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Build MS Access Database with MySQL

teacher avatar Jeffrey Geyer, Database Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

35 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Build Doctors Table

    • 3. Build Patients Table

    • 4. Build Health Insurance Table

    • 5. Build Bookings Table

    • 6. Build the Relationships

    • 7. Let's try another Relationship

    • 8. Lookups

    • 9. Create the Forms

    • 10. Create the Navigation Form

    • 11. Capture Fake Data

    • 12. Display Doctors Information to Capturer

    • 13. Display Patients and Health Insurance Information to Capturer

    • 14. Create a Query for Doctors

    • 15. Create a Query for Health Insurance

    • 16. Create a Query for Bookings

    • 17. Create a Query for Patients

    • 18. Create a Report for Bookings

    • 19. Create a Report for Doctors and Health Insurance

    • 20. Create a Report for Patients

    • 21. Create Buttons for all Reports

    • 22. Secure the Database a little

    • 23. Distribute the Database Locally

    • 24. Distributing the Database for Network use

    • 25. Distributing Database for Internet Use

    • 26. Distributing the Database for Internet Use First Process

    • 27. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Second Process

    • 28. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Third Process PART 1

    • 29. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Third Process PART 2

    • 30. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Fourth Process

    • 31. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Fifth Process PART 1

    • 32. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Fifth Process PART 2

    • 33. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Fifth Process PART 3

    • 34. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Sixth Process

    • 35. Congratulations

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About This Class

Learn to build a database in MS Access from the beginning to the end, from No.2 - No.23.  Then learn how to use the power of MySQL technology and adapt the database for internet use from No.24 - No.32.
I have included all presentations that were used in this course and certain installation files needed for MySQL connectivity.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeffrey Geyer

Database Developer


Hi, I'm Jeff! After many years of up-skilling myself in the art of creating and building databases, I have become proficient in understanding and conceptualizing how to simply connect the backends to its relevant frontends. I can now confidently impart my knowledge and time to anyone who is interested in learning more about databases in MS Access, MySQL, etc.
I have always been a teacher at heart and enjoy imparting my knowledge to others so that they may better themselves.

Knowledge is power!

