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Build Networks in GNS3 - Online Self Learning

GreyCampus I., Training for working professionals

Build Networks in GNS3 - Online Self Learning

GreyCampus I., Training for working professionals

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24 Lessons (3h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to GNS3

    • 3. Installation of GNS3 – Local Server mode

    • 4. Cisco IOS Router supported models and installation

    • 5. Installing IOS Manually

    • 6. Switch support

    • 7. Creating a Project

    • 8. Using SecureCRT – Manual method

    • 9. Configuring VPCS

    • 10. Wireshark Packet Capture

    • 11. Snapshot

    • 12. Connecting to a real network using Cloud

    • 13. Change Symbol

    • 14. Screenshot

    • 15. Topology Summary

    • 16. Servers Summary

    • 17. Why GNS3 and VMware workstation Download

    • 18. Installing VMware Workstation

    • 19. GNS3 VM Download

    • 20. Installation of GNS3 VM

    • 21. Integrate GNS3 GUI with GNS3 VM

    • 22. Installing Routers on VM and Routing LAB

    • 23. GNS3 Appliances Download

    • 24. Import vIoS L2

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About This Class

Graphic Network Simulator (GNS3) is a network software that emulates Cisco Router, ASA, etc. This software, quite contrary to its name, is not a simulator but and emulator which integrates with Virtual Machines while allowing users to simulate complex networks by putting GNS3 templates to use.

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GreyCampus I.

