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8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Welcome Message

    • 2. Introduction to mobile marketing

    • 3. Mobile apps, QR codes & Messaging

    • 4. Creating a successful mobile experience & copy

    • 5. Copywriting for mobile apps, email and website

    • 6. Mobile apps to market your business

    • 7. Mobile Advertising

    • 8. What's next?


About This Class

Mobile is taking over business marketing strategies. Mobile marketing is the future. Learn the channel today.

Mobile Marketing Simplified:

Have you thought about why should you CARE ABOUT Mobile Marketing?

Why does it matter?

Forbes says:

Mobile is arguably the closest you can get to the consumer. There is no other device that is as personal (everybody has their own phone), as pervasive (is with you all of the time), and provides the opportunity for proximity.

AND... Because it’s too big to ignore.

Take a minute to observe your surroundings, what do you see?



Mobile technology has already fundamentally transformed personal communications, but mobile is also having a huge impact on how businesses and brands talk to their customers.

This course provides you with a solid understanding of the rapid evolution of mobile marketing landscape and will equip you with the information you need to help develop a comprehensive mobile web strategy for your business.

You will understand how the user requirements are different in the mobile context and take a look at what the future holds and what this might mean for your business.

And, here is what you'll learn in depth:

  1. Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  2. Mobile Apps, QR Codes and Messaging
  3. Creating a Successful Mobile Experience & Copy
  4. Mobile Apps to Market Your Business
  5. Get Most of Mobile Advertising

Join us today at the Mobile Marketing 101 course, and take your business to the next level!





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IMarketer - Cosmin Selaru

Take baby steps into digital marketing

iMarketer Training is an educational center based in London. We helped many students in the UK to start with their digital marketing campaigns and now we're here to help YOU. Digital Marketing is a phenomenon of our age. In the current business world, no marketing strategy is complete without internet marketing component.

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