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Build MASSIVE Worlds with HUGE Continents and MEGA Terrains in WORLD MACHINE

teacher avatar Film VFX

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (3h 28m)
    • 1. Massive Worlds Course Introduction

    • 2. 1. Fast way to find a map for your imaginery world

    • 3. 2. Adjust in Photoshop (option 1)

    • 4. 3. Adjust in Gimp (option 2)

    • 5. 4. Import in World Machine

    • 6. 5. The Approach

    • 7. 6. Add ground detail

    • 8. 7. Use PureRef for references

    • 9. 8. First large terrain in World Machine

    • 10. 9. Import our large terrain in the massive world

    • 11. 10. Add a River with River Delta

    • 12. 11. Mindset for using other 3D application (e.g. Vue)

    • 13. 12. Create a large fractal Terain in Vue

    • 14. 13. Import Vue large terrain in World Machine

    • 15. 14. Drought cracked land

    • 16. 15. Bringing in it all together and how to create variations

    • 17. 16. How to Export your Massive World

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About This Class

Forget about small terrains, we are going to build something big, really big, a huge terrain, a massive world.
You will learn:
the efficient way to build massive worlds
the fast way to find a starting point for your world
How to populate your world with huge terrains
Best practices with Top-notch tools for creative freedom and realism
How to export them efficiently in very high resolution
I will also show you how you can make plenty of different worlds using the same file

