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Build IoT Solution using Azure services

teacher avatar V S Varma Rudra Raju, TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (2h 50m)
    • 1. 1 Walk-through of Azure IoT building blocks

    • 2. 2 Introduction to Event Hub

    • 3. 3 Lab demo - Create an Event hub using Azure portal and send events into the same

    • 4. 4 Overview of Azure IoT Hub

    • 5. 5 Lab demo - Creation of IoT Hub and device and apply device configuration

    • 6. 6 Lab demo - Send messages into IoT hub using a simulated device

    • 7. 7 Overview of IoT Hub communication

    • 8. 8 Lab demo - Define message routing to route messages to custom end points

    • 9. 9 Introduction to Stream Analytics

    • 10. 10 Lab : End to End events flow from device to PowerBI via IoT and Stream Analytics

    • 11. 11 Lab : Trigger an Azure function from Stream Analytics

    • 12. 12 Overview of Azure IoT Edge and Device provisioning services

    • 13. 13 Introduction to IoT Central and IoT Solution accelerators

    • 14. 14 Introduction to Azure Time Series Insights

    • 15. 15 Lab demo: Explore the IoT telemetry data using Time series insights

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About This Class

The objective of this class is to introduce you to different IoT related services available in Azure to deliver an end to end IoT solution on Azure. This class includes following lectures and lab demonstrations.

  • Walk-through of Azure IoT building blocks
  • Introduction to Event Hub
  • Lab demo - Create an Event hub using Azure portal and send events into the same
  • Overview of Azure IoT Hub
  • Lab demo - Creation of IoT Hub and device and apply device configuration
  • Lab demo - Send messages into IoT hub using a simulated device
  • Overview of IoT Hub communication
  • Lab demo - Define message routing to route messages to custom end points
  • Introduction to Stream Analytics
  • Lab : End to End events flow from device to PowerBI via IoT and Stream Analytics
  • Lab : Trigger an Azure function from Stream Analytics
  • Overview of Azure IoT Edge and Device provisioning services
  • Introduction to IoT Central and IoT Solution accelerators
  • Introduction to Azure Time Series Insights
  • Lab demo: Explore the IoT telemetry data using Time series insights

By the end of this class, you should be able to deliver simple IoT solution on Azure start exploring each area in depth.

