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Build Your Android or iOS App Without Programming


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17 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. What To Expect

    • 2. Successful App Case Study

    • 3. GPS Framework To Find Amazing App Ideas

    • 4. Future of The App Market

    • 5. Which Platform

    • 6. The Mistake That Will Make You Successful

    • 7. Finding Your Best App Idea

    • 8. Market Research Hands On

    • 9. Use Google To Find Your $1M Idea

    • 10. App Idea Homework

    • 11. Basics of Building Your App

    • 12. Best Tool To Build Your App

    • 13. Software Tour and Demo of Building an App

    • 14. Publish Your App

    • 15. Generate Revenue With Your App

    • 16. The Formula To Get 100K Downloads

    • 17. Congratulations


About This Class

This class will show you the fastest and the easiest way to build and publish an Android or iOS App without any technical skills or coding.

You will also learn the secret strategy I've been using to find great App ideas in minutes.

I'll also show you how to generate revenue with your new App with 1 simple strategy that's free to use and implement in your App.

If you have an App idea or if you are thinking about getting into the App market then this class is a MUST for you!

Instead of wasting your time with complicated and pointless programming and coding courses, learn how a profitable and successful App is made from scratch by joining this class in record time...

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • The GPS Framework to find an amazing App idea
  • The future of the App market and what comes next
  • The best platform to build your App on
  • iOS or Android? The formula to pick the right one for your App
  • The #1 App mistake that will make you rich
  • Over the shoulder market research that blows your mind
  • Secret strategy to get Google to give you great App ideas
  • The 3-step design formula to turn your idea into an app design quickly
  • The easiest way to build your App without any tech skills and without any external help
  • The best free App maker that you can use easily to build any idea you can think of
  • How to develop an App for iOS and Android at the same time
  • #1 Costly mistake that new App owners make and how to avoid it
  • The math and strategy to generate a sustainable revenue with your App
  • How I get 100,000 downloads for my Apps without any promotions
  • 3 Secret hacks to bring your more traffic and users
  • And much more

This class will save you 10 years of mistakes and shows you to fastest way to build and publish your first successful App!

Building an App for iOS or Android has never been this easy so let's get started.


