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Build Unshakable Rapport With Your Email List That Will Last A Lifetime

teacher avatar Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Why I Created This Course And Why You Should Watch Every Single Slide

    • 2. Email Marketing Is A Lifestyle

    • 3. How Do You Talk

    • 4. Friends Are Worth More Than Subscribers

    • 5. Learn How To Talk

    • 6. What Type Of Menality To Have When You Send Emails

    • 7. How Do You Treat Your Friends

    • 8. Practice Exercise

    • 9. How To Easily And Automatically Bond With Your Subscribers

    • 10. Alienate Yourself In A Good Way

    • 11. Never Focus On Yourself

    • 12. Make Your Subscribers Anxious

    • 13. 95% Of Email Marketers Are Jackasses

    • 14. People Love Entertainment. They Actively Seek It. They Crave It

    • 15. Pretend Like You're Watering Flowers

    • 16. How To Go Forward With Total Confidence

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to build unshakable rapport with your email list!

So if you're an email marketer, entrepreneur, or anyone with an email list, then you'll benefit big time by checking this out!

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Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer


Thanks so much for reading my teacher profile!

I'm an IT nerd who is passionate about the world of teaching!

My main goal as a Skillshare instructor is to share some of the best skills that I've learned after spending countless hours interacting with all kinds of technology over the years.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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1. Why I Created This Course And Why You Should Watch Every Single Slide: Welcome to lecture number one. Why I'm teaching this course and why you should watch every single slide. Some people love to look at the stars. Others they enjoy fishing, hunting and cooking Me. I love nothing more than writing emails and email marketing in general. I've studied email marketing daily, and I've been emailing nearly every single day since 2011. So essentially, I've spent thousands upon thousands of hours writing promotional emails, engaging e mails, and they were e mails that made my end users know me like me and trust me. So that's why I'm teaching this course because I have priceless experience writing promotional emails that's not only sell stuff but also engage my audience and get them to know me. I'm an officially ranked solo ad buyer and solo add Hall of Fame member on the biggest solo ad marketplace on the planet. On record, I've sent emails to my list of thousands nearly every day since 2011 which equates to over one million promotional emails sent. I have people who have been on my list for years, and they continue to reply to me to thank me and to buy my stuff. I think you will benefit the most from this course. If you want to learn high level copyrighting strategy. Meaning what type of mentality should you have when you write emails? How should you write to your subscribers? And why should you? Right that way. And that is why you should watch every single lecture so you can finally have the confidence that's Onley possible when you know how to write emails in a way that comes natural to you. So if you would like to learn my way of rating e mails, you're going to love this course. If you'd like to pick my brain as to what I think when I write my emails, what's type of mentality toe have when you write your emails and the theory and high level strategy off how I write emails every single day? Then I believe you are going to thank me for this course. Also remember that I'm here for you. If you ever have any questions, I beg you to ask, because one thing you'll notice about my teaching style is that I try my best toe have unrivaled customer support. So this course is interactive. If you ever have any questions or would like to pick my brain about anything. Just ask. With that said, I hope you're ready to learn email copyrighting the way I do it because I've spent thousands of hours molding my methods and I will see you in the next lecture. And if you haven't enrolled yet, then now is the time and I will see you on the inside. 2. Email Marketing Is A Lifestyle: Welcome to lecture number two. Email marketing is a lifestyle. First, allow me to mention that email marketing is not a get rich quick method. It's a lifestyle. And if you really have any intention of enjoying email marketing, you really need to enjoy writing emails and talking to your end users. And if you hate writing, do not worry, because I guarantee after watching this module, you will love writing because you've been taught writing all wrong. And I promise, if you follow these easy and simple methods, you're writing will not only become mawr enjoyable, but your writing will improve tenfold. The first thing I have to do is really encourage you to get excited when you write. I mean, I guarantee that if you don't feel like rating, you will never write anything that will excite or prompt your end users to click on whatever you're promoting. It's called inspiration when you feel inspired to write, drop everything else you're doing and start writing. That doesn't mean you have to send an email at that time. But what I recommend is you start writing. I don't care if you have to tell a hot date to go home. I mean, when you are inspired to write you right, that's the secret to writing awesome e mails I for in dozens of books and thousands of papers over the years and God knows how many hundreds of thousands of words. The point is, I know I write the best when I'm inspired, and this isn't something that just happens naturally. Sometimes