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My 19 years I've been designing developing daughter Frances for clans. We have branches countrywide. Apart from my practical experience, are completed many very open courses. I might take me a career off the completed. Of course, you'll be able to vote a daughter. Best chemist Texas View being that this course is that you were porcelain. How to attack the daughter best and use the power off my secret technology that anyone who has intimate exes robi I haven't used a daughter based remarried, of course, is designed to give you all the practice disk you it and knowledge. Deport the daughter based in in its excesses. Videos. Couple for the things you need to know and do in a logical step by step process. Major topics include but in the table forms, please and report. And that the daughter based for your use, of course, designed but everybody who wants to learn how to boat a daughter best in his exit and, importantly, adapted Fully motor Use no prior knowledge daughter baited necessary or you need It's a working knowledge, something computer task and the world to learn 2. Build Doctors Table: and what I want you to do is right. Click said you, Marcus up exit daughter based. You know, it was a very rocking to guide to search and search for marks up excess to open it. So yeah, I'm gonna click. Yeah, I'm going to give it the night. You can give it any nine. Your wine. I'm just gonna call it Doctor Frank. This then you will open it. And in October, counting? No. Just to show you if I look here, if you don't see that partier, just click on the arrows. You will see that down. But ever us that Click it, Open it. And there you can close it. So here. I just wanted to pick on this error. Sometimes yours might look a little bit different, but it should be the same. So little your to Somewhere out on, created tight. You're not going to see whatever u boat. So I want you to check here and click on object. Tough. Now click on the air A gin and year. You will see the title book that you both created forms and reports that in Mark eight I'm just going to click tables now I would be I would see all the tire boats that our boat the first the immediate open this document act to side recon, Seeing the terrible that we're going to create normally Europe. Sanders. When you've been planning the tables so that we can guide to create and begin a side table design, they were Click it now. Yeah, I'm going to put in a field name, Not a few. It now me is kind of your condom. So we're going to say Dr you came. Take the next line and we're sorry, Doctor. Nine, I hope you're doing this with me because this will really help here. Get used to boding tables and so on in the daughter base. Those eye doctor directness number Dr Going Take number The lost one. Dr. Email. What now? We need being planning this. You can see that we've already decided. What? Don't The part is going to be so Dr Peake? Aye, a supply, Mickey. It needs to be an order number. So you got to Dr Top. You kick the error and you've got all the different doctor toughs. So here I'm going to take one or two number. They remember, it means to be implemented by one said to double check the digits. Openness. Now here at the bottom us in general, new values increments, which is what you want. If I act like on another column here, you can see different properties for each and everyone that you gaiety. So now that you've got this sorted, it's gotta do Dr Name. So what did Recife or Doctor nine text the day we got you caught texting year. Now you will see got short sticks and long text. Long takes has not been used its Morlock that you're going to go on more than 200 Rectifier characters on. That would be a waste of space. So, Lord, the girl for sure ticks because you never going to get a name. That's Jonah, 45 Derek this long. And as for the rest, effect everything it takes. So we'll keep everything and sticks largely to change anything. Not a very long lost thing we need to do. We need to make it a prime. Ricky could be saved. Peak I. It's a climate that do you see the key. It says prime your key, so make sure you take were picked on this column and SaiPan Ricky, they put secu. Now, you know, I just got it. We're gonna side, but so you click side and give it a nine. Now, you maybe we can call a tv l doctors and your sigh, OK? 3. Build Patients Table: So we've got doctors tight Urbana. So again we got to create table design And you did the same thing we did before. So we're gonna say passion, big guy, patient name guys and Siri nine. Nice and address. Now, here we've got or the number for the Passion Peak. I solely to change their and the gang. Make sure it does implement the does implement. And now the vest off the others are us a text. Everything is text here. Like more thing you need to do is Mac. Mr. Khan. Ricky always remember that. So if I click, find Ricky And now we can save it and call it to be l Haitians. Sorry, guy. And now you've got two tables. Did you in the next lecture? 4. Build Health Insurance Table: So I've got my two terrible's and I'm going to collect the health insurance table. So younger Sigh. No insurance guy. I'm just going to gotten this, Make it quicker, just paste it and say name faced inside number. So again, it's an auto number that we changed the order number. Now I do know that you could order number in a chewed increment automatically, but sound downs? Not always. So you need to check their. So now you make it to plan the key and save it and you will call it T V l. How insurance and your side did you in the next lecture? 5. Build Bookings Table: So here you've got all three types here that I'm going to go to create terrible design and then you a society o que beak, I booking date booking diagnosis. So here we've got a working P k I as an order number. Booking date is now going to be date time. These type time. If we open this who are stylistic, that is in commenting. Great. We need to make a problem, Ricky. And now we can save it and really going to call it tvl Bookings inside. Okay. Did you in the next lecture? 6. Build the Relationships: So let's go back to daughter based tools relationships. It's tables, shoot. See it and just double click on all the tables so we can add everything in in close. Yeah, and you can see I want to link type of passions and health insurance that year. I don't see my father in key. I never put it in. Let's add it in. So we go to table patient on the site. Now, if you don't see your teibel, just click the over a year. Make sure you on objector. I'm actually to click tables. So you're right. Click Patients Design View. Yeah, I'm going to say hello Insurance. It came which is performed in key and this must be a number which are will explain shortly they were save it, you close it and now it appears you're automatically. So what I want you to do is click on health insurance number sewing on health insurance Peak idea and I want you to drag it to the passions tie book, Health insurance. It's kind for now. I just want you to click on import referential integrity. What it actually means is that lakeside in health insurance. We've got discovery monitors. All the different health insurance is, and we've got 10 patients. You belong Teoh Discovery. Out Insurance. But now some capture discharge to guard and delete discovery that they delete Discovery. What would happen to the patients who belong to Discovery? The passion wound had that we caught anymore. It was empty. So if you dick this, it would tell the capture story. You cannot delete discovery because they already records. There are very patients that are using that record, so it's a good idea to enforce it and you will see at someone health insurance, too many passions. But we will be discussing that salutes I create so you can see one too many. 7. Let's try another Relationship: so, Yeah, I'm gonna open the daughter base first. I'm going to go to bookings rightly design view, and I'm going to put in knock Teoh it. Okay. And then patient if you can. And make sure these two on numbers and then say Vint and close it now I will go to daughter Base tours, relationships. So now I got my golden keys. Yeah, we need to boat the relationship. So, Dr Peake? Aye, we do. I get to Dr if guy so that is going to be a one to many. So one Dr PK. Too many. Doctor. If guy for bookings visits on the game, we were enforce it and so create. We need to do the same for the patients. So let's bring the table. Yeah, and we drag fashion peak I to passion is going again. We enforce it. One to many relationship inside. Create 8. Lookups: Let's go Teoh Type of passions designed view now in how it insurance If guy it needs to know Ready to look, way to find all the different health insurance is some. Make sure you I clicked on it your guide to look up at the