Let's build that world

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Film VFX


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1. Massive Worlds Course Introduction: forget about small. The rains were going to build something big. Really big. A huge drain. A massive world. You will earn the efficient way to build massive worlds. The fast way to find a starting point for your world. How to populate your world with huge the rains. Best practices with top notch tools for creative freedom and realism. How to export them efficiently in very high resolution. Oh, did I not tell you? I will show you how you can make plenty off different worlds with the same file. Let's build that world. 2. 1. Fast way to find a map for your imaginery world: we need to have a map of our must've world. You can either do that manually. Or what I suggest is use a website that is dedicated to generating fantasy maps. This is a Let me just show you. It's now on full screen. It's a website as garden jet herb dot io slash fantasy fantasy dash map This generator this website is going to generate. Let me go back to full screen. It's going to generate a map for you now. Is it the same map that you open? Is it the same one that I do open or the other ones open? Doesn't have only one map? No, it is a generator which basically means any time you refresh, you get a new mop. So I'm going to press F five now and it refreshes right and it takes a little while just 23 seconds and you get a map every time. So I'm refreshing again and he gets another map. It is random, but it gives you every time different combination, different plan, landscape on different islands. It's quite useful. The beauty is that it gives you like a map that looks pretty awesome in terms of its presses called countries boundaries in colors. And then you've got some mountain or representations here. Then you've got these fantasy Name means more remark. Meel loose. Yeah, it z quite kids. Quite cute. So this is a good starting point for us. Okay. I suggest you use this one, and you just use it. The man the automatic way. Just refresh a few times at which you could do, actually, without pressing a five, you could come to the arrow here and click on a new map. You could get a new mop, and then you get every time a different one save a few of these. How do you do that? I'll show you, but get a few of these, and then choose the one that you want to work with. And then you we go from there. Okay? Now, how do we save this? The idea is Well, let's see first what we need. Can we use this like it is now? No, we cannot, because it has all sorts off here. Indicators off landscape. I think these are kind of small mountains or something, and it has names, and it has colors and different colors. were different. Luminosity it It is no, really it for use, so we're going to have to get it as a grayscale, because in world machine, you need to have the hate filled map and hate filled map is black, grey and white values, and this is not good enough for us. But this is an excellent starting point, but we need a lot of changes now. Fortunately, you don't need to do most of that on yourself on your own, so there's no cleaning, cutting on paste in or cologne, and we don't need to do any of that. All you need to do an act on this website has made your life much easier. Way easier. You come to this arrow here actually is very, very user friendly, very user friendly. Um, you get the map, and then if you need something, there's one tiny arrow here on. It stays here. Click the enroll button to open the options. I would even have preferred not to have this one because the arrows quite visible and you come here when you click, you have selected preset political map. Now this the boundaries of the country's is a political map although it's a fantasy world like an imaginary world. But still it's political in their imaginary fantasy world. I suggest you go straight down to pure land mass, and when you click on that, we get something that looks way closer to what we're looking for. No names, no country but borders. No colors. Just blue and white on a little bit off, different flavor off blue here for the lakes on bond. That's that's That's a very good starting point. OK, no, this is what we're going to export. But still, we still need to make some adjustments, because what did we say? We said we need to have a hate filled map. Something that looks black, grey and white Blue doesn't belong, but now it's much easier. It's way easier for us. Okay, this is what I suggest you. Do you come here down, save as so it's quite simple. Open the website refresh until you find something you like. Click the Arrow selector Pure land mass and click on Save as and select PNG. Very simple. You have four easy steps that you could do in a few seconds and you save your man must. Okay, you save the file. I'm going to open it. Here is what we have. Okay, now, this is going to have We need to make a few changes to this, to get it in the shape off a hate filled map. Black, great white. We're going to do this next. 3. 2. Adjust in Photoshop (option 1): we need to make a few adjustments to this image before taking it to world machine. We need three adjustments when the final product final results should be a gray scale. Black, great white values. Okay, so the first adjustment is going to be grayscale. Come here. Down on we select black and white. That's an easy one. Step number two is because the sea here needs to be black and not gray. Because black is the lowest elevation level in world machine or in any hate filled map, we need to make the sea black. So we're going to use the levels, will come here and select levels. We are going to crash the blacks right to the point where the sea becomes black and we also want to get rid of those stripes that were part of the texture of the image. But at the same time, I'd like to keep these lovely edges here. These layers that are beneath the sea, they look gorgeous because they are realistic. We would like to keep them. I'm going to push even, father until I get rid of those those stripes. So now it's black, pure black, and I do keep my layers. This is good. Is this ready? I prefer to use a little bit off white like this. Just like this. I know that white is very high. I know we're not preparing a mountain, but it's OK. We will tweak this in world machine. I just prefer to have white landmass. Okay, I show you have to do have to work on it in World Machine. Now the last bit is going to be to get rid. The third and last step is to get rid off. This meter is scaling meter here. Okay, now that's quite simple. I'm going to use the clone tool. But before doing that, I needed to be used on the layer on the original air. Click on Original layer. Come to the stump tool and then Okay, it will load in it in a moment. It's a bit slow. I'm just waiting for the stamp tool to load. Here we go. It has loaded. You select the year size of the brush that you want undone because this is the right size for me. Have already done it. You come here somewhere. We're going to clone the black. I'm just use in black to hide this stuff. So come to where you want some area that you want to copy and press old. And then you're Crestor is going to become circular and then click once with your left mouse. Then release both. Now you can come down and you can white clean something. Okay, so we have got rid off that you need to come here file save as and then we save it as a PNG or a tiff, as you like. And I think I think what he'd done that just photo shop with show and then we save it safe . All right? This is how you do that. Influential in the next video. I'll show you how to do it in gimp if you do not have for the show. 4. 3. Adjust in Gimp (option 2): all right. In case you have not seen the video for Photoshopped because if you don't have a photo shopping, maybe you have come straight to give. I need to re explain what needs to be done here. What we need to do is to prepare this image so that we can make it a hate field map, black grey and white values. So the first step is going to be gray scale. The easy way to do it in game Sorry is to come here to image mode grayscale. That's quite fast. Okay, so we get a great skill now, the second bit is going to make the sea black because that's the level off elevation that you would expect in hate with Mark for to see the lowest level. So what we need to do is use levels. We come here to colors free on select levels and in the levels were going to crash the black. So bring this until it is black. Okay, so the seas black, but we still can see some of those stripes that are part of the texture of the image. I'm going to crash the blacks even further, but at the same time, I want to make sure that I keep these lovely layers. Um, layers off land that is beneath the sea. Now, these edges over here, they're wonderful. I want to keep them. So this is now black. I'm just push it just a bit. Fax. Aiken, gain back. Okay. I can get back this last one. No, this is black. I can use a little bit off white. Although I know that boy. It represents very high. We're not making a mountain, but for now, it should be okay. Okay, good. All right. This is enough for us. A step Number two. I need to press. OK on. This is now reflected, but the last bit is going to be to get rid off this meter. This scale that is down here. So we're going to use the cologne to the cologne toe. You can find it here. And when you press on that, you come undone. Choose the size that you need. Okay, we're going to do is your selected area. Just stand on an area over over an area that you want to clone instead off using cult for Photoshopped. Now we're going to use control OK, so you you present controlled keep it pressed and then you Kilic ones and release and then release birth. Then when you come down with your amounts, you see that this circle is representing your source, you just push. And why that so we have just cloned it, right, you know, need to export. It is a bit different than photo shop. You cannot just say save as because if you save as you can only save us a project in gimp, you need to export us export as and we're going to select here we say gin just because I have used another one for the shop on select the extension, the type until I was gonna be BMG, we could go for Chief is well worth machine lost. If so, I'm going for PNG now because original one was being G Whatever export. And yet whatever Export. Okay, now this is done. We are now ready to move to World Machine 5. 4. Import in World Machine: in world machine. We're going to import our image. Okay, The grayscale one. We need first to tweak a few settings in world machine before we move into importing anything. Because we are building a huge, massive world, it needs to be reflected as such in the settings of the project. So we come here two world extends in resolution nuclear combat. You then decide how many kilometers by how many kilometers the with and hate. And I suggest you use whatever you think works for you. That's fine. I'm going to go with 100. But you can very easily select 1000. You could you could go to 1000 kilometers about 1000 committees. But just pay attention to the fact that when you make something 1000 kilometers by 1000 kilometers, which is absolutely fine for this technique, you can absolutely go as well as you want on the kilometers. Fine. No problem whatsoever. Just you are going to have to work more on the competence, okay, on the individual competence and I'll explain that later when we come to the approach to the approach. If you have 1000 kilometers about 1000 kilometers you're not going to have one mountain that is 250 kilometers. Ok, right. So it needs to be realistic. So which basically means if you have smaller mountains, you're gonna end up with a huge number off months is just be careful with that. It's a matter off scale, off proportions of most importance proportions, things that you bring in need to make sense. So 1000 absolutely fine. In this case, I'm going just for to demonstrate a technique. I'm going to go with 100 kilometers by 100 kilometers, which is quite small, but still. Let's say it is a small fantasy world with all sorts of islands and stuff on the island of that. And you know all sorts off crazy things. But we end up with 100 limited by 100 kilometers. What kind of resolution do we set in here? Depending on your version? If you're working with World machine, the free version then you have the limitation in resolution. I don't remember which one that was, I think 501,000. If you have the professional version, you can go up to 16,000. Now I suggest you do not do that. Please do not do 16. I would explain what's the best way to export with a wonderful resolution, but this is not what we need. Now we need just four K. That's all you're going to work with. Four K I'm saying work with. I didn't say export. That's a completely different way of doing things. We are going to do it differently than usual. We're going to export the resolution that we want and it's going to be OK, but if you set 16 that is not OK because it's going to slow you down. So now Onley four k and then when we going to export to show you what to do. Okay, so 100 kilometers folk A click, OK, depending on your version, you may have by default us. I have set during color. If it's by default. Gray scale change into woodlands and mountains. Very, very, very useful because it shows you are going to be talking about the colors. So there's the orange to yellow, the green, the gray and then the white. And these represents levels off elevation. We need to use that. Okay, so on, then, if you have the professional version come and open another view. I'll have to do it for you just so you can see what we're doing. If you don't have it, you can move between these here. So I'm gonna click are sorry. Not this one. This one with three d view. You can move between this and this if you have the free version. All right, so now we are able to import something. So we come here to generator and we click on the file five. Input. We're going to come on in port. Our latest local embassy detail datemodified and the latest one of used is the one from Gimp. Let's do that. Shall I used up one? Yeah, I can use that. Lets used up. So I'm going to use the same one we've worked with. Um, yeah, let's just do it out the same one, cause I've exported quite a few of them on What do we get? I'm going to click. Okay. Okay. Just let me show you. Let me show you. Let me zoom out and show you what happened. What happened? You cannot see exactly where your finalists now if I come here because We're talking about 100 kilometers, and this is one kilometer. If I come here and say 100 Boy, uh, when I say bye, I haven't even clicked. And hate has bean calculated for me because we've set 100 kilometers and you import something, you need to be careful with what's in here. So I What I want is to position the land. I'm not seeing the picture on seeing the land big enough to cover my terrain. Okay, this image is not rectangular. I mean, it's not the size is not a strict angler, but it's not. It's not square, That's why I mean, it's not square, so I'm just going Teoh crop. Not really Crop. Increase it to the point where I can I can use. So this is more than 100. I can get it and move it. Okay, so I contribute to the left, so it's gonna be, like, mighty minus 20. Something like that. Yeah. Minus 18 minus 15 are moving on the X. Okay. And then move it a little bit up. 20. Maybe That's too much. 15. Okay. Shall we increase it a little? We'll just keep it. Let's keep it as this. Let's keep your answers. This is This is good enough. All right. This is good enough in terms, off size, but in terms off. Look, let me build this. This is why I tell you. Please don't try the 16 K because we're gonna be building very, very often, and it could slow you down. So we have chosen this map. It's in the middle rights. I think it's OK. It's all right. It doesn't have to be exactly in the center. This is final. Now this We cannot start working with this for the simple reason that this is too harsh, too high, too sharp to everything wrong, Because this isn't realistic. And even if you bring in to see, um, it doesn't It doesn't agree. Realistic at all. So we need to work on this to make it realistic. Number one, we work on the hate. I need to bring a A. Um uh, Let me see from the filter I need to bring to notes to bias and gain. I want to bring the clump tool. The clerk. Sorry to clump Note. Now, if I used the bias, why do I use the bias What I'm trying to do is merge like, push it a little bit down. All of it. Not just not just not just a thought part. So I'm going to work on the gain, increase it a little bit to the point where the lower part shrinks those those layers, they shrink a bit. That's number one. And then let me see the boy us know the vice is going to ruin things. Don't touch the bayous. I remember the bias was not a good idea. Okay, let me click on this. Build it. So I've just reduced this a little bit because it needs to be really minor. Now, let's come here and use the clump tool to reduce the overall map. So it's that by default, the camp to the clump note has reduced by default. So I'm going to push it down until I get the color. That's why we have chosen that color setting the yellow color. This car. Okay, good. Let's now build right. If you get closer, you still can see those lovely layers. Can't you see this is what we're looking for? Something tiny, something just subtle. Yeah, because it is going to be be need to see. We don't want it to come in the way it needs to be beneath the sea when we're bringing to see it should be there. It's just a lovely level of detail that we want to keep now. Is this enough where we have worked on the elevation? This is fine. We prefer to not to go to weigh down to too much lower, because when you bring in the sea, you want to have some cliff sometimes on. Do you want to keep some sort of a difference? Yeah, so souls have a difference between the edges, the borders on the sea. So that's number one. Number two is now. We need to work on the realism because this is not enough. This is to shop. This is like to It's a map. It's a map. This is what it looks like, but it's not a terrain to make it look like a terrain. And realism is erosion. I'm going to use erosion because those sharp lines going to show you this is to shop, get let's get closer. This is too sharp, too straight. It's too perfect. I need to have imperfections there I need to have realism. So let me get closer here and have a look at that. Next at erosion, I'm going to use quiet a drastic erosion. But it has to be channelled because I want to have channels in these edges and I'm going to use simple filter. Please avoid inverse filter. Because although it gives you more strength and in the erosion, sometimes it comes. I mean, often it comes with a side effect with ugly guts in the mountains. Now we don't. We're not working with the mountain now, but it could cut somewhere in the land. And those cuts look very, very unrealistic. I prefer to stick to a maximum of simple filter and use my child erosion. I'm going to push this, like, just a bit. Okay? But I need my channels to be deeper and that's it. Click. OK, now we're going to build it has finished building. Let's have a look at this. And that looks way different now. So Cedars channels here death will really good for. Does it mean it has done something to the upper part to this flat surface? No, it hasn't. And it was also not our intention. Our intention is only to work on the borders on the edges, that's all. And when you look at the edges here, even down on those layers, let's zoom Museum down on one of those layers, See even those layers here they have those channels. So now the the edges on this part under the sea looks very realistic. Now we need to work on the other parts. Okay, so I'm going to stop now because there's an approach that we need to clarify. I need to talk to you about the approach first before we move any fault for any further. 6. 5. The Approach: What is this? This is a file in world machine that has our must've world. Okay, what do we have? We just have our mop Onda. We have a few notes here. The file that we have imported a few tweaks on the erosion now. Very, very, very important. Please is an example. Or let me just try to get this view refreshed first. Sorry. Yes, I'm going to give an example. Those re known chefs that cook wonderful meals, right? How did they do that? Do you think they put everything in the same pan and cook everything at once? Or is it more that they cook the soul separate? The vegetables are done separately. The meat is done separately and some few other elements off salad are done separately on. They bring everything together in one plate. But it has all been done separately. The food, then the meal looks good, tastes good and smells good. Okay, this is what we're going to do. We are not going to work in the same file. It will be quite a nightmare if you think I'm going to put everything in there. So we're going to start populating our world with large, deranged with mountains and he starts building everything inside this this file, it is going to be too much. It's gonna be real light, man. What I suggest is just you follow the approach off, having one big plate where you're going to keep your large, the rain, and you going to add other components as we go. The one thing that needs to be added already and it's a choice, you can do it either now or at the very and is the detail the detail, too The train, Because this party is all fat. Yeah, so it needs to have some detail. There are two options, two choices and I leave you to choose. You can either do it now, so as the next step before adding any mountains or large deranged, or you can leave it till the end. The arguments on the advantage off leaving it till the end is that you can you have we moved more control over your level off elevation. When you bring in large terrains, you can tweak the level of elevation the way you want, and the way you decided is the way you see it and you get it. Okay. What you see, what you see is what you get when you add detail. Before that, they are added to each other, Which means the level of detail you have defined is going to be increased. And you this may not be what you want. Still, I will do as the next video. I did the detail. We made these able it after that, and then you re enable it off the very end. But I leave you with this choice. Okay? So the next step is going to be to add the detail. But we have agreed that whatever we do in the future is not going to be done in this file. Please leave this fine alone. Other other other than for the detail, the level of detail. Leave this final, okay? 7. 