Meet Your Teacher

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V S Varma Rudra Raju

TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect


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1. 1 Walk-through of Azure IoT building blocks: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm goingto take your group different services in azure that you can use in order to deliver Internet tofting solution on your before I start taking you through Internet often is building blocks. Let me take a scenario. Imagine you have an office building which has multiple floors in it, and also it has a lot of meeting rooms on cafeteria and all those stuff. Now you're trying to monitor the temperature at different places within the building on. Also, you want to monitor disc occupancy rate. Okay, so you want to do two things. One, he's read the temperature readings on. Also, based on the temperature within the building, you want to control your air conditioning at the same time, you want to monitor the disc occupancy period. Okay, On further purpose, you're planning to design and I would be solution. So whether you are designing, I would dissolution on azure are somewhere else. It doesn't matter. You need to look into six key areas in terms of delivery off. I will dissolution. Forest area is devices, so you need to select an appropriate devices in order to send temperature readings OK on the second area, you need to concentrate. He's on device connectivity. How old is the MY says we'll be able to compare back and close solution in order to pose the telemetry readings. OK, on. Also, you want to configure the frequency off the temperature readings from cloud into the device . Basically, you want to send a communication from your I would be back and solution to your device in order to change the frequency off temperature readings. So device connectivity be laid device too close. Communication on also cloud to device communication. Okay, on the next thing, you need to take it off his device management. So basically hold you manage these thousands of devices that are installed across the building on the next thing is storage. You need toe plan. How you are going to store this telemetry? Data on also device conflagration data within and I've got a solution. Whether it is cloud our in house, you need to really plan where the data is going to be stored on also, generally, you'll help billions off events that are coming into your total solution. So you need to think about archiving policies and party policies also okay. And finally, once you store the data, you need to perform analytics on it. So basically, you can analyze the stream off events coming into your eye. Woody solution in orderto identify anomalies. So, for example, if the temperature is guarded and 21 degrees in the building, you want to identify you and take some action? Okay, on final thing is visualization and integration. So basically, you need to review the events and also you want to integrate with something else. So, for example, if the temperature is Brandon 21 degrees, you want to trigger something So these are the six areas that you need to keep in my venue . Are designing Internet off things solution under in terms off our new services that you can use in order to deliver this capital it is. Let me start the devices in terms of devices on your provides, I want the device as decays. Using this as D case, you condole a publications on deploy them on the end devices on. Also, I would be sacked if I the rest are there. If you're going to Microsoft upside, you can see there are some devices that I would be sanctified by Microsoft so you can use them. I'm hardly. There is a dedicated operating system available from Microsoft in order to get installed on low poor devices such as raspberry pi, so you can use Windows tonigh woody toe get in store on the device on. One more very important offering that is available from a Jew on the devices area is I want the age using I hope the age you can able to install I would be aged from time on a particular device on make it doesn't need to devise. When you are making a device as an edgy device, it can play pools. Basically to Quiroz. You can perform analytics on top of this edge device so that your events need not to go to the cloud on come back with actions. You can perform all those analytics on the age device itself so it will reduce the late INSEE in terms off taking emergency actions, and secondly, it will reduce the bandwidth costs. Also, because analytics are getting performed on the age device on a lot of data gets filtered on the device itself. You will send only relevant information for the back and solution thereby your bandwidth concert Just and also you can use I would be age in the device connectivity area. Also been stuff you're devices directly contacting the cloud solution. You can make the devices to communicate to your age device fast on your engine device will communicate a cloud. So if you have 2000 devices in stuff on these 2000 divisive directly posting those telemetry in stop that you can have one edge device in the middle which access a gateway on all the information will come pre age first agile filter if required on the edge device Really pass on the information dough cloud solution Okay, on the next important offering within azure for Internet off things says I would help. This is really very important offering because it will enable the device connectivity. But in devices on da jour and also using our duty, huh? You can carry your three key things. Firstly, you can do device to cloud communication. All the devices in the field can be able to communicate, but I would be home on post a limited messengers. Secondly, CLO to device communication. So basically you can confident I would help device will on. You can push that notification to your device in order to change the frequency off temperature telemetry readings. So, initially, you might have con figured, you know, Avery, 15 minutes, but you might think it is too much. You want to reduce toe everyone over the frequency of temperature readings, then you can configure within. I want a home on the device. Will pick up the device conflagration on. Start sending the temperature readings. Every one of us. Okay. On the third important thing is device management You can ableto view on, man is the identities related to the device on also any configuration related to the device within? I would help. By the way, this I would have doesn't have a massive friend. And where it's more like a pass solution, you need to dollop of wrapper around. I want a home in order to deliver a business user application. So far, that purpose argue provides. I want to service as the case. So from your proper application you can able to interact with I want to help using suddenly says dickus. Okay, on the next thing is storage. All the grains are coming, but I would have. No, But you need to store those even somewhere, isn't it? Because I would have is not a data storage solution. Remember that it wants toward the data permanently. Only they don't that it will store later toe device configuration, but not the telemetry data up. It will hold the data temporarily on at some point of time. You need to fetch the data from I already have and put it into somewhere further purpose. You can use data. Leg data leg is basically designed for high performance analytics. So that particular store you can use in order to store your telemetry information coming from the devices. And secondly, you can use cost most DP in case if you're even date eyes and no sequel data art. In other words, it doesn't add her to a second schemer. Then you can use costs. Most db on Also, you can use blob storage which is the cheapest when compared toa data leg store on. Also, you can use even up most appropriately you might use even have But again, even helped will not hold those messages forever. Okay, Generally, you'll in just millions off even seem to even have to enable you to do some real time analytics on top of that stream off un's. Okay, so even Hub is basically high performance injection service, using which you can ingest millions off even per second and want you in just after daytime to even tab. You need to analyze the data in real time. Father purpose. You can Ustream Analytics. There are two ways you can use Tree Manor digs. You can perform real time analytics on the stream off events within even how using Stream Analytics job. At the same time, you can also confidence Team Analytics job and deploy their job. Pinto. I would be age devise so that the analytics will be performed on the age device, not in the cloud, thereby you're getting the power off less latency. So if you have an emergency process, were even a split off a second matters a lot. In that case, you can't really rely on device connectivity to cloud and steam analytic job analyzing within the cloud and come back detection. That is not a recommended solution for mission Critical applications installed that you create a job off stream analytics, deploy the job into my woody edge. A device on from the other takes on the edge Device itself. Okay. On intention to steam analytics, you can use data leak analytics. In case if your data stored in data lex store, you can use the Italic Analytics, Tobu High Performance Analytics and the next solution that you can use within and under Texas data bricks. In case if you are choosing a party, viator components in order to deliver your rival dissolution particularly on the analytics failure, than you can use data breaks for a party spark on you can use on your hitch the inside for first off the basically, you can create different cluster types within our your history inside. So, for example, how do ah parties park? Ah, party calf car, ex cetera. Okay, I'm once you analyzed, you need to visualize that their ties on that father purpose you can use power bi I onda. Also, you can use times. It is insights. The difference between stream analytics I won't have even top and times recent sexy is times It is insides is where you can actually look into the data and also you can explore the data and run some medoc worries in I would have. Although the messages are coming into, why would he have? You will not be able to view the content of the messages at the same time, even in even have. Also, you can't be able to view the date up off course. You can deliver wrapper around. I would have and even hub Onda visualize the data in that way. But if you want to perform high performance and our queries and explore the vendors, then go for our view. Time for his insights. We have a dedicated, literally lab, one of your times, his insights in which I'm going to take you through in bit more detail and in terms off integration. There are a number of ways you can integrate your I would the solution with the rest of our Joseph, he says. So I hope it Dr Important ones 1st 1 is even great. Once the movement you can integrate with even grade, you can imagine how many other things you can indicate it, because even good acts as a middleman takes the event on based on the subscribers that substrate before that, even it can trigger my tipple of new services and also another important thing in real world scenario you want to integrate with these are your functions generally from stream analytics. He will click around your functions in order to protect some immediate actions. Okay, so these are under different capabilities that are available in your Internet off things building blocks. How were I mentioned aboard developing of wrapper around? I would have a Lear, isn't it? In stuff you developing an application which access a wrapper around all these capabilities . Microsoft released the service called I Will Be Central. I would. A central is a SAS based solution which, perhaps on the capital it is under a single umbrella on also provide a ready made solution , for I would be okay using I would be central. You will be able to view the data but formed their mother takes on. Also, devices will be able to post the messages in Taiwan. The central on it has lots off other capabilities, which I will take you through in its own dedicated lecture. But imagine like a rapper, a female rapper for you around. All this capable of this internal evident. I want a center. It uses the capabilities off I want to help in order to have device to chlor connectivity it uses times. It is insights internally, it will ustream analytics internally. So it's basically a wrapper around all of your services. Okay. And also my poster provides something. God, I would be solution accelerators. This is basically scenario base of solutions. So if you want to do remote monitoring off your devices, there is a solution accelerator card, remote monitoring. And similarly, if you want to deploy, I want a solution for a factory. Then you have connected factory on. Also, there's something called device simulation. All these accelerators will ease the development off. I've got a solution for you on when you compare. I would be solution accelerators on my woody central. I would be central is more like a really meant solution. There you can conficker, but it is very difficult to customize. So if you want a little customization, it's OK. But if you want to do massive customization than I would be central is not recommended. But when it comes to I would the solution accelerators. They exposed the back and said, Mrs, also do you so you can initially take the solution accelerator on Bill, Your solution on top off it. Okay. On the final series from mature in Internet opting Syria is digital trends. Using digital trains, you can able to define a spatial map of the building also. So basically, you can design a layout off physical building within digital prints. On it will make the U I very good. Basically, you can ableto configure the building landscape within visitor twins on you can design rooms within Ed I under different cafeteria and all those stuff within digital prints on Also, you can change the u. Y in such a based on the analysis on the evens coming from the devices. So, for example, one of the meeting rooms, if the temperature is gathered and 21 degrees you can change in the U I from being to rent , find that meeting up. Okay, So far, that kind of stuff you can use digital prints. So these are the key building blocks off on your Internet off things over the course off next few lectures and love the most. I'm going toe pick each one off them on. We have t really, just to explain the concepts on, we have several lab, the most on how to build I only solution on your okay. So it's going to be a very exciting journey. If you have some time, join me in the next lecture. 2. 2 Introduction to Event Hub: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide an introduction. Dodger, even how hundreds capabilities have you even harps is a high performance, even condition service on the big data streaming platform. So, for example, if you take a commercial building with multiple floors, each floor can have multiple sensors in order to lead temperature, take up. Basically, door sensors will re temperature data at a particular frequency. So all the sensors installed across multiple floors on a monthly basis can produce millions off hearings. And if you want to have a close of these inaudible in just those events buffer, install them on, process your stream off events in real time to get actionable insights, then even have is the right choice for you. Okay. And in any kind off, even based architecture you have even producers, the even producers can be census like a sedalia, and they can be other argue services also. So, for example, from sensors you might send the evens initially do. I would even have on didn't I would even have. You can configure Mrs looting in such a way certain type of events can be looted to sit and even helps. Okay? And also, you can have stream undertakes basically first Remillard ICS you and help can be a source. Are you? And how it can be a destination regarding I would have been streaming verdicts. I'm going to explain them in more detail in the subsequent labs and lectures, OK, and only these even producers can send even Steven Hub using hedge to DP Andean. Cubic. Okay, using those two protocols, even producers can in just the data into even help. And we didn't even have you can have multiple partitions. Multiple partitions enable you apparently process the events by different applications. Okay. And also you can use partitions in order to segregate the data. So, for example, you can confidence such away All the temperature readings will be stolen One partition. All the red emission sensor readings will be stolen. Partition toe all the coffee mission sensor readings will be starting partition tree so that we also you can configure. And in the end, all these events need to be processed. Those processing applications generally called us even receivers and for these even receive us, you can create different consumer groups within even help Each consumer group generally represent one application, you can have fight concurrently leading applications within cons. Miracle. But it is generally recommended to have only one application. Reading from the consumer group went off you on. Each consumer group can access multiple partitions and read the veins like a different frequency. Okay, I know you might getting confused. So let me take you through these key competence off even hops in bit more detail fast is even produces a me in today that since data and even top is even producer and also called us even publishers, even publishers can publish the events using hedge to DPS are MPP one part zero are Apache Kafka 1.0 in double. Okay, on the 2nd 1 is partitions. Each consumer only leaves a space fix upset our partition of the Messiah stream. You can use a punch in key to map the incoming even data into specific partitions for the purpose off data organization. So, for example, you can in just temperature data are bending Mission sensor data coffee mission sensor data into the same even home but different partition. Keep in that very even how you look into a partition key of the even and proved that even into an appropriate party shop. And the starting is consumer groups. It is basically a review off, and they're even how consumer groups enable consuming application to each have a separate view off the even stream. So in real world scenario, if you have a partition for life, events generally will help you applications that are reading those events within the partition. One application typically reads the events and put them into a storage so it doesn't do anything. He's just read the van's and put into storage because even seen even have will be experience stated period of time. You have one dedicated application general. Easy the events and put him there. Date. Alex Store are blob stories on you have another application with generally reads the events and to identify some issues. So, for example, let's say you have a temperature evils partition, which contains temperatures, and you won't go identify the Evansville. The temperature is about 21 degrees. For that. You have a dedicated application to analyze the events and identified those events with the grander than 21 degrees. So you have to applications right? Want to RK want, analyze both of them can create the same partition, but with a different offset. Keep and offset is basically position of even within the partition, because these events are not getting deleted automatically because, unlike using a solid piece, Boss very particular Mrs will become visible when one application is reading. Here even will be visible for both applications, so both applications need to maintain its one cursor within the partition. So how many humans are big and from what Even I need to read further? Okay, so that is gonna have said. It's basically cursor on disk. Arthur Value needs to be stored by each application so they will know from where they need to start reading again. OK, and the next thing is throughput