Training for working professionals


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1. Introduction: Okay, So are you looking for a off free network simulators? So GNS three will be helpful In Gunst, you can emulate the really I west off Cisco routers on. You can do some off the switching functionalities using it image switching more June inside . Those doctors on you can also simulate some of the switching concept using that interesting teaching module on. They have also given one some off the others, which is which you cannot do much, but it can be helpful in your complete apology on. You can also emulate some off the Cisco security devices like a C. It can be integrated with your really PC's on. You can provide Internet connection for the trump DJ in the state of policy. On you can see how exactly, the traffic moving on the morning in between the devices on. You can also see how exactly we can see the back of capture when the traffic traversing from one source to another destination or if you're learning some other protocol and you want to know what are. The different protocols are different messages that are transferring between the devices. You can see the white shark capture. The wide shot is a powerful tool which is already building with this Genesee 2. Introduction to GNS3: Okay, So GST is a dynamic, so it can simulate or emulate Cisco I way sounds completely on you. Can You can use the really major so that Cisco Highways in majors on Loaded Indiana's three and it works like Arian daughter. Okay, on some of the shooting concepts that you can do is basically can you can practice villain using the London based more on you can also run STP thes are all things that you can do using the years w the eternal switching image basically the devil you slotted to install and then do it. You can also do a DNS three VM based environment which we are not going to discuss in this course. Basically, that is running on on I will. You based concert which is I weighs on UNIX. Very consume, elated, complete advanced switching technologies. Searching is difficult in orderto emulate in the G industry. Because of switching is a really huge hardware with company basics. The application specific integrated sector. It is very difficult to simulate the complete hardware. Okay, so layer two I mean, if you want to practice your switching technologies, either you can use Cisco packet tracer. Are you can use GNS three VM, which is an advance of topic. How can you do with all this stuff are you can use? And I were you. Cisco has another to Luigi's also going well, here we are. What? Your Internet voting, lads, you can never is that as well. So basically this this course we're doing as a part of Sisi and Nico's how exactly you can practice the stuff in tizi any using G industry. So how can you install the industry? How can you use the industry for your voting environment? Are some of the teachings fictions that we're going to see? Okay, So if you see this is the their website Ministry website on you can t the logo off. This looks like the software that imposed a neighbor professionals. Yes, that's true. Basically, even when I'm practicing for my exams, I have used genius three a lot. Okay, so it is helpful for candidates who are preparing for C, C and A and C C and B courses, obviously for C C A. Okay, now let's down. Lord, you go to the download page on download the software, so I'm downloading it for Windows system So, basically, in order to download the software, you need to log in. If you don't have a lot of dates, sign up. It is with three. And you see the ministry to lord 0.3 is the latest washing, which is an all in one on it is around 55 MB. Okay, So once we finish this in the next video, we're going to look at how we can install this. And what are the components that it is going to install in your system? 3. Installation of GNS3 – Local Server mode: Okay, so now that we have downgraded the GNS three all in one software so let's install that. Okay? And you can see the genius three set up result has been started. Click masks turned. You see the license agreement? This is a J A new general public license. Here. Just go to the license. If you want to completely know what exactly is involved in this license on, we have using Dean $3.03 watching here on you see the GNs three The name If you want to get you injured. And now look at the components that it is installing by default. Here the wind recap. Okay. And you see the the quiet percent and received packaged okay for your internet cards, you can t the description off the video gap on the right, and I downside here. Okay. On the NDP cap and keep and P cap is also required, but it is not mandatory on white shark is a network protocol in place. If you want to analyze your package What? What exactly is going between the devices between the route or between the switch to the router or between the BBC? Yes. What you're BC untidy Gee, industry between BBC years under out Or are we doing the BBC used to be PC years. You can analyze all the traffic between all these devices and it is having the solar winds time you are to analyze the white shark packet captures so basically we can install. Once we get the package capture, we can upload this into the solar winds. A response time of yuan. It will tell us. OK, so what is the total time? What is the back excited? Everything inside off. It didn't do. Why the tablet farmer? It basically are divided to the application like GDP or any other application on you. See you Dynamics is required to run the C school I always here. And if you see the Kimmel Kimmel to 0.4 dot 00 dot lemon or zero is required for Jaycee s A . Is the adaptive security a plant, these Cisco security appliances. It is the Cisco firewalls. You can say it is. Kim is required for Cisco. Aces on the BBC years is what your PC simulator. So in BBC s, what exactly do is we can have a limited functionality. Is that like I think you can configure an I P address. You can do it place or something like that, and you see the CPU limit next on, then the GNN Street, which is the main program that it requires 40 industry to run on. You see the tight reinterview. The tight interview is a Windows BNC client For more stop control on you see here the space required. And so the 200 on five or one B. Now, once we start, you see the default installation folder is seed like program files and then J industry. It creates a unitary $4. Strong is there and you see the space required is this. We have this piece available these days. Make sure you have enough space available to install the industry software. Now let's start. It's already says it's there, but let's the pick up. Let's install it again on you See the automatically Starting mid cap will be capped. Driver the book time. Just select Yes, on it is, let's retry. I'm ignoring it because the wimpy cap is already that in this PC. Now let's finish. Let's start with the white Shark analyzer. So basically, if there is no win be cap on your system. It really installed properly as we have already installed will be capped. But some other program but it requires it is already there that the reason we are just are ignoring that a lot. The adults basically Now let's wait for the white shark to install. I think why shall also would be there in this PC anyway, it is. It is executing the wide shot in starter for you know, 64 BC. So let's wait for a few more moments. So it's trying to connect. And then now the it is trying to install the solar winds response time. You are. You see this all our went installer. You see, it is checking for the windows installer. Washing on it is checking for the darknet. Frameworks are respect and it is checking for the dark net framework. For after all these checks, it starts the installation with art. So not only for Vienna Street, Even if you're not using the industry. What you want to see how exactly the response time your for your packet capture analysis. What you can do is you can search for it so large wins Basically it is a free tool. Okay, So you can t once you're such exist Free response time You are for white short And even if you don't have a voucher, you can download it from their website. So go to the white shark. Such a white shark, You get it so you get down or the white shirt and installing the installation is simple. Just go through some clicks on it will install. Before that it can check the agendas. Three system requirements you can tape based on the PC requirements. So make sure whatever they are, they are running. You should made all those requirements here. This is one off their post. You can join the community if you have any shoes on your laptop, which is not working. Okay, so this is the main page on this is GNS three. It says Okay, download it on. We lost 10. Should be 64 bed. If you're running the older Russians like windows eight or Windows seven, make sure you meet these requirements on. You can see the minimum requirements here. The operators operating system is windows 7 64 Bed or later, the processor is toe are more logical course on naturalization. The watch realization extensions are required, so you may need to enable this way your computers by our system on memory for GB's minimum required. But I recommend you go about a G b A minimum age because you want to run your Cisco wears out off late. If you want to simulate one big routing products like you want to do oil SPF with money area and in each area you want 45 routers. And they say, If you want to learn three areas totally, including the backbone area, you need to have $15 right? So that's the reason contain it is always better if you have the more land in your laptop. R B C The story space. Why don't you be is available Minimum Okay, Onda Windows installation is less than 200 beats, as we have seen while installing. It was asking us for the check how much free spaces available because the installation is going toe. Take almost 200 0 off 5 to 05 MB. Okay on. To help put an additional no tear seeing humanity rations storage face space for your operating system on then some of the images Okay on that. You see, they have a recommended requirement, which I was telling you. The commander is one the 7th 64 bit or later on you see four or more logical course, MTV or Intel VT X and Naturalization needs to be enable a GB dam is the minimum. I mean, they are recommending even though it can run with four GB. The storage is this deal will give the faster performance than it's Julie on certified to be available space. Okay, Conventional, like watching rising devices is the process on memory dentist. So OK, when you are running every mbare do you want to go for avian? Where Russian of genius? Three. Maybe the watch realization infrastructure dates, more resources. You want to allocate some off your lamb dedicated ran so that on some of the story it space to that. William, All this stuff. Okay, so you need to better put properly configure device from from Graham one crossing power. This is what the additional notes that they have given on if you see the optimal. If you want o get an optimal performance off your system when you want to install this. Basically, you need to look at the optimal environment list. It says they are recommending I seven CPU the genus three recommending I 70 you Windows 7 64 bit or later on excess. Four are more logical course again. It's the same requirement for watch realization. All took the same requirement and it is recommending 16 g me far off performance on the best. Everything you've seen. Okay. And they have some of the Victorians on how exactly you can download on installed as we have as we're seeing here. Okay, let's look at our installation. So that is very good for a few more minutes. Think it will start installing the components over there on what we can do is it is getting stuck at solar winds installer. What we can do is if you're getting the same and it's not able to install this so you can quickly go to your task manager, the woody in installer. You can stop that okay, on the next installer will continue to take place, and so are the time response tool. So you can install that later when you have a requirement for that. Now that the G industry set up keeps continuing. It is going to install a lot of components over there and you see taste. Now the genus three installation is completed. You can see in next. So as of now, I'm thinking No this. And now we can tell you start doing this. Three. The industry will see. I mean, you will receive a thank you a message from the industry for installing the software. I just want to close this. And now you see here, Gina three set up with Artis completing debating for so sometimes you need to restart your PC after installing. Okay, Now you can see you have three ways to run a did run more than I wear switches. Highways, we and I were you. This will require an additional VM because you need toe have a virtual machine. Either the natural box R v, Amar'e workstation, Something like that. Or you can install it on Yes, excite in this course, we're just installing the dynamite in completely here so we can run the legacy I weighs on my computer because I want to run highways on my computer once you have done on for advanced to you. Says they're recommending toe goto everything. Run everything on a remote subway right now. Let's say go to next and you see programs, files Genus treaty industries are not easy. This is the silver part. Where exactly can understand part on the host Winding it is binding. Toe this host I p address on. Then the port number is this Instead of binding two days, I want to binding it by your toe. 1 $27.0.1 Which is my local address. The new back address here. Now it is tryingto connect the software. Now you see, the connection to local server is successful and you see the server type. This is a local server. This is a local server. More that we're going to use here on the part. It is using a C program files Genesis three fold up and your industry server dot txt on the host is 1 27 001 This is the new back at us. Off this host on the port number is 3080 Okay, now installation is done. Now we want to add a lot of amazed to hear. So as a part of the installation procedure itself. The set up resort will ask us. Okay. You want to add out of image, Adam? I also made using Really? I always image. So you can down or the realize image. Uninstall it. Okay, so let's see in the next section. So what are the Cisco? I was devices? They're not supported by GNS tree on how exactly? Begin install over there. I'm keeping the same section as like this because I just want toe show. You were going through this template on what exactly will be asking me? How exactly? The second bizarre to install it. Oh, yes. 4. Cisco IOS Router supported models and installation: It's OK in this video. We're going to look at the water, the Cisco highways, images that are supported by the industry on how exactly we can install them. Okay, let's look at this. I have this open. You see, It is called highways images for dynamics, so you can just read their instructions on the website. But I just want o quickly show you. Here, let me just go here. So the commander majors, you can see the recommended images we really recommend using 36 40. That 6 60 37 25 37 45 7200 I always images. So basically, you can download these images from the Cisco uptight itself. I'll just show you how, exactly on it sets the ideal pieces. I didn't bc value where it will try to use the lesson. You on your system. Okay, on if you see the school 1700 they're recommending this software. Russian for main line on for the technology trying. They're recommending this after Washington on there, Also giving the empty five check. So what is the exactly his name that you want to download and what is a proposed? I didn't BC value. We're going to look at that. I d be. See you again. Bye. We are installing I ways image onto the G industry. Get to you this asking for the minimum off this. So let's say for 37 45 7200 or 37 from 25 How much ram is required? You see, the 1 20 is required under Dayton me for 37 25 on 37 45 to 56 Graeme is required for 7200 series vital and music white. So why don't you check this? You can do the what exactly? I mean what you can check for the complete environment based on your PC values. Basically, let's say, because it is taking your CPU resources itself, your memory resources itself, right? You check your memory on, then the CPU. Based on that, you can download some off easy majors and tried to run those images on the industry. Okay, so how exactly you can download software from Tesco? It is not free basically. So maybe you can get free images, something if you send over the Internet. But if you are going oh through Cisco Website you need to have a C C. Work on for a downward image. If you have a city wagon, I'm just showing where exactly you can download the images. You can say support. Let's download. You can see all down notes. I just want to show you how exactly