6. Add ground detail: we would like to add some detail because this looks just way too flat. Okay, on. As I said, you could either do that now or do it at the very end. Once you have put all the elements off your touring. But we're going to show I'm going to show you now how to do it now. Banned. Let's organize ourselves a little bit first. So I'm gonna push this to decide on drinking from the tools menu Justice this spit here grouping tool. And I'm going to select this stuff to group it. Yeah. So this is what is This is our, um, massive world. Okay, this is our selection. Okay, So this is our massive world we want to and detail. So I'm going to on on a force. Palin. Okay. I know this is just could look a bit weird in the beginning, but as all ingredients, when you're cooking onions and stuff and all sorts of things, they don't necessarily look or smell or taste good until they're cooked and the meal is ready. So we're going to use a few terrains, a fuse or a few noises and combinations and things, and at the very end. It will make sense. Okay? I keep this as it is now, but I choose Stephen's choice, and this is to hime and reduced elevation a bit on the steepness. Okay, so this is a I mean, just build this right. Let's have a look. This is not very bad. As a starter. It is. It does look repetitive. It does look repetitive. But guess what? We are going to work in such a way that we have this one and we're going to have another one. We're going to have a combination of two. So let's have this one separate. This is one of this is to two is a combination of these two. I'm going to go with Hillary, reduce it the middle elevation because it's all about detail on on the ground. We're not making the reins. We're not making mountains. Were just working on the detail on the ground. Let's go with Stephen's Choice 100. Use it against Evans. Choice is a noise way off, getting some interesting detail. So I'm going to combine these. But you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to Blake, even Mawr, with all the noises I'm gonna bring the voluntary right DeVore Illinois. And I'm gonna use it like this. Let me build this. Okay, Now, this looks a bit too sharp, but for now, it could be OK once we mix it with the other one. So we're going to combine combined these two Onda, we keep it average. No problem. For now, when we have built this, we have. Sometimes it does happen, especially with Stephen's choice that we have these kinds of 40 facts. We will see what we can do it. These for now, This could be a good start as a second choice. Okay, now we have the first choice. This is too much. You have the second choice. I think we need to reduce just a bit the middle elevation on the steepness. Sometimes we could end up with a few artifacts, like the shop things in here. But it's going now. It is gone. Okay, So what do I have? I have one and two. I'm going to combine even these together, right? And see what we get. Okay. I would like to give the upper hand to the 2nd 1 So increased this a bit. Probably even more Okay, so this could be a noise. Starting point. What do we have here? We have three options. We have option Noble one option number two, An option number three. So I have three noises now that I can use. Let me see how to do that. I'm gonna come back to my terrain and say, Well, you know, if I use one noise across the whole world, it's going to be too repetitive. The same thing. There's no variety. There's no diversification. I do understand that on the same land, you could have come similar, like just one or two. Not too many. But we would like to have diversification like use as many noises as we can, but not too many. 23 should be enough and covering a large spaces. So it's it's Ah, choosing, for example, this part, the left, the left part will be in a certain noise, the upper point of a certain noise and this lost island in a different one. Something like that. How do we do that? How do we choose which noise got goes where? How do we let the noise be applied only to that area where it's quite simple. Actually, there's that trick off the radial ground. This note here which tends to be used for our mountains. Let me just see this tiny bit. Over here it comes a tiny bit because it say's here. It's scale is very small. So I need to bring up on because we have 100 kilometers to put it in the middle and see what we're doing. We're gonna do it like this. So this is the maximum we're going to be able to use. If you need war, I have another Rachel Grant. Okay, so I'm going to push it to decide 25 and say that's what we need for. No, I'm gonna use this here with this one. No, because we're going to use it going to use it a few times. What I said just we're gonna do is Dip Lick eight. So I want to That we're gonna do I'm gonna use three noises, so I'm gonna move this down. Dip lick eight. This one. So copy and then paste. And then put it here and work with this one separately. So put a radial drop there. So that is our first noise. And then I'm going to duplicate this one and put it separately. Cookie based here. Okay, just take all of these things down. It's the same noises just because we are going to use different radial grounds to distribute them. I don't want to ruin this because if you if you attach a radial grad, it will impact the final Winners won the final one as well and we don't want that. So I have the first noise. The second noise on the combination of the first. In the second, we're gonna use 12 and three. This one. I would have radial grad apply to it. So what I'm going to do and please be very, very, very careful. I don't know how many times I need to repeat that, but it's the most important thing when you are working not in terms off design, on creative stuff, but in terms of being careful not to ruin your train without paying attention. The combine er is what we're going to use most in this file because most of the work is gonna be outside this file and we're gonna bring stuff in when we bring it in. It most to be with combine, er said to add, and one, This is a most. Every time you're going to add something to this wonderful world, it's must be at AD and one. Why? Because if you don't do that, you're going to only keep 50% off your train. We have not done all this work to keep on a 50%. And every time you are the combine, er it's 50% 50% and you keep losing your train. You feel it is there, but actually it was not there. But hold on. A moment is where was my trainer? There's too much. It's crowded and I'm losing it. You're losing because you're combine. ER comes by default as average, and if you don't change it, you're gonna lose your train over time. I mean, most of it. It's not gonna be visible. I don't mean visible. I mean, like, you're gonna lose 50% every time, and that's that's not good. So let's make sure it is, and one and then we add the noise to it. Now when we build, we have, it's coming. It's coming in. We have this now. This is not good. Why? Because well, the noise. I'm going to trick the noise. But my point is not about the noise. I'm going to reduce the noise, reduce it significantly in terms off. Bring into elevation down. It just needs to we The objective is we don't see something flat. It's not to Seymour noise, but not to see the flat bit. My problem here is the sea I don't want to impact to see. I just wanted to have the noise in here because this is is going to be covered. Would see. And if you're gonna take this to Maya or to ah view or terra charge in it is gonna be covered with sea. I don't want tohave these details here because it's going to interfere with my C. So how do we do that? But this is why you remember when in photo shop and in gimp? I told you, let's push the whites up a bit. Well, the reason is, I wanted to create a distance, a district distinguishable distance between the land and the sea so that I am able toe isolate the land. Let me show you what I mean. There's Indian selectors here. There is a select hate. I'm gonna picked up one onder use selected hate from the terrain from the original terrain and use it as a mask for combining. So just give me the noise in the hates that I select. Let's have look at that hate in the selector Here, let's bring it up and go down We go down, down, down, down down on you We get the impression that we selecting stuff I suggest you just drop the fall off completely We don't want that. You go down until, ah, now we start to see the land Sea This is the land. If you go deeper, you start getting also the, uh the other engines, the layers we don't want the layers and then this is all of it. So what I want now is to get just the land and then add just a little bit of full off to get the layers. That's all I don't say. Okay, build. Now you have the noise only in here, and it's touching somewhat the layers. What I suggest actually is even to keep it not even to touch that, because the layers are Could it could be that over time with Adan. They couldn't affair with C. So I may decide to even go without. I fall off. Right. Let's Let's go with that and see what what we get. Right. I have a need to reduce this further because there's one layer that has bean selected. And that should be This should be fine. This should be fine rights. Okay, What happened? Now? This is what we're looking for. We are looking for a noise that is only on land, not touching the layers. I mean, if it happens to touch it, fine. But it's like a protection. It's like a safety net. Okay, so this is we have right now. Let me look at the terrain. It's original shape. You notice that this has also been filled. What I could do is trying to avoid this part as well on make it even. Hi. Uh, something like this, right? This is what we're looking for because once you feel these areas with the sea, you don't want that details interfere with it. If it's a big like, then it's a big leg. It's not something. If you want to put something in there like a small mountain in the leg or some fine, but it's something you want to do deliberately. Not that the noise is interfering with your choices. Okay, so this is now what we have detail. But what have we agreed? We are going to tweak that detail to reduce it because this is way too much. Let's bring this fellow down. I'm going to work on the middle elevation on. Let's see. I think that should be kind of enough. Maybe a little bit the steepness as well. Let's see what it looks like. This is not very bad. This is not free. But don't I prefer to see less off the green. So just some imperfections on the ground, which means bring it's even lower on the new build. Okay, let's have a look. Okay, so what have you just done? We have introduced that something to avoid having a flat surface because on the idea is not to have something perfect like second, I needed the noise to be really perfect and sharpen this and that, because you are going to fill in your terrain with large the reins with mountains, with stuff we are still gonna bring stuff in. And this is just to avoid having something that is flat. So, yes, we're bringing in detail. But don't spend too much time on that, because most of the attention I want you to spend is on the components that you're bringing in. Okay, So this is one example on. We're going to put the rest elsewhere. How do we do that? Exactly the same way. Let me a copy. This radio grant based it here. I'm going to change that to another place. Let's see, we're gonna put down sits. Put it somewhere on the Let's put it here. Don't. Here. Okay. Down here is gonna mean something. Like zero. Well, that that was not the right place. 75 on day zero. Well, maybe it then. Something like a 20 maybe. Yeah. 20. Should be. Okay. Let me see what kind off area, Michael, friend. A bit higher. A bit higher. Okay, a bit higher. Where is it? Ok, retire 30 five. This should be okay. Now it I'm going to use this for the Veron Oy. Food it. Oh, let me see. That should be fine. Food advance burning because this is the same thing because it's already been impacted by for knowing and you could. What you could possibly do is just the combine er as well. But then you don't need that because it's already been impacted impacting the foreign oy on advice burning the inputs have already been didn't define where they should be, Right, So let me build this. But the idea is that because now we only have one erosion. It has already been pre built. Everything we do when we build is much faster. So this is what it looks like. Yes, we want to have that and I'm going to complain again. The same morning combined is always with add one. This is your solution on your problem if you have, if you have. If you want to avoid trouble, go with add one. If you have a problem, it could be because you have average or it could also be because you have add, and one if you add two noises, one next to each other overlapping. They're going to be higher than the elevation you are looking for. But this is why we're trying to keep them separate away from each other. I get this one here like combine. You combine in Cascade. That's what we do. Actually, in this terror in this file, that's all we do. We're bringing stuff, and we combine in Cascade stunt. Let me see on the same story. Same story applies when we talk about the hate. We keep just selected drag from this mosque on Select the same hate we have selected already. We don't need to worry about that. Just use the same note we click on we built. All right, let's build. Done. Okay, So these two, I have a slightly different one than this one. What? We need to tweak again. Elevation. So bring in the elevation a bit down here as well. It's a little more time. Okay. On the last detail we're going to have covering this area off. We want to have some. No, not everything needs to have details. So we have some detail here. Got some a little bit here. We have mawr here and less here. We're gonna have some more in here, Less in here, less in here. We need to have imperfections. Right? So that's that's realism. Let's take the last noise and employ a radial grabbed to that copy based and use Where do we need to put that? To smooth it A little bit. Movie top bites off. His wise is going to 75. Probably just 70 on to the left, 60. Something like that. It could work. We could We connected to the inputs so that we define where they should be. This then decides where our noises and this is our noise. But we need to use the same, um, se dictates. Let's use a combine. Er, you could copy paste the combine er to avoid the mistake of the average, but yeah, good copy. Paste it. Then we select. We think we we add them on. We use the Mosca for the hate. Same note. Now we have finished. Hopefully check what it looks like. Ready? Okay. I feel there is something wrong. Something is wrong. Yeah. So we have messed up something somewhere average that's average because it's between the noises. It's not impacting our oh, average distance. See? See, every time you have a problem is gonna be that bloody average. Okay? And I thought I changed it. Now we have it ready. Let me just have a look. Is this too high? Could be a bit, too. You know what? Let's keep it a bit higher than the others. It's fine. It just looks a bit too similar. So what I'm going to do, Just move it a little to the left. To the right. Yeah. I don't want this uniformity here because they're almost overlapping. Just move it a little to the right to the roid means a 65. You don't open. Okay, let's go back to what we have. I need to push it for that. Let's go 80. Yeah, It could be quite extreme. Um, let's built Select Unbilled. All right? Yeah. This could be okay. This could be all right. So we're trying to do is to avoid having the same intensity off the detail everywhere. So I've got more here. Let's hear a bit. Let's hear more. Here. A little bit less here. Somewhat. Ever. Chair. Bit less here. Even less here. This we're trying to get so this we have introduced only as a level to avoid the flat areas . This is not your terrain. Does. We are going to work on the confidence later one by one. Okay, So what is the next step? The next step is to bring in ready made the rains and just dropped them there. We are not going to create or make anything inside this file. We go and make them in a different pan. We cook things that a different ban. We make them a hate world maps, and we import them here. Ready? Made. Okay. 8. 7. Use PureRef for references: I'm not the word about the approach, something that's going to make your life much easier and actually is much more artistic and more accurate is when you're going to work now on the individual competence, we're going to make large the reins. I want you to keep in mind your map and actually not to keep in mind, but to keep an image off your map. So I wanted to do is the following. I want you to select this view, right, Andi, to zoom in. Okay. Like this to the point where we have nice of the map or all of it. Okay. Nowhere zoomed in. Um, grab, um, a screen print of this or whatever tool you have when windows. I have this snipping tool, and I'm going to select the map. So select the home up and get a picture. So I'm going to save it. Lord, the rains. I'm going to save it here as massive world call it like that massive world was a map. And then this is What is this? This is a reference picture. Why do we need the reference picture? Well, we don't only need a reference picture. We're going to need more than that we are going to need and then close this know what you can do is simply save your project. Uh, and close it. Save huge the rain. Those go to must've world and call it must've world. Okay. Must've world safe to know that this is the original. Okay on I'm going to open a new file, open a new instance off world machine because we want to have the resources to be careful with resources and just going to close this one on. Just make sure I have another one open. Okay, Now what do I need to do now? I need to create individual competence. We don't do that in the same file again. Source is cooked separately. Vegetables are separate. Meet separate salad is separate. So every single day rain is made separately. You are going to end up with as many world machine files or other application files. Was he that as the number off the reins you want this file is only for one. And let me just make it clear from the beginning by saving save massive world. We're gonna call it now. First train first large, Doreen. Okay, safe. So how do I make my train If I cannot see my mom? I can guess I can go and look at it from time to time, but I would rather suggest to use something else. There's a a nice tool called pure. If it's a Frito on open source, it's a It's a pure if I'm just just Google pure. If it's this this lovely think over here. So I'm just Yeah, this is how it's called pure if, well, the beauty of this is that it tells you where there's nothing here. Drop some image to get started. Well, let me show you how this works because if you start using this one, your creative life, your creative life as a whole is going to be much handed much, much, much easier. This is one of the handy tools to use in anything you make where you're trying to make something to in relation to something else you're going to sculpt, you're going to model, you're going to make it the rain. You're going to texture everything for everything that where you need a reference. This is really handed all let me show you what we're going to do? I will come to my folder where I have my massive world. And I have here my reference. Remember, we have that reference picture. Let me drag and drop it here. Okay? Why do I need it here? Why is it that I do not just open that picture and we use all tab from time to time to move , Look at it and come back again? This handy tool allows you actually is made is designed for this kind of work. You don't need to do anything other than select your map. So I'm just gonna press space ball, Um, and used the left the right mouse to move it up here. I'm gonna live it. Not to the top. Just here, because I want to keep um Look, I like to keep this here open. I'm gonna get this edge and shrink it. Okay? Gonna shrink it like this again. Press on a space bar and it gives me my, um my not now. If you click here, it's gone. What? That's not what we want. And it's also not the reason why purifies there because you can right click and see mode, and it gives you always on top. So when you click on always on top, you can work it whatever you want on. But it's always there. If I want to create a terrain, I could just come here and do whatever I want with my terrain. And I can look at my map now. Is this enough? Well, I'm going to work on individual parts of the map. If I want to populate, say this part over here then I want to look at it closely. So what I can do is press see on the keyboard Onda, select an area like this when I do so, I only get that one in a press space bar. I'm just move it. If you press space bar, that is not going to remember this press face. Wake it. Yes, you press paper. You need to have it selected story. I didn't have it selective. You need to press selected first and then press space bar impressive twice If it's if it's gone. That's why this is to go back and sister Girl come. So I want to prepare. Trained for this one way, it would be quite handy to have it always here so that I work on it because the shape needs to match that. Otherwise, just preparing circular shapes everywhere on it's not gonna look realistic. It's not gonna populate our world properly, right? It's not gonna look, it's not It's not going to fit. If I'm gonna work on this, should you want to go back? You just click on this. Let me just check. It's gonna be, um, somewhere here. Reset cameras, room image selection, Onda, um, reset crop in here. Yeah. If you want to get go back to your image. You to say reset, crop in on. Press the space bar again. When you get your map on, then you go back to another. Lovely. It's really lovely to you. Go. We go back to another area, press. See, Andi, Say I want to work on the mainland. Proceed on selected. I'm Press Space bar and you can work on it. Finished right click again. Go to image selection. When I was a selection, was another one. Image selection reset cropping. You always forget the route. Okay, that's that. That's the It's really handed. All so we're going to make use of that, and it's free. You condone it, by the way. To those guys they give you in the world, just Google or pure. If this now it's written pure F um, Onda, you'll find that. Okay. All right. So that is one. So now we're going to work in our 1st 1 Where should it be? You always work on where it is. I think I don't mind to starting with the mainland because I want to work with something big, large. So I mean, I don't mind if increasing this a bit for no. Yeah, I could work without increasing it a bit. I can reduce it later. Let's do this on them. Proceed to select the mainland. Just the mainland on this escape. But I'm sorry. The space bar. Okay. Its some thought because if I wanted out off If I If I want to disable, always on top, I conflict that another thing. Because if you do like this with my mouth, I could touch it. Right. So let me press the space bar. If you want to, um, make it not be impacted by your mouth, it could be visible, invisible to the mass. You're right. Click. And you say mode transparent mouse click to most. If you click that it does your argument if you click on it now, Number one is going to stay on top Number two. You can't move it. If you want to move it, you're gonna have to disable that down here. That's fine on okay. Which means that if I come here, I can click on this. One is able to respond to us, but for now, it's very handy. So if I touch if I if I touch anything, I am not moving anything. Actually, I'm working in World Machine. Even the farm were touching it. It's transparent. It doesn't care about the mouse. Cool. Now that we have talked about this pure if we're going to move to the first terrain that we're going to make 9. 