during the day. I will not want to write anything. Period. I know my writing is going to suck during this interval of time, but when inspiration comes bam, you have to hop on. And even though I try to schedule my writing in the morning, because I feel that's what I create my best content often times nothing comes during that. So you have to pay attention to your own biological clock and strike when the irons hot because you are not a master of your creativity or your inspiration. And when you write an email the way we're going to discuss in this course, you're going to suck your end users in is kind of like a poison apple. How does a poison apple work? In theory, you present a gift, something very appealing. Who wouldn't take a nice, delicious red, crisp apple from a pretty lady. Everybody would. That's the same appeal your email copyrighting can have after we discussed the methods and high level strategy taught in this course. But instead of poisoning your end user, you're going to be acting awesome, inspiring them, teaching them and, of course, selling stuff. Your subscribers will ingest your content without even thinking about the sales, because your e mails will be 10 times more natural than anyone else's. So this is just setting the foundation, and I will see you in the next lecture. 3. How Do You Talk: Welcome to lecture number three. How do you talk? Here's the secret to becoming an awesome e mail writer, especially with regards to e mailing every single day and writing with absolutely zero effort just right. Like you talk seriously, Let's that sink in and write that down just right like you talk. The reason being is that for some reason, people try way too hard when they write. Imagine if I was writing this right now instead of talking to you. How fast could I write a 10,000 word book? I bet pretty darn fast. The secret is that I'm not really trying. I'm not trying to impress you. I'm just speaking directly from my mind without any filter or pressure to sound smart or to sound impressive. My only goal is to help you, so it's a natural goal. It feels very natural for me to speak this way. I've seen people struggle firsthand, trying to write. It's like they overthink everything and put 100% more effort into trying to sound smart. Well, here's a clue. Never try to sound smart if you come off as too intellectual. I don't think many people are going to resonate with that content because, in my opinion, and in my experience, people like content. That's really easy to read because people are busy, people are tired. Your end users don't want a thesaurus when they're reading your content, and that is a guarantee. So what I would encourage you to do instead is just right. Like you talk. Remember this. People on your email list don't want to get close with a corporation. They joined your list to Nome or about you, so give them precisely what they want. Give them yourself in abundance. You can accomplish that simply by writing like you talk. So when you're writing your first few emails, say it aloud. First, say what you want to write and then write it that way. Your content is going toe have no choice but to be very personal and natural. Simple, right? And here's another secret. Literally. Every piece of content I use is using the same method on social media on my blog's sales letters on my products, videos, tutorials, presentations. Everything is done with this method, just like I was speaking directly to you, and I know for a fact that it works like gangbusters. I've had several people tell me that I write exactly like I talk, which is a huge compliment. And I always appreciate hearing that. And I know you can do the same because you can talk, right? If so, then you can do this, too. I'm going to wrap up this lecture, but first I want to remind you to ask absolutely any questions that you have. I pride myself on having some of the best customer service anywhere, and I come from an I T background we're having. Superior customer service was paramount to my success, and that's honestly something I enjoy doing. I enjoy interacting with you. I enjoy helping you. I enjoy brainstorming with you. So if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask me. You can either asked me in this course discussion, or you can send me a private message. And with that said, I will see you in the next lecture. 4. Friends Are Worth More Than Subscribers: welcome to lecture number four. Friends are worth more than subscribers. Recall back to the first lecture I talked about a poison apple because once you get your subscribers to consume the apple, which is your free giveaway, your subject line or whatever your initial contact is, whenever you get them to consume that content, you have them just as if you were poisoning with an apple. Only this time we're speaking metaphorically because you're poisoning them with your awesome personality. Which reminds me, the best way to master email copyrighting is also the easiest. You have to talk to your subscribers like you would a best friend and always remember. The reason for that is because friends are worth more than subscribers. Friends are worth mawr than prospects. They are even worth mawr than customers. So treat your list like your friend. Talk to them like they were a good friend and write to them as often as you can with great content, just like they were your good friend. Why would you do that? Because friends are worth mawr vein subscribers. So everything you do do it like they were your best friend of 50 years put effort into your communication. But don't stress out about sounding smart and never try to sound like a corporation. Give your end users advice, but never lie to them. Make