Build Know, Love, Trust With Your Audience By Leveraging Live Videos | Judith Vergara | Skillshare

Build Know, Love, Trust With Your Audience By Leveraging Live Videos

Judith Vergara, Your Digital Marketing Solutions Coach

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8 Videos (52m)
    • Module 1 Why You Should Do Live Videos and The Goals Of This Course

    • Module 2 - The Reasons That You Are Not Doing Live Videos And How To Get Over Them

    • Module 3 - Busting The Common Video Myths

    • Module 4 - The Video Formula

    • Module 5 - Content Creation Strategy

    • Module 6 - Content Creation Guidelines

    • Module 7 Converting Engagements To Leads and Sales

    • Module 8 - 5 Part Format For Creating Your Video


About This Class

Live Videos are taking the industry by storm!

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers do not know and understand how to properly leverage live videos, they come off as very spammy, and people end up tuning out of the videos.

In this class, I will share with you how to properly leverage Live videos to build Know, love, and trust with your audience, How to create engaging and powerful live videos, and How to convert the engagement to leads and sales.





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Judith Vergara

Your Digital Marketing Solutions Coach

 Hey! What's Going On? This is Judith Vergara here. I'm an Internet Marketer, Coach, Trainer, Mentor and a Vlogger. 

My Goal is to help Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners Generate more Leads and Sales Online by showing them how to properly leverage the Internet.

If you feel like you are stuck, struggling, overwhelmed and completely spinning your wheels. Hunched over in front of your computer with little to nothing to show for it. Trying to figure out ...

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