8. First large terrain in World Machine: This is the first thing that we're going to make on before proceeding further. I want you to pay attention to the proportions. Please. We have our map here. Okay? We said we're going to start with the first terrain that is going to populate somewhere here in the in the mainland. Okay, what we say, Okay, It's gonna cover this where this decision means that you have split already the map into six or seven parts. Something like that. So how many parts are you going to split them up? How many terrains are you going to make? Individually and everything? Rain is going to be an individual file. Every file is made separately. Okay, so this file is only for one terrain. We close it with we export, and that's it would create a new file for another one. We are going down to split the map on. You need to have an idea off harmony you're going to make. So if you're going to make seven in your case, you could go 15 2025. I'm just no demonstrating the techniques, so I'm going to use something like seven. Probably 12 combination of different ones and If you say it needs to cover this area, then it used to be as biggest area. Our train. Our rectangle is 100 kilometers. The terrain is probably about 65. Then probably you want to have 15 kilometers or 20 kilometers in the first. The rain that you want to choose. So this Why are we talking about this? Why am I telling this whole story is because this is what you do first, when you come to the file before you important it and actually just delete the wall. Sperling, the first thing you do is you come to your world extents on you. Define it as How large is it? What the depends on the area you want to cover and in proportion to the map. How much is that? We know Looking for accurate measures. We're looking just for rough estimates, but it needs to be in proportion. Let's say it's 15 kilometers here on we go to for Kate, right? You may in individual files export a higher, um, higher than four caper. When you work in, please don't go more than four K because we're going to use a lot of erosions and stuff, and it's going to slow you down when you want to export. Fine. You can go to eight. K 16 is not advised. Actually, I would recommend even you stay at four K. But if you would like to use eight, you can do that. I just recommend you don't do 16 because this is just one individual. Find that your weight that you are going to bring in world machine as a hate with map in the main massive world file. Okay, this is done. We have selected our extents. Now we can bring in the Let me just reduce this one bit. Here, put the main and here and then put it as I'm just a bit like this and then make it transparent to most click. Okay, so this is not fine. I cannot work at ease. Let me get our first rain. So the first train, I'm going to work with a few combinations. Okay? Just get something. Just change the color. Right. Well, let's look at this. We want something that looks massive. That looks big. Okay, we're going to use first here a bill away. All right, Onda, we all come into use a basic, but then with a bit lower than a mountain for it About like 35. Something like that. 0.30. Yes. Um, I about Okay, then we will combine these, right? It's combined them. What? This looks the billowy coat looks quite interesting. That's why um um I mean, but it's a bit repetitive, so we want to introduce some more noise to it. It's what we conveyed in combining this too. This is an option that we have right now option to combine. But you know what? What if we go with another technique? Because this is now too busy and it's, like, too crowded to just too much going on. What if I do something a little bit different instead of combining? What if I add Evora? Noi foreigner is one of the, um, weird notes you could possibly use because you need to be careful with Vernon. Verona has a very pronounced style. It has hard edges, see very sharp edges. And to work with it, you need to make some tweaks. But if you know how to work with Verona, it could give you something interesting. So what if I use this advance burning to mask the Vore annoy What we get now is something a little less problematic? We still do have those shapes, but it's more interesting. Let's make even this style different. I mean, why would it be different? It's just a matter of choice you can. I mean, there's no scientific explanation. Why I would go for one than another is just so much of Look, this one looks pretty cool, actually. But we could go with this one that if, for if one and then we built. So this is now a bit busier. But you know what? I think I prefer the 1st 1 You know, it's us. Work with birth and see how it works. Let's work with birth because this one is starting to have it is quite there's a lot going on. There's a lot going on. We know. Let's keep it there. Let's keep it definitely on. Maybe we gonna change it back to the 1st 1 But for now, we're gonna keep it like this. What are we going to do now? This one is remember, this is our billowy. I'm gonna do something different. Instead of combining, I can use the combine. Er, there's something else. There's a fancy node under the filter, which is called mimic. Now, this is we need to be very careful with this one because it says this device may not be fully compatible with tiled builds on all the out of you now, child bills. What we're is what we're going to do at the very end when we want to get the final result off our massive world out off world machine. Yes, it is a problem for the node. Mimic. Yes is a problem if we use it in that file. But now I'm working on a different file. All I want to have out of this world machine file is a hate filled map. So I'm absolutely fine with using it. I can connect. What does it do? It does something really cool. It asks gentle e this advanced Berlin to behave like the Veron. Oy, like whatever is coming out of here, it says, Okay, can you please behave? Follow the pattern off this one. So it is. It's not combining. It is Just follow the pattern. So we get this This, um, billowy in this pattern in the pattern of the foreign lawyer, and it gives us this something different. Okay, right. So this is what we get now. We're gonna work more on this, but you notice that it's less busy, less less crowded. And we have more yellow areas, but we may get the impression that it is Well, it's a bit less repetitive, but we still have that impression because it's following the pattern of the foreigner and the foreigners repetitive. So what we're going to do is add a little bit off detail and erosion. No. What kind of detail would we like to have? Erosion is quite simple. You can just connect it. But what if we do something else? What if before we at erosion, we add some detail that erosion is going to like because erosion, whatever you get inside, the erosion is going to be processed. And what if we add some more things? You know, it's like you're going to make a juice, and you already have a mixture off or enjoyed some of this stuff in there. What if you add some what? He called out the dry fruits, You know, um, other, you add them just to add a little detail when it it tastes much different. I'm trying to give example with food here. Hopefully, this is a common everywhere. What I'm trying to say is I need to add some things. That is not necessarily what I'm looking for. But I'm only offering that to erosion, to use it as a detail. And it's the Tassan I'm going to use Denison. Let me show you what it looks like. It's not what we're looking for. Let me build it. I'm sure you This is definitely not what I am looking for. It could be a style you're after, but in this case, in our case, this is not we're looking for, but I'm inviting Harrison. It's a guest of Hoener that is going to give us detail toe offer to erosion. Now this is not enough. That's it has to be tweaked. I need to make more layers, say, for example, 19. Why? Because then that gives me more lines and it's even were there. But I'm saying this is weird. This is absolutely fine. If you're making it the rain for Vietnam or for Cambodia, you definitely have the rings that look like this. Okay, but This is not what we're after were after something else. If this is what you're looking for, fine. You've got it. You just need to tweak a few details and you move on. But this I'm just inviting it now for more details. What do I want to do now? These lines look too sharp. Too straight, too two similar. What if I disorganized this? What? What if I create a big mess out of our? So I'm gonna introduce noise on Lee to ruin this whole Harrison, and I'm adding it to modulation, which basically means the lines are not gonna be straight. Uh, this is going to on bringing it down to sharp because it's not the terrain. This is just a musket for moderation. So what is happening now is by introducing that advanced terrain so advanced burning in the modulation, the lines are no longer get closer. The lines two things are happening. The lines are not following the same pattern to go. Open down. Open down. See? There's if you followed. See this one? Open down, up and you don't see them everywhere. There are places where you don't even see it. Allison, like here there's not addressing because I have asked also for the mosque in, say, follow this. So if I can, I could even increase it a bit so that we have it even more visible. Fine actually should decrease this one. It creates this one further, All right, now that I have introduced this level of detail, it is not men's for. The final result is just meant for erosion toe work with it. Let me then feed this to erosion on. I just moved it as a side dish up here. It's like a process in that I've made on the sides that we we know that it's not part of the normal terrain. It's just to like a short got like a side dish for preparing some some details. Let me build this with erosion. Chances are we're going to need a higher, stronger erosion than what we're building now, because when you add that much terrace in, you need to have a strong erosion to make good use of that. Okay, this is already looking much better, actually, but I would like to add the channels channeled Erosion Channel child erosion, probably a bit off the simple filter Or maybe not. You know what? Just go back to no filter and deeper channels a bit, maybe enable the heroes of power found. Let's see what it looks like now, while this is building, it's, I think, almost don't. This is representing the whole altering. Now you can see it's already here. Um, this is a big rectangular area. Do you think this is gonna work in our case? No way. Because once you take it to the massive world file and you want to drop it, it's like a drop in a cake on the table. It has hard, sharp, clear edges. We don't want to have that. We're going to have to have zero edges here, which basically means OK has finished, which basically means we need to have this part. Let me see this area. The edge is completely flat with the ground. I'm saying completely flat with the ground because then and only then we will be able to merge it naturally with the other train. You just drop it there, and if it's you drop it benefits, See? But if you put it like this is gonna be cut just the way you see this part here. Cut. Say these cuts here is gonna be cut as well. We don't want that. So how do we do that? Let me go back on at a radial grant. So the same story. Oh, okay. I won't need one. Rachel Drive is gonna be big, and it's going to be 50 0 we're working on a 15. So it's going to 7.5. Simple five on. Not that big. Just about enough. Just Yeah, just make sure you have the this brown or orange or yellowish color are still here because that is the flat area. Just a it like this. That's really a lot is too much. Maybe. No, that's fine. So long as you have it flat here. That's fine. So we're going to use this in our inputs to mask the input, Which means that output is gonna be mosques as well. Now is different now, but I want to do something about this erosion because this needs to be more drastic. Okay, a little bit. Cinnamon carry. Just a bit. Okay. Let's build it. You see? No, this is what I mean by okay. Yeah, this is This is when I put it in here in my mop. It is going to be flat. I can I can drop anything I want. As long as the edges are flat, I can drop anything I want. It is done. Okay, here we go. So this is a big terrain, right? Um, what I could do is say Okay, where does it fit? Does it fit here? What if I wanted to look a little bit more like this Shape, not circular. All right, we could do that. So I'm gonna add another region. Grant. Yeah. Andi, have a combine. Er combined These two reason grants. I'm a just have you know, I just copy paste the same one. Underst change it. It's going to be Let's go 11 and smaller And this is probably 5.5 and just a little smaller . Not the same size on Yeah, let's combine These two combined with huh? And one. So now I can use this to a mosque. This is a shape amusing to mosque, which basically means I am going to get this shape which could fit better here. I see. This is why it's important to have your reference in front of you and this pure if is really annoys tool done. Okay, so this or think is Okay, this is noise. This is noise for this area. Okay, so we're going to know to export this. Let me see. You haven't got enough detail enough detail in there. This is higher than this. Do you have a problem with these spikes? If you have. Okay, I'm actually fine with having something different than here. Like this is way higher than this. Just for difference. Okay, good. Nice. This is done. We need to explore this and get it out. This world machine file is not going to be used as such. It's We were going to save it. Like just controls as safe on. We need to explore this. Get it out. We only need a hate filled map. So I'm going to output and get this hate output selector, then open it removed. Participate when building tired words. That's a different story. It's itself. It's not for this file used up to the bath and then save the file every time the world machine is built. Whatever. If you want that on a tiff, um, it's just safer to go with it if all the time It's set massive world huge terrain. And I'm going now to call it first. Lawrence Terrain launch terrain tiff. Okay. Do we need to call it hate map? Yeah, whatever. It's it's quite obvious, actually, because it's a tiff. Okay, What? Safe on a quick. Okay. But I need to build first and then, right? Actually, when I have built has already written it, but just to make sure. Okay, so this is done. My file is ready. Okay. So what I can do as quick win? We want to go and import it in our train, and then we go and work on the other ones. Normally. Normally, I would suggest you do know do that. I would suggest that you work on the separate parts first, and then you put them together. But, you know, we've just prepared a large terrain. Let's go and put it there 10. 9. Import our large terrain in the massive world: All right, let's bring in that file in the large terrain in the young. Sorry, the large terrain in the muscle world. Uh, let's stand them here. It was fun of one that's click on this. Well, this needs to be rebuilt again, which is absolutely fine. Let's do that. In the meantime, I'm going to get my mop ready, so I'm going to click on Click here, disable the most stuff on, then. Okay, just look at the full might. What we're going to do is bring in now the first terrain. But let's organize thinks we are going to use this group into a Quite often we're going to move all of these, selects all of them and bring them a little bit down and probably a bit next to each other on used this group into group into with select all of these on we called them. This is the detail that we have added, which we could disable undone, re enable later. But for now, let's let's keep it as is when you add a group into Oh, there's some bug here that the lions go to the edges and stuff. It's fine. It's OK. It's not really, but I think it's designed to go from the start from left to right. That's why your lines don't go stop down. But they go to left to right, because yeah, I think I think it's designed like that. All right, so where's authoring? That's all we do. Now. We go bring a file like this and we're bringing a combine. Er, but before you attach any commander, please bring in the file first. What was the size of the file 15 off the train, 15 by 15. Okay. Where are we going to put that? Gonna put it somewhere here. So it needs to be something like probably 15 Onda. Um, yeah, maybe 15. Its design is just just ah, moving it a bit that we get it first launched. The rain is ready for us. That's a board. And it's here. I'm going to combine to see what I'm doing and combine er always with add one. And if you feel something has gone wrong, it's your combine. Er okay, let's have these two on this build. When we build, we don't need to rebuild the erosion because it's already there. What just happened is that it has. It's now on the sea. I need this to be here. Okay? So let me move this a bit higher. So higher is gonna be, like 35. Probably even higher. 40. Let's see what we get. I can look the preview and move it. 20 25. Right. What I could do is go with the higher scale 20 kilometers, which basically means in the initial. Initially, I should have done that with a 25 20 scales is 20. So after rain should have bean more than 15. That looks nice. Okay, This is nice. Okay, so this is what we have. What happened? Let me see. Where is the rights orientation? Okay, this is what we have. What happened is that we have added the terrain on top of the detail. This is why. Probably probably it would be nice to start. And I have recommended that you put the detail of the end, but because I want to do to see that we're not working with the flat surface. I said let me give you the details first. See that? Actually, we're not gonna work with the flat surface and then at the trains my recommended way is detail lost. What does that mean? Detail lost is going to mean of the following. If I ignore this whole detail and take only the terrain right here and work with it now the detail is ready for me. See, I can work with this any time I want. I can connect the detail anytime I want and then tweak the elevation. Now, I could work with this without the elevation without adding the detail. And it gives me a satisfactory level off live. I'm sorry I'm off moved to them to another file. Let me go back. Okay. Let me go. About Yes. Okay, let's build this. This is what I wanted to show you. When it comes to elevation, it is very important. You see that yellow? I really would like to get the yellow because the area where I have my terrain, I would rather not have all the detail. Just some of it. Because if you add to it, you're gonna you will not see this yellow Yellow is basically miss ground. So if you have the ground, if you add them, it's gonna be a problem. So we may at the detail on Lee to those areas that are left without a large terrain without , during which is fine. I know everything is gonna be crowded. I mean, we're not making on all mountain terrain. So if you have some space left here, anything well, chances. I'm gonna have some detail here. OK, then we're going to target just apart. So I showed you how to apply the detail everywhere. But the best way is to do it by adding at the end, this looks way better way better than we had in the detail first. All right, so this is Adan, our first terrain. Now we can work on the other ones in the exact same way by keeping pure, if open, Onda populating and shaping the landscape in the way the parts that needs to be populated. 11. 