we can. But I was so that you will come to this page is to use a product and then products you can go through brought us here. You serious simulating eliminating branch holders. If you see actually see scores, remove the complete Let's see if I am searching for 37 45 because these images are completely I mean, these platforms are completely what you can see. The end off life products. Let's say at least 1700 here. Exactly nothing. But if you feel if you're looking at this, these are the routers that it is having. Let's see if it is listing under some other thing you see there doesn't interconnect back from you can see the 7200 cities start us. You can go to 7200 cities outers goto 7 to 06 and you can download software on Jessie's Click on after it and Jessie's. And now look at I wish software here. And if you look at the 7200 recommendations so they are the commending us. The IRA is 15 line for the mainland and C 15 to dot for 15 4 m $7 bn 15 4 Let's say we go to complete 15 4 here, 15 to 4. You know I'm seven, okay, And you can download the software. So when you try to down any of the software, it is asking you to continue with the downloading option. But it says that you should have a valid logging environments. You don't have the CCO account you won't be able to block. Okay, I'm not logging in now here because I have the software image is already in my already in my desk, which I haven't downloaded earlier. So what I'm going to do here is at an I waste water using very real. I was image day. Okay, Now you can browse the highways image from your local PC. So you browse your local BC from here I have a G industry to have a 72 100 image here now. So would you like to decompress this image? Yes, because the genus tree needs toe decompress before it grants on the genus three platform in a project. Now you see, it is going into this directory right before. Do you see this name is C 7200? This is because I want you $200. If you want to change the name, you can change the name on if you want. Oh, this is a 72 100 out. Also the platform in 7200 itself. Click next. Now it is fighting for choosing fight well and be here for your default, Graham. But if you want to select what exactly the baby is, you can go toe this link. Check for the minimum requirements. You open that link. It goes to this school feature Navigator Rep Tight. Wait on then. Here. You see, this is called preacher. Now get a website. You can set so many features here either by software toys type. Okay. Oh, if you have a direct inmate's name, you can touch by humans name except Okay. So let's say let me just put my he and his three remains. Name here automatically. Let's say for this image um it's it's good here. No image. My just phone. I think this is not exactly rich here. What we can do is while checking the damned environments, you can just click on any of the images names. I just want to take something, his name or death Regard the image name. Now you can see based on the image name you can see. OK, this is a product idea. And the product court, the ram that is required is fight will be on the minimum flash acquired a 64. Okay, so you can check the rabbit environment. You'd only do such anywhere because GNS three in their in built software, they have given us the link directly for CFN. This is cool feature Navigator on You can also see in the Cisco feature navigator here. What? And our protocols, warts and all technologies that are supported by the image. So maybe on the real hardware, it is supported. Okay, if you see all the features, but in GNS Tree is emulating. Maybe the process requirements are not matched with the hardware. The exact hardware This is ko 7200 outer, but you can use most of the physically confront most off the protocols on most of the technologies on the streets. Okay, now, let's go. Here, let's click on next. It is time to install. So as of now it is. I will input output. Effie. Now you see the idol bc. Okay, you see you taste a message here, and I didn't. BC value is necessary to parent I always to use 100% off your process are one off its course. So it is mandatory for you to general this. I did. We see you, OK, you click on either PC Finder, so it tries to find the idol. BC value for 7200 cities. It's gonna fight this image to be a waiting for the process. So it is actually getting a time out because I'm seeing the other while getting the compute list for this idea. BC a treat for someone dying. - We're still waiting the other saying ever while getting the complete list. So it's not able to get the proper value. Looks like. And let's look for this. So we received this ever. I didn't BC finder. Okay, What we can do is we can finish this for now. later on. So what exactly we can do is we need to run. And I didn't BC value Okay, So this is how exactly you can calculate I didn't. BC value for your system. So what I'm going to do is now as it throws another restart my laptop on see, we'll see how exactly we condone I didn't BC for a different image once everything is set upon. 5. Installing IOS Manually: Okay, so earlier we have stuck at this stage, right? Have some ensures With that we see so have installed using the same procedure on a different BC on the idea PC installation is successful Dated BC successfully installed You can see the idol PC value via And I have also installed Cisco 37 45 out of here using this Let's say if you have the new image that you want to install, right? So when you are armed Gunst If you want to install a new rotary major, you can goto this many were here Click on edit Goto references. If you want to use a shortcut, you can use control Chief be the sharp cut it is mentioning here on you go toe dynamics I always notice on now you come to the earlier beach. Now you click on next. Okay, Now the existing amaze You want to install a new image? I want to install a new image now for a different outer. Now I go here. Gina, Three majors. I was how wanted these two Here, Let me just go to actually not this one. This one You have you three images. I have ministry Me just here on Latino. I want to install for example, the 29 2800 and them would you like to become? But this image we have seen this information in the previous video also click s It is trying to decompress the image. Now we gon s make sure this is a valid I always the platform Eyes 2800 is not there. What we can do is we can just go back and seeing as it is detecting the 36 29 2600 cities platform Let's open this. So that is where you will see Okay, Whether it is able to detect the platform or not, you click on next Utd takes the platform immediately. It is not protecting the platform in those and other Okay, Now you can say this requires 34 time off 1 92 MB. But if you want to check the ram that you're using, I mean what is the land that exactly required for that? Complete the proper image. You can click on this link which leads us to the CFN, the Cisco future navigator type. You can put the amazing him there, get the evidence from there. Now click next nine. Putting next here next year. And you see the item B C. Calculated automatically. Here. Now finish it. Okay, so now it is applied. So this is how you install a device? Manually. IOS image manually on you can calculate BC and then get it done. 6. Switch support: Okay, So now we have seen how to install outer image. Entire Gina Street. What about just right, You see? So when we go there on to the preferences the I weighs about us, it says the routers only. Okay, uh, there is no information about switches here. You can take the building. Internet switches. It has a building, Internet just here. Once we start, the project will be able to see the building. Internet switches here are difficult. Can new? Named to you if you want a number off boat, that's eight boards that you want to see. Let's say Okay, this is my switch. And here you see the big This is a building internet switch. So we are going to look at the DNS. Three documentation one exactly. Supported on what, exactly? Is not supported You click finish. Okay. You see, it has given us the eight port starting with port zero to port seven on. You see, the template name is my switch. The surgery is the local server, which is the local server. More that we're running here on port zero. The name is eat zero. The Internet zero. The type is access. Type this interface type is access type. Okay, and then the villain is one. So this is this is the default setting on all the interfaces. Okay, Now you click it it on. Let's say if you want to change something, this is my switch. If you want to change something, OK, leave. The port number is eight. You want to change every day? A different villain. Okay, All together. You can change it on. If you want to change it from access to 0.1 Q We can change it for the Q and Q. You can change it. You have other features which are enabled. So basically, these are like an advantage. Refuges waste after you learn What are the land switching concept on You can go this using it. You basically Cisco CC and a course that we have learned earlier. Taste on the Cisco switches. You go to the seal t lie confident every land using real and for suppose will contend that we want to clear real and gives the name on. We go to the interface on confidence which both more access switchboard access, villain 10 All this information so that we cannot practice much over here in this building , Stritch. But this will provide the same kind of information that we require. Here you can see the port number eight. You want to put this for real and one, Orville. And then you can pull this the type, whether it is a access or an open your trunk or acumen to port, you can tell that. Okay, on. Then you can choose accordingly. Wonder what you want. You can put it in the categories, which is OK. Now you click. OK, and then apply on then. Okay, now we have the buildings which installed over there. Now you goto the preferences on check for the eternity. Just I have my switch and everyone here. Now, let's look at the GNS three documentation. What exactly? The GNS to documentation sees. Okay, The G industry saying Okay, Cisco Catalyst switches regarding there's As of now, this is due to the impossibility toe, Emily the basic processes used in these type of devices. So at this moment, it is not possible to emulate the catalyst switches with the dining rooms. Okay, switching You can use a dry. Oh, you do image are what you're always doing. Made with Kimmel. Okay, So these images you need toe know about the Veum stuff. The virtual machine stuff on you need to install in the Via Mare are you can download Cisco . I will. You put it in this or you can use the Cisco back a treasure for your sitting exact switching practice. Okay, on you see, however, it says if you want to use dynamite, you can use an e s m, which is either a light switch model. Either such module on these type off device cities. Okay, on keeping in mind that this module works differently and uses the villa and database except on if you see, you might get confused by for some of the features you can run using this eaters which more ? If you want to create a villain, you need to go to the bill and that is more under created. Normally, we don't need to goto the villain database more. You can just create normally saying we that those things are different and if you see it doesn't support the following features. Indeed, doesn't support the DTP snow being it doesn't support the eat the channel guard okay, and it doesn't support some of the features, like a $2.3 airy. The recipe is not support there. Okay, Dexter is. And if you see this spanning three, these are the features that are not supported here. So that's the reason that it is recommended. I mean, a Did you ran? You ran the Vienna based DJ industry on you Get the Watcher. I ways image or IOU image to run to run it on bm tyrannical of'em. The watch television which can be hosted either. Using what little box on a VM bear. One station on any Yes, excite on any I polarizer so thes genetically has recommended for some of the, um, two images. It is better to work with the B M. Birla workstation. Okay, now, let's go here on so you can actually see the eternity switch more delis, I assure you. Once we are creating the project in the next video in this video, what we have seen is how exactly are we can use the buildings, which what exact it can do like access port. What is a villain? And then, if you want to make it dark brown court. Exactly. Any virgins? All this stuff we have seen here, but it doesn't run complex protocols like is to be We debate all the stuff 7. Creating a Project: Okay, so now creating a product. So once you are starting a G industry want you close on, Start a genus tree again. You will come up with this cream here which is a project dialog box, right? It tastes the new project. So if you want to create a new project, give the name for the new project on. If you want to change the location, you can change or it is using it before location that we have created here. And you can see we have a project library which I have earlier creator for some off my projects. These are the things on you see, the new projects are If you want to open your old project, you can click open project on Goto navigate through that directory so basically can go to the directory that it is Where exactly is listing as I've never have closed two days now if you want to create a new project, if you see we have this dialog box, you can go to a new land project. Let's say I want to create a project that this is a test. This project is already exist over, right? No, I don't want to. Let's see our best. Let's say G N f. Okay, now we have I want to create a Deanna's three project. We have given a name you can see at this corner on the top. This is the project name test Underscore, genius. Okay, so now do you want to create this A project? Let's say we want to clear something like the two daughters or $3. Okay, for example, let's see. Uh, I want to create our two routers are three daughters. You can click on the out of here. You can see it is These I can say is the browse rotors and this one stays browse, Which is this one? This blouse and devices like BC's this one days browse security devices. One off the example is Cisco Air Sea, the adaptive security appliance, which is a Cisco firewalled on. If you want to see all the devices, you can click on this on for the length basically the cables. You want to connect between the devices? You can use this icon here. Okay, Now what? This Let's go toe the routers. I want o create some off the rotors. Lady, I want to use the 37 7200 daughter. You can just click on the track it on your project panel here. Just This is a complete project. Panel on. I want to use 37 50 45 also here, let me use a 37 45 1 more. Okay, so way have all that out. That's now we have taken all the outdoors, for example. Let's say you want to create switching and moment. So let's go on to click on the switches. We have Internet switch here. We just like that switch here. Okay, so we have dragged that switch here. So now the tape. Let let me just close this which you see, Badi 40 days having an Ethernet switch. And it is also having a switch, which we have created manually. Okay, Otherwise, it is having the default Internet switch available here. Okay, Now let's see the heat individual device parameters. OK, Now let's look at our ones parameters. Here. You just, uh, move the most quiet there on top of the rotor. You say that out of our one is a stop as off Now that means the outer are one is not started. at the local north idea is one on this is the servants, nor idea. And then the dynamics I see here on the next information is hardware dynamic, which is the emulator school I raced out of which is 7200 which is running here on louder Server is running on local. We see here the outer start. What is runs on local on the control port off. This is 5000. Okay. And you continue this having as off no two interfaces passed it on it. Zero slash zero on fast Internet zero slash one interfaces. Now let's look at the around to hear that out to you. See you click. You move the most point over there under out of two. We see all this information on. Did you see this is image running, but this code 37 45 image on. If you see, it is running control boards, fighters and one okay. And it is having the too fast. Internet port on it is running an M 40. The network module 40 on it is running a big duty big today, which is having our two serial ports there. Okay, So we can also use the serial port. We'll see how exactly we can kind of the serial interfaces. Okay, Now you go to the other device. It is still This is also 37 45. Only change will be the control here. The control is on board 5000 now on the street. If you move to the switch This switch. If you see the switch is running on the subway the same they stop local here and it is having eight port starting with both eternal zero toe. Return it. Seven. You click on this