Build Your First Fully Working Website With HTML5 & CSS3

Nicolae Rusan, Director of UX @ Sailthru, Frame Cofounder

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About This Class

This class if for anyone who wants to be empowered to design, create and host their own websites

You'll learn ALL the abilities you need to be fully proficient in making your own websites (static, presentational websites). This is a foundational course from which you can then explore backend programming and more in-depth Javascript programming.

You'll leave this class with a basic understanding of the workings and history of browsers, servers and the Internet and the World Wide Web.

You'll also leave with a deep understanding of HTML, having a comprehensive understanding of the various tags available at your disposal.

You will be able to code advanced CSS, and have a deep understanding of positioning, the box model, and the list of CSS rules that are available. You will also have some knowledge of the basic pitfalls of CSS, and how to best organize your files.

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Overall I would recommend this class as a crash course in website building. It was really good until the end when there was never a wrap up video that was promised and you are kind of just left hanging. There is a lot of history at the beginning which I did not find necessary and actually a deterrent at first. But after I figured out where that stopped and the actually lessons began, it was much better.
Great teacher! Good pace for beginners.





Nicolae Rusan

Director of UX @ Sailthru, Frame Cofounder

I'm currently the Director of User Experience at Sailthru, one of the fastest growing New York startups.

I was formerly the founder of Frame, a Techstars company acquired by Sailthru that focused on automatically adapting e-commerce websites into mobile web HTML 5/CSS 3 that felt like native apps. 

Before that I was a Program Manager at Microsoft on the Work Management team. I've got extensive development, design and entrepreneurship experience through the work I've done over the years.

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