good recommendations, but never something that is a piece of junk. Share your work with them, but on Lee, if it's work that's worthy of your best friend, always pretends like you're talking to a good friend When you write an email, I don't care if you're selling an e book about romantic dancing or how to make French bread . The truth of the matter is that you just need to form the email like you're talking to a friend. So ask yourself, What would you say if you were emailing your good friend about an awesome article on how to make French bread? What would you say to your wife or your husband or your best friend or your cousin Vinny? The truth is that there's no big difference if you can pull that off. People will not only read your e mails, but they're going to reply to your emails when you ask them to. They will click the links when you send and Vail check out. Resource is that you promote. When you say man, you really have to check this out. In fact, I want you to think about email copyrighting like I think about it. It takes me literally less than five minutes to write each email that I've sent over the last five years. I pretend like I'm talking to my friend. It doesn't matter what I'm sending or what type of list. I just pretend that I'm talking to one of my good friends. The reason I do this is because it's the fastest and least pressure I could possibly put myself in. And it's also much more fun and enjoyable for my end users because I'm never trying to sell hype. I'm never being a pushy salesman. And if you act cool to your list suddenly your return on investment goes up 50 fold because they're never going to unsubscribe because friends are worth more than mere subscribers and it works like crazy. Another thing you must do, and that will show through your copy rating is give a damn sincerely and honestly about your subscribers. Remember that each person on your list is a living, breathing individual, and I think a lot of the time. Email marketers forget that. So connect on an individual level and remember that strategy is 1000 times more valuable than mere tactics. With that said, I will see you in the next lecture. 5. Learn How To Talk: welcome to lecture number five. Learn how to talk. A major theme throughout this entire course is that you should write like you talk. And the reason I say that is because so often people gets to rest out about writing when really, it's just as easy as talking. So my goal here is to teach you how to talk and look at the picture you see on your screen . That is a big hint. Learn how to send great e mails by looking in the mirror when you're there, pretends that you're sending an email. Better yet, pretend that you're talking. Talk to yourself like you're sending an email to your best friend. That's how your subscribers will see you every day in the mirror. Pretend you're talking to them. Tell them about what you're sending. Promoting teaching, inspiring, entertaining or what ever keep it short. Remember to keep your emails short. Learn how to send e mails by being casual and never be long winded. If you can avoid it because that's annoying, your end users will not like it. Keep your emails far less than 500 words. Far less than 500 words. Practice talking to your list casually. It's a natural conversation. You do that every day for weeks and months and years, you're going to master email marketing faster than you ever thought possible. And your copyrighting is going to be so natural and easy to read. And I know you might be thinking that you want me to give you some ninja copyrighting tactics in a future lecture. I'm going to give you a bunch of sample e mails showing examples of how you can write in this fashion. But if that's what you want, you're missing the point because you talk different than how I talk. So you will write different than how I write. So be yourself. How would you tell your best friend about what you are promoting? That's exactly how you write your emails. It's no mistake that I've been emailing daily since 2011 to thousands of subscribers. The only way I've been able to do this is because I keep it simple. I talk one on one to my subscribers. Does that make sense? Don't try to copy someone else's style because you want to attract people who like your style, so practice writing like how you write naturally and how you talk naturally, so you attract people who like you. Because if you copy me or anybody else, you're falling into a trap because you're going to be tricking your subscribers into subscribing to somebody who you are not so right. Your E mails like it comes naturally to you, just like your writing one on one. If you do that, you will have better email copyrighting than the gurus and amateurs who can't hold a candle to your style because you're going to be so natural, down to earth and personal. Your subscribers will think correctly that you're speaking to them directly because you are , and you will not be throwing up any flags from people who think that you're a spammer or a salesman. And remember, that doesn't mean you have to be long winded. Typically, my emails or short and I try to make them even shorter, I said to make your emails less than 500 words because people are busy these days, and on average they have small attention spans. So practice getting your point across in maybe 300 words. That is always my goal for all of my content 300 words, however, it is good to mix it up, I would say on average mawr short than long, but it's good ends okay to tell a cool story Now into then. That is what works best for me being riel, short and concise. That's what gets the most clicks gets the most replies, gets the most opens, and in my opinion, it gets the most