conficker, you can go here. So once you basically what you can do is you can right click on the device and say you get the conficker Minnow, you can congregate here. Guess which we have seen while checking for the school. I mean, we'll check in for the building switch when we have country garden theme my switch as an eternity which similarly we go to Lauder's with great on conficker. So what exactly we can configure here so you can change the name off the device. Okay, on the image part. Basically, if you want to run a different image and you see the memories large. If you want to engage, the memory can introduce everybody here and they were AM society. If you want to increase in volume size here and then slot if you want to add some more slots, you can add it. The one slot that I was telling in the previous video is switching slot the switch Mortar. Let's check of this device aborted. You see, it is having an M 16 years, devil, You okay? The internet switch Basically the the switching module off the device. You just say apply. Okay, let's check advanced in that once section you see? Okay, if you want to change your idea BC, you can change it on. These are other parameters here. Now let's click. OK, so this is having the switch model here on a ritual there. As off Now. Now, if you want to connect these out of stress rich, you see from our you just click on this link here on you click on the device that you want to connect the cable you get to ports here because 7200 is having only to either make boots . That's the reason we're getting to ports here from past U turn and zero slash zero. Now let's click. We want to connect to the switch. Now let's go to the streets one and click on top Off it. You can connect on any off the sports. Okay, each of zero we have connected. It's definitely like when we click on our do you see we're seeing too fast. Internet zero interfaces to fast Internet interfaces basically zero slash 00 slash one on. We have the serial interfaces that are here. Serial one slash zero serial one slash 21 slash 21 slash three, which are coming from an M 40 module on cereal Geos Life 16 and 00 slash 17. These two are coming from Victor Week duty module, which is by which is already installed on the device. Now let's connect here on fast Internet zero slash zero on switch Connect on Internet one. Now let's say now we want to connect a serial interface between our tow artery here. Let's say we have connected on our 231 slash zero. I want to connect the serial interface Now I want to connect. Is another serial enough this year? Now you see, we have so many ports which are available on this are three device here because we have added a 16 port years. DeMann, you basically the Internet switch model heaters. Which more? June. Now, I want to connect a serial interface on this article. It's connect here on our three on on the eater switch. More news. What we can do is I can run. I can connect the dots. Which module? Port fasted on a two slash zero here on, then connect on eternity. Okay, now let's go and click years, we get our Moskos appoints. So we have seen how exactly we can clear total quality. How exactly? We have our dragged all the devices into our project panel by closing all the devices from the left. The left hand. You know that I'm showing here. Okay, Now how exactly we can start these devices. Okay, so we have a two ways to start a device. Do is to stop anyways. Okay. If you see here we have on the main panel. You see, we have this burden which is start our resume. All lords on the 2nd 1 is suspect on Lourdes. 3rd 1 is stop awards. Four twenties. Reload All. So you feel click here. It will start all the devices in the project. We can also do. Let's say as I know, we require only two out. But later on, we want to use the other startled. What you can do is you can go on to the router. Right click. You get this start, but so this will start on the doctor. It will not start any of the other. Similarly suspended on. Stop on. Really? Okay, so now let's start all the three devices here. Now you want to access to get out of your double click on the photo, it opens a protestation automatically, and you see the out of is getting Buiter and you see why it is booting. It is like a real Cisco device stays. Okay, it is running the highway software off 7200 which is C 7200 advanced I p services canine M image. Okay, so now we are on that old So what are the things? The main things that you can verify on your vote. Let's say you can check. Sure. What should So we have looking into this future. What should command we're getting the show. Watch an output here. Thank as a normal woman as a complete device. But if you see here, it says the wrong drum on one is an emulation home court here in relation my coke or basically OK, that's fine on. Now, you check your show, I'd be in the face. Please leave the fast Ethernet years largely due on fast Internet zero slash one Because it is having only doing Internet interfaces on you. See this say's it's administratively down, down. But if you see on the project panel here, this green one say's it's on as it is. Ah, Jenna's three emulator. It is not able to detect the physical layer properly. Okay, that is the reason it is showing it is up here because the device is powered on. But actually the divide, the interface is not up the interfaces administratively down. Okay, so now you have the same preachers that we have in this culture. Go to into phase zero slash 00 slash. Okay, Now, what you can do is on that out of you can contribute an I P address. You can do the same thing here I be addressed potato and not one, not one. Not one, 2555555 or zero. Okay, now we are connecting this over to his, which now we can do no shot recently. Let's do it. No shot here, Interface every zero slash zero. No shock. We have done no shot here. Now you verify you. I be interface. Brief the device. It's basically the interfaces up upstate. Okay, on the streets. We don't need to do anything because it's a building switch. Okay, Now let's go to our do. Now. Let's go way beyond our Do you do the same thing? Check, Show worship. So it really display Washington. What, exactly what Senate is running. Okay, so as of now, it is running this court, Okay? And now you do true, I'd be interface belief. So you will be seeing all these interfaces on. We are connected to the interface fast. Internet zero slash zero. This is interface fast. Internet zero slash zero. The protestation right. By default, it is showing this point size and this color you likely here Jean sittings. It's a guppy. Errands, a window. I'm just looking for an option where we can set the foreign size wanted defaulted. The industry connection. Uh, let's see. So it's not displaying on the current decision here, but what exactly you can do is when the Yeah, and then actually trippy ended appearance. Okay, so basically, we don't need to worry about this now. Okay? So here it is showing here. I think, on let's years authorities running 10 points. Let me increase the foreign size. Apply. You see, it increases for in size drastically here. Right. So this is how you change the default form size. So let me just change it really quick to another phone size Jane sittings. Get your appearance. Change instead off 36. Let's make it 18. Apply. I think this is fine. Okay, So this is how you change for your genius. Three default. But even though the foreign size, I just I just want to show you here now. It is properly visible here. You can check this so I be interface brief. You see, all the interfaces are deaf. Goto conflict more interface F a zero slash zero. You configure the I P address that is part off. Our one network are 17 It seems that 10 112 555555 feet under. No shirt. The interface will be up here. So I be in the face. Brief the 10. Not one. Not one, Not two. Now you can being on verify that the switch is allowing the communication you see at being a successful. The 1st 1 is an art, Kramer. But if you want to look at the switch here. Okay on. See? Okay. What exactly time? Our values that are here. You right? Click and see the There is no our country are There is no other spanning three, which is running toe. Make it forwarding. State all this stuff right now you say Okay, I just want to change this information for port one. What, exactly? Just changing to will and to just want to verify that there is No, I mean, we want to create a separate for outcast. A mind for this poured, which is connected to our do. So we have changed it. Now you'll see this is still pinging, actually, for put one. Put one villain is too. That is what we want to do. You have at one unit a click on add it got changed by and then Okay, now it is applied. Now we go to our to Now you see, it is working like on the on switch verities, segregating its broadcast reminds. Based on that will do. Jenna's three helped us in creating this building switch for small, small operations. When you want toe use different kinds off topology with different freelance all together. Okay, No, let's see the eater switch module here where we have on our three. Let me just click on that. This is also using the phone size off this. Let's increase the phone size off this. Also, the chain settings opulence change foreign land to 18. Apply for England. This change. Now, let me just produced the screen size here. Okay? Now, you quickly verify. Sure. I be interface brief. See fast Internet to slash zero. This is up upstate because this is a switching model By default on the switch, all the boats are up. That's the is entity showing all the ports are up now. You voted in the face. Let's say you want to create a real and you need to goto this villain accounting. And if description are you want to create a villain here, you need to goto villain database more. You don't need the configuration or for creating a villain that it's more this more real. And database more is old. More that the school has implementing. The later on they have changed. You can goto well and database more now it is in tow, the villain configuration more. You can see what and all you can create here. You can see now. Villain. I want to create villain 10. You can clear villain here as a villain Plan. Enter. This is other. You need to come back. So it saying not enough space to flash for two story landed obvious trying to squeeze every squeezing flash because we don't have such memory. That's the reason it is going on. Now let's about this. It is about the procedure. What you can do is show. Well, sure, really switch. So this is how you verify your reliance on the switch. So as I know, there is no point. I mean it. Is it saying not enough space on the flash to store the villain database were not able to store that, because if it depends on the size that you have allocated to these things. If I have a culture very less space because I have the complete lamb off 40 beat self on flash is also very, very less that I have allocated. But if we allocate more, get more features on. Also, you see the similar commands, like show spanning tree to get the show spanning three. What exactly spanning three you can do. But the only problem is if you're uninsured spanning three. Here you see only these information that you can run. This shows planning. Guillain, you can't change the mood, but it can change the priority group. Primary fruit secondary. Hello. Time All this stuff you can change here. Okay, so let's say if you want Oh, check for eat of channel eater, channel somebody. You can verify the channel somebody else because it supports the poor channel configurations on this device, but not illicit. B. I think it is because we have seen in the ministry website they're not supporting a recipe on these modules. So basically want you go toe any of these interfaces lately? If you're too slash one, which is the switching interface, you can just see here you can say switchboard. You continue contest which poured more access. You have access. And, Frank, you can also do switchboard access. Really? And you can say no, Vida, whatever the villain that you have created our switchboard. Thank you. Want to change the calculation from I sl do not want to. You can change that, though it tastes 0.1 Q as off. Now on we have all the information is similar to most of the defaulted features that you want. Oh, a practice, right for your villain and Villa. I mean, the CCN example don't practice the prom set. So basically the concept Not exactly the riel command, because you need to understand the concept, not the our device command. Let a your if your organization moving away from Cisco Devices to hit me our juniper. So what exactly you would do that you remember the contact? You know how exactly well and works villa will be really in all the off platforms spanning three is a spanning three in all the platform. Because all these switches are developed from a vendor, a new print which is a standard the standard I Tripoli cited please using the standards for all these protocols. If you say do not one day. That is a common spanning three on NATO one w that is a wrap expanding three on NATO one s , which is a multiple spanning three. All this stuff what do you remember the concept of exactly? You can simulate the same kind off Wyman using this. Eat us which module on? Tune it to your requirement a little bit By using what are the supported features using that term? It's much more inside this room. Okay, So this is how exactly you can build your project. This is a small project. We're going to look at a big project after some time in the cities, okay? 8. Using SecureCRT – Manual method: Okay, so we have seen in earlier video the previous video How to access around right When you double click on the router. Basically open a participation. Do that But it not if you see reality. This is a work party. So what I just want to show you is the the exact that city we're not ableto see here Basically, security at you'll be able to see So most of the candidates they are used to secure CRD like the security how exactly it puts in a tab abortion, even the but has the you tab diversions off allergies released But people are 10 to work on , mainly on security. And that's the reason I just want to create this video to show how exactly you can access the DNS three emulated routers using security. Now you see, basically, let's close this so you can t Once we move the cursor on top of any device, it is showing us the devices running locally on it is running on board fighters and now you remember. So now let's opens my security at the here. Okay, So, basically, security, I d. Even though that that shows as a let me just close one off my device this year. Okay? Let me just minimize this. Even though that is showing as a console port, you can't correct it like a console. Like what I was saying is, you can't go to Syria on provide a com port I put aboard. Read all this stuff that is not that concerned. This is a kind of a watcher control running in G industry. So how exactly you can correct is basically you can bend it. So we contended the what? I fear this. Do you remember why we're setting up? The locals are worth more. The local server I be we have configured as a look back I p which is 1 $27.0.1 Oh, that I were connecting on the port. The port number that you need to mention toe in Italy Council report off the road, which is in this case, 5000. Once you enter that, you will be able tow access that open. Now we go to the next to device, you click on 5002 you get on our three fighters and one is also there. So we have all the devices on the secure CRD Now, why? By default if you want. Oh, double click on that. Open a secure CRT. You need to know that history settings on your local operating system where exactly you go and change this. Otherwise, this is the simple mechanism that you can go and check You can go and access. The emulator device is basically the D in his three daughters using Take your C api. Now, if you don't want toe go, I mean on the port number. What you can do is you can also change the port number basically, and it's a con figure. Uh, wrong. Tia just and it. Go on, say not forget it's somewhere here that you can change the It's opening the concert radically on the device command line. I think the decision is running. Maybe we will be able to see Let me just off profit off this device. I think we will be able to change this under for your friends so you can see the console tenant application. This is what I'm seeing. What you can do is you can change this to your security. Are the application okay? You need to know the exact sister value that you want to change in your PC. Okay, so this is how exactly you can do that on the security rd. So basically, if you go onto the subway, if you want to change to a different port, you don't want to use 5000. What you can do is you can change this control both range here, and it is saying the fighters on 900 to 6000 is shared with BNC. Okay, so this is how exactly can change support numbers when you are using the's security. And if you want to use a different port number all together, you can change it here. 9. Configuring VPCS: Okay. Now, in this video, let's look at the VPC s. How exactly we can confident the VPC years. This is BBC. Yes, your bag onto your project panel. Then let's close this for clarity Purpose. Now you see, we want to correct This is a watch BC. Basically, you want to kind of this pc to your network, Okay. To simulate some off the PC traffic like pain place or something like that. Basically, you can use out also. But router is basically is eating up your memory to the CPU memory, everything. This is a lightweight system here. So that's the reason it is better to always use toe simulate a PC traffic user. This BBC s now users link to connect this do and they have the network here. Okay, now let's put on this bc one and let it boot on. Let me just access this. This is running on fighters and three. Let me access fight those in three years. You see it is going on pc von the very same What? Your PC simulator and you say I mean, this is the author information on the cooperate information. Now you can see the BBC Yes, is a free software, but distributed under the terms off BSD license. You need to know all this information. Okay, now it is powered on. But if you want to change some configuration off this, nothing is available here. Nothing much. You can use jeans anymore. Okay? Now you see the information that you want to get help. You use a question mark on Enter. It will give the basic networking features that are required for an engineer toe access the PC and ran like you access on the window system. Like to you. What do you do? You access a command, prompt you get a commander from. So in order to see the I'd be used and that I be conflict. And you see the i p details here for each interface. Okay. And you will use the ring command and even also using the play sort command taste or something. Like so, for example, let's say you want to think 1 90 to 1 68 30 31 which is my gateway are Let's say, if I want a pink trace route one off my other fare. Worse, I'm just giving an example. Here, Lieutenant. 