1. What To Expect: how humans here. And if you have had an APP idea, you want to get into the art market? If there is an app that you always wanted to build but you didn't know how, then this classes for you. During this class, I'm gonna show you how to build and publish your own android or IOS app without any programming skills. And we're gonna do it really, really fat. So Google play app store, Great opportunity How big the opportunity is. Let me actually show you. Take a look at this ad. This is not a very complicated app. In fact, very simple app. It's just like a 30 day plan that you can build in a few days. Not a complicated capital. But if you scroll down would be able to see let me actually zoom in for you. This app has generated 50 million plus users. Now that's the type of potential that we're talking about, what it comes to our market. Not every single app, of course, is going to get such down with such number of downloads. But the potential is there. Andi again, that's 50 million eyeballs. 50 million potential users for this particular net potential. In fact, these people have actually downloaded and used dia. No, During this class, I'm gonna also show you the idea formula. So if you're thinking I don't have a good idea and my idea, maybe it's not that good. I don't know if my idea is gonna work and really marketing the real ab market. Then I'm going to give you my secret idea firmly that allows you to come up with really amazing and profitable up ideas on demand. In fact, after you go to this former, you would be able to come up with APP ideas, like in minutes. It's very, very powerful. We're gonna talk about it during the class. This alone can change your life because it allows you to come up with a really profitable, really powerful ideas that we're going to serve a lot of users. They're gonna be super successful on yap market. Then I'm going, of course, show you how to build your app for free on. We're gonna basically take you on your computer and you don't need anything else. Just need a computer, a laptop or desktop work, and then we're gonna show you a secret tool that you can use for free. That requires no according no nothing. And you can turn your app into a really happened submitted to Google play or APP store and entire process is free. Your gonna absolutely enjoy it. It's a new secret tool that you can use and something that you absolutely want Take advantage off. And as I said, it requires no, quoting. You don't need a technical skills, you can learn it quickly and it's so much fun and easy to use on off course, you can build your abs for android and IOS both at the same time, so you don't need to go and learn coding for Android. You don't need to go and learn coding for IOS using the secret tool you can actually build your ab for both platforms. Not only you can actually build your app for both platforms. You could also build it for Web on. We're gonna talk more about Dad during the class and then I'm gonna teach you the five second rule. Now, this is a secret that nobody knows about. In fact, 97% off up owners out there. They lose because they don't know about this rule. But because we know about this rule, we're gonna win, and we're gonna win big in the market. And what is the role? Basically, you have five seconds to turn somebody from a visitor into a user, and basically, that's what five second rule is, and I'm gonna show you how to do that. So basically, that's the five second rule which we're going to talk about in the class. The next thing I'm going to tell you about magnetic design. This is what I do to dominate the market fast. Easy. So imagine your app is this magnet, as you can see, and the users in the market are these yellow chips on what we want to create in the marketplace is basically this effect. When you publish her up, we want to have all the available users in the market, download your app and become your users, and I'm gonna show you how to do that inside the class. And of course, we're gonna talk about the math $220,000 a year. This is the math that I used to predict on to plan my after generate $10,000 a month or $120,000 a year in revenue so you can grow your app on, uh, get to a place that generates the type of results that you want to generate. In fact, the that we looked at 50 million downloads. Look at here. They offer an in APP product in APP purchase, and you've probably used them before. You can see that it's five years, 49 cents. I'm seeing yours because right now I'm in Europe, and that's how you monetize. So even if you can get 1% of people toe upgrades to Deep eight plan and that's a usually a monthly subscription, that's half a 1,000,000 user paying that monthly. You do the math. You could see that the potential is insane. Off course, not everybody's going to get such results. But I'm just going to show you what the potential is when we're talking about building ask . And, of course, the secret to win big in the market is constant floor download and that in situ basically free. And I'm gonna show you how you can get new users, of course, from the search functionality store that we're going to talk about later on And then I'm gonna show you how you can steal the existing users off competing APs and how get how to get those users to come to your app and use your app instead and recall that total domination really, really cool and powerful strategies that have developed in the past 10 years on Basically, that's it joined. Now join me and other students. I'm gonna show you how to build your AB without any coding. No techno skills required. It's a very fun class. We're going to do it all together, and I'm going to reveal some of the amazing strategies that I have developed after 10 years of building and publishing IOS, Android and Web APS, and you're gonna get all of that inside this class, so can't wait to have inside the class joined right now. And let's start building your app in a in a way that you can't even imagine seeing the class 2. Successful App Case Study: Okay, guys, in this short lesson, I want to take you to a case study, basically take a look at this AB and did an idea on how big the market is and what the potential is. And the reason I want to do this is just to get you excited and help you understand the potential that we're dealing with when it comes to building android, IOS or even Web app. So again, this APP is from a company that I talked about very often. I used their absolute good case study just to show the new students how big the market is. Of course, I have my own abs. I work with a lot of startups and work with a lot off other students that mentoring and coaching. But I always want to show public out there case studies just to kind of show you what we can achieve in terms off what the potential s So this particular app Six pack in 30 days again a very simple app. You can go ahead, download and use it yourself, get an understanding of hold Yakis plan and how it provides value for the people. But if you scroll down, you be able to see that this APP has generated here 50 million downloads, 50 million plus actually more than 50 million downloads. And as you can see here, they're offering an in APP purchase item for five euros 40 49 cents. And I'm seeing euros right now because I'm currently in Europe. And if we do a quick math and if this app can convert only 1% off the free users to upgrade toe in APP purchase subscription, that's what you paid every single month. And that's what you pay every single month to become subscriber, an axis paid and premium features. Then that would be 500,000 people paying five euros a month, right? So that's 25 million euros over $3 million per month in revenue potential for this particular AB. No, I'm not saying that this app is making this much. I'm just showing you what the market potential is for such a simple app. If you download this app, you'll be able to see that this is not a very complicated abbey. In fact, draw this class. You'll be able to see how you can build a similar app for yourself on your own easily so you can see what the potential is. This is just a short lesson to give you an understanding to give you an idea what kind of APS you can build or what type of results are out there that you can possibly achieve again . This is no guarantee. There is no basically have a good certainty life for you to achieve this kind of results. But this is just a can defy beacon for us to know where we can head and what we can achieve . So basically, that is it for this lesson. Let's continue with the program and let's start with building your own app and publishing. 3. GPS Framework To Find Amazing App Ideas: all right. In this lesson, I want to tell you about the GPS framework. This is a very important framework that we're gonna be building our APS on learning this framework will make or break your app. So it's best to pay close attention because what you learn here can potentially make or breaker app. And this is something that took me years to learn on. What you learn is just basically a few years of experience on trying different stuff in the app market and putting it into this framework so you can learn it in just met. So let's talk about what is an app. So we use APS on daily base, says you use APS on your phone on your tablet on your computer. We talk about APS all the time downloading abs, sharing abs, talking about APS with our friends and family. But what is an app in its nature? Well, an app basically is at a solution to a problem in this form, so you have the users in the problem state, so they have some sort of issue, maybe at their babies keeping them up all night. The baby's crying. That's a problem, right? Maybe they're not organized. Maybe they're not productive. That's the problem state that they're in. And of course, they want to get to some desired state. They wanna have a calm, sleeping baby. They want to be productive. They want to achieve their goals and what our app is. Basically, the bridge between this problem state to this desire state. That's what an app is. It's a It's a bridge from the state that the users currently in to the state that the user wants to be a not just understanding. This will put you ahead off 97% off APP owners out there because not a lot of people understand this and they built APS that nobody wants, because nobody is having a problem that that particular up solves. So this is super important. I want you to take note, and I want you to fully understand and comprehend this because this is going to be the basis off your successful app. And by successful I mean an app that's going to make you 100 and $20,000 a year. No, let's take a look at the GPS framework. It's very powerful, but very simple. We're going to start with a group and that's our G right? We want to pick a group that we're passionate about, that we want to help. It could be teachers, driver, students, parents, you name it. You want to make a list a few groups that you're passionate about helping, right? We want to help people that we like. And then I want you to find a problem in that group. So if, for example, we're picking parents, a problem could be the baby's crying all night. So new parents right waken make the group even more specific. And then I want you to find a solution for that problem. For example, if the baby is crying, it's proven that if you play white noise for the baby that it helps call me the baby. So maybe our solution is to play some white noise with our app. So again, your idea your app is going to be the bridge from the problem to the solution. And that's how you find a working idea in the marketplace. And I'm going to show you how to do market research in the future lessons. But for now, you need to understand that this framework the GPS framework you find a group of people you're passionate about, and you want to help you find a problem that they face. You can ask them you can. You research it either way, and then you find a viable solution to that problem, and then you have potentially a $1,000,000 app idea or a $1,000,000 app after you build it . So take this, think about it and make a list of the groups that you want to help start to think about the different problems these groups of people face. And I promise you coming up with a $1,000,000 idea wouldn't be hard anymore. You can come up with his many ideas as you want. Instantly, maybe not instantly, but super quick. You can even come up with ideas in minutes using this framework. And the best part is that these are the type of ideas they're gonna work in the rial market . So that's it for this session on day, I'll be seeing you in the next one 4. Future of The App Market: okay in this short. Listen, I wanted to take some time and talk about the future of the app market and where things are heading. Because, of course, in the world of technology and technology based business, we need to always understand where the market is heading, cannot be prepared for it and maybe even better jump on the new opportunity and take advantage of it before everybody else. Because if you're ahead of the curve, then you're gonna get older reward. Not all the reward. Maybe, maybe most of the reward, for sure. So future of the APP market. Currently, we have multiple platforms like Android IOS. We have Web, which is more universal. And then we have APS for