sales. And it's something I refer to as agile development. When I say agile development. What I mean, is it so easy and simple and low cost to write e mails this way? And you can easily change your style with a simple snap. I found that in my statistics that for me, long e mails just do not work as well. Maybe if I'm selling something that's very high ticket or advanced, I could strategically work long emails in some case. But I think in the majority of cases, email should be as short as possible, all the while getting your message across with personality. Also, remember that sometimes different demographics respond differently to different e mails. That's why I always recommend alternating email styles so throw a long story into the mix sometimes and then throw in some short emails and pay attention so you can see which one resonates the best with your audience. It's great to experiment with, to see which types of styles your individual subscribers appreciate the most. So mix it up, split test and then observe to see what gets you the most. Opens, clicks, replies and sales. I hope you're enjoying this. Please remember to ask me any questions. If you would like me to elaborate on something or if you need any help with that said, I will see you in the next lecture. 6. What Type Of Menality To Have When You Send Emails: Welcome to lecture number six. What type of mentality to have when you send emails? Make no mistake. The main point of your copy writing is to convince people to click your links and thereby make money or potentially to expand your social media presence or to get people to attend your webinar or whatever. The fact is, you need them to click, and that is the goal. It just so happens that the best way to accomplish that is by being totally cool to your list. So on Lee share stuff that's totally epic and worthy of their time. Because you wouldn't waste your best friend's time, would you? So don't waste your subscribers time. That's the mentality you need tohave with your list that you're about to hook them up with something so cool, so entertaining, so worthwhile and valuable that you just had to send it right now when you emailed your list, you must operate under the impression that you have something totally awesome. You don't have to be crazy with a lot of exclamation points, but be sure to have something totally cool to share with your list. And if you can get yourself excited as you right. I believe your end users are statistically more likely to become excited themselves. You wouldn't call your best friend if you didn't have anything good to say, right? You might call to say hi, but they would think you were crazy if you didn't have at least something else cool to say it's the same with email copyrighting. I always had different things to promote that I am honestly excited about. In fact, if I'm not excited about something, I will not bother sending it to my list. I'm passionate about email copyrighting because whenever I find something or create something that's totally awesome, that's the type of stuff I send to my list because I'm excited about it. So keep that in mind as you write, and I will see you in the next lecture. 7. How Do You Treat Your Friends: Welcome to lecture number seven. How do you treat your friends? A cool lady on Twitter asked me What's the secret to being awesome? Of course she was asking in an email marketing context. I replied as best I could, since Twitter has a tiny limit of how much you can write. But I said the following care about your subscribers. Put them first and be yourself. If you be yourself, you will attract people just like you. That's why I've been harping to treat your end. Users like your friends, because if you want to get the best investment on your email marketing, you want your subscribers to last a lifetime. Forget any advice that anyone ever gives you. That's contrary to that. So let me ask you again. How do you treat your friends? You like them. You respect them, you entertain them. You're a gracious host to them, and you would never lie to them, try to hustle money from them or act against their best interest. That mentality is one of the golden secrets of email marketing. If you've read my emails, I always try to tell interesting stories. I get people emailing me telling me they like my style. As a result, I've had people on my list for years. Just prior to me recording this lecture, I was checking my email and I had a response from one of my subscribers who's been with me for over a year. And they told me to talk Maura about myself. So my subscribers continually reply and input their feedback. That's gold. And it happens because I talked to my list and even my blawg like I was talking to a good friend. If you can talk, you can send e mails in this way. It's the only email copyrighting strategy that you will ever need and that just so happens to be the best email strategy. And that is the most important copyrighting lesson you will ever learn about email marketing. And I like this type of information the best because it's evergreen. This will also help you stand out like a golden egg because you're doing something that nobody else knows or does. I can tell you this as a personal guarantee, because I'm literally on hundreds of email marketing lists. I spy on everyone. I see what they promote. I see how they communicate I see how they build and maintain their relationships. And I see if they actually give a damn about me and the rest of their subscribers and in my opinion, in the vast majority of cases they don't. So I want you to be different, care about people, and I will see you in the next lecture. 