units. It's pre patches, lyrics of capacity that control the throughput capacity off even hubs and finally, even receivers. Any interviewed, at least even data from and even help is even receiver only even helps consumers, can it? Where am Q P 1.0 session? OK, so these are all the key competence off even help, and the next thing is even helps for Apache Kafka, even how provides a calf Kaine point that can be used by your existing Cathcart based applications as an alternative to running your own Catholic Lester. Basically a party CAF can is a big data streaming platform, which is initially dollop dwelling them but donated to Apache on In case If you want to migrate your A party CAFTA plaster into our you and you're looking for the right option you can use even helps for it. Basically, the bigot want is off using even have sees. You don't need to change any applications that are dependent on CAFTA Cluster, other than simply changing the endpoints toe pointed to even top. Because even top has exactly similar concepts off calf car, your applications don't see any difference. Okay, so if you are comparing CAFTA concept, it even helps concept in even Have you generally called us names space? And in CAFTA, you call it us Cluster I within the name space you'll configure multiple even helps. Similarly, in calf committing cluster, you'll confident multiple topics. So basically topic in calf can mean even have been even helps on the next ones are partitions which are same in terms of technology. Consumer group are same and offset is also saying so in a sense, your applications that are depending upon Kaka Cluster doesn't need to change anything apart from simply changing the ankles. Okay? And the next thing is even helps capture even halves. Capture enables you to automatically capture streaming data in toward your blob stories are job date Alex storage. You can specify your own audio blah stories. Accountant container are to date Alex to account which are used to store capture data. So, as I said earlier in a real world scenario, able partition will be accessible pool applications In general, one application is to archive. The data are moody. Even data in toward your blob storage are of your data. Dexter. On another application is to process. The data are analysed that they talked quite indifferent anomalies. Okay, so So what even have captured who is stuff You dollar being an application on also confident consumer group in order to read the evils from the partition. And I gave them into blob storage. Our digital extras for further analysis in stuff you doing all the stuff even have capture will automatically do that for you. So you don't need to develop a new application toe arcade. The data are more the daytime, Two blocks to raise our little extra. And also you don't need to configure a consumer group. Further purpose are you Even hope will automatically do that for you. Okay, on capture data is returning Apache of your former. It's a compact fast by the reformer that provides that rich data structures with inland schema. This form, it is widely used. It is used in her typical system stream analytics on your data factory, etcetera. Okay, so basically, using this capability, you can automatically move the stream and their talking dog. Your blob stories are date Alex stories on Finally, I would like to touch upon to puts i e in terms of procuring you in hopes capacity in the form of to put units throughput capacity off even harps is controlled by throughput units a single to put unit in close in terms off Hingas upto one MP per second Artaza, Devens per second, which comes first and in terms off aggress upto MB per second are 4096 evens per second on when your purchasing to put you needs foreign even have names space that will be shared across all even helps in that names press And finally, a single partition has to have a minimum scale of one to put unit. So basically, when you are estimating even hops capacity, there are three things that you should keep in your mind. 1st 1 is in terms off size. So whether it is one and b are swollen people second and the second thing is number off events. Rather, it is 1000 Givens are 1,000,000. Evans, you need to understand how evens produced per second on the parting is how maney partitions you would like to go with. So three things in terms off size, number of evens produced per second, a number of partitions you would like to go with. Okay, You need to keep those three things in your mind when you are estimating even tops capacity . So that's it for this lecture. In this lecture, I have taken you through even how and its capability and also taken you through some of the key components of the same even humps for Apache. Kafka even helps capture and also have taken you to finally even helps capacity. Next lecture is allowed. Well, I'm going to show you how to create even half name space, go to some of the key configuration settings and also cleared and even have beaten that name space and clear some consumer groups within that even hope names based. Okay, so if you have some time, join me the next lab. 3. 3 Lab demo - Create an Event hub using Azure portal and send events into the same: Hi. Welcome to this lab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to create an even hub name space and create even have within it. And also hold a clear consumer groups written that even help. And finally, how to configure, even have capture in such a way any even posted into even harm will be copied and do blob storage. Okay, so first of all, let me go in Dodger Portal and create a resource group. I'm going to call this house Internet off things RG on in terms off region I'm going to select not Europe and click on Create are now going to the resource group. Click on add even homes. Click on it and you can create. I'm going to name the science that will draw even top. Hopefully that is available and pricing there. You generally have two options. When is basic? Another one is time dirt. I'm going to go for standard and click on Select the reason I'm going to standard these. I can create multiple consumer groups when compared to basic. So click on Celek and enable calf car if you want your calf compliance in order to interact with even job. Just like the way they used to interact with CAFTA. Topics just enable this and you don't need to do anything. You just need to conflict at the end point within your calf complains. Okay, on the second thing is make this names place joined a running. I'm going to leave the capacities Subscription is at your training's resource. Repeat what we cater now. Location not your rope throughput units. I'm goingto select four and enable or bring Fred. In case if your incoming traffic in body arriving top gone beyond the throughput that is Allocator, it will also. In fact, that means it will automatically increase the troopers. Please be careful if you select this. Make sure you have quite type off alerts in place in order to get a letter in case off the inflation. Otherwise, you can't predict your costs. Okay, on then click on. Create. It is generally quick, even hope creation. So I'm going to wait for its creation. No, I would even top has been successfully deployed. So let's close this close this close, this freshness and then going to even hub let me take you through some of the key settings first money shared access policies. Here, you can define a policy with different authorization levels on can either provide to even receiver are even producer, so you can create a shared access policy by clicking here on. Then let's say send policy. I will give authorization to send even. Certainly not Listen are manage. Okay, this is just like service bus shared access policies. Let's get con create Now I'll shoot. Exit policy has been successfully creator. If you click on it, then you can see primary key secondary key and also the connection string you need to provide to your even producer in order to post evens into even halves under this even top name space. Okay, so let's close this. And the next thing is Jodi Cody here, you can ableto add the our capability to your even top. Basically, you can create a second Iranians place in a pair region. So whenever your primary region goes down, then all the connections will be automatically routed to the second renames based. Okay, so you can click on here on. Then you can start creating the secondary name space on configured in such a way it will act as a secondary in terms of your application. So let's close. There's on the part important setting these firewalls and networks here you can configure, which will networks are appeared to strangers from where you want acts of the connections bear in mind. This particular seconds will be applicable for boat, even producers, and even receive us also. So be careful when you're configuring it on. Consider all even producers and even receive us. Okay. And if you come down here here, you can add even hops into this even helps name space. So now I'm going to add an even hub Mamie's or withdraw sensor events. Alexis on partition count. We have to I'm going to leave that as it is on Mas's retention. How long you want to retain events within this even hub? You can have up to seven, I think. Yeah, but I don't need more than one. Anyway, on capture, this is where even helps capture from smarty comes into picture. You can ableto automatically Hopi the even from the even have in their blob storage are due date, Alex store by con figuring Nick here. Okay, so click on on now you specify it to settings. One his time window. Another one. His size window. Whichever reaches the first, it will get triggered automatically. Okay, so, for example, you have 300 MB off data came within three minutes. Then it will get regarded phone. Wait for five minutes in order to capture the events. So there are two parameters that you can choose in terms off triggering this capture of furans in the block. Stories are data extra when his time window on Germany's size window. So now come down here. Here, we're going to cellar, Um, which will we'll go over it on your stories Only on salad container. I think I already have a container, but let's see. Click on the stories account here, even have blobs. Let's click on it. If you don't have one, just fear the container and it need not to be public. It can be private and click on Sell it on. Then you can see how the sample capture file for much will be on all those stuff. I'm not going to change any off distinct and click on create, so basically you don't need to create a consumer group are dedicated application in order to copy the data from even sub in Dodger Blob stories are a little extra. This even have captured conflagration will automatically do that for you. Okay, so let's go to that. Even hope that we just created here. Also, you can configure she ate access policies that is applicable for only this even Hub. Instance. So you can start adding shared access policies and also, if you want to change the existing capture configuration So, for example, at one point after you decided to move the events into data Dexter rather not you storage, you can configure it here. And also, if you want to change time, window or size window, you can convert it here. Okay? And the next thing is consumer groups, a default consumer group will always get target for every even how. But we want toe configure Our own is under. So let's conficker. Let's say disease logic cabs. So basically, logic camps is the and even receiver for those evens. We'll be axing from the consumer group. Okay, on the second consumer group I would like to add is, let's say, a stream analytics. This is another even receiver that will be using this consumer group Inaudible access events in those partitions. Okay, let's click on Create. So that's it we hope created to consumer groups Now, Now we need to post the even seem to this even help. I'm not going to show that now, In the subsequent labs and lectures, I'm going to show you how toe post even seem to you end up using a custom application and also using I would help. Okay, so that's it for this lamb in this lamb. I have shown you how to create, even have names, space on goto some of the important settings such as shared access policies do your application and also fire oil and watch for network rules, etcetera. And also, I have shown you hope to create and even how, within that name, space and also how to configure even helped capture functionality in such a way. All the even posted into this even how will be competent on your blob storage? And finally, I have shown you how to configure consumer groups within that even top. Ok, I hope you find this lab useful 4. 4 Overview of Azure IoT Hub: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide you an introduction to our jury. Would help. Angles. Capabilities. Are you ready, buddy? Half is a managed service hosted in the cloud, which is a central Mrs Hub for bidirectional communication. But when you're I would the application and devices it managers So are you ready, buddy? Have comes with lots of capabilities. Predominantly, you can divide them into three areas. Fost area is is decays. Secondary is device communication on the Torben is device management. In a stick s area, you have to type sophisticates available. Did you write what you have? 1st 1 is devices daycares using village. You can dollop applications on deploy them on devices on second dusty cases, services take yes. Using the age your back and applications can interact with. I only hope either you can dollop applications from scratch. Using services decays are you can enhance existing applications in such a way. Devlin track lit. I would help. Okay. On the prospect of device communication, you can do my says rooting. You can use the my streams and also you can able to carry out device to cloud communication and cloud toe device Communication. Okay. And the next thing is device management. Alia in the same yard. There are a lot of capabilities in my body. Hub one is device. I didn't today's which is basically I didn't really history on the 2nd 1 Is device Tweens too hard on his device configuration on the fourth? One is from their updates. There are a lot of father capital. It is also, but these are most important ones. So what I'm going to raise in this lecture I'm going toe a cuter of device management, Alia in bit more detail on in the subsequent lectures. I'm going to take you through device communication in a lot more detail. OK, so let me take you through the vice identities. Fast Identity Registry is arrested. Capable collection off devices are more delight in pretty early success, Identity registry can store values for each device, such as Id's authentication keys on start to score on. Using decided to religious tree, you can ableto provisioned devices for more use that connect to your I only have on, but also you can control per device per module, access to your haps device or model facing and pars. So basically, what will happen is venue registry device with I would have automatically and I didn't really get created for it. So using that identity you will devise can be brutal, authenticate itself toe of your I would have and send device too close communication or receive clothes. Device communication. Okay, so basically, whenever you register a device in identity will get creator with an I d. On authentication keys, which you need to pass on to that particular device. In order to interact with this, I would have and submit massagers. Okay. And one more thing is authentication keys. You can either oxygen read or you can provide manually also. Okay, I'm going to show that to you in the next lab. How you can register the device and also provide your own authentication keys if required, Are auto generated up indication keys. Okay. And the next most important thing is device twins device twins are Jason documents that store device state information, including metadata, configurations and conditions. So far, every device that is created in I want to have a device identity will get creator on. Also, I would have maintains that device will for each device that you cannot do. I hold it up. Okay, you can imagine device will like a logical instance off your physical device in the field. And within this device, been Jason document. There are lots of sections for section is tax, which you can use to store relevant information about the device. So, the best of some, please. You want to store location information of the device in tax. So, for example, in what building the devices locator Which floor? Which section? Which area you can even go to meeting room. Let's say like that You control device Location related information in tax. How? What? This tax section is not visible to your device. Okay, your device neither able to see it, not fetch any information from tags. Keep that in mind. On the second section is properties under property issue. Have subsections such as desired reported on read only properties. So desire properties. He's the one that device is expecting from the back and I ot application. So, for example, let's say you have temperature sensors and you want to change the frequency of temperature readings on and obvious. So in that case, you can put the frequency as a key value pale within their desire properties and using your back. And I want the application user can change the frequency on that frequency. Change will get updated info device will, and it will get notified to the device. Device will read that frequency chain. I'll start sending temperature delivery had changed frequency. Okay. And the next thing is a reporter reported, is something that device can read and write, but the patent application only can view it. So, for example, device want to report its badly percentage because you want to identify all the devices with the badly person is less than 10%. In that case, you want to create a work order to send the field user to replace the batteries in those devices, that particular day title build you can put into reported. So basically, device will write that Battery Person day regularly into reported section of the device will on your back and application will produce a report with all badly is less than composer and risible quarter. Okay. And there is another section which is really only section. Basically, you can't do anything with this really only section It's basically their toe store some information, for example. Device idly state us and all those stuff they will be used by I would help in order to manage the devices. Okay, so this is all about device will. But there is something else which is called more guilty. Let me take you through that. Moderate veins represent more deals on the device on die. Would he have can use to synchronize model conditions on configuration, modulate into D and module twin provide the same capabilities, has device twin and device identity, but a fine of granularity. So basically, in terms of structure, more guilt in is exactly similar to a device trim, but with one difference. Let me take an example to explain that. Let's say you have a mighty sensor that might be sensor will have lot off capabilities. One is to take temperature reading. 