desktop computers, like for Mac or for PC. At this current state of the market, the market is a bit fragmented, meaning that you have multiple platforms. Sometimes users are using an iPhone and Android. Maybe your Maybe you're using a Mac along with a knife or android phone, which is a bit difficult to kind of build an app to cover all the users devices right? But that's not an issue. In fact, the future at market is very bright on. There is a new technology which I want to bring your attention to. That can potentially change the APP market forever. Open up a whole new world of opportunities for us and help us build more effective and more powerful Absar, Cross platform, Universal and all users, regardless off their platforms, can you? So let's take a look. These abs are called progressive Web apps. So if you've ever used Facebook on your computer, that's a Web app. If you have used Twitter on your computer, that's of Web application drones inside your browser. But with Progressive Web, perhaps we can bring native lung native like functionality like full screen abs, stand alone ABS, abs that work offline and a bunch more functionalities to these Web acts and make the mawr powerful because we know that Web ABS can run in old browsers, you can run a Web app on your phone. You can run it on your computer regardless, and the best part is that would Web maps. You only build your app once, and it runs everywhere. You don't need to build it for IOS ones and build it for android ones. You can just build it once, and it will run everywhere and recently. Basically, all browsers started supporting at Progressive Web, perhaps a hollow recommend reading this article on Wikipedia to understand what are the characteristics off a progressive Web app and where the market is heading. This is a very important technology right now. It's not mature. A lot of people don't know about it. A lot of people don't know how to use it or how to install a nap. That is you is a PW a. But for us, as AP owners, it's good to know where the market is heading and let me actually show you what a Pwr looks like in real life. This is the Twitters PW a right now install on my Mac book. And as you can see, this is a standalone app. It says Home twitter At the top, it looks like kind of a native app. It has its own icon. It has its own basically characteristics, and it shows you how powerful PW could be. Really, when it comes to being crust platform because you can run the same thing on your phone, you can run the same thing on your tablet and then it will run perfectly everywhere again. This is not a mature technology at the moment, but it will grow more. More companies are publishing. Their PW is in fact, uber Pinterest and bunch more. Other country companies have published their PW app, and that's a great sign. So this is a technology to definitely take up Look at and keep an eye on because this can grow really, really big and potentially Diskin in the future replaced the APP market not entirely off course. It's not gonna entirely little place the out market, but it's gonna get take a huge chunk out of it. But for now, for the next 5 10 years, the APP market is pretty good. You can use that. You can build your acts for it for Google, play for app store. But again, PW is a good technology to support, to keep in mind, and this is something that has a lot of potential, and it can make us a lot of money and help us build APS stat at run everywhere, regardless off what device the user is using 5. Which Platform: Okay, guys. So what off team questions that get all the time from the people that I mentor and coach from people that I work with start ups Cos people that are starting out in the APP industry or some people that already have a nap. They asked me what is the best platform? Which one? Which one? Off the platform built my app for Android. I wish Bella this Web app or even P w A. And my answer is always the same. After publishing export on Droid for I was for Web, I can tell you it doesn't really matter the fastest you can get to the market. That's the most important thing. And nowadays, between Android and IOS in all countries, you confined similar people on old on both platforms. But Android is a little bit easier to get started with, and that's why I recommend starting out with Android because it's so much cheaper. You don't I need a lot of money. You just don't need to pay $25 for the Google Developer Council to sign up to be able to publish unlimited number of ass. And that's a one time fee for Apple you need to spend $100 a year to be a part of their developer program and overall building and publish me now for Android is a way simpler and easier process for you to go true and any of thes platforms. Android IOS, of course, web. They have more traffic, more volume that you can possibly need. So focus on one platform, get started with one platform and then build your up. Get the users that you want to get and then later on, if you want to branch out to other platforms, you could do so. But one platform, any off him is more than enough for you to get started on. The potential is there. Now we're going to talk about market research and how you find potential. And of course, when you do market research and when you build your app based on the principles that I'm explaining to you in this class, then you would know why your APP is going toe work. While your app is going to be successful and wide by being a student of this class, you have a higher chance than everybody else in the market to become successful at corner. So basically it doesn't matter. I would recommend starting out with and great a lot of volume. A lot of people in all different kind of countries continent are using on right. They're using Google play as a mean to download an access APS on it super easy for us to build and publish our app on Google. Play the process pretty straightforward and the potential is there. So basically, that's it for this lesson, and I'll be seeing you in the next one. 6. The Mistake That Will Make You Successful: okay in this. Listen, it is very quick. Listen, I want to tell you about a very important mistake that 97% off app owners make. And I'm not talking about general public trying to get into the market. I'm talking about people who actually have a nap. They make this mistake and it caused as 97% of the job market failing and only 3% of people winning. Now, this mistake if you use it if you know about it. And if you act according to the steps that I'm gonna show you in the next lessons, if you act based on those than you're safe, you're not gonna make this mistake. Actually, this mistakes is going to be something that's gonna work for you. And the mistake is the lack off market research. It's really insane how many people they come up with a random idea. They go straight to building it. They spend a lot of time, lot of money, a lot of free sources on building an idea that is not proven, in fact again. 97% of APS on the app store they like the APP owners. They have done no market research and that has caused them to fail. I have talked to people who, after many years of battling there, when we do the research, we find out that there are only like 5 600 people in the entire world who have downloaded a similar absolute. If you do the market research, you are increasing the rates of your success by 1000 folds, and I'm not exaggerating. But if you don't do the market research, especially the way that I'm going to show you here, then the chances are that that you're going to fail. And it's very simple, because most of the time the idea that you come up with that you're super excited about that is not going to be a good idea. So when you do, research will refine it. You find a similar idea. You find a similar market, and then you tweak your idea to a point that it becomes solid idea that's worth building and has potential. So if you don't do the market research, which I'm going to show you, by the way in the next few lessons, you're gonna fail like the chances are that 99 99.9%. You're going to fill up Barely seen anybody. Actually, I haven't seen anybody, including myself, back in the day when I didn't do research, Any of my absolute success would be successful without being research is just not gonna happen. But if you do the research, if you just spend a little bit of time, little bit of energy and it's a free process, by the way to do the research to understand the market, word of potential is and what people want, Um, what problem you're solving and helping that market is and how much money we can make. Then the chances are that Europe is going to be super successful on the chances are that you're gonna your app is gonna make the goal that we have for discussions $10,000 a month and beyond. So that is it. The biggest mistake that I see over and over people make is not doing the research, not doing the homework of going through an understanding the market and seeing where the potential is instead wasting their time, resources and energy on an idea that's not going to work. So we are going to be smarter we're gonna be topped 3%. So we're going to do the research. We're gonna find out where the potential is. And the best part is sometimes when we do research, we come up with even better ideas. We come up with even more profitable ideas. And sometimes these ideas air even simpler, easier and faster, quicker to belt. So we don't differ. Do that's getting to the process of market research. I love this process because every time I sit down after 10 15 minutes, I come up with so many up ideas that I know that if I build them, they're going to be successful. So that's it for this video, and I'll be singing the next lesson. 7. Finding Your Best App Idea: Okay, this Listen, we're gonna talk about how to find your seven figure app idea. And when we say seven figure, of course we mean an idea that has $1,000,000 potential and beyond. Right, So that's our seven figure idea. And let's talk about how we actually find it. Well, we find it through market research and researching and potentially seeing where the demand is. So we research to market to find proven and real demand. And this is super important. Because if you build an app that nobody wants and there's no demand for it, then you're going to fail. Then we want to analyze the competition and learn from them, because the best place, the best source for you to learn, is just to look at your competition, other acts that serve the same market and we like and we can learn so much from them, and I'm gonna show you how we learn from them in the next lesson or so. And of course, you want to ensure the potential to increase value. This is very, very important. When we researched the market and when we do market research, we want to see those opportunities where we can come in and we can increase value for the user so we can improve the experience, make the solution better. Basically move the user from the problem state, which we talked about to the solution state or the desire state that they want to be in faster, easier on in a more pleasant way. So that's why we need to do research. And the best part of this process is that thanks to Google play, you have a multibillion dollar research machine. All the data is they're all everything you want to learn from. Your market is already on Google play for free, for you to go and discover. And believe me when I tell you those who do the research are the ones they're going toe win and those who ignore the research are the ones were going to pay the price. So this is it. This is why we do research first to find proven and real demand. And if the demand is not there for the idea that we want to build, we're not gonna build that idea, because guess what? We are going to fail. I've seen people failing over and over again just because they ignore the lack of demand. And I'm gonna show you how to find demand, how to spot it in the next lesson. And again, we're gonna We're gonna look at the competition, See? Who are we going up against again? If you are just starting out this your first ab, you don't want to spend a lot of money. You don't have a lot of resource is don't let don't have a lot of time, then you don't want to go against something like Facebook with their $1,000,000,000 resource is you want to go against somebody who is weak, maybe at your level, and then you can dominate the market using the tips and techniques that I'm gonna teach you in this class. So again, competition, you need to know who you're getting into, a ring wit who you're up against, and we're gonna analyze that as well. And of course, the competition is the best place for you to learn from. The competition tells you what the market loves, what the market hates, what is liking in the market. So with minimum effort, you can come up with the best idea. Super simple, super easy to build, build it on, achieve your goals. And of course, we want to see that we can make the process better for users. We can come up with a better, easier, simpler app, and you wouldn't believe it. But if I tell you that always the simplest app wins, that's just a really love to market. The simpler your app is, the easier it is to build. The fastens is to build and publish. The more the users are gonna love it because it's gonna be a more pleasant, simplified and