8. Practice Exercise: welcome to lecture number nine Practice exercise. In the previous lecture, I gave you a bunch of samples that I have used, and I have actually sold many of those samples as email pl r meaning. I give people the rights to use that content, and that content has been used by many Internet marketers. Many of them are very, very successful, and I've been emailing this way since 2011 to thousands of subscribers. One thing I've learned is that the MAWR you write, the easier it is. So I request that you write me a sample email right here in this lecture, pretend that you're promoting one of your products to your friend. How would you sell your product to your friend? Or maybe it's an affiliate product. What's the main product that you would like to promote? Maybe it's a service or one of your E books. I invite you to leave a comment as if you were writing an email to your friend, promoting whatever it is that you want. Do that, and I will reply with my honest critique. And if you are too shy to leave a comment here in the lecture, then just private. Message me with a sample email. I think this will be a very good and worthwhile exercise. I'd love to critique your work. And if you have any questions at all, never hesitate to ask. With that said, I look forward to seeing your sample and I will see you in the next lecture. 9. How To Easily And Automatically Bond With Your Subscribers: Welcome to lecture number 10 how to easily and automatically bond with your subscribers. Now this part is absolutely awesome. In fact, this is probably the best thing you can do as an email copywriter, and that is toe. Ask your demographic questions, ask them questions and then ask them to respond. Ask questions about what type of trouble they're having, what types of problems they're experiencing and, most importantly, ask them what you can do to help and ask them directly via email. It's something that I do all the time, and the responses to the questions I ask are absolutely gold. When you ask people questions about the problems they're having and then ask them to reply to you with answers, you're really accomplishing several things you're showcasing. The fact that you do, in fact, care about their problems. You're indicating the notion that you are an authority and that you're capable of helping them. You're getting them to interact with you. You're building your brand, your building trust. You're learning what problems your demographic has, enabling you to improve your content and to sell them or relevant content. And when you ask questions, it gives you a weird sense of authority that you really claim instantly. There's something very psychological about this entire thing, because when people email you and they ask for your help and then you respond to that, they're going to be very appreciative, and I guarantee they will email you back and thank you. And then they're going to be on your list for years to come. It's funny. All you have to do is email your list and ask them what their problems are and how you can help. You'll get them to open up. It's even better if you have an email. Auto responders Siri's that asks these questions automatically. So think about what type of questions you could ask your target demographic, maybe what type of trouble they're having losing weight, getting traffic, turning profitable or any question that relates to your niche. Always ask questions that are relevant to your demographic, but try to focus on pain points. That's when your subscribers will really open up and send you a novel. In the past, I have received thorough answers from people explaining their problems in more detail than I ever thought possible. I mean, these people send me intricate details of the problems they're experiencing with technology with their website, with their inability to make sales with trouble, getting traffic. They tell me intimate details and all I had to do was care enough to ask. And when I used to work in I t. I had people coming to me with their problems all day, so I'm used to it. But it's the best way you can ever build a friendship and connect with people by helping them. When I used to work in I t. I had people doing me favors. They were buying me lunch. They were bringing me bottles of liquor. I'm not saying that to brag. I'm saying that because they appreciated my help, and that's because I openly offered my help. The same thing is true with email marketing and copyrighting offered to help your subscribers, and they will reply faster than you can think. And they will be grateful for your assistance. When people are emailing, you asking for help, your trust and your report is automatically sky rocketed. Two amazing and insane levels. And here's the kicker. If people email you asking for help, asking for your advice and asking for directions. Will you have any trouble selling them a solution or, at the very least, building a friendship that will last for years? Let me tell you something. This type of subscriber will be worth 500 times mawr than some subscriber that you treat like crap. And that's a guarantee. I've had people on my email list for years, people who open every single email I send, period. All it takes is for you to show that you give a damn and asking your list questions is honestly a secret that's more powerful. Then perhaps any copy writing method with that said, I will see you in the next lecture. 