party mere as you can see Now they say, despite control, just change that combo box. Now, if you want to know what the difference is between list box and combo box, you can go on Google to have a look. Now, combo box just basically allows you to add more values if you need to get this more out. Insurances list box shows everything in a list without it being in a drop down box. But fly around and you will get a feel for what it all looks like. So if you're gonna choose combo box now the various stores is race is gonna come from. It's going to come from a table, which is what everyone now the source is rich table is it coming from? So we can say how insurance that's going to come from our insurance but in my guys are normally duties I got to write source and I click the three dots here the baton. Click it and I say, Yes, it will bring up my teibel year and normally, attic everything. Because I do want to capture to see the health insurance name on the contact number in the box. We also put in the prime Ricky as that's good practice to do that. So let's save it and close it. That's all for now. But not the creation is Have we done or the lookups? What about bookings? Doesn't bookings have to look up some things? Yes, A ties Doctor, If I need to look up all the doctors What about patient fashion? Needs to look up all the patients. So let's do that. So go to doctor. If guy look up, change it to combo box again. The vice sores east table. My sauce is doctors. But what I want you to do is instead are choosing from the list a musically click on the three docks weapon automatically to show you what type. But it is sorry DoubleClick doctors. Do you add it? We close it now. What do we need? The capture it to see dieted me to see the knocking NCP car. But we added anywhere. Then you Do you see the name of the doctor, the Syrian name? Do they need to see practice contact and email? Not really. Maybe that Contact the let's put in contact on Let's save it and close it. Let's do the same Occupation sees a really on Lukacs for me. Let's change it to combo box. But used table we clicked with three dots type of passions. Remember from guarantee first, just post the video So you have you put in peak I the name of the passion, That same name. That's all you leave at this stage and then you were saving. Now you have bought the lookups for all the typos. Did you in the next lecture? 9. Create the Forms: As you can see, how could all my tables here? So I got to type of booking, make sure you clicked on it. And you say, Hey, foam the agency. It creates it automatically for you. So I'm gonna shave it and call it if on him four kings inside our guy, we'll do this time thing for doctors. They're clicking. Teibel. Doctors create form cider If you are in doctors inside. Okay. So anything for health insurance create home sigh if in how Insurance. Now let me just close thes forms. Now you can also click untouchable patients and create blank forms Likely conform Dizon and it is blank. So some years ago to property she record source and I geek on patients they now go to format which is year selling it would be in. So I got to add existing fields and here you got all your fields so you could drag these fields to the form. But as you can see becomes a little tedious Drafted you ola press when access can you do it for you automatically So let me close this saying now So create forms again and they re guards are silent. You say if our him patients inside came Now do to start with something easier this guy and Claris this so clicking on the a year African forms so you can see all your forms. Now let's go to side form bookings, right. Click designed view. Now you can change the colors. You can change the textbook size. You can give it to border. You can even take that out. We don't want it Deleted the right click and delete. You could even change type of bookings to something else. So you can just say Fokine's between doctors and patients and shall on. And now Yeah. What? I want to show you the sack. Click on that one. And I tried to make it smaller. Jake, what happens? Everything got smaller and sometimes you don't always want there. So how do you sort this out already? Dewey's? Yeah, I liked everything and God, to arrange at a farmer range the click on removed layout. Now you just click on the side, click on it again. And now you can adjust its a Mac, its smaller bigger. Either you needed to be now just to note the peak I which is the plan. Ricky, we don't want the capture to see this. So rather just delete it and take it out. Passion if k relieve it, doctor, if guy believe it because we need to know Use the doctor and us The passion so relieved that in So let's save it. 10. Create the Navigation Form: the capture is not going to see this navigation. Yeah, at their side. So what do you want to do is create a navigation form so that they can access all the forms at the same time. So what we'll do is we got to create You can see your form section year, but you see navigation. So you click on it and you've got all kinds of navigations so you can choose to be China's going to work this so, Leafs, I I take this one exactly on that. It dreams this salad midgets, first cyber and the guy in real Call it if our in navigation home and Saturday now home. Yeah, you can. She adds new That's yeah. So let's go to design view, click on add new Sometimes you have to kick just ejected where you needed to be. Guys are not good at MT one year. So the guy do design Then go to property chic from here You can she the properties for that into space here. So you will go Teoh Doctor. And yet each is never gashing talking name. So what do we want to put your first next job you want to look at cookies first, for example, and they just click on the form year. And now you've got bookings here. See? It stays form bookings. But now we need to give it the name. So took on form Act Captain. Click The and Real Sigh it is bookings take on the form again, and now you can't bookings. So I want you to stop this video galentine add in the rest of the forms and then come back and see how our add extra forms. So you think, Adam, you again. We'll give it a name first. I'm going to call it doctors. Then I'm going to go to a doctor, never dashing. Talking name. I choose. Dunk this. Let's add another and again Sargis trachea. Click on Add New and being. I'm going to give it a name and call it patients. In the game we click on Dr Neither gashing Target name would be patients. Now we add one more. This will be how insurance so top in oh insurance. So click on Dr Click That and we click on health insurance. Now you can see it just stays. How it because it's not seeing the based up. So what we need to do is you need to take any one of these and just might get a bit bigger So you can see it because I've been a little block. The the mouse it turns into that. And I convict, drag it they ve got. Now you continue with insurance, so let's taste it. So you're right. Click on it and shot open. Oh, so I just opened for impatient with me. Closed there. Actually wants to open form navigation form, right click open they regard so we can see the bookings. We can see the doctors, You can see the passions and we can see all the health insurance is Did you in the next lecture? 11. Capture Fake Data: and we're going to click on form, not gashing form, which you should have bought in the previous lecture. So now here can be put in bookings yet record because we don't have a list off the doctors or the list off patients. So let's go in adding doctors. So you get the doctor and name. Let's say Escarre so and I'm use go in attracted number. Could be, Iike I number the doctor number B I wind or something. The email address weaken side a guy. Do you know that Come for now and then year at the bottom is where you say the vehicle so you can see next lost or new record. So I'm going to sign Next warned that somebody sign next. I'm gonna add in another doctor. So you wish. I Randy Suriname baby in drinks affected number. You can put in anything you want. You just want to taste that really And the email beach. I Gina not come on. The guy in working Nexium or you can click blank recode doesn't matter now. If I go back, I can see all the previous records or the dunkers. So now what we'll do is we got two passions. Can we add PRA passions? Not yet. Why? Because we're dining less the power insurances. So let's add that faced. So you click out insurance and protein or the out insurance at that Juna. But I mean all if it back some. If it the insurance numbered that sometimes I next another line. Burn it deaths and the number would be that it's and one more, and you read in the numbers and could commit Knock it on my heart insurances, knock and got back Teoh patients. And in that of fashions, name is going to be John