minimalistic experience for the users to get away from the problem. The pain that they have and get to the desire state that they want to be it. So take notes again. These three super important Every time I do research, I'm looking to analyze these three things. And those who master these three are the ones we're gonna get. A majority of the share would share off the marketplace on your apples going are gonna grow really, really big, and they're going to be super successful. And before you know what, you're gonna hit $1000 a month. $5000 a month month, $10,000 a month and beyond, and that's how you grow. So that is it. And let's get to the market, research the fun part or dissed shoulder on how we do research, how we go about finding ideas and how we analyze the competition and find potential for a better app. 8. Market Research Hands On: okay, It's time to actually get into the market research and find a few ideas. No, you can come up with your own ideas based on the GPS framework, which we discussed in the previous lesson. Or you can just use Google play to find potential and find ideas, which you can turn into a profitable app. I talked about the problem that new parents have, that they have a crying baby, so I thought that would be a good example to go true. Onda validate that idea. Now imagine that you picked the group parents and the problem is that their newborn baby is crying all night so they can get a good night of sleep and how we can help this problem. How weaken, Move people away from the problem state and take them to where they want to be, which is a sleeping baby and a good night of sleep. So the first thing I'm going to do when I do research for a particular idea I want to think about what phrase or search keyword people type into the search box to find our app. So if we already have a nap, or if I have that problem. What? What would be the search term that people tap into the search bar in Google, play to find our up to find a solution, I should say Right. So I would probably think that people happy tapping how to stop baby from crying, right? What type of here, Let's excess and we can see some abs popping up right there. Some abs that ah, kind of related to all require. So this one, baby, stop crying. Let's take a look at this one on We I already know that apparently playing wide noise for her baby is helpful, So that's something that could be a good solution. But even if you don't have a solution yet, you can learn what solutions are available by looking at your potential competition. So let's take a look at it. Some off these, perhaps here, see what we confined. And at the first glance, you could see that we're getting some unrelated absolute like baby Christ sounds right. So, uh, cry analyzer, something that's like, not so related to our ab. But you can see that there are a considerable number of abs here targeting our target market, and this is very important because even if these acts are not super related to our own idea , but they're targeting the same demographics and market, then the number of downloads that these APS have can indicate the potential that we have in terms of the number of users we can get. So let's take a look at these abs. So this up, um, again like this is another like a really high quality of the icon. Thebe could be better. Much very. In fact, they haven't really take advantage of all the screenshots. Not a lot of description. So a lot of people are happy with the app. So that's a good side. Always read the reviews. I love reading the reviews because people tell you exactly what they're what they love and what they hate and what's missing. And take a look at this. 500,000 downloads you guys. So that's very, very important. In fact, let me bring up this. So this is the number off downloads that we want to see, right? 500,000 down those good amount and then this app is offering in app purchase products. No, I don't know if this app is offering an in APP purchase subscription, which is the way I like to monetize my abs because it builds up and it creates a sustainable and reliable income source. But this APP is charging 89 cents probably like a dollar US dollar per item. No, I would have recommend downloading this app and using it for yourself and see how the APP works. It should be a very simple up. In fact, I can see from the screenshot this never very complicated up. Right? So that's one thing. That's one good sign that there is potential in this market. No stuff crying, baby. Good touch again. Like these abs, you need to you need to understand them a little bit. And that's why we're doing research, right? So their description again. Not a lot of text. Some people are not super happy. Three stars, 10,000 installs right now. This is not This is something that petition to last time this app was updated was almost three years ago, actually more than three years ago, right? So that's something to be considered after three years, 10,000 downloads. But again, this is not a very well targeted at. I don't really get it. I don't know what it does, what it spilled for. It doesn't really tell me if it solves my problem or not. And that's why this app, despite that, it's got a good, uh, positioning rank. It hasn't generated a lot of downloads like this other one, because this other one assumes you land on this page. You can tell what it's about, and we're gonna talk more about that later on. So let's move on to this other one. Don't cry, my lullaby. So again, Interesting app. Um, colorful D a better description in terms of volume. A lot of happy users. So that's a good sign. There we go. One million users. They're not offering an in APP purchase upgrade. So that's also a good sign, right, although that the last time they updated the Abu's two years ago, So in this case, this could be a good thing. So maybe this developer, they just abandoned the app. We can come in and we continue take advantage of the market, and we condemn it because they're not really maintaining the act that much. And Google play always kind off favours the new and exciting APS and again. You see, a lot of people are super happy with this up. Andi, let's move onto the next one. So baby language, try before you buy, so you don't really need to have something like that in the title. What's the point of this? You want to have your title matching the phrase We're going to talk more about that later on. But again, this this doesn't really tell me much about the functionality off the up. Maybe this is like something that classifies the sound off the baby when the baby is crying to get basically, give you an idea. What wide The baby's crying. Interesting. A lot of one star negative reviews. 100,000 downloads right again, Very interesting, recently updated, and they also offer an in APP purchase product for four euros. Probably $5. Right? So, again, this is how we do research. Now we know that there is potential for this mark. Dried there is, like a lot of potential. I always want to see over 100,000 downloads for this for any market that I want to get in. So if there is not a very closely related app to the APP that I wanna build with 100,000 downloads. And I probably won't build that idea and skip it because they're just so many ideas we'd better potential. And again, this is This is not a good looking up again. Low quality up baby crying sounds. Um, yeah. Did the description doesn't really tell you anything. Uh, apparently just plays the sound of baby crying. I don't know. Why would you need enough like this? 50,000 downloads you guys. So I was wrong. Apparently a lot of people wanted, no matter how crappy looking the APP is Bad icon, bad screenshots and bad title. So this this is an interesting thing in now that we're looking at, this is a good example. Sometimes when you do research, you find interesting ideas like this one baby crying sounds. I had no idea that 50,000 people would download this app. Apparently, there's a demand for it. I would create a file with all these ideas that you find when you do research. And that's called the idea vault. I want to collect all the ideas that I find interesting so I can refer back to them later on. Sometimes I just changed my ideas. If I see that this is a better idea that has more potential, less competition than I just changed my idea. Because I'm not in love with my ideas. I want to build a profitable and sustainable up that's gonna make me money day in and day out. So So, 100,000 downloads in the market that that's the potential. That's the demand, right? We talked about in the previous video to three things. The 1st 1 is demand. The 2nd 1 is analyzing your competition. So can we come up with a better app, then our competition for this market and how big is our competition? So, uh, I'm gonna delete the how to hear. I'm just gonna say, stop baby crying, right? You could see that some acts are popping up with baby cry sound baby cry sounds. So what I would recommend when you face a market like this that's like a little bit mixed up with other ideas just because off the keywords similarity, I would go to the top 20 aps right? Or as many as you can, because the more research research you do, the better your results are going to be anaemic A list off every single address, closely related team to my idea and an app that could be a potential competitors Because I want to understand who up going against. If I can't beat them, then I'm gonna just my ideal a bit. I'm gonna go after a slightly different market. I'm not gonna go compete with the biggest app in that market, because why would you do that? We wanna create a better value for our user. So in this particular case, I haven't done research for this special market. But again, our goal is to find out if we can provide a better solution, a simpler solution So you can see that this app that we looked at for examples too complicated right to cultural that this app is for the parents, not for the baby. So I would simplify it. I would make it easy like way simpler. And as you can see this at this kind of abandoned app So if I want to build a nap, if this is the biggest app in this market, then I can definitely go in and build a better, simpler ab DATs more up to date on congee way more helpful. So that's the second thing understanding your competition and how hard it is to beat them. The third thing that we want to find out is can we build a better app? Can we increase the value and look at this market? I'm absolutely positive that I can build a better app. You can build a better app for this market. No, this particular one again. Not a lot off super high quality abs. And then we're going to talk about how you can make your app look high quality. But you can see that like the description and old s. They're not really putting a lot of effort in these abs on duh. They're not really up letting them much, so yes, I can come in and I can build a better app. Easier to use, simpler to use and to even learn more from the market. This is where you can go ahead and learn from the ratings. Right? I would go to three star ratings to star ratings and read what is missing from from this app. People, people share their ideas, right? I know. For some reason, this is not loading the reviews properly. Maybe I need to refresh the page, but people tell you exactly what is missing from the app. What? Well, what? What do they need? And they tell you exactly what they want so you can increase the value that way. So you could. That's why these reviews are super valuable, because before Google play, it was impossible for us to get people's opinion for free. You have to pay 40 $50 per opinion. But now you have this pool off unlimited supply off people's opinion on different topics and different ideas, and that can help you build a better app, build a simpler app and build an app that adds more value to the market. So again, to conclude our research, the kind of basic research is to understand your market. So we see that there is potential. We actually found an app that has one million downloads. Second, we want to know if we can go up against these APs how high quality they are, And if you can come up with a better quality app and weaken, be beat them, How many off them are there? I don't know exactly how many closely related acts are out there. Maybe you want to do that as your homework, right? So go ahead, do research for this market or some other market and understand who you're going up against . So far, none of these acts are super impressive, especially aps that have photos as their icons like these ones. I can I can tell that these are lazy abs and before even clicking on the icon, you can tell that this is like a lazy AB, because if you really want to build a good app, you put some effort into your icon because that's such a very, very important part off your app. And as you can see, there we go like a lot of negative reviews. 5000 downloads These air, like AP owners, were just building a bunch of low quality absent. They want to get it, get a little bit of Dallas, and they don't even know how to monetize those downloads. But it's a good thing because we can just go and and dominant. So that's just a very short introduction to research how we go about it. And it all comes down to your own intuition when it comes to understanding where potential is right. There is no overall rule that I can give you. This comes down to you understanding the market. If you can beat these abs, how many acts are competing with you and how many people are in this market looking for a solution? So what I just showed you here puts you ahead of 97. 