10. Alienate Yourself In A Good Way: Welcome to lecture number 12. Alienate yourself in a good way, and the point of all this is that you really want to alienate yourself. I've had plenty of people reply to my emails saying that I am one of the few people who they don't unsubscribe from because they actually enjoy reading my emails. So that is what we want. We want to go above and beyond and be super cool. Superior email copyrighting has more to do with strategy than anything else. A superior email marketing strategy is being cool. Talking one on one and being yourself average does not cut it around here. And if you have any intention of being an unstoppable metaphorical email marketing monstrosity, then you really need to alienate yourself in a good way. And it's really easy to accomplish that, you know. In fact, you can accomplish that in a few simple steps. The first thing you need to do when alienating yourself in a good way is truly care about your end user demographics goals. I mean, if you're promoting junk to your list, do you think they're going to remember you the next time you offer something because here's a key. If you want your list to last a lifetime, I would recommend pretending that your mother or your father or your grandchildren are on your list. That's a great litmus test. Never send junk offers Onley. Send stuff that can honestly help, because you could have the most casual email copy writing style in the world, and you can do everything else right. And remember, this copy writing style works the best. However, if you send them junk on top of your elite copyrighting style, you shall miss out on any advantages that you should have had. So the best advice I can give you is to care deeply about the results of your list. Pretend that your loved ones are on the list. Would you send junk to your mother or your father or your grand Children? I hope not. And that's a great litmus test. Treat your list the way you would want to be treated. Imagine that you are on your list. Would you recommend the junk that other people send to their list to yourself? That's the litmus test. Care about your list? If you do that, they're going to care about you. That's how you alienate yourself in a good way by being different, because if you joined hundreds of emails subscriber lists like I do, you're going to find that e mails are generally very untargeted. There's no care. They never ask if I need help. They don't give it them, and their customer support sucks. If anyone ever replies to your email and asks for help, you should try your best to reply as fast as you can and as thoroughly as you can. So make a list of how you could be different in a good way. If your competitors air sending untargeted emails and their customer support sucks and they are irrelevant, make your emails targeted and relevant and make your customer support awesome. If your competitors don't care about the value of their emails, then you should care deeply about the value of your emails. If your competitors don't care about their end users, then you should. If they never ask their end users. If they want help, then you should. And if their customer support is such a joke that when you reply to them you never hear back then, your customer support should not only be fast but you should care about their results. And as an I t nerd, I can tell you that customer service can give you an edge required to beat out your competition in almost any situation. Remember that. And remember, if you have any questions or any comments, please send me a private message. Or you can leave a comment right here because I practice what I preach. I truly want to help you, and I want to offer the best customer service that I possibly can, so I will see you in the next lecture. 11. Never Focus On Yourself: Welcome toe lecture Number 13. Never focus on yourself. Here's another thing that even I continually have problems with. The main point of all of your copyrighting needs to be less about to you and Maura about your end user. And this is funny because it is good to tell your end users stories about yourself. However, the majority of your writing, in my opinion, should be about your end user. So the most important word you'll ever use as an email copywriter is the word you your end . Users care about themselves mawr than anybody. The worst word you can use is the word I. So spend less time talking about yourself and talk mawr about your end users. So what do you talk about? Talk about how you can help your end users talk about the awesome products that your end users can get. Talk about the awesome benefits that your end users can receive as a result of getting the service or product that you're offering. Talk to your end users about the problems that they're experiencing. Talk to them about their fears, their aspirations about their ideas and their beliefs. You can accomplish that. How pop quiz. How can you gather all of that information I mentioned on the previous slide? How do you find out their aspirations? How do you find out their fears? How can you write about their problems? How do you find out what that stuff is? By asking them? Of course, Always remember to constantly pull your audience informally. Just send them an email and ask them to respond. It works like game busters. That's how you focus on them by asking lots of questions and then feeding those questions. Their concerns, their dreams, their hopes, their inspirations, their goals. You feed all of these back to them. That's when you strike chords that nobody else is ever doing, because nobody else is the email marketing monster that you are and nobody is going toe have the capacity to create unshakable report and relationships that you are actively creating as off this very moment. Always remember that, and I will see you in the next lecture 12. Make Your Subscribers Anxious: Welcome to lecture number 14. Make your subscribers anxious. Everybody wants their list to be chomping at the bit to get their next email. We're talking about creating a state of rapid anticipation, but