2nd 1 is lied. Part of it is humidity On the 4th 1 His motion sensor. All these things club together between that multi sensor. In order to represent that properly vetting, I wouldn't have You can represent the multi sensor as a device on each off those additional capabilities. So, for example, temperature sensor light sensor humidity sensor, all part of the multi sensor. But each one of these individual sensors you can represent as a modules under particular device. So by doing that, you can able to independently control the frequency or any other things that you want to do on a model places. Okay, That's the biggest advantage off having devices under devices having modules, okay. And in terms of properties Onda, Jason, document. It is exactly similar to a device to him, so I'm not going to go through it again, okay? And finally, one more thing I would like to take you through, which is device conflagration. Let's say you have thousands of sensors installed under building. Okay, On one fine morning, you decided to change the frequency of the temperature sensors from daily basis to hourly basis. OK, you want to increase the frequency of the temperature readings that you are getting from these thousands of sensors. In that case, if you need to do using, I would have either unit to doll up your own application. In orderto programmatically update. All device twins with the frequency change are good. Each individual device will end up did it manually in either of age is extremely tedious task. To avoid that, you can take that von tees off automatic device conflagration that is available in I would help automatic device configurations work by updating set off device trains with their desire properties and reporting a summary based on device went reported properties. So each conflagration contains three parts for stuff are you to decide toe which sensors you want to apply that frequency change. Let's say okay, so that means you define the scope of the device tends to be updated. That school can be defined using target condition, which is basically a quality on device, twin tax and all reported properties. And the second thing is target content. What is the conflagration? Either you want to inject into device twin desire properties are did the existing desire properties. Okay, so the target content is basically defines. Want a desire? Properties to be update er are added in the target device twins and finally you can able to define the somebody comes off various conflagration. States such as sex is in progress and Arab Okay, so this is a very useful, functional David and I want to help. It can enable you top day thousands of devices by simply creating a conflagration with the target condition Target country on I only have will update all the device means applicable bit appropriate conduct. Okay, Don't worry. If you don't understand this in the next lab, I'm going to show you how to do that. So that's it for this lecture in this lecture. How provided an introduction by would help and different companies associated with I would help on. We gone in big more D day in the device management area. That is device I in today's device Twins More dolphins automatic device configuration. Okay, next luxuries Lab, where I'm going to show you how to create. And I would he have using our your portal on. Also, we are going to register a device goto device Twin Properties, and finally really create a conflagration on a play that configuration for the devices. Recreate. Okay, so it's going to be interesting lab. So if you have some time, join me the next lap 5. 5 Lab demo - Creation of IoT Hub and device and apply device configuration: Hi. Welcome to this. Now in the snap, I'm going to show you a number of things. Firstly, I'm going to show you how to create. And I want to have using our your porter and go to some of the important settings. And secondly, I'm going to show you hope to register a device on Goto device Twin Properties and totally I'm going to show you how to use automatic device configuration in article defined a conflagration and also apply the same way a group off devices. OK, so first, let me start with creation of my body. Huh? Inaudible Boo Dodd. Let's go into our your portal and click on Create a Resource. And here typing I want a hub. Go on. I would he have and click on for a year and then resource group I'm going to select Internet off things region I'm going to select not Europe and I only hope name going to select withdraw I would be have let's see whether it is available or No, no, let's say two. Yeah, OK, and click on next. I'm incomes off sizing and scaling. You have number of tiles that are available. You can select either free or basic cost under. But if you select basic, there are some features that are not available. You can see here cloud for device commands only available in free standard tire and I would be age etcetera. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to select free time, which gives all the functionality but only alone. 8000 messages party. Okay, so let's give you and create, by the way, one more thing I want to show you is that nuance of settings. If you click on here, you can never go defined partitions. What this basically do is it will create partitions in and even hub we can. I want to help whenever you kid and I only have and even help will get created under that I would help, although it is internal. So I want to help. But you can able to view on conficker those even have details also. Okay, so I'm going to leave the partitions as it is on click on create. Okay, so this is going to take some time, so I'm going to pass this video and come back once this is successfully created. Now are I would have has been successfully created. So let me click on it now Let me take you through some of the key settings associate of it . I already have 1st 1 initiate access policies Using this you can define a policy with an appropriate authorisation. Level our permission level. So let me show you that by clicking on add on, you need to provide a policy name which can be device management O r. Otherwise, identity management. Now, within the policy, you can provide different permissions. You can provide redistribute and right which is related to management off your device identities. So using this permission, your application can be able to update device identities. Are we device I'd introduce Okay. On the power of any service connected using these, you will be able to receive device too close communication and send CLO toe device communication on using device connect. You can able to send device too close communication and receive cloud to the west communication. So what are all these communication means? What do you mean by device to cloud communication and cloud to device communication Keep their taught in you In the next lecture, I'm going to explain in detail about this communications. Okay, for now, let's click on these two and click on Create. Now, I have created device identity management. If you click on it, it has the associated shade access keys on the connection strings, which you can use on confident in your application in such a way. Your application able to manage device identities story. I would help. Okay, Now let me close this on pricing and scale. In case if you want to change the pricing time, you'll be able to do that here and operations monitoring. Don't worry about it because it is being removed on most of the functionality off operations monitoring. He's more than toe on your monitor. Our diagnostics. Okay. And the next thing is I p filter. Here, you'll be able to provide I p address change from where you want acts of the connections to your I would have, by the way, be careful when you're confident this because it is applicable to both surveys and points and device and parents also Okay, That means it is applicable for devices and applications. Accessing I would help. Okay. And certificates and building and points. I'm going to take you through that in big more detail in the subsequent labs. And if you come down here, I want you devices here. You can able to act devices. Are you registered devices in Cairo to help? So let me add one. The vice I d like me. Type 12345 on a vindication type. I'm going to leave the town symmetric key. And you can either generate primary or secondary keys are you can leave the setting as it is toe ultra gentle kiss. So if you want, check this, then you need the point. Primary key on second Ricky. And if you come down here, can't this device so I would hear Yes, I won't bring able it on pairing device. It doesn't have any pain and device at the moment, so I'm going to leave. The tacit is, But you can use this parent device normal device and modules so you can build a hierarchy of devices with and I would help with this functionality, so let's could conceive. Okay. Now I'm going to add one more device because we're going to use both devices when I'm using automatic device conflagration in order to change the configuration Okay, now I'm going toe pipe in 6789 10 as device I D. And leave that as it is. Primary key and second, tricky auto gender them connect this device. Why would he have enable it? No parent device and click on Save. Now I hope you get pulled devices. So let's go to one device and go to the details. Here you can view device I D on. You can view Primary key and second Ricky and appropriate connection strings and whether the devices connected by Woody Herb or not, whether the parent devices did or not on if you want to enable distributor tracing are in other words, if you want to add correlation ideas to the messages in such a way, you can ableto traced the messages coming from this device across. I want to help. Then you can enable this, but I'm going to leave it as disable and also you can use synchronization status here. We haven't synchronized anything, so it won't show anything yet. And here more delight. In two days, you can ableto create more jewels 100 this device. OK, so for example, if your device is multi sensor for each sensor included in their device. You can create a model, okay? And also, you cannot play conflagrations. I haven't had created any conflagration, so it is not showing anything. And another thing. I want to go to his device. Spin. Jason, message here is the Jason document associated with this device. Will. Okay, so you can see the properties here desired on reporter. And there is one more, actually capabilities that this device is. I hope he age or not, it's not so I'm going to leave that as it is. And also you can add another section, which is tax. So I'm going to add right now. This is the section I'm going to add. Okay, that's it. Basically, what I'm adding here is I'm adding the location of this device, which is in a building called watermelon. Okay, so I'm going to save this. I close this close this go to another device, and at this tag, you might be thinking, Why am adding this tag? Hold that thought. You will get to know when I'm doing automatic device configuration. Okay. See if this no, What we have done is we created two devices with and I would he have? And we go on to some of the sittings and we went to each device will and added attacks section. OK, now it's time to define a configuration. Andare play that configuration automatically. So these two devices Okay, so let's click on here and then click on our configuration. I'm going to call this sounds frequency config. I was sorry. Caps is not alone. Okay, Come down here. You don't need to provide labels, but if you want it, you can provide it. Click on next. Specify the between part. It's basically properties design door sittings. Let's say basically, in that part, this particular content will be injector. He needs device from Okay. On Dhere. What I'm going to type in. Is it frequency fight? Okay, But means let's say every five minutes, the temperature reading will be signed by the device. Okay, so let's get call next. You don't need to worry about matrix. At this point of time, it's optional, but you can configure if it is required in real world scenario and could call next. No, we need to provide a priority. Priority will help to resolve conflagration conflicts. So, for example, if to conflagrations have the same settings for the same device. The settings with higher priority will overwrite. Okay, so here we need to provide target condition to define the scope of devices. So, two which devices you want to apply this conflagration. So what you can do is Dax. Don't location. Don't let me check once because I didn't remember building. Right. Okay. Building Equador watermelon. Okay, Andi, even here itself, you can able to view devices will fall into the school. Okay, Now it is showing zero. That means we might have it in something wrong. Watermelons, maybe. I'm putting a caps lock. No, let me copy this. This is what I used earlier. I might be typing something along somewhere. Yeah. Cool. Do I says device 123456789 10. So, basically the conflagration redefined will be applied to these two devices. OK, on, Pick on next. Okay, let's play pin 10 here on call. Next. That said, this is the configuration document on click on submit. You can ableto don't order conflagration document also, by the way, no, let's wait for one minute and keep on refreshing this refresh button on you. will see at some point of time to target it and to applied. Okay, so let me pass this video for one minute, and I'll come back once the configuration is successfully applied to the two devices. Now, the conflagration has been successfully applied here. You can see two targeted and pull applied. So now let's go back to the devices and then click on one device. Click on device twin on. You should see the section that we injector see here. Properties desire from those settings. We have frequency there. Okay. And know what you can do is, let's say after one month or two months, you decided to change the frequency. In that case, you can simply go here and then go to the content that means configuration. And then here, what's happening? Is it not lorded? Probably one minute. Let me launch this again. You should be able to change it. Actually, here are two devices. Looks like you can't change it. I can't believe this because I thought we can change. This are one thing you can do. You can simply clone this. Okay, Goto next. Sorry. Goto Previous on changing for 10 minutes. Go to next. Next on, you're not changing anything. You just change the confrontation. And now you want to outplay. But this has a higher priority. Okay? That means this will overwrite anything that is done by the previous conflagration because it has higher priority. Okay, And pick all next on que con submit on. Let's see what happens. I'm going to pass this video again until discussed, Successfully applied on. We'll go back to diverse me and see that the frequency has been changed from fight again. Okay, Now our new conflagration has been successfully applied on. The whole configuration is no longer getting applicable. So if you go to, I want to demonise us. Now go to one of the devices Goto device vein. You should be able to see the change in configuration here. See, frequencies changes took 10. So this is how you can able to change the frequency with is using automatic device configuration. Okay. And if you want to quarry these devices, you can use query Explorer on. You can use either collection device twin, our jobs on just for Sandra, and you should be able to see all the device twins with that configuration. Our doors that falls into their search. Quit. Okay, so that's it for this Now, in the slam I have shown you hope to create. I only have using of your portal on. We have gone through some of the key settings, such as shade access policies on all those stuff. And secondly, I have shown you how to register devices on go to some of the properties, such as device to in Jason document and all those stuff, and finally have shown you how to create a device conflagration and apply them. Be a specific set off devices which is defined by a target condition. Okay. I hope you find Islam useful. 6. 6 Lab demo - Send messages into IoT hub using a simulated device: Hi. Welcome to Islam in the slab. I'm going to show you how to send messages in time. Would be help from a simulator device on also hold to retrieve the messengers from Ayodhya using a sample back and application. OK, so I'm going to doll up to applications one to simulate a device to send messages in Jodi, huh? And another one is to redo the messengers from my body up. Okay, so let me go into the studio and start creating the project, and I'm going to select when those classic this stop and it's going to be a console app. I'm going to name the size simulated device and click on. OK, now I'm going to replace the court with the court. I already got. Basically, I'm using the sample four provided by Microsoft. So let's open this and copy and a thing, and then copious and then paste it here. Okay, This might not work because we need to download naked package and install it. So let me copy this. I like it here. Manage Not good packages. Let's install this. I accept. Not in a good package has been successfully in store. Let's close this and another thing that we need to install is Newton soft for Jason passing . Let's Oh, sorry. It's already installed. Is it okay? Good. No, let's go back. All these others should go every now. Let me go to the court. So first, let's go to the main function here. I'm creating a device client, but I would have you are a and also device idea and device key on. Then I'm calling the function. Send device too close massagers a synchronous way here. There will be an in fruit loop on basically via using a random generator in order to generate a random temperature value and also humility value. And here I'm defining the message. Basically, masses will contain my says I d device i d temperature and humidity. And also, if the temperature is granted and 30 degrees, then I'm adding a property which is called Temperature Lep. Okay. And if the current temperature is grounded in 30 degrees, then it is true. Otherwise it is false. Okay, you might be thinking why I'm doing this. This will be useful in the subsequent labs and lectures. Inaudibly explain myself rooting. Okay. And here I'm using device claim in order to send that message on displaying the Maciste sent. So now go up here on Dhere you need to provide. I would have host name Device Key and also device I d. So let's go back toward your portal and get these things go to resource of robes on. Then click on Internet off things and then click on. I would be harb. Now we need to go to the device in order to get device I d. So click on my OT device says so. Our program will simulate this particular device. Like, say, Okay, now here I can get the host name host name is this one. Let me copy. That's why would he have post name on a device key? I need to copy, which is basically this one on device ideas. 