98% of Apple owners out there Go go on Google play, do research, read reviews, understanding for markets. And you would be amazed how many solid 67 or even eight figure app ideas you can come up with on your own, and you would be able to see how exciting the up market is. Another thing is, you can download every single app in the market on your own phone. If you have an android phone and use them, see how they monetize the users, read the reviews and see if people are happy with that kind of upgrade or what they're offering. Right, because if people are off operating and they're not getting valued, they're gonna leave a negative review and you would be able to see if they're Mont Station statue is a good one or a bad one. But again, this is where you find your idea. This is where you perfect your idea. And this is the start off a successful a $1,000,000 app. So go ahead, do your research, play with Google, play and just go click out multiple abs. See what comes up. Read the reviews, make a list, and then I'll be seeing you in the next session. 9. Use Google To Find Your $1M Idea: okay. And this? Listen, I want toe reveal a very cool secret that basically allows you to use Google to come up wet app idea. So Google literally tells you what idea to build, where the potential is and the way we do. This is true. The search or a suggestion functionality. So you've used Google or Google play before. And when you start typing, Google comes up with some suggestions, and these suggestions are gathered based on the popularity of previous searches done by people. So Google is trying to guess what you're going to search, right? That's the whole point of this mechanism. And it does that by the volume for previous search queries, starting with what you are typing at the time. So with how to how to loot game is the number one search suggestion for this query. So we know that there is a lot of potential there, and then we have halted draw. How to do it is a massive market and let's go and take a look at it. So if I just started with how to and then space, I had no idea that, for example, how to draw is a big market on Google play. But as we can see, how to draw is a massive market with 10 million installs for this particular app, and I have actually looked into this market before, and they are very simple abs, for example, this particular app here, just like a step by step drawing guide. It's nothing fancy, just shows you the steps. And as you can see, it just says how to draw cars and 500,000 downloads. You guys so very, very important. We didn't about this market. I just tapped in how to. And then Google told me that how to draw is a very popular search term, and I can't even take it further. And I can do this and then per space and then says Hall to draw enemy Manda books free step by step cars. And then I can even go true for and take a look at every single letter in the alphabet. And then you go with a be looking all these ideas coming up right. How to draw bike, how to draw Barbie, how to federal books, how to draw cars, cartoons que things see, like these ideas we just need to look at them, and by the way, you need to be careful of copyright infringement and stuff. You shouldn't really build APS around copyrighted material, so that's one thing that you need to always keep in mind. But how to draw cute things, like 10 seconds ago. I did not know that there is potential for such a a kind of idea, but there we go. 5000 downloads. Not a lot. But again, this is a very nish idea. This is an idea that very few people are searching for right, But again we found a segment off the drawing market that apparently is popular. And then I can go ahead and take a look at, like Aled the for example, a n and then anime animals animal office. See like we can go even deeper in every single one of thes queries and find mawr and more ideas. And eventually you're going to find a market with 23 APS with lots of downloads, hundreds of thousands of downloads for does through three APS, and they're usually not very high quality. Absolutely, you can go in and dominate that market easily. You can even use Google because Google place Search doesn't really allow you to use the wild color card functionality, which is when you used the letter. Wouldn't use underscore or when you use an ass tricks so it doesn't work there. But we can take the same thing Copy yet and go to Google. And as you can see, it fills up where the Asterix is. So how to activate coral draw a fly? Oh, that these are, like not very interesting ideas. Of course, this is like for software for CorelDraw, Bud. We can because it's were searching for your offline. We can say, like how to draw us or how to quickly this would be a better example and sometimes you need to kind of play with this. There we go. How to lose weight quickly. How to lower block pressure quickly how to fall asleep quickly. These are all ideas that you can also mined from Google because of this wild card functionality and plug those ideas into Google play and see what comes up. So how to fall asleep quickly? This is a search term, right? So let's copy this. Go back to Google, play and see what comes up right? Sleep in seconds. There we go. 500,000 downloads you guys. So that's how you come up with ideas. Like when I started recording this lesson for you, I had no idea that this market exists. Apparently, people out there they go to Google planned a search for a way to sleep quickly. That's a problem that I never thought about. But no, I know that there is a huge market for such a nap. And as you can see, the screen shots are not so great again like it's not a bad app. But you could do better, right? They're not doing that. Actually, the title could be improved a little bit. The description could be Could be improved a lot again. Same weight ran out of energy bars pushing my partner again. Not a great awake at three AM These are not great titles to put in your screenshots. And again, why do you need this here? Just started slipping seconds because guess what? I didn't even see the full title here. So again you can see that there is. There is a market that just discovered in front of your eyes here. And then you can go deeper. Do research and see if you can find segments in this market so I can just go in and tapping fast in two minutes. So apparently people are actually typing that in. So that's how you find really powerful ideas. And that's how you build APS that are going to dominate the marketplace. So there's a very powerful tip. Use it. Use Google to come up with ideas on. You're gonna find so many ideas that are going to work in the marketplace crazy. So go ahead. Do you do? Do you do your homework? Do the research. Just play with Google. Play with Google play, come up with ideas again. Not a lot of people are doing this Onley to three people. Percent of people are doing this effectively, and those are the ones who are the successful app owners out there, and I'm going to turn in, turn you into one. So that's it for this. Listen, and I'll be seeing you in the next 10. App Idea Homework: Okay, This lesson is all about your homework, because up to this point in the class, then we've covered enough stuff for you to have enough to do to get to a point that you can move on to the next stage, which is building your absolute right now. You can easily go ahead on and start doing research. Now. You can, of course, go ahead and watch the rest of the class if you want to. But it's a good practice to come up with a few ideas. So you know what app? You Annabelle? And since you're starting out, I would not be too much worried about what idea you come up with or what ideas. The best idea. The point is to pick an idea that has potential and turning it into a nab that you can publish to the store. The chances are that your first Abby is not going to be so great, which is totally fine. My first few abs were completely crappy. And I didn't know this stuff that I have already told you. So you're going to be ahead of the curve. You're gonna be ahead of everybody else by by a lot, So don't worry about building the wrong AB. Doesn't matter. We are practicing here. The goal is to get your first app out under market. So you see the entire process from scratch from zero to finish and for you to get used to the process and see how everything is done. So you're not too worried about all this. Apus failed. It failed. Or also you wouldn't be investing too much. Resource is in everyone idea. You see that there's so many ideas out there and the chances are that may be a one or two app that you built. They might fell. It's totally fine. Our goal is to get to the winner idea that can potentially make you a lot of funny every single month. Not to mention that the value off your app is gonna increase exponentially the true value of your app. Maybe later on, you know, on a cellular company, sell your app to a bigger company. You could also do that. So the whole something about building APS is that not only you're going to be making money with your app, but also your apple increasing value right. It becomes a valuable asset that you own. So now for your homework, I want you to simply go ahead and do a little bit of research. Go to different categories on Google play. Take a look at all these different categories. I would not recommend building a game. Of course, I'm not a big fan of games because they're short term. They're not really evergreen on, uh, head and missed. There's no system with market research. We can understand where the market potential is, what pain or problem we're solving. And we can build an app that last for many, many years. So I would recommend going ahead and taking a look at thes kind of categories. Click on them, go through some of the apse and study them. You could also, of course, do a search up here. So, as we looked at in the previous video, you can start with how to You can take a look at Aled different kind of ideas that you come up with the different search terms. Onda come up with a few ideas, do a little bit of research looking other abs, the competition that that idea has on, uh, pick two or three APS that you kind of feel passionate about or you like building. And then in the next listen, we're going to start talking about turning down idea into a riel app easily without any programming without any tech skills, you can do it on your own. It takes a little bit of effort, a little bit of work. But that's totally fine. And that's a great thing, because guess what? Not a lot of people are willing to take the action. That's why a very small percentage of people are apt. Owners and a very small percentage of those up owners are actually successful because the stuff that recovered right, a lot of people don't do market research. A lot of people don't know how to build their app. And most importantly, a lot of people don't know what to put under AP Page, which we're going to talk about after building the app. So go ahead, do a little bit of research, find a few ideas, find out where the potential is, find a few ideas that you had no kind off idea about, right, so that's the beauty of up market. You can come up with things with potential find potential in the market that you never do that despite intial existed. So that's your homework for now. And in the next lesson, we're going to start talking about turning our ideas into really acts that we can put on our phones and submit to Google play or APP store. 