90 to 1 68 What? They want out 1 58 So you can basically place route and see all this information on your the LPC. Because this is now I'm running on my real PC Windows Command Prompt not on the G in history. So how exactly you would long this simulated environment? What you can do is you can run this on your What's your bc? Okay, so basically, if you want to see the i peer to suffered, do show, I be We taste the name off the B C S B C one. As I know, there is no idea this con triggered Mac address off this PC. Is this Mac address? Okay, on the our host board for the remote thing and then the empty you the local boat, everything is mentioned here. Okay, Now, how do you configure and I be address on this device? Right. So basically the network administrator, what they can do is for testing on the really bc. They go here. I mean, this is a I'm running on WiFi now. Uh, sorry. I just want to down on my life. I hear what I want to do is I want to go to network on Internet settings. Okay, you go here. Internet. You have different Internet adopters. Go to change it up their options on Let's say, if you want to configure any of the interface that they want to configure my Internet interface something like this we goto properties on you go do the entire protocol abortion , and you can forget the idea this on the realize like this. But unfortunately, this is a very lightweight BC. Simulative will not be able to have access to the do I. What we can do is use this command I be, and then conficker some I feel it's a $10.1 not one, not pain. Some night mask to 5555248 or zero. And then you can point to against me. Now we re enter it checks for our duplicate addresses. There isn't a duplicate addressing the in the local network. I mean, the local segment on ways down that lesson. Now you do show I p you see the IBM was a standout or not one or 10. The gateway is turned out or not. One. What one? The subject mask is slash 24 which is 2 55 to 55 to 55 0 Okay, so this is how exactly they run all this information here on the just off The options that we have here is you can check your quality of the pain so we can get to the outer one I beat and not one, Not one, not one. Here, you see the being in successful. Okay, So what we can do is let on are one. Let's create an interface. Look back. Zero Which is I p address. I wonder or not one, Not one, Not one 2 55 to 55 to $55 to 55. Okay, so we have created this move back. Now let's goto this PC here. What you bc simulator. Now we can be one, not one, not one, not one Also. That means it is sending traffic the unknown effect to its gateway. Ok, now let's look at the Are you can look at the are here. They are associated with not one, not one, not one Is this Mac address the even There is a watching PC simulator basically can learn the Mac address everything you can check that on our one. What is the exact matter they're showing to face a face? Zero slash zero. You see? See is you know 11 year 14 to 08 That's the same mechanism. Right on. You can do a trace option you can place to, let's say one, not one, not one. Just one. Hop away. You can see that this is one. Hop away. Okay, on the rest off the options you can see we have DTP options. You can sit shotgun for IBD, etc. P if you want to get the I b from the deity piece of relative, you are practicing your deity be server lab on and I only something you can basically create your deity peoples on the router on make these clients to get I p address from that pool by enabling BTP on this client using Iberia to be option Okay on. You can see the other options here, basically on solitaire from this PC risk elite access PC, you can do You can basically access to where other device using an AR log in, which is a remote logging 50 right here. What we can do is Let's see. I want to access the fighters. And by those 5000 which is the PC that is coming here on toe are one. You see, we are one now to basically got disconnected from for some other reason. But you will be able to see that on this interface. This is completely there. You see here we didn't are long in here. 5000. It went into their You see, whatever it is available, whatever the interfaces that we have entered on our one it completely displaced on the screen itself. Do you see? As often I would got stuck here. We can do our log in that game and see and got stuck over there. Okay, so this is how exactly you can use a BBC s for your testing at the PC based environment in the genus three for networking requirements. The basic options that you can look at these options. You can configure it as a DTP are. You can configure I be options conflict, and I pee. So basically, what you can do is if you don't know the command after that, you can do something like this. Do you see? You can conflict Dennis as well on you can confident the my name also on this Because even though it is a watch BC, it is having blocked off powerful options. Which all the networking guys too quiet. Okay, so you can practice much more easily when you're doing you see Santa vpc saipi. It understands the slash notation as well, so you can put slash notation are you can use the neck mask completely. Anything like that. Okay, so what? Our other options that we can see here is a TV certain option, which is the conditions set on, then the ocean. Look what you can said you can set the PC name. Basically, you can change the PC name and then the airport for the remote airport. You can do our host for the remote host All this stuff 10. Wireshark Packet Capture: Okay, So in this video, let's look at how exactly we can see the information on why shark back captured. So basically before that, let's see how exactly we can do a white shark packet capture in the GN three environment. So basically, in rail environment, what exactly we do is let's say something like this. So what I wanted to show you is you have a stretch on. You have ah white shop. Basically the monitoring we see connector as an analyzer on you confident a local span our remorse span based on your requirement Where exactly you want to capture traffic? What do you know? You want to get one intersection with the source? What exactly you want to monitor and you will send it to the destination interface. Where are my shot? Packet captures character Back capture is installed on a PC so you will get all the information all the capture So that wage packet capture BC right generously made it easy for us. So Jen mystery and wash our integrated on. Then they have seen they have integrated solution that you can do a packet capture on the GNS three emulator assimilated And right now you see In this case, let's say you go to any off the link. You right Click. You can say start, captain. So anything that is going I can capture here. Now you see, the link type is Internet. The link find name it is saving, as are ones. Fast it on. It feels like zero to switch one Internet zero. It automatically seem you say Start the capture with immunization program. Yes, That means it is starting White Shot. Now, you see, the white sharp network analyzer has been started on you see, we are able to see the traffic. Now, let me. This is a software update. Remind me later. Okay, Now you see, we're seeing some off the information like the CDB GDP. All this information on the out of port. Well, she's going on yet. You can see this UDP information. It stays. Device idea are one. So we are receiving this from our one. Basically all this stuff so cdp that you are looking at on what is the self to a Russian on ? That you see all this image like a real device because it's running C b. And it is sending all this information out of that interface. You see this after watching this is called support teams because of what you are on. The softer abortion is legal, so that and if you see the addresses, the I P address that is configured on that interfaces turned out on not one, not one on the poor, tidy associated. What that interface is past it and zero slash zero. See, this is completely like a real time information that genus Tree is providing us with the help off white shark capture right at the full. Do blacks have to place communication management address. If there is any managing mental dress, my default it is using as off. No, this interface of being. Now let's say we want to see from any other device that's a from PC one. Infinite traffic is coming is able to capture to us. Let's go to our PC here. What we can do is generate up in traffic $10.1 dot Wondered one. So I am thinking here from this PC. But being stopped now let's look into the white shark captured. Now you see, it actually gives the complete information that we are looking here so basically when you are learning. So if you want to grant the package captured on multiple devices in your jail time production on my mind, it is so difficult like, Do you want to see what exactly when you're running some protocol, what exactly happening between the devices? So why I shot made it easy for us. You can capture that light traffic on, then publish your father. So let's say like me. Just you see the ping replies. Being a request on a code applies here. What I want to show you is you can capture some of the other traffic that's a from our two before changing our tool. It's confidence which to put that back in Villain one so that it will have access to the R one p c. Now, let's quickly verify we have communication to our Dylan right now. What I want to do is, let's say we're running eroding protocol. Let's say loader Ph. D. R. B one, and then save. He added that you face network 10 11 are, too. Do you know what art? Zero dark Zito. God. Okay, so that's enabled. That network turned out more north, wandered to the Lord 00 Right. And it's enabled the same thing on our one here. Dr He did. You have to be one network then. Not one, not one on one. You see, this is enable here, but I was formed the A g r B neighbor ship, but used check on our one on for the G R B messages. You see, we're looking at the g R. Three messages like, Let's stop this capture on. You can quickly learn how the age, our hellos and what off the information it is going on. You see, once I click on that packet, you see the CIS Cisco E A g r P. Okay, the up court is to hellos. You see? Check some information here. Okay, on you will be seeing the autonomous system number, which we have gone for God, which is one on the other parameters. You see the metric of eight and then the whole timer, then the software washing off the A g r b. Okay. All this information you can see here basically, when you are learning something, it will be easy for you. You see, the I P header information everything. When you're learning headers when you detain for the purpose off CC A you are learning I had a eternity All those headers, right When you come in, tow a desk So you might be thinking. Okay, So what is this? That's right. Visually, not often from information over there Where exactly you're using a Braille When you do a packet capture it makes your life easy. OK, so these are all the things that I'm really using in my head up. Like you see in the I p. Head of field here you will be seeing a lot off information here like source and destination. And you go. It is using a protocol called 88 which is a well known that the 80 are people on the destination descending into a multi cast address 24.0 dot 0.10 on If you go to the eternal head up, It is having the destination Mac address, which is a mighty guest Mike address here on the source Mac address. So it least down complete information are the guarding each and every layer header. So it makes your life easy when you're learning something or when you're troubleshooting something Okay, so now let's say, for example, I just talked to this. Still, it is running here. We just close the wire shot capture. But if you still click on this, I think this so you can see if you want to analyze this capture using a solar wind system, you can click on that, that it wants time. You have. So I hope that will open now. You can stop. The capture actually got open your and it is trying to analyze that package captured. Now I think we have closed down that. So that's that isn't creamed. So what we can do is we can plan another capture. Stock captured a game. It starts now. The back of capture is going on. We'll be seeing the age, our hellos. I know, right? Click on, analyze that capture. Where is the placard? Capture. Gone. Anything you close the back of capture or is it hiding somewhere? Okay, So captured is still going on. Start way shot capture. Okay, it is. Let's see. Let's stop it now. Analyze the capture. So, basically, for some reason, it's not analyzing that what we can do is start a white shark. So we have this complete traffic which is going on. Stop this. Let's say I want to save it in my desktop. That's a G R b. Okay, now what I can do is right. Click analyze the capture Still fade. Let me browse. Go to the desktop. Take that job. Analyze Now it doesn't find any application as off. Now you can see that if there is any application basically list down the completely dates. Okay, So this is how you will use the white shop in Taiji industry. Who captured the light traffic, which is going between the devices, right, You can you do the multiple captures? I'm starting a capture here. Okay, it's doctored. Here, let me go. Here started capture year. You see, we have to captures which are going on when you are troubleshooting something. This will actually help you. I you can side by side, put the packet captures from different segments and try to compare each other and see if there is an issue. The tape. In the working scenario on the nonworking scenario, you can come back and see where exactly nature is So you can do my day captured as well say I'm stopping it now. Its top the right click on stop the capture 11. Snapshot: Okay, Now let us look at a snapshot future. Okay, So what is this snapshot? Let's say in the g r b we want to contact are basically the multiple networks on. We have conficker completely out of information on the devices using C A lie. Okay, we have saving that conflict. Right on. We are moving on further back. Ned. Iran. Letty now have enabled the Asia be okay. I want to keep the sea a job. Be information. As for my friends using the same apology on later on, I'm going to configure or SPF. Okay, I'll be removing the B on later on. I'm going to be easy by removing the SPF. OK, but I want these HDR reconfiguration. When I was testing something, it should be dead on always. Pdf, you can keep it as a taste beating. Okay? I know what I want. I can come back toe different Washington off death snap charges relating. Does seeing Okay? You can take a snap short off the existing apology on then the configurations that not saved in the devices. But the snap chart can be taken only when the devices are powered