12345 Okay, if you go back, you can see device Andy here. Okay, that's it. We have changed. I wanted Have You are in orderto point this program to our erotica on. We have provided part of device Karen shells. I had device specifically, and shells. So this program will not be able to update anything other than posting the massagers are we claim the properties from the device will. Okay, so let me run this program to make sure it is working properly. Now the program started sending messages. Antibody hub. Let's go into a body harm. Let's close this goto our view. It might take some time, but let me see. See device too close massagers Click on here on then. Time Ranger. I'm going to change it to last active minutes. Let's see what will happen. We just need to keep under fishing and there will be some messages that will start coming in. In the meantime, what I will do is I'll dollop another program. So let me close this one down. Onda, let me create another program. Things Program will mimic the back and application in order to retrieve the messengers from my audio. Okay, again, I'm using console app here. The tree massagers from I would help. Okay, let's click on, OK, No, I have another piece of court in order to retrieve the messengers. So let me go and open that one and let's copy discord and based it here. Okay? Now we need to install appropriate nugget packages in order to do we got? Let's go. Here. Right click managing. I could packagers browse, type in windows on your dots on the spurs Click on it and install. I accept. Now the package has been successfully installed. So let's go toe program Close this one down. Still, we're getting your rose. Why show potential fixes? Looks like it might not be real friendly properly. Let me see. There is no Microsoft dot Service was here generally when you installed on a good package, it asked this deal. Microsoft dot service bus. Okay, What I'm going to do, I'm going to manually refer to it. Yeah, he had I have wondered. Eve, click on. OK, No. Okay, let's browse. You're done. Goto documents go to the project folder. Which is this one on packages going to days libraries on before this deal. Okay, let's add the difference. Hopefully now, everything should go every okay. Good. That's been in this. This reference could not be resolved because it was built against 4.6 prime book. Okay, I think I know how to resolve their some go here. Go to Project and Lord Project. Now what? I click it on a Did this file and then here they should be framework version. See that are good. Framework version. I'm going to change this to 4.6. See vid reload the project. I now go to the program. That's build it. Let's see whether that ever got result or not. Yes, it got result. Now let me take you through the court. Firstly, what we're doing is we're initiating it. Even her plane using the connection string. And also I want to help end point. Okay. And then we're going to get partition ideas on Dhere. I am creating a task in order to retrieve the messages from devices. Sorry from even hub. Basically, every I only have internally will have even help. Okay, so that 10 point we're connecting. I'm trying to retrieve the data. Okay, here we are reclaiming the data on were displaying the data. Okay, Most of it is self explicitly so you can go through that here. I need to provide a connection. String is under, so let me go. Toe was your photo. And then if you come to shoot access policies, click wanted here on the access we need in order to narrative the messengers, he's service endpoint access. So I'm going to copy this connection string and basted here just to explain. Once again, we have a lot of shared access policies providing more the position level at different levels. But I'm interested only in the service level because that credentials we can use in order to retrieve messages from even, huh? We didn't. I want help. Okay, so that's it. We don't need to do anything else. Let's build a solution. No. What? I'm going to days. I'm going to run this at the same time. I'm going to run, send messages to I want to help. So we have a simulator device program that will be sending the massagers. So I'm going toe this and then we have a program to relieve the messages from my would help on. I'm going to run this. Okay, so let's see, we're already started sending messengers. See, we started receiving messengers. No. What? I'm going to days. I'm going to make a small change to one off the programs when we are retrieving the message . We want to display whether that Macey's is a lot or not. So if you go to the simulator device program here we are setting one off the properties on the message toe. Tell whether it is temperature a lot or not, isn't it? Now we want to relieve the property on display on the receiving end. So I'll goto receive messages from my OD hab here. I got the message, which is even data. Sorry. Let me closed on both off them and then going here on going toe. Initiate available. I'm going to call this out a load. He Quito even Data dog Proper piece. And then this is going to be temporary. Teacher and load don't to strength. So I'm reclaiming the temperature. Eller property off the even message that we are receiving from my woody up. Okay, just to make sure I type of discover clear. Let's go back to simulator device. Let me copy this just really wide in your us, Okay? And then I'm going to display this and here. I'm going to type in a look. Okay, That said, let's run this application again on Let's start sending the messages from simulated device and let's see whether the alert is getting displayed or not. Okay, C el er true. False. True, true. True falls. So we're getting the property value of the message. Also, the reason I'm displaying this is in the next two next lecture. I'm going to show you how to route messages based on this alert. If they alert these phones, then we are not going to post the messages into a destination, even Hub. But if they alert is true, then we will rule the messages into even, huh? OK, so that's it for this lab in this lab. I have shown you how to dollop a simulator device in order to send messages in promoting, huh? On we tested it. And also how to develop in application in order. Politically, the messages from my Woody hub. And also I have shown you how to displace the masses properties so that we can use it in the subsequent labs. Okay, I hope you find this lab useful. 7. 7 Overview of IoT Hub communication: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture I'm going to take you through. I only helped communication. I would have exposes its functionality to a number of factors. So it is really important for you born this turn from each actor perspective, how you can communicate with I would help. Okay, Andi, I would help. Communication can be broadly divided into two categories. 1st 1 is device too close communication. And the 2nd 1 is cloud to device communication. Okay, so let me take you through both off them in. Bit more detail in terms of device too close communication. In general, there are three types of communication you do. First money is device to a cloak massagers. These messages are basically times that is telemetry and alerts. So, for example, temperature reading at a frequency of wilt active in years. Motion sensor leave end. So, like that, those messages fall under device to cloud massagers. Okay, on any messages you send in terms of device, Oklahoma seizures can be stroll up to seven days in. I would help, and in general they are very high frequency and the size off each Massie's is limited talkto 56 kilobytes okay. And the next thing is device trains Reported properties so far, reporting device state information. The best example is battery level. So device on a periodic basis will right into device one reporter properties about battery level. Okay. And this device, when reporter properties will be stored by what we have, As long as you don't remove device identity, all the information, the device twin will be stolen. I want to help. Okay. And secondly, it is medium frequency on the maximum reported property sizes eight gave you. OK, you need to keep that in mind when you are planning to use device. Vince reported properties because there is a size limitation so you can't put whatever you want and bread on the part when his file uploads, you generally use it for uploading media files and large telemetry batches for intermittently connected devices. For example, if you have a security, I want a solution where you have placed cameras around the building and it is recording the videos at some point of time. You need to upload that video into your media solution. Okay, so, for example, larger media services into which you want upload further purpose you can plan in such a way you can use file uploads feature in our popular media files. And also, if you are intermittently sending telemetry badges also, in that case, also, you can use okay on all the information in terms of media files on large telemetry patches , they're all story are just tore his account. And in general, it is very low frequency. Maybe once a day on a maximum file size, it can be up to what is supported by azure blob storage. Because it is there, this file uploads bigger store. Okay, so three times device to Oklahoma. Seizures on device twin reported properties and file uploads. Okay, this is all about device to cloud communication. Now, let's goto cloud toe device communication. In terms of clothes, device communication, you can send cloud to diverse messages. So if you want to send of one V notification to the device, you can send using cloud to device messengers. Generally, what I want to have do is internally whenever you register a device, a device identity, really, that created it. Device twin will get created on also a dedicated Cuba God creator for each device. So you are sending messages from back and application that Macey's will be placed into the queue. I think if I remember correctly, you can't place more than 50 messages into the cube on whatever the messages that you send from your back and application, they are stored up to 48 of us. So basically, they will wait in the queue up to 48 of us. If device doesn't become that messengers feet in those 48 of us, the messages will get expired. Okay, Andi, in general, you'll send this message is at a very low frequency on sizes up to 64 KB. Okay, on the 2nd 1 is device twin desire properties. This is for long running commands to put device in statistic. So if you want to send frequency change up dead, you can write into device when desire properties on the device will pick it up and change the frequency off. Temperature readings are humidity readings. OK on these device when desire properties generally gets updated at a medium frequency and the maximum reporter property sizes eight kb So you can see here What desire and reporter properties. Each one of them can be a put eight KB. And finally, you have direct matters. It is for two way communication that require immediate confirmation of the result. So, for example, if you have a woody solution there, you know, based on the temperature of the building, you want a seat to be switched off. Our switch don't. And it's an immediate communication. So you don't want to send them a seasoned wait for device to pick it up? You won't immediately tell. In that case, you can use that. It matters. Okay on when you are trying to call Dad, it matures on the device from cloud. If the device is disconnected, then it will not be contacted on these direct matters. Generally off high frequency on the maximum diet matter. Paler sizes one. Toady it, Katie. Okay, so this is the one about close to device communication on with respect to device to clothe and cloud to device communication. We have number off ways of communication for different purposes. Right? For this you need to have a different 10 points on. I would help because you have different actors doing different things with an iota help. So it need to have different endpoints. So let me take you through that in a bit more detail, are you? I already have exposes its functionality to various actors and below diagram is showing most of them points that is exposed by I would have so from party vice perspective, you haven't endpoint to send device too close messages on Also, you have an end point to receive clo to device messengers and also carry out file uploads, retrieve and update win properties. This is mainly reported properties. You can update onda desire properties you can relieve and also you can receive direct method requests. So party west paces you have all these endpoints. Okay. And from the saddle is perspective. I either back and application perspective. It can use an parents received device to club in orderto Fitch, the messengers and also it can use sand cloud toe device in order to push the notifications to the device and also receive fire notification diet metal in new creation that is one in point. That service can use ex cetera and in terms of managing that I would have also there are a lot of fun points on all these endpoints are exposed as a rest AP eyes on also you can use I would be services the case in order to carry your dis operations first, when his device identity management using that 10 point, you can ableto you know, create device identity update device Apparently Exeter on the 2nd 1 is device twin management Using page you can able to manage your device twins and finally, jobs management. Okay, so deal all the endpoints that are provided by I would be home. It is extremely important for you to understand how you can communicate with I would help in number off. This, based on the actor type an actor can be a device can be a service. I can be some other thing. OK, now, when you get this message is from device to cloud, you can use Mrs Shooting in order to route messages toe different endpoints. Okay, so let me take you through that. My sense routing enables you to send messages from your devices to cloud services in an automated, scalable and reliable manner. You can use the same for sending device telemetry messages as well as events, toe customer and points. And when you are rooting is massagers, you can filter the data before the date I send do various endpoints. Okay, so let me take an example to explain this. You have some devices which are sending temperature readings at a regular frequency off every 30 minutes. Let's say Okay, all those messages were come doing what he up. But all I am interested is those readings that exceeded 21 the grace. Okay, that is my interest. So what I would like to do is archaic. All the messages that were getting, whether it is more than 21 degrees, are less turned on the one device in their blob storage, but at the same time, pick up those messages where the temperature reading is more than 21 degrees on Bush. Those events into our jury went up. Okay, if you would like to do that kind of stuff written on your I want to help, you can use Macey's rooting Soviet imuses rooting. You can define a customer point onda also provide a filter basically condition that needs to be scientists file before sending that particular even to a customer point. Okay, don't worry. If you don't understand it, I'm going to show you how to put this in the next lab. Okay. And the final thing I would like to take you through is device streams are your I want to have the my streams facilitate the creation off secure bidirectional TCP internals for a variety of cloud to the west. Communication scenarios a device dream is mediated by and I would have streaming and point , which acts as a proxy between your device on service and points so you can take advantage of this particular functionality when your devices are connected to your private network. So when the back and services need to contact your devices, you need to do all kind of fire world whole stuff basically need implements are rules both in bone and our bone, he noted. To make this services toe canto devices at the same time, device also can to services. Okay, in stuff working on those fire old rules and punching holes into it, you can use our jury what you have as a mediator. Basically, what you will do is from devices you'll make an hour bone collection, so I want to help and from services. Also, you'll make an hour ball connection on that panel will get open between them on the devices and services can communicate via the tunnel, which is mediated by our jury. Would help. Okay, so this is one of the scenario mainly used if your device is kind of took to a private network and also you want to simplify firewall changes? Okay, that's it for this lecture. In this lecture, I have taken you to a device to cloud communication cloud to device communication. Macey's rooting on also device streams. Next lecture is allow where I'm going to show you how to configure myself rooting and rude messages in such a way. Any temperature reading more than 21 degrees, those events will be routed to even have on all other events, including the one rather than 21 degrees. Basically, we will RK beach. And they were even in your blob storage. Okay, so if you have some time, joined me in the next lab 8. 8 Lab demo - Define message routing to route messages to custom end points: Hi. Welcome to this lab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to configure Mrs Looting. And I want a hub in order to send messages to even have and blob storage. Basically, I'll conficker masses rooting in such a way. Any messages with the temperature gather than 30 degrees will be routed to even, huh? And all messages whether the temperature is guarded than 30 or less than 30 will be routed to block storage. So basically, we'll archival the messages to blob stories and the Messager start. We are more in cluster in case off temperature Garden 13. You're sending Dole messages to even help. Okay? And for this lap up us, I'm going to create a brand new I would he have with this one standard time. Okay, let me do that. Con created resource piping. I would have gone cleared. And here, resource group, select Internet off things RG and the region select not Europe. And the name withdraw won't be home. Macey's rooting. And next I'm going to leave that as this one standard fired on glee contribution create we can create. Okay, This I want to help. Creation is going to take some time. So I'm going to pass this video on come back once. I would be happy. Successfully created? No, I would have has been successfully created. So let's go to resource. Next thing I'm going to do is to reduce to a device because we are going to use that device credentials in order to send messengers from a simulator device. So this I want to have. Okay, so let's go toe to toe my says and click on. Add on. I'm going to give the device ready. 12345 on. Leave all the credentials and settings as it is, frankly, conceal. Now our device has been successfully creator. The next thing we need to do is to copy the authentication key from here into the program off simulator device. Okay, so let me copy this key and go to the program. This is the program we have return in the Ilir Labs. And also, we might need to change the horse name. I'm not sure whether I copied it earlier. Let me copy this. Yeah, it's the same name. I already changed it. It seems okay on the device. Idea is 12345 That said. And the next thing we need to do is to conficker Mrs Routing Okay, in outer could go dark. Click on here and in order to confident message routing unit to con further custom and points first. So let's click on customer and points go to blob storage. Sorry. Click on add. You can block storage. Andi, I'm going toe named the size Rob store age for her would be hub. Okay, on pick a container. I'm going to select an existing storage account and I'm going to clear the container. Okay. Capital letters are not alone. Okay, you can okay. And select that container and pecan select. Okay. And the next thing you can conferees batch frequency and chunk size windows. It's basically defines the size of the blobs and how frequently the blobs needs to be created on all those tough and also here, Blob named former. I'm not going to change any of these things. I think we can create. That's it. One in point has been successfully created. Still refreshing. So let's wait for it. Don't worry aboard. This is just unable to refresh it. And the next thing we would like to add is uneven top. I'm going to call the size I want in procedures with high temperature. Let's say Okay, Andi even hope Name space. I'm going to select up Italy or even hope that be created in previous lamps and even have been stands is going to be redressed since or evens on. Then let's click on Create. Okay, now we have con figure second customer and point. Let's close this. Don't worry about it. They can't rude. Now we need to act. Pulls first. Roadies toe RK massagers in their blob storage irrespective of temperature grander than 30 or less than 30 on the second rupees toe root all messages with temperature rather than 30 degrees to even help. OK, so let's create one. The name of the Rudy's messages are kind, let's say, and then point I'm going to select is the one that I created love stories for i o. T. Hub on data source. You can select three types force twenties device telemetry. Macedonia's 2nd 1 is device twin massagers on the 3rd 1 is device lifecycle evidence. Okay. And enable route. Yes, And in terms of rooting for you, I'm going to put true That means no condition will get applied. All the messages that are coming in Taiwan rehab will be copied into blob storage. It is picked off what Mrs contains. Okay. And then you can test it also if you want, but we haven't confident anything, so I'm sure this will be successful. See, the mess is much equity because we haven't confident in equally here. We just put through there, OK, honestly concerned. That's it. We have added, wondered successfully and the second route we need to add used to rule them assay just to even come whenever the temperature is kind of that tactic, please. Okay. I just wait for this action to be completed on D u. I gets the fresh. It looks like there is some problem. Okay, Route has been successfully added. Now let me add another rude the seas group for high temperature, that is temperature gallant activities. And in terms of friend point, I'm going to cellar even tub. This is they even have that we configured as a customer point on device telemetry. Messengers here. We need to put a condition to filter. The message is based on a property cold temperature allowed So if we go back to the earlier court, we have returned in the simulator device. We have added a property core temperature alert for every message we're sending and the temperature load property will be cruel falls based on whether the temperature is gather than 30 unless 10. 