. And that's essentially how I would do my week review. I would also have my calendar open to see which days next week they're going to be very busy and which are not on dissented. That's really how I do it. A week review generally takes no more than one hour. Sometimes you can do it in 30 minutes. It just depends, but that's essentially how we would do a week review now in After this course, you'll see below a link to the Getting Things Done by David Allen Weekly Review website that you can go and check. And I think if I remember correctly, there might just be a PdF downloadable file there that you can use to actually get your weekly review done via a checklist. Okay, let's move on to the final parts of this course 27. CAPS The Golden 10: okay, well done for getting this far in the course. I know. It's pretty intense. I know that you're learning a lot of stuff. We're gonna stick with it. If you've got this far, you're definitely going to get right through to the end. Now, the purpose of just coming on screen now and just giving you a few words is I want to talk to you about something when I call the Golden 10. Now the golden 10 is the 10 minutes at the end of every day that you plan out. The next day, you looked through all your tasks on you. Look to see what surgeons, what's important, what needs doing, what will take you further forward with your life, and you will see what needs to be done the next day. But it's not just that what you need to do is to select 10 tasks on you. Prioritize the's in a specific order. Two of those tests that you will call your daily objectives these in the to test that you will get done no matter what. The next day. If you don't complete anything else, you can still call the day of success because you've got those two objective test done for the other eight test. These are priority test that you really want to get done. But it wouldn't be the end of the world if you didn't, and you would just pull them forward to the next day. But the key here is 10 minutes on 10 tasks on you decide which ones you want to get done. Now the thing is, is you're making the decision. You need to be in control off how you're spending your time on what work you are doing. Of course, we most of us have bosses most of us have clients and customers on. We do have to do work for them, but you are in control. And that's the key part of the Golden 10 is that you are in control about how you spend your time in the day. Now the studio. There's two ways of doing this. You can do this late at night when you before you go to bed or you can do it first thing in the morning. My advice is do it late at night before you go to bed. Now there's a very good reason for this when she was tapped down and done. Or your punning And you. First of all, you're gonna have a much better hate sleep. But more importantly, when you wake up the next morning, you've had your cup of tea or cup of coffee. You are ready to hit the road and stark achieving those tests. If you can get those two objective test done by lunchtime, you are definitely on a roll, and you're going to get a lot more done. When you build that into consistently doing that every single day, you will find that you start achieving amazing things and getting an incredible amount of work done. That's why the golden 10 is so important. I've put a pdf sheet down below in the notes to this lesson, so you can download that and you can see how to set it up, and you can build it up, building into your own system. Maybe you can take a scan in the notes happened. Then you have it there as a reminder every single day for you to talk doing your golden 10 . Okay, let's move on into the rest off this course 28. Review: right, So there you have it. That's using your calendar, your notes. Reminders on iCloud drive on, bringing it all together within your own apple ecosystem. So if you're using a Mac book on iPod and iPhone, even if you have a desktop then and you're looking for a really simple productivity system , then I do believe that apple now have the tools that can really, really help you to become super charged at productivity. So what we're looking at if you haven't got all of those devices, if you haven't gave, for example, you only have an iPhone or you only have an iPad, but you really want to set this system up. Remember, the iCloud Drive have all the same features, and you can use that in exactly the same way the capture told is the most important thing. And that is a really, really good way off using you're to do list managers. So, for example, if you using remainders, then you need to make sure it's on the home screen of your come off your phone or your laptops. You can actually quickly capture the tusk on. Remember that you've got the share sheet in all your devices, whether it's the laptop and iPhone or the iPad, so you can just quickly drop stuff in there, and it works seamlessly. It's just fantastic. So let's just give you an overview of how all this is fitting together. So remember you got your calendar, the reminders you notice in the iCloud calendars. Offer your events, your appointments and for your meetings, reminders for your tasks. Your to do's routines on for your projects, notes about events, support materials and various other things on the iCloud or for the documents you're working on. Word Power Point, Kino Excel file. Large PDS, whatever they will all perfectly fit into your iCloud drive, and you can create folders related to projects that you're working on, so they're all in one convenient place. So remember, over here on the right inside, this is where all the work is happening. So the reminders he's telling you what needs to be done, your notes of giving you the reference materials that you need, and