how can you make your end users anxious? The answer is simple. By teasing them. Here's how you make teases. You make yourself unavailable. Mention limited slots or limited quantities. Start making your offers limited. Whenever I launch a product, it's always limited. I always have a discount. And then I closed the discount after about three days. Remember a decade or two ago when Nintendo 64 launched Nintendo Onley released limited amounts of Nintendo 60 fours. They were so impossible to get, which made the end users go into a ravaged frenzy trying to get it. The shortage made demand spike like crazy. Well, that's what I want you to do with your promotions, if you can. It makes your copyrighting 1000 times mawr effective. Sprinkle all of your email copyrighting with limitations if you can start teasing. I love it when I close an offer, and then somebody asks me for access. I love denying people access to my product often times you can politely talk people out of buying your products, and they will buy it anyway. It's reverse psychology, and I've used it several times to get people to buy by not being pushy and not over selling by actually trying to prevent people from buying. Here's another way to create anticipation by making promises by teasing them with your promises by planning promotions ahead of time and then hinting at it weeks prior to your release. This can work even if you have a really tiny list. So let's say, for example, you are abouts To publish a book, you can start pre selling the benefits that your end users would get from the book as far back as you can and start planting seeds in this way, start dropping little teases about what's in the report. Start hinting at the benefits and what your end users will experience long before you launch your product. Start talking about the problems your end users have, and then show them relief and tease the solutions by promoting your product. Talk about the things that they will get as a result of your report. Here's another tip. Never promote your products as a report or in e book or a video. Instead, talk about the benefits and what your end users can get, so never say a report that teaches you so you can learn how to blawg. Instead se you'll get an awesome, sexy Fast s CEO optimized blawg, so you can finally connect with your audience. Never say I will teach you so you can learn how to do email marketing. Say you'll get awesome hungry, starving subscribers that generates tons of traffic. Do you see the difference? It's teasing the benefits. It's promising the end result. But here's the deal. If you make a promise, you absolutely must deliver your promise. Otherwise, you might just lose your customers. I mean, if you t someone for long enough, they're eventually going toe. Lose interest, so teas. But then always release in a controlled and calculated way and always fulfill your promises . And if you ever use scarcity in your promotions, it only works if you keep your word. So if I say on Friday, I'm releasing a product, and on Sunday, the prices tripling. On Sunday, I had better actually triple the price or my list will never listen to me ever again. With that said, I will see you in the next lecture 13. 95% Of Email Marketers Are Jackasses: welcome to lecture number 15. 95% of email marketers are jackasses. Most email marketers totally suck at what they do. I may have mentioned how I spy on hundreds, if not thousands, of email marketers as a hobby. Whenever I see an often list or a lead capture page, I subscribe. I am always shocked to see how poorly email marketers treat their subscribers. On average. If you do that, you'll constantly struggle trying to find more subscribers. Because if you act like a jackass, your subscribers air going toe unsubscribe, and that's a massive copyrighting strategy. Don't be a jackass, and I say that begrudgingly, because it gives the animal a bad name because they're actually pretty cool. Unlike email marketers who act foolishly and spam their subscribers while not caring about them, they spam their list, are overly cheesy and never offer any conversation, entertainment or value. While it's true that sending raw sales pitches time and time again can increase sales, the problem with this style is that your subscriber retention will be quite low. So in other words, if you email low quality content and just promote links all day, you could very well increase short term sales. The problem, though, is that eventually people will stop reading your email. You won't entertain them, and they will never interact with your emails. So what I personally suggest is that you entertain your list first, just entertain them. And just because you entertain your list doesn't mean that you can't sell stuff all the time. I remember a new email marketer asked me, How can I increase sales or how should I interact with my list? I replied, entertain them and the person got mad and then replied and said, How is entertaining them supposed to make me money? I was really disappointed with their question, to be honest, because, well, you shouldn't think of email list building like a money machine. The truth is, congregant with any business plan that can ever be composed. And that truth is that the only way to quote unquote make money is by offering a valuable service to your target demographic. That makes sense, right? Well, one value you can give is entertainment. It's not as crazy as it sounds. Have faith in yourself and your ability to treat your subscribers right, and I will see you in the next election 14. People Love Entertainment. They Actively Seek It. They Crave It: welcome to lecture number 16. People love entertainment. They actively seek it. They lust for