30 So basically it is true of the cooperated is gathered in 30 on false If the temperature is last 10. 30. Okay. And we can conficker This is a filter condition in the route. So let me copy days. Basically whatever the properties added to the message, their application properties, I in other words, their user different properties and you can use them in this whole inquiry for filtering the messages. So what I'm going to do here is copy not sorry. Let me go back. Copy these? I tasted hell and then he Quito True? Yeah, True. Okay, basically, what we're doing is any messages with the temperature allergic all too true. Then we are passing all those messengers into uneven top. Okay, so let me say this route also. That's it. We have other pool lords. Now it's time to test our customer and points and also groups we have configurable, but they're working correctly or not. I'm going to wait for a minute just to get this refreshed properly to make sure that route has been successfully updated. Yes, it is updated now. So let's go back to program, which is representing our simulator device on clicker it Now these are the messages that were standing. Let me go back to even top our first. Let me show you here just to make sure that my cells are coming doing what we have in the first place Pick on and and then change the range to last 30 minutes on the airplane. This should get refreshed on. We should see some messages. As you can see, you can see one message now we need to goto blam stories. Sorry, not this one. This is the story of conduct we configure and we created a container Click on blobs and you can see the container here. I want to have messages are time. We should see some blobs created here. It might take some time, so wait for it. Let me go back to simulator device and see whether there is any temperature rather than tacky. You can see here one which is granted and 30 on the 2nd 1 here. So what we can do is to go do I want to have sorry even top and go to even Hobbs and then peek under address in Surrey veins. Let's see whether the messages came or not. These are the messengers. It's still showing empty here. Let's change to last 30 minutes. It's not showing anything. So what I'm going today is I'm going to pass this lecture for few minutes and come back once this massagers are shown in your portal, you away Now, I have waited for a few minutes on You can see messages now, here, coming into even home and you can see number off incoming messages to. And if you go to that messages, then you can see temperature is granted and 30 degrees. I'm not going to recruit the masses details now, because in the subsequent labs I'm going to show you how you can prove this messages into power. Bi I on the view that Mrs detains in power bi I Okay, so let me close this. And also one more thing I want to show you is blob stories because we looked at all the messages to be sent to blob storage. Isn't that so? Click on blobs on. This is the content of the creator. And you can see here the folder, click on it on, Go on clicking and then there and you can see a blob blob. Basically, this block, we can tell all the messengers. Okay? You can also define what that the message should be In Jason format are a of your format that also you can define when you're confident in the customer in point. Okay, so that's it for this. Now, in this lab, I have shown you how to configure Mrs Rooting in order to route messages with temperature greater than 30 toe even have and all messages weather temperatures. Gallant 30 or less than 32 blob storage. So we created to customer points created two rules. One route is far even herb. Another food for bluff stories. Okay. I hope you find the slab useful. 9. 9 Introduction to Stream Analytics: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm goingto provide an introduction to our Ustream analytics and its capabilities. And your stream Analytics is uneven processing engine that can be used to examine high volumes of data streaming from number of sources. So in any kind of human based architecture, you generally perform two types of analytics. 1st 1 is a real time analytics because you want to take action immediately based on the events. So, for example, if the temperature of the building is greater than from day one degrees, then you want to take immediate action for that. Okay, In other words, you can call it as a reactive analytics. On the other hand, you will do analytics for priven do and perhaps two measures. So in other words, like said, the temperature of the building is going about 21 degrees more regularly, so you will analyze the even for one month to see. Even exactly the temperature is going beyond 21 degrees. Andi easy. Anything related to the performance of the conditioner? All those things you analyze and take some proactive and preventive measures. So one type of analytics you'll do for reactive measures another type of analytics you do for proactive and prevent two measures on your steamer days can be used for the active analytics. Okay, Basically, it can able to analyze your stream off events on a real time basis on trigger actions based on the events. So we're stream analytics will fit in even based architecture. Er, let me take you through that foster phone you have. Even producers, even producers, can be sensors. They can be applications they can be. I would be age gate face so they can be any source in reality, on on lease, even produce us can send those evens toe either even help our I would he have on blob storage. They are basically even streaming and story services. Once the stream off evens captured in their story surveys are streaming service stream analytics can take them as a import and start analyzing the streaming event using a window off time. So basically all the past five minutes, how maney temperature readings is greater than 21 degrees on. Based on that stream, energies can take number off actions. It can either store that data anomalies in the digital X storage are, if you want to taken immediate action than it can trigger logic. Cap, are your automation that book etcetera? And also, it can stream those events in the airport, be a so that you can have a dashboard and wanted other trend off events in real time. Okay, so basically, stream analytics you can use to analyze the stream off events in real time bases and big card directions. Okay. And now let me take you through some of the key competence off stream and her digs instrumental takes. The first fundamental thing that you do is to create a job, this job you will use in order to examine stream off evens. And it will be to you dead with source sink and transformation logic. His source can be a source of events for stream analytics to analyze it so it can be even help. I would help out blob storage. And once the even sudden realized, the transformer data are needs to be placed into somewhere on some corrective actions needs to be taken. So the thing can be a place to put the transformer data after job performs transformation, logic, art. It can be a corrective action also. Okay, and the next thing is transformation. Quality. The job also specifies transformation quality that defines how we look for data patterns, our relationship, the transmission quality. Use a sequel based query language in order to easily filter, sort, aggregate and join streaming data over a period of time. Three men analytics uses a different language in order to analyze the data in the even Tarbert. Everybody, huh? It is cards, team analytics, query language. I'm going to take you through that when we go to the lab on the next thing is reference data. When you are doing transformation, you need to refer some data. So, for example, if you're analysing the temperature stream toe, find which temperatures is gathered them from day one degrees. You don't want the hard court at 21 degrees within the transformation, Corey. Right? You want to store it in a date of this and make sure this quality picks up so tomorrow, If I want to reduce the temperature, 20 degrees are from 22 degrees, then you can easily update and date of us on. The transformation career will pick it up. We talked. Any court changes. Okay, Those particular reference data you can use within stream analytics quality, and you can put that reference data within a database on perform. Look up operations. When you're doing this analysis, okay. And finally, Stream Analytics Court along with it lets you on the complex temporal queries and analytics using simple sequel constructs. It offers a wide range of functions for analyzing and processing streaming there, Doc. So there are a lot of functions that are available within this query language in orderto enable you to, and some in the events very easily. So, for example, there is something called Tumbling Window, which you can use to analyze the events between time periods. For example, a very five minutes are able to minutes. You want to analyze the temperature, all those stuff. So these are all the key components. Don't worry if you don't understand it, because in the next lab I'm going to show you how to create a job, how to configure source and sing on. We're going to write a transformation, Corey, and at that time I'm going to explain about this concept in with more details. And finally, I would like to take you through one more important concept off stream analytics That is team analytics for Cody age. So let me take you through this on your stream analytics E s. E. On my woody age and pours enterprisers to deploy near real time analytical intelligence close of Dr OT devices so that they can unlock the full value off device generator data. So there are number of scenarios very how mission critical sensors and devices. I needed to perform actions within a fraction off second. So if you are relying on the cloud in order to send this device there, tar on the stream, analytics will analyze in the cloud on, then send the action back toe device. It's going to take a lot of time, particularly in mission. Critical applications were even a spit off a second makes a difference. At that point of time, you can't really relay on the cloud to analyze it and pass on the action back to the device . So in that case, you can take that vantage off Ustream analytics on I would age. So basically what you can do is you can configure the job in person or person transmission . Corrie's on Deploy that conflagration in tow. I would wager on time were three Magnetics on I would age will run on Based on the data that is coming from the sensors, it will analyze the events on the age device itself. So you are not connecting to any cloud. I'm waiting for the response. Your analytics engine is running on the edge of the wise or I would get with and then in date itself, it will send the comments back to the machines toe control something. So, for example, if you have a temperature greater than 41 degrees, you don't want to send those evens to the cloud, analyze their on, come back the action. You can analyze those events with temperature gathered in 21 degrees written, I would tear the device and send an immediate action, you know, don't do for examples, which, on the air conditioner. Okay, so it is extremely valuable functionality in terms off mission critical applications where you have sensors that control critical processes. Okay, so that's it for this lecture in this lecture have taken you through. What is Treem Analytics is all about Harvard fix in a even based architecture, er on key components, off stream analytics and finally hope. Take that. Wanders off on Ustream analytics on. I would age if you are delivering Mission Critical Solutions. Next lecture is a lap where I'm going to show you how to write a stream analytics job in order to analyze the events within, even hub and take appropriate action. Okay, so if you have some time, joined me in the next lab. 10. 10 Lab : End to End events flow from device to PowerBI via IoT and Stream Analytics: Hi. Welcome to this lab in this lamb. I'm going to show you how to move data from even top into poor by using stream analytics. And also, I'm going to show you how to visualize the data using power. Bi I This lab is an extension of previous lamb in the previous lamb. We have confident Mrs Whooping and I want to help in such a way. Any messages with temperature graviton 30 degrees will be posted into you and help in this lab. I'm going to write the Stream analytics job in order to pick up those messages from even tub. I'm posted into power bi. I Okay. And in the next lab, I'm goingto dollop a stream analytics job in order to analyze the even seen even home on any temperature grounded and 35 degrees, we will trigger not your function from stream analytics job. So basically, if the temperature is government at different agrees, we are going to take an immediate action. Okay, So when you are starting this lab, make sure your simulator devices running, and also masses are getting posted in Taiwan. Hejab Onda also into even help. OK, so first of all, Let me make sure my simulated devices running. Here you go. You can see my simulator device is sending messages. Onda, let's go in Taiwan. T hub on. Make sure the messages are coming if you come down here. See, there are a lot off my sisters that are coming in Coyote Hub, and the next thing I want to make sure is even Top is also receiving some messages. So let's going to even have click on ahead and then come down here. See, there are a lot of messages that are coming to even help. Also were temperature isn't Kaledin tactic degrees. Okay, Now we need to create a stream analytics job, So type in stream analytics, click on Create, and I'm going to name the size for dance stream analytics and subscription. I'm going to leave that as it is, Resource group. It is going to be Internet off things, location. I'm going to leave that as it is on in terms off hosting these three militants charm you can host in cloud our age. Oh, so so basically, you can host this three minute six job as a module on and I would be age device don't worry about this. I want age. At the moment we have a dedicated lecture in which I'm going to explain in detail a bowl. I would be age. Okay? And I'm going to leave streaming units as it is and click on create. Generally, it is pretty quick, so I'm going to wait for its creation. Okay, let's go to resource on. Let me take you through some of the important settings Off Stream Analytics job. First thing you need to do is tow confident in port. Basically, the import can be a streaming input. Our difference in boat so streaming input basically mean a stream off evens like even huh On reference input can be a sequel database with the table that contains reference data. So in stuff hard quoting the day car within your stream Olympics job, you can refer to the data by performing Look up operations, okay. And secondly, you can configure nor put this is basically a sing for the transformer data on the unit. To write a cory on, you can call the functions also so basically, if you want to take immediate action, then you can trigger not your function. After the analysis off Egan's. Okay, so let me confident. Input. Now Pecanha add stream inputs select even hub and I'm going to call this house even have itself. And there are two ways you can connect doing even top. Either you can provide settings manually are select, even help from your subscriptions. Okay, I'm going to do the 2nd 1 subscription. He's seem Andi even hope names, beers. I only have one even tablets where it is auto selector. Andi even have name within the even top name space. I have only one even. How so? It's got out of selective and in terms of policies, I'm going to leave the capacities because we haven't configured any policy to retrieve the messengers. So I'm using a different policy, which has all credentials. Okay, Consumer group. I'm going to leave it as empty because whenever you leave it as empty, it will pick up the D for consumer group. Okay, on the serialization format is Jason and cording even compression type. I'm going to leave the mass cities and click on see, and you might have noticed it is also testing the connectivity. Also, just to make sure whether the stream militants job Can cannot even hope or not. Okay, now I need to configure an output in this case, the output this poor being okay, I'm going to call this sounds for B. I data setting him. This is the name that will be used by probably I in order to create a streaming data set. So I'm going to call. This has higher temperatures. Okay. Sorry. I'm going to call the size them pleadings on gable lane will be higher temperatures. Okay. And you need to authorize in order, propose this data. So all we need to boot is too long in with appropriate Karen shells and click on Very fight . So that's it. We have Andres it successfully. I know. We just need to say of this. Okay? So we help Unforgiven import, and we help on. Figured on hold put. Now it's time to write a job. Basically, right, according. And it's going to be a very simple quality. We're not going to do anything here. We just pick up the evens from even, huh? And posted into power. Bi I in the next lab. I'm going to show you how to analyze and also trigger. Are you function. Okay, so let me type in. You and cop. I don't think you need to put this. Sorry. I'm just typing strongly. I'll put his power bi eyes under on the in parties even up. Okay, let's save this and close it down. Sorry. Next school back. And then run this. Okay, we're going to trigger this job, and this job will continue. Slater, pick up the evens from even her and posted into Paul Biya. So let's click on start. In the meantime, let me launch Barbie. I Now let's go to my workspace, and then he can take a said, and then you can see temperature feelings. The data set has been successfully, creator. So let's going to report. I'm just going to create a sample report to show you how to view the data from that streaming data set. Okay. All we need to do is can you drop temperature and also even process the time. Andi, I'm going to change the chart pipe. So that said so. You just need to keep under fishing. See, the temperature readings are coming up, so you just keep on refreshing and he can able to view the temperature readings. Okay, on you can make this report much nicer than how it looks now. But the objective of this lecture is not really to show you how to design the reporting power, bi I but how to visualize the streaming data that is posted by Stream analytics in power Bi , I Okay, so let me make sure the streaming job is running properly. Okay? Started. And it started running. Also on did you are able to see all the data here. And also, if you want to see the background data, you should be able to see somewhere here, leading view. See, you can see the data here. Okay, so that's it for this lab in the slam. I'll show you how to move the data from even Tom into poor be a using a stream analytics job on Also have shown you home to visualize the data in power bi I in the next lab. We are want to modify the stream of this job a bit further in order to trigger not your function whenever the temperature reading is more than 45 degrees. Okay, so it's going to be interesting. Lamb if house sometime join me the next lab 11. 