Williams. The address is besides 67 North Road in Giant. It's big because that is actually really form being how it insurance you wish. She is ordered numbers. So let's I take this number, for example, Now you can see the capture is not going to know what number is full. What the five is full, but dime strays about it. I'm going to show you what to do in this case, but we do want it. The number to be the really comes to capture in daughter, So let me save it. It's adding another patient and so, baby Ah, game for on the dress would be drawl a street and sty. You'd also joy in this book on the disco. Decide that how it insurance sees this one. So you're kick next now outside all of that. Now let's go to bookings. Now, if you click on booking date, you will notice a little calendar comes up rigidness. Good. Now you can click on it and choose the dates. It's a little side of passion can come on the saving the paper on the doctor that's going to see the passion recited Side three on the patient is going to be this person. So now the passion it's visited the doctor has been done. Now the doctor can lock in the system and put India What happens? You can sigh. Patient had a coach prescribed medication and so on. Let me save this now What will happen next? He's you can see he says, Doctor, if God has got the number we need Teoh, make it easy. But it captured to know what is what. So let me close this 12. Display Doctors Information to Capturer: Let's go to the bookings. Right click designed view and click on doctor if can. Now you've got all your properties. If you're properties a 90 year, just click at the top. The property is gone. Just click on property sheet and now you can see it. Now let's see what's going on. Why you're only seeing the one. That's because if you guys before meant, the column count is only on one, which means that you guys doctor, the bound column is to one, which is what you want to and leave it at that. So then what we do is we got to write source. You click on the three batons. I mean three dots that the ditch recite. It reminds you how many columns you've got so you can see you called 123 four columns. What do you want to capture to see? You want them to see the name surname on the contact number? The doctor. So that will be four columns. So then what do we do? It's closed this so regarded format, I say. Column count is four now. In column Woods. We need to set the column. Would we don't want them to see the it guy, the Foreign Keys. You just want them to see the name sharing them and a contact number. So what you would do is the first kind of movies era with so they don't see anything We put in the cell. Me, Kahlan, make sure it's a the one on the dot and comma at the bottom. So I was zero looks so for semicolon for Jamie Conlan. Four. So you got one to three four kind of. Now let's go and save it again. So you are right. Click on form bookings open and here we can see now it says Dr, If Guy says Esko, this guy be doing at an ABA Rico. But let's taste it. So I, another book, concede it's I on booking. Diagnose it. We just tasting a member. So let's just say passion is not sick or something. And then the doctor, if kind now you can see the name of Siri name and the number is likely to anyone if it and the passion if guy stole on the numbers because we didn't change it yet, so let me save it, so you got the bottom mix you save it Just tonight we can see here the name's Aaron and the Met, but we know that. But does the capture And now the 30 The name that the surname. That's the contact number. So how do they know this guy and sort that out? So they go back. Teoh form bookings, right click and designed view. You can even go to view here, actually, or so it's like Uganda everyday view inside design view dancing Make them So let's go to the format year off. This Rachel's Colin aids. So you were saying Use. Let's taste it again. Remember, it's all about testing to Mack. Sure, it's working and that everything is Canon Tree. Sally, check again. Dance it Shy? Yes, it shows it. 13. Display Patients and Health Insurance Information to Capturer: my co. So let's do patients always have you designed view. Three. Compassion. Let's click on Earth three dots here. Just do remind me it's 123 condoms. So let me close this format. And so I column heads yes, okay. Column count will be three general again for year. Shamy Callen for semicolon four. Excited Right click Open. Let's taste to begin Dave regard. It's working like a shoot. So let me close this now. This guy, too. Doctors. Everything is working. The white should be for doctor. So I met you with that. This got out insurance. Everything is fine without insurance. Let's go to patients. Yes, we just need to short out this. So again you click on form Passions View designed view. So click on health insurance. If guy again words it, quickly check Harmony Collins 123 So you're guarded Format and say three columns. The column. Virgets Toby Gereb, Sammy Cologne Force in McAllen Full. And let's save it view. Phone view. Let's taste it. They regard everything's working. The white shoot. Not very lowest thing. I want to show you that we close all this. We're gonna guide to tables here Now, I want you to see how they detected the information. So you would notice it captured doctor if guy and captured pageant it. Guy with number. The as you can see, we never childs a passion for year. So you can see, doctor, if guys years to three and you can also select other doctors years. Well, that is what you want. You wanted to be with numbers because technically, it was search the doctor a lot farce that would imagine he had 1000 off thousands off record visits, bookings. Everything's gonna be here. And finding a number is much faster. Did you in the next lecture? 14. Create a Query for Doctors: Okay, so we are going to cried a list off old doctors with the practice member. Sorry. What? Click here. Shar table DBR doctors ed and re close it. So all you b one to c ease the doctor name, surname and the practice number. But remember, the clan can ask you for anything that I want to see. So in those characters were just had these three violates. Line it again So we can see who are the doctors are the name and so on. Now I live. Just fix up the headings e m. As you can see, a doctor named Dr Sarah nine Doctor practice number. We can make it look neater. And the reason why you want to make it meat and now is because the new creative reports it will look nice on the report that you have Dr Sharon. I'm here. That's going to show Dr Surname Silence. Go back to design view. So you click. Yeah, all reduce. You say name. It's only just got back and just say Dr Rather what? The two dots and I'm going to put that into scraped brackets. Now, let me just make it a bit bigger so you can see it now. What we want to do is we want to put name and surname of the doctor into one column or the good that's gonna look nausea. So what we do is we put the pass here and then you put in square brackets and we put in Dr So Name script. Beckett. The late taste that it works. Sorry, Violet, they it's working. But now there is no space. So we need to add a space. Do you design view you got here. We put another plus on and put quite dashing mark space quotation marks. Let's sign at the game. Perfect. So now you've got the column, Doctor, with the food names, the least tigers out. Now remember, if you're not sure anything Google is your based, screamed just out of Google and search for what you need to know. You know, there are hundreds of 22 hours out the so let me just guys year and just plays delete on my keyboard. Okay, doctor practice number. Let's give it a bit and name eating, so I just hope track this member with the two docks. Let's define it again and they began that works perfectly. Salads assignment and cute or why, and you're just a doctors. And so I came. So that's one Creavy, let's do another one. 15. Create a Query for Health Insurance: one more created to do out insurance list off all passions. With that, our insurance Cyrus I create creativity design. So it is how it insurance and patients and close it so you can see your relationship is over you any day for you. So let's click on health insurance name with double click it and name and surname. A passion but Yeargan lis make it now. So, so patient. The two dots Patient name that the plus sign. Potash in space. Equitation class on pageant surnames. Great brackets. There we go. So you've got the passion. Let's take these two out. Let's run it to see what happens. They re guys. So you've got money that's buried out with the two patients designed view and let's save it . That will be gravy now insurance and say OK 16. Create a Query for Bookings: list off all bookings for the month of April so that magazines So we got to create click query design again