I proud of the documents that you're actually working on your calendar. Of course, he's telling you where you need to be when you need to be there and who you need to be there with. So it all fits in perfectly. So without much cost, just basically the cost off your iCloud drive space, you can create an absolutely fantastic productivity system on it all interconnects together on Apple of design their products that they do work really well together. So remember your reminders of their for your tests in two DUIs, your projects of your support materials, hoops, and I'm going too fast, so remain dizzy there for your tassan two DUIs. Your notes are there for your project. Support ideas, calendars, events and appointments and files, or iCloud is what you're working on on. That's it. The four things you need to create an amazing productivity system. I hope you found this course really useful. Please keep in mind if there's anything that I've missed or you would like me to cover, then just please send me a message to the messaging system on. I go at the course or at the lecture if, as from, when required. So this is an ongoing and I will keep building on this course as when Apple update their systems, or if I suddenly find a new way of doing something. I will update this course. And always remember that once you're enrolled your enroll for life, there's not gonna be no additional cost. So just the costume to pay to get into this course is all you will ever have to pay on. I will keep you updated as and when it needs updating. Or if I need to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you very much for enrolling in this course. I hope you found it useful. Andi, good luck with your productivity system. 29. Bonus class: Hi, guys. It's me again. Okay, In traditional style. Over here, we have a bonus class for you. Now, this bonus isn't really a class. We just call it a bonus class. But because you've started on the road to boards productivity on your building, your own productivity system, I always believe that productivity is just the first step towards becoming a much better person on achieving incredible success for yourself. So what I'm going to do now is if you like this course if you like the way I teach And not everybody likes the way I teach. And that's perfectly OK. I can't please everybody. But if you do like this and you want to take your life to another level than I'm going to offer you guys 25% off my time and life mastery course, all you need to do is to type in the code which you'll see underneath this video down below down here. Or maybe over here. I don't know, but type in that code when you go to a time in life. Master recourse. You find that over on the on the you Demi site. Andi, you can enroll for 25% off. This is an unlimited time offer. I will always keep it there. And if you do need any additional resources than the time in life, master recourse is just for you Simply because the time in life master courses designed to take you to right up to the next level on. Now you gotta productivity system in place. You are ready to go forward. So take advantage of the 25% off. This camp normally prices $40 for you guys. You can have it for $30. So get your cut discount code now and get taking the time and life Master Recourse! Thanks again for watching and good luck in the future. 30. Final Thank you: Okay, well, now you've managed to complete the course. Now you have all the knowledge you need to be able to create a complete productivity system using only apples built in applications. It's a cheap way to go forward. You don't have to worry about subscriptions. The only thing that you need to be paying for is the iCloud drive size storage limit. I strongly recommend that you go full in and go for the two gigabytes. Two terabytes because you don't want to be worrying about space when you're dealing with projects. Because if you are worrying about space, you gonna have to start removing files that you don't need any longer, and it just becomes very complex. Far better to go all in and get the full on storage space off two terabytes. But if cost is an issue to you, then I strongly recommend that you go for the $3 a month one, which is the 200 gigabytes. It should be enough. But you will have to every six months or seven months or whatever start removing stuff because it will fill up very quickly once you start using the system. Okay, I'm really happy that you've completed this course you've now got everything that you need . All you have to do is start putting it all together. Don't forget, if you have any questions about setting this up, please ask a question in the question section in this course because I'm more than happy to help you out there on. If I get enough questions on a particular topic, I will record another video just to clear anything up that I may have missed. There is a lot to learn. I know when you're building a productivity system, but what I really want you to understand this you have to build the system that suits your way off working. You don't want to be copying. This is early, my system. That's why I've been quite vague about how you would set up reminders simply because this is a really personal way. It hasta work for you. It might not lessen your way. Might not necessary work for me on my way might not necessarily work for you. Don't forget to keep it simple, because if you don't keep it simple and you allow complexities creep in, it's gonna become a mess, and you're gonna spend way too much time trying to sort it all out anyway. Guys, good luck. If you need any help, don't forget to ask any questions. I'm always here to help you on. I want to thank you very much for enrolling in this course. See you again in future courses.