10. Add a River with River Delta: one of the components that we may add is not necessarily ate the rain. It could be a river and could be something interesting, like a river delta. Okay, so what I have done here, I'll show you from scratch again. Well, I just thought, Let me show you the final result off the river and the River Delta. And then I'll show you from scratch. Have to do it. Okay, So what I have done is I've added this river which was not in Andi. I thought, Well, if I just had a river that crosses the mainland from one side to another, that's one idea. But an even more interesting idea is to get and Delta, right. Well, you can imagine when I work on something I would like to have reference on the right here. You will see my reference where I've chosen the Nile River in Egypt, which has a beautiful branching off the river. But that's that's what it's defined. What is defined as a delta. So this is interesting. And I thought, Well, how about making something that looks like that? This is what interested? Okay, so let me show you how to do that. First of all, let's let's keep the reference. Okay, let me let me get rid of the reference for now. Look, I don't need it. Okay? Mode. Always on top. Not now. I'm going to start all of this from scratch. OK? The last time that you have seen this was only you had only this large during that we have put in here and we were about to start populating the other parts. And then I thought, Let's use a river, Let me delete. It's only one lovely note. That's all it is. But I'll show you how to do that. It's a It's a bit tricky, and you just put it right. It's bit tricky, right? So number one, I'm going to do the following. That's part of tricky, because I have already used it. Just live with this factor. Live with this, please. I'm gonna save it. I'm going to let me see. Um, okay, I'm going to close. Well, I'm gonna close this. I want to reopen it together. I'm going to close it and reopened it again. Okay. Something's we have to We have to live with their some imperfections and some applications and world machine does have a few a few things. Weird things. If you do it twice on, Do you Troy's I'll explain. Explain. I'll explain once on sweet once I open it again. Massive world on open. All right. Okay. So this is what we have left. We have our main terrain. We have our noise that we have disabled disabled meaning It's not linked to any where we can add it later on as we want. And we can mask the areas that we want. We have this. I want to have river. Let me love this stuff. Okay, Um, I'm gonna have to build it again. But while it's building, I would like to have river that crosses the mainland on them. We have a few other branches, like a river delta on the top. Here. How do we do that? Well, rivers can be done in a few ways. In world machine, we can use the the layout generator. Let me just as soon as this one finishes, it's done. It's done. Okay, it is done here. We have layout generator. Okay. Now, please follow the steps that I'm going to give you to avoid headaches and the wish to tear your hair on frustrations. And, um, the steps that I will give you are quite safe, proven method. If you do it a different way, you could end up with something you do not want to see. All right, um, So I'm going to add a layer generator, please place it next to the end on connect. All right, we're going to connect. When you open DoubleClick combat, you are able to see that this is a key part to see the terrain when you open the layer generator. Now, this is the biggest problem with the book that I talked about, why I had to close and reopen again. Because sometimes if you do it once and then delete the note and reap and put the note again. You can't see your three McCain. Don't ask me to explain this. This is a book, right? Okay, so it should not be doing this, But this is a book. So what I have here is my We don't need this additional window. Is my terrain lovely? Once you can see this, you can do the following steps now. It's quite simple. Actually, you just pick a line. Get come here to the line on start drawing. Be careful. Please don't. Don't start to deep into the sea because it's gonna be It's not going to look quite cool. It's just not off. Look, when you add the see, you won't see it. Right, But its way better Two starts about here. Okay, so we're going to start here. Um, but are rather It doesn't have to be a straight line. Of course we're going to did some deviations here and there. Okay. You can already see that. There is a weird bug now going on. Don't end it here. Hopefully dis line. This is quite weird because, you know, with world machines stuff. Okay, cool. It was just a preview thing. Fine. We're happy with this. Now, before you add anything else, this is important. Before you add anything else comment week, This one so that whatever you add is gonna be similar. Um Or you know what? Let's let's add the other ones. Okay, Let's are the other ones. Lett's do that so that we Okay, let's turn up its idea. Once you come and click again here on you, add another branch, which is going to be something like this. And that's it. Just under about around the end. Don't go too deep into the sea. And you're right. Click. Sorry. I forgot to tell you that you need to, Right? Click. You're right. Click. That's when you want to finish the river, the lion, and then you add a fume or and you're right. Click. It's a bit too close to each other. OK, we'll see our eternal that later. And there's this one we need to right. Click, and then I'm going to add a few more here. Right click and then some more here and another here. Right? Oh, you. I think probably one here could be Okay. All right. Good. Now this is the branch in that we want we're going to, right. Click and just make sure that you get the cursor. Looks like this. You right. Click on the new edit shape properties. Okay. Your shape, properties. You can keep them the way they are as default. But you can also change the full off distance, which is going to impact the, um the depth off how wide your river is. Okay, I think probably if we keep it the way it waas it may be This is too big. This is way too big. I thought it was like 0.5. Was it 0.5? It was. Let me just check for this one and its shape. Properties. It was your 0.5. Okay, let's start with the fourth and see how it goes. Now, the main bit here is used. Break up, used. Break up. Right. Um, don't use the invert values yet. We know this looks like mountains. This is elevation. We want the opposite. Although in a moment it's okay, we're going to do that. The most important part is to tweak the break up. Because what you see here is like Sorry, this is too. We need a bit more break up. Okay. So by adding by adding the break up. Sorry, I'm just like this. This is what this was too straight and sharp turns and things. This is not good. This is why we need to break up. And you can even tweak your break up. I think. Well, I have. I have used the last break up. It has kept that one. If it's your default. Fine break upscale 0.6 in this case, 0.6. If you put it at one, it's gonna be too wide. If you reduce it, it is gonna be too. There's gonna be too much detail you, by the way, you may like too much detail. So I suggest you use the upper one and use the lower one. The extremes. This is how you test parameters which ever party meter in any application whatsoever. Use the extremes and they give you a very good idea of what they do. Okay, um, I have used extreme here minus sorry, reducing it and it gives too much detail. It's it looks gorgeous, but in context, it's just too much detail for the whole thing. As a 0.6 is kind of OK is kind of OK because we don't want to attract the whole attention to the river, which has more detail than the rest of the land detail in terms off break, break up. OK, so these are the part meters amusing, but I'd like to have a bit more roughness. So I think this should be alright. If I close it then I have this roughness. This these this is now way better. Way better. I have some detail. That's only 0.6. But it looks much better. Um, do you know what happened when I applied this used break up? It didn't apply only to one line. It has applied to everything else. This is why. Or except when you come here and right click and edit shape properties then it is only that shape. Where do you find this? Shaped like a shapeless that then you have actually 1234 All these lines you have added all these lines. But these perimeters here apply to everything, including including what? Including invert values. If I click invert groups, everything is ruined. I get my money river, but the whole turns ruined Hold on a moment. It's not the time yet for that, Alec. Invert values. Keep it there. I'll just keep it as is Now. We're going to if you're happy. If you're happy with the way it is, you can tweak. You can if you want. If you stink. Well, let me just get closer here. This is, I think, kind off. Enough. I'm trying to see if I'm not too deep or into the sea because this one already has. Now, this should be fine. This should be fine. Uh, you know what? Let's let's move it just a bit. Skit This cross hair on, move it a bit. Notes. Okay. This should be fine. It should be fine. I think it's a bit too deep into the sea. But you know what? It's not gonna be a problem, because we're gonna add the water. Normally, I prefer to keep it just here, but let's we waken do that. I don't like this there too crowded the to next to each other. I would like to move these ones. The moment you start judging these things, they think you want to work with the handle. So you need to click a few times. And when you started, can you get the angle? Just extend them a little bit and get what's in the center here. Aren't you? Move it here so that we get a bit more lounge, bit more land, Probably even more. Just move it a bit here because the problem happens here. It's not a problem. Is this a choice? Actually, I'm gonna move this This one here as Well, just click on it and then starts moving Just a little. You get the handles, then you get the one in the center and you move it there. This way, we get a little more land. Same is gonna happen here. I think I'm gonna push this one to the right. Get this one here and same is going to apply it for my other dots. That was no wanted. OK, cool. Right. But the idea is just to have enough land between those rivers because it looks interesting when it is we have for gotten sorry. We're forgotten to bring our lovely preference off. What? I know it by heart because I've done it already once. But please keep the reference. And the idea is not to duplicated just to get inspired. But it's it's a reference. The idea is to have This is why I'm keeping some land because I know it. Sometimes it could be a little, little narrow, but not too narrow because this looks way better. This is a bit narrow here, but I would rather have these big chunks than narrow places here. It's fine to have some of them, but I'm trying to avoid that. Okay. It's okay. Let me I can keep the reference. I can keep their friends. Hope you can do that by, um, always on top on transparent to most. Shall we do that? Yes. On. Let's justices amount of tweaking now. Now it's just a matter of tweaking. Good. This is good. This is helping. Much more. Okay on. And I prefer to move this one as well. I mean, you can treat this to your like in I know what happens. These are quite annoying these things. First you get the handles, and then you need to work on the rest. Okay. Uh, let's call. It's okay. Oh, just a bit more space here. Rights on some more here. Many of these handles back to whether they were Yes. Show me some land, please. Given more, I think. Yeah, way better. Well, it doesn't have all to be equally spread. It's good to have some differences, so this is kind of OK? All right. What we try not to do is just to have something different than one river getting out to the sea or from the city. Okay. Nice. Now we have finished. Okay? The design is finished. We say thank you to the reference. Although we haven't used it because I kept in mind already practiced without. I'm going to go down, disable the reference, disabled the mouse stuff, then disable the always on top and say goodbye. It's done now. Well, not really. What we need to do is to make sure that this looks like a river. Because for now, these are mountains. Well, not really mountains. It's an elevation. Is it in the right place? Um, normally, what you need to do is inverse values. But if you keep the node here, um, yeah, I'm just gonna if you keep the node. If you keep the note here on you, say invert values. I need to go back to my If you say, invert values, as we have seen, it ruins everything, which basically means the whole terrain is brought up to mountain peak level and the river is satisfied off being there. Well, I don't need to such a Swan River. I need to make sure that everything is there, so I need to change something. I need to move the node from here. I you need to start here you have to start here. You have to start at the end. Once you're done happy with everything you want to keep their, then you're going to disconnect this line. Delete wire. Don't worry. Nothing is gonna go away for a simple reason that the drawing is in this layout. We have only used this as an input to see the map to see our world. Where does it fit them? Well, if we started at the end, then it must go completed it to the beginning. It has to go to the beginning because at the very beginning, we have brought our file. And what we're saying is the file, whatever we have brought in should be masked by the river. First of all, I'm going to make it invert. Oh, what does that mean? If I use this this as a mosque, whatever I use is gonna be on the white side and the riverside. The low side will not be populated because it's being masked. Okay, let's now go back. This is a trick. I'm not sorry. Go back here and use it as a mask for the very, very, very beginning. Once you do that, let's just come here to the camp. You don't need to build the whole thing, build erosion to see what you're doing. I'm going to build only up to the clump. Let's build then would just check in If everything has gone all right with world machine, you never know. All right. It has worked perfectly. This is what we want. Well, it's a bit sorry. All right, Coming, coming, coming, Coming. This is what we have. Okay, this is our river. I have tried to stay away from deeper in the sea because you may get this impact in your article that the those layers off edges on, I just I would just like them. I want to keep them the way they are. They look pretty on the river ends, actually at the sea. So there's no point in going deeper. Sorry. I move sometimes with the right. I used the right mass. Sometimes going use up to other applications. I forget that you should be using the wrong Nice. Okay, So this is our river delta now. Is this all? Well, Yes, but it will need to be impacted by the erosion. So I need to do anything about that? No, because we have already placed it at the very beginning. We don't need to worry about anything and just need to build the erosion part. So let's come here on and see what I got. I can build this. I could build because I'm not worried about the detail. Why have the erosion on plus this for this thing? We have already been done. Now we're gonna build. Erosion is gonna take sometime because it's gonna work on the river inches as well. No, that is going fast. That's pretty forced. Okay, here we go. So what do we have that you may notice that? Well, this is very wide. So this is not like a normal river. You may be thinking this is like a huge one. You can you can up because this is a massive world. Um, you there are in the world, some really massive rivers, big ones. So you could go for that style, or you could, if you want, reduce the full off. We have shown we have talked about the fall off. And now when you open your left on your own, you're not going to see that there ain't any more. And if you try to put it again, the move the note again at the end to see the terrain, it may not work. It may not necessarily work. Let me see. What we said is actually on the thought of this stuff probably linked here on the moment it doesn't actually, it's not impacting anything that I could just keep Leave it as is. But you may, you may think for perfectionism like just maketh, um, continued lines like they no gaps. But it doesn't matter because there's 1/4 now if I'm know, going to impact the full off, he may be a different story. So the idea is that what you could do is come here and it shaped properties are 100. Use the full of distance, and this is how you make it thinner or thicker the borders of the river. Now I prefer to keep it the way it is because, honestly, if I want to zoom back and look at my world, I want to see that lovely river. Okay, so I want to keep it the way it is because there are rivers in the ones that are really huge. Okay, so I'm keeping it as its but have shown you. If you want to go for a thinner one, this have to do it. And if you want to have it less deep, then you need to work on the capacity or the also we can take the default value to hate, which in this case, is the opposite. It's because you have used inverted values. It's how deep it is. Yeah, So you could use that as well. All rights. But for now, I'm happy with what we have. So I'm going back to my note view. Onder, use the lost Noda. Build it again. 40 built. This is what we have now. This is now going to be our Actually, it has. Oh, old in a moment. Yes, I think we'd rather close those gaps because I didn't take a hesitation to the fact that this is now I can see some of the gaps, so let's correct that quickly. I'm gonna open this and quickly correct. Come close. This cops. So the idea is very simple. You just click on this on done again. The handles stand in the way you pushed handles aside and then you get this cross and move it. That's lovely. We get an indicator here. Have you seen that? That's nice. It says it has connected Pretty cool. Great. I'm going to get this until we get that sign again. So I get to sign. Yes, I get the sign. We do the same with this one. We pushed the handles to the side on. Bring this here and we get the sign that is connected. Lovely. Anything else? Same here. It's actually good that the more trouble we have, the better for your learning experience. Because if you come across this, I'd rather that you know, you see, You see me do it here. Great. Nice. Any more gaps? Well, we haven't worked on this one, but I'd love to see that indicator. Okay, that indicator happens only when you have. Yeah. When you wanna have when you have another. It's okay. I don't want could do that. Or you know what? I could connect. It can move this one. Move this one a bit like this connected here because I would rather have it connected here . Yeah. Oh, I think something weird happened. I moved everything. You know what? I'd rather have more land in here because I would have a lot of land here. We're done. We are done. Let me see. This is That's lovely. It's showing us not think cross there, which says Britain is all right. Good. We're done. Let's go back now. Everything should be all right. View open window on. Don't build. Oh, very bad idea. Okay, What's really bad ideas cancelling. Sometimes it crashes. If you press on build on. Do you think that this is not the right thing to do? Please don't cancel because most often it crashes. But the world machine is really, really good at crashing Honestly, is one of the best crushers ever. It always keeps everything you've been doing. Any tells you? Well, have recovered your file. When you open, you think, Well, it's like Microsoft. It is not like Mars. Microsoft. It's brilliant. It just gives you everything back everything you have done. So crushing is, although the programmer has given a dialogue, boxes say so bad news that crashed. It's not a bad news. Everything is still in there, and you will recover everything with simple click Nice. So this to me, looks like it's okay? You're not sure what's happening here? Yeah, this is This is how the land was initially. So could move this one just a little bit because it looks a bit to years but moved the last , not the loss. And there's one to the 2nd 1 is slightly to the right because there's a bit off land here, which is just looked very realistic. Just wanted one minor tweak and we're done. One minor tweak, the second from the right second from the right is this one. So that's gets open up this undone. Drink this a little bit to the right. Same to this, Insane. For this one, hopefully it is gonna work and be enough. Um, let's go back on. Let's built well full the, um again to make to get something that looks riel. You need always to start with the reference, and you better have that reference. Riel. I could have gotten any sort off imaginary drawing for a dealt up, but I'd rather have a real delta Denial River in Egypt is an excellent reference for that. And so we need to kind of mimic what's going on there. This is brilliant. This is good. This is really good. Yeah. Okay. This is good, right? So this is one way to add this. This is another component. It doesn't have to be a mountain just filling it with mountains. There are different things that we need to add on. This adds to the beauty of the terrain. 12. 11. Mindset for using other 3D application (e.g. Vue): this is view. This is view infinite. And why am I, um, going to use another application when we said we're going to work with World Machine? I want you to open up. Please. Andi, just listen to this invitation. You're going to like what I'm gonna tell you. Um, you can either limit yourself to world machine. You're going to get great stuff out of that Gordon seat on. I've shown you a few things and I have other tutorials where I show you other techniques inside with machine. Or you can keep all of that. Keep everything we have in world machine. I activate Maurin war machine on and make great use. Intelligent, smart. Use off any application you want, starting any application you need. So we're not working on a large, massive world on again. I need to repeat that I'm using 100 kilometers by 100 kilometers only for demonstration purposes. 100 is not enough. Is not Is not on mass is not a massive world. But it's just for demonstration purposes that I need to show you the techniques and then you can go ahead and make your 1000 by 1000 or 2000 or whatever. 10,000 by 10,000. It's which was bought. When you bring in elements, you're gonna have way more elements to bring in. If for this world I am used in for this world I am using, like probably 123456789 or 10 elements you're gonna have to go with way more than that. If you have 10,000 chances are it's gonna be something like 50 60 70 individual, not mountains, individual large terrains and large is something like this is like we have increased it to bay. Took over this area. So again, because this bracket where I tell you that the 100 kilometers was only for demonstration purposes, Let's go back in here and talk about using other applications. I need you to open up to the following way of thinking. What if I tell you that you not me, you You can make use off any application you want toe. If you do it without the need to go through the steep learning curve for each one and we know through the applications can be quite intimate. Intimidating view is gonna take you a long time. Their origin is not any simpler. Andi, if you're gonna go with Blender three DS Max Meyer Houdini sama, 40. If you are waiting to learn the whole software to get something done with it, that's not what I'm suggesting. That's not what I want you to do. I wanted to get stuff faster from your applications. So here's the deal. We're going to get in. Okay? I'm gonna take you in. You will get what you want and I take you out again. I will not show you any other functionality that we don't need for this outcome. We think about outcome with coming in. I need a large terrain from view. Why? Because of you has different methods of calculations. And it's going to give me a richer world. This is gonna be richer. Sorry, this one. More diversity, More variation. If I use other tools for a simple reason that these other tools have different algorithms on bond. More choices. Now imagine you have a hammer. The hammer is a tool. It's a very good one. But it's only one Now. Compare that to another person who has a big toolbox, including the hammer that's what I'm suggesting. Okay? Now do you need to know every tool, how it's what brand it is, where it came from and how it you can do anything with it or you want to have that tool box . And when you want to do something with it, you know how to do that specific thing. You're going to notice that if you follow this mind set off getting get what you want and get out faster than you got in that you are going to become more familiar with that application that initially was intimidating this public view, you may already know it. I maybe just wasting my time if you already interview, but actually not wasting my time because the invitation stands for all applications. This mindset, I will. I'm applying it. And I wanted to apply for any application whatsoever. You're not using Houdini for. That's the way to do it now. Any application whatsoever. You need something, Go get it and get out. It's not your business. Sorry if I'm using these expressions, but it's just illustrate it is not your business. What the application does you care about what you want to get out of it. So view now it's you mean you don't know it? The interface is quite simply fight. It's a monster. A monster was quite a few bucks. It has a history off crashing and stuff. What not? Who cares? All applications crash. All applications have box. We need to go in and get our stuff and can't come back. We are going to do that. Just be with me a second. We're going to are going to show you how to do that. I will not teach you view on that is absolutely not my intention. I will not even show you around. Oh, no even show you the interface. The mindset is such I want you to think in an intelligent way. Go getting what you want and come back. I will give you another examples for you to understand what I'm talking about. Imagine You need a building permit, right? You need a building permit. You need to get that from the government organization. Or let's say you need to go to a place. Another building the government building. Where you booking on Ask for that building permit. That building's got grand full off in the government building where you're going to ask for . The permit has got the ground for it's a multi storey building. Scott, the first floor. 