11. Basics of Building Your App: Okay, let's talk about how to build your app. How are we gonna take our idea and turn it into a really app that you can run your phone on ? Your friends and family members phone phones and submitted to Google? Play for everybody in the world to use? Right? That's the end gold here. So let's talk about that. No fue important things. You should not spend more than a week on your app. That's the whole point off this class. If you're spending more than a week on building wrap, then you're doing something wrong. Our goal is to get our idea, our up, out on the Google play and let it sit there and see if people are actually going to download it without us investing too much time, too much, too much effort into it. And if your app is too complicated, then move on to the next idea. This is super crucially important and a lot of beginners. Lot of newbies want to build an apt as complicated as Facebook. That's not a good idea. You need to get in the ring with somebody you can actually fight. So the whole point of research was to find a simple idea that we can even make it even simpler and build that app. And of course, content and information based APS are the best because they're super easy to build their super simple to use, and they add a lot of value to the user's life. For example, the Stop crying baby app that we looked at You just need to play a white noise for the user . It doesn't get simpler than that, and you must build an app that matches your resource is again. This goes to the second point where we talked about. If you want to build an app that super complicated that you think that you can't build on your own, then move on to the next idea that's too complicated. That's going to fell, because if the act is too complicated, Day is not going to create value for people Well, because it's not built well. Complicated APS require a lot of free sources to build them correctly, and you're going to fail. So if you're a beginner, if you're starting out, go with a simple idea. This is the biggest tip that I can give you. I have students that have mentor with 23 simple ideas. They're making 20 $30,000 a month. So if you're not making any money from the APP store, don't go for the $1,000,000,000 idea. Don't go for the $100 million idea. Go for an idea that's gonna potentially worth a $1,000,000.1 day, but you can start simple. You can build on your own, and you can make it profitable so it can potentially replace your job or replace your card income source, and you can turn it into a proper business again. I have students who are making a good amount of money with super simple APS You wouldn't believe so. That's the gold here. Don't go After a super complicated idea. We looked at some maps already. The drawing. APS information based APS. It's very simple, basic abs that add value to the user's life, and users would use them on regular abate rigor bases and, uh, because they're using them regularly. Then you're going to make more and more money because you would have engagement. And when the user engaging with trap, then your app is gonna grow even bigger. So simple. APs Easy to build content and information based absolute best on. That's how you getting the app market and you become successful as somebody was starting out. No, let's talk about the ways to build your app there like Lutton Unlimited number of strategies out there. But it's not really unlimited. If you boil it down, it all comes down to 34 methods that majority of people are using to build an app. And I'm gonna take you through them here right now. The 1st 1 is, if you're starting out up to 10,000 downloads or 10,000 users, you just need to use a dragon drop software. I'm gonna show you which one I recommend in just a second in the next lesson. And if you have passed 10,000 down those, then you need to move away from your dragon drops offer because basically a dragon drops offer is a good place to start. But it doesn't give you the flexibility and functionality to monetize your app. Make the amount of money that you want to make with it on, basically, take it to the next step. So from 210,000 downloads, you move your app took what we call a custom code, which is not something that we want to discuss. Here's very were a bit more complicated for people for who already have an app that successful with 10,000 users and beyond, and then over 100,000 downloads or users, you build a team to manage your app development and out publishing because you're a dad level. You're making a lot of money off course if you follow what I've laid out in this class. So in this class we're going to cover the Dragon Drop software. I'm gonna show you my favorite software and why. This is a good option for you to start, and you can do it on your own. You don't need to have any technical skills if there is a learning curve. But again, it's good because learning curve and these kind of small barriers they stopped from everybody else from competing with you. And that's why the APP market is such a good market, because 99% of people they have no idea how to get in. They don't even know that they can get in because they think it's super difficult and that 1% actual. Listen, 1% of people who eventually become app owners again, 97% of them. They don't know what they're doing because they don't know research. They built it wrong app. They invest too much time, resources and money in building the app and they fail. And by the way, the method that I'm going to show you here you can build your app for free, and it's pretty amazing. You can do it on your own, and it's a skill that's gonna be super useful to you. So let's get started. We're building the APP. In the next lesson, I'm gonna introduce you to my favorite dragon drop up builder, which you can use for free. You can get in, start practicing, learn how it works on build your first up with it. So let's get started 12. Best Tool To Build Your App: Okay, this Listen, we're going to talk about at the best platform Dragon drop platforms for you to build your app. Now, I used to recommend good barber a lot at good barbara dot com. And this is a good platform. Very simple, very easy to use to build a information or content based APS. Now, since this is just for information content, it's kind of very limited. But it's also very powerful in terms off reliability and styling, if your app. So you give up some stuff and you gain some stuff that with good barber, you can also build a progressive Web as we talked about and they're supporting it. They're actually offering it as one off their product here, so good Barber is a good option. The pricing is a little bit expensive. Actually, it is very expensive if you compared to the next option that we have again here because in Europe at the moment, you could see that for just one progressive weapon. They're charging 30 years a month, which is quite expensive, especially when it comes to testing, because we want to test out a few ideas, see which one's gonna work, and I would not recommend using Good Barber at this time because it's just a little bit too expensive for what you get, and especially for our strategy, which is all about finding where the market potential s. So I'm going to introduce you to out another platform, which is really cool called Funk about. This is a newer platform, but it's super flexible and you could learn it easily. They have a lot off interesting tutorials and videos, which you can go true, but they give you a whole new level off freedom and flexibility, and you can build custom solutions custom features using these court blocks, which are super easy to use. I would highly recommend you to learn them how they work, because they allow you to build most of the ideas that you can think about and you can add very simple functionality, Teoh content or information app. It allows you to take it to a whole new level off, basically awesomeness. When it comes to adding value to the user's life and helping users solve their problem and , of course, thinkable. You can build and publisher app as a native android or IOS app. They don't offer a proper progressive Web absolution right now, but I'm pretty sure that they're gonna add it in the near future. Because they recently added the mobile Web app, It's just a mobile kind of Web browser. Tap of solution. It's not pretty pw a, but of course it's coming because this platform is growing really quickly, and it has a lot of advantages. They have a community of people sharing their own sources with other users, so you can just go in and use an already existing app and modify it for your own use. And of course, the pricing is very attractive, so it can get in built, unlimited public projects so you can practice with the platform for free. And when you want to build and publish your app dead, you can actually upgrade to $21 a month and $25 if you underpaid monthly. And that gives you unlimited private and public projects, which is absolutely amazing gives you what one gigabyte account story, which is something you don't really need. But it's cool, and it gives you two build a test and published with pro components like ADM up. That's how you make money which were up by showing advertising. We're gonna talk about that in future lessons, but a very, very cool pricing model that allows you to build unlimited number of APS for just $25 a month. Again, this is great for us because it allows us to build as many axes we want. And $25 is nothing. Because if you're making like $25 a month, you can just get your money back with with a really bad app. But our goal is to make thousands of dollars a month with your app so you can easily get your money's worth. Because this is this is, like, literally free, especially if you compare it to other services out there. Self thinkable is my favorite platform of choice. In the next lesson, we're gonna take a look at how it works. I'm not gonna get into a full tutorial on how this platform works because they have their own documentation and they have their own video library, which you can go true and learn how the platform works. And they keep it up today. But I'm just going to give you a demo on health. Flexible it is and how I think about thinkable. And when it comes to trying out a new idea in gaps starting give you a few tips on that. So basically, that's it for this. Listen, I'll be seeing you in the next lesson. Where we gonna it go into the dashboard of thinkable and start with a demo up? 13. Software Tour and Demo of Building an App: Okay, this. Listen, we're gonna take a look at thinkable on and go through the platform, see how everything structured and how you can make the most out off this really, really nice, dry and drop at builder with a lot of flexibility. Now, as I mentioned, funk abilities a new platform. So expect some dogs or issues here and there, and they're fixing them real quickly, and you can contact their support if you find an issue or if you're having any trouble. But I would highly recommend spending a few days learning this platform going through there tutorials and the videos that they have in their documentation to learn how this platform works. One nice thing about thinkable is that other users can share the APS that they've built which you. So here are some examples. For example, there some games, some tic tac toe kind of app. You can use these as a kind of learning mechanism for you to to understand the platform and see how everything works. And here on the top top community projects, you can click on that and then you could see a lot off. Basically, projects built by other users are being shared on the platform, and you can go through them, learn how they work and even take a look at some of these abs. And if you can repackage or rebuild these APS for some markets that you discover on Google play, that might have potential. So that's a very cool and powerful thing. You can go to these projects and you can see how popular they are on. Uh, basically, get a copy off that project for yourself in your account so you can change it, customize it and build it for a market that you found on Google play. No, let's start with a new app. So I'm going to create a new up gonna call deaths? Uh, let's say stop crying, right? That's the app that we came up with. We can be a category we don't really need to set optional on. Of course, this statistic and I'm using So it's public, right. Gonna go ahead and create the project. It's gonna take us to the dashboard. So this is the dashboard of thinkable. Very important. Let me actually zoom in so I could show you how everything works. I think this is not assume So here you have the components that you at your app on this sidebar and left here, these are the components available to us that we can add to our app and under right hand side this side. Bart, this is the property off the component that we have selected. No, I'm not going to go into the details here because thinkable they have great documentation in the upgrade tutorial that you could go true. You can access them here. Tutorial on documentation. I'm just gonna give you a quick demo off how this platform works. So here, for example, we have selected the screen one. This is the first screen off the AP one. Yeah, loads. We can change the background. We can change basically the background picture some properties which you learn how you can use them. But let's add a label. Very simple. We can add a label. There we go. We have added labelled to the page. Let's say this is our main label, right? And then I'm gonna change the name. Uh, let's fix Tess. Uh, let's also change. This is our main label right now. That's the name off the label, which you can use in the blocks later on. And this is the text which is currently showing under page. That's the default text. Then I'm gonna add a bun. So I'm gonna go to user interface and add a bun. And, of course, you can see the body is being added on top off the label. I can just go ahead here on change the, uh, order here. Very simple. And but maybe we could say something like show results. Right? And then it says, But I'm just gonna show you how this platform works if I want to go ahead and give it a 20 pixel top margin is just gonna add a little bit of space on the top. You can do that for old size, or you can give it some padding up to you. You can change the border radius of your button, unlike my buttons to have any border ready. Yes. So that's that. No, I'm gonna go to the blocks here. And this is where you create the logic off your app again. I know it might sound a bit complicated. When you go through the tutorials, you'll learn everything about this platform. I'm going to bring up the bun here and you can see we have a lot of different blocks that we can play with. We want to bring this one that says, when button one is clicked so I can say like when 11 is click, You could also have long click Touchdown, touch up. We just want the click. Right Then