Build Your Brand with Periscope | Indigo Ocean Dutton | Skillshare
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19 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Why take this course

    • 2. Introduction to Periscope and this Course

    • 3. Setting up your account with Twitter

    • 4. Creating an account w/o Twitter

    • 5. Choosing Your App Settings

    • 6. Writing your profile for maximum brand building

    • 7. How to Follow other Scopers

    • 8. Participating in Other People's Scopes Effectively

    • 9. Picking the subjects to scope on

    • 10. Your first scope! Broadcasting essentials

    • 11. Finding the perfect title for your scopes

    • 12. Build a targeted audience of raving fans

    • 13. Becoming a Great Scoper Quickly

    • 14. Building Your Email list with PS

    • 15. Building your other social media accounts off PS

    • 16. Making Money Right on Periscope

    • 17. How I can help

    • 18. Off camera scope example

    • 19. Selling from scope


About This Class

Maximum Exposure

Periscope is only a few months old, but already has millions of users, with thousands more joining each day. Yet with the right approach, you can still easily gain the attention of movers and shakers on the platform, leveraging their success to build your own.

Learn everything you need to get off to a great start from day one, and grow a community of fans who are tuning in just to hear what you are offering, again and again and again.

Connection and Community

Finally find your "tribe" so that your message can get the exposure it needs to get traction and take your personal or professional brand to the next level.

Not to mention having a loving and supportive community ready to tune in and interact whenever you're ready to hit "broadcast," no matter where you are or when the inspiration may strike you.

Fun, Fun, Thoroughly Addictive Fun -- the way marketing should be!

Come on and join the fun, and make real progress with your PR/marketing at the same time.

Magnetize your target audience instead of chasing them, and finally let the raw and real you be your defining advantage.

Why Periscope?

You've heard about live streaming apps, but which one should you try?

Periscope is the fastest growing free live streaming app, and is building an undeniable momentum. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor and build your community with maximum exposure and minimal competition in your niche.

Download Periscope – Links

1 IPHONE Get it here: (or search in App Store on device)

2 IPAD Get it here: Open this page in your iPad, then click on the linkshown there for “step 2.”

3 ANDROID 4.4+ Get it here: (or search in Google Play Store on device – will show if you OS version is compatible on listing)





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Indigo Ocean Dutton

Business Consultant - Awaken, LLC

For the last decade I've provided business consulting services to companies large and small (including some among the Fortune 500). Over the last few years I've transitioned more of my work toward a combination of passive income streams (which I teach others how to create on the Freedom Business Launchpad) and direct consulting work with business owners looking to enhance their business life in a holistic yet profitable way.

I'm happy to share some of the resources and skills that hav...

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