2nd 3rd 4th 1 of the 5th 6 Whatever. Plenty of floors you want to get what you want. What is it? Building Firm it. Okay, You don't care what happens on the first floor. If the person who gives you the indication the guidance tells you well for your building permit, you need to take the elevator, go to the second floor, turn left. It's the third door on the right. That is the desk where you can request and get your building permit. Now, nowadays, this everything is done online. But just for the purposes of illustrating. So you don't care what happens on the first floor, do you? You don't care what happens in the third floor. You're not gonna tell me? Sorry. Before we get into this building, we're gonna need to know everything. What's going on here? And it's talked to everybody. Understand? What do you guys do here? You would. You're coming for a building permit, So please go to the second floor. Turn left. Take the third door under on the writer. Get your building permits. And when you get out, guess what you've got. You've got something out of that place that you've never bean before, too. Next time you come back, you get you follow the same route and you are going to not the same route to the food building permits. Gonna need something else. And you go on, you notice that you are becoming familiar with that application that you have always procrastinated and thought he actually I know it's useful, but it's gonna take me some time for that. I'm gonna plan. I'm gonna plan the have half a month or a month. I don't want you to be. I'm I don't want any illusions and stuff. These applications take a long time and we're talking years, right? So, um, the director who made them Godzilla has a wonderful interview where they have asked him about his life. And he said, Well, I both really I got three DS max Andi. I thought I would be done in three months. He said, 10 years after that, I'm still learning. Um, you will never get that huge chunk off amount of the *** off time to dedicate to one application, you can start something, but this'll way is gonna make your life way easier. So So when you get that time, you you have already being everywhere. And this applies to Houdini. Three days Max Meyer Blender Cinema For the view that Arjun World Machine any all the three D application whatsoever. Any application. Get in, get you what you want and get out now. Enough talking about this, who have spent about nine minutes for about 10 minutes. But I guess this 10 minutes is going to state change the way you the way you work. That's why I decided to take 10 minutes off my time. And therefore, if your time to explain to you that please open up for now. Relax. Take a core purity. Put your feet on the table and just watch what I'm doing. Because I'm not gonna teach of you. I'm gonna show you how to get to the second floor. Turn left, get your permit from the third door and get out faster than you got in 13. 12. Create a large fractal Terain in Vue: we come here in view on, we are going to find the rain here. Okay, so in the interface, we could easily recognize this as a terrain. We are going to click with the right and see a few opens. The 1st 1 is hate, failed map, hate will terrain. And the 2nd 1 is a prostitute train. Okay, so the 1st 1 is more like resolution. Does not know. It doesn't give you more detail, right? The resolution doesn't change. It's fixed. Whatever you have decided. If it's for K, it's for K. If it's to Kate's. Okay, um, the closer you get, the less detail you see. OK, this one procedural train is mathematically calculated. The closer we get, the more detail you see. Why am I saying the more detail? Because the calculations view re calculates the detail when you get closer dependent on the camera. So when the camera gets closer, you see more detail you could not see when you were further away. This is the advantage of possible trained, but it disadvantages that it's quite heavy in calculations on Also, it only lives inside an application. It's on the inside of you. If you have possible trained in intelligence. It's only in psychology. If you have procedural trained in world Machine, it's only inside world machine. You can get it out as eight wittering. That's what we're going to do instead of coming for a world hit right field train, starting with something that has less detail. Okay, we can decide. It's okay, but I would rather go for a procedural train, generate enough detail on day. Make it, um, hateful train with a four k. OK, so But first start with a hate filled their sorry, a fractal drain. I write, I You're right. Click and you release the mouse. Okay, So what happens is that a the rain procedural train is being created here. This is your world, brother, which is kind of a list off elements in your scene where you can find that in any through the application Blender Meyer video abstracts. It's a list of your single for senior Seen they call it world Brother because it's a world . It's an application that makes three D environments. All right, this stuff you're gonna find somewhere down here if you open it with the default layout I have changed my inner Miley out of it. Okay, so this is world brother on in here. We have proceeded trained. Before we go any further, we set the right scale. Okay? We said the right scale for our for our tearing. Let me have a look here. That medium. Um, let me reset this image selection. Reset, cropping. Okay. And make it a bit bigger. Okay, What is where are we going to put that on? And, um, what's the scale of that? Okay, what is escape? I think I may consider putting it here now. Okay. I could put it anywhere else, but I would like to have something different on the same mainland on this part here. Not wildly different, but Australian to introduce some sort of variation that had to have and different a different look than the erosion look afford machine. Okay, that's why we came to view. And we're going. We're not going to use erosion at all, neither in view nor in world machine for this type off during that time I came here for Okay, so I'm gonna put here. What does it mean? Here? Here is going to be What? This one was 15 so I'm expecting. Just want to be a bit smaller and it's gonna be in this shape more or less like this. So shall we go with them? OK, so let's go with them. I then going to change this here. There are a few ways to change its OK, There are a few ways to change, but I'm giving you the the least troublesome. Yeah, I contribute another way. But that one is gonna create a few books and stuff. And what not. So come here. Object. Find your object up. Yeah, and then you're going to find here size and all you need to do is type in key low meters, please, kilometers, because it does happen. Sometimes you forget k m and you end up with 10 meters and you've factory vanishes. Okay, now that we have set the kilometers right, we can't see anything. Why? Because by default. When you open view, the camera is at the center of the world. And when you add the mountain, the mountain is on top of the camera. Well, a few things that we wished view programmers. I would have paid attention to that when you put a mountain that the camera is displaced and goes up her on top of the mountainous have been needed the matter. But it's something we have to do on our own. Let's do that. Your scroll mouse Teoh, zoom back here and the right to move to move the whole the whole scene. Okay, just to move it. If by accident, if by accident you happen to touch the mountain and you find the old of Martin is flying in the air, No problem. Just come here to the last icon on the left and press drop. It drops on the ground. One of the wonderful functionalities rare to find in any other three D obligation. This is very useful. Okay, That's if you touch the wrong the wrong thing. I came. I come here to the camera, I push it upside selected and I push it appear. You see that the sun is moving with it. Find its just a lighting moving with it. I then come to the rotate camera and bring it down on the purpose now is to see what I'm doing. So I need to see my my mountain give a little bit of time for this thing to update because it's calculating. Mine is quite big. I have increased the size, which means that there's more calculation and slower. But I prefer sometimes to have a big preview. Yours is gonna be something like small here in the middle. Uh, keep its more, please. It's just okay, it's It will take more time and calculation. If you make it bigger, it's up to you. Now that I can see what I'm doing. What do I get? I get a mountain. Why? We didn't come here for Martin did. We came here for two words large. The rain. Okay, so let's work on our large during this Means we need to change it. Fine. How do we change it? Let's come to the personal train, right? Click and go to edit object. And we're going to work on this terrain the exact same way you would work on a, uh, any word machine. Let me just open another. Could not create a grand What? What? Okay, Okay. Okay. No problem. And this open another one. Okay, let me close. Let me close. Um, I already have this one. This file open was save its save and clothes world machine. Hopefully is gonna open. Yes. Nice. Okay, so opening in your file. Why? To show you the similarities how things are done. It was mission. How things are done in view are not touch any of you again. I'm not going to teach you. I'm gonna show you how to do it. Get your terrain and get out. Okay, so, um, we have here the the terrain. We have this lovely up functionality, which is zero edges. Normally, we would keep it on because that's what we need. Edges have to be zeros. Otherwise, if we want to have our the rain, uh, just go back to the reference if you want to to put anything reference again. Yeah. If you want to put anything here, it needs to be flat. Because if edges are high, it's like you put a cake on the table. It's it's gonna have ages. It z other work. So normally we need edges on. But because I'm going to do this edges part in world machine, I can disable it. But for now, let's keep it disabled. Okay? We know it's there. Resolution is important and not important. We care about it. and we don't care about it. Why? Because when we worked with the fractal terrine, we don't care about resolution. Okay? The resolution is irrelevant. It's It's a mathematical calculation. It's not resolution, but we care about it when we start changed. When we change that fractal tearing into a hate filled terrain, that's where the resolution is keep. So for now, I recommend you keep it as 256. Don't increase its please. It will slow down your calculations because there's no need for night. It is. Fractal is irrelevant. Whatever you do is irrelevant. The 256 you will notice if you increase it now, it will look sharper. But it's just the preview. I mean, we don't want the preview to look sharp. Now. I just need to get going. Get my terrain and get out. Okay, I will. Said the right resolution when I'm done, I'm not done yet. We come here, writes Golic, graph Right click here on edit function. You may already have it open here, but if it's not the case here, Okay? Don't get intimidated. This interface is like any other interface is just another face. I'm not gonna explain to you the interface. I would only show you 22 icons here because that's all we need. Okay, I will take you step by step with the similarities in World Machine and we'll machine Okay , Let me just go back. Oh, I don't Did I show you? I don't think I've shown you out. Okay. Yeah. This is a win view. This is the website where you can have This is the company's website. Your info dot here, and you can even go that. But this is the company at the application. What? Z good coincidence I ever has. Uh, I've connects on that one. OK, where is it? It is this one, okay? And let's go to views are needed to move between to this one and that one. OK, I need to make it look like this. Okay. Let me make it look like this. This is an output. We move it to decide this is an input. We move it to the side, aren't everything that's inside is by default a month and we don't want a mountain. We would like to have a large during that press. Delete. Remove it. So what do we have I have here an empty place where I can put notes and I have a preview here, which is also here, depending on your version. Profession versions have in addition window. But let's say you don't have this one. You have this preview on you have your notes. Well, view is the same. You have your notes on you have your preview. Now this preview on the right, it is only going to update once you click. OK, sometimes it update. Sometimes it doesn't ignore it. This is the one that you're going to work when I work with. Now, when you click Okay, this is gonna update. There's another trickle so that you can disable the auto update here. If you if you have it. If it's too slow on def. You have made it big. But for now, just ignore that. So what do we need? We need to start. OK? Well, it's not. I thought we were going to work in view. Yes. Won t Can you step by step the world machine way You need to come to generator. You always started generating with machine. There's no way to start other than in one in generator. You can bring in a macro or something, but it's It's like a preset of a generator. It's a pre worked. The guy who prepared the macro started in a generator toss. It always starts that. So you bring in something like an advanced battery. Okay, so what is in the hospital? And it's a noise. So I need to get to noise here. I need to get a terrain. So this is the terrain. That is style basic on with the scale mountain. Okay. Can I get something in view like this? Okay, let's do that. Were stirring the noises. I hear this is Dorian Frankel. Dane. Click on that, or you got a note in with machine. You need to double click to get the properties in view. You don't need to, because it's all It's all down here. You click on any? No. Do you get the perimeters down here? Okay, so this is simple fractal. I don't remember having chosen simple fractal have I know what it's the same thing here. You don't remember having chosen basic because it comes as default. So it's just a starting point that you need to change. Let's just change it now and we come to the list. Ah ha. This is a long list. Well, this is what I mean when I say a larger, richer tool set, You have way more choices. Okay, so I'm going to choose something that I think is interesting for a quick not really quick and dirty. But it's more like if I want something that really looks different towards machine. I come to a road Rocky Mountain. You can try all sorts of other ones whenever you want. But I go to this one and then I link the attitude. That's the output. Otherwise I want people to see much. So here we go. I have something here but told in a moment I can't see much there. It's It's so flat. Yeah, there's something but not enough. I'll tell you what. Let's go to with machine. By default, would machine is set scale to mountain by default in view. It is said to continent imagine, would machine started that continent. It would look exactly like this. So this is set to continent. What do I need to do? Just bring it down to what I need to to the scale of like, how do we do that? Well, what happens in war machine when you bring it down? What happens? Really, Behind the scenes, the noise is being multiplied. Okay, So view calls a cat a cat. So therefore, this is a multiplication operation. Let's go. We need to look at Look for multiplication note. What is multiplication? That's map. Okay, it must be a mat note. Where's where Matt notes? Here, this is Matt. Note. Okay. Make sure nothing is selected. Click in the campus and then press the mat mode. You're going to get this way. Older limits. I was looking for a multiplication. You give me a sign because every note has a default. That's not the one we're looking for. We looking 40 multiplication. You come here and you select the operation you want to do multiple e multiplied by constant . That's the one. So I just put it here In between the position, the input and eroded rocky terrain. This is my note. Well, this is times one. This is a default, which means no change. So I can change this by moving this. But I recommend you don't play with this. It just doesn't make a lot of change. I'm going to need to put something like then maybe maybe something like 20. It's not for 20. That's awful. 20. And then we see how it goes. Okay, Now, I have a days I'm going to come back here and look at this and think we'll probably I don't have enough of them. Let's have more noise. So multiplying by making 25. I'm trying to avoid having to many because too many is gonna be a bit repetitive. They are. They don't look the same. Um, I know you may get the impression first I do that daily. Look the same. They do not look the same. So, um, I know when I will show you with a few operations in one machine, I'll show you how how to take care of that. Initially did not do the same. So I have this which I think could be a good start import. It could be a good starting point if I on their loans. Maybe I need a bit more. Maybe I need a bit more of these, So probably go with 30. Okay. Something like that. This should be kind of enough This should be kind of enough. I want to keep. I don't want to crab them too much. I want to keep theirs. Ali's those These passages routes between these mountains. Okay on. It's going to be zero edged, but not here. Not here. What have you done? We're finished. Hold on a moment. This this is doesn't look like it's complete. Yes, yes. Hold on. We're going to finish the stuff in one machine. So we came in, We got what we wanted on. We're going out. How do we go out somewhere before we go out, we need to increase the resolution because now we're converting the type. This is a fractal terrain that needs to become a hateful map. So we need to define appropriate solution. Click here. Double terrine resolution. So click on this one. It becomes five. It click, it becomes 10 and then goes up to two. Okay. And then goes up to four k. Coming, coming, coming. We're going to click one more time. So this is why when you work, it's now It's slower. Because what it's doing Its re calculating that noise times the multiplication for four K and at the very same time It is generating an open G l terrain mesh. So it's thinking you're working inside view. This is why it's preparing everything for you. Don't. Okay, now the terrain now is ready. It is too spiky. I know. Hold on a moment. We are going to work on that. Don't you worry. Now I want you to press, OK? And we're going to explore that. Yes, there is an option to export here. I prefer you do not use that. It works perfectly, but I think there's gonna be one more calculation that you have to go through on. I prefer you don't have to go through another population. So what? Probably it's already calculated. Know anyway, so well exported from the rights could cure in procedure. Train Don't. Okay, right. Click export object. So I have here exports Judy hate map. So maybe you have it expanded or not expand that. Just make sure its export to d hate map. Now it's no longer a fractal so But we have already decided OK, export this and then make sure it's stiff or PNG not Egypt. That would machine does not work with Jay Peak. I go a tiff. Find name? Um, I just select something worth machine. Let's see. Where is it? Turning from view exempt terrain from you. Number two. Okay. Number two to save 16. Make sure it's 16 and then click on export. As soon as the dialog box disappears, you will be Abel. It's already exported. Basically, you could just save the file for reference on Do you believe it? And we go to world machine. 14. 