off. So you see the symbol here. You see the symbol here? This is saying manage Snapshot. You click on this If you want to create, let's say the way have created your job here. It says you can see here. This is a console DJ industry management control. It is trying as an error, saying running the apology could not be exported. So what we need to do is we need to save our conflicts that same saving the conflict here off one are to So rt was part off earlier and you need to see if the conflict on the B C as well using the same command, not the WR like memory right now. So we have seen this power off all the devices. You can use this symbol here. Okay, Now all the devices are powered off. The switch cannot be powered off. The scale of this is a building switch. Now you go here, you see, create a snapshot. Let's say the snapshot name is P A g r B. I said Okay, now you see, the snapshot is created. Now let's go run our apology The game. So let it. I think our consoles we got the same concern numbers. Okay. We're not concentrating much on our clears off Now. We're just concentrating on R one r two. The devices are restarted. So we got the connection back. That's concentrate between r one and r Rthe are We came up now. What I'm doing is I want toe the movie 80 R b So I have removed a jar, be onboard the routers. Okay, so now we are enabling around our ways. BF one Latina at work. A lot more. Not one lord one Carias Ito similarly on our to don't always be of one network turned out one, not one, not two 00 zero area zero. So now on a labor ship will come up trade for some more time. I hope everything is bringing their then from that one. That one if wait for some what time? Because this issue always be If neighbors, it is still in two. We stayed, so it needs to go to the other state way. Extract exchange loading and then full still in to this date. Okay, this is loaded to the full. Now it's loaded to the full now. Okay, Now it has reached ability to you are one is not advertised here. Okay, so now you see. So we want to see if the conflict that is a duplex mismatch on eternity Zeroes zero. It's not. Whatever this. Now we're saving this conflict. Okay, now let's shut down this. Shut down. All the cultures create a snapshot saying, boy SPF. Okay, now the snap Chartoff SPF is cleared as it is. A As we're contacting only two devices, we're seeing less overhead. Okay, that's fine. But let if you're configuring more than 10 devices and you want to use the same I p addressing schema when you are testing your portables pH b toys, pf media, be every all right Every time you don't need to confident I p addresses again. Like what you can do is you can contact your i p addresses on all the devices. Save the country. That's a 10 devices over there. Save the country. Shut down all the devices take a snap shorting. It's an idea. Doesn't scheme. Eyes a site. Okay, Every time you run a protocol, you see, that also has a snapshot on you. If you want to use a new protocol, go back to the I P address. Snapshot on then. Come back Now you see Here. Okay. I want to go to the A g R p No. You see, As you know, I have a way spear. But I want you to goto jgr the store. It says this will discard any changes made to your project. Since the snapshot was taken, I said OK, I to know So what it is What is the seven? Okay. What they can do is let me open. So this is the open message here. This is my project list to me. I'm running Destiny. Jenness, Let's go Untested Eunice, I think some issue with my Gina's three and it's crashed for some reason. Let me start here again. So it is starting in the control again here. Okay, Open the Project de Stinginess. Okay, so we have started. Now click on the snapshot. It is having the A, G s P and O SPF. Now we want to go to a G r B one. Okay, so regarding your job, be one. Nor did Now let's start all the devices you have. I hope we got the same console port here. Yes, now it's start off now death between one and two. You should see the eight year p neighbor came up. The exact information that we have in the other lab we have the more the oh SPF. You see, that is no way SPF because while we're saving the reconfiguration, we have only a J R B. We don't have SPF over there So that stories and it is showing us Now you want to move to a different lab for the West? BF you stop all the nodes you as you don't make any changes to this lab. Take a snap short Goudeau SPF the store that and now start all the note it started. Our daughter is coming up. I do as bad links also are coming up. Now let's check the configuration Shore on section Well, SPF You see, we have the ways we of convict now But now a job. Okay, so it is a better way toe Manage all yours snapshots. It is always better when you are creating your project on your going one by one. By taking a snapshot always you can come back for your reference where exactly you are looking at, right? So this is the powerful tool which the industry is providing us. So it is always useful when you're testing something for your real production in my men. Are you preparing for your lab, CNN City and B Tch Anything, This is always useful. 12. Connecting to a real network using Cloud: Okay, So in this video, let's look at how exactly we can can are Jenna's three apology to real time device. So basically what, exactly we're going to look in this section as we are going to create a new back interface on our windows 10 bc on we're going to connect are any? I mean, using a cloud within the industry on that cloud will be integrated with this flew back, which is inside those 10 pc on. Then we're going to connect any off the router. So this cloud So basically, we are connecting into the real time device really looking device or the LPC in this case, we're going to look at in this video. Okay, so let's see how exactly we can correct the little local pc the Windows 10 pc to your Jenna Street apology. So, basically, you will have your network interfaces the network adaptors, so you can connect one off these adapters toe the Janus Street. Apologies. Okay, So your physical adopters late if you're not connecting anything, let if you want to still use some off the laptop resources late. If you're running some kind off FTP software are it's an MP software locally on your laptop are like locally on your desktop pc. Okay, But you want to access using GNS reality. You want to integrate that you just open the industry. Let let's say you're running the S and P software locally on your laptop on. Do you want to use all these G and three daughters? As SNP agent on you want to connect to the local PC? You need to use some off that actors here, right? So basically, I showed you here, So any of these adapters. But if none off the rappers are connected, if he's corrupters, what you can do is you can create a look back interface the loop back adapter on, then attach it to the genius do device. Okay, so let me show you how exactly If you don't have a look back, how can you create it? So here I'm not installing one more, but I just want to show you how exactly you can create that. You can go to your device managers, click on device Manager, click on your desktop. What you can do is click on Action Odd Legacy hardware Click next select. The second option would say install the hardware that I manually select from a list. This is the advanced option. Click next. Onda, select the network Doctors option here. Network adaptors option here. Networking up to us. Click next. So this can eat Will retrieve the least off the devices that are available on your A B. C. You can select Microsoft on Select the mortar number. The model is Microsoft KM test back after next on you click. Next. Once you click. Next Doctor Medical installs a Lubeck adapter. Okay. Says I have already the lube AC adaptor he had You can see. So basically, you see the description. Microsoft Game test back Corruptor. Maybe it will come with a default. Me? We can change the name by right click and rename Do whatever the name that suitable for you . Okay, now what we can do is you can go to G industry. So how do I actually integrate that look back? And after? So the g in history, you take the cloud bragging to your project panel. Okay, Now you see right click on this icon figure. Basically. You see the ethernet interfaces Here you see the eternity 348 and WiFi to. If you look at your local PC, you see, these are those advisers eternal. 348 and then the WiFi toe. But we're not seeing the Lubeck on GNS three here. Basically, you're not getting here also from the drop down menu. What you need to do is this is a special type off the Internet so you can check this box show special eternity interfaces on the special Internet interface. Here is Look back. You add Lubeck on what we can do is let me daily to the other. One other, all of them. So I just want to and amended the confusion and we can talent only do the look back. Okay, so apply. And then connect. Okay, now let's connect the cable from this cloud back toe router fasted on a deal slash one. You see, Now this God connected Okay. What we can do is let access its access to shelter one so we can access using double click on it are began. Click on this control connect to all notes. Basically, it will open all the council's. It's all the vice controls in your apology. That's open. Wearable. Clicking only are one. Let me just change the foreign size 18 30 Appearance, Click Change on the foreign size. Let me just change, too. 16. I'll play font Size is changed on you See, it is very confusing that we don't have any interface labels. What we can do is you click on this icon here. This I can taste, show and hide interface labels. You just click on this, you'll get interface levels, right? You see, here the cloud ones is the loop back is connected on our one. We will see all the interface labels fast Internet zero slash run fast Internet video slash zero on. You can rear into this based on your requirement just by dragging the names of the labels here. Okay, now let's go Toe rotor again on contributor. Fast it on digital slash one Interprets fast Internet zero slash one I be address. Let's see. This is standard $20.1 dollars. One to fight to fight to face I daughter zero. No shirt. Okay, now let's goto the Windows 10 pc. Check the I P address. I have some appeared This already configured James, suggesting for some off my labs. Let me just reconfigure Diaby with $10.20 dollars one dot then on the subject mask is slash 24 click. OK, if you want, you can configure the gateway as yours are ones Look back at city, not the look back or one's physical interface I p address that we have configured on fast Internet, zero slash friend because we're connecting to that and after itself here. Okay, now let's go to the doctor being tendered $20.1 Not Then you see the biggest success for now. Okay, so this is how you can connect to the local real device, basically, And then you can simulate what are exact software that you want on connected to DJ in the street. Apology just in case. For example, I have a PR t G. It's a the B R G. Okay, so which is a network monitoring tool? Three network monitoring tool that you can get on. This is an SNP monitoring tool. So basically, what exactly your doing is You can run in a SNP monitoring tool on your local best off B C on gun trigger all your routers as an S and M P agent on integrate with the S and P manager software, which is running on your desktop PC are you can drum some kind of ftp TFT piece are worth on. You can integrate. Okay, So you have whatever that do use case that you have. You want to run some kind of software and integrate with Ji and his three daughters? You can do that using this way. 13. Change Symbol: OK, now let's look at how to change the symbols off devices in the industry. Let's say if you're making a presentation, so you want to defect something which is not their Indian three. What you can do is you can create your own logo or something like that. I put in a dark s video format. I'm not really no. The library off ministry on. They basically call it under your device. So it has, um, Indiana's three has the in built separate Lobo's already on the separate symbols. You can change and used those symbols also, that's ever suppose you want to depict in your apology the sovereign how exactly you can use it. Genesis three provides an option. You can use the genus three Library symbol. Oregon. Use a customer is simple. If it is a form it off guard. SPD. Okay, now that we have created a cloud here but now relatively want to change the symbol for the cloud. So basically I want to depict that as I have connected to a server right, I have connected toe some device which you can imitate a PC. It's an access point or something like that. So How do you exactly change this symbol? What you can do is you can right click on it to see the change symbol option here to have you can click that and you see it goes to the default symbols library that you have already there by default in it on. Let's say you can change it to either ability. Want to change it to access point? Or this is a pix firewall, Anything like that. This is an A C that you are depict something like that. Onda, let's say this is a computer. You can use that off. Let's say this is for example, this is my S and MP, sir, where what I can do is let me see any support symbol. This is a sort of symbol You can connect. Okay. I mean, click on, OK, by selecting it. You see? Now it is showing as a subway, right? You can change it. Toe cherishes my s and MP. Sir, we're here. It contains the names. Okay, So this is back. You want to change the name for the look back? Uh, this is a host name. Most name is sending piece of work. Now. This one. This is changing the host name for our us. What we can do this is by default running whatever the devices interface name. So basically we can change the interface name either on our windows PC. Okay, are Let's say this is my s and a piece of work. Let me just give it a proper name here. Okay? What we can do is we can change the name on our spc. The loop back after or what we can do is basically you hired the levels on you re clear the name of using add north option on North. You say this is my the And after Letty eat Zito. Okay, so this way you can create any note on pointing it is interface on. This is a note option. Basically, you have here you can create anything here. Let's say this is this is my this club and D industry. Okay? You can create any note, something like that which depict your the purpose off the lab or any north that you want. Oh, make sure I mean in in order that you want to create for your lab Any task that you want to create for your lab. Something like that. Okay, so now that we have changed our single, But let's say I want to use any custom symbols, not this one. Right? What you can do is you can use a customs him well, and you can browse the part and then get it. So basically, if you see Indian history on get help, people are using so many's custom symbols. They're contributing to it on. You can see. Let's say you have a fire world that it is running here on it is an optimal Notre or some kind off Reeboks guest. William were guest, or it's a W lan Controllers. You can use any off this you can download. And no, I applaud in GNs three using the custom symbol option, but it should be darkest svg former. Okay, so you need to make sure that dot spg form and then you can basically just want to see any of the the ranch, the ability, the Monte Leah switch or lightly, baby. Just click on that. It will show the meat for you. Is that a treaty? Okay, something like that. You can do that. Okay, 14. Screenshot: Let's look at screen shark, so now you want whatever the policies that have created you have created beautifully on you don't want to use it again to create on a visual for your presentation are you want to create the same thing in your beauty? So for that reason, what people are doing is they can use a print screen but are using a slipper tool to capture and grab only that apology. Energy industry. But gee, honestly products a beautiful future, integrated entirely industry. The future called six screenshot in the screen chart when you click in the camera, but it's basically the gets the complete The topology diagram in the daughter PNG format. See how beautiful days. Let's goto a Genesis 3 20 hour. Exactly works OK, now let's look at what is this screenshot option in Genesis three. Okay, so basically, let's say if you want toe, use this topology that you have created as an image. What you can do is maybe you can use a print screen button on your laptop, or what you can do is you can use a snippet tool. Let's say you use a snippet all on. This is sometimes a number some, right, So you can take the picture off this like this. But GNS three has given us a feature by default. You see this camera option? Whatever the topology that you have created here, you can a Plourde or you can take this snapshot or a screen short off that using the