as I type of bookings and and clothes. So let's put in the diet the diagnosis through the Doctor Waas and with the patient Waas. So let's run it again. So remember we always running the door to testing it. The Mack. Sure, it comes through nicely now. As you can see, the diet is perfect. That is perfect. But the doctor, if case got the numbers and the patients got the numbers year now, that's a problem on the reports because the Klan is not going to want to see the number. They want to see the name. So how do we sort this out? Let's go back to design, view, view, design view, right click shar table. It's adding doctors, and let's also do patients Now, As you can see, it automatically brings to the relationships so you know everything is the way it should be . So now what we're gonna do is the guy at the bottom. Here, take this out of order. Now, remember, Want to be dead with the doctor? Cleary's Appia we're going to give it a Nash nine day and side doctor with the two dots. Let me just mcis if it could be got at the year you got Dr name and surname start putting script brackets. Dr Name script record The last time the court Asian Spice Quotation Blast sign That's great Bracket again and reside Doctor Surname Scream drank it. Now why don't you deposed this video and try and do one prepay shins and give it the name guy? Now you should have done that. So let's try so, So patient The two dots Script records, patient name, great. Drank it plus quotations Parents quotation bless scraped bracket Passion surname, Scream records. So now let's have a look and see how to look. So you ran it? A date works perfectly the right shoot. So let's site this fish. You give it a creativity, Cleary. Bookings inside. I can't now. What you want to do is we want to get a search on a monthly basis. In those cars, we've got the full month of April, which is fine. So you recited design view. So by booking date, we're going to say between scrape bracket, you consign anything you, consiglio, start date or you can shy Inter the start date and scraped back it begin in tow. That and date. Let me just make this bigger so you can see it San saying between into the start, dead into the indict. So let's run it to see what it does. The regarded works Now here you have to top in the food. I pull 2000 and 20. You need to top in the full day, month and year. So sorry. Okay. And recite toward the end of April, 30 year, April 2000 and 20 everything shows. 17. Create a Query for Patients: creativity. Design patients head close. I'm going to put it in the name. So now I'm India. Address side this and called this crazy Haitians inside a guy. The environment. I am not your that. 18. Create a Report for Bookings: a lot, so you conforms here. But we want to look at creative ease. So you click the air right here. And if you can create these the little boat report for Cleary bookings. So we got to create and report that suicide creator report off the daughter in your account , created or tired. And now you clicked on it, and we're gonna click Report Drew Sarah Chi and the gay Nechai. Could we just want to see it said here we got not visit in Lie out of you so you can see at the Glens What's happening If you got to design view that I got a view designed view becomes a bit difficult to see, Really? The pages cutting off You can work with the margins that you can see above year But I prefer to see it on the lie out of you It Michelle, you are exactly time again. Thank you. Lay out of you. Just I can and I can Aging No. If I click here and make that smaller and I click page in and I move that Jake what happens ? See, this disappears and now you know you're on one page. If I go to page set up and I said landscaped. You can see how much more spice we've got here. That is not where you can see the lines And she have big a tease. Sonali Coyote Year as you can see this deciding how many bookings have been done so you can keep it or you can delete it. It's up to you now. I just want to show you something else. You can see booking diagnosis year. But leave society that you don't want to decide that you want to sigh diagnosis so you can go to four Met and take the booking art in Just leave it at diagnosis What you mean by now ? Every time you create a report on that created bookings, it would always show this. Now you don't want to waste time every time to change, to sign with booking date. So what do you do? Let me caress it inside Are so right Click on Cleary bookings Design view At least me Just fix it here quickly. So we say diagnosis and the two docks to saying, Yeah, weakness I date And the two dots Let's save it and close it now Let's try and crack. The report begins A rematch. Sure clicked the Cleary Create a report. Do, sire? Akai and the carpeting. The regards. Send out the headings career. Now what we're going to do is you're going to save this report as our PT for cues you can. 19. Create a Report for Doctors and Health Insurance: Let's do the next one query. Doctors create report. It's already one page. So let's save it R p g doctors inside a guy and do the same thing for a year. Okay, report se and say, or PT no insurance inside. Okay? And now you have created Or the reports Did you in the next lecture? 20. Create a Report for Patients: at least quickly. Greater report for passions Create report. And here we've got the passion to the addresses. Let me save it and say RPT Haitians inside of the sky. 21. Create Buttons for all Reports: So let's open our doctor base and you can see your navigation forms that inside designed view so you can add out. But Internet backed It's gonna be a bit difficult that you can see the rather work on each form separately. Do what you need to do, and it will pull through the changes year salad close here en garde to form bookings, design view. So now we can see the former but Victor So what do we do regard to design? So make sure you clicked on design and here you can see baton, it's got all these excess years are click on it drag on the form year. Now it's gonna ask you what action do you want to happen? But note you can just kind, select and rightto own code if you were just gonna do it the easy, right? So what we want to do is you want it? I've been a report off the book use, So click report operations open Report Preview opened. So I'll actor side preview because then I can see what it looks like. So you were signed next? Yes, that what you're Weinstein next. So you can either at the text to show PB report or you can have it have a picture. I never report picture. So let's use that one recent next and finish it. So now you've got our button. So let's taste it. So I regard to view form of you. So let's click on the button and you need to put in the diet salad side first. I go 2020 circa and reside in April 2000 and 20 inside, okay, and years of report. So they need to print it that can just guide to print and start printing it. Since the ego style it's close here and save this. Now I want you to pause this video and do the same thing for the doctors form and the patients from so designed view Click on the button, put it here, and so report operations preview next and we wanted to open doctors mixed, and this time I'm going to say list Oh, doctors. And so I next and finish it. So you got a list of doctors. Now I notice that you don't have to put it year. You could even take it and put it here at the top and they're dies. This list off doctors. So let's save it and remember to taste the games. Always. I view phone view. They have good list of docks, I click on it and the regard. So let me close this and do the same thing for patients. Right click designed view. So you click design the button, but it year and sire report preview next and now I've got a report for passions. Next on sand mix again Finish. Let's taste it a game. So save. Do you forgive you on day it is working, said nodded. We've got all the buttons, the reports, the forms and everything we now need to secure the door to buys a little. So let me close this. 22. Secure the Database a little: we now need to secure the door to buys a little. So let me close this savvy gaiety, foul options that at the party. MIA. So I'm going to click on current door to base, so I'm going to give it the name. So I would just say, Dr Frank this now when the can't opens the daughter based on what form do you want him to? She so we want them to see the navigation form. That's the first thing that I was seeing so you can leave these other options here and we'll save it. So I will explain to you what would happen if you work with the navigation options yet. And the ribbon tube, our options. So they side with that guy, tell you to cloud service Iraq. I close it, check what happens when we click on it. See, the phone comes up automatically, which is perfect and other can can work with