13. Import Vue large terrain in World Machine: and we will come to this file that is empty and unidentified. We're not taking it straight to the massive world. We will bring it in before we bring that in. Let me set it right. What was it? 10 kilometers. Let's do that. 10 kilometers resolution is four K flow. OK, uh, set the colors rights. Okay. We can bring in view terrain. It's this one. And, um Okay, it is 10 by 10. All right, good. So what do I have to build it? This is what we have. We have something that looks a little bit like this. It is somewhat repetitive, but Pierre with me Second, please, let me see. I have here, um, I am I am looking at some problems already. The fact that the train is green in here green means it's this level. I can't put it there because it's gonna look too high. So I need to just want to be lower. I will use a gain on by a snow. That and what I need to do is increase the game. So what is going to happen is there's gonna be mawr variation between the individual rocks or mountains or whatever where they won't call these days. Specially mountains if it's a, um, okay. If you increase it too much, the upper part is gonna look ugly. Just keep it a little bit like this. You already have your yellow. We should be fine with this. Okay. So, no, you have noticed. Just by introducing the gain, at least in terms off size and hate and elevation, they have that there are different. Plus, it has helped to bring down the, um, medical that the ground level ground level now is doubt. We may need to increase it further. I've been with the bias. Yes, that would work. Better reduce the bias of it. It makes it a bit sharper, but this is now different. So where did we start? We started here. See, It's almost like the same. And then just with one note, we're already a long way further from, um, uh, mountains that look like each other. Okay, so now this one looks different than this one. There's these two look different because if we look back here initially, there was enough difference to start with for us to push it further. Right? Good. So that is number one and then it's your choice what you want to do with it, but something that is again your choice. But it's something you have to do is define where it has to be. Let's say we want to have it here, Just place here. Then I am going to try to, oh, references to be up all the time that So let's let's get this part like this. You could always use the fancy crop tool with the sea and did just like this possible under space bond mode, always on top of the transparent to mouse. And then it stays there all the time. Okay, that's one option. This is how it's meant to look like it used to be distributed this way. This is big. This is small, and this is a bit smaller. So shall we do that? We're going to come here, Andi, use the radial ground. But this time we're gonna use it differently. We're going to say, um, what was this 10. Okay, so five always you used the starting point, the half, half whatever you have. And then you increase Sercan starts in the middle. And then from there you see what you want to do. I would like to have. So this is my rectangle. This is my rectangle. This spot. Well, let me just make it even lira of this. Sorry. Only two. Okay. Oh, the mouth in the master must. It's not, you know, in the most. Okay, this apologies. I have my accident cropped. Room area selection reset. Cropping. Right. Let me quote the right area I'm trying to do is make a rectangle are about place something like this. Okay. Yeah, that's the one. Okay, that's going on. So this is what we need to have and make this one a rectangle, Chris. Space ball mode. Transparent to us. So now I can work. This is my rectangle, which basically means my radial grant needs to go down Obits. This is down because I'm looking. Okay, I've turned it. This is the okay. So should not be that big. A little bit down a little bit bigger, actually. That's it. Okay, then I'm going to get another one. Andi, use us place. It needs to go up open in several. But what is seven here? Sorry. Okay. Seven and then in the middle middle is gonna be five and smaller. Waste more. Okay, Because I could get me. See if I have managed with add one if this is enough. Um, Okay, let's reduce. You don't want this clipping thing. It happens when you add one. So ventilated years aren't something like this. Okay, Reuters this enough? I don't think so. Let me reduce. Bring this one down to add another one. Check. No clip in. Okay, Have another one and combine. Uh, look, the preview. I think this is getting a bit slower now, so I'm going to close this massive world. Did I close view? Yes. Views closed. Um, okay. I need to save and close this one. Make sure it's getting too slow. All right? There's a problem here because it's adverts. So I need to make sure it is with one. It's clip in because it needs to move out. Um, of it. I'm just extending this and then moving it actually, a little bit to the left. Get down. Well, it's so this should fit something like this. Let's see if this works are you may push it a bit of the right to the left. Right. This should be fine. This is only for a mask in. OK, so shall we do that now? Going to mosque This right now? Um look. And muskets. And it should look somewhat like this, right? Is this enough for us? I think we need a little bit more. Oh, more stuff out of the ground. Because if push things too far, I would like to use a clump node which is going to expand. But then what I will do I will not expand everything. I'm going to expend just a level just a lower part. So just to hate, I hope that's a clump. Sorry about selector. Hate you Look the same. Clamp on. Do you just have different color? Right? I want just to explain the lower part, something like this. And now Well, I know it looks a bit weird because we create it in some sort of a young from a terrace in but one week. Have a higher Okay, Tell you what this did Just didn't work, so I'm gonna do it differently. I'm gonna go back to the bias and gain. Are we Halderman's? This is not that. Okay, okay. We have to tweak it again. So I'm gonna delete it. Okay? Create another gay note because the starting point is different. Now, the starting point is different. Gain, node. What's trying to keep as many as we? All right. Okay. Okay. That's that's no part. That's not bad. Then we aren't find. I just need the the yellow between the I mean enough off them. Right? This could be enough. Okay, we have more. Now we have more, have more of them. What you could do is either leave them the way they are and add them or at some, some touch of erosion. Although the fact that it has already bean mathematically calculated as a fact of the rain , we are getting a different type off off detail which I think could enrich if you keep it the way it is because it's already has a form, you know, let's use it the way it is already on. If we don't like it, I'm trying to avoid to her toe afford having the same erosion across the whole world. This is a nice, different Think tough. I'm gonna leave as is, and then go straight to hates map. Get it out of here. So this is going to be what saved us. Safe on this is, um, view the rain to wreak in save. Um, don't participate. Use absolute tiff 16 set. And this is view the rain to wreaked in world Machine safe. Okay, on We built we then right? Output successfully. Good. Let's open. All right, so where did that? Okay, if I click, I'm gonna I'm gonna have to open it again. It's one open, massive world. Get this stuff in there for the time being. I'm gonna keep it open. We'll see what we get. Generator. Um, file spring. Get in. It could be different now because see the ground. I'm trying to do that, but I can't move this one. Just let's go back again to the mouse mode. Always in talk. Good. Um, you could actually also see it here because the ground is supposed to be black. And already between those mountains we had dark gray, and that's not enough. So you could tell it with the green color in view. And you could tell it with the dark gray here that it would be too high. So this is why we need to use We need to tweak it then. Kilometers 10 kilometers may not be enough. On the spirit in the center. See where it is first I'm done. We know from that view on the combine er with one at ad one. We're almost there. We are almost there. The rain has London here. It needs to move. Appear. So this is may Look the view. Look, the preview. I used to be absolutely 35. 30 32 right. Bring up 65. That's too much. 57. Nice. Nice. Okay, I may increase a little 2 13 Andi 29 55 with just six. Let's build this and see what it looks like. Okay, Now what's happened? A proportion problem. These mountains. One Martin of these is about the size off two or three of these of this type of mountains. Well, except, say for example, this is one mountain. This is one mountain. This is another smaller mountain. And these are too big. So it needs to go. We either reduce the scale in view and have more of them. But it's gonna be a bit more repetitive or reduce their scale because here we have imported them as 13 and they are then. So we could go with then on. Bring them up. Mm. 31 58. 30. Probably every 11. 29. Could be. Proportions are very important. Very important. This would work. This should work. This works, it's come in. This works. Okay. However, have you noticed on the edges? Here? There's an edge. So this yellow is not really as yellow as we wanted it to be. Fine. No focus. We can always use a lovely small bias here. Just like a last minute bias. I mean, the bison and gain the But it just again we bring this a little up so it shrinks in the ground. This should do. We do most of the work outside. But then, if something some minor tweaks are needed here, could do it. No erosions, no erosions. Are we okay? It's done and see if we're okay. Scroll. This is absolutely fine. No edges, no problem. Now, please bear in mind that the level of detail that you see in here is what you're going to get when you export. But it is not the one you get when you what? When you see here when you think we're all gonna moments I think have lost all the details of this is too low resolution. Remember what we said. This massive would fire set to four K only for working, not for exporting, because exporting is going to be piece by piece. We're going to split all of this terrain into small pieces and each one of those small pieces is going to before K. That is a massive think on the level of detail is gonna be great. 15. 14. Drought cracked land: Let's say that you want to go for something different. For example, this dropped cracked land. It doesn't always need to be mountains and valleys and places where you can place green spaces and trees and stuff. It can be dry. Well, if it can be dried and probably you want to consider not in one of your projects. So if you need to use stuff like this, I will show you how to do that. Okay, So what do we need to do here in one machine? I'm gonna show you a route on, then explain something else this is of or annoy. Okay. Well, of course. What do we do? We need to have a pure, if pure effort the picture off the young, the drought stuff from here. But I am not going to do that because I'll explain because, right, let me go back toward machine. But I could just show you Well, you can come here on start with F cell. And this stuff is a good starting point that you can tweak armed, then try to get something. You could even reduce the scale a bit, right? And then try to get something. Well, This is one option. One long, very long option which is going to give you results that I can show you are not as good as nature. OK, so do you remember that we always had some reference here using pure f or just your own image without using pure If every time you check pure a reference, why do we check references? Because we need to be asked close as possible to nature. Well, what if we can get nature insight, right? What if we can get that drought image inside? Let me show you. We go back, This is what we want. And if we tried to do it with the noise, volatile noise, it could take us ages a lot off. Tweak in and we will still not be perfectly aligned with what it looks like in nature on everybody knows what drought looks like, right? So if you're if yours is not as good as the real one, it won't be great because we are striving for realism. So always a reference to work to work with or if you think you can get faster using nature , I think that's what what we should do. But um I suggesting you should just speak one of these pictures and then start doing what? Within, Like, how do we take this into world machine? We can't take any of this in toward machine. You can't work with this for the simple reason that this is all color. It has all the objects. Other things got. Even people. Sometimes I have got boat here. Got somebody drinking year go also, aunt, it's in color. And it's the wrong perspective. Do you bring the skies? Well, it doesn't work what you could do, actually, because I I made a search based on drought. Drought. Okay. What? You could search cracked land. What if you use something else? Because World Machine doesn't like this kind of stuff. What machine likes black and white? Well, it's cool. Black and white, black and white. And shall we go with clear part because of that is what word machine is going to love. That's click. And then we get images like this. All right. Not much of it is useful, but there are a few that would be quite nice. There is this one, for example. Okay, we need something that is, um, Rick dangler. It doesn't have to be rectangular, but it helps a lot, and it needs to be seamless, seamless. It doesn't selling. You need to say seamless in the title because this one doesn't even say seamless and stuff , and it is very good. It's seamless. I want to draw your attention to the fact that even the seamless pictures there are differences in seamlessness between them. When you are going to populate your world, let's go back to the massive world. Proportions are extremely important. You are going to have a big problem if you have an issue with proportions. If you bring this and apply to one of your islands, is gonna look like, um, not good. It's not. It won't look good proportion wise, so we need to get the proportions right. Where can we find proportions? Where in images? In nature again, not in clip Art's in nature. So this one happens to be handy next to our picture. This gives us an idea of the proportions. All right, so what if we then take this image and tile it, which means we have to tile it a heavily if we want to use any area here really heavily because this is about 12345 meters by five meters and learn something like that. But you've got massive world here, and whichever area you select, it could be an island like this one. Could be. This one could be any other place. It could be in somewhere in the middle, off your mainland, whatever where water doesn't reach. It could. It's not gonna be very realistic here because there's so much water close to it, so many lakes and stuff close to it. It's not gonna work. It could be. When you have it depends when you have a huge mainlander than you could put it somewhere in the middle, closer to middle. Or it could be an island, right. An island would send and another island with cracked land. Or, if you're gonna choose an island and proportions of this is going to be safe. For example, in our case, 89 10% probably 7% off the yes, like 78% off the full terrain. If yours is 1000 by 1000 kilometers, then it's gonna be that proportion percentage wise on. Then we need to take that into account when you would build our when we bring in this Now, Okay, Enough talking about proportions. Because although they're very important, you need to right click and then save the image. Right? Just this resolution is fine. I know. It's a it's 4 50 by 4 50 We are going to Thailand heavily. So we're gonna end up with 444 50 is actually quite good. Four. Tightening its heavily. You said the image. What kind of images? This This is a J pic images. That's what you find in Internet. Most images. R J pick What? What machine does not work with Jay Pack, So we're gonna have to convert up. Fine, it's come here. I've already saved it and I am going to no open and see. OK, this is our image. Fine. I need to convert it to a J. Packer. You could do that with photos tropical atop gimp. But stain in the spirit off a richer tool set and for fun and for a change, we're going to go to another application, which is Corita, which is an open source. It's a bit like gim, but I think this one is for artists drawing. We're on Lee going to open it. Convert on, get out! Okay, open with Preta. It's that you could do the same thing Would photo shop. You could literally change the name of the application a pair and follow the same steps file. Save us on. We go in for a PNG image, which I would have there Replace. Fine. Whatever. Okay, done. Close. What did we do? We got in, got our stuff done and got out. I don't even know. I don't need to know how Kalita works. Okay, But in the spirit off originals. Nice. Done. Now let's come to World Machine on instead of using a paranoid Let's bring in that PNG image. Let me use this. What do we get now? I have changed the world to eight already. The proportions. Make sure that it works, right Proportions. This hour, let's say we're going to apply it to that island. 8% or something is gonna be, in my case, in this files case, eight kilometers. But when you bring this stuff all the moments we promise we're gonna bring something that looks like nature. What is this? Well, it was white. Let me see, It was white. White on black. Black is really low and high is very high is the highest We know how to deal with this stuff. Don't be so Number one. Let's make it the same size. Is that the rain? Um, no, no. We're not going to make it the same size as the train. We're going to tighten it. That's what we're going to do. But for now, it's Cancel on and tell you what, Just to see what we're doing, we will change it again. We'll change it again. Okay, We'll change it again. But for now to see what we're doing. Okay, it's build. And this is what we get now, This looks, um this This is not what we want. So we're starting with a camp load and reduce. Ah, good. Read use. So we're going with something like this. Let me. I think we need to have to be simple. That's a lot. That is really a lot 8 80 meters. 80 meters. London built right. I know this doesn't look like much, but it is going to start making sons once we go back to one kilometer rights. Now let's go back here on. We're going to tile outside behavior. What do we need to do this blank? Like? Do not then all tile it when we tile it and we do this, we build. Now we get something that looks different, because now the 420 by 420 resolution is okay. Because we've already tiled it a lot heavily. This doesn't look too repetitive. Although we have this big thingy here which tends to show up a few times, this is not a big problem, right? Because when you are going to show the terrain, say, for example, from a certain perspective, it's going to be something like this, right? It's the way you are going to show the terrain. But this is the closest you can get to nature. Actually, this isn't nature in Okay, This is now your dropped your cracked land. How do you bring this stuff in? Do we even we have agreed? Have agreed. Do we even work with the, um, zero edges? Remember, we had something that was like, the is and then the radial grad. I'm just showing you I'm not doing anything now. I'm just showing it was eight. So it means we need to have to put half here and reduce it a bit. Do we do this? Do we do this stuff? Um, if it is in mainland, if it is somewhere in an area, you could possibly do that, right? But if you're going to use it in a in an island on the the whole of the honor is like that , then probably. Oh, you could you could You could have a few other radio droughts. Copy paste this one reduce its A little appreciate to decide. Three. Get this one three. I would use it. Just a little five combined. It doesn't have to be around. It can be something like this, which is then on. Always add. Um, in this case, it's maybe a bit annoying. Right? Okay. You can tweak the look. The distribution of the distribution off your cracked land. You could tweak it the way you want. If you are going to apply it. An island under hope the whole island is going to be like this. There's no point having zero edges. You just remove this and that is not good word. Machine every time deletes stuff that I do not select. So you have not selected clump and it was deleted. Okay, so I'm gonna use it the way it is like this. Let me bring it to my must've world. Okay? What I have done, if I get a bit closer, it's already employed in here. Remember, this is Resolution eight, gay. I just increase bits that you're able to see a little bit of it. But every part, every small part of this is gonna be like four k four k four k four k four k. So this could be about 12 gay by 12 case and play that. So we are going to have details. What I have done is quite simple. I have added this and I have kept it as I've just met. Have to off finding it. Where is it? In the where do I want to apply? That's with X and y adjusted the size from 8 to 7 to fit the island. And where's the island? It's come in. All right. It is coming. It's quickly rebuilding that lost parts. Okay, What we have is because it's the same thing. Same a precious for the other ones were going to employ this stuff and you could make it smaller scale like it could tile it even more and make it smaller scale toe have smaller proportions. But we What I've done to make sure that that rectangle is not on the sea is not impacting stuff is, of course, the same approach as I've done before. It's to mask it, using the same select eight that we've used in the beginning. That's the same one. So let me show you without it. But it looks like build it. This is the without. So without you're going to have this right, You're going to have this. But because we have agreed that it's gonna be applied on Lee to that elevation to the level of elevation, I did not even need to bother about the edges. Zero edges. I just thought, you know, it's gonna be applied to the whole land anyway, So why don't we just use the mosque in that we have used for others? Okay, again, I used the roids mouse and it makes it smaller, and that's what we've done. So we just use the mosque, which takes us to this select eight, which is used one note and used for every single combine er with drinking and the combine er is at one and this is how we get it. OK, I may or may not keep this dryland in the final selection off a large dairies I bring in. But I just wanted to show you should you want to have anywhere in your massive world or on any separate on any separate small terrain or something, you want to apply a drought? This is how you could best do it you can take. You can take the route of the voluntary would cell phone cells. But I suggest to start if you can get it from nature, get it from nature. 16. 