Director Ji industry photo mechanism basically the screenshot up. But we just see of this in the stroke. The industry screen shorts T This is a best to Deena's project. And basically, you can use this in your presentations off just for your pop. I'm in the demo purpose or anything like that goes here. You see, this is the tested in this topology, which is saved Indiana's three screen shorts. Fold of that. I am creative on. Once you open it, you see how beautifully God created. So when you're creating something, I mean, it actually reduces your overhead. Let's say you want to demonstrate, do your managers. So this is how the topology looks like. This is how the traffic going all this stuff and you don't need to create an adult apology using a visual are using a PowerPoint presentation. Basically, you can take a screen short using GNS three on attached to your PPT on demonstrated so this way it is very easy because you can do all your interfaces, labels everything. And if you want to mention any note you can mention using at the North Option Indian history. Okay, so this way it is very easy. 15. Topology Summary: I don't want him. Somebody. So what is this top quality somebody about on the top quality somebody you can look at? What are all the devices that are running in Cartagena street? Apology. You can each individually look at. OK, so what is this device connected toe on water interface. All this information will be able to look into this in this topology. Somebody let's look into the industry. It's okay now that we have created our apology. But let's see, the topology is having so many daughters on. You want to have a quick look on one off the devices that where exactly the what interfaces connected toe on that router or any dignity. Now you see on our one, we just want to go on. Look at you. See, this is the apology somebody option that you can see here. The topology summary box. You can click on our one. You see that is actually going to fast Internet zero slash zero is going to Internet videos . Which one fast Internet video slash one is going to eternal at the loop back off s and peaceable. Okay, so what you can do is show devices, captures anything so it doesn't have anything as off now. Okay? No. So you can see for us. And I'm pretty sure where exactly it is going to come on down. Switch one here. Multiple interfaces where exactly it is going to connect. So this is basically the top quality somebody where exactly each one is going. God, once you click on that PC, which if you want to change something, right, click on it you see all the options that you have here. But if you want to configure that we see one you can click on Conficker as I know that on the PC. Nothing. No other options are available on the other one. Let's see if you're right clicking on it, you can change something medically or here. Case ability. Configure. Gone for your genes of Ahmadis. Lourdes. If you want to add some more slots, you can add from the topology. Somebody tablets is 16. Servers Summary: certainly somebody. Let's look at what it's ever somebody. So you want to know? Because we are running a local. Let's see if you're running on every morsel G industry so we can see what exactly is happening on the servers CPU And what is the use age when you have a TV? What is the memory usage? We can look into this in the summer. Somebody so sorry for somebody. So basically, we can look at our server. Somebody here is in this box so you can see two informations here. So what is the exact CPU that your the network topology is using? So what is the device CPU that it is actually running itself. Now you can see the CPU, the 22.9% age, and you can also see what is the ram that it is using as off now. So this will help you let if you're the topology is hung with some off the rotors. You're seeing very slow and use. You can quick look on December somebody here. Is it because of the CPU is completely increasing. Or is it because off my DRAM memory is completely exhausted On based on that, you can quickly shut down some off the divisive on your topology 17. Why GNS3 and VMware workstation Download: Okay, so why G industry genius trivia. Basically So GNs three vm basically provides a lot off features and we can integrate the natural highways of the Cisco Highways for l three and l toe on. We can also integrate theme other watcher Cisco components like Cisco. I am with her daughter. We file, or we can do a savy or we can integrate X r V for your service provided labs anything. OK, but now the question is so which naturalizations after it is better so you can look hurt The DNS three nor commendation website. You see the question already? They have answered here, So which naturalizations offer it? Watch your walks of the image. Okay, so you see the number is a better option because it's faster on support. Nestor Watch realization. That means the vehemence iron VM are accelerated by the CPU on the spirit. Different is important and some medium will be too slow in The Watcher walks. Okay, so that's where they are asking their seeing TV. Um, where is winter and you see to weaken down toward the GNs tree bm from the ballooning. So you're going to look It died in some time. Okay, so that way we are looking into here. Okay? Now we go toe the VM Ware website and see how exactly we can download that. Vivian. Where? Team Where? Workstation. So basically, we need to download a workstation that's looking to be in their workstation workstation for a new specie so you can download the trial ocean off being where workstation through. And maybe if you like it, you can down Lord, I mean, you can install the but just one. So, Miss Kelly, let's go. So workstation for windows. You can see you can t here download now on. You can download the entire software here on once you download to be agreeing to see how exactly we can install the V invaded workstation. 18. Installing VMware Workstation: Okay, so now that we have downloaded to be Mbare Station So it's installed Aviion Workstation now and I see the VM where Station brought 12 started the installation procedures. It's about building doing still now. Yes, it is. Welcome to the set up wizard. Click. Next, you can see the end user license agreement. You can go through the end user license agreement. Accept it next. So this senator, the installation destination on any additional features. So basically, you can install toe the default part which goes under see Dr Program finds X 86 VM ware on . Then it creates a member workstation folder. If you want, you can click on change and change your the directory on. You can see the enhanced keyboard driver theory but will be required to use this feature. So this feature requires standing be on your host type. So I just want to use this feature. So let me just click a pic that check box click next. So you want toe check for the product updates on start up and help improve IAM Iraq station fruit. It is always better. Blake next and then had to stop and start my No programs for the click next and then click install. So now it started installing the being where Workstation pro. So you can see the status bar here, so it will update us. So what exactly the state as it is currently going on? So I leading the set up and you see the set up is moving very fast. So this is the first level off the installation installing the network. They weres during the coping new files to the temp directory that tries to extract all the XY data. So that tweet for someone. Think here, someone thing. So once we install the workstation Prue Deviant workstation pro. So basically, we need to download the industry vm on video doing stole a t in his three vm In this being where workstation. Now you see, it's installing the what's your mentor drivers. So basically all the vehemence that are going to be installed or creator in this volume, where workstation, Who will be using a separate watch your neck inside off it and connected to your grease? Which kind of environment now it's really just during the product. Okay, so now you see it complicated. We impaired what broke workstation pro set up dessert. So if you want to enter the license now to begin and end of the license now, I don't want to enter shown skip, and now finish it. So basically it will ask you to restart so you can restart the you can restart your PC for the better performance. 19. GNS3 VM Download: so Jean is trivial. So basically we need to download a gene history all in one software. So it is this software here you need to download this and install so we can you can look it are section one. How can we download and install Gee industry all in one software on now we're going to look at GNS trivia you see, for optimal performance to their vast esto download VM for JI industry so we can click on Download it You can see now it is giving multiple options for us. So either begin download and install using a virtual box software our aged we can download and install on VM Ware workstation which we have seen our earlier video. We have downloaded all the really beyond where workstation. I know we're going to look at the gym where years excited. Okay, so you use exercises a very powerful toe. So basically this is enterprise level. But for your practice asst gen x three Commander, you can download and install the VM Ware workstation so as we have seen in the previous videos. So we have our downloaded and installed the dein ist three sort of deviant where workstation. Now let's download the VM genius three vm for the Aware workstation. Now you click on that so it will goto the get upside on. Do you concede it is down? Or it from the get hub production release from the ministry. Okay, Andi, if you want to go on check from the genus three good hub side, you can check. I let me just say this file as off now we can just start downloading. Now you can click that there is a link Learn What about the genus three VM on you see the earlier when we are looking at which naturalizations after his better you can see they have a saying. Here is a download link for being very workstation for GNS 31 dot fighter to school down. You can see that it issuing GNS tree William. Where? Workstation one not fight or two civilian to download the software or if you want to run it on being where? Yes, exciting and down or they're both software. And if you want to run a ministry on a watch toolbox GM set up, you can down the other one the young What? You'll walk set up 20. Installation of GNS3 VM: Now let's see. How do we install Logie Industry VM on the Amir workstation? So basically, we have downloaded the VM Ware workstation and we have in start, So once you open, it will last for a license key or you can buy evolution period for Katulis. So as of now, I'm buying the evolution period. Just want to show their relation. Video. So you were evolution vigilant in the previous year. So now let's say open a virtual machine. So I have the engine is three folders. Let me just do my desktop. Gee industry. So have we have the downloader Gina's three VM. So let's open that on then that if you want to change the name continued or just click on import, it's now important to units trivia, so it will be very quickly. I mean, you don't need to your great for so long. So you are. It will take because the genus three b m is already in over a year format. So where DV um where workstation will understand very quickly. Okay, so now that the DJ industry Veum has been installed on Humira workstation, so now you can see the options that are paraded here for this genius trivia Based on the different over here five you can t The memory allocated is two GB. The processors are one hard disk space. It is using a 19.5 with escalate 20 GB and approximately handled You be here okay on. But now it has a tunic. So when it's ah network adapter host only, and after another one is not on display disorder clinic if you want. Oh, give more memory onda other settings. Basically, if you want to create some more next you can see you can add it Here. Basically, you click on edit What chilled mission settings after clicking on your particular year so you can increase them. And what here using a dragon having the pointer or you can enter manually here seemed ing process. You can change the protesters. How many processes that do you want to give for this on changing hard disks? I mean disk space. Basically, you can try to increase on if you do. If you want to add something you can click on hard on, you can do. You can add hardest to it. I reckon I'd just be controlling weird you can actually deal porter print of anything like that. So this is how exactly the of young books right now that we have installed at the genus three VM. So let's go and do some of the integrations with Gina. Three. Google. I mean, do you honestly Do you agree? Okay. 21. Integrate GNS3 GUI with GNS3 VM: So now in this video, let's see how we can integrate our GNS tree. Do I with J Industry via Okay, So what? We can go two years we can click on edit different tous It'll open the preferences so as off No, You see, we have server which is a local server enabled. So what we can do is Folkenflik on Gina's three b m enable GNs tvm You can selectively and where workstation our players on your selective um name. So you see Ready folded automatically jacks t actualization engine that we're running on automatically toothy GNs three PM here on. So you have the other little exactly understand the rams use the other settings off the VM and you can see the actions when closing the industry. So when you what actions that it needs to take for the genus three B M when you're closing your Z industry here so they keep the DJ industry bm running or suspended industry medium or stop the DNS trivia. So I want to select stop the GNS three vm for now and now you click Apply Onda. Okay, so it is waiting for, uh, the it is waiting for the genus three to install. So basically, once it nice to install that it starts the G industry medium so you can see the GNS three b m is automatically starting, so you'll be seeing so it will be displaying God Gina Street In a moment You see, the genus three b m is starting here so it is turning on Basically want to lay next? So now you see this is actually a genius Three tours here or trees started on you see, the default I peered is that the industry is using 100 to 1 68 1 86 start 1 28 This is the network and if you want to a sausage toe this ministry bm you can use this I p and in the past with these units treated. Now if you go to org Industry here, click OK here. So you can t now in the service somebody tab to be have the gene history VM guard to add it . Okay, so this is how exactly we can are integrate the GNS three William with the ministry to us off. Okay, now in the next video again see how exactly can install the daughter I always on the GNS trivia 22. Installing Routers on VM and Routing LAB: Okay, So now in this video bility how to be installed Cisco I wasted outer on GNS previa instead . Off a local. If you see go on, Look at it. The current I with images that are installed. You see, we have a school 37 45 7200 and 26 91 Halloween store. And if you see the server, it is installed on the local service here. Let's click new now when we could continue to add one more image it says, OK, sir, what type you need to select? So one is around this I waste router on the d industry bm or run this Iris wrote around my local computer. Now select the first option here. So run this. I raise rotor on the genus premium click Next. So what we can do is either we can do it. Take an existing image which is already installed on the local desktop, or we can create a new image. Let me take the existing image School 37 45 on Let me turn it on and started on Gina's trivia next so we can give the name same name. C c 37 45 PM Because this is a vehement turning on a VM click. Next on default. Graham, you can change. He controls the default. Graham, are if you want to go on. If you want to check what exact round that is required, we can use this link. So which these links this link will goes toe? Ah, see school cfn feature Navigator of tool basically the seafront tool. And you can calculate the exact ram requirement for the maze that you're running. Next you can see Judy 96 96. Did you 96 with just 100 MBPs link the first Internet. You can add multiple links later. I don't want to add any week Morgan sets off now order to add two weeks here we quantity. And Rick. Wendy and I didn't BC's automatically calculated now. Now click finish. You see, once it is done when you see the template name is C 37 45 500 a. M. And Charles, it is running on the industry. VM on. This is the maze Due dates now play. Okay. Now, once we go to US voters tab, you see that 37. 