what I need to see. But now we don't want them to see this. That is for us to see, not for the client. So how do we hard this? Because active file options talent, Doctor base. So it was crowd down Servizi navigation. So untech nicked and say OK again. You need to close the daughter Bess. Double click it and she was gone, so they can't get to it anymore. But now it's It's a problem for us that developers, because we need to see it when we develop the daughter bed. So how do we get back to it? So let me close here. You can gotta do foul options and bring it back back. I'm going to show you another way. So let me close this. So I want you to click on this Happy before you open it. Just how to down the shift key on your keyboard. Double click it. So what the shipped does it unlocks the daughter base for you that are unlocked it. Now I can go and work on the forms and the quays that I need to work with its now I want to show you something else. Let's I got two forms and I opened up the form. Now, if I right click Yeah, I could lie out of you so we don't want them to fiddle with the light out and shot on the hard. Do we deal with that the what we deary's you got to foul options. Cowen daughter banks again and let's go down. It's a year it talks about allow food menus. So I'm going to take that off. Then I'm also going to take off the nausea and the application options. Lie out. Do retake that off and recycle came. We start the daughter banks against I. We close it. I've been it. Now what happens when you want kick See a title y form properties in it so they can't get to the layout and design view. Now you also probably thinking, But how do we knock it back to this again? Same thing. We hold down the shift key. We double click knife like out United Side designed view on this form. I can still get to everything. So I just wanted the wires to try and secure the daughter bite just a little 23. Distribute the Database Locally: So if you open up the daughter base, you got to foul. I saw your options are not years. A Let me close this. Let's open it again. And how down the shift key and you open it a na vy canIs eyes foul save s Now you've got different options. The one that we want is make a CCD. So we click that Save s we give it a nine. So, yeah, I'm just going to say loco save. I let me close this. And the midgets. Fetchet. You can see it's got a little lock sign at the talk has now been locked that I click on it and I just thought open. And that can use the daughter base as normal and thirties. How you distributed to the clan. Did you in the next lecture? 24. Distributing the Database for Network use: here began to split it. But I'm going to rather likely can just copy it and paste it because we don't want to Fedor without regional daughter base. So some here I'm just gonna be nine Mitt and Judge side you're front. And now you remember We need out down the shift key Double click to open it so you can get through all our things in the daughter base. Now, if you see this, you taking other content. But before we do that, just Matua you're out in the shop key. They've begun. So now you can dig oddity the outer base tools And here's us she moved daughter. So if you just got over it, it says, split a database into two hours. One containing the Taib Er's and one containing the queries and forms Savvy. Click on it. Respect. We got to desktop and I'm going to take this out and just call it back Int and split retiring kind. Now you can see there's and everybody, and it shows you the part where it's going to has been split and is being linked to the back into now. Salad mix. Close this Surya cook My finding let me just fetch my back in India the regard. So when they open the finding, it is linked to this foul. If you open this foul looking number content, you see only the tables. That is where the actual daughter is being kicked. Now, what would happen now? It is. It's our tight respect in the Make a copy off it, and I put it into this foul to distribute network. I'm going to paste it here. Now it's on the net trick. So I'm going to leave it on the need to excel it. Me close this some. My computer is the metric. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open up the other virtual machine computer that I created . So let me just bring this to the side. I'm going to make a copy off the front end and put it here. Now let me out in this up. Now what happens? That is on another person's computer. So that open it wanted to say that corn find it, so we just are okay, just enable it to cycle on. Fine. It's OK. Just close it. Now, What you need to do is you need to re link to that network where the talent is. So we hold down shift, double click. Now you can see it's linking to the wrong place. So we wanted to link to the foul on the mind computer that's on the nitric. So I'm going to get you into delete or these tables. Uh huh. So, yes, Now we're going to be link it. So we go to external daughter base just got over a year, and it says import daughter or link to daughter in another exit. Daughter best. So you click this and recite link because we want to link it. We don't want to make it one file again. We want to keep it split. So have you got? Yeah, And then you say, what? Al's and then we click network silent me got down? Yeah, You got to the network and you can see my shaver yet? Redouble ticket. Just right forward to open the regarding the double click this foul odor. And now we took the backing whose are open and said, OK, now it's gonna ask you what do you want to link through size, select or and recite? Okay, Now let me close the daughter base and reopen it and they began. Everything is working the white shirt. This is how do you distribute the daughter? Based on a trick for more than one user? 25. Distributing Database for Internet Use: we'll come back. We are now in the final stretch off. This course at this is where you want to be. That is the powerful thing about using Marcus up exes as a front end and my sequel. That's a bank and and I'm going to show you in this course now how to do everything. So let's either cards requested that we connect Amis access front and to the Marsico back end. It's a bit of the precious, and I'm going to go through all of this with you. So first crisis, you need to have a hosting account. But any Rip Bravada Just make sure you carry fathers through the Glad to be my Edmond available. Can I have it ready for you? Do they support remote connections to my secret daughter basis? Second crisis. You need to create the mass Equador, the base we gonna leave it empty. Then you need to put in the percentage sign for the Mount sequel Loggins. And they always have restricting the incoming sickle connections, which I will not be covering here. The third prayer issues you need to bolt and save the O. D. B. C connection sounds complicated, but It is very straight port for prices. You export the tables using the OD. Basic connection. You, creator, which foresees you look into patch, be my admin, tweak the tables so that they can be used company lastly revealing the diapers again. The Mack. Sure everything works. Did you in the next lecture? 26. Distributing the Database for Internet Use First Process: welcome back. So now we're going to go through the first process. You need to have a housing account with any rip provider. Just make sure that Clary fathers would think Do they have PHP my eggman available? I kinda have it ready for you. Do they support the Might Connections to my sequel Daughter Base I ever housed an account with a view housed dot com. Everything you need is being as long as the packages got they had to be my admin marsico remote. My secret connection. You will be fine. Just also make sure that they allow you to create more than one my secret daughter best. Once you have it in place, we can move on to the next process. Detour in the next lecture. 27. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Second Process: come day, the Naga gone to go and do the second currencies you need to create the Marshalik with daughter based you can believe it into. Then you need to put in the percentage son for the mouth sequel lodgings, the all wise off restricting that incoming sequel connections. I would not be camping here, so follow along with me as your log into the hosting account. Just remember that most ousting accounts will be more or less the same. If you are not, it's Blue House and you're not sure where to go. The hosting provider will be more than happy to assist you. So let's start Teoh our Internet browser. So, yeah, I'm gonna look into my control panel with my hosting accounts. I'm gonna put in my email address D and my post words. So one side locked in, then you need to go to your profile. So I did. You can check or your settings lock. Now the guy's two year you can cry foul. And then from here, kicking and violence one show in it, Bones, you can see there's a whole bunch of things did you can do, but you are under gonna be practicing on creating the daughter best. That's running the sequel Connection Walking and also going to create a mash sequin using name. It's better to credit and you using nine each time you both a new daughter based so that you can restrict it and then you can have the mine chic or using nine that will look off stop or the door devices. Zach first. As you can see, I'm here by the advisers. I'm unguarded to remote my Seiko. So click on that and hereby host Stays. Percentage Wild called It's allowed. So I'm going to put in the percentage sign and Hearst it's electric that it is in the left . Regards that's in my list said Now what we do is we're gonna go back to add bonds and regarding Marsico daughter basis. Now here. I'm just going to call it Dr Drink this and create. So I just got back. Now we need to add a user. It's a year chase at New User, so yeah, I'm just an aside doctor, just to keep it simple. Putting a parcel, it confirmed the poster it. Now, once I've done that, actually had the user I got back again now. Granted the daughter banks. I created the user, but now I need to tell the housing accounts this use. It's the one to use the starter based. So yes, she's and use it to daughter base so I could use a doctor and added to the start events Sasha and such a now just stick or privileges to allow the user to do all of this. And you also make changes. Today It's been done, and that's all you have to do, Teacher in the next lecture. 28. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Third Process PART 1: So first, what I want you to do is making you text document and just call the connection details. Guys said if you just open this up putting aside here Ah, now what I want you to do. Just town. Yeah. What the? Using nineties. So if you just copy this price are waiting out parts. Aerate. You'd I need to put in the daughter bash. You will see why. So as you can see that it's my i p address. So I'm just gonna copy there. It's close here and paste it you. So these are the details and you say, you know, actually speak to your house to provider. They continue. So now what? You're gonna do these? We're not going to first install all of these fouls. So what? Our It just is, Do you are 32 bits first and then the 64 bit the agency Years 2013 V. C. We distribute X six and then the Marcie quick connector. And it's the 52 big the first I will take this one and she have already done mind. So you can just click next next, Sarah Kay, install it and do the same thing for connector. So you have to install the first and then restore the connector. So my connect alerts or really in store and do the same thing for the 64 bit being the connector one ship Donner, then you. My secret connectors would be rich. Now what I want you to do is just copy the £3 coffee, all of them, and just go into your computer. So you were going to she dry being does and a system that too I wanted to right click in Pakistan in day side. Yes. You place continue. Then they start day. I want you to do this. Shame for such route 64. If you have a 64 bit system heisted in your side continue our guys turn out. All of that is in now I need to register erect so that computing knows these files are in the system. So there's got to search at the Balkan. So I want you to get the search icon happened. She nd and my baby sure that you run it as an administrator, right? So we are really bad system attitude. So you is that r e g s D R. Two. And you need to do this saying all of these fouls that appears on the AMC is that one said with a miss Come CT, our dark OSI X gracing tha and he threw aside succeeded side of guy. They do the same thing for Come see t two. I thought I see ex into and say OK and in the Lost one he's in is see a our 0.0 c six and then when it's also fun Now you need to get and put in CD Don't start and we need to guide to CD now 64 do exactly the same as these three year the G is the Are the two Amis come city out as X the next one, so you will get it in Just are kind and you know it's working lots and now you've done or effect and now you Now that everything will work the right shoots 29. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Third Process PART 2: now from year. What we need to do is without, like, duties. Just make a copy off the doctor practice and call it Internet year. Because remember, you don't want to over locked your original daughter based, always make copies. So I come here, I'm going to open its Remember out, down your ship. G double click. Now, I've got all my tables here, but they're just a local daughter base. So you remember There's no ever. So it's not split. What you gonna do now? Ease. We can regard Teoh. External doctor, New doctor Source from Dr Base. A long sequence serving Now you are the gun to import it or you're going to link. We want to link it. So you're clicking inside. Okay, now we haven't created our connection yet, which is what you were going to do now. But once you've created it and it's being saved, you can just use the sign mine again. Just put in your password. So what do we do? You just make sure you're on fire, Daughter Source. Click New And because you installed the Marsico connectors shoot appear year. So you must take my sequel already. B c 5.3 unique car driver don't act. I check the 5.3. Now, if you dance yet in your list, I find that it helps just do we start the computer that they should appear in the list. Sorry. Click. Next you click. Browse because now we need to say that. So I'm going to give it a name and just I Dr drink this connection and save it. Then you're going to kick next and thinks Now it will come up like this. So you need to put in your details. So how do you know if it's working? Is when the dog bites charges the list. If it does ensure the list, it would complain that their Larkin details are not working. But you're revising. Provide a change. How people that they know what this is. So let me go and fetch my details. So my i p addresses this image it copier and highest that year. Then I'm going to copy the USIA and paste it here. Been putting a parcel it now when you click on ever, it was start longing in and checking the or daughter advice is the year we got We've got my daughter best. So you click on it inside. Okay, Now it will have cited for you to the disco. So we click on it and recite. Okay, Now it will come up this cream. So I just want to show you something we created on my cheek with daughter based. It's injured, which means there are no tables. So if I got parts with you and I put it in again and that's OK, it would check online to see their entire bulls. And there is nothing at the state goods. We had not gone through the Paris easier, which is what I'm going to teach you in the next lecture. 30. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Fourth Process: Welcome again. Now they're going to do the fourth closes. That is the new surprises. All we need to do is you need to export the fibers using the already busy connection that we just created. So follow along with me. Now show you want to do so open about daughter bats again. You may involve a gun shop. Double click. So now you're gonna guard to all the time I was here. You write kick on the table export O D B sheet on Advanced with Click on there and Do Side of Chance and leave it the name. So now you need to go back to my desk. You could Answering my connection is and you need to put in the power sweet boy the suicide . And besides, successfully exported 70 close. Let's do this time for all the added three suddenly violently export o d B c Sarah Kay. Just gonna copy the parsley. It's not allowing me to do it, so just started, okay? And two more to go exposed. I would be see, So Gary days putting apart So it again, it would actually be good practice for you. So get used to do in this and lost went again. That's all you had to do in this process. Do you, during the next lecture? 31. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Fifth Process PART 1: we'll come back. You are almost the now we need to lock into peer hp my admin. Tweak the tables so that could be used. Copy. So locking into PHP my head minutes usually your rip started dress slash PHP my admin. If it doesn't work, it means that the hosting provider, by using different links, asked Import and I will have to tell you what the link is now. That's the important part. That is where you have to get the table's ready to be used. You need to ensure that the altar increments is correct on the table. You need to add an extra column with the daughter top Tom's damn, that is required because Marsico and then tell when the lost record with editor follow along with me. So you're gonna go into be actually my admin now for me because I could palestina town usually the make it usually for you to dig to it. So as you can see the link, my click on it's got a completely different links potential while that I have set it up. So now just signs gonna be direct me So now we are here. So now if you click on that course here you should see or your don't devices. In those case, my doctor practice daughter visitors. So if I click on it, you should see all the cables because we exported. See, everything is here now I just want to make a note to you that the top off daughter this year for the table it's actually a table talk. It says my I sang. It's very to change this inner Devi. So I'm going to change this in a DB. So we're going to click on Taiba bookings, chicken populations. And then here it stays by a type of options storage engine, my honest, and we change it in a DB and Greece. I go now. If you want to see the differences and understand what is the difference? You can just go to Google search and shy my time versus in the DB and she the reason the pros and the cons and so on. So let's do the same for all the other tables the type of doctors operations giant it to in a DB and recite down Now your PHP My admin will be exactly the same. Miss my one as they are all the same platforms. So you go to operations. Janet, in a DB said go. I'm gonna do the lost one operations operations in that Devi and save. Now let's go to travel bookings now, you see? Yeah, You've got two hours. You can see all the daughter that year. If you got to structure you see your the ords, your columns with the daughter top. So they achieve my daughter copies fun? Yes, to the doorstops are correct. Yes, she is the I r character, which is fine. Conceive it and booking date die, Pam. It's perfect. We can leave it as it use. What you need to do it is you need to add one column after the fashion if guy, you can actually put it any way you want. We did need add returns, Stan. So I'm just gonna show you a quick away off what we can do. So we are in bookings view. It really started to doctors, but right click open New Jeb. Time for health insurance. Right click Open new dead passions open new depth. Now you've got all the tables open 32. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Fifth Process PART 2: and then legislate on this type of year. Just click structure sang for years Structure, Sanggojae structure that. It's got to the third stable. Not here. Rachel is add one column You said Go. So for the name, we're going to just call it Time stamp that you just copy that in your daughter tops. You can look for times time. The time stems RTs very quickly, and you just say that dinette to do anything else. So we do this time for the other ones. So Ed one column for Dr Table You say guy based in times game. Change it. I'm saying sign. Same for this one. Thanks, Towns Game. So and then the lost one based in time stamp, Change it again and say Now I want you drink it structure for all of them again. 33. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Fifth Process PART 3: now you wish she could poking peak. And I remember that's a plan, Ricky. And it needs to order increments. So easy doing it based Drink, Sarah Booking peak. I took change and we can see it's not order in commenting C i r stands for water inclement , so we need to take it. I'm sorry. That they say is incorrect. Tired with definition, they can be only one OTA column and it must be defined as a key. Now they usually becomes a problem. So how do we fix it? So let's go back to strike again saying booking peaking We just tip there and just delete it. Just remember and I'm broken Pickle ticket angry side to meet with actually being rock that delete is deleting emits access. But in mass equal, I call it dropped. So I'm going to kick drop here and decide Do you want to execute filing creepy out of the type of dissolved this re side? Yes. Now we're going to add added the game, But year I'm just gonna keep it carding. So it looked at beginning of table. Could I want to put it back to aid waas? So you said OK, poor guy. We call it walking. He came Now, Jake, what happens? We click IR with the increment automatically brings this. So it was side year in Nickname Climbing in the George primary, which is what we want. We want to be a primary key and it must support the increments. Sergeant, click on guy and save it. At least clips structure, Jane. And now we knowledge working could have got tequila and is now going to order income in now you're double bookings is done, but shorter. So what I want you to do is force this video and try and do the same for doctors, health insurance and patients and then come back. So now let's do doctors. Some click here, Drop it. I said yes, and I'm going to add it to gain beginning a table. And I'm going to say Dr PK, we leave it as I anti, which is intention So reliever that they the order in comment so OK, se that doctors is now done Click click structure just to make sure. Yes, they got what increments and plan Ricky, Let's do the same school health insurance me drop it and had a kind of McGinn and say, uh, insurance BK order in Come in. Cydar se Jake in the game. Maybe guy and then the lost 12 patients. Yeah, so yes. And added to gain and we say patient BK or to income in and saying God and savor. And now you have three. All the tables really to be used. So our teacher in the next lecture 34. Distributing the Database for Internet Use Sixth Process: come back now we're going to do the very lost process and that is relinking the type of thing. The Mac Sure everything works. So we got back to the image access point in we link the tables. Mack. Sure, everything is working. Certainly it's got it to our daughter banks. So your gunship publicly. Now I just want to point something out to you. You have to deleting tables, but these are loco you want in a link to the massacre tables online. But now the creation becomes what happens to be deleted. So let me right click delete and it's suicide. Do you want to delete it? Deleting Or American? Or groups who side? Yes, a Danish Ganis I cant delete until its relationships other tables have been deleted. Do you want to delete the real age relationships? So you say no. So what we need to do is just go to daughter, values doors relationships and just press the print screen button on your keyboard attack. A screen shock of this and what I normally do is I go into paint and I just based my screenshot so I can just see all my tiger with you. So let me just put this to the shot. Yeah, my daughter banks to you. So now what we do is you gotta and delete all the type of Sorry. Delete said yes. Yes, this highlight or if it right click Delete. Yes, Jace, Every guy. So now what we're gonna do is we're going to link to the Marsico titles. I regard you external daughter creators import and link. So it's like new daughter source. Well, im daughter base. So I'm chic. Oh, sure, if we click on there and we're going to Lincoln and recite. Okay, so you go find that connection that we created earlier. So there's a connection. These are occurring and you need to putting a parcel it again inside. And now you've got all your tables online. So I'm going to size, select or and saved the post room from this and re sign can and science time. So on the gene and the king. So now all our tables a year. So let's go back to daughter badge tools, munition ships. See the relationships, Akane, because we delete tell our car titles what their relationships. So let's rebuild it. The first happy looking at is doctors bookings. So doctors use one demanding Richard for a year. So one too many. Dr. Pekhart Doctor, If Gary Cyrus I create a baby guy I've been assigned for passions to bookings. One many be guide This guy want many? This I create And how he Sure, Mr Lost while yes, that to that today's peak I French and service I create. Now you've got all your relationships. So let me close this. So you shave the daughter base, close it current of the Outer Banks Knowledge. I open it up again. Check that everything is working. So just remember, because I've Internet my client a little slower But what I've learned from experience he's you to take the package and it is shade We posting it will van a little slower, but that you are the guy put dedicated hosting it actually runs a lot faster. Sell it for kings. Yes, a lower D down to store day booking sheet. Yes, Everything is still working The violent shoot 35. Congratulations: I don't know, completing their course. I hope you have a better understanding of how to board a daughter based in in its access. Remain that you don't have to use my secret technology as a banking the plenty of other backing technologies. You just need to know that create the ODP see connection on the world is or lament or the based.