it. In the previous lecture, I talked about entertaining your subscribers, and I just want to re emphasize this point because it is an important copyrighting strategy . That's how you can stick out by talking to your subscribers, like someone who wants toe bright in their day by talking to your subscribers like someone who is exciting and never say I can't write. Sure you can write. Remember, just pretend like you're talking on the phone with your email list. Onley, your email list is your good friend. Pretend you're on the phone with your best buddy and talk to them about whatever type of email you want to send. Maybe it's a new product, a sweet affiliate product. You're promoting a webinar, a new block post. It doesn't matter. Whatever it is, convey it in a way that's exciting, not a lane pitch. So how would you introduce whatever it is you're promoting to your best friend? Do that and you'll stand out while helping people, and you will not come off as boring or fake. So tell stories entertained. Engage your list like your best friend. That's really the essence of this course, and it's the highest email copyrighting strategy. That's how you can nail your copy writing every single time. The number one problem most people have told me about copyrighting is that they can't right , So just talk. That's the key to building a response of list that will last you a lifetime. Talk to them and they will listen. Remember that, and I will see you in the next election. 15. Pretend Like You're Watering Flowers: welcome to lecture number 17. Pretend like you're watering flowers. I remember I took a speech class once, and the professor told me that making a good speech is like watering flowers, watering flowers, watering your flowers with delicious water, watering your list, watering your list with delicious content. Picture your content like that like it's rejuvenating your subscribers like it feeds them, makes them content and is nothing but 100% beautiful and sustaining your content is never nagging, never lying. Never negative Onley 100% positive content from you, Mr or Mrs Excitement. Mr or Mrs Best friend, Remember, your list does not and will never want to hear from a corporation, a spammer, a liar or a huckster. They want to hear from you an individual with trials and tribulations, with stories with personality. So don't think of copyrighting from a corporate perspective. Think of copyrighting from yourself like I'm talking to you right now, one on one human to human heart to heart. That's copyrighting. And that's how you get your list to know you to trust you and tow value. U Use words like you instead of you guys or all of you you're speaking one on one to your subscribers. Remember toe always right. E mails like you're talking one on one with your subscribers on an individual level, just like how I'm talking to you right now because that's what they want. I read a study once that says, if you talk to your flowers, they will grow better. I've also read studies that say, if you play music for your plants, that they respond to that so pretends like your watering and nurturing your plants. Whenever you plan and write an email, your subscribers want to be nurtured and they want human interaction, not spam, from a corporate entity. They want toe bond with a human. They want toe bond with you. That's why they subscribe to your newsletter in the first place. So give them precisely what they want, and I will see you in the next lecture. 16. How To Go Forward With Total Confidence: Welcome toe lecture. Number 18. Moving forward strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory tactics. Without strategy is the noise before defeat Sun zu from the Art of war. In this course, we discussed copyrighting strategy. It's far more important than copyrighting tactics. Tactics is how you right strategy is why you right? It's no mistake that I've been writing email for the last five years. Almost every day. I've learned that copyrighting strategy is far more important than tactics. Remember that the way you write will be different then the way I write your vocabulary is different than mine. You probably make less grammatical errors than I make, but what should be the same is our motive. Our why we're writing because we want to be true to ourselves so we can attract and users who know us like us and trust us so you can develop a following of loyal subscribers who stay subscribed for years. That, my friend, is the ultimate email copyrighting strategy. It doesn't matter what you're selling. It doesn't matter who your end user demographic is. Follow that strategy and you will be far superior to every amateur ends guru out there who hasn't a clue how to write at their best because they don't even know what that means. Email. Copy Writing is simple. Remember what you've learned. A friend is worth more than a subscriber. A subscriber will be with you one day, and then Marquis was spammed the next. On the other hand, ah friend will stick with you through thick and thin, all the while clicking your links, giving you positive karma, speaking well of you to all of their friends and continually buying your new products. So for now, start practicing every day, pretends like you're talking to your best friend. And that's the exact content of your emails. Talk to them about your new product or your new service or a cruel affiliate product that you saw and how it will help them. Don't be too long. Don't be boring. Never lie and remember to talk every single day. It's been my utmost pleasure, honor and privilege to teach this course. And if you ever require my assistance, please realize that I am at your beckon. This has been Mike D. Vincent and I'm signing off