Build Your Brand Into a Marketing Hit: Tackling the New Marketing Landscape Staff Pick

Elizabeth Hague, Director of Creative & Marketing

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10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. What Is A Compelling or Unique Idea?

    • 4. Brand Environment Design

    • 5. Consistency on Every Platform

    • 6. Real Conversations With Real People

    • 7. Voice And Tone

    • 8. Talk With Customers, Not At Them

    • 9. Create A Social Media Post

    • 10. Conclusion

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Project Description

Class Project Goal: Connecting your brand to your marketing in order to succeed in the new marketing landscape.

A downloadable PDF worksheet is attached for you to complete as you work through the class. 

At the end of the class, you'll be able to answer the following for your own business: 

  1. Unique, Compelling Idea: What does your business stand for?
  2. Environment Design: Gather all your brand’s visual assets in one place -do you have everything you need for future marketing activities?
  3. Consistency, Awareness, and Trust: Look at all past content created up until this point - is there a cohesive, consistent feeling?
  4. Target Market: Gather/craft two core customer personalities based on your “perfect customer.” Understanding your audience helps you build stronger relationships between them and your brand.
  5. Voice and Tone: Examine how your copy speaks to your customers - is your brand talking with customers, or at them?

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