what I want to do is when the button is pressed, I want to change. What? What's reading in the label that we add? So I'm gonna bring click on the main label on. I'm gonna bring this black hair. That's us from me Label set text to gotta bring this. And I'm gonna change the text for death so we could just say, Wow, this works this words right? Oh, good type of year Doesn't matter. This works. Okay, so this is a very simple logic guesses when Bun one is click changed. The what's inside the label right text. You can also change older properties off your label, but let's go ahead. Go back to design and test this app live, and it's gonna give us a preview in the second here. Also previewed as a responsive Web which is really cool thistles. Something new that they've added. Now I'm gonna go ahead and click show results. There we go. The label has changed. And of course, we can go ahead and do math. For example, if I want to build a calculator app right, I can bring up this component here and replace it with some numbers. And that would be our kind of calculator app. Of course, I'm just giving you a demo. You can make this as complicated as you want it to be, But I'm just showing you hauled the structure works, you can add a second screen. So that screen number two, I could go back here at the new button, right? Very simple. Bring the button down, maybe add a little bit off top patting 20 make the radius zero to make it look good. I'm gonna change the background color to orange. And this would be go to next page, write something very simple. I'm just giving you a demo. Hold this work, and then I'm going to bring up the button tube here. So when button to is clicked, then I'm gonna basically go to control and bring this navigate to scream, too. Very simple again. If you don't know how this works, don't worry about it. The purpose of this video is not to teach you how thinkable works. The purpose is to give you how simple and easy we can build an app that has proper functionality. And I forgot to put something on this page. Let's put a label on this page that says Screen, uh, new screen, right? Very simple and easy. And then we're gonna go back to the demo. And then when I cooked like this, I'm seeing the next screen. Very simple. I can switch between screens. I can have different functionality. I can at a text input. Let's actually add it takes input. That be fun. So this is where the user can actually input some value. So maybe we want to get the value from the user and then do some calculations. So instead of just taking this number, I'm just gonna go to text input and bring this from text input. One get text, put that in here. So whatever I tappin detects when I pressed the button is going to be added to the second number. So let's add 100 so we could test it. Go back to life test. Let's say that I want to add some random number. Whatever this is, when we press this there we go. 100 is being added to this number. So I just built a kind of calculator functionality. Maybe we want to build a health app that does some calculation. A calculator, health app for the user. Super simple. You can build it and then you can change your layout. Make it look the way that you wanted to look super simple, super easy. You can build an app that has a lot of functionality, so I don't want to make it more complicated than this. Of course, this is that this is a platform that you do a lot of stuff when you can monetize your app, which we're going to talk about in the future lessons. You can have a database. So every time you pressed about open the app, you see a different piece of information like a daily tip that could be a very popular app . You can build whatever you can think off in terms off very simple app that as a lot of value to user, and you can do it with this up easily so we could do it. Do it with this Web app basically thinkable, right? So very easy. You can use rows and columns to change your layout. Maybe have two buttons next to each other again. You need to spend a few days to learn this platform. But when you master it, then Sky's the limit. And of course, again, you can go ahead and publisher after android to IOS, Or you can even publish it as a Web app, which is really cool. And here is where you said you're up. Name up bundle. We're gonna talk more about that later on. We can also said the APP icon and different versions for your app, and this is more advanced stuff. Firebase sittings in stripes in this where you want to get paid in your app like sell stuff or attitude external database. We're not going to talk about those. If you're interested in those, you can go to the documentation for Funchal. But that's how thinkable works. Very simple. I can build a very cool app in an hour, so really working on this platform and they're working on this and updating it every single day, and you can really take advantage of it and take things to a new level by building your custom functionality on again. It's free. So practice Learn it on build a few axe wooded. I'm pretty sure that you're gonna love it. 14. Publish Your App: All right, let's talk about publishing your app to play Store two. Google play, right? So every single app barrel builder they have their own process off publishing your app to Google play because every platforms a bit different. So what I recommend you to do is just to follow the guide. For example, if you're using thinkable, especially funk of blacks, which is the current version, then you could go to documentation, scroll down and go to publish to play store. Or, if you want to publish to AP, story could go through that guide. But here they basically work your true every single step, which you need to take to build and publish your app. And, of course, it's very important for you to open Google play developer account because that's how you can publish your naps to Google plan. It's a $25.1 time fee, totally worth it, especially in comparison to Apple, and you can sign up to this link super easy and simple. Andi, just follow this instructions. They tell you exactly what you need to do to build your app, and then you can download and you can upload it to Google play, and that's how you build your app and submit it to Google plan. Of course, there some assets that you need to upload to Google play as well, along with your APP package. We're going to talk more about these assets in the upcoming lessons because they're very important and crucial to act success. You need a few screenshots here. They actually give you the guide of the basic things you need. And, of course, you need to have your APP icon, which is going to be 512 by 512 pixels Onda for privacy policy and stuff again. They got you true at what you need to do. And after you publish your app to play store, then you just need to wait for it to be approved. And there is an important part that that's your key story. This is a very important thing when it comes to our publishing again, follow the Thangka Balls guide. They give you the key story in case you want to move your app away to a custom solution like a custom code. It's really cool again. Go through the process doesn't matter if you make mistakes It's totally fine solely cool. You are learning the process, and it's important for you to go through the process at least one. So you know it's not as complicated as you think it is. You just need to do it once or twice to learn it, to get used to it. And then that's how you put your app on play store, which is the biggest app store in the world in terms of number off users. And it allows you to reach users globally across the globe up to people, literally in every single country. So that said, follow this guide. It's very simple. It's very easy. You might get stuck, but again, Google is always there for you. Look up the error areas that you get the problem, that you have the question a job, and you would be able to see exactly the answer that you're looking for to get over the hurdle and move onto the next step. So, basically, that said, it's not a complicated process. It's very simple. Follow the young couple's guide or if you're using good barber, then use the good barbers guides to building Publish your up Simple and let's talk about your APP listing in the next lesson 15. Generate Revenue With Your App: Okay, let's talk about monetization. Basically making money. Which rap and math. $220,000 Plus which your APP is going to be an exciting lesson because we're gonna talk about how you can actually monetize your app on, um, start to generate sustainable rev venue for yourself so ways you can make money which Europe the first way is to show advertising. And you do that by signing up for Google Ad Mob. I'm going to show Teoh just a second, and this is when you show utter companies advertising in your app and for every time that you show an ad, or for every time that the user clicks and add in your app, you get some amount of money for referring them. The prospect. The user if your app to their offer next is off, rob greats basically in APP purchases. It could be one time or it could be a subscription, which is my favorite way because that's how you built a paying user base. And then we have sell your high and services, and this is something very exciting. You can have your app absolutely for free, and then you can offer very high end, expensive services in Europe. In fact, one of my clients have been mentoring. He is charging $5000. He has a package that his offering to his users for $5000. But he's offering that Onley over a phone conversation so he gets to users to call him up on his phone number. And then he sells them a $5000 package so you can sell your high end services like that if you want to. Or you can sell your app so you can building up, just grow it and then sell the upto a bigger company for large sums of money. I have clients who have sold their abs for half a $1,000,000.700,000 dollars and beyond. No. Let's talk about the math through $120,000 per year in revenue. I want to break it down. Break this down for you so you can see what is the potential and how you can actually get there. No. 120 K per year. That's $10,000 a month. No. If you offer in APP purchase subscription upgrade at $10 a month now you might be asking that. Okay, $10 a month is a lot of money. I don't know if my users are willing to pay that well. It's relative to the problem that you're solving. If you're. If the problem which you're solving is painful enough, then people are willing to pay. Even more than that. $10 a month is not a lot of money, especially if you're solving the problem for the use their better than everybody else, and you bring a good solution to the market. In fact, it's a very easy number to hit. But again, you need to think about what type of problem you are solving and if the user is willing to pay you $10 a month. But if you go with this man, then you only need 1000 paid users to get there. That said, that's all the users that you need. Of course, some are going to cancel, but your app is good and grow every single month, so you're going to get more people joining the pay tear if you're Abd and then those who are going to cancel and that's how you grow so you only need 1000 paid users and depending on the market that you go after. Sometimes you can get those users super easily when you cross like 10 15 20,000 users again , depending in the conversion rate, depending on the service that your APP provides. There is no fixed number for this. You need to kind of molded and make it your own. Maybe you want to offer and $5 purchase upgrade, and then you would need 2000 people. And maybe a lot of people in your app are upgrading. Maybe 10% of people are upgrading in your app. Then you need 20,000 people to download your app in total for free. Second, get 10% off them, which is going to be 2000 people to operate a five out of $5 a month. Platt. I would start with $10 a month plan, and if I were you, I would be thinking about how can I provide enough service to my users so there would be paying $10 a month happily, too, used the premium features. Now let me show you a few things that we talked about ad mop. So here is Google ad mop on, you can create an account for free on bond. This is Google's mobile advertising network. You could use that. It's super simple all you need to do, just creating the count, and then you create a new, basically advertising i d. For every single app on with thinkable, for example, they have a guide on how to implement Google ad mob ads in your APP, and they give you pretty much everything you need to get your advertising up running and start generating revenue. This is a great way for you to make your first dollar. And for me personally, making your first dollar is it is a great goal to set because for for a lot of people that I have mentors when they see the first dollar, then they get super motivated and their level of commitment increases by many, many faults. So I would highly recommend to implement Adama in your app. Andi, have it basically running and make your first dollar just to increase your motivation. Because making the first dollar super simple with your app on, uh, thinkable At this stage, the only offer, admiral. So their monetization strategy is just at this stage is just Adam up, but they're gonna add in our purchase and other revenue