45 pm got air in it. Okay? Now, what he can do is, uh let's remove the other routers in the lab here. I just want to remove out of three. Okay, So let's add outer one now. It adds, See that? Determine 45 p. M. Drag that to the project Bannon. Okay, now attach this to Are you fast? Internet zero slash zero fast eternity does. Let's run. Okay, now start discipline. So basically, start the Doubters. I want to start dr One down three and then the other one. Okay, Selected boot so we can see the booting as well. And if you see the details on our three, this is a dynamic's already won. Andi chose the same retail says off other voters. Okay, so what we can do is let me open my secure CRT. This sport is fight those. And on our report is 5001. Our own port is again on fighters, and you concede outer servers rant on local. He has louder servers runs on me. Okay, Now you see the secure CRT for the local one. So 1 27 door to the road or the road or one. Okay. And now he is Fight does it? It's connecting to our one now. Fighters and one it is connecting toe are now Then how exactly we can connect to are three Because our trees also running Running on 5000 Port cancer report Right, So you goto genus TVM. It is giving us an i p 90 to 1 68 1 $86.1 28 I be ating 1 90 to 1 68 1 86 Not 1 28 on Do you give the port number that TV that we can try to access that you see this? We're able to access the doctor on the GNS TVM now using the security particular crp. Okay, now, once this is there. So what we can do is we can check the details on Sure. What should it is exactly the same. So now what? Now what we have done is so we have integrated the VM with the GNS tree on. We have connected the Cisco routers which are already running entire my local system on also on the GNS trivia. Right. So let's run some off the routing lab. Let's a let's create some off. The appeared assists. You can see should I be interface brief. So we have to fast Internet interfaces on two serial interfaces. What we can do is let's create an I p address on fast Internet zero slash zero. Let's say this is the I P address between the Doubters to 13 Let's do it. 23 without one, not one or three. Let's give us last 24 here. Do we know shot? Because the doctor interfaces administratively down by default, you can see the line protocol on indifferent in the face fast Internet zero slash zero is changed a toe up on we can create a new bag. Zero interface. So I be address three door to door to door 3 to 5555555 Okay, so now that we have created this, what you can do is we can create the I P address or other device which is connected to fast zero slash one. You can see the fast eternity. This last one here interface F a zero slash run I be address. This is the link between out 213 So the I P address is $23 or not one or two on your shirt . So there is no look back here. It's confident the look back here. I'd be address. Do not do that. So that 2 to 55 to 55 to 54 into 55. Okay, now we have connected to devices are tuned out. Three R two is running on a local system. Arteries running Lundy industry via Okay, So now we have connected these two systems, these two routers basically on. Let's see whether we're able to ping between these two 23 dot wondered wondered. Three is the routers are three i p. Address CVR able to successfully big. Okay, so let's do one more thing. Let's go to our van. Let's let's go to our to what we do is we just changed. I appeared this on Links between are one and octo safe a zero slash zero. This is I p address. Well, not one. Not one, not 2 to 5 back to fight off a Feyenoord's Dedeaux. No shirt he has. Okay, so we have always BF turning over there. So what you can do is let's remove the SPF also. Okay. Exit hair also lets the voice pf Let's create again back it Just want to see between the road. It's now. So this is also done. Okay, Now what we can do is interferes. Fe zero slash little. Okay, so I believe that is a physios last year only. What we can do is weaken goto. Our ones link in the topology. Somebody you can check the F A zero slash zero is connected to switch one. A face zero slash one is connected to look back. Sending piece of work. Okay, let's go do in the face of zero slash zero i p address is to a lot or not one. Not one if a fight of faith, not Siegel. And let's see, we have a look back here. Yes, we have a look back here. Okay, So what we can do is we can just test have exactly the routing. Working between all these three daughters or to get do is let any will doctor always be If one network doled out one, not one, not one. It'll notes. Leader not deterred Ardito and then a d a Zito network Wonder to one not one, not one. This is also part off area zero now Quickly verify the local system using your i p O S p f . Okay, so you see the out radi selected. Okay, The process. I mean, so whatever in the TV part that we have seen off in the zero I mean how exactly? The always be of behaves on a deal wrapped up. It is exactly the same way. Chooses the about ready automatically based on the highest back i p address configured or if there is no look back, highest physical AP conficker Part of the reason is standard wrote ready confidence. So basically there is a static route ready, configured obviously the first preference for it or if it is dynamically choosing it chooses based on the highest configured I p addresses First preferences grew back in the second preferences physical AP, and if it's killing off its i p address. So as of now, the backbone zero is inactive. That is no neighbor here. Let's go toe are too on. What we can do is we can enable Well, let's be if here also don't always be a flan network 12.1 dot on dot to this is the interface between this is the i p between daughter one too. So we have any ability on a certain ways on this interface using the network command on So we can also see the enable network e I mean, you can t The night would ship came up with our one. Now what we can do is let's enable between our 203 So we need to put all the does Let's do area Zito on Let's standardize the new back Also here radia Zito Okay, No, sure I be toys BF neighbors. So you see one or 201. So we have a full night with you are one here. That's goto artery. So we have a show. I be interface. Bri, you see, we have appearances are there So this route is running on GNS TVM without that always be if one let's enable always be upon the interfaces using network command areas. Edo. Let's advertise the loop back. Also, 332 or three. You can see the naval ship came up between our two in the artery. Okay, So, just to verify the details of exactly the VM that is running after the IRA is that is running on the VM you see also do does the same the same capabilities. Nothing much different over there. So as of now, returning in area Backman zero, the number off interfaces in this area is two on one. Is Lou back out off it on? Sure. I p O S b f neighbors. You see, we have a naval ship formed between r three and R two on you see issue. I beat out So we have learned Always be Afr out on Let's try doping are to slip back were able to pain Let's try stooping are trees Look back So we had every dumping. Now you check the show I be always be if data what exactly shows the same database So that exactly showing in the dynamic I always rotor as well as the genus three b m i a throat off on based on the local server under the genus three VM Okay, this is running on the any three of Yemen's off now for rt At least you see the shore i p o s P f database. Let's compare this between. Are you in that tree? You see, both of them are showing the scene That is how, exactly? The always be a flux. Okay, so what we can do is we can check whether the a g. R. Is working or not. On the administrative capabilities, the administrative distance is choosing accordingly or not. Okay, so what we can do is so let's see a let's enable Asia be here router A g r p. One. What we can do is a network $23 or not wondered three. Okay. And then flew back. Network three, door to door to door three. Okay, so now you see, we have advertised. Sorry, we have enabled the A g r p on these two interfaces. Now we can check the show. I be a GRP Topology table. The seaboard it Apologies have been added to the policy table here. Okay, Now let's go to our to our enable A GRP between harpooned artery, No doubt a g r b one. So network $23 1 not one, not two. Okay, on then, network to write orderto too. Okay, so now we can t the a ge every neighbor ship. It's up between our two under our tree, so I b e a g r p neighbors. Okay, on. Let's check. Sure. I beat out now. Okay, So you see, Sure. I paid out in our three on our two. So on our two, you see where the eight year B we have learned our trees Look back. And also there's somebody okay, Because we didn't disabled no art or somebody here I would invisible out of somebody here. So what we can do is we can disable that in a moment. But before that, let's see from D. So sorry. From our two, we are receiving the loop back. OK? Do you taste 90? Because it is trying to summarize automatically on the GOP. That's the reason. Still, it is preferring Oh, SPF because we'll be if we're getting the specific mask on the end yet. We were getting to somebody. Okay, What we can do is we can do no auto. Somebody on both Off them's on both of the boat. Off the rotors. One of them also router e a g r B one No, our does. Somebody. Let's go to our two here without e g r B one. No, no, Somebody. Okay, so now you see? Sure. I be interface a brief and then should I be a trout? I just wanted to try it out. Now you see, it is preferring d despite offering a g r p for the loop back off Arto because it is having less administrative distance. Right now you take the a D. A fetal policy table. You're Peter Policy table here on our two. You see, it is learning three or 3 30 or three slash study toe and it has one successors on it is It can be reached by a 23.1 dot one or three, which is the I P address off artery on the link towards our to and it is reaching by our fast it'll and zero slash one similarly on our von IFI see our show I P route are run. You see, we are receiving for our three the routes are three. Look back as well over the way SPF Because if you see on our three weekend we are running basically two protocols Sure I be protocols we can Do you see we're running or SPF on the a grpn enabling all the interfaces are two is still having our three route in its SPF database. So that is the reason it is able to advertise to our one, even though our two routing table it is learning where the AARP vehicle it is, learning or treat outweigh the usual p R two is having the r three learned routes. Why I always we have in the U. S. B of database it can advertise to our one right that is half here exactly doing it. Now you do it trace route. You see the traced out toe treat or treat or $3 three were able to do We can pain $3. 303 here. Okay, so there is no way we just checked. We 10 grand SPF th er be between the routers which are installed in GNS TV and on the local stops over. Okay, so we can do a few more labs with the different scenarios running Gina's three b m on running the local server differently. And then we will see, as we have seen, always be a friendly a GL people. Now we've seen the later lab Maybe if required, will see rip on the IGP also 23. GNS3 Appliances Download: Okay, so now that let's see how exactly we can download Dnx three appliances if you go to their website and click on marketplace. You see, the appliances are death. So you can click on our plans is so it will list down the planters that has bean created by JI industry. We can go through the list of completely stuff a plan to start the industry is having which are later toe ICTY network un security Okay, so you can see the latest our plans is that it is having you can see the 40 s. I am the 14 81 against the 40 sandbox on. You can also look at some of the fight and pearls appliances on. You see from Cisco, we have an excess oils V 9000 plans on. You will be seeing some off the juniper appliances as well. Onda. We'll be seeing the five big like you see, um, our plans and you can also see the natural wireless controller planes from school. We can download that on the Cisco. I see. For identity services. Injun. Okay, so you can down over this airplane tender enough years. I slept on it on this is cool. D. C. Network managers on. Do you have the openly switch with management interface and you can see from Cisco? We have I ways X R V for 9000. Andi, you can teach him off the river were still heard. A plant is also so, basically what this appliance does things kind off a script. It will integrate with the actual images that we're going to download from respective windows. So it's an automated script dodgy industry created to import our plans and get the minutes running based on the best performance attributes or parameters on you See the Citrix and it's killer weepy expert load balancers on Do some of the other things that you can do is 40 and analyzer 40 a. D. C. On eight and re tender. And you also see the p of sense here. And if you see the multiple Cisco devices, Cisco 7200 scored 37 45 Cisco 37 25 she's called 36 60. Cisco 36 46 Court 26 91 on You See, it is also having the airplanes for I weighs on UNIX for L three and This is quite well. You will. Three. And I was always on UNIX very to for layer toe practice. Basically, the switch practice on and it is having colonics everything it is having to school a CV. And you see, this is cool highways. We everything. So now that we just want to install this is co highways, virtual layer, two features. So we want to download that the always A to our plans here. Now, just click on this. Our plans. So you see about discipline to the Plains by Cisco. Basically, Cisco what shall I was a loss user to run iris on a standard computer. Okay, so this is basically a template you can down or the template here. Okay, so let's download this template, okay? 24. Import vIoS L2: Okay, So now in this video, let's see how we can import the appliances using GNS tree. So in the previous video that we have downloaded the actual highways and to a plant Okay, let us import that Our plans here. So you click on file, you see the import of plans you click on important plans on Goto Stop Have served in Jean a street. You see, this is cool highways. We were too. You click on open it and you see the category issuing as my Delia switch. The product is I always really do render is Cisco. Status is stable. The maintainer is Gina's three team. The architecture is X 86 architecture on the K vehemence required. Next you concede under playing the energy industry medium on the stage in history server requirements. He's okay now. You can continue for the installation you click on next. It is scanning for the devices and you see it is missing the exact washing off the images. Basically, you need toe download and keep the image ready so it stays against as off now it doesn't have Basically, he doesn't have the particular I've always version. Let's say if you want to install a new motion, you can create a new action. Okay, so you can see the two here. I just want to give the name too. What you can do is import. So I have what your life ways and to image. Let me open up. So now you see, it is applauding that image here. Okay, so now that has bean important, and it is ready to install. Okay, click next. Let's click on that and click next This Would you like to install Cisco? I ways we do washing. I'll do you say s on the camera when I read automatically. Select next. So you see, the doctor type is even 1000 on the adopters are 16. Basically, it will create 16 interfaces on the switch on the ram. It is going to select a 7 68 MP on Did you see the art picture raise it is going to select Are the X 86 on console type is tell it on the gave um is quite click next and it says there is no need for a password and enable password. There is no default. Configuration present on the uplands is available in the multibillion switch. Categorias off now. Finish the always What? You're lto lto is in start so either. Begin C Sorry. I think we can't see here in the outer section. What? We need to go into it. You can click on here and you see, this is us the news which that we have created. What we can do is let's drag it here. Andi, let's run this start started. Let's double click. It is opening. You can see the I way. Sweet Basically, you can see this is cause after Russian. But you're always do do advanced and price km. So as of now, this is running on a VM. You can just see we have dragged down here. You can see the Kimmel Williams, the Kim Williams server on the turn line. Basically the Kim beom, sir, What runs on the industry? VM on the control port is fighters and one and type is still it. Okay, now let it run beach here. Now you see this death? Let's change the name to switch host names, which that's this ritual. Well, if I normally issue watchin you see it is running What? You'll always alto on you see? Sure. I be interface brief. It is having 16 interfaces. Okay, so what we'll do is in the next lab. In the next video, we're going to create a switching lab. So with multiple switches on how exactly we confront switching features using DNS three vm .