15. Bringing in it all together and how to create variations: following the same technique. I have populated the rest off the massive world. I have shown you how to use World machine to create this large tearing off Shoni view on how to create this one on have gone ahead and used exactly the same technique for bringing in this one. This one, this one This one This one This one This one This one and two police them in the right spot . Okay. Now, I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that number one I have activated, which basically means I have gone ahead. Let me just bring in that window from World Machine. Um, I'm gonna have to take away this one and should be just a word. Machine parts, and then I'll get back to together. Okay, this is the detail. Okay. This is the deal. We've talked about the detail in the very beginning. There's a section specifically for detail. Okay. I'm sure you know how to do that, but I've asked you to disable it back then. Meaning? Don't connect the combine er to anything. Okay. So that we leave the detail as is and Onley once you're completely, completely done. Finished When you have this, then you are going. Let me just bring it bark again because I really want you to see the full thing. Now you have this without detail. You think? Well, we need to bring the detail now. Yes, are we don't find Let's bring the detail. So what you do is you just connect that same detail that you have at a bit of erosion because the detail needs some erosion. Just had a little bit off the erosion to each one of them and combine now combined with maximum. Now, this is the bid. This is the trick. This is what is going to make a big difference. Do not use ad. We have used ad for ALS instances up till now, when it comes to bringing the there reigns the large terrains. When it comes now to merging the trains with the detail that we have inside this file, it needs to be done with maximum. Okay, maximum strength one or strength. Whatever you want to define it, you can tweak it and see what you want. But strengthen tends to give quite quite good details. Okay, so this way you're able to get the maximum off each. Just okay on it does give you it. Just keep the levels that sometimes you want to keep it here. A desert looking. It's a matter of choice. Listen, clues to the river. There's there are green spaces, green spaces. And I'm just adding a little bit here off detail around this river and leave in the space here, which is somewhat between two large rocket, the reins and the bits further from the river and then a bit further from the sea, left it a bit like desert looking something like that. Okay, I added some detail here detail here. This detail is different from these detail and slightly different from this one. This is, I think, a bit different. So it's we have shown how to do the detail on how to to distribute them. OK, now is just a matter of bring them bringing them together with jittery. Let me just move this one way on. Let me show you one more time, please, because this is really important. I don't want you to waste your time at the end and start tearing off your head. Think your hair saying, Well, it doesn't work It's the max. It's the marks. Its the max repeated three times. Okay, fine. Okay, Cool. Now, this is really important, because with your if you do the ad, you're going to lose the beauty off the terrain. Good. Right now. What is this stuff over here now? I didn't show you how to make these there. And did I know I have? No, because the idea is that I've already shown you how to make the rain in World machine already shown you how to make one in view. I wanted to add an idea instead of the technique itself. Just the idea what we said We wanted always to be as close as possible to realism. Right? Good. Okay. You know what I've done here? I have brought nature in period. What? You see, this stuff is nature. Okay, let me rephrase this stuff. For example, this one is a real terrain that exists in real world. How did I get that simple? I got it from pictures off nature. What do you mean? Do you get pictures from people who go hiking and make pictures of mountains? No, You get it from the satellite. Okay. Now how do you deal with that? That's a different story, and that's a different course. It is a long technique to explain. I think it's a course of about. It's a bit more than two hours, I think. And in that one explain in detail how where you can get the satellite images, how to deal with them, how have to process them. What, to be careful with all everything. And I give you two options. I give you the quick open that gets you something working on. I give you the very high resolution. Elaborate away, which is quite quite noise, gives a great results greater great details on. I even show you how to work with them inside World Machine. How to bring them in, how to mix them with stuff, A lot of stuff that is another course. Okay, and then my profile. Check that other course and it's called something like satellite images from NASA are ruled machine. Other remember, but it's it's about that That's a separate, separate, separate course. Okay, but I do want you to have a look at that, please, because you are going to add realism to your to drink. OK, that's not the focus of this course. That's not the focus. But the focus is how to build large the reins on the individual competence. You can get them from different sources view world machine or from the satellite. Good. Now, that's one thing. Let me show you another thing just before showing you a bit more than just Yeah, I think I wanted to show you with the water. How? The name of this one years now, we don't need it anymore because I've already shown you all the notes and everything. Now, this is with water. Now, Now, this is what I mean. And the level of water is quite simple, actually. Is really simple. We're gonna tweak it here. Okay, Let me just remove this. You got to tweak it here. I would say, Don't Don't even bother with this one. Try to to get here with numbers if you can. Okay? Because you really need to bring just about enough. Just about enough to to show the beautiful river and River Delta here to show in your map. Do you know that the matter comes? It's not a solid inside. It's got some lakes. What you need to show the beauty of those legs. And that's how you get that. All right, You don't get it, but just show in the water. It's just tweaking. It bit by bit is gonna take you a few seconds. But if humanity is to treat the exact measure this is for this particular terrain, it zero comma 07 Okay. And that's how I got it. Because I really want to see this late and this one on this one. And this one, This one. I didn't make these honestly, but it just came us part of the map. I love that and just want to keep it. Now. All the moments are we done know we need to export it before exporting. I want to show you something, and this is something you are going to love. Okay, let me show you this. I will show you this. Do you know what this is? You know what this is? I'm just making a bit bigger, okay? Not the other one is probably just just about enough here, OK? Yeah. Good. Um, I'm just reduce. This must have just want focus on these. Do this is with water. This with it without water. But these are completely different ones. These are completely different maps. But I have let me just open this one. See a complete, difficult, completely different one. And this is what water. And this is another one. And this is with water. Now do you need to spend all the time that you have spent with the 1st 1 rebuilding the second and 3rd 1? That's why I said you are going to love it. And the answer is no off course not Let me show you. Let me show you. Ok, now what I have here is I just go back quickly. I'll open this. What do I have? Sorry, just by accident Six of this one What's in? What's this? What is this? What is this one? This is a fine input. Do you know what is going to happen if you double click on this one and load another one? What do you mean loaded in another one? Let me show you something. Let me show you something. If you have the patience to do this remember the website have shown you go to the website. Do you know what this is? This is the political map downloaded as PNG political Marber. And then you have the landmass. So be for political map l for land mass, and then l black and white, which is the process of that we have shown in both for the shop and in gimp. Okay, now I have gone ahead. Um, downloaded all of this. Goodness on, all you need to do it's just too okay. Not all. A very good starting point is just to point your file load to this one to this one. This one to this one, and the market is going to immediately change. Now, do your mom large Turing's change place. No, they don't. You need to change the manually. But you are going to get something really fast, much faster. So I could get a huge variety off the reins and all sorts off variations that you want a very quickly. And all you need to do is come back loaded, loaded from here. It's the same settings. So you're gonna keep the same width and hate and everything and probably listen, probably you're going to need to tweak this, especially the X. Okay, The Why I think is kind of fine, especially the X. It's just about putting it in the center. Sometimes you gonna find it some closer to the right, closer to the left. I just do You need to make it zero to me, to make it minus seven plus 15. You just tweak it the way just to make sure it comes back to December. It's mostly X, and then what you need to do is just simple. You just select. You are good when you select. I think you're able to see here. It's not really necessary for us to show that the big one. If you select on each one of them, you'd be able to see that individual one. Those that we have imported again. No erosion here. Everything has to happen outside. Um, so all of this stuff you may decide I want to make 2025 separate large the rings, and every time I'm going to use eight or nine off them something like that, and every time it's a different combination. What you could do is Joe, go find input and get completely different one and then change the place. You change the place here. X and Y Simple and sometimes you may want to resize it to fit somewhere. Okay? I don't remember what I've done, Teoh. Yeah, I think I just have a look to make something fit in. Um, not this one. Probably this one. Yeah, probably this. I think that this one to make it fit in here. I just re scaled it a bit. But we're talking about this part talking about this part here where you change slightly, the within the hate. But other than that, just positioning it moved the thing. How much? Just move it to the right to the left to move it up and down with this one. Simple. And you end up with as many variations as you want. OK, Uh, that's really cool. That's really cool. Okay, now, enough talking about this. We need to move to how do we get this beast out of here? But is it a base now? It's not a beast. It is gonna become a beast. Why is it not a base now? Because if you come here, you'll find that the reservations for is four K. Now, don't you ever make that big mistake That phenomenal mistake off increasing to 16 and say Yes, that's export. It deserve 16. Don't of that, please, for simple reason that this stuff needs to be exported in tiles in pieces. So let me show you how to do that in the next step. 17. 16. How to Export your Massive World: How do we get this huge terrain out off world machine? One thing is sure it will not be in one piece, so it needs to be in several pieces. This means that we are not going to use build when it use something that looks like tiled built before clicking on this one. Hold on a moment. There are important permit is that we need to set so this you cannot go and click it. It needs to be said here, project settings, world extents and resolution. When you click on that to get the project settings and you have here, render extends a normal build resolution. We don't want any anything normal. We want something tiled build now Okay, Because if you click on here, if you convince one build, it will take this into account. But if you click on the title build, it would ignore this part and it takes to Turkmenistan. In here we have two extremely important perimeters. The tile resolution and tiles beside you think? Yes, it makes sense. Well, it needs to make sense for your destination application. Where are you going to take this staring to? Now is the time when you start thinking initially in the very beginning, you make it for a particular application. But now you need to be careful on what that application can handle. Are we talking about Maya? Three days, Max Houdini, Cinema 40 view their origin and religion unity. We will not Jim on any particular one. But these are the two parameters you want to treat to make sure that your host application does Can handle does accept what you're making and can handle it. Okay, Time resolution by the full 256 Um, it probably is, assuming doubt you're going to make plenty of tiles. Where I'm gonna do that, we're going to make some tiles, but not too many. Which means that for every tile I need to have a decent resolution. It's up to, you know, this is my choice. This is not your choice. What I'm going to do now, I'm gonna click on custom and I get the warning. Or by the way, before I talk about my choice, Not your choice. I get a warning here. It talks to and it stays. Resolution warning. Using the resolution that is not a power off to is not recommended. Let me rephrase this for you. Let me explain this in a different words. Whatever number you're gonna put in there should not just be much power of two. It should be multiplied and something you can divide by 256 Simple. Just make your life easy. Let's come here and say Calculator 256 Whatever number it needs to be 256 multiplied by something. Meaning I want four K. Okay, what is exactly four K that's multiplied by 16. So that's that's the number 49 6 Okay, if you don't know. But it just 256 and then you start multiplied by two. No, enough multiplied by two. Could be enough. Much blood by two. Maybe enough multiplied by two. That's enough for me. Now I go back to the story off for me and for you. Now, I am just making this for illustration purposes, right? If you're taking this stuff, um, just put here yet. Sorry, I didn't yet for t know this other, remember? Was it for 96? Was it 496 to have six times 16 when I was 16. 46 year. Okay. Good. Um on the Mexican custom here. Now, this spot here for care by four K is just to show you that. Actually, I prefer to have more resolution for a tile because I'm not going to make too many tiles. Right? If you make dependent again on the host application and this is by experience, just if you're going to demand will work in terms of bringing them, the less the better. All right. But it doesn't mean this is why we don't do just one piece. But we're going to go with more. On two by two is not enough. So let me just click on custom and then go with something like, Oh, before you get carried away. By the way, let me show you the maximum. Here. You may think role as I could get plenty of goodness here, can get a lot of resolution. Yes, but if you push it here, you end up with what? 262 gigabytes. Are you sure you want that? That's what I thought. That's okay. Let's bring it back. All right. So this is something that could be more manageable. Five by 54 by four. Whatever works for you. Whatever works for the host application. You're taking it too. Okay, so this is something like 444 by four, which is 16 by 16. Hold on a moment. Wait, wait. Didn't we say that in the normal build, it was possible to take it to 16? Right. What is the difference? The difference is for your host application. It is more manageable. Like it can digest it better. All right. And for export purposes, you're gonna be exporting one piece of four K at a time for K four K four K four K. It's quicker. It's better. It's gonna be probably using the same amount of from, but still, um, it's much more if it much more efficient. And when it comes to bring it in your host application, it will digestible. Okay, so now we have four k by four k and then four forces 16 by 16. Or you could go with five for change. Yeah, Mr Five for change. And it is the blending percentage started 100. Generally, it tends to be okay. It means that actually, what we're talking about here is the tiles between themselves. They blend so well that it's a smooth I would go with 100. If you've got any issues, then you can bring it down. But gold 100. Now pay attention. Final resolution is that's based on these two ones. We've got 1.6 gigabytes. Is it okay for you? This is what you want to check for your host application. Is it okay for you? Oh, by the way, if you're using it in mire or in Houdini and you're going to use effects as in dynamics. So if you take in Houdini and you're going to create a dope network and you wanted to interact with the terrain, you want to be careful. Careful as in probably You want that rain to be dealt with separately? The one that you're going to have the dominant were created for. If you're going to do it just like this is the background huge world for something that is taking place in the foreground. Absolutely fine. You can take their now plenty of considerations that you need to take into account. Okay, That was for Houdini. But it could be for any other application, different different aspects that need to be taken. Articles now blending. We talked about this one to other things. Please share. Check these to share edge apprentices and flip. Want access because you need to get the Y axis. Right? The orientation, right When you take it to the host application, since you have these two checks Good. All right, What else? The final bit, I think. Yeah, the final bit is the tiny name. I don't want it toe touch this one, right? Honestly, it's don't very well. Extremely well, by the way. It's it's smooth, It's smoothly integrated with and religion. If you are going to use in religion, it smoothly integrated. So it just takes that stuff on digestive immediately. Because this is how it's been programmed. Teoh. Great works. It takes two countries. This is example. So you've got the name that you're going to give to it. Plus this absolutely wonderful, beautifully thought locations like the GPS like where this ex envoy. So this is the 4th 1 from left to right. And this is the 4th 1 from down to up simple. You can rebuild it manually if you want, but some applications do it automatically. Okay? Erosion does not do it automatically enroll engine does do it automatically. Okay, so it's all about now. Now you have 50% bottom eaters and 50% at the back of your mind. Your host application destination. What do I need to take into account? Good. We're done. But I need to open a small parentheses in case you are brave enough to say. You know what? We're going to make a huge, even multiple huge the reins and massive walls, and I want them to. And what you want to tell them all together. You can do that. All I'm showing is the option choice. I'm not telling you. This is what you should do. What I'm saying this is already big enough. Okay? If you say no, I want huge worlds next to each other. So this is like one big kingdom and is another big king. Whatever stuff of fantasy, whatever you will have in mind. And you want them all together in the same how's application humans can handle them. Then what you could do is build these ones harmony of ago. Here, this is by this, is is 25 25 tiles. This means, um you're going to have 15 So it's 55 The maximum is going to be 55 This is the highest one . Okay, So where is that other world going to be? Is it going to be somewhere to the right here? Where's it going to be? Here. So if it is here, then you're going to start the Titan tiled start number. And I'm not talking about this one. The 1st 1 is always zero. You always start from zero. Now, if you say no, I want the 2nd 1 now and put them all together. Then you starts. Where is he gonna be? Is it gonna be here? So it's going to be What? What is this exactly? X six. So going to put six in here. And what is this one in terms of why one One? That's it. And he goes on it populates the whole thing, starting from here, and it builds the other one here. Okay. And it could put another one next to it on the right. That is, if your application can handle Sermanni massive rules at once for the option. Is there good? Are we Don't No, We're done with the parameters. Yes, we click OK, and make sure everything is okay. Fine. 1.6 gigabytes was okay with this one? Yeah. Okay. Click. Ok, now do we click on build? If you click your on, Bill is going to start complaining. Tell you Well, let's say it is the way Click on bail is gonna complain Tell you were holding a moment. You haven't prepared anything. Let me rephrase that You haven't prepared anything for the export. He just giving with four meters cannot perform tag build either. No outputs have tiled. Okay, let let me tell you what's going on. Simple. We need to have the same thing you have for every normal build and they hate hate output is required. You need to have that. So I come here I open it. But this time you're you notice by default. But the developer afford machine has made this one ticked by default. Participate when building tiled worlds. Okay, so now what do we choose? I choose Tiff 16 For whatever reason, I always go with this one. You can to contribute. Everyone works for you. What? I was going to 16. Tiff is very good quality api and he's also very good, but I always go to if you go in theragenics Different story of taking to storage and go with the original title. But diligent, that's that's gonna OK, so that's one. And then we have what? We have a book that Arjun is not gonna take it automatically, right? So But you're going to get the files that are ready for upload. It's not going to tiled them back for you automatically, and religion will do. But I think we're just Okay, So, um and then I need to set the use Upset of birth was set in my name. Save the file every time the world machine is built. Of course, because we're lazy. We need to do that lazy as it's efficient, because otherwise you have to click open this one and click on right are put to disk and stuff. Why should we do just keep it safe? The fund, every time. The world Um okay. Creek set. And then I have here put a particular folder that I call tiles and you going to name it? I'm just call it something like massive world, a massive world. A Well, you guessed it from a it's gonna be be There's gonna be a seed is gonna be a d So you've got plenty off off choices here. You can make plenty of as many as you want. OK, so this is it. What does that mean? Massive World A Is the file stricken? Okay, let's go back. Remember this one? Remember this example over here. So this is what I'm gonna have. Massive world A That's your name. And then after that, you're gonna get this stuff, right? Let's go back on. Open this. What do I need? Also need I need to participate. We don't save. I clicked on home. That's fine. That's kind of OK. Right. OK, OK. I'm ready to click on build, child. Build on. I want to show you everything, but if I click on it now, it's gonna take some time, okay? And I don't want to keep you waiting. So instead what I will do just to show you the process just to show you how it would work, I will drop down the resolution just so that it calculates it quickly because I want to show you what they look like when they're exported on the idea is not sure with the high resolution ones because it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Just to be black and white pictures. Um, but let me show you. Let me go back here and we will see them calculating. Okay, but I 7 16 ism, whatever. This one is ignored anywhere. Just left it 16 to when I was explaining tiled build in here. I'm gonna drop it. Okay, I'm gonna drop this 12256 Why again? Just so that you can see it. Okay, Because I don't want you to keep waiting for for that stuff. Okay? Sorry. Did it? Did I That works. Yes. 2565 I'm OK with this one. Everything is okay. Fine. Now I can click on tiled build. Why? Because everything is ready. When I click on this, I get it kind of confirmation. It's actually Are you ready? Have you finished everything? Are you sure you want to? You don't want to tweak those perimeters of yours? Well avoided. Tweet them. So this is not Ward is just like Are you ready? Yes. We already and then what you get Is these builds happening? One by one tire location. Oh, they're starting from zero. Okay, that's a different story. Sorry about because I said six. They start 00010 So this is this is now done very quickly. This is the resistance to 56 and I'm just waiting for the last one. Done. Okay. Blended, see was built and blended. Now, if I click on OK, if you are not satisfied with the blending, you can drop down the percentage from 100%. Okay. We talked about this one. Okay, let me bring Let me just bring that quickly. Bring exactly the place where we have there was a tiled. Here we go. This is exact path of jihad. And these are my tiles. All of them. The name 00010 to. So if you want to do it manually, go ahead. If there's an application that does for you like in religion, then you just need to point it to the folder and will take all of its now What do we have back to square one, which is black and white stuff? Because this is how they took to each other. World machine can do all the goodness with colors and stuff and what not? But when it comes to communicate into another package, they speak black and white. Okay, Not black and white gray scale values. It's hate filled map. They speak with hate with much. Yes, you have the option to export a mesh. But I hope that it didn't cross your mind to export a mesh When we're talking about a world that massive Okay, there are possibilities. But I think the best way is to handle a hate filled map because all applications can handle them. Can handle head food maps. Okay, This is how you export your terrain from world machine. Four years in any other through the application.