channels as well. In the near future, you don't need to worry about in APP purchase and enough purchase subscription right now. If you have less than 10,000 users, then you can just build your AB with uncle ball. Make it available for free, and you can just have that's showing in your app just very little amount of ads. Also, you don't need to make a lot of money with advertising because advertising is that the best way to make money? You need a lot of volume, but it's a good way for you to just make a little bit of money to keep yourself motivated and then basically, invest more time and resource is in your app. And then when you head to toe, uh, kind of a number of down head number of downloads, which is viable for you to implement in APP purchase, then hopefully by then thinkable they have they're not purchase or the implement it. If not, you can simply move to a custom code base. Andi have in APP purchase for your users. But by then you have validated your market, you know that you have a good idea. You have a good app, and people have already given you their feedback, which is a really cool thing. Again. Don't worry about it. Our goal is to build an app that users would love on use, preferably on recurring base says. So that's what you need to focus on. But again, the math. $220,000 in revenge. You. It's not very complicated. You only need 1000 people to upgrade to an in APP purchase package, and that's how you can make enough money to replace your job and pay for all of your living expenses. This is just a short intro into mance ation, and I wanted to talk about this at de can, in fact, closer to the end of the class, because your your focus shouldn't be on making money. Your focus should be on creating a good solution for the marketplace, and as soon as you created good solution and it's a solution that the users want to any enjoy, then you don't really need to worry about Mont Station. It's super simple to set it up with admiral. Taken literally set it up in minutes with in APP purchase again, it's very doable you can set up in days. You just need to move your after custom code base and implement in our purchase. It's a more advanced strategy and if you haven't published your app yet, don't worry about it. That's a topic for another day. But that's basically the roadmap. When you have user downloading your app, then you know what to do and you would know what strikes you works for you by then and it is very likely that thinkable by didn't have implemented in app purchase because a lot of people are asking for it. Onda. That's basically it for this lesson and I'll be seeing you in the next one 16. The Formula To Get 100K Downloads: I want to talk about how you can get potentially 100,000 users and beyond for Europe. Know if you've been watching the entire class, then you know by now the idea is that we mine. And the idea is that we discover through the market research. One of the rules is to build an app that has at least 100,000 users proven by looking at competitors by looking at other APS on Google play. And that's such an important thing. And if you have followed that rule, then when it comes to getting users, then you you're already there. You're almost area 80 90% there because we are going to tap into an already existing demand on Google play. And let's not forget that more and more new devices are being activated on daily basis. The number of users globally is growing, and the best part is when somebody has downloaded one of your competitors, then place stories going to recommend your app as a new app to that user. So if somebody has downloaded an app about parenting, the chances are that Google is gonna recommend your app to that user off course. If your app is a good app that solves the problem for the user. No, Again, if you've done your market researched and you're almost there, there are only few things that we're gonna go over in this lesson. If you haven't done your market research, then you're gonna play the chasing game. We're gonna go and chase a lot of users if you haven't tapped into an already existing market and already existing source off traffic that exists. That's why successful APP owners, we need to right these trends. We shouldn't make them. No company in the world is powerful enough to create a trend. If you look at all the successful products and successful companies, even iPhone iPhone waas a cell phone which was better built on existing market, right, So that's how it works. And in this list, I'm just gonna go ahead and give you a few tips when it comes to building your store less thing, because when you publish your app, you need to upload assets which are up, including your app icon, the APP title, the APP, description and screenshots. And we're gonna take a look at some tips and discuss what works. So here we're looking at again this company very popular. APS Most of their APS have millions of downloads. Home workout for women, female fitness. So as you can see, the icon looks great. They're icons stand out in almost all markets that they're going after its red. It's got a goal number set on it. It's very well designed. Any screams? Quality. Then they have their main key ward, the main phrase that people search here in the title. And if we actually copy this and go to Google play, we would be able to see that whole workout for women is the second query, So you could see that the link right? And that's why you get these kind of numbers we've comes to downloads. One million? No. The next thing, of course, icon and title are super important because that's what people see first into search results , especially when they're doing a search. And they want to see that your app is closely related to what it is that they're looking for, and they're gonna click on your app and they're gonna view your app, of course, under phone. Now we're looking at the Web version of Play Store but we have five seconds like I call it the five second rule to convince them that this is the right app for them to download to convince them to hit the install. But and you do that through your screenshot. So let's take a look at the screen shots. Every screenshot explains one off the major benefits off gap. No, of course, this could be better. Like vivid three D Guide. No user really cares about that that much. But maybe it works for this market. I don't know. I haven't done my research for this market specifically, But you could see that if you are in this market, then you could see that d screenshots. They tell you exactly everything you want to see. And, uh, the way loss projects lose weight and keep fit 30 days. There are deadlines very important for this market, and you can see that the screenshots are really, really good again. Work out at home very important to a lot of people. At 30 60 day plans, people want to follow a specific plan a deadline, professional coach tips again, something very important for us markets Your progress again. You can see that this company is doing really well because their screenshots, like these controls, literally convinces any prospect any visitor into a user quickly, because it shows what the APP is capable of doing for them. The next part, of course, is your ad description, and you could see that they have done a great job when it comes to the description. Really well written. Short paragraphs, thes bold words, phrases I'm pretty sure if you look. If you read it, you would be able to see a lot of important keywords that also people are looking for and searching for, and you could see that they have their bullets. The bullet points here. Super, super important. And that's the thing. If you have built your app on a proven market, you don't need to go crazy. You just need to have a very straight to the point store listing that tells the user in five seconds or less what the APP does and if it is what they're looking for. And as you can see, this app has done it perfectly, and that's all you need to do. You don't need to make it more complicated. Of course I can talk about the AB listing for 10 hours, but that's the topic for another day, because that's more often advanced topic. Right now, you just need to focus on, uh, basically putting enough content and quality content on your store listing that's going to convince people to download your app in five seconds off less. So ask yourself. If I land on this page, would I know what it is about and what the app can do for me in less than five seconds? If Yes, and you have a good store less thing and you can ask your friends, you can ask your family members to look at your store listing and tell you what they think . It actually showed him for five seconds and ask them if they can tell what the APP is about and how it can help them. That's basically and you don't need to make it more complicated and most importantly, learn from your competition. See what keywords they put in their title, what icons they use. What did a mention in screenshots? What did they have in their app description? Because if an app has generated 100,000 down those, there is a reason why 100,000 people have said yes to that app. So think about it. That APP has something for that market that the market loves. And they have made a decision to hit install bun because they so value. So go model that value replicated Andi, make it your own make it fit your app And that's how you get 100 k downloads and beyond. And of course, if you've built your app on a well research idea, you're already there. You just need to make your store listing good enough in a way that stands out in the marketplace and you can compete with other APS because let's not forget that if you have the best up built in the world, if your APP store listing, uh, sucks, then you're not gonna get anywhere. You're not gonna get any downloads. This is the final step that you need to rule, right. And there is not much to it. Just model what works in your market and you're going to get those 100,000 users and beyond . And of course, I have people that have mentor, and they have, like, literally hundreds of thousands of downloads for the simplest APS by just following what I explained to you here, we can go deeper, but you don't need to. If you do the steps right as I've laid them out for you in this program in this class, then your set you should start getting downloads. Of course, it takes a little bit of time for it to take off, but you're gonna be safe. Your app is going to generate value. And you're gonna get traffic to restore listing because off your research, because we've already tapped into an already existing traffic source. So basically that is it on duh. Don't make it more complicated. Now you actually have the entire firm illah to make a successful up all comes down to you. Taking action on that is that? Go ahead, build your app. Publish it. Let me know how it goes on day. I cannot wait for you to join one of my successful students who are making more money that they need. And they can change the world through building really useful and amazing abs that solve a lot of problems and basically APS that create value at scale for our users globally and worldwide. So thank you so much for watching this lesson and I'll be seeing you in the next one 17. Congratulations : All right, Congratulations on finishing up the class. If you're watching this than you belong to a very exclusive club of people people who follow through complete things and take action No, at this very point in time, you have two options. First is to just get distracted, quit and give up on your app or follow true. Build your first out, build your second app, making work become, make it profitable and become successful. App. Owner Like many of my successful students, it's up to you. I hope that you picked the second option because a lot of people, they just give up their chasing opportunity after opportunity without committing to anything. I made that mistake myself for many years, and I regret it every single day. So commit to building your app. Doesn't matter. There's a learning curve and giving you the formula. This firm low works. It has worked over and over and over again. And all you need to do is just to implement it executed on, uh, take action on it. That's all you need to do and commit to it. And we all know that building an app is the best thing you could possibly do because the market is just growing like crazy. This is a tech business. It has future. A lot of big companies are looking for abstract choir and you're building a valuable asset . It's not just the overnight business that's just going to go away by the slightest changes . So basically, that is it. Thank you so much for staying with me and watching the lessons and basically finishing the class again. Not a lot of people are willing to do that. Not a lot of people are capable of following through and finishing a class like this one. Congratulations. Now you are equipped with the knowledge of building and profitable app. And I can't wait for you to become successful. Let me know, share with me your progress. I cannot wait to see you become a successful app owner. And again, thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for being with me throughout this process. On, uh, I wish you the best of luck on Can't wait to see your app published on Google play app store or wept by