11 Lab : Trigger an Azure function from Stream Analytics: Hi. Welcome to this lab in this lab. I'm going to show you how to trigger a do function from stream analytics in the alien lab. I have shown you hope to fetch my Sager's from even hub and post the messages into poor be a on how to visualize the same using poor, be a report. So that completes the visualization part of it. But I want to take an example to show you how you can integrate different are you? Sorry says using Stream analytics. In this case, I'm going to show you how to integrate without your function from stream analytics and the payload that we are going to pass toward you function his count off temperatures granted interactive on degrees over every one minute. So basically, I'm going to use tumbling in the function that is available. Vitton Stream analytics. You know, to analyze the temperature readings every one minute and within that one minute, take the count off messengers with temperature gather than 31 degrees. Andrea Granato function. Okay, so, first of all, we need to create an audio function for this. So let me go into Porter and click on Create a Resource fragile function function happen we can create. I'm going to call sir simply Well, Dr Body Function. Okay. And that it soars Group. I'm going to select an existing one and I'm going to leave a fitting as it is except location. Okay, that's it. Let's get going. Create at the same time, I'm going to create steam analytics also. So let's click on, Create a Resource on the Stream and other decks Job click on it we can create I would trust stream and dialectics and subscription. Is that your training's resource? Groupies? Internet Off things RG on location. I'm going to leave that as it is on Click on Create. No, I was Stream Analytics Job has been successfully created. So let's go to resource groups Gioconda Resource Group And then we should be able to see stream analytics job here because the one take on it. No, I'm going toe confident Input here onstream input and take on even top Going to call this as little brow even hub for them. Preacher Andi even help Name spaces are a dry Even TOB Andi even have name is with dozens or events. All these things I have shown you already in the previous labs, so I'm not really going through in detail on it. We conceive now, we have confident input. Howard, the output for this quarry is not Your function is under. So first of all, let's create an audio function. We created a function up, but we haven't created a function itself within it. So you know this one? The function app lets get cornet. So let's try to out of function here. Come down. We're going to use portal in order to write the court. And it's going to be hits to DP trigger because you need to use http trigger in order to get it girl from streaming analytics job. Okay, so let's sell it eight and click on. Create. Now I'm going to change this function in such a way it will just display the content of the message that is getting from stream analytics in the log. So we're not going to be anything else. They're just simply write the content of the masses into the lock. Okay, so we don't need to do this, So let's remove it, and we don't need to pass. Also, we move it. Let's copy this statement and then paste it here. And then this is going to be re cost body. Okay, that's in. And also here, I'm going to return. Request body itself. End of the body is empty. Then we will sit, please, possum asses in the body. And okay, we're not doing anything else. You can customize this function in such a way. Send an email to somebody even over. You got higher readings off count. So all those custom functional do you can add. But at the moment, I'm keeping it simple. And I'm trying to show you how to long request body into the log. Okay, so let's save this and make sure there is no competition at us. Compilation failed. I need to change this request body on. Let's say this again and see what happens. Compilation succeeded. So now it's time to configure dysfunction as an output for the Stream Analytics query. Okay, so let me go back to Resource Group again and go to stream analytics. Click on a and confident output. Here, you can add Come down, pickle. Not your function. Immediate action function. Let's say okay. And subscriptions are your trainings on. We have only one function I have. And within that we have only one function. Okay, so don't worry about changing anything. Leave everything as this anti concept. Now we conferred output. Also, Let me wait until this testing is succeeded because we need to make sure the testes successful, successful connection best. Okay? And now we need to modify the quality. There are a lot of functions that are available in order to do aggregation functions and also for the analysis off even Sora sect in period of time. So there are a lot of functions. I'm going to attach a link to those functions that are available in stream analytics. Cory Long rest, please click on it and go to that in bit more detail. It is really important for you to understand what functions are available. Okay, so now our old parties immediate action function, isn't it? So let me change this to first to our function, okay? And we're going to take account off massagers with temperature gala than 31 degrees all repealed off a very one minute. So, first of all, we need to take account for that. I'm going to type in bad. And in this case, our in parties will dry, even top for temperature. Okay, so let me type in that. Okay, On the grouping we want to do over that time period is under. So basically count off messages with temperature gather than 41 degrees or a time period off every one minute. So far that I'm going to use function, which is called gambling window. Okay, so basically, what I'm passing to the tumbling window function is I'm telling it seconds on how many seconds we would like to analyze the messages. We didn't even help. Basically, this is equal Indo everyone. Miller. Now we need to add a filter conditions under because we want to count only those massagers granted intact, even degrees. So further purpose, I'm going toe had a bear claws. Okay, so basically wait temperatures. Graviton 31. We are taking the count off those messages. How are you? Might be thinking. Where is this Temperature is coming from? If you look at the core that be returning the previous labs, we're passing four attributes within the message we're passing. My says I did device there in temperature on humanity, basically within stream analytics quality. You can pick up those active yours and use them for filter conditions or display them on. Sworn. Okay, so let's save this. Okay, close this one. Now it's time to start this. Sorry. Before I started this, let me open another indoor because I want to show you this into yell time. Pick on hand. Let's open that your function. If you go on ahead and then go to functions, it's to DP Trigger one on. Let's display the logs. Now let me run the stream mellitus job and you can see here every one minute it will show in the lock the count off those messages. So let's go back to Stream Analytics Query and started. And also we need to start our simulator device program in order to post the massagers for slainte. I want a hub and the Macey's would be confident written by audio will pick it up and posed those messages Carter than 30 degrees into even huh? And I was stream allergic Story will take the count off those messages greater than active in degrees and pass on all your function. So I hope you're getting this enter and floor on how to deliver the I would be solution on Clower using different a new services. So I'm going to pass this video off a few minutes because we need to get at least some messages with 31 degrees abo. So let me pass this video for two minutes and I'll show you. How are you? Function is getting triggered. Okay. I have waited for a few seconds and you can see there are some readings that are evident that even degrees here 33 34 32 on. If you go back to our your function, you can see here in the law. You can see this hedge TTP trigger has been triggered by stream analytics. Cody on the count off my soldiers guarded than 31 degrees has been bossed. Okay, so that's it for this lab in this lab. I have shown you how to configure Stream Analytics quarry in such a way it will look into the messengers. We didn't even have count those messages with temperature rather than fact even degrees on trigger, Not your function. I really hope you enjoy this lamp. 12. 12 Overview of Azure IoT Edge and Device provisioning services: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide you an introduction to our jury. Work age on guy. Would he have device provisioning service? Our jury, Woody age moves, cloud analytics and custom business logic toe edge devices. So that and the prices can respond to emergencies as quickly as possible and also reduce bandit costs. So in order to explain this, I would age in the right way. Let me take an example. Let's imagine you have a gas pipeline on the pipeline is designed to withstand someone to the blood pressure. And now you need Tobe able and I would be solution in order to monitor the pressure in the pipeline continuously and make sure the pressure never accepts 70 bar. Okay, In that case, when you're designing, I would the solution. You really can design a solution. Very will monitor the readings, send it to the cloud and wait for it to analyze on. Come back with action. That is not possible because of the criticality nature off gas pipeline. You want to take action immediately because even a fraction off second can make a difference in terms of the safety off gas pipeline. So in that case, what you can do is you can still configure the logic within cloud, but published that logic on an age device. So when the reading comes from the gas by plane, in terms of pressure, your age device, which is very near to the data loggers will analyze and immediately send an action to the pump to reduce the pressure are increase the pressure. So basically, your analytics engine will sit on the edge device and closure to the data loggers from where the readings are coming. So there are two benefits out off it. First of all, you don't need to send the information to cloud on come back. That means your laden sea is reducing classically, and secondly, you can also see bandit costs. That means you are not transferring huge amounts of daytime to cloud, so thereby you will save a lot of cost in terms off your cause and also your WiFi costs. Okay, and in terms off your I would age, it contains three critical components. First twenties on your eye, voting age on time, which is hard off this. I won't age offering, and second thing is models. They're called as I would age models on the starting is cloud interface basically the communication. But when I would get drunk and cloud So let me take you through in big more detail on board this coyote ensure on time I would get more yours. I would be aged. Runtime is the collection of programs that needs to be installed on a device for you to be considered on. I would each device, collectively the competence off I ot angel on time. Any people who'd age devices to receive the court to learn and age on also communicate the results. OK, so in terms of the sub competence off this, I would aged in time. It consists of two things. First, Winnie's I would age hub. It is basically a mini version off I would he have with energy device, but it doesn't have a full capability, but it acts as a proxy. It mimics the functionality off I would have from the device perspective. So basically, devices will pose the messages into this. I would hedge hub on. I would age. Harb will communicate with the plant if it needs to send information. Okay, that's one purpose from devices point of view I would be a job can mimic I would help on devices can send messages. Secondly, I won't be a chart. Can actors of masses broker on facilitate model to model communication? So if you have 23 modules andi need to exchange the information between them and then you can use this. I would be a job as investors broker. Okay. And the second thing is, I would be edgy Agent, which is responsible for instantly ating models and show them that they continue to run on , report the status of the models, so I would help. OK, so two components a job and age isn't now the next thing I want to take you through is I would gauge models I want Age modules are the smallest unit off computation Manager Bay and I o t age and can contain either argue services such as treatment takes job are your own custom court. So basically what you can do is you can create a Stream analytics job written cloud on hosted on the edge device. So the analytics off analyzing the pressure readings and taking actions you can do actually weaken your I would age device using a Stream analytics job. Okay, It's really cool. Isn't there to run a stream analytics Injun on in age device and take immediate actions? I really like that on in terms off different technology we can I would age modules first winnings. Emordi limits, which is basically a package containing the software that defines a module on the state companies. More dual instance, which is basically specific unit off computation funding the model image on. And I want a age device. Okay, on this module, instance he started by I would age from time on the problem in his module identity, which is a piece off informations. Told him I would help, which is basically cloudy. What help that disassociated to each module. Instance. So you have energy device on the age demise will have a device identity on device twin and each more you're deployed on. The stage device will have more dual identity on also more guilt will. They are very identical to device twins and device identities. But only difference is a device can have up to 20 models. Okay, so this is all about your I would edge. Next thing I would like to take you through is I would gauge device provisioning service. I'm going to take you through that at a very high level. So let's talk about it. I want a heart device. Provisioning service is a helper service for I want to help that enables. Do your touch just in time provisioning to the right. I want a home We talked requiring human intervention, which enables customers to provision millions of devices in a secure and scalable manner. So this service is basically designed for those customers who have millions of devices. So if you want to deploy and I would the solution that complaints off millions of devices, you can't really develop an application or manually created device. Train and device identity isn't there. So you want an automated approach? Were the devices will get automatically registered, But I hope to help father particular purpose you can use. I only helped device provisioning service, so let's see how it works. You have devices you have. I want to help. And in the middle you have device providing service, which basically contains enrollment list. Firstly, you knew totality or manufacturer to register the my says into the enrollment list using module porter and secondly, that the manufacturer is manufacturing the device. They need to hard code the provisioning endpoint. Basically even device starts are well. It is installed device contents, the provisioning service in point, a second factory and these providing service based on the contentious the hard quarter trillion shares that it got from device will validate the device on. After that, this provisioning service will create a night in to do it and I want to help. So basically, device twin will get other, and also device identity will get created on once this device twinning device identities creator Ivuti Heart will give the credential information I part of device credential information Back to device. Providence Aries on device provisioning service will pass on that information Back to device from that point on was the West got already killing shows on device will start connecting coyote up on posting the messengers on also getting the desire state information and so on. So, basically, manufacturer will register the demise in the device projecting service and also hard cord device provisioning endpoint. When the devices installed, it will contact the device provisioning and point on submit the information device provisioning service will validate it on contact. I would help in order to register the device once their devices resisted in, I want to help a device identity and device One will get created. That information will be passed back toe device provisioning service Basically credential Information on device provisioning service will pass on the part of device crowding shows to devise and device. From that point onwards will start communicating with I would help. Okay, in this whole approach from customer point of view, customer doesn't need to do anything is under. So it will make deployment off millions of devices on their connectivity. But I already have a much simpler Okay, I hope you got good understanding off. I would help device provisioning service. So that's it for this lecture in this lecture. Have taken you Drew on your I want the edge, Toki Competence I e I would be in front time And also I would age modules and finally have taken you to at a very high level. I would have device provisioning service. Okay, next lecture is allowed where I'm going to show you how to deploy. I would hate to device and also a custom model on it. Okay, so if you have some time, joined me in the next lab 13. 13 Introduction to IoT Central and IoT Solution accelerators: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide you introduction to our jury. Woody center on I would be solution accelerators. How do I would be Central is a fully managed I would be software as a service solution that makes it easy to create product that connect with both physical and business rules. So you might be thinking, we have I Would he have within Azure? And also we have now I would be central. So what's the difference between both? When you look at, I hope the heart it's more like a capability, so it has ability to cut to the devices on perform Club Toe device in the West. Oclock communication on Also, you can perform device management. However, it's not a complete package solution for I. Woody, isn't that off course you condole about rapper application around. I would have stream and other takes Time cities insights in such a way it will deliver a complete package of solution that you can do that for that purpose, you know, to have the technical expert eyes on, you need to do a lot off investment into your iota solution daughter. But rapper are owned existing module capabilities in Stop. Doing that you can go with on July would be central. So it's a fully managed SAS package. Critics warn you I and it all force and do and capabilities off. I would a solution internally, I would. The central will use I would have incomes of devices connectivity with I would be central on Also it will use device identities, device Tweens Sometimes that is data store. Basically, it will internally will use of your time series insects as a capability in order to perform reporting, analysis and all those stuff on Finally, it'll also Ustream analytics capability you not to penalize stream off events. So basically, in stuff using producer is us individually on developing your over upper solution you can use I would be central in order to quickly deploy. I want a solution for your needs. Okay, so you can see here that a lot of components associated with I'm ot central, let me take you through each one off them in big more detail. Fasting is devices. As you are aware devices exchange data that you're I would be central application on. The second thing is Chlor Gateway are you trying ot central users and what we have as a cloud gate there that enables device connectivity you don't need to create. I would have manually, I would be central internally. Will use. I would help as a clothed give it on. The starting is data stores its stores Application daytime cloud. The application data can be device templates. Device identities on device. My card data. Okay. Device template is bit different from Device Twin in. I would have in the next light. I'm going to take you through in big more detail about this device templates on when it comes to the data that is coming from the devices I would be Centerville stole the data in times restored internally on July. Would be center will use onto time citizen saves capabilities in order to deliver the query capabilities, exploration and also operational analysis. OK, on the next thing is rule selections. You can use it to automate class within the application. I only center uses a stream processor to deter mined when the rule condition mad on take appropriate action. So, in my view, again, I want to center Will Ustream analytics in orderto perform analytical operations on real time on also trigger set in actions based on the configuration you have them with. And I want the center. So in stuff building these rules within stream analytics job it makes very easy for you on provides a very nice you I using which you can define rules and actions. Okay. And the next thing is metadata management. It's all aboard management off the western place on finally, security and roll best access control data is encrypted in clans. It and rest on authentication is provided by on your active directory on Microsoft Back on in case if you want to use two factor authentication, it is also supported by I would descended. Okay, Now let me take you through this device someplace in bit more detail because I want you to understand the difference between device will and the West template. Don't get confused between both of them. Device twin is what is existing in I already have on device template isn't I would be central. So in the Western, played consists off number of things. First thing is measurements which specify the telemetry, the device central application. Secondly, settings which place where the conflagration that an operator can set Thornton these properties, which specify the Matar guitar that an operator can set on the four twenties. Rules which will automate the behavior and application based on the data sent from the device on dashboards, are basically customizable abuse off a device in the application. So what is measurements? They can be temperature readings, humility readings, etcetera on the settings can be like frequency change. If you want to change the frequency at which the temperature readings you are receiving than you can configure them in settings and properties. If there are activities like make model, assert pipe those attributes you couldn't have does in my data who rules you can define a rule in such a very neat temperature gathered in 21 degrees. You want to get alerted. So, for example, if the temperature is gonna than from different degrees, you want to get a letter within the application so you can do that by defining rules on dashboards. Basically, it provides a customizable view off the device within the application. Okay, so these are all the things that is stored with the western plate on, in my view, internally, I would descend to like gain uses I Would he have capability in order to store this device ? Templates in the farm of device stream on device identity on it might add some more information because device twin has a limited functionality when comparative device templates. So there are some information that in my store within I would be central, but I feel it might be using device when internally, to store some of the configuration related details. Okay, so this is all about I would be central. Let's go through some of the capital itself. I would the solution accelerate us also, I want the solution. Accelerators are complete. Ready to deploy. I would The solutions that implement common I would be scenarios. Now you might have another question in your mind. What is the difference then? Between I would be central on guy would be solution. Accelerate us when you look at, I would be central. It is a three pack is the generic solution. You can configure it to your needs, but you can't hate really customize it. So it's a pre packaged solution. Genetic for everything. Okay, hold what? You might have a specific scenarios where you want to deploy I I want a solution. So, for example, you want to go remote monitoring? Are you want Oh, analyze the maintenance regimes on fine Show Net or you have a factory where you want to deploy. I I want a solution. And in those common scenarios, Microsoft came up with the solution accelerators Using this accelerators, you can able to easily deploy really made solutions, but fully customizable because I would dissolution accelerators exposed them back inside visas in an open manner on you can build on customers those solutions according to your specific business needs. Okay, at this moment of time, there are four key accelerators that are available from Microsoft. Azure for stone is remote modernity. You can use this as an accelerator toe, collect dilemma tree from remote devices and control them. So that's one accelerator. On. The second thing is device simulation used a storefront simulated devices that generates realistic telemetry off course. Pretty sure every word. The solution. Implementation generally need my simulations. In case if you have a complex type of devices, then go with this device. Simulation on the 3rd 1 is character. Frankly used this accelerator to collect telemetry from industry lessors on to control them . So when you are connecting with industrial asserts, particularly industrial Iot T they have some specific standards and, you know, toe and her them using this accelerator, it makes it very easy for you and finally, predictive endless. You can use this to predict very more device is about to fail on the carrier maintenance before failure. It has internally some predictive maintenance models, so you can relate it toe bit off artificial intelligence included in this project to maintenance in order to protect when every more devices about to fail and carry out maintenance so that the process will not get stop because you are preventing a failure by taking a proactive measure. Okay, so this is in a nutshell. On what I want a solution. Accelerate us. So that's it for this lecture. In this lecture I have briefly touched upon, I want a central its key components and also what you can store wheat respectful device templates and finally have taken you through at a very high level. I would the solution accelerate us. I hope you find this lecture useful 14. 14 Introduction to Azure Time Series Insights: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to provide you an introduction toe, are you Times it is. Insights aren't your time. Citizen sites is an entrant. Plant formalism is offering and can be used to in just process store and could be highly contextualized. And times it is off my list, I would have scaled it up. So you might be thinking I have I would be hub, even have and stream analytics in Azure. Why? I need an additional service like entries, insights if you carefully observed the capability suffering what he happened even come, you can start the even data we did I would have and also even, huh? But you can't visualize the data. Okay? I'm coming to the stream in our digs. You can analyze the data, but most of the time it is automated, so you can write a stream analytics job in other produce it anything. OK, but you can't do inadequacies. Or if you want to explore the data that is coming from a particular device, you can't do that using I would he have are even help us team analytics. Of course, you can put all the daytime too poor B A and start analyzing. But poor B is mostly designed with reporting and dashboards in mind, so it's not a data exploration service. So Microsoft identified this cap on Came Up with the Times. Risk Insight. It is ideal for adopted exploration and operational analysis. It is very similar to data Exporter in our your analytics services. Okay, now let me take you through the steps in terms off how you can explore the even data using times. Reese insights. Firstly, any kind of get explorations of these new clean plate collection process on the data from different sources needs to be collected in terms off your time series insights. It can collect the data from even hob. I would be hub and also your TRP solutions, like a sapi or a kill IBM. So if you have an in house solutions from where you want to get some contextual information related to the devices, you can able to get that. And once the data is collected, it needs to be processed, so you need to pass. The data are normal is the data and in particular unit to enrich and travels from the data . So for example, very devices sending an even you might have device type coming as part off even data as a court. So, in order to minimize the bandwidth costs and everything you incorporated cold in device type rather than the actual device type name. But the device type name is in applications or some burials. So in that case, you can ableto come by and this even data with this contextual information on plays that in their data store. So basically what you're doing is you're making the date already by performing all the look up operations required on the difference data during the processing the data itself and you are making the data ready for analysis. So in stop doing that, look up, Operations. Using your queries on the data will be ready sitting in a proper format so that it will be easy for you to quit it. Okay on. Once the data is process, it needs to be stored somewhere. Times that is inside centre government will include a blob storage on the data is told in a different former, basically, their data stories optimized for times this analysis, so data will be stored in a much Delia times. That is data source for variety, off analysis. And once the date I store, you can use Time series Insights Explorer in order to explore and monitor on. Also, you can do a lot off operation analysis. Okay, so four keys taps you collect the data, process the data by combining even. They covet some contextual information and also do only the look up operations for the refrigerator. Put the quarry friendly data in tow. Tank series data store on you can use times. Listen, Sex Explorer in order to explore, monitor and carry on operational analysis. Okay, No, let me take you through some of the steps you need to follow in order to be used on your time's recent sites. The first step you do in using onto times, Reason sites is creating an enrollment by nuclear. In a new Norman, you will actually select an appropriate storage and also English and capacity on the Corey's. Basically, you can estimate how many queries you want toe perform under particular data on. Based on that, you need to select appropriate capacity. And once you selected in enrollment, data store will get creator basically underling and arduous stories. General propose version one account will be creative, were on the data will be stored and as a car strap, you need to create an even source basically from Vail. The times Reason science need to collect the even until emitted it up. It can be even how it can be. I hope to help and so on. And also in addition to this even source, you can also create a reference data set a difference that are said is basically a collection of items that augment the events from even source. So as I said, Alia, you can have a court for device type, but the name off the device If you want to put into the time series data esta, then you can create that difference table. Basically, for the score 00 it is running machine 01 is coffee machine is you don't do is something else, okay? And the next thing you need to understand these times these mortals these mortars play a vital role enquiries and navigation because the contextualized device and non device entities they doctor, these persisted in times that is morally for what's the time series quarry computations By taking advantage off farm loss stored in them. So there is a lot to tell about times these models. But to put it in and not show times, that is, more dollars will be used in order to enrich your data with non device, and it is also on. Also, it will enable for your queries to perform in an optimized manner, because your query competitions will be a lot lot quicker than use times this mortals and finally visualize the data you can use times reason sex exploder in are typically and visualize the data. So these are the steps you do when you are trying to deploy. Argue times These insights. Next lecture is a lab where I'm going to show you how to create a New York Times three central government and also Pete and even source to collect the data from an even huh and, finally, how to use times. Reese Insects Explorer in out of the quarry and visualize the data. So if you have some time, join me the next lamp 15. 15 Lab demo: Explore the IoT telemetry data using Time series insights: Hi. Welcome to the slab in the slam. I'm going to show you three things. Firstly, I'm going to show you how to create times These insights and Iran meant on go through some of the important sittings associated with their. And secondly, I'm going to show you how to create an even source in order to color the evens from even hub and store them in or do times his insides. And currently, I'm going to show you how to explore the even data using time. Citizen cells Explorer. Okay, so no, let me carry or the faster which is creation off times. Reason sites in Iran meant So let's click on, create a resource typing times, freezing sides and then click on create. And I would call this as for broad buying sarees and subscription is of your training's resource group is Internet opting Sergey location is not your rope on pricing. I'm going to leave that as a swell. Basically based on the higher you go with, you can have different in growth rate on stories capacity Also on also, you can increase the capacity units the more capacity units you sell it the interest rate and stories capacity we get my reply on also saying goes with cost also. OK, now click on next. Here you can confidently even source. Either you can configure here are after the creation off any moment. Also, you can configure, so it is up to you. But now I'm going to create even source here. So withdraw even, Let's say on the sources. Even top Select existing Vinings, which is the subscription even have names. Spacey's Withdraw even Hub Andi. Even her name is Sandra Sensor evens on a policy we need to sell it. I'm going to select. Root Manages shared access key because it has all credentials and consumer group we need to select. I'm going to select deformed on in case. If you want to have a different time Stan property for your even source, then you can selected how. What? I don't have any property with times time within my message, so I'm going to leave it as empty, so by deformed it's going to sell it. Macey's Ian Cure time from the even source. Okay, I know Plea country. It it is pretty quick, actually, in terms of deployment, so I'm going to wait for it Now, all times these insights has been successfully creator. So let's click on it here on go to Resource group and then pecan Rudra times three is firstly, I want to go through some of the settings. So click on Conficker here you can redefine your capacity on also. More importantly, you can define how many days you want to retain the date up. By the way, if the data I exceeds the stories capacity, either it will get parched are the endless. We get stopped. So you need to be very careful when you're choosing. There's make sure you have a large scornful in such a way and the Lord will come to you. But now what the story's limit is about to reach. In that case, either you can increase the stories. Capacity are you can push the old data. I'm pretty sure you don't want to pass ingress. Vanya stories limit is exceeded. Okay, on the second thing is data access policies. Here you can define who can have access to our your time's recent sells, both from the perspective of managing it and only leading it. Okay, Andi, even sources here you can define multiple even sources. If you want on different data stairs here, you can create a friend's data set on use that in terms of processing the data toe enrich the even Daito. Basically, you want to add context so that even data then you can use reference did us? It's okay. So now we need to start exploring the data, isn't it? So click on overview on this is the U. R L in order to launch on your time's recent sites. Explorer So let's click on it. So let me log in now, in order individuals, this data, First of all, you need to make sure your seat military devices running so going to results to Rio and got this simulated device program on, make sure the Macey's are going into I would be home. So if you go to our your porter, go to resource groups and go toe, I would rehab and make sure you have some messages that are coming so you can see some messages are coming. And also make sure you have even top confident as a customer. In point here, you can see custom and point. I have even helped conficker on also your group is confident in the even how in order to route all the events into the vent up. Okay, Make sure you're doing this before you start creating times these insights in case when you're doing this lab. So no, go back here. Fasting. You need to select when you're using our new prime service exploded. Please goto here and select the time range. Okay, Here it's tucked in a 23 9 23 That's fine for me. But in case if you want more range than selected okay, that's the first thing you need to do on second thing you need to do is the interval size. Whether it is one minute to minute, basically, you want to do some aggregation functions, right? So based on what intel, every time you want to do that aggregation, okay. And partly if you want to select multiple parameters to be displayed on the chart in order to explore the data, click on add here and select appropriate parameters here, I'm going to select temperature one. Okay, I'm the 2nd 1 He's I'm going to select humility. Let's say okay and you can see the charts here for both temperature and humidity and you can see the trend, how it is going on. Also, one very good thing is hit map. You can do that if you sell it. Only one let's close this temperature recorded and you can see the heat map here. Basically, how maney temperature readings are near to 32 degrees. So let's imagine that's your special. So basically, whenever the temperature, it just the pressure. You want to take immediate action. So using this heat map, you can able to do that. Also on also click on the table here, you can ableto view the data, particularly the even data here. Okay on. Do you condone Lord them? I'm sworn, but most importantly, when you're doing this analysis, fasting is times it is. You need to select a time range or which you want. Explore the events on interval size or which you want to go aggregation functions like home average and some onda also want you like to explore. So basically you can sell it. All the parameters on the data points within that message for display. Okay, so this is how you can use times this explorer in order to visualize the data and also do some operational analysis. Of course, there are a lot more complex analysis that you can do, but this is a very, very new pool that is available in Azure. So I myself haven't explored this much, so it's very difficult for me to go through in detail off. These are your times, This insights. Okay, so that's it for this lab in the slab has shown you how to create on your times this environment on also cleared and even source. And secondly, I have taken you to some of the key settings associated with the same. And thirdly have shown you